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Sweets on Caroline

My Favorite Places January Pick

Specialty Confections in the ‘Burg

By Callista Kathryn Dunn

By Susan Larson

I went to Vivify on an evening stroll with my family. So I interviewed Alicia.

Fredericksburg’s Hometown Saloon Since 1961

The Soup & Taco, Etc.

Q: What’s your favorite food here? A: The All American. It’s a classic cheeseburger and is delicious.

Jan Davis and George Farrar have opened a second business in downtown Fredericksburg. The owners of Taste Oil, Vinegar, Spice are now offering specialty confections right next door at Sweets on Caroline, 817 Caroline St. Sweets on Caroline features “Hummingbird Macaroons”. The colorful, french-style, cream-filled sandwich cookies come in a multitude of flavors, including the more traditional strawberry, coconut and lemon, and the more exotic rosewater, salted caramel and Earl Grey. Hummingbird Macaroons is a Chesapeake, Va., boutique bakery and dessert caterer. They are so popular, Sweets on Caroline sold out within their first three days of opening. Not to worry; deliveries arrive several times a week. The chocolates of Michel Cluizel are another feature of the shop. The Cluziel family of Normandy, France, has been slow roasting cocoa beans for their chocolates and other confections since 1948, Davis said.Michel Cluizel chocolates

have only been available in the United States since 1999. Sweets on Caroline also carries an assortment of goat’s milk based caramels (for the dairy intolerant), sugar free chocolates and ice treats. Davis calls the ice treats, “popsicles for grownups,” because they’re available in unique flavors. Sweets on Caroline is open 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 12 - 5 p.m. Sunday. For more information, call the store at 540-3711481.

I helped Alicia make a Brownie Blast milkshake and learned the special recipe. I also like the decoration. I really like to stand on the wavy squares and dance on the rooftop deck.

Jay’s Restaurant & Lounge

813 Caroline St.

By Ryan Davis

Fredericksburg, VA

Q: What makes a milkshake so good? A: Because all of the ingredients are made from scratch. All of our food is from local ingredients. Q: What is your best selling item on the menu? A: The Viv. It’s a burger with smoked bacon, fontina cheese, caramelized onions and mojo sauce.

Local Night Life

Serving Traditional Mexican, Tex-Mex Food and Something More!! Tuesday to Saturday 11am-9pm Sunday 11am-6pm

Phone: 540-899-0969 E-mail:

Callie Dunn loves to shop and eat in downtown Fredericksburg. She has not decided on her February many places to visit! Watch for her.downtown to get a sneak peek on her pick!

The Sunken Well Tavern

Susan Larson is the publisher of Fredericksburg.Today. Photo by Susan Larson

720 Littlepage 540-370-0911 Eat Well Drink Well Live Well

Jay’s Restaurant & Lounge, located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, is the antithesis of what most customers would expect from a business that caters towards nightlife. For starters, it’s geographically close by. Situated off of Route 3 in the Greenbrier Shopping Center, it eliminates the need for locals to spend half their night driving 50 miles north or south to enjoy music, dancing and a drink. Instead of feeling suffocated in a darkened, grimy hole-in-the-wall, Jay’s Restaurant & Lounge offers many creature comforts including a wide open dance floor, a spacious lounge with modern high-top glass tables and a V.I.P. area with several enclaves of comfy leather couches. For owner Sanjay (Jay) Sharma, whose name the business bears, creating an aesthetically pleasing venue was important. “ I was integral in making the decisions on how this place would look: everything from the colors that would be used (such as cream, black and copper), the layout of the space, to the modern, classy feel of the furniture,” Sharma said. After feeling hemmed in by both a cubicle and the corporate world, Sharma returned to a vocation that allowed him to express his gregarious nature. “The reason I chose this business, rather than staying in computer programming, was because of all the different people I get to meet. I really enjoy getting to know the clientele we have.” Sharma said. The owner added that he loves music and loves to dance, and even though he doesn’t get to let loose on the dance floor much anymore, he gains much satisfaction from watching the positive impact music can have on his customers. Providing desirable happy hour drinks and the latest music hits for the customers is a priority, but it’s not the ultimate goal. Sharma wants to ensure Jay’s Restaurant & Lounge is a place that people can enjoy while being safe. The

ethos of being beneficial to the community is an important thread in Sharma’s life and it undergirds the vision for his business. “I want this place to continue to grow and stay busy, but the challenging part is keeping the wrong people out and the right people in.” There exists a learning curve for anyone attempting to make it as an entrepreneur. For Sharma, he hopes the changes to the restaurant menu items will continue to bolster the business just as much as the late night crowd does. “When we first opened we provided a unique and classy menu. It was difficult to try to sustain that during lunchtime, especially given that our location is outside of both Central Park and downtown Fredericksburg. We changed to a more customer-friendly menu and now our specialty has become chicken wings.” Having the willingness to adapt to the preferences of the customers can be humbling, but Sharma takes the challenges of an entrepreneur in stride. “It has all been a learning process: from meeting new people to altering our menu, but I love it all.” With his enthusiasm and moxie, Sharma is poised to achieve his ambitious goals. “Jay’s Restaurant & Lounge is not just a name anymore; it has become a trademark. Myself and everyone in here wants to continue to have it grow and become successful.” Sharma recently opened his second “Jay’s”: Jays Downtown Sports Lounge at 409 William Street, featuring 45 flat-screen TVs, two pool tables and two dart boards For more information on restaurant offerings and hours of business visit: or call: (540) 479-6000 Ryan Davis is a graduate of the University of Mary Washington and has future aspirations of becoming a journalist.

Open Daily 11am - 4pm 540.371.2233 826 Caroline at the corner of Caroline & George Streets Master Card ~ Visa ~ Discover 14

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