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This Frozen Shoulder Doctor website was developed by Dr. Francis X. Murphy, DC, Dr. Louis D’Amico, DC, and Dr. Michael Hall, DC to educate patients suffering from frozen shoulder syndrome about a revolutionary new treatment option that has become available. Dr. Murphy developed this technique and his first patient was Pam Hatcher whose video testimonial is on the homepage. If you have not yet viewed this testimonial please take a moment and do it now. Dr. Murphy is a practicing chiropractor in Dallas, Texas and has treated hundreds of Frozen Shoulder Syndrome patients successfully using the OTZ Method. He has since aligned himself with Dr. D’Amico and Dr. Hall and the three of them are now training chiropractors throughout the world on this revolutionary treatment. Dr. D’Amico is a chiropractor and a pharmacist. He practices chiropractic near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What is Frozen Shoulder So You Have a Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis) If you or someone that you love currently has Frozen Shoulder Syndrome then you probably already know what it is. You certainly know that it is a very painful condition that can severely disrupt your ability to get restful sleep as well as limiting your ability to use the affected arm.

Please take a few minutes and thoroughly explore this website. The type of care that you choose to treat your frozen shoulder will have a big impact on your outcome.

What Causes Frozen Shoulder Syndrome? Frozen Shoulder Syndrome can develop when you stop using the shoulder joint because of pain or injury. It also can develop in patients suffering from chronic conditions such as Diabetes, heart disease, thyroid conditions, stroke, and others. Your risk of developing Frozen Shoulder Syndrome also increases after certain medical procedures such as a mastectomy or shoulder surgery. In fact any shoulder problem that causes pain and loss of range of motion is at risk of further development into a frozen shoulder. Frozen Shoulder Syndrome usually begins with soreness and pain in the shoulder and upper arm. This pain prevents you from moving your arm. Lack of movement leads to stiffness and decreases in normal ranges of motion. Over time, you eventually become unable to do simple movements such as reaching over your head or behind you. The pain can become so significant that over-the-counter pain medications do not work and your sleep becomes disrupted. Please view the video below which demonstrates how we feel a frozen shoulder starts. We believe that it starts with a minor misalignment of the skull on the first cervical vertebra.

Conventional Frozen Shoulder Treatment Options Conventional medical treatments for Frozen Shoulder Syndrome usually includes an aggressive combination of anti-inflammatory medication,

cortisone injection(s) into the shoulder and physical therapy treatments.

In most cases, a frozen shoulder is resistant to traditional treatment causing physicians to recommend release of the scar tissue by arthroscopic surgery or manipulation of the scarred shoulder under anesthesia. Sometimes when following such an aggressive treatment plan shoulder mobility and function may be improved, but often times it is not.

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Frozen Shoulder Syndrome is a debilitating condition which is poorly understood and can dramatically impact a person’s quality of life. Many...