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FRC Bible

Table of Contents FRC Divisions

FRC Membership

FRC Alliances

I. Overview 1. Reason For Divisions II. Warfare 1. Purpose 2. Policies 3. Plans/Goals 4. Leadership III. Economy 1. Purpose 2. Policies 3. Plans/Goals 4. Leadership IV. Religion 1. Purpose 2. Policies 3. Plans/Goals V. External Affairs 1. Purpose 2. Policies 3. Plans/Goals 4. Leadership VI. Officers 1. Purpose 2. Captain Makeup 3. Council Makeup

I. Overview 1. Recruitment Goals 2. Target Applicants II. Application Process 1. The Application 2. Officer Review 3. Accept/Reject Policy III. Ranks 1. Overview 2. Rank Descriptions IV. Promotion Policy 1. Overview 2. Requirements V. Maintaining Status 1. The Three “A's” a. Attitude b. Activity c. Aptitude VI. Removal Process 1. Overview 2. Penalties 3. Offenses 4. Procedure

I. Overview 1. Why Have Alliances II. Types of Alliances 1. Trade Alliances a. Aid b. Mutual Trade 2. Security Alliances a. Requirement b. NAPs c. Military Alliances i. Cold War ii. Hot War d. Intel Alliances 3. Gesture Alliances a. Overview III. Alliance Process 1. Joining 2. Withdrawing

FRC Appendix I. FAQ 1. FRC Divisions 2. FRC Membership 3. FRC Alliances II. Why Join The FRC? 1. What's In It For Me? III. FRC Contact List

FRC Divisions

FRC Divisions Overview Overview: The FRC will be broken up currently into 5 different divisions. Warfare, economy, religion, diplomacy, and council. These divisions are porous, with the exclusion of council, meaning members should have a desired division they wish to join, but they are not limited to that specific division, they can intermingle. But when the time comes for a specific division to get a job done or a goal achieved, you will be expected as a member of that specified division to do what you signed up for. The Warfare, economy and diplomacy divisions will have 2 captains each, one from NA and one from EU. With one captain being assigned to the council. Note: The warfare division will have the possibility of 3 captains to facilitate the Oceania region. Reasons for Divisions: Divisions are a required part of any large organized guild. They facilitate the movement of information and increase the coordination of strategies. Once you have people focused on a certain specific goal and plan within a division, the outcome is highly satisfactory compared to a clan with no more organization than a disorderly mob. A mob doing a million things at once all at the same time. Order, discipline, and organization is key. “A disorderly mob is no more an army than a heap of building materials is a house - Socrates “

FRC Divisions Warfare Purpose: The purpose of the Warfare Division is to facilitate war with enemy alliances, guilds and individuals. Policies: The Warfare division has many policies that it follows. Chief among them is honor, dedication, and determination. These are then extrapolated into specific policies such as war declarations, pillaging, sieges, and etc. Declaring War:

The FRC will have a usual policy of declaring war upon an enemy before initiating contact/combat. Declarations of war are official and help keep a fight clean. Granted many fights to win cannot be clean but at the very least, The FRC will do it's best to initiate any war honorably with a press release with publicized reasons for initiating the fight. Note: This will be updated as we get more game information.


Once war is declared and announced to the public. Many avenues will open up. This includes sieges upon an enemies towns, cities, and forts. Sieges are coordinated by the warfare captains, with overarching commands and suggestions given by the guild council and leader. Every siege will be done honorable with no use of any possible exploits or cheats. The FRC does keep the right to attack whenever and wherever without warning though once war has been declared. Note: This will be updated as we get more game information.

FRC Divisions Warfare Patrols:

The Warfare division is also responsible for FRC territory, outlaying territory scouting, and warfare attack patrols. Patrols will be organized by the division captains and will be kept up 23/7 if feasible. Members will be assigned to patrols/groups upon joining the warfare division. Members that join other divisions that wish to participate in a patrol will be temp. assigned to open slots. The FRC has a policy of anti-gank. If on patrol, FRC members are not to attack individuals unless they act overtly suspicious or are within publicly announced restricted territory. This of course doesn't apply to members of clans we are currently warring against. You see even one, you burn it. Hard.

FRC Divisions Warfare Plans/Goals: The plans and goals of the Warfare division are many as it is the chief division of The Frostreaver Clan. We will use many different avenues laid out before us. Not all can be seen yet, but many are common sense and well worth obtaining. Respect:

We plan to become a respected force within the world of MO. We'll obtain that respect through actions and deeds. Chiefly, by having a policy, as stated before, of being anti-gank. Remember though anti-gank does not equal anti-pk. The FRC is a PK guild, but we have morals and standards.


We plan to become an honorable force within the world of MO. We'll obtains this honor through actions and deeds. Among which will be giving war declarations, respecting any tenants of war that are set down and agreed upon mutually by both parties, honoring our alliances and coming to the aid of our brother clans and etc.


We plan to become a fearsome force to our enemies. We'll obtain this fear through actions and deeds. Among which will be never giving up pursuit, fighting to the last man and the last bit of armor in a time of need, and in a time of revenge for a transgression upon us, destroying those that have hurt us. The FRC is an unstoppable force, and will not be crushed, we will be feared by those that oppose us.

Dominance: Our goal and plans for total dominance of our corner of the MO world. The FRC plans to hold territory and defend it savagely from our enemies. We will do this through constant patrols and constant vigilance of our home turf wherever that may be. Those that cross into our restricted areas, of which most if not all will be publicly announced, will be destroyed. Guilds that initiate war upon us, will see their lands taken and their guilds destroyed and/or assimilated. Those that we initiate war upon... Territory:

The ultimate goal of the FRC and it's warfare division is the control and gaining of territory. We will have a home nation and it will be ours forever as long as the FRC still stands. Forever FRC, FRC forever.

FRC Divisions Warfare Leadership: The leadership of the warfare division will be divided up among 2-3 officers. Currently we will have one NA officer and one EU officer. Upon the gaining of additional troops from the Oceania region of the world we shall include a 3rd officer if those present have the required merit and ability to lead. Among these 2-3 captains, 1 will be assigned to the guild council. This assignment will be of the highest honor and will only be given out to those that have demonstrated their utmost loyalty to the clan, their supreme ability to lead players and orchestrate war. They will be the councils official liaison to to the warfare division of the clan. Captain positions are given out for the entire time of the officer's career in the FRC. They are given for “life�. Captain's are promoted to their rank by the guild leader and/or a decision of the council, with the guild leader giving the final official vote. Only way a captain can be removed from a position is if the council votes for it to be so with the guild leader giving the final official vote.

FRC Divisions Economy Purpose: The Purpose of The FRC Economy Division is to facilitate all guild crafting, gathering and trade into a single unified force. Policies: The policies of the economy division of the FRC are many as it is one of our most important areas of focus. A army without a secure and prosperous supply line is not a army that will survive a winter much less a drawn out war. These policies will guarantee that the FRC is able to prosper and grow economically not matter what conditions or plans we come across or put into place. These policies will guide us through any storm. Fair Trade:

Policies of fair trade amongst alliance guilds and on the open market will be one of the FRC's economic cornerstones. Now remember, fair trade does not mean free trade, their may well be things such as tariffs and tax put on certain items to encourage in-clan production and etc. But The FRC will strive to make any transaction as fair as possible for both parties. A happy customer is a customer that will return.

The Little Guy:

FRC will have a policy of supporting and looking out for “the little guy.� Those crafters and manufacturers that do not have a guild at their back but are alone in their business. Small business is what makes the biggest economy in the real world what it is and the FRC understands this. Those small time crafters/businesses in the world of MO will have our support, we will buy your goods and help support you as long as you put your faith in The FRC. Only together can we achieve things of greatness and this shows that even the little guy can help bring around great things.

FRC Divisions Economy Double-Dealers:

We have a policy of never buying from those guilds/clans/organizations that support or sell to our enemies. We do not deal with the likes of people that fund both sides of a conflict only to sit back and watch both sides burn. Those guilds that have no loyalty to their customers will not be getting rich off of The FRC nor will they be receiving FRC goods.

FRC Divisions Economy Plans/Goals: The plans and goals of our economy are one of the most intricate parts of The FRC. But at the same time they are the easiest to define at this time. Self-sufficient Economy:

The FRC will strive to make itself a self-sufficient economy wherever possible. We will gather as much as we can, craft as much as we can, and even sell as much as we can all in-house. This economy will additionally support itself by selling excess goods on the open market and to our various allied guilds.

Support FRC Crafters:

The FRC will do as much as realistically possible to support our own crafters above all others. This can include tariffs on imported finished goods in order to make yours even more preferable. In-house crafters are required to give their clan-mates a large discount but all of our crafters will still be able to make profit out of every sale they make within the FRC.

Economic Dominance:

The FRC plans to become the leading economic power house within our respective region of the MO world. Both in an export and possibly an import fashion, especially import among our allies. We hope to monopolize multiple lines of products with a vertical line of control, we will control every step of the manufacturing process. From the mine all the way to the finished blade, building or piece of armor. This will be in conjunction with both this division and the warfare, diplomacy divisions. Warfare will work on security, diplomacy will work on resource agreements with our neighbors.

FRC Divisions Economy Economic Partnerships:

Our goals of economic partnerships and alliances will have profound effects on the region we will reside and perhaps the rest of the MO world. Economic agreements detailing trade alliances with various clans, dictating trade rules for who they can sell to in exchange for something on our part and etc. We will work with other clans for the mutual economic benefit of us both. For our enemies are hidden still and aid and assistance should never be ignored while you prepare, especially those of a economical benefit.

FRC Divisions Economy Leadership: The Economy Division will be led by two people with the rank of Captain. Potentially one from the EU and one from NA. The region of the world the player hails from is not as important in the economy division as in the others due to the nature of such things. Mostly candidates will be picked based on their grasp of economic systems and ideas and the ability to implement them into the world of MO with only a minor basis put on home region. Two EU, or two NA, it is not as important here. Economic captains will be elected to their position by the council and/or guild leader with the guild leader having the overriding vote. They are elected for the entire duration of their careers within the FRC. They are elected for “life�. The only way a economic captain is demoted/removed from the clan is after a majority vote by the council or due to the guild leader lodging a supportable complaint against the captain. Finally of course, a captain can wish to step down at any time he/she wishes on their own, all we require is a reason for the resignation and possibly a few days notice. One captain will be appointed to the guild council and will be considered a guild officer above the rank of captain. They are appointed once again by a vote of the council and/or the guild leader with the guild leader having the overriding say. This captain will be the best the clan has to offer to itself in terms of economic knowledge, activity, and the ability to implement it all successfully.

FRC Divisions Religion “Choose to believe in one of the Gods and watch its power grow. Fight heretics and burn their temples to rob their Gods of power. Or start a new cult: with enough believers your God might be powerful enough to enter the Pantheon. “ Purpose: The purpose of the Religion Division is two fold, one to organize a guild religion and two, to help spread the world of our god to those poor individuals that are not enlightened. Policies: Many of the policies of the guild religion division are vague at this time. Too little is know and too little has been explored in this area. But the policies we are sure about are concrete and solid, just like any god should be. Spread of our Religion:

The spread of our religion will not be an easy transition for the uninitiated. Our god is a hard god, just, but hard. All conquered clans will be required to convert to our religion. He does not tolerate weakness but awards strength. Frowns upon evilness but is ambivalent to good. If you have a strong arm, or are smart enough that you do not have to have one, you will be welcomed by our god.

No Division Leadership:

Our god does not care for priests or incense. No leaders are needed, for the division here is the whole of the FRC nation. The nation will dictate who we worship and who will watch down upon us. It is up to each and everyone of our members to spread our religion.

FRC Divisions Religion No Toleration For Other Gods:

One guild, one god. One territory, one god. One region, one god. One world... one god. Burn the temples and fight the heretics of rival gods. We do this, not because we are evil, but because there is only one true god, and he is ours. We are only lift the veil of ignorance from those not yet enlightened.

FRC Divisions Religion Plans/Goals: The plans and the goals of the FRC religion are many. This is not because this division is necessarily one most important but because religion is such a deep topic that it is impossible to tackle it without covering your bases, which are many. Creation of A God:

Of course though the first step is the creation of a god, a god is created by the will of it's worshipers. It is not a job for just any one man to create even though that man may have a hefty hand in its' creation. The plans for the creation of a god are vast and intricate, to create a true god requires effort and focus of many people all sharing the same belief. As the months progress towards release, our god will take shape fully.

Spreading Religion:

Spread the glory of our religion everywhere. Let his strength fill every crevice and cranny. Ask every passerby if he/she has heard the gospels of our religion, ask them if they wish to leave their life of ignorance and accept our religion. Many will join if only we try.


The ultimate goal of our religion and our god is to reach the house of gods, the pantheon. Only through the spread of our religion through our members and diplomats to the unenlightened and through the conquering and conversion of our foes will we obtain this lofty goal.

FRC Divisions External Affairs Purpose: The purpose of the External Affairs Division is to be the senses of the FRC. They are our eyes and ears and the first impression of the clan. They will get into places that are secret and learn information that is not supposed to be shared. The External Affairs Branch ultimately is our intelligence gathering and external relations part of the FRC. It includes our diplomats, spies, and explorers. Policies: Diplomatic Truth:

The FRC's diplomats are the first impression of our guild. Therefore a essence of truthfulness should always be shared with other guilds. There are times in diplomacy where deception is required but the FRC will do it's best to always be up-front about our intentions.


Our policy for gathering information, often called the greatest weapon of all, will be paramount to our clans endeavors. I said that we will be truthful where we can, and this clan will always be honorable, but the activity of spying is an important one. If other guilds are going to be participating in such activities so shall we, even if we find it dishonorable. The safety of the clan ultimately comes above all else.


Our diplomats will be firm and at times aggressive, but always be fair to our allies and friends. A hard bargain sometimes will be had but we shall make sure that, that bargain is beneficial to all in at least some way.

FRC Divisions External Affairs Professionalism:

Our diplomats will always be professional in their dealings with other clans. This may mean they might sound short at times, but they are doing their role well and getting to the point of the discussion. Our relations people are fun to be around, it's a requirement of the job, but they also know how important their job is to the future of the clan. They are the mouth of the council and the rest of the FRC.

4 Compass Points: Leave no stone unturned. Our explorers have this policy: explore, wonder, understand, and push the boundaries.

FRC Divisions External Affairs Plans/Goals: These plans and goals are among the most important in the clan. Every action we take depends on how our guild is perceived and received. Ultimately that fate often times rides on the shoulders of the External Affairs Division. Region Liaisons:

The FRC plans to have a “embassy� and/or liaison for every major region of the MO world. This will facilitate tactical real-time knowledge about the situation there, and to have a contact for any required interventions or etc. Such a liaison may only be an informant outside the guild payed on an information basis and not necessarily an actual member of the clan.

Guild Diplomats:

We shall have diplomats assigned to every major guild based on the importance of maintaining contact with that guild and the individual diplomats skills. This will hopefully lessen the load on any one individual diplomat.


This goal is especially important once the game initially releases and/or The FRC gets access to Beta. Uncover the map as fast as possible, learn choke points, high ground, suitable city sites, and etc. While being able to efficiently relay this information back to the guild through maps and word of mouth.

Spy Network:

Only the most loyal and dedicated of the Diplomacy Division gets into our spy program. Info is not going to be publicly released about this goal.

FRC Divisions External Affairs Leadership: The External Affairs Division's leadership will have 2 players with the rank of captain. One from NA and one from the EU. Both players are assigned to the role of captain in the fashion previously stated in this overview. They will be those members that are loyal to the clan, good judge of a person's character, have knowledge about meetings and relations between groups of people, knowledge of the game geography and are able to implement all of this in a gaming environment. A bonus will be the ability to speak any sort of second or third language outside of English. Both captains are also responsible in handing out diplomatic responsibilities to the guild's diplomats, gathering informants as liaisons in various regions where they reside and setting up exploratory expeditions. One captain will be nominated to the guild council and will be the council's main affairs officer for the division. He'll be nominated and voted into the council in a similar fashion as to what has been discussed for other council members. The captain nominated will be the head diplomat for the clan and will oversee major meetings and talks between the FRC and major clans. If the council diplomat cannot make a major clan-clan treaty meeting that would require his presence the duty will fall to the lower ranked captain diplomat or to a guild council member.

FRC Divisions Officers Purpose: The guild officers are the men and women that bind together the entire clan. They are the glue for all of us. The members that are promoted to the rank of captain and to the council are FRC to their very core. They guide the clan with input from the members. Captain Makeup: The Captain ranks are made up of 7 individuals. Including the 3 Captains that have a seat on the council. Currently this is set to, two from Economy, two from External Affairs, and three from Warfare. Council Makeup: The council is made up of one representative from The Warfare, Economy, and Diplomatic Divisions who come from the Captain ranks. Along with several trusted advisors , who may or may not be official representatives of the FRC divisions or even Captains. The size of the council is limited to 7 members including the guild leader. So currently this would include 3 division reps, 3 advisors and 1 guild leader.

FRC Membership

FRC Membership Overview Overview: The FRC membership. No matter what, no matter that we have a council, and no matter that we have captains, the core members of the FRC, are the FRC. They are what makes this clan great and will be what makes this clan do legendary things. Recruitment Goals: The Frostreaver Clan recruitment goals are as follows. To continue recruiting until our membership reaches approximately 100 members. During this process we will also be continuing the work of filling out the guild council and our division captains. Target Applicants: There is no such thing as the perfect applicant. People vary to much and are good at such a variety of different things that no one applicant can be said to be better than all others. But saying that there are certain criteria that do make people more attractive over others. These are, above all other things, loyalty to a clan. You must be loyal to your clan that you are applying for. There is no guarantee that things will come easy or that things will come fast. Only through a loyal clan can we achieve all the goals we place on our plate. Another thing is activity. If you are active you are an asset. If you are in-active you are only slowing yourself and others down. Then another general attribute would be intelligence. Intelligence is the greatest thing humanity possesses, if you are smart, you will go far. This clan looks for that in all of our recruits. Finally we do not recruit solely on a general principle, such as PK or carebear. The goals of this clan are to vast to be that narrow minded. We look at everybody equally as everybody's play style has something to add to this clan.

FRC Membership Application Process The Application: The FRC uses an application process for our new recruits to be able to get to know our members better before they join. It is comparable to the concept of not letting someone into your home until you get to know them a bit better or at the very least ask them why they are here on your doorstep. The form for the application is filled with several important questions. What do you expect out of The FRC:

We ask this to get a feeling for what our recruits expect out of the FRC. The reason why we ask is because we want to know a recruits initial perceptions of the clan prior to joining, therefor we can hopefully tailor their experience to what they are looking for as much as possible.

How much do you play MMOs:

We ask this to get a feeling of how active a member may be. Activity is very important to the FRC. Especially as we get closer and closer to both beta and release. The great people at Star Vault are looking for dedicated gamers willing to help them make the best game they can and you need to be active to give as much help as possible. In addition to this, once the game launches, an active player and therefor an active guild will have a definite initial advantage over any other guild that may not take activity as serious.

Your greatest accomplishment in an MMO:

We ask this to get a rough idea of the experience level of a prospective member. By telling us your accomplishments we can get an idea of both your dedication to the games you play, the guilds you join and your potential skill level.

FRC Membership Application Process Tell us a little bit more about yourself:

This we ask just in order to get to know what kind of personality you have or other important information. This can include anything you wish and some players just give additional MMO experience here which is fine but we are really looking for real life info. Not to pry, we of course respect privacy, but it is always nice to get to know someone on a somewhat personal level before accepting them into the clan.

Are you able to use Ventrilo:

This is a core requirement of the clan. A member is not required to have a microphone but they are required to be able to use Ventrilo (listen). Granted there are times when using Ventrilo is not possible, due to sleeping kids or the dreaded significant other complaining, but we require you to be able to use Ventrilo as much as possible, if only to listen.

Can you login to the website every week:

We ask this as it is another core requirement of the clan. We are very proud of our website and we require all members to use it actively. It promotes community outside of the game and is a great way to form in-depth strategies, socialize and get to know your fellow players better.

How old are you:

We ask this simply to get to know you better. It lets us know how mature you are, compared to how old you are. It is not a requirement of the guild, as the guild has no age requirement. All we require is for a player to be mature enough to play the game well and to further the goals of the clan. If you are 12 and you are able to do this maturely and effectively, well, welcome to the FRC. If you are 36 but act like an idiot all the time, there's the door.

FRC Membership Application Process Have you read the guild charter:

We ask this to ascertain whether you take joining this guild serious. Our charter contains our basic rules and tenants, concerning activity, promotions and ranks. Important stuff that all new recruits need to know upon joining The FRC. Reading the charter will make sure your time with the FRC is an enjoyable one and a long one.

FRC Membership Application Process Officer Review: Applicants are denied or accepted only after a majority of the guild's officers have voted on their application in the affirmative or negative. All the officers are able to view applications including the rank of captain. Only council members may give the official accept/reject though. The application process can possibly take up to a maximum of two days, so if you are waiting for approval please be patient. You will be notified shortly as to the outcome of your application. All officers are encouraged to give comments on every application; what you like, what you dislike and etc. If we believe a particular application is not up to snuff but it is agreed that it's redeemable the applicant may be contacted to see if they would be willing to redo their application. Once the application is submitted again the review process starts over, taking a maximum of two days for you, the applicant, to get a response. If a majority of the officers have not submitted a vote or comment once the two day maximum wait is reached, the guild leader will make a final decision on whether or not the application is accepted or not.

FRC Membership Application Process Accept/Reject Policy: Our acceptance policy is simple. Complete the application to the best of your ability answering all questions truthfully and fully. Do not pad your answers but give detailed responses whenever possible. A well done application should include short paragraphs, of 2-4 sentences, to each of the first 4 questions on the form. An applicant that is willing to do a well thought out application shows us they have sincerity in joining our clan, thus greatly improving their chances of being accepted. The FRC rejection policy is as follows. Missing answers will result in an automatic rejection. Poor answers will be graded on quality during the two day process, if it is voted that the answers and therefor the application are not good enough, it is rejected. Jokingly answering the questions will result in an email/contact asking you to redo your application, if turned down the application is rejected. We like to have fun in the FRC, and trust me we joke about everything at times, but you must be serious about joining the clan. We want everyone to be a Reaver, but we have standards as to the quality of the “everyone� we allow in. You are always welcome to apply again to The FRC if you get rejected, improve where you need to and try again.

FRC Membership Ranks Overview: Ranks. The one standby of so many MMO guilds. So what do they mean to FRC? Ranks are an important part of the FRC, they are real roles to be cherished and are only given out to those that are serious about doing their very best within that role. Ranks in the FRC mean something, ranking up in the FRC will have many rewards but at the same time more and more responsibility... are you ready for that? The FRC has several different ranks, they include: Guild Leader, Guild Councilman and/or woman, Guild Captain, Elder Member, Member, and Recruit. The vast majority of The FRC consists of Elder Members and Members. Like has been said before, our membership is the FRC.

FRC Membership Ranks Rank Descriptions: The following are the descriptions of each rank and the subgroups contained within each one. These ranks describe in detail what is expected of their wearers, both the responsibilities and the rewards. Recruits:

Recruits are the peons of the Frostreaver Clan. They are those members only recently joined and are still going through their 2 week trial period. Recruit member has almost no privileges within the clan besides basic access to basic guild functions and areas both on our website and in-game.


Members are the brunt of the FRC. They are those players that have proven their worth enough to be promoted out of recruit and have survived their trial period unscathed. Members are allowed to choose a division to join at this stage. Warfare, Economy, Diplomacy or Religion. In each case they will either be assigned or allowed to join a squad, diplomatic post, or economic profession of their choice. They are not limited to these divisions but the one they initially select will be known as their primary division. Joining a different division temporarily or requesting a permanent move will be done only if there are any openings and a job will be assigned for them initially, by the division captains.

Elder Members:

Elder Members are trusted friends and members of the FRC. They are given more in-game privileges and are given preference for important tasks and positions before lower ranked members. Upon requesting a division switch to either warfare or economy they will be allowed to select any profession or patrol they wish, as long as there is space. The captains can suggest a position but the elder member does not have to take it. Elder members have preference in being chosen leaders of individual warfare patrols.

FRC Membership Ranks Captains:

The rank of captain is the initial rank of the guild officers. They are experienced members of the guild with drive, ambition and a strong knowledge of their respective divisions. Two captains per division, with the exception of Warfare which has three. Most of the divisions will have one captain from the EU and one from NA. Captains run their divisions almost as a mini-clan receiving orders from the council. Captains are expected to be professional in everything related to the running of their division and be extremely loyal to the goals of The FRC. Captains are allowed to view and vote on guild applications.


The rank of the guild council is an exalted one. The rank requires a multiple month membership in the clan prior to promotion and a strong reputation within the clan during that time. 3 of the 6 total councilman are selected from the captains of the warfare, economy and diplomatic divisions. The other 3 are selected outside of the rank of captain and can be considered the civilian component of the council. The civilian councilmen hold just as much voting power as a division councilman. Only difference is they do not necessarily lead. They are there mostly as trusted advisors. All councilmen are allowed to view, vote and accept/reject guild applications.

Guild Leader:

His word is god. 'nuff said. Holds potential veto power over the council.

FRC Membership Promotion Policy Overview: Promotions in The FRC are an important event for a member. Along with it being an important milestone along your FRC career it is also something to be proud of. The Frostreaver Clan promotion policy is based on merit. In other words we are a system where promotions are made and responsibilities are given based on demonstrated talent and ability(merit). All promotions are given out by the guild council. Captains are largely responsible though for pointing out who is and is not deserving of being raised in rank.

FRC Membership Promotion Policy Promotion Requirements: What follows is the requirements for promotion out of a lower rank and into a higher one. They vary rank by rank. Requirements can include activity, time in the clan, knowledge of the game, knowledge of real-world ideas, commitment to the clan and etc. Recruit:

All new recruits go through a two week trial period. During this time the recruit is judged on his compatibility with the guild. Overall feeling of the entire FRC dictates the result of his trial period. No actual vote is made during this promotion but like has been said the “feel� of the guild towards this member will dictate whether or not the council promotes this person. Recruits are promotable by any council member after the two week period is up. If a recruit does not pass his trial stage successfully he will be either removed from the clan with a message stating the reason for his removal or allowed an additional week to adapt. At the end of that week, the recruit will either be accepted and promoted to full member or ultimately removed from the clan.


Promotions to member are done via surviving the recruit trial period.

Elder Members:

Promotions to elder members from the lower rank of member is based on several factors. None of them exclusive or all required. These factors can include popularity, activity, dedication, aptitude, attention to detail, loyalty and etc. Promotions to elder member is granted by a majority vote of the council. The captains will be the primary source of the suggestions for these promotions.


Promotion to the rank of Captain is a rare occasion and carries significant responsibility. Captains are the primary person(s) responsible for their respective divisions. Captains are promoted based on many different requirements, of which a few are required for any promotion to this rank. The number one requirement is, as always, loyalty to the clan and it's ultimate goals.

FRC Membership Promotion Policy The goals of the clan for their respective division, as dictated by the guild council and the guild leader, will be of the utmost priority for any guild captain. Number two is the knowledge to organize and put into effect what you are being promoted for. For example being promoted to Economy Captain requires the skills to be able to organize a small clan's worth of gatherer's, crafters, and traders while implementing successful real-world economy ideas to further advance our clan's prosperity. While promotion to warfare captain requires the skills to carry out various strategies successfully and lead an army of your fellow FRC to victory, while also being able to organize different attacks, defenses and patrols. Then finally the role of captain of the diplomatic branch requires the ability to turn any argument in your favor, to have knowledge of meetings and how to set up successful ones, able to keep a cool head under any situation only to be able to purposely blow up at the perfect time. In addition the ability to orchestrate and keep under control the deployment of a successful spy network and other diplomats and expeditions. Now finally number three for a requirement to be promoted to the rank of captain is your realworld location. The FRC is a global clan and we need to have officers online 23/7. The council and the clan will do it's best to find officers with all the above qualities while equally distributing leadership among a large difference in timezones. The last requirement is communication. You will be playing and working with other officers everyday, and the ability to create plans and strategies together and be able to carry them out together will be key. Two heads are better than one, but they should not be constantly butting together with each other. Guild captains are initially chosen by the guild leader and subsequently chosen by the guild council and guild leader by a majority vote.

FRC Membership Promotion Policy If you wish to apply for a captain's position please get in touch with any council member or the GM. Also only members and elder members are allowed to apply, you must first go through your trial period as a recruit before applying for a captain position. All promotions to captain are for “life”. Guild Councilmen: Promotion to the rank of guild council is the hardest rank to obtain in the clan and will not be a event that happens more than a few times a year if that. Promotion to guild council requires a multi-month membership in the clan, with an impeccable record of dedication, know-how, ambition and loyalty to and for the clan during that time. Initial councilmen are chosen by the guild leader with subsequent councilmen selected by majority vote of the other councilmen. All promotions to councilmen are for “life”. Guild Leader:

Promotion only happens if the previous guild leader has been incapacitated somehow in real-life. Only a sitting guild leader can promote a replacement or co-leader. A member that has to ask to be promoted to guild leader will never be given it, ever.

FRC Membership Maintaining Status The Three “A's”: The tenants we have for maintaining a Frostreaver Clan membership are fairly basic: Attitude, Activity, and Aptitude. Those are the three general concepts that will ensure that any member is able to enjoy a long and enjoyable time in The FRC. Aptitude:

Defined as your quickness in learning and understanding, or more basically your intelligence. Obviously that is important to anyone or anything. Even if a player does not know anything about a game, which often times is fine, especially at the beginning, you have to at least have the ability to learn and continue learning. If a person stagnates and is basically a “noob” forever, the guild's recruitment choice is put into question, and that puts into jeopardy a person's status within the clan.


The tenant of activity in The Frostreaver Clan covers the in-game, website, and Ventrilo environments. It is our core requirement for maintaining your active FRC status. As a clan, we are very proud of our website and we require all members to use it actively. It promotes community outside of the game and is a great way to form in-depth strategies, socialize and get to know your fellow players better. Pre-launch this is set to one login to the website once a week, which should be very manageable for anyone. Post-launch, maintaining website activity is bumped to at least one login every 1-2 days. Which for anyone, should once again still be manageable. Activity in consideration to Ventrilo (VoIP). A member is not required to have a microphone but they are still required to use the voice client so they can at least listen in and hear. Granted there are times when using Ventrilo is not possible, due to sleeping kids or the dreaded significant other complaining, but we require members to be able to use Ventrilo as much as possible, if only to listen. Whenever feasible, if a player is online, they should be using The FRC voice server whenever possible.

FRC Membership Maintaining Status Finally, in-game activity is something that is very important to the clan. Of course, there are people that have busy schedules and that is of course fine but the ability to continue to rank up and level as a cohesive unit is vital to so many things within the clan. In-game activity will be encouraged by setting both regular “performance reviews”, largely skill level examinations/cuts and requirements and setting up varying division goals/events. For example let's say that after a week's time the skill cut is set to # of total skill points. A member able to cover that mark, shows success, those that do not, go under review. Attitude:

This covers a wide range of different tenants. The way a player treats his/her fellow guild mates, their feelings towards different guild directions and policies and other common sense issues. Largely it sums up how well a person is able to integrate into The Frostreaver Clan, both on a personal and “professional” level.

FRC Membership Penalty Process Overview: It is always sad to see a person have to be lowered in rank or ultimately removed from The Clan even if it may of have been for a good reason. The Frostreaver Clan is built around us never giving up on each other and being there always but sometimes, despite everything, we do have to maintain order. We have standards we must uphold and therefor The FRC has penalties. This is that penalty process.

FRC Membership Penalty Process Possible Penalties: There are offenses that are not as great as others and this dictates a sloping approach to how The FRC sees these penalties. Not all offenses are created equal and therefor removal is not the only option given to The Clan. Officer Meeting:

Meeting with the council, player's division captain(s), and the player in question. This is not so much a penalty as it is a wake up call. The purpose of this meeting is to have the council inform the player of any concerns, the guild has.


This can result in a severe decrease in authority within the clan or even the safety of maintaining guild membership. Member to recruit demotion brings a player back into their trial period, upon which at the end of a one week period, a person will be removed if it is decided not to promote. Elder Member to Member can result in the loss of leadership of warfare squads and the respect of your fellow guild mates. Captain to Elder demotion results in the loss of many privileges, that can include ability to view applications, division leadership, promotion voice, removal voice and etc. Council to Captain is similar to Captain to Elder but just with an additional loss of more privileges due to the higher rank.


This is similar to the demotion penalty but is a special case worth it's own category. Jail consists of a rank below that of recruit. Basically can be considered solitary confinement for up to one week from which a player is then promoted up to member status, regardless of what rank they were demoted from. During their time in jail they have no access to guild cities, no access to guild banks, no access to guild chat, no access to Ventrilo, and etc. This is basically for those members that really want to stay in the guild and have convinced the council and captains as such but the offense is severe enough that it requires a larger penalty than demotion. This is that penalty.

FRC Membership Penalty Process Removal:

Removal from the clan. Pretty straight forward penalty. A player, after a review, is removed from The Frostreaver Clan. A person removed from the clan is allowed to reapply to the clan after a one month period. During review, players are put into prison.


Exactly what it sounds like, a person that is permanently removed and forever banned from The FRC after review. During review, players are put into prison. This penalty also includes the blacklisting of the former member. Meaning we will hunt him/her and kill them mercilessly. Camping, AFKilling, and etc; whenever and wherever. Reserved for spies, blatant team-killers, thieves, and other general ultimate assholes.

FRC Membership Penalty Process Offenses: These are the offenses that have some sort of penalty associated with them. Vast majority of the following offenses are common sense, and therefor the vast majority of them should be easy to avoid for most players. They are listed in descending order. From the worst which will lead to a probably removal and/or permanent ban, to the most trivial which will likely just result in a meeting with the player in question, the division captain, and the council. Blatant Racism:

Harmful remarks directed and based on a person's nationality or ethnicity with the intent to hurt will result in immediate review by the leadership and a likely outcome of expulsion from The FRC. There is a defined line between playful joking jabs and racism. A member that crosses it, will know immediately.


Loyalty to the clan is one of our most important tenants. Any member guilty of spying on The FRC for a rival clan, giving away vital information, selling goods to a rival faction, stealing, killing his own faction, applying to another clan while currently in The FRC and etc are all linked to a member being disloyal to his clan. All are worth a removal and permanent ban.


Harmful remarks directed at a person with the intent to hurt or disrespect. These can include disrespecting a player due to his or her playing ability, age, sexual orientation, gender, disabilities or etc. Once again, as always there are lines not to cross and boundaries not to push. If you believe something might be out of line, it probably is. Depending on the severity upon review by the council disrespect will result in a likely removal or jail time.

FRC Membership Penalty Process Absence:

As has been discussed in earlier chapters, activity is our main factor that the clan looks at in our members when it comes to maintaining your membership. Not being present in the clan due to a lack of activity and an increase in absences will ultimately result in removal with an initial result of demotion. Currently there is very little enforcement of this offense due to the game's current status, many months from release. The Frostreaver Clan's stance on this will be changing though as The Clan progresses closer and closer to the game's beta, it's release and as our membership continues to grow. Activity is vitally important and the guild understands this entirely.

Missing Events:

This offense is tied hand and foot with the above absence, but it also worth giving it's own as it is more specific. Events are a central part of The Frostreaver Clan. From our weekly guild meetings to in-game raids to largely anything that The Clan considers important enough to be vital to the success of the guild, or at the least deems important enough to put on a calendar. Constantly missing events, without, notifying captains and/or the council will initially result in a officer meeting. This holds true across all ranks, everyone should be able to let the guild know whether or not they won't be able to make a specific event. Not making any events at all even after an officer meeting will result in jail with a possibility of removal.

FRC Membership Penalty Process Procedure: This section will detail the process for the handing out of penalties to the membership from the various officers. Different ranked officers are responsible for different things and have varying tiers when it comes to offenses and penalties. Every noted offense always starts with either the officer being present at the time or via a member coming forward and notifying leadership after the fact. If a Frostreaver Clan member sees a violation happening they are encouraged to get in touch with whatever leader is online currently. If more than one leader is on, you are encouraged to get in touch with the leader most related to the division of the perpetrator first, before going somewhere else. Any member that comes forward but wishes to have their name anonymous during any following proceedings will have that wish honored unless it is necessary to what is being discussed. Officers that are online and there to see a offense happen are to notify the guilty party that their action has been noted and that subsequent action will be taken. Every penalty should then be logged and the council notified of said penalty or offense. Removals and Bans require the action of a council vote. Jail-time, demotions and officer meetings can be enacted or scheduled by all officers including Captains for medium to major offenses. Jail-time ,demotions and meetings for minor offenses are requested to only be enacted by the Captains of the guilty. For example, if a captain from a different division views these minor infractions it is requested they notify the Captain of the perpetrator, so that they can deal with it personally.



FRC Alliances Overview Overview: The following section dictates The Frostreaver stance towards alliances and partnerships of various kinds. Alliances are part of every major PvP MMO, and Frostreaver Clan will be leading the best among them. Through military, economic, and diplomatic alliances we assure our ability to not just survive but to grow and conquer against any foe no matter the size. The overarching FRC alliance system is called “ICE�. ICE standing for International Comrade Enterprise. International stands for the different guilds that are incorporated into alliances with the FRC and each other, all from many different parts of the MO world and the real world. Comrade is for the camaraderie and understanding that we show each other, we all share a common goal. Enterprise stands for the alliance, it is a great enterprise that will have a large part in shaping the future of the Mortal World. Reasons for Alliances: The reasons for alliances are many. They can be anything from full military based alliances to non-aggression pacts to trade alliances and even alliances strictly created to promote good-will between the two or more parties. The joining of hands and the combination of resources can be a valuable aid to any that takes such things serious. In the world of Mortal Online with dozens, if not hundreds of potential guilds all posturing for position and influence, The FRC will rise to even greater heights above the rest through the use of ICE.

FRC Alliances Types of Alliances Overview: The types of alliances that are implemented within the real world are beyond measure almost. There are alliances, agreements and partnerships between nations for every conceivable situation and action. While, of course, The Frostreaver Clan will be using those alliances that are applied in the real world, we will only be focusing on those that are applicable to the world of Mortal. These include Military Alliances, Non-Aggression Pacts, Trade Alliances, Intelligence Alliances, and gesture alliances. What follows is a alliance by alliance breakdown, what each means to The FRC, to our allies, and finally to our enemies all across the MO world.

FRC Alliances Types of Alliances Trade Alliances: These partnerships will be the most prevalent of agreements made within ICE. They focus on the trade of goods between two organizations or guilds and the ideas and policies that trade includes. This can include exchange of natural resources, exchange of finished goods, giving crafting assistance, allowing access to regions for the purpose of gathering, agreements limiting trade to specific parties and etc. The two following types will be the most common, those are Aid Alliances and Mutual Trade Alliances. Aid:

A helping hand. Agreements that are listed within the aid category typically are a one-sided help up. The FRC or any guild within the overarching ICE Alliance will sometimes step-in or offer aid to less fortunate guilds. Aid comes in many forms of course and can, in many instances, have conditions attached to anything that is offered. These conditions are decided upon based on individual cases and situations, but they can include anything such as being required to trade solely with a partner guild, on using a specific guilds crafters for future projects and etc. Also there are different versions of trade/goods aid, for example tied, untied aid, and skill aid. The definition of tied aid, is monetary aid that must be spent in the guild providing the aid (the donor guild) or in a group of selected guilds or within ICE. This could be seen as redundant especially in a MMO environment but even in the world of Mortal there are bonuses to such a system. One, it promotes a working relation between both parties. Two, it helps the country receiving the aid to obtain new gear, buildings and items. Three, it gives the donor's guild crafters jobs to work on, which in turn fill their individual pockets and increases their skills.

FRC Alliances Types of Alliances Untied Aid is monetary aid given to a guild which can in turn spend it as they choose. Within their own guild for example, infrastructure, armor, and etc. Untied aid though does not mean absolutely no strings attached. Aid such as this of course comes with conditions that for example it must be spent within the receivers guild and not passed out to third parties. Skill aid. This largely is giving the aid of labor and/or crafters with skill to a recipient guild that does not have said labor force or a high enough skill level. This is separate from other forms of aid as it does not include the aid of money/gold from the donor but simply technical assistance. This can include help to craft buildings, armor, potions, or anything that the recipient may require. All items are of course funded by the recipient. Mutual Trade:

Trade alliances such as these are the most common form of alliance within ICE. An alliance that includes the transfer of goods and services in between both guilds. Certain guilds due to the region they occupy or due to their economic breakdown may not be able to produce certain goods, therefor they look to The FRC or ICE for those products. In turn The FRC or ICE may not have ready access to a resource that it needs and will therefor start up a trade agreement with a guild that does in exchange for goods that we can produce.

FRC Alliances Types of Alliances Security Alliances: Military Alliances, None-aggression Pacts, and Intelligence alliances are all forms of partnership that fall under the security umbrella. Mortal Online is a game that revolves around warfare and the conquering of territory. The FRC uses every thing at it's disposal which includes alliances of this nature. The FRC is a great clan, the best, but there are times where two heads are better than one and that is true of guilds as well. There could be an overwhelming enemy alliance that needs military polarity, an ICE alliance will take that roll. Poorer nations may cry out for military assistance, we shall give it to them. Those that feel threatened will be under our wing. Those that need to be militarily contained or eliminated will feel the effects of ICE. Requirements:

Requirements to be a member of a military alliance within ICE are concrete and unyielding. One, must always be loyal to the alliance. Two, must have the willingness to cooperate and operate with other allied guilds peacefully and successfully. Check your guild ego at the door. An alliance is more important that any one member guild. Finally, three, no fear. You may be but a small guild but you are within ICE, an organization bigger than the sum of it's parts. You got more friends than you may know at your back so never waver in your resolve.

Non-Aggression Pacts:

Or more commonly known as NAPs. They are similar to military alliances in the single facet that they both involve both parties or multiple parties armies. That would be where the similarities end though. In comparison to a military alliance's joining of forces, a NAP focuses on the avoidance of two armies for the benefit of a common peace. A non-aggression pact is a treaty between two or more guilds, agreeing to avoid war or conflict between them. Sometimes such a pact may include a pledge of avoiding conflict even if participants find themselves fighting third party clans, including allies of one the participants. In addition non-aggression pacts are handed out to guilds that are on trade relations with ICE or The FRC, but do not want to commit to military ties yet.

FRC Alliances Types of Alliances Military Alliances:

These are defined as the joining of military forces for defense or offensive purposes. They are largely created on the pre-text of defense even if that is not always the case. In the real during the last half of the 20th century, the two greatest military alliances were NATO and arsaw Pact. Both lead by the two reigning superpowers of the time. NATO's policy was one of containment, to prevent any possible Soviet Expansion into Western Europe. Warsaw's creation was a direct result of the creation of NATO. What we can see in Mortal is very similar to what we see in the real world, we will have cases just like the above alliances. War is hell but it is also many times a necessary evil, as Theodore Roosevelt, a US president from the early 20th century once said, “Walk softly and, carry a big stick, you will go far.” ICE Military Alliances will be and are that big stick. Cold-War Alliance: Alliances that fall under this category are largely in the “just-in-case” category. They are friends and allies that have joined together under ICE for defense from or even to attack any threat, seen or not seen yet. Hot-War Alliance:

Intel Alliances:

Alliances that fall in this category are created while a war is in progress. The general concept is similar to the above, but it's the entrance that's different. Cold-war alliances have time to prepare, hot-war don't.

Intel Alliances are agreements made between two or more guilds to share vital warfare, economic and/or diplomatic information with each. Information is power, and the creation of pacts and agreements to obtain this commodity is one of the utmost priorities of The FRC.

FRC Alliances Types of Alliances Gesture Alliances: Overview:

An alliance that can be considered a gesture would be those that are just that, a gesture of good intentions. For example if a guild is not ready to commit to any sort of concrete alliance yet, a gesture can be given by either party showing support for the idea in the future. Gestures such as this are often preludes to a guild joining ICE or the FRC in alliance and also can often times initiate and mark the beginning of talks between the two parties. They can also be given out to guilds that The FRC is putting out feelers on, we are not committed to talks yet with the specified party but we are letting them know they are under our consideration. Then of course they can simply be given out as a gesture of good-will, ICE/FRC supports what you are doing, and etc.

FRC Alliances Alliance Process Join Process:

Entering ICE or joining The FRC in an alliance starts with the contact of one of The FRC diplomats and giving him or her receiving notice that a guild is requesting talks about allying. Once the initial contact is established by that first diplomat, the diplomat notifies their captain or the council. The external affairs councilman or the external affairs captain will then get in contact with the specific guild and set up a meeting for talks about conditions and terms. During a meeting an applicant guild can expect there to be several people from ICE or The FRC there. These include at least one guild diplomat, which is the the councilor or the captain of the external affairs division, and 3+ councilors which may or may not include the guild leader. All alliance term meetings must include at least 4, a majority, of the council for it to happen. If 4 council members can not make it online during a specific time for a meeting, that meeting is rescheduled for the soonest possible convenience. All terms agreed upon at meetings are binding for the duration of the alliance and are to be enacted immediately after the conclusion of the meeting. Once an alliance is created both parties are given copies of the terms. They should both then post these prominently for their respective membership to view, in order to avoid any possible issues of, “I didn't know we were allied with them.� Copies will be similar to this PDF file, of course without the length necessarily and will be released both in a PDF format, JPG Format and Text format. External Affairs personnel will be responsible for the creation of these files.

FRC Alliances Alliance Process Withdraw Process:

Withdrawing from an alliance within ICE is simple. For an official withdraw to be recognized a guild must give a half week's notice to the affected parties before withdrawing from the agreements. Once that is accomplished all terms will be recognized by all parties until the notice is up and the party exits the alliance, returning both parties to their pre-alliance relationship an canceling any agreements that were the result of said partnership. Any party that withdraws in this manner will have the possibility of re-joining ICE with their pre-withdraw terms immediately, as long as no offenses were made to ICE or The FRC during absence. Leaving unofficially, suddenly without warning, is not recognized as an official withdraw and depending on the issues at stake may ruin any future relationships between the respective guilds. Any guild that leaves this way will be under investigation by The FRC External Affairs division to understand why they left, even if an official reason is given. This can include anything in the External Affairs Division's arsenal. Member guilds that leave ICE or any alliance with The FRC suddenly will not be able to re-join any possible future alliances unless reasons are found out by external enabling this to happen.

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