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The Return of Lipstick A mouth full of lipstick is a force to be reckoned with: teamed with bouncy blonde curls and some eye-stinging red lipstick, you are transformed into a sexy goddess. Your boss is suddenly struck with crippling fear, that guy suddenly gives you the eyes, and you can pull off that Lanvin cardigan that you’ve hidden in shame, because you never felt like you could wear it.

Lipstick is making a comeback. We are (so I’ve heard at least) in the midst of a depressing recession, which means it’s time to pack away the bling and return to classic glamour. That of course means a return to the lipstick too. A powerful device - lipstick makes the wearer instantly empowered, and everyone surrounding you stands to attention. Those perfectly smooth, matt lips, covered in a deep smooth red. Lipstick sales have increased since the recession hit. Women are reverting back to the classics, the power pieces, that are feminine, yet commanding.

Tom Ford has led the lippie revolution, with the release of him long awaited lipstick collection. The perfectly packaged, crafted bullets are ready to be artfully placed onto your puckered up pout. The imprinted TF makes it look almost edible.

Lipstick isn’t just another make-up item. It has a history, a classiness attached that other make-up doesn’t quite have. The moment you put it on your lips, you are transformed into something else. An elegant movie version of yourself that could start your own business and become successful in a flash - which is the solution to getting out of this whole recession thing anyway. Pamela Kingston

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