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artists featured in issue 19 are: Hanna Melin FLIP Christine Berrie illopetals Alice Koswara Ladislas Daniel Jamie Williams Charles Clary Alba Blázquez Laura Shon

Hanna Melin

was born in Sweden. She graduated from the Royal College of Art, London, 2004, after finishing an MA in Visual Communication. Hanna now works and lives in East London as an illustrator and maker. She sells her “Banana man” badges and “Memories” prints in galleries and online shops throughout the world. She enjoys doing little drawings, that later become T-shirts or bedding designs, mugs or wrapping paper. A lot of Hanna’s editorial commissions involve finding humor in day to day life, a very important element in life!


Felipe Yung

Amongst large brushes and paint, Felipe Yung cultivates roots, reasons in organic textures in a singular way and brings to paper uniquely shaped images, influenced by his tireless researches on Asian culture. His history begins at the neighborhood of Vila Mariana in São Paulo, and it reaches as far as London and Moscow. Paintings and spray paint, which transcend trends and tell the history of Brazilian Graffiti. His work permeates various worlds. Flip works through the peaceful coexistence of certain oppositions such as figurative and abstract. his style is seriously highenergy, addressing themes such as nature, pain, pleasure and eroticism. In a contemporary gesture he conjugates figurative and abstraction, such as his painted trees which when seen up close are no longer the figure of a tree but abstract lines, Camouflage Pattern, Insane Characters, Photography and Strong Calligraphy strokes. Since mid 90’s , is one of the best-known names in Brazilian street art and had showed his paintings the streets and galleries and has participated of exhibitions and executed works in São Paulo and cities of Brazil, London, Brighton, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Los Angeles and New York. He has also participated of art fairs in Miami (Art Basel), has represented Brazil in Moscow as a guest of the Brazilian Embassy.

Christine Berrie Christine Berrie gained a 1st Class BA (hons) from Glasgow School of Art before heading to the Royal College of Art in London where she graduated with an MA in Illustration in 2002. Christine is now based in Glasgow. Currently, everyday scenarios and objects are Christineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s favoured subject matter and she has long had an interest in creating colourful, detailed imagery with a hand-rendered approach. The results display Christineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s aim to invest even the most mundane objects with personality. Clients include: The Guardian, Microsoft, Renault, The New York Times, New Scientist, AOL, Le Monde and Lonely Planet.

illopetals is the collaboration of artwork by Leon Sparkes and Deborah Brogden. Their skills include; illustration, painting and graphic design. Initially starting out in graffiti and street art, they met and began to fuse their unique styles, creating colourful, bold and positive work that explores themes of nature, stories, technology, people and places. Back in the UK they have been involved in a diverse range of community art projects, exhibitions, workshops and private commissions and have worked with many professional teams in creative settings. Working in a variety of roles such as; freelance artists, teachers, workshop coordinators and project leaders, they have gained a wealth of experience. Now working in Seoul, South Korea they are busy creating fresh work, exhibitions, live events and pursuing their passion for Art.

Alice Koswara is a contemporary artist and graphic designer living in San Francisco. She graduated from the Academy of Art University with a BFA in Graphic Design in 2001. She works with watercolor, acrylic and ink. She draws inspiration from old movies, vintage magazines and vintage pinup girl posters.

My name is Ladislas. I’m a 29 year old designer / illustrator and artist based in Marseille, the second biggest city in France. I’ve always been passionate about illustration and customization. I started to customize things for friends in high school who wanted some hand painted bags. I remember that mine was fully painted in orange with patterns and designs on it. I probably looked like a stoplight, but at the time it was my favorite bag I’ve ever created. At the same time I started to paint some customized sneakers for people. I love things that are limited and precious so naturally I started painting “art toys” (designer vinyl toys that are sold white and that are customized by artists). Here’s a presentation of these works: Art Toys “pre- Columbian series with custom boxes” I think that one of the things that characterizes my work and art is my passion for details, that’s why I’m attracted by antique art that comes from the other side of the world like Egyptian or pre- Columbian art that are full of details. I wanted to create special toys that look like they came directly from an “Indiana Jones movie”. I wanted them to look like antique idols, some kind of treasure that was lost and then found in an abandoned temple in the heart of an old forest. This series of 4 toys are the 1st series and 1st customized art toys I’ve made in 2009- 2010. I’ve designed some customized boxes with them including some photo montages of the “statues” that look like they’ve been discovered by archaeologists.

Art toy “Tattoo Maniac Sailor Teddy Trooper” After my series of pre- Columbian toys I wanted to design some graphic toys. I love the underwater world and the ocean / pirate stories. I wanted to create something related with this world so I designed this toys that is covered with tattoos and clothed with a navy tank top. You definitely don’t want to mess with that bad ass bear. This toy is hand painted with acrylic and oil painting with a protective varnish on it.

Art toys “Dia de los Muertos” I’ve recently had the time to design another art toy that my sister gave me for Christmas . This time I wanted to design a toy with a visual style of an event that I love so much : “El dia de los muertos” - a celebration day in Mexican culture where people go to the cemetery to pay respects to their deciesed. They dress themselves in colored dresses and jackets and put make up on their faces to look like skeletons. It’s definitely a good and positive way to remember people that are gone I think. This Art Toys is fully colored for this special day, hand painted with acrylic and markers with a protective varnish on it.

Limited smartphone cases, wood engraved design, series 1 I recently started to create something I always wanted to do. I finally had the chance and opportunity to create these cases. This project is a series of limited cases for smartphones. Each case is made of natural cherry wood carved and engraved with my design on it. This 1st series contains 3 designs (2 designs are already available for iPhone 5 and 5S and galaxy S4) the third one will soon be available. Each design is limited to just 100 pieces and shipped in an individual box stamped with my â&#x20AC;&#x153;limited stuffâ&#x20AC;? stamp. Each case is also hand numbered. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re interested in getting one of the series you can purchase it on my website (shop) . I plan to do more of this in the future because I love to customize things and I also love to work with natural materials like wood.

“Easy Rider” project One of my passion that feeds my visual addiction and helps me discover places is riding a BIKE! I love riding across the city and in the nature. It’s one of the best way to feel what is surrounding you and catch the spirit of it all and then transcript it into design and illustrations. As a constant “visual seeker” I really like to discover countries, cultures, people... I started this personal project that I had in mind for a while, mixing my passion for travel, bike culture and design. I named it “Easy Rider” project. It is composed at this time of 8 illustrations of places and countries around the world. I wanted to talk about bike addicts all around the world and different ways of riding a bike in a different country or area. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to travel often these past few years. I’ve been stunned to see how people use bike as a way of locomotion. It’s always the same object but it’s funny to see how people transformed it to fit their needs. When I was in New York last year I’ve discovered those classy workaholic business men in Manhattan that ride some funny looking foldable bikes amongst those big skyscrapers- it was very interesting to look at this “foldable bike army”. In China they transform their bikes and put some sort of a car seat in front of them to carry people- it’s crazy to see how they make it! All these illustrations have their own color mood depending on the place and country. This is a tribute to bike addicts who will ride until they die, and even after-death! This series are printed in limited edition of 100pieces, signed and numbered “Fine Art print” (printed on art paper with archival inks that guaranty vivid color for at least 80 years, they are also shipped with a certificate of authenticity signed by me and the art lab that printed these pieces). If you’re to far to see the exhibition you still can discover the full “Easy Rider” project and order prints on my website

Daniel Jamie Williams

I’m an illustrator currently based in London. I’ve studied in West London and am currently working freelance. My work often explores melancholic or surreal scenarios; taking influences from music and usually based around a narrative. I tend to draw with either pencil or using a graphics tablet – I regularly combine both traditional and digital methods. Although my work is often dark or miserable I do like to add elements of humor as well as hidden narratives and references. In the last year I have become interested in zines and small press and currently have two; one based around the origins of Halloween and one which I describe as ‘A sorrowful scrapbook of sorts’ with more planned for the future.

Charles Clary “My current work deals with disease, beauty from decay, and the recent passing of both my parents to cancer. They are all hand cut paper and wallpaper on dilapidated drywall, or hand cut paper and acrylic on panel. Loosing both my parents in February of 2013 was a traumatic experience and drove me away from my work for a while. I got lost in my memories of the good, the bad, and the anger of the loss. The work that emerged dealt with all of these emotions and how they are all a necessary process of grief and recovery. I’ve always been fascinated with how beautiful the microscopic representation of disease is and wanted to capture that as best I could in paper. The new work resembles colorful black mold growths eating away at a cherished surface, much like the experience of losing a loved one. I use paper to create a world of fiction that challenges the viewer to suspend disbelief and venture into my fabricated reality. By layering paper I am able to build intriguing land formations that mimic viral colonies and concentric sound waves. These strange landmasses contaminate and infect the surfaces they inhabit transforming the space into something suitable for their gestation. Towers of paper and color jut into the viewer’s space inviting playful interactions between the viewer and this conceived world. These constructions question the notion of microbial outbreaks and their similarity to the visual representation of sound waves, transforming them into something more playful and inviting.” video of the process by Darby Campbell:

Alba Blรกzquez I am Alba, from Madrid. I think I have been doing the same thing since I can remember. Everyone, since we are children, start creating by playing and drawing as something natural, and there are people that continue and people that by some reason stop. I consider myself to be a self taught artist because I do not have an art education. Maybe I changed the techniques but curiosity and the desire to play remained. Those are the main reasons that make me keep going and learning while I can still play (drawing, painting, making collages, taking photos or doing whatever I can to express myself). I cannot imagine a full and happy life without it!! I am a romantic!! :D

Laura Shon My name is Laura Shon and I am from Barcelona where Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve studied at the college of arts and design La Llotja. My illustrations can be divided into two types, a more realistic one and a more childish one, and thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s because I always like changing so I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have time to get bored.

Editors: Rafael MilÄ?iÄ&#x2021; and pekmezmed Contact:

Photos and text: courtesy of each author unless stated otherwise

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Nineteenth issue of Frrresh, the online visual arts magazine


Nineteenth issue of Frrresh, the online visual arts magazine

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