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Volume 1 | Summer 2008 MEMBER MAGAZINE




The Frost Art Museum at Florida International University is an AAM accredited museum and Smithsonian affiliate. Museum Hours The museum is currently closed to the public as we prepare for the opening of our new building. Expanded Hours for the Opening From Saturday, Nov. 29th through Sunday, Dec. 7th, the Frost Art Museum will expand hours of operation for inaugural events and exhibitions. Expanded hours of operation for special opening events will be published in our fall issue. On Wednesday, Dec. 10th, we will resume normal hours of operation as follows: Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / 10am – 5pm Saturday / Noon – 4pm Frost Art Museum is closed on all legal holidays. Admission is free. Accessibility Our main entrance is wheelchair accessible and includes electronic doors. If you require additional arrangements, please call us at 305.348.6186. Parking Museum visitors may park in metered parking spaces conveniently located across from the Frost Art Museum in the Blue and Gold garages. Parking is free on weekends. Directory General Information / 305.348.2890 Education and Student Tours / 305.348.6963 Member Services / 305.348.2254 Sculpture Park / 305.348.6283


The Making of a Museum


A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the new Frost Art Museum reveals the unique architecture of this work of art and preparations for its debut.

Director’s View


New Acquisitions


Designer / Kirtland House

Upcoming Exhibitions


Contributing Writers / Ailyn Mendoza, Caroline Parker, Kerri Riva, Stephaine Guasp, Susan Thomas

Modern Masters from The Smithsonian American Art Museum

Photographers / Gloria O’Connell, Ivan Santiago

Florencio Gelabert: La Naturaleza Como Espacio O El Espacio Como Naturaleza

Frost On View is published three times yearly for members of The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum. Editor / Kitty Dumas

About Frost on View Welcome to Frost On View, the new magazine for members of the Frost Art Museum. This publication is part of an exciting transition at the Frost with the opening of our spectacular building in November. To reflect the spirit, style and mission of the new Frost Art Museum and our members, we redesigned our newsletter, and developed Frost On View. Thanks for looking inside. Enjoy. 2

On the Cover: Inside the new Frost Art Museum sunlight floods the atrium and its unique suspended stairway.

Simulacra and Essence: The Paintings of Luisa Basnuevo Lecture Series






Art of Giving 15 Greg Viejo and Citi Private Bank HAPPENINGS






DIRECTOR’S VIEW Dear Member, Amidst all of the excitement and frenzied activity of preparing for the opening of our new building, I’m often reminded by our members and staff – not to mention all the old photos and news clippings – of the extraordinary history we bring to this breath-taking new home. Thirty years ago when a small student gallery opened at FIU, no one could have imagined that it would become the magnificent art museum we know today as the Frost Art Museum. The university campus was a rural landscape dotted with a few buildings and just as many trailers. During the years since then, the museum’s staff, contributors and members achieved a list of accomplishments that could only have happened through extraordinary commitment. As an active member of the Miami arts community for 25 years, a former chair of the School of Art and Art History, and now the interim director, I have been awed and inspired by that kind of dedication to art and art education. Dr. Carol Damian

To date, the Frost Art Museum and FIU have given Miami: • a spectacular new 46,000-square-foot building designed by internationally renowned architect Yann Weymouth • more than 6,000 works of art from around the world in its permanent collection

• more than 200 exhibitions to date

• the renowned Steven & Dorothea Green Critics’ Lecture Series which brings some of the brightest stars of the art and architecture worlds to Miami each year • an education program that reaches children in our community who might not otherwise receive exposure to art and art education • one of the largest sculpture parks in South Florida and tours that educate people of all ages • a teaching resource that supports and fosters artistic careers for young artists, many of whom have risen to international prominence As we write the next chapter, with a vision for the future that is just as exciting, daring and expansive, we sit on a firm foundation. From there, anything is possible. Dr. Carol Damian Interim Director



The Frost Art Museum is pleased to announce a number of new acquisitions to both its permanent collection and the Sculpture Park. We thank our donors for their generosity and continued support. “The support of donors like Wendy Pagán, Alan Potamkin and Sanford and Dolores Ziff allow us to add variety and depth to our permanent collection,” said Dr. Carol Damian, interim director of the Frost Art Museum. “We are very grateful for these wonderful acquisitions. They are a new beginning for a collection that promises to become one of the best in South Florida.” The Sculpture Park at FIU provides a year-round outdoor exhibition of great works from some of the world’s most significant artists. We are honored to receive wonderful additions from Rosa Sugrañes (a piece from her mother, Elisa Alimany) and the artist Jean Claude Rigaud. These works help us expand the park and enhance the beauty of this area treasure.


Nicolas de Largilliére, Portrait of La Duchesse de Berry, c. 1714 Oil on canvas, 139” x 105”, Gift of Wendy Pagán

A smaller version of this painting can be seen in the Musée de Chantilly National de France. It is believed to be a portrait of the Duchesse de Berry, born Marie Louise Elizabeth to the regent of France, and was painted by Nicolas de Largilliére, a portrait artist of the French High Baroque period. Born in Paris in 1656, he worked in England as assistant to Sir Peter Lely, developing the Flemish style that characterized his work – shadows, warm colors and shades of gray. On his return to Paris, rather than choosing the life of a court painter, Largilliére worked for Paris’s wealthy middle class creating more than 1,000 portraits.

Betty Laird Perry Emerging Artist Collection

Eduoard Duval Carrié Regional Study, 2002 Mixed media on paper 80” x 60” x 2.5” Museum purchase with funds provided by Dr. Sanford L. and Dolores Ziff Eduoard Duval Carrié Agowe, 2007 Mixed media sculpture 26” x 18” x 12” Museum purchase with funds provided by Dr. Sanford L. and Dolores Ziff

These two works illustrate Carrié’s passion for capturing island superstitions and politics of his native Haiti. He combines religion, history and decorative arts to create powerful works with an overarching theme of migration. Nassos Daphnis S-10-72, 1972 Inlay (epoxy on masonite) 30.5” x 30.5” Gift of Alan Potamkin Nassos Daphnis S-18-69, 1969 Inlay (epoxy on paper mounted on masonite) 37.5” x 37.5” Gift of Alan Potamkin

Like the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, Nassos Daphnis uses pure red, yellow and blue, seeking order and balance through geometric forms. Born in Greece in 1914, Daphnis was inspired by the perfect geometric symmetry of the Parthenon, an experience that shaped his work.

Jean Claude Rigaud Composition in Diamond 2004, Stainless steel, 264” x 96” x 96” Gift of the artist

One of the most popular pieces in the Sculpture Park at FIU is Composition in Diamond (pictured above), a whimsical kinetic sculpture, located on the lawn in front of the new Frost Art Museum. The Haitian-born artist, Jean Claude Rigaud creates public art, focusing on movement. Elisa Arimany Dualitat, 2006, Cor-Ten Steel 96” x 48” x 48” Gift of Rosa Sugrañes

The rectilinear structure and composition of Dualitat is characteristic of Elisa Arimany’s acclaimed sculptures, which have been exhibited in cities across the globe. Born just outside Barcelona, Arimany is known for abstract work that explores motion and sensuality and often makes a powerful statement about political and ideological conflict. Arimany is the mother of FIU Trustee Rosa Sugrañes, founder and president of Iberia Tiles.

Part of the Frost Art Museum’s permanent collection, the Betty Laird Perry Emerging Artist Collection is comprised of art works obtained through purchase awards granted to selected BFA and MFA students graduating from the program since 1980. The following students were selected to receive purchase awards: Chaitra Garrick paths, MFA 2008 exhibition Dog, 2006 Video animation of charcoal drawings on DVD Dog, (End of Scene 1), 2006 Charcoal drawing on paper 24” x 22.25” Dog, (End of Scene 2), 2006 Charcoal drawing on paper 24” x 22.25” Jillian Mayer, BFA Fall 2007 Exhibition Aye Captain, 2007 Textile and mixed media collage 29” x 22” All Good Dogs Go to Heaven, 2007 Textile and mixed media collage 24” x 18.5” Shivers the Knight, 2007 Textile and mixed media collage 20” x 25” Human Observation Society, BFA Spring 2008 Exhibition Untitled, 2008, Mixed Media Sound Installation



Josef Albers, On Tideland, 1947-1955, Oil on fiberboard, 24.25” x 36”. Gift of Patricia & Phillip Frost

MODERN MASTERS FROM THE SMITHSONIAN AMERICAN ART MUSEUM Modern Masters from the Smithsonian American Art Museum examines the complex and heterogeneous nature of American art in the mid-twentieth century. Featuring 31 of the most celebrated artists who came to maturity in the 1950s, the exhibition traces the history of this epochal period through 43 key paintings and sculpture selected from the Museum’s collection. The exhibition is organized according to three broadly-conceived themes: “Grand Gestures” explores the autographic mark, executed in sweeping strokes of brilliant color which became the expressive vehicle for Franz Kline, Michael Goldberg, Hans Hofmann, Sam Francis, Joan Mitchell and others who came to be known as abstract expressionists. “Optics and Order” highlights Josef Albers, his exploration of 6

mathematical proportion and carefully balanced color, and the artists who built on his ideas: Ilya Bolotowsky, Louise Nevelson, Esteban Vicente, Ad Reinhardt, Anne Truitt. “New Images of Man” includes Nathan Oliveira, Romare Bearden, Larry Rivers, Jim Dine, David Driskell and Grace Hartigan, each of whom searched their surroundings and personal lives for vignettes emblematic of larger, universal concerns.

Opening: November 29th Exhibition runs through March 1, 2009 Grand Galleries - 2nd Floor

SIMULACRA AND ESSENCE: THE PAINTINGS OF LUISA BASNUEVO Luisa Maria Basnuevo’s solo exhibition presents recent works from her series of paintings inspired by eucalyptus seeds she collected in Spain a few years ago. Basnuevo works within an abstract genre using gestures, mask-making, over-painting, transparent washes and tonal variations to construct her imagery.

Opening: November 29th Exhibition runs through April 4, 2009 3rd Floor Gallery

Agustin Fernandez, The Warrior, 1975, Oil on Canvas, 96” x 68 ¼” Collection of the Frost Art Museum, Florida International University, Miami, Florida. Metropolitan Collection, Gift of José Martínez–Cañas

FIGURES: A SELECTION OF WORKS FROM THE PERMANENT COLLECTION The inaugural exhibition will focus on the diverse representations of the figure as a vision of humanity, whether earthly or divine, by placing it within an art historical context. This exhibition will include contemporary works, ritual artifacts of Pre-Columbian cultures, traditional African wood carvings and delicate visages of Asian deities.

Opening: November 29th Exhibition runs through 2010 2nd Floor Gallery

Florencio Gelabert: La Naturaleza Como Espacio O El Espacio Como Naturaleza Florencio Gelabert has created a series of environmentally based installations. Gelabert’s site-specific three-dimensional works address issues of humankind’s relationship with the natural world and our role in the depletion of natural resources. The work will combine sophisticated technologies with basic materials such as wood, glass and metal, to create complex three-dimensional works that address the perils facing the environment.

Opening: November 29th Exhibition runs through February 28, 2009 3rd Floor Gallery






Most of us think of museums as permanent icons, as if they simply sprang from the ground fully constructed and filled with thought-provoking, awe-inspiring art and artifacts. It’s rare to see a museum built from the ground up. It’s just as unusual to view a museum completely empty, its walls and floors bare, and staff preparing for a long anticipated public opening. Members and supporters of The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum are being given just such a behind-the-scenes look.


Site Plan The Frost Art Museum site was handpicked by FIU President Modesto A. Maidique, who wanted a prominent location on campus for the museum and an anchor for the cultural axis of the university. Over the years, FIU has developed a vibrant cultural climate. The university is recognized for its museums, as well as academic programs that train students for careers in the arts including visual arts, music, writing and theatre.The building frames the Avenue of the Arts, a walk that connects the Museum, the Wertheim Performing Arts Center and the Management and Advanced Research Center (MARC) on the University Park campus.


View of lobby area from beneath the suspended staircase.

On Nov. 29, just days before the Dec. 4th start of Art Basel Miami Beach, the new Frost Art Museum will officially open to the public. In the meantime, these special tours represent the museum’s first exhibition -- the work of Yann Weymouth, design director of Hellmuth Obata + Kassabaum. Weymouth’s list of work reads like an international travel guide to famous places. He served under I.M. Pei as chief design architect for the Louvre Museum, and designed the East Wing of the National Gallery in Washington, D.C. What is a museum without art? In the case of the Frost Art Museum, the answer is – simply magnificent. The Frost features design elements never seen in Florida museums, including a dramatic floating staircase of steel and concrete and a unique natural lighting system designed specifically for the museum’s main galleries. The building was designed with an artist’s eye – the perfect frame for art of every description, and the new home of a dynamic art institution. “It is beyond anything I would ever have envisioned,” said Connoisseur member Gail Gitin, who enjoyed a recent tour with Connoisseurs Joan C. Gluck, Gloria and Peter Luria, Linda Potash; Greg Viejo, director of CitiPrivate Bank and gallery owner Tina Spiro. “The architect did a brilliant job,” Gitin said.


Inside The Frost It is a striking contrast – intentionally designed to stand out from the other buildings on the campus, with its sparkling exterior of gray Chinese granite (an example of a striking detail specifically requested by Patricia Frost) and glass that affords a view of its floating staircase and straight through to the lake in back. The glass element encourages visual interaction between visitors and the Frost. While many works of art were composed in and planned to be viewed in daylight, no Florida art museums have ventured to exhibit paintings with natural light; largely because of the complexity of the process and the challenging weather of the sunshine state. However, during the design phase, both Patricia Frost and Director Emeritus Dahlia Morgan wanted a dynamic lighting system that would utilize Florida’s abundance of natural light. A challenge for builders and contractors, the idea yielded results that are both functional and breathtaking. The pyramid ceilings culminate in skylights, and are covered with “petals,” (abstract palm fronds) custom designed to reflect the uniqueness of the Florida landscape without becoming part of the show. All UV is filtered out and light levels and color carefully controlled using this array of large “leaves” or “petals” to preferentially scatter light to the display walls. For this system, Weymouth worked with light consultant, Arup Lighting of London. He also worked with Arup on the design of the Louvre.

HOK’s uniquely designed suspended stairway and hall leading into 2nd floor galleries.

The Frost Art Museum measures 46,000 square feet and holds nine galleries that make up about 10,000 square feet of the total space. It also includes a children’s gallery, a members’ lounge, a lecture hall, a café and shop. Five of the galleries utilize natural light.

“It is beyond anything I would ever have envisioned” - Connoisseur member Gail Gitin The three grand galleries with their soaring ceilings and skylights were designed to accommodate large pieces of art. The walls of these galleries measure 26 feet 10 inches from top to bottom, and another 16 feet 6 inches from the top of the walls to the skylights, for a total of 43 feet 4 inches.

Behind the Curtain From the beginning of the design phase in 2002 to the groundbreaking in November 2005 to now, members, supporters, faculty and students have eagerly awaited the completion of the project. While the results now speak for themselves, and the complexities of the building project are better understood, one question remains. Where is the art? The answer is surprising to most people, who expected the art to be moved in along with the staff who arrived in January amidst a great deal of

excitement. However, the art stayed in storage. The building actually has to “cure” before art can be placed inside. Solvents from paint and carpeting, and other airborne chemicals that could harm the art must first be removed from the air to ensure the safety of these valuable works. By early fall, the Frost and its permanent collection of 6,000 pieces of art will finally be in one place. Behind the glass and steel at the Frost, Interim Director Dr. Carol Damian and staff are preparing for a once in a lifetime event for the museum – The Opening. Damian and staff are planning several opening exhibitions and more than a week of opening events. The centerpiece of it all is Modern Masters, a traveling exhibition from the Smithsonian American Art Museum, which will make its national debut in Miami at the Frost Art Museum. The exhibitions features 43 key works by 31 of the most celebrated artists who came to maturity in the 1950s. Opening week also includes a special Community Day and culminates Dec. 7th with the Frost Art Museum’s signature event Breakfast in the Park, which will feature renowned sculptor Joel Shapiro. “With the opening of our new building and our schedule of exhibitions and events,” Damian said, “our members and our community can look forward to what may be our most exciting season yet.” 11


Nobel Peace Center | Oslo, Norway. Photo by: Tim Soar

DAVID ADJAYE Internationally acclaimed British architect David Adjaye was the featured lecturer for the Frost Art Museum’s Steven & Dorothea Green Critics’ Lecture Series, March 14th. Dubbed a “starchitect” by the press, Adjaye talked about the creative process that has made him one of the most sought-after architects of his generation. He is known for his use of light in creating spaces that blur the lines between art and architecture. His first major public building in the U.S. is the Museum of Contemporary Art/Denver. Adjaye was the final lecturer of an engaging season for the series that included biographer Meryle Secrest, historian Dr. Elizabeth A. Sackler and global curator Lance Fung.

Cao Fei, A Mirage, Still image from Cos Players

ROBERT ADANTO Contemporary film maker, Robert Adanto, will talk about his experiences creating his latest oeuvre, The Rising Tide. This provocative documentary navigates complex cultural, political and economic landscape artists face in the newly awakening China. “The Rising Tide investigates China’s meteoric march toward the future through the work of some of its most talented emerging artists, whose work reflects the country’s rising influence as an economic, political and cultural force in the global arena” Adanto said. To produce this work, Adanto selected several prominent Chinese artists working in photography and video to show first hand the challenges they confront daily. “Produced within the dual context of globalization and urbanization, the work of artists Cao Fei, Xu Zhen, Yang Yong, Wang Qingsong, Chen Qiulin, Birdhead, and Zhang O examines the collision between the present and the future, and the confusion and ambiguity that characterize the new China” he said. “The Rising Tide captures this momentous time in China’s history while exploring the work of artists, who comment with intelligence, wit, foreboding and nostalgia.”

JOIN US Steven & Dorothea Green Critics’ Lecture Series Robert Adanto October 24, 2008 | 8pm Frost Art Museum 12


Art Smart

Malkia Saint-Albin, Grade 8, Hammocks Middle School

Kid Artists Rule at Creative Visions 2008 Miami-Dade County school children were the featured artists for the fifth annual Creative Visions exhibition held in May at the Frost Art Museum. Creative Visions, sponsored by Commissioner Joe A. Martinez, is a juried exhibition of artwork created by students from public schools in District 11, where the Frost Art Museum and FIU’s University Park campus are located. Awards are given for the best entries. More than 500 parents, children, teachers and community leaders attended the opening reception, exhibition and awards ceremony held at the old Frost Art Museum gallery. Students eagerly searched for their artwork hanging on the gallery walls, while proud parents photographed their young artists. Jurors Brandi Reddeck, art education and community outreach coordinator for Art in Public Places and artist Ivan Toth Depeña reviewed some 200 entries from elementary, middle and high school students who entered two and three-dimensional art work. Commissioner Martinez presented 25 awards, and the Dade Art Educators Association presented three awards to students. Creative Visions was conceived in 2004 to highlight and encourage artistic achievement of K-12 children in District 11, honor the art teachers who nurture young talent and promote the visual arts in the community. This annual exhibit is the product of a unique partnership among the Museum, the office of Commissioner Joe A. Martinez (District 11), the Miami-Dade Department of Cultural Affairs Division of Life Skills – Art Education Program and Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

Now second graders can be art smart at the Frost Art Museum this fall with a new program designed just for them. Art Smart: Figures was inspired by the upcoming Frost Art Museum exhibition Figures: Selections from the Permanent Collection. Students will receive a tour of the exhibition, participate in a physical, collaborative learning art activity and independently explore the exhibition using a gallery guide. The program takes students on a journey through time and place as they learn about history, cultures and customs through artwork from around the globe.

SCHEDULE A TOUR! Contact the Education Department at 305-348-6963.

CALLING ALL GIRL SCOUTS The Sculpture Badge Program at the Frost Art Museum offers scouting troops the opportunity to earn badges while learning about sculpture. The program includes a guided tour of the Sculpture Park at FIU, where scouts will view some of the most significant examples of contemporary sculpture, learn the history of the artworks, and discover how public sculpture adds beauty and culture to our city.

FOR MORE INFO Contact the Education Department at 305-348-6963 to learn more. The cost of participation is $10 per scout. While the program is tailored to Girl Scouts, all scouts are welcome. 13


Breakfast in the Park FEATURES JOEL SHAPIRO

Ernesto Orozoa, Statement of Necessity, Silkscreen, 70x 50cm, 2004

WINNERS CHOSEN FOR 2008 CINTAS FELLOWSHIPS Three talented local artists, Ernesto Oroza, Adrian Castro and Armando Bayolo were awarded the 2008 Cintas Fellowship Awards in the visual arts, creative writing and music on May 21st. The fellowship program has been administered by the Frost Art Museum since 2005 as part of a partnership with the Cintas Foundation. Since 1963, the Cintas Foundation has awarded more than 300 fellowships to artists of Cuban lineage who reside outside of Cuba. The Frost Art Museum also exhibits the work of Cintas fellows, and stores the expansive Cintas Fellowship Collection of art work. The foundation, the only one of its kind in the nation, awards fellowships with funds from the estate of the late Oscar B. Cintas (b.Sagua La Grande, Cuba 1887 d. New York City, 1957) prominent Cuban industrialist and patron of the arts.

FOR MORE INFO To learn more about the Cintas Foundation and Cintas Fellowship Awards, visit our website at 14

Renowned modernist sculptor Joel Shapiro will be the featured artist Dec. 7th for the sixth annual Breakfast in the Park, the Frost Art Museum’s signature event during Art Basel Miami Beach. This year, it will culminate more than a week of opening events for the new Frost Art Museum, beginning Nov. 29th. Visitors can also see two pieces of Shapiro’s work, which will be on loan from the Pace Wildenstein Gallery in New York City. The pieces will be on display in the Sculpture Park.

Joel Shapiro, Untitled, 2007 Bronze 9’4” x 4’ 7-7/8” x 2’ 11-1/2” Cast Edition 1 of 3. Edition 3 + 1AP.

Breakfast in the Park has become a destination for hundreds of visitors to Art Basel each year. They enjoy an elegant complimentary outdoor breakfast, a lecture by an acclaimed sculptor, tours of the Sculpture Park and a look at current exhibitions at the museum. Since his first one-person exhibition in 1970, Shapiro’s work has been the subject of more than 100 solo exhibitions and retrospectives. His sculptures have been regularly exhibited in prestigious group exhibitions such as the Whitney Biennial, the Documenta in Germany and the Venice Biennale. Commissions and publicly sited sculptures by Shapiro are located in major Asian, European and North American cities including the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington and a major plaza in the city of Orleans, France. His work can be found in more than 80 public collections including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Centre Georges Pompidou, Tate Gallery, National Gallery of Art, Walker Art Center and Philadelphia Museum of Art. He lives and works in New York City.

JOIN US Breakfast in the Park December 7, 2008 | 9:30am - Noon Florida International University


GREG VIEJO AND CITI PRIVATE BANK While the worlds of banking and art may be very different, as a director of Citi Private Bank, Greg Viejo brings the two together. Viejo, who graduated from Florida International University in 1991, and Citi Private Bank provide time as well as financial resources to fund important Frost Art Museum programs and events that further the cause of art education. Citi Private Bank is one of the world’s leading private banks, providing lending services to some of the nation’s wealthiest individuals and families. The bank is also a source of funding for technology and real estate entrepreneurs as well as principals of venture capital, private equity and hedge fund firms. Citi Private Bank, Viejo said, is also a strong supporter of the arts. Viejo is known in Miami’s banking community for his hard work, affable style and strong loyalty to his alma mater. He is poised to take the helm as chairman of the President’s Council this year when current Council Chairman Morris Hollander’s term ends. A graduate of Belen Jesuit Preparatory School, Viejo was born and grew up in Miami. At FIU, he majored in finance.

Greg Viejo, ’91 Director of Citi Private Bank “I like the arts. It’s something I think people from every walk of life can enjoy.”

Today, he is still amazed by the growth of the university, which includes the new Frost Art Museum. Years after he graduated from FIU, he said, “I came to an event, and I got lost.” Today, he knows his way around, having become a welcome presence at the university. After joining Citi Private Bank six years ago, he became an active supporter of FIU. He joined the President’s Council, formerly known as the Council of 100, where he is serving his fifth year. The Council provides leadership and promotes the mission of the university. A select group of business and civic leaders serve as ambassadors by reaching out and involving other members of the community. “I like the arts. It’s something I think people from every walk of life can enjoy.” However, Viejo says, it is his wife Luz who provides the real knowledge of art in the family. Luz, who was born in the Dominican Republic, attended an art school there, and formerly worked for an art gallery in Miami. His wife, Viejo said, has given him a greater appreciation for art. “Art that the Frost showcases is very different from other museums in town,” he said. “I like that.” He also predicts that the new Frost Art Museum will be a gift to the Miami community and beyond. “There is nothing like it in Miami. This new museum will be a destination for people.” 15


MEMBER RECEPTION Connoisseur members Amaryllis and Guillermo Feria opened their Coral Gables home for a Frost Art Museum member reception for British architect David Adjaye. President Modesto A. Maidique, wife Nancy Maidique and Dr. Carol Damian, Interim Director

Guillermo Feria, David Adjaye, Amaryllis Feria and Darryl Milstein

Rita Cole, Robert Post and Amaryllis Feria

Carlos & Marian Coto, Dr. Orlando Valdes, Glades Valdes and Marta Gutierrez


WORKS OF ART Museum members and guests attended the Frost Art Museum’s first

Dr. Arturo & Liza Mosquera, Cookie Gazitua and Vincent Damian

event in the new museum May 31st – Works of Art, an open house designed to showcase the arts at FIU. The President’s Council and Citi Private Bank presented an evening of stellar student performances in music, dance, theatre, design and the visual arts in the galleries of the spectacular new building.

Debra Frank, Amy Pollack, Debra Scholl, Dennis Scholl and Richard Pollack

Morris, Irene & Joel Hollander

Erin Anding, Kathleen Wilson and Volker Anding



BECOME A MEMBER AND SEE WHERE ART MEETS WORLD The new Frost Art Museum will open to the public Nov. 29, 2008. Leading up to our exciting opening celebration, we will host special previews for our members in appreciation of their support. In anticipation of the opening of Miami’s newest architectural gem and the 2008-2009 season of exciting exhibitions and events, we are expanding our member benefits and offering new ways to become a member at whichever level is right for you! As a member of the Frost Art Museum, you support the only museum in all of Miami that continues to present its programs free and open to the public. By offering important exhibitions and engaging programs for people of all ages, the Frost Art Museum serves to enrich the students, faculty and staff of Florida International University, the Miami-Dade community and students of Miami Dade County Public Schools. Your membership is critical to the continuation of the vital programs and services we provide. Over the coming weeks, you will receive a reminder about our new membership program, a short membership/renewal application and a return envelope. Please return the information quickly so that we may include you in all our special pre-opening events. Be a part of the Frost as we move toward a great moment in our history.

MEMBERSHIP LEVELS & BENEFITS All Frost Art Museum members enjoy these privileges: Subscription to Frost Bytes, Add-on Membership to the Smithsonian Institution with subscription to Smithsonian Magazine and discounts at Smithsonian shops Complimentary subscription to Frost On View Alumni & Family | $75 Invitation to community & family days Contributor | $125 The benefits above plus: Special preview tour on select dates prior to the opening of each exhibition Two complimentary tickets to Art Miami opening Sustainer | $250 The benefits above plus: Priority seating for The Steven & Dorothea Green Critics’ Lecture Series Membership in North American Reciprocal Program, which provides entry and discounts at participating museums nationwide One exhibition catalogue per year Invitations to members-only receptions at the Frost Art Museum Patron | $500 The benefits above plus: Day passes for two to the Palm Beach-3 Art Fair Access to select private Art Basel events Access to the Dahlia Morgan Members Lounge in Museum Tickets for two for Arte Americas Connoisseur | $1,000 The benefits above plus: Invitation to Art Basel Vernissage, Scope, Pulse and PhotoMiami Art Fairs Exclusive access to Steven & Dorothea Green Critics’ Lecture Series’ receptions Discount on Museum facility rental (service fees and gratuity not included in discount) Invitation to the Director’s Lecture Series for one Connoisseur Couple | $1,500 The benefits above plus: Invitations to the Director’s Lecture Series for two *University Faculty, Staff and Alumni receive a discount of 10% on any level of membership beginning at the sustainer level. **A portion of your membership is not tax deductible.


Alumni Gayle Bainbridge Angela Puentes-Leon & Jesse Leon Mireya Muniz Angela Sanchez Suzanne & Henry Stolar Cecilia & Rodrigo Arboleda FrienDS Doris Bass Mary Lou Bunger Betty & Alvah Chapman Sandy-Jo & Mark Gordon Barbara & Harvey Peretz Linda Schejola Ann & Ray Stormont Pinki & Allan Wesler Connoisseurs Gonzalo Acevedo Helene & Irwin Adler Sheila & Michael Ashkin Virginia & Raul Benitez Helene & Adolph Berger Marla & George Bergmann Bobbi & Stephen Berkman Carol & Myles Berkman Madeline Berlin The Blank Family Foundation Elizabeth & Bernard Blum Judith & David Blumenthal Irma & Norman Braman Sheila & Arnold Broser Joan & Vincent Carosella Trudy & Paul Cejas Nercy & Ramon Cernuda Gala & Stanley Cohen Rita Coll & Robert Post Maureen & George Collins Carol & George Crapple Aldona Czernecka Carol & Vincent Damian Paulette & Bernard Darty Marta & Jose de la Torre Roxana & Felipe Del Valle Maria Christina Del Valle Marcia & Herb Dunn Elvira & Julio Escribano Teresa & Alfred Estrada Amaryllis & Guillermo Feria Tara Ana Finley Polly & Martin Fischer Mary & Howard Frank Marvin Ross Friedman Patricia & Phillip Frost Linda & Martin Gallant Cookie & Ralph Gazitua Ella Gelvan Judith & Phillip George Yetta & Irving Geszel Joan & Irving Getz Maxine & Ben Gilbert Gail & Eugene Gitin Dalia & Saul Glottmann Pamela & Gary Goldfaden Barbara & Barry Goldin Dorothea & Steven Green Marta Gutierrez Karen & Anthony Hai Diane & Ernest Halpryn Rebecca Haug

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Ad Reinhardt, Untitled, 1940. Oil on fiberboard, 46 x 24 inches. Gift of Patricia & Phillip Frost.

10975 SW 17th Street Miami, FL 33199 Address Service Requested

The Frost Art Museum receives ongoing support from the MiamiDade County Department of Cultural Affairs, the Cultural Affairs Council, the Mayor and the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners, the Steven & Dorothea Green Endowment, Funding Arts Network, Dade Community Foundation, Citi Group Foundation, Citi Private Bank and the Friends of the Frost Art Museum.

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