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Howdy! We hope you’re all having a great week, and to make it even better, we’re making this a very special issue. We’ ve decided to make this a concept issue. What you’re going to find in the magazine are 167 pages of pure, beautiful white pages. We’re giving you permission to print out all of those white pages and recreate your ideal version of Frrresh at home with pencils and crayons. It’s truly a groundbraking project which we know you’ll enjoy. Have fun! You did know it’s april fools day, right? ;)

artists featured in issue 25 are: Frederik Storm Joe Castro Madalina Andronic Martyna Wójcik-Śmierska Salene Jang Sanda Anderlon Totto Renna Zutto Ana Yael Bazsó Lossonczy


k Storm

“Let me just get this out of my system, I love 3D! Like I really love working in three dimensions, I love adding an extra dimension to my drawings, it feels more real to me in 3D, volume is the shit! “ “I love the techniques in 3D, and I love the fact that I can make it look and feel like I want it to with shaders, textures, lights etc, super fast compared to having to build it in real life. I love drawing too, I almost always start out in 2D, but I rarely consider my 2D work to be the “finished” piece. For some reason it doesn’t feel finished until I’ve taken it to the third dimension, which is weird, because I think I draw more inspiration from 2D work compared to 3D, but I guess that’s just because there aren’t that many people around the internet who use 3D in the way that I would love to see 3D used. “


“I love when 3D isn’t shy to be 3D either, I love when I can see the polygons! I would love to see less orcs, babes and dragons in 3D though, and more quirky stuff. I should also mention that I really love space and dinosaurs, and I LOVE finding new inspiration, new people who I can follow on Vimeo, Tumblr, Twitter or whatever, it’s so awesome that the internet gives me such easy access to all these super insanely amazingly talented people and their work. “ “My love for 3D have brought me to some cool places and just recently I started a small animation studio with two friends (Monkey Tennis Animation Studio). And I can’t wait to express my love for 3D and animation in general with my two co-monkeys Mikkel Okholm and David Crisp.”

Joe Castro

Joe Castro is an accomplished Philadelphia based collage artist, musician (The Lift Up), oil painter and graphic designer. His paintings and collages have been shown in galleries and art spaces across the United States, Canada, and Europe. They have been described as “a controlled explosion, aggressive and pensive (Kolaj Magazine)�. His work has appeared in the books The Age of Collage: Contemporary Collage in Modern Art (Gestalten), 50/50 (Collage Collective Co,) Z2A: A Collage Alphabet Book (Benzene Editions), as well as in GQ Style (Germany), Kolaj Magazine, FABA Collage Mag, Color Skateboard Magazine and on the cover of The Artist Cataloug (Fall 2013) along with numerous art blogs. He is a signature member of the National Collage Society and a board member of the Wilmington Skate Project.

Madalina An


Madalina Andronic is a Romanian illustrator currently based in Bucharest. With an MA in Illustration from Camberwell College or Arts, London, Madalina draws inspiration from traditional fairy tales and Slavic folklore, never fogetting the magic of where she comes from.

Since 2010, Madalina’s freelance work include projects for clients all around the world (publishing, editorial, advertising, commissions, porcelain) and 4 published books in Romania and UK. In 2012, Madalina co-founded the brand ‘The Awesome Project’ along with designer Claudiu Stefan.




Martyna Wójcik -Śmierska born in 1985. Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Poland. “Art has been always present in my life. I graduated from the upper secondary school of fine arts, and then I started studying graphic design at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun. I graduated from these studies in 2010. The choice of my way of life has become obvious for me. Art! Nowadays I leave and work in Warsaw. I run my own business, I design covers, overprints, and posters, and I also cooperate with press magazines. I have been drawing for Anorak (UK), Computer ARTS (UK), Bulletin (UK), Le Particulier (FR), Errratum and for various magazines from Poland: Pani magazine, Wysokie Obcasy, Gazeta Wyborcza, Bloomberg Businessweek Poland.” “My works are evolving all the time, I am still looking for the perfect form of expression, I sketch, draw, take notes. Some of my illustrations show the tendency to a form geometrization. Moreover, I like playing with composition and perspective a lot, I deform it on purpose. I try to find the balance between the colour, texture (Textures and patterns are very important elements in my works. I believe that they vitalize my illustrations, complement them.)” EXHIBITIONS / AWARDS : COW International Design Festiwal - Illustration 2014 International Exhibition in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. 23rd Warsaw International Poster Biennale, The exhibition “The Golden Debut”. 22nd Biennial of the Polish Poster in Katowiece - Exhibition in Katowice. Ó!Gallery, Porto (Portugal). Errratum (France). Satyrykon 2014 (Poland).

salene jang I am an illustrator / visual designer currently residing in Pasadena, CA. Most of the times, all I want to do is create pretty things and surround everyone in a beautiful space.

Sanda And

Sanda Anderlon is a Croatian visual artist making both static and animated works, ranging in style - from metaphorical eye-candies, childish cartoons or old-school pen on paper studies to collaged, extra large narrative visual feasts. Lately she’s been focusing on blending vintage


ephemera with evergreen human sentinements - portraying old and instant friendships, introverts and extroverts, soulmates and love affairs. Here is her recent collage “The Party�, containing over a thousand layers, split down into separate artworks to show you most of the details.

Totto Renna a.k.a. Supertotto is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Italy. About fifteen years ago he started working in pixel-art and since then he only works with this style. His illustrations appear in newspapers, magazines, advertising , books, animations and videogames. His clients includes Adidas, Bacardi, Barilla, Carrefour, Coca Cola, Computer Arts magazine, Elle magazine, Gatorade, Men’s Health magazine, Mini, MTV, Nestlè, Pay Pal , Rolling Stone magazine, Sony, Spiegel magazine, Swiss Post, Time magazine, Vodaphone, Wired magazine. He loves the work he does, his two sons, Leo and Lisa, the buffalo mozzarella and good cinema.

Zutto designer


Ana Yael

Since 2007 Ana Yael has worked as a freelance illustrator. She has presented her work at numerous exhibitions and studios. Her illustrations has appeared in Spanish and French magazines, book covers, and in four illustrated books published in Spain and France.

Additionally Ana works in video, specializing in documentaries, graphic design and private commissioned art. In the realm of illustration she frequently creates images drawn from poetic visions, the realm of the absurd and dreams like surrealistic visions.

Bazs贸 Lo


Since I can’t make music so I’m doing art instead of silence. I tell my storys on pictures. My name is Bazsó Lossonczy. I live in Hungary and work as a graphic designer and illustrator. I currently work with some music bands, and I plan for them many posters, CD covers, making musci animation videos and other artworks.Meanwhile I am making my own artworks - illustrations, paintings, comics, and many other things. facebook

Editors: Rafael MilÄ?ić and pekmezmed Contact:

Photos and text: courtesy of each author unless stated otherwise

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Issue 25 of Frrresh, the online visual arts magazine


Issue 25 of Frrresh, the online visual arts magazine

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