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Brian McKNight

The soul singer opens up about his new album and recently released R-rated song


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04 Mayor Bing announces demolition of Frederick Douglas Homes Complex

05 Give Thanks, Give Back [Essentials]

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08 Being Brian McKnight [Scene]

10 NAACP Salute to Leadership / Tux and Chucks

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Mayor Bing announces demolition of Frederick Douglass Homes Complex Detroit Mayor Dave Bing recently announced that the massive Frederick Douglass Homes complex, formerly known as the Brewster-Douglass Housing project, will be demolished, keeping a promise he made in his State of the City address to begin the demolition process at the complex by the end of the year. Since it was closed in 2008, the Frederick Douglass complex has been one of Detroit’s largest abandoned housing sites and a major impediment to redevelopment of Detroit’s near east side. Frederick Douglass Homes is an 18.5-acre site that is adjacent to both Brush Park and Eastern Market, and close to both downtown and Midtown Detroit. Demolishing the complex will help connect the Dequindre Cut pedestrian and bicycle path to downtown and Midtown.

major eyesore and a danger to the community. We welcome the chance to make it a productive residential and commercial area once again.”

“The former Brewster-Douglass complex has a proud place in Detroit’s rich history, as the nation’s first federal housing project for African Americans, as the place where Joe Louis learned to box and where Diana Ross, Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard formed the Supremes,” Mayor Bing said. “However, as a vacant site it became a

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) took control of the Detroit Housing Commission in 2005. Earlier this year, HUD Assistant Secretary Henriquez announced a transition plan that outlines the steps for return to local governance, including the appointment of an advisory committee by Mayor Bing.


Nov. 21 - 27, 2012

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Capital Fund Emergency Grant Program has awarded $6.5 million to the Detroit Housing Commission to pay for the demolition. Frederick Douglass Homes contains 661 units: four 12-story high rise apartment buildings, two six-story mid-rise apartments and 75 town homes. The complex is owned by the Detroit Housing Commission. Actual demolition is expected next summer after the Housing Commission follows HUD’s requirements to procure environmental, architectural, engineering and demolition services.

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Give Thanks, Give Back By Cieara Wilson As we gather around dinner tables humming over canned yams and laughing with loved ones over Thanksgiving turkey, let’s not forgot the major themes of gratitude as well as giving back. Gratitude is the single thing that can transform “barely making it” into more than enough. It has the power to give you instant perspective. Like Windex on a dirty window, an attitude of gratitude helps you see more clearly. As you begin to go down the list of things you have to be grateful for you’ll soon realize how fortunate you really are. Gratefulness for what you have in this moment opens the door for abundance. Any minor frustration and inconvenience fails in comparison to all there is to be thankful for. Whatever state you find yourself in, being grateful will always remind you how far you’ve come. Not only that, but gratitude will also give you hope that things can get better. When you think

about how you’ve traveled from where you were to where you stand, you will see your own potential and your potential for future endeavors. The second and equally important component associated with this time of year is giving back to others. Ironically giving is actually a gift in itself. Touching someone else’s soul automatically touches yours. Becoming a blessing to someone else blesses you. It literally boomerangs back to you multiple times over. I’m most fulfilled when I’m when I’m helping someone in need. And in the process of giving, without me even knowing I’m lifted, I’m encouraged, my heart becomes lighter. It truly is amazing how that works. Gratitude and giving does not have to be a one-time deal celebrated only on the third Thursday of November; it can be a way of life. These two things together have the power to really bring about a positive change in you and as well as your impact on the world. Here are some opportunities to lend a helping hand during this season:

Thanksgiving Meals on Wheels Thanksgiving morning, volunteers will be delivering hot and cold meals to homebound elderly people. Sign up:

WXYZ “Together We Can” Food Drive Art Van and WXYZ have joined forces to feed the hungry during the holiday season by collecting food for Gleaners Community Food Bank. Contribute by dropping off your donating your nonperishable food to any Art Van store in the metro Detroit area now through Sunday, Nov. 25.

Detroit Rescue Mission Looking to provide help in a soup kitchen? Sign up for a two-hour slot to serve the hungry at the Detroit Rescue Mission. Due to an overwhelming amount of generosity, Thanksgiving Day slots are filled already but there are still open spaces to sign up for Thanksgiving weekend (Friday-Sunday). Sign up at

Forgotten Harvest Warehouse Repack One Brick Detroit in conjunction with Forgotten Harvest will need volunteers to help sort, inspect and repackage pounds of fresh food. The repackaged food will then be given to those in need. The event takes place Saturday, Nov. 24, at the Forgotten Harvest Warehouse across from Northland Mall, from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. Volunteers are asked to stay the whole time. To register:, and go to the event calendar.

Nov. 21 - 27, 2012



2012 Holiday tech Gift ideas By Norris Howard Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holiday rush a mere week away. Here are some of the year’s hottest gifts and gadgets for the kids (or your inner child).

e e

Nintendo Wii U – Mark it down: this will be the hottest seller of the year. Just about anything with Nintendo’s name on it is guaranteed fun and this looks to be no different with its controller/screen/touchpad super-remote and welcomed HD gaming. At $349.99 for the deluxe black 32 GB version and $299.99 for the basic white 8 GB, and pre-orders already sold out, prepare to stand in line.

Samsung Galaxy S III – Strangely Samsung actually sold 12 million more Galaxy S IIIs than Apple sold iPhone 5s this year. Even though that was with a five-month head start, it shouldn’t take away from just how good the phone is. Its 4.8 -inch touch screen is marvelous to look at and its processing speed is topnotch. Shockingly, Best Buy is offering the smartphone for $49 on Black Friday with new contract agreements, a savings of over $150.



Nov. 21 - 27, 2012

HDTVs – It’s widely accepted that Black Friday is the best time to buy a new TV. Virtually EVERY major retailer is running great specials on all sizes of HDTVs. Walmart, in particular, has a gorgeous 46’ 1080p Samsung for sale at only $598 on Black Friday.

e Playstation 3– If you don’t already have a PS3, Walmart is the place to go for the best deal. At only $199 for the new 250 GB it offers the system and two games making it one of the best gaming deals in the land this season.

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Cover Story


Brian McKnight

The soul singer opens up about his new album and recently released R-rated song By Leslie J. Griffin here is no escaping the smooth ballad sounds of R&B crooner Brian McKnight. The “single-by-choice” Grammy Award-winning singer and musician has sold more than two million records and embodies the perfect blend of mega talent and ultra sexy. Set to release his 15th studio album, he talked with FRONTPAGE Detroit about his career, why he’s not in a relationship and the industry, and sets the record straight surrounding his recent controversial song.



Nov. 21 - 27, 2012

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Cover Story Mr. McKnight you certainly need no introduction. What have you been up to these days? BM: I am getting ready to release my 15th album and you know the landscape has changed within the music industry. I don’t know if it’s because I am older now or if it’s actually different but I don’t really consider myself to be in the, quote, music business. I’m in the touring business. You know, I tour nine months out of the year every year and I do new records. But these days your CDs are pretty much used as promotional tools to get more people to come out and see you. People ask me if I get tired of singing the same songs and there is no way I could ever do that because people are coming specifically to hear those songs. And because I wrote them, it’s always mind-boggling to me that most of these songs are more than a decade old and most people still hold them near and dear to their heart. That is what I got in this business to do – to be the soundtrack of people’s lives. And it’s one thing to know how many records you’ve sold but it’s actually not until you are in front of your audience and you see the people singing along with you is when you see the effect that these songs have on their lives and what you’ve been able to do for people. I think that is really why I got into this in the first place. You said something profound when you spoke about some of your songs being more than a decade old. That’s when you know the music is good, when people still get up and dance to it. BM: Yeah, and I think that’s what this next generation is missing. You know it’s fine and great to have this great music right now but if does not last until the summer or until the next summer, then what are we doing? And how have we left this thing now that Marvin Gaye, Miles and Duke Ellington are gone? I think they would be appalled by some of the things they see. But the other side of the coin is that there are so many people that would never have the opportunity. So I do see both sides. I just do not know if it is better. You’ve experienced tremendous success in the industry? How do you measure it? BM: Well I do not measure it monetarily although I have had monetary success. The fact that people still want to come and see me is the measure of my success. When people decide that they have seen enough of me, then I will figure out something else to do. But you know as long as I still have that, I am good. People say stupid things to me like don’t you get tired of people coming up to you asking for autographs and pictures? And I am, like, no. What would be worse, to have people who want to be around me or to have people who have forgotten me? I think people who have never had that really look at it as a bother. But you cannot have it both ways. Being famous is a byproduct of your success and I think that if you went somewhere and no one recognized you (even though that would be fine with me because I’ve had it long enough and I don’t go out looking for it), it is a reminder that I am still loved and appreciated and I think that is very important. You are releasing your 15th album. Will you talk to us about that? BM: Well, the album is not complete yet and I did not collaborate with anyone. At this point, I think I’ve become very introverted. Well, I kind of always have been. I’ve been the originator of 99 percent of the music I’ve ever

done. So I produced it, wrote it and I’m playing most of the instruments. And what I decided to do this time was to go back and listen to my first four or five records because those are the records that people tend to come back to. So there is something in those records that made people fall in love with the music in the first place. So I just decided that I am not going to be hindered by rules anymore. Or I’m not worried about if they won’t play this or that on the radio. I just decided against that. I think that’s one of the things that is missing. Everyone has become so formulated to where everything is a bunch of loops. If you give a good four-bar loop and that just repeats itself. I just wanted to be able to be musical again and that’s what this record is all about. What has kept you moving in the industry all of these years? BM: Well, the people. The people have spoken where that is concerned. If the people stop wanting to hear the music that I create, then that within itself will pull me in another direction. Every time I think I’m going to slow down the offers continue to come in and that is a great thing. I’ve gone to every corner of the earth with love songs. I will be in Korea next week and I will be in Japan three weeks after that. It’s crazy that you can be all over the world and people will love you and want to support you for that. It’s a wonderful, wonderful feeling. You’ve recorded with just about every artist within every genre of music. Anyone you’re still waiting to record with? BM: You know what? I don’t know if there is someone where I am saying ooh, I just have to work with them. I think when opportunities present themselves, and if you’re like-minded and you can come together musically, I would work with anyone as long as we all have the same goal in mind, which is to create something really great. So I can’t say that there is one specific person because I work with so many people. That’s the one thing about me and maybe it’s one of my downfalls because I have never really focused on just one thing. I’ve done music with Willie Nelson and rappers. I think the term artist gets thrown around too loosely. There are people who record, those who write and those who sing. But what do I know? (laughing) Speaking of music, do you prefer the vocal or instrumental side? BM: It’s really all just one for me. I can’t have one without the other. I use the tools that I have been given and the tools that I have cultivated to create my musical landscape. I write about things that we all deal with. No matter what you’ve dealt with, I know that no one wants a broken heart and everyone wants to love someone and be loved in return. I do not think that has changed. Not too long ago, you came out with a song that received a lot of controversy. What was behind that? How did you get through it and was that a difficult time for you? BM: Not at all because it was never intended to be for real. Most people take themselves way too seriously and I don’t. So what ends up happening is people want to compartmentalize and I understand that. And I prefaced that entire situation with saying that I was going to do an adult mix tape and I don’t think a lot of people know what adult means. Well, maybe they thought that I was some guy that

didn’t delve into anything too risqué’ (laughing), which I think is absolutely ridiculous. When I started in this business, nobody could be dirty. You could not talk about sex openly on the radio and now you can. So how did the song come about? BM: Well, I was in the club performing one night and after one of my shows the song – pardon my French – Beat Your P - - - - Up was playing, And the girl who was standing next to me knew every word and they were acting like they were in a strip club or worse. And I assumed that’s what some people wanted to listen to. So what I did was create a social experiment based on what I saw and the feedback that I received was pretty amazing. People are okay with that music as long as it is not coming from someone that they do not want it to. But I still think that it is one of the cleverest songs that I have ever written. And a lot of people may not even listen to words; they hear what they want to hear. So please tell the ladies what really captures your heart. BM: I’m not sure if I’m able to actually have that happen, to be honest with you. I was married once and I spent the next ten years after that trying to figure out what I wanted. In the meantime, I shut it all down and focused on other things. And when it happens, it happens. So I can’t really say truly what it would be because I really don’t know. It’s more honesty for me. I can’t just lie to someone and tell them that’s what I want when it’s not. So I just don’t know. And I am just waiting for that to be revealed to me (laughing). How do you balance touring nine months out of the year? BM: Well, luckily my boys are grown so I do not have to do whole lot with them, and my daughter lives with her mother. So basically for the first time in my life I am single and living my life the way I want to live it and doing things for myself, which for my whole life I have been doing things for others. It sounds like you’re very happy, very sure of things and in a calm place. BM: I am happy and I have no stress. Relationships are stressful when you are trying to please other people and that’s all I’ve ever tried to do. And I was not very good at it. I know I am not good at relationships so I’d rather just not be in one. Are there any new non-music projects at this time? BM: I just completed an independent film a few months ago called Note to Self where I played a psychologist. So there are things on the horizon that I do not like to talk about until they come to fruition. When it happens you will be the first to know. You’ll be in Detroit this Friday Nov. 23. What’s your favorite part about the city? BM: My favorite part is the people. The people always make me feel like I am from Detroit and that makes me want to come back. Brian McKnight will ignite the stage at Detroit’s historic Masonic Temple on Friday, Nov. 23, at 7 p.m. Tickets for the concert, part of his Love Affair Tour, can be purchased at Fans can stay connected to McKnight on Facebook and Twitter @ItsBMcKnight.

Nov. 21 - 27, 2012



Tux and Chucks Comerica Park’s Tiger Club was the scene for the hottest party of the season as event producers Byron Suggs and Jason Appling brought together young Detroit professionals for a celebration to benefit three Detroit-based, grassroots, nonprofit organizations: Project P.I.N.K, S.A.F.E. (Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment) and The Fit Foundation of America presenting Run This Town Detroit. Guests enjoyed good food and good times as they were in their best tuxedos and dresses while kicking up their heels in Chuck Taylor gym shoes. Local spin master DJ M.I.X. heated up the dance floor and the Brandon Williams Experience provided the cool musical sounds.

NAACP Salute to Leadership November 14th the Detroit Branch NAACP celebrated its centennial with a “Salute to Leadership” that honored all past and current presidents and executive directors/secretaries, and the unveiling of the Detroit Branch NAACP Centennial Exhibit that will be housed in the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. – Andre Smith photos


Nov. 21 - 27, 2012

Weekly Guide

11/21 Chrisette in Royal Oak

Grammy Award-winning singing sensation, Chrisette Michele will be gracing the stage with her talents at the Royal Oak Music Theater. Chrisette who is most known by her 2007 single, Be Ok, is gearing up for the release of a new album entitled Better, set to release sometime in 2013. The concert starts at 8 p.m. Tickets and information is available at royaloakmusictheatre. com.


Chrisette Michele

Bieber Fever

Globally recognized and equally adored teenage pop singer and songwriter Justin Bieber is taking center stage at the Palace of Auburn Hills. In his short career, dating back to 2008, Justin has managed to win seven Billboard awards and two Grammy nominations as well as have multiple chart-topping songs including Baby, Boyfriend and Never Say Never. For more information visit or


Thanksgiving Eve Canned Drive

Lucky Strike in Novi is hosting a canned drive to help feed those in need during this holiday season. Bring in a can of food and receive a free one-hour game card. All food donations will be given to the local food bank. The event is running from 8 p.m.-11 p.m. so grab a can and enjoy a night of fun and entertainment.


Thanksgiving Day Parade

The 86th annual America’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will take center stage as it strides down Woodward Avenue from Mack Avenue to Congress at Campus Martius on Thanksgiving Day morning. Decorative floats, holiday themed balloons and marching bands will wow and amaze all ages. Parade begins at 9:05 a.m.


The Love Affair

Friday will be a night of soulful singing as the Love Affair featuring Brian McKnight, Mint Condition, Avant and David Hollister takes over the Masonic Temple stage. All artists will have a live band except for David Hollister. Doors open at 6 p.m.; concert starts at 7 p.m. Tickets available at Masonic Temple box office, 313-638-2724, as well as all Ticketmaster locations.

11/27 - Dec. 2

Jekyll & Hyde

Grammy-nominated and R&B songstress Deborah Cox will join American Idol star Constantine Maroulis in the powerful classic Jekyll & Hyde performance. This theatrical production centered about the tale of a darkly captivating love story will woo the audience with brilliant acting and stirring songs. Jekyll & Hyde will be performed at the Fisher Theatre. For show times and dates visit

To submit your event and calendar listings send to


Nov. 21 - 27, 2012

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Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Career Development at Oakland University School of Medicine

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Office Assistant I (part-time) at Oakland University Counseling


Retention Coordinator at Oakland University

Center for Multicultural Initiatives

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Library Technician I

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Faith Faith Evans on her new album and reality show

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Detroit 48201 Detroit 48226 Detroit 48226 Detroit 48201 Detroit 48226 Detroit 48201 Detroit 48201 Detroit 48226 Detroit 48201 Detroit 48226 Detroit 48226 Detroit 48209 Detroit 48201 Detroit 48201 Detroit 48202 Detroit 48201 Detroit 48226 Detroit 48226

640 Temple 4719 Woodward 1211 Trumball North Entrance 550 Chene-south 10238 Joseph Campau 1400 Woodward 151 Congress 15 East Kirby 201 W. Michigan Ave. 2360 Caniff 1726 Howard St. Cass & Forest

Detroit 48201 Detroit 48201 Detroit 48216 Detroit 48202 Detroit 48207 Hamtramck 48212 Detroit 48226 Detroit 48226 Detroit 48202 Detroit 48226 Hamtramck 48212 Detroit 48216 Detroit 48201


Honest John’s 488 Selden Horizon Project 3127 E. Canfield J.A.M Lounge 25 Grand River KaCent 1314 Broadway Kick 41 Burroghs ste. 109 Lafayette Pavilion 1 Lafayette Loco Bar & Grill 454 E. Lafayette Mama’s Family Restaurant 14620 East 8 Mile Road Marwil Bookstore 4870 Cass Marygrove College 8425 W. McNichols Motor City Brewing Works 470 West Canfield Mudgie’s 1300 Porter Museum of Contemporary Art 4454 Woodward Ave Niki’s Pizzeria 735 Beaubien St Pandemonium 431 Congress Park Ave Hotel 2305 Park Ave. Park Shelton Condominiums 15 East Kirby Parkway Foods 13210 E. Jefferson Ave. R & R Saloon 7330 Michigan Ave Redford Twsp Public Library 25320 W Six Mile Rd Reflxtion Night Club 1500 Woorward Ruth Ellis Center 77 Victor St. Sky Bar 1148 Broadway State Bar Woodward Tandem Bar (North Lights Lounge) 660 West Baltimore Temple Bar 2906 Cass The Fillmore Detroit 2115 Woodward Ave The Leland 400 Bagley & Cass The Majestic 4140 Woodward The Potato Place 107 W. Warren The Works 1846 Michigan Ave. Town Apt Suites 1511 First St Town Pump Tavern 100 W. Montcalm Traffic Jam & snug 511 West Canfield UDM Library 4001 W McNichols Rd UDM Student Union Building 4001 W McNichols Rd Union Street 4145 Woodward University Foods 1131 W. Warren University of Detroit Mercy School of Law 651 E. Jefferson Wah - hoo 536 Shelby Washington Square 1431 Washington Blvd Wayne State Adamany Lib. Cass Wayne State Fitness WCCC Fort Street WDIV-TV 550 W. Lafayette Blvd. William Clay Ford Center 6525 2nd Ave WSU Academic Palmer WSU Bookstore (B&N) 82 W. Warren WSU FAB Anthony Wayne Dr

city Detroit 48201 Detroit 48207 Detroit 48226 Detroit 48226 Detroit 48207 Detroit 48226 Detroit 48205 Detroit 48201 Detroit 48221 Detroit 48201 Detroit 48226 Detroit 48201 Detroit 48226 Detroit 48226 Detroit 48201 Detroit 48202 Detroit 48215 Detroit 48210 Redford 48240 Detroit 48226 HighlandPark 48203 Detroit 48226 Detroit 48226 Detroit 48202 Detroit 48201 Detroit 48201 Detroit 48226 Detroit 48201 Detroit 48201 Detroit 48216 Detroit 48226 Detroit 48201 Detroit 48201 Detroit 48221 Detroit 48221 Detroit 48201 Detroit 48201 Detroit 48226 Detroit 48226 Detroit 48226 Detroit 48202 Detroit 48202 Detroit 48226 Detroit 48226 Detroit 48202 Detroit 48202 Detroit 48202 Detroit 48202

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FPD Digital Edition 11/21/12  
FPD Digital Edition 11/21/12  

FPD Digital Edition 11/21/12