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“Fashion People Hate Cameras.” Paradoxical as this comment may seem, these were director RJ Cutler’s exact words about the filming of his critically acclaimed documentary, The September Issue. The first documentary about the ins and outs of a major fashion magazine in creating its most important monthly issue, The September Issue has become a favorite among fashionistas for the way it portrays the internal struggles that go on at Vogue US. Anyone in the fashion industry knows Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue US, as one of the most powerful and influential women in fashion today. Much of the documentary’s entertainment comes from seeing Wintour casually rejecting, insulting, and ignoring the pitches of her co-workers – or shall we call them subordinates – whose jobs essentially boil down to making this Red Queen of fashion happy. But what really drives the drama in right hand woman, creative director with Wintour for over twenty years, misinterpreted as bitchiness – in a

this movie is the dynamic between Wintour and her Grace Coddington. Coddington, who has been dealing knows how to handle the editor’s decisiveness – often way that no one else in the office can.

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