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Your designs are a mixture of the sc-fi with the ultra feminine, combined with what appear to be elements of the past done in a modern way. How did this sensibility come to you?


serves the best pickle plates ever. They are full of pickled cucumbers, radishes, beets, and carrots that you can dip in mustard. Also, we’re treating a really new kind of leather right now. But then, pickle plates.

Everything I create comes from what I draw. I draw lots of line drawings to develop my ideas and then from there, try to create them three-dimensionally the best I can! I generally Whose head would you like to spend a day in? design things that I would want to be wearing I don’t care about that stuff. I’m fine in my own head. If I did have to pick a head in myself. general, I’d say a focused artisan living in a far off country. Someone I don’t know yet, but is doing some special craft very perfectly. The clothes are mature and have a singular vision. How do you feel you’re growing as a designer? What did you take away from your apprenticeship at Anna Sui?

I’m growing in a bunch of different ways; there is so much to learn when you’re dealThis was my first experience with the indusing with this field from a designer’s perspectry itself here in NYC. I saw a lot during my tive. Since I do most everything myself right time with Anna, including the process she uses for sample making, fabric sourcing, her now, I am forced to learn how to make better showroom set up, etc. There’s a ton to absorb. designs, and then pattern them properly and She is a special designer because everything then figure out the best and right way to sew remains pretty much in her hands. She creates them. Also deal with buyers, production, PR, etc, etc. even casting my own models! what she loves and it’s very evident everywhere in her spaces. The spring collection was all black, a hard aesthetic Your references are always fantastical and mysterious. mixed with your signature feminine touches. For fall, you featured colour. How will the label’s look evolve? What was your design inspiration for Fall 2010? It all began with a snowy, drippy landscape painting I did; initially to help me develop the color palette that I was imagining for the season. What is exciting you right now? German pickle plates. There is a German bar right by my apartment in Chinatown that-

That will depend on the concept for each season. I do like all monochromatic looks. Instead of mixing color, I am more interested in mixing texture and creating secrets in each garment rather than dealing with prints or color combinations.

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