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by melissa delauter, DVM

Serving you & your companion animals for 16 years Stacy L. Horner, DVM; Gary B. Dunn, DVM; Melanie Bell, DVM; Sandi L. Pepper, DVM; Melissa A. DeLauter, DVM ; Arlene Evans, DVM; Jennnifer Skarbek, DVM

540/374-0462 The time for parties and picnics with friends and family! Soon the air will fill with the lovely aroma of your favorite foods cooking on the grill! And what about our beloved four-legged friends, of course we want them to share in our summer time feasts. We have all been fooled by those big eyes just staring into ours waiting for that little crumb to fall to the ground. Although they may look cute begging for that last little scrap of food, I caution you on feeding it to them! We see many pets at White Oak Animal Hospital for gastrointestinal upset. Whether they got into the trash themselves or we just couldn’t resist the temptation, the fact remains that most of our foods are just to rich for their tummies. Some pets present for a mild case of GI upset due to a change in their normal diet. They just couldn’t handle that fresh off the grill burger or chicken smothered in a delicious marinade. If your pet has a mild case of dietary indiscretion, they will likely present with minimal signs like nausea, eating less than usual, and/or mild lethargy. However, some pets visit their veterinarian because they are vomiting and having diarrhea. While most of the pets respond to antibiotics and antinausea medications due to the dietary indiscretion, some may have a more serious (potentially life-threatening) condition like pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas).


June 2013

Pancreatitis is very common after a pet has been fed a high fatty meal (aka table scraps full of fat). The most common signs of pancreatitis are vomiting and diarrhea (which can be bloody), abdominal pain, complete loss of appetite, and weakness. We can diagnosis this condition based on their clinical signs and blood work. If your pet has severe pancreatitis, then they should be hospitalized and administered fluids, pain medications, anti-vomiting medications and antibiotics. Most pets respond well to treatment and are back at home to enjoy the summer time fun with their owners in a few days. There are a handful of pets that have a more critical condition of pancreatitis and need to be referred to an internal medicine specialist for further treatment. And many of our pets can become repeat offenders and have many episodes of pancreatitis with just the smallest change in their diet. Although you may want to please your best four-legged friend with a feast of the smallest scraps from the summer treats, remember that sometimes the best treat for them is nothing at all!

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AutoKnown Better what’s with that? By Rim Vining June Bugs Me (pretty sure I’ve said that before). I made my suggestions about how Madison Avenue could be raking in the cash on Father’s Day promotions last year, yet Kay Jewelers doesn’t have a spiffy Edwardian tiepin that says, “I love you Daddy” and no one says, “Ooh, she went the Jared’s!” What’s with that? June is neither fish nor fowl: still have two weeks of school and you don’t take a vacation until July or August, but the pools are open. There’s also “summer” stuff happening like the Soap Box Derby, the AACA Car Show on Caroline Street and I am sure you can get a deal on a pontoon boat most anywhere. June is warmish but summer? Really? There’s probably a reason summer doesn’t actually start until the month is threefourths gone. It seems to be for school budget negotiations. What’s with that? “They” take that month that is considered part of summer, make us listen to area school boards and governing bodies throughout the United States, and certainly in our neck of the woods, jockey for position as to whether they should fund what is required and necessary to educate the next generation (who by the way is charged with taking care of us in our golden years) or stand their ground on their beliefs that schools are a burden on us all. “They” say times are tough and schools are wasteful. Administrators, curriculum coordinators, guidance counselors and support staff aren’t required. If it isn’t directly for teachers – we won’t fund it. What’s with that? They are probably right. I am sure we could just send teachers into a building and since they are all Mary Poppins and practically perfect they will all get along, sort out any problems, keep the heat and A/C running, cut the grass, shovel the snow and make necessary

repairs to the building. And of course they will keep us in total legal compliance with the mandated laws concerning the special needs population while coming up with creative and educational meals to cook for their students and then making everything spit-spot before they go home. They don’t need tech support and e-mail doesn’t actually have to work since none of the students or their parents use technology in their daily lives, and we all know the busses will just fix themselves – drive themselves - and arrive magically right on time - turning back into pumpkins at precisely 4:45 every day. What’s with that? Come on guys…. a budget is a budget. You hired the best (doesn’t matter what field) and you asked for their professional opinion on what it will cost to give them the best product possible. So they tell you and your response is… yeah, but you don’t really need that much. What’s with that? I restore cars and there is always a budget but there is also level of quality you can’t fall below. You can’t give a car fresh paint and re-do all the chrome but skip the brakes and tires and call it “restored.” You get that a lot. Why does it cost so much? What do you mean it takes $60,000.00 to re-do a Mustang – plus the price of the car? What’s with that? Well, it’s a lot like education. What part do you leave undone or cheapen down to nothing and still call it a quality education? You can build a wonderful building and fill it with teachers but without good brakes and tires you can’t take it out on the road. Write to Kay & Jared’s for next year.



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June 2013 - Front Porch Fredericksburg  

"Sweet 16" Issue, celebrating 16 years of local good news. About the cover: Betsy Glassie has donated her June cover painting to our Silent...

June 2013 - Front Porch Fredericksburg  

"Sweet 16" Issue, celebrating 16 years of local good news. About the cover: Betsy Glassie has donated her June cover painting to our Silent...