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Are we there yet? We sure are! Issue 15 is here- fresh from the oven just for you <3 We have many beautiful things for you in store- from illustration, photography and street art to embroidery and knitting! That’s right- we’re mixing it up in here :) just because we know You like it ;)

Artists featured in issue 15 are: Nikola Radović JUNG EUN PARK Sam Pash Leigh Martin Suji Park Cristiana Gasparotto EC13 Jana Brike Billy Kheel Julie Filipenko

Nikola RadoviÄ&#x2021; Sometimes while iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m working I feel I can rely on capabilities of a graphic tablet more then I could with some traditional techniques and other times I just enjoy charcoal and the way it crumbles in contact with the surface. They are both fun and intimate as well, I like it. My work is mainly focused on animation, illustration and concept art for games or film.


“Windy Day”

“Talking to the wall”

“Nobody knows what’s happening on the other side of wall”

“Safe place to live”

“Too warm to leave”

“A woman wearing a red skirt doesn’t know where to go”

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Grasses are taking me homeâ&#x20AC;?

“Growing together”

“Calm lake in the island”

Jung Eun Park is a visual drawing artist. She has focused on working on paper, especially Korean paper with pencil and thread. Since she moved to different cities and countries, she has been obsessed about home physically and psychologically. In recent work, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Missing Homeâ&#x20AC;?, she simplifies a shape of house and objects, and rearranges them in different situations. The embroidered houses are connected each other by thread and get joined with another object, which she found from everyday life or new environment. Simplified and symbolized objects, such as a house, a yarn ball, grasses or threads are altered conceptually in her drawing so that their meanings and original uses are re-purposed and make a story of what she wants to talk about. Her drawings are simply the record of her intimate life, but also imply the psychological narratives of human being living in a new environment.

“Grass grows where we are together”

“Growing pots”

“Murmuring house”

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Grass is growing in my bathtubâ&#x20AC;?

Sam Pash

Sam Pash was born in Auckland, New Zealand, and grew up in Western Australia. He currently lives in South London, where he works as a freelance illustrator. Sam is interested in mixing his highly detailed ink and brush illustrations with different collage techniques.



My name is Leigh Martin and I am a fiber and installation artist based in Central Oklahoma. Inspired by small details in the natural world, much of my work revolves around the intricate textures of fungi and how they blend in to their natural environment. At a glance and from a distance, my fiber installations meld in as a part of the magnificent, self-sustaining cycle that transforms living plants to detritus and further into minerals that Nourish other living plants. When viewed from afar, the knitted pieces appear natural and as though they belong in the installationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s setting; However, on a closer encounter one finds that the pieces are not real fruiting bodies at all. The delicate knit stitch stands out and draws the viewer in for closer inspection. The viewer is suddenly aware of the organisms that surround them in daily life, bringing their attention to phenology and various stages of growth.

With a background in urban forestry, my purpose and founding ideas for my work revolve around a common deficit of interaction with and awareness of the details in our natural environment. I am of the belief that connecting to nature in this way is a crucial element to living a fulfilling and present life. Through my work, I hope to encourage viewers to closely inspect the seemingly mundane elements found right outside their doors through a fiber art medium, thus encouraging engagement and contemplation of these ecosystems and cultivating a stronger connection to nature. View more of my work at



I am a freelance photographer based in South Korea. With the medium of analog photography, I follow traces of light, nostalgia, and dreams.

Cristiana Gasparotto

Born in Italy, 1977. Graduated in English Literature from the University of Padova. Currently living in Madrid, Spain. Visual artist. The title of this project is “Fiorile”, the Italian translation of the name of a month in the French Revolution. Here, the term is interpreted as a contraction of ‘fiore’ (flower) and ‘femminile’ (female). The series is formed by black and white self-portraits, where different parts of the female body are accompanied by different kind of flowers.

EC13 | Street A c t i v i t y

Objective Art, Visionary Art, Minimal Art, Suprematism, Abstract Expresionism and Graffiti are ingredients you can find in EC13’s works. In short- Abstractism in Street Art.

Alien Code photo by Jorge Sanchez Sousa ©

AL One Love photo by Carlos Rueda Parra Š

Life Water photo by Carlos Rueda Parra Š

AL One Love photo by Carlos Rueda Parra Š

Awareness photo by Carlos Rueda Parra Š

El Color de la Calle at Fundaci贸n Caja Rural photo by Ram贸n Perez Sendra 漏

La Catedral Futumétrica | Spidertag & EC13 photo by Sara Iacozza ©

Jana Brike Visualize yourself in a place where everything is resolved â&#x20AC;&#x201C; there is no drama, there is no pain or hurt or health issues, no fear and no problems, and no need for survival based actions, and you are at home, and everything is pure. What would you choose to do to fill your days? What is your purpose beyond the struggle? That is what I look for. And live for.

Billy Kheel is a Los Angeles based artist. His work recent work in felt applique is best described as â&#x20AC;&#x153;Rick Ross meets Betsy Rossâ&#x20AC;?. Kheel investigates specific themes in his work: animals as spirits and mascots, multiple interpretations of craft techniques and shifting definitions of masculinity. He also makes lovely pillows and hats at

Julie Filipenko Julie Filipenko is a Tel Aviv based artist. Her studies were completed at Bezalel Acadmey of Arts, with a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts. Currently she is working as a freelance artist. In the past year, Julie has participated in a number of group shows in different countries, and had her first solo show in Los Angeles. Today her main choice of medium is acrylics and graphite drawings, with a focus on the surreal images our subconscious minds project into our daily life.

Photos and text: Courtesy of each author unless stated otherwise Editors: Rafael MilÄ?iÄ&#x2021; and pekmezmed Contact:


Fifteenth issue of Frrresh, the online visual arts magazine.


Fifteenth issue of Frrresh, the online visual arts magazine.