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Renew Do not make new year’s resolutions by Joan M. Geisler Instead, create NEW HABITS one at a time with small baby steps. There are 2 teenage fish swimming down the stream. They are met by an older fish swimming the other way. “Good mornin’ boys. How is the water today?” The teenage fish keep swimming when one fish looks at the other and says. “What’s water?” That is us. We are swimming in a sea of habits that we do not recognize. Here are 3 NO FAIL ways to create good habits that will crowd out the bad habits. ROUTINE , HABIT, WILLPOWER We are Establish a Routine. unconsciously slaves to routine. Notice how you move through your day. You have steady, predictable actions that you perform. So when it comes to your health, begin with creating new routines in order to create good habits. Start small. Start with a small habit at the beginning of your day. Start your day the night before. During your

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evening hours begin to prep for the next day. Plan out your breakfast. Pack your lunch.Gather your keys, bags, coat, water bottle and put them together preferably by the door from which you will exit the house. Choose your clothing the night before so there are no surprises or frustrations in the morning like wrinkles, missing buttons, dirty… By creating a good ROUTINE, you will begin to turn that into a healthy habit. HABITS ACTUALLY SAVE OUR LIVES. If you had to relearn to get dress, cook, read, do math, drive each day, you would be exhausted. It is said that 90% of our day is habit. How many of those habits are causing you ill health? If one of those habits are broken and replaced with a healthy habit, it would cause a domino effect to the rest of your habits. We call that a Keystone Habit. A keystone habit is an action that is impactful enough that will affect other habits. Example. You decide you are going to get 8 hours of sleep every night. Because you are making that a habit, you find you are more rested. You are now more productive during the day, you are no longer tired and fatigued, you are more pleasant to those around you, you have energy to exercise,which in turn makes you want to eat better. All these ‘good habits’ were the collateral effects from one Keystone Habit of getting 8 hours of sleep. You have heard it said that ‘Willpower is a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it becomes.’ I agree. Willpower is a muscle, BUT the more you use it the more fatigued it gets. When you establish a routine in order to create healthy life habits you will conserve your WILLPOWER so you have it in excess when you need it most. If you have to use willpower to resist the donuts, the chocolate, the after-work drinks, then by the end of the day your will power will be exhausted. Late night eating sound familiar? This year, forgo the New Year’s Resolutions. Instead, choose one action that you know will impact your health for good.

Joan Geisler is a Habit Coach, A Behavioral Change Specialist. Visit her New Website at www.8020healthyhabits

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hook up for more balance

you are not a bear

by christina ferber

By rich gaudio, pt

Have you ever had one of those days when you just could not get it together? When we feel “scatter brained,” or as if we can’t seem to focus, one way to pull ourselves back together is by doing what the Eden Energy Medicine community calls, “Hooking up.” up Doing a Hook-u brings energy systems together, so that they can keep your body in balance. Hooking up is as simple as holding two spots on your body that correlate with the systems you are trying to bring into balance. Because these exercises are so calming, they are good to do anytime you feel dizzy or faint, have a shock or change, or feel disconnected from yourself or others. up is part of the The Classic Hook-u Daily Energy Routine (see Jan/Feb 2017) for a good reason. It connects two meridians (energy pathways in the body) which are like our “energetic spine.” This hook-up also helps Radiant Energy (the energy of joy and vitality) flow, and helps connect the mind and body. There have also been reports that it has stopped seizures and fainting spells. Simply place one middle finger in your belly button and the other one on your forehead between your eyes. Push in, pull up, and breathe a few times. Triple Warmer is the meridian in charge of our survival, and is usually running at full speed. When it gets overworked, we can feel anxious and stressed, but Harmonizing Triple Warmer as a Radiant Circuit brings it into the Radiant Energy of joy. Place a flat hand on your forehead and the other flat hand on or a little above your bellybutton. Connecting these two areas settles the adrenals down and calms you. Another fantastic way to work with Triple Warmer is to Calm the Triple Warmer Neurovascular Points. Place your thumb, first and middle fingers in a cluster together, called a 3-ffinger notch. Then put those fingers at the “V” at the bottom of your throat above your collarbone. If this feels funny, you can use a flat hand over this spot. Place the other hand on the side of your face with your fingers flat at your temples. Take some deep breaths and then switch sides. This hold will also help to calm the Stomach Meridian which can be involved with any feelings of worry. Holding Neurovascular Points is another option to calm down and get

Thank You Fredericksburg for Your Support Since 1997 centered. Place one hand on your forehead and the other on the back of your head. You can place the hand on the back of your head in different areas depending on the need. Put it at the bottom of your head at the base of your skull to quickly calm down. Place it directly behind your eyes to alleviate any thoughts of fear, or behind your eyebrows to lessen panicked feelings. Be sure to breathe and hold any of these hook-ups as long as it takes to feel a sense of peace. up The 2nd & 4th Chakra Hook-u helps to center us and “come home” to ourselves. This exercise connects two chakras (energy centers that play a role in all of the system in our body) and brings balance to the body. Place a flat hand over your heart area and the other hand flat across the area beneath your belly button. Do this whenever you feel disconnected with yourself and need to feel more centered. These simple, easy hook-ups can change your day by adding peace and calm to it. Just remember to breathe and hold them for a few moments or until you feel better. For more exercises that can bring balance to your life, visit www.itsallenergywellness.com.

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Living in the Fredericksburg area and working in healthcare for the past 20 years, I have observed an annual phenomenon that is as predictable as the changing seasons. The phenomenon is very subtle, in that it begins sometime after Thanksgiving as the days are getting shorter, the nights are longer, and the temperatures begin to drop. It has the greatest impact on those 65 years old and older but goes almost unnoticed, at first, due to the hustle, bustle, and holiday cheer that dominates the culture from Black Friday through New Year’s Day. Often, those most affected, do not begin to notice the consequences until we begin to thaw out in March. I am, of course, referring to the act of hibernation. Now, I am not criticizing the concept of slowing things down a bit, as a matter of fact, if you critically think about the idea, it is an intuitive instinct in many of us. The holidays are full of energy, activity and good cheer. Then, after uttering the last ‘auld lang syne,’ many folks are ready for a break in the action. The context of the season further encourages us as this is generally the darkest and coldest time of the year, lots of folks are in the postholiday, seasonal funk and quite frankly, it’s just easier to keep away until spring. Matter of fact, our language begins to reveal our desire for the hope of new life. You will often hear folks in mid to late February reciting these words, “When is it going to warm up around here? I’m done with winter. I’m ready for spring already!” And the cycle continues… So, I decided to look up the definition of the word hibernation and found the following: “Hibernation is the

condition or period of an animal or plant spending winter in a dormant state; an extended period of remaining inactive or indoors.” Not all bad, as a matter of fact, part of the healthy life cycle of certain animals and plants on this planet but the words that just grate on my nerve are: dormant and inactive. As people, we are built to move. Part of the evidence of our being alive is our ability to move. We need to move to live life in a healthier lifestyle. The older we get the more applicable this truth becomes. So, I am not suggesting that we sprint through this time of year, there is enough running around going on the rest of the year to keep us all satisfied. I am also, not endorsing dormancy and inactivity. Instead, much like farmers have historically done, I would encourage all of us to consider the months of January and February a time to slow down and plan. DO NOT STOP moving, but just slow your roll. Shift into a lower gear. Make sure you and your home are prepared for old-man winter and all he brings. Exercise indoors in a ‘maintenance mode’ to help you be prepared for shoveling or for the first foray into the garden in early spring. Whatever you do, do not hibernate, you are not a bear! Use this time to PAUSE and PLAN. Be in the moment, live your life in motion!

Rich Gaudio is the PT Clinic Operator at Fusion Physical Therapy, 4701 Spotsylvania Pkwy Suite 106, Fredericksburg, VA 22407,Rich can be reached at www.facebook.com/FusionPTSpotsy/, . (540) 710-0100, Or, agewellvirginia@gmail.com

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