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Jan. 16 - 22, 2013 • Vol. 12 • I. 46



The first Daughter of Soul Lalah Hathaway on her powerful lyrics and upcoming concert




| Jan. 16 - 22, 2013

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04 A Day of Service: MLK Day 2013 [Finance]

05 Nine Daily Habits That Will Make You Happier

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06 La La, Lalah Hathaway:

The First Daughter of Soul Expounds on Her Powerful Lyrics and Upcoming Concert

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[Relationship Advice]

08 Do ALL Men Really Cheat?

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09 17th Annual Urban Wheel Award [Weekly Guide]

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Jan. 16 - 22, 2013 |



A Day of Service: MLK Day 2013 “Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.” - Martin Luther King Jr. By Cieara Wilson Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a moment to reflect, remember and honor an activist who selflessly dedicated his life to fight for the civil rights of people everywhere. He courageously preached and lived the message of love and non-violence to both ally and enemy during a disturbingly dark period of racial injustice and hatred in this country. Celebrated every third Monday in January since being signed into law in 1983, MLK Day has been named a national holiday and, in the spirit of the late Dr. King, is opportunity to serve. This is not just a day off work or school but a chance to get out in the community and make a real difference. Dr. King’s short life taught the human race a simple and poignant lesson: Our lives are not about us but about making an impact on the life of someone else. Opportunities to make that impact will in abundance on Jan. 21. Here are a few:

Neighborhood Clean-Up Project The North End Neighborhood Service Project hosted by the AmeriCorps Urban Safety Project is a chance to volunteer in a Detroit neighborhood on MLK Day. From 9 a.m.-4 p.m. is the time to join others in efforts to clean up and board up 13 dangerous, vacant properties near the Detroit International Academy for Young Women. Project visionaries desire to make the area safer for students and residents. Volunteers meet at 64 Kenilworth St. Lunch and T-shirts will be provided. To RSVP or for more information contact Zach Fairchild, 313-355-3469, or visit

University of Michigan-Dearborn MLK Day Come and be a part of this venture involving many charitable organizations like COTS, Vista Maria and Ronald McDonald House. U of M-Dearborn is acting as a liaison to connect people all over the region to help organizations that give back. Breakfast and Tshirts will be provided. Visit the school’s website at to register and obtain more information about the different assignments.

MLK Day of Service City Year and The United Way The United Way of Southeastern Michigan and City Year Detroit will be joining forces to create a memorable day of helping. Together the two organizations will be providing several volunteer slots at places like Gleaners Community Food Bank in Detroit, where volunteers will sort donated good items, and Detroit Collegiate to paint murals and transform area schools and classrooms. The program runs from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.; T-shirts will be provided. Register at

2013 MLK Day Detroit Inspired by and honoring the “The Great March to Freedom” in Detroit in 1963, the 10th annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. March and Rally will be held. The 2013 event, with the theme “Jobs, Peace and Justice,” begins at noon at Central United Methodist Church. A donation of new hats, gloves, underwear and/or socks for the NOAH Program for the homeless is requested. For more information call 313-405-2185 or visit


| Jan. 16 - 22, 2013

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Nine Daily Habits That Will Make You Happier By Aisha Taylor


recently re-read one of my favorite articles and wanted to share the message found within it. The article is called “9 Daily Habits That Will Make You Happier” written by Geoffrey James for Inc. Magazine. I will list all nine daily habits at the end of the article but I want to discuss the habit, “End Each Day With Gratitude.”

I am grateful for progress and my approach to life is to look at everything as a lesson. I am also grateful for the people in my life who hold me accountable but will also stop me from beating myself up over a mistake. Recently I started using a credit card that I had paid off about six months ago. Initially I started using it to pay for business start-up expenses but then I started using it to travel, shop and even buy gifts. I tried to make it better by telling myself that I was earning points but I knew that was a bogus reason to use the card. Yes, I’m the financial guru but I violated my core financial beliefs of using a budget to guide my financial decisions. No excuses; I’m human. I started to get upset at myself because I was so close to becoming credit card debt free. I only had $3,000 left but now I’m back up to $5,500. However, I realized that being upset with myself was counterproductive. I had to take a step back. I had to take a mental check. I recognized that I may not be where I want to be now but I’m not where I used to be – a person with $15,000 in credit card debt. And for that I’m grateful. The key is when you make a mistake you must recognize and understand what went wrong and, more importantly, why. Forgive yourself but then course correct. In this case, I recognized that I really needed to get back to the basics by doing two things. First, do not put myself in a situation where I may be tempted to spend money that I do not have. Second, prior to buying anything I needed to ask myself: “Do I really need it?” and “Can I afford it?” Financial independence is not a destination. Similar to battling any addiction, it is a journey that will take many twists and turns and may involve a temporary setback. But you have to remember that it is temporary. The key is to get up, dust yourself off and keep going. Take time to think through what you’re grateful for. Are these experiences people, opportunities, etc.? Think about it because it will help you realize how blessed you truly are.

Nine Daily Habits That Will Make You Happier 1. Start each day with expectation 2. Take time to plan and prioritize 3. Give a gift to everyone you meet (Note: This can be as simple as a smile) 4. Deflect partisan conversations 5. Assume people have good intentions 6. Eat high-quality foods slowly 7. Let go of your results 8. Turn off “background” TV 9. End each day with gratitude --- Aisha Taylor is a senior financial analyst at General Motors. She completed her undergraduate degree at Duke University and her dual master’s degree at the University of Michigan. She is in the process of launching her own financial literacy and empowerment company and her website will be launching soon.

Jan. 16 - 22, 2013 |


Cover Story


Lalah The first Daughter of Soul Lalah Hathaway on her powerful lyrics and upcoming concert


By Leslie J. Griffin eal soul doesn’t find its way to every singer but takes residence in the spirit and harmoniouas vocals of Lalah Hathaway. The sultry Grammy-nominated artist, musician and songwriter will tell you she was born to sing. In her long-time career Hathaway has partnered with greats like George Duke, Joe Sample, Anita Baker, Prince, Rahsaan Patterson and many others. Relaxed in jeans and an asymmetrical sweater, she is relaxed and talks to FRONTPAGE Detroit about her musical journey, recent album Where It All Begins, her mother, and being the daughter of Donny Hathaway.


| Jan. 16 - 22, 2013

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Cover Story You’ve had an awesome career. Can you talk about your journey and what everything has meant to you? Lalah Hathaway: It’s been a lot of things. I’ve been making records now for more than half of my life. And just from the beginning and just growing up in a house with musicians and knowing that it was something I wanted to do, and then going to music school and then getting a deal. It is much of the same road. I am just up the road. That’s all. FPD: Tell us how your parents influenced your music career.

which are my parents. FPD: How is this album different from all of your other albums in terms of arrangement and instrumentation? LH: Just time. It has been 23 years since the first one. It’s a lot of things. And it all informs my art, all of the triumphs and the trials. All of the love and the loss. All of the music that I’ve listened to and have been informed by in the last 22 years. FPD: What was it like recording You Were Made For Me, which was originally done by your father?

LH: Yes, I was always a musician when I was really small. It never dawned on me that one day I would be a musician. I was just always a musician and was always pointed in that direction and trained in that direction. I knew that music is who I was.

LH: It was a song that at some point I knew I would cover. When I had my live band, it just seemed like a good opportunity on that day to play that song. And people said why did you pick that one and it just fit with the rest of what I had. I thought it would be great color to add to the record. I am really proud of how it came out.

FPD: You also speak very highly of your mom who is also a pianist and an organist. Can you talk about the role she played in shaping your career and the role she continues to play?

FPD: You collaborate with the greats, like George Duke, Rahsaan Patterson, Joe Sample and others. Has this boosted your career in any way?

LH: My parents actually met in music school. They were both music students at Howard University. And a lot of people tell me that I sound so much like my dad and that’s because they don’t know my mom. My mom is absolutely half of my DNA, half of my style and half of my voice box. So my influences are actually from both of my parents. And I would say that my father was largely influenced by my mother and a lot of people don’t know that.

LH: Absolutely. It has made me greater and I feel that as an artist, for me, if I were to play golf, I would play with Tiger. I want to keep myself surrounded by good people. That way, you look great but you are always learning. I try to learn in any situation but I have really been blessed in terms of the collaborations like Take 6, Chaka Khan, Anita Baker and Rachelle Farrell. And it always gives me the ultimate cool points.

FPD: Talk about the soul in your voice. LH: This is always hard for me when people ask me to talk about my voice. It’s just my voice. It is the voice that I am born with, speak with, order pizza with and talk to people with. So to me it is just part of who I am. It’s more interesting for me to talk to people about how they perceive my voice to be. It does not sound the same to me as it sounds to you. I’ve been living with my voice all of my life. It’s hard to describe who I am. FPD: You’re back with your fifth studio album, Where It All Begins, and it’s amazing. The first track, Strong Woman, is powerful. Talk about the inspiration behind that. LH: You know, I got that song from Dre and Vidal and the first time I heard it I loved it. It was hard-hitting and kind of an anthem, and it just talked about being a strong woman. It was really what I was trying to project on this album and so it is a great anthem. FPD: The album title track Where it All Begins sets the mood wherever people are. Talk about coming up with the lyrics for that song. LH: Yes. It’s really all part of who I am and what I see. For that record I wrote the lyrics and the melody and it just kind of came to me. I still definitely consider myself a student of music and really a student of the craft of songwriting. So other than God and the universe, I don’t know where these songs come from. I just knew that one would be the title track. And that’s why I did the cover the way I did. I wanted to project the beginnings of me,

FPD: What do you remember most about your father? LH: You know, I don’t have a real large memory of my dad. He died when I was ten years old. Since I can remember, my memories are more of people telling me stories about my dad and people telling me stories about how they had his record in college or how it got them through a divorce or how they’ve been to South Africa or Japan and they love my dad. And so my memories are just more of how much he still resonates with people even after 33 years. FPD: There is no escaping the fact that you are the great Donny Hathaway’s daughter. How did you go about filling your own stilettos? LH: I don’t have that thing. I had my name when I was born and that was the only person that I was. There were no options. This is just who I am. And really growing up, I was not aware that my father was famous. And I am still evolving into that and I think we all are. I don’t have things that I am Donny Hathaway’s daughter. How do you keep his music alive outside of the normal things you do every day? LH: Gosh, let me figure out what normal things I do (laughing). There are four normal things I do. I really just try to maintain my life, maintain my health and my relationships with people, and have fun. FPD: You will be in Detroit for the NEO Soul experience on Jan. 20. What are you looking for your audience to give you?

LH: Energy. It is all about energy and when you’re in Detroit, you never have to question that. Last time I was here at Chene Park, a lady walked on stage. That was very frightening. It is so scary in the moment. It was quite alarming and had my background singer not come up, I just don’t know. So don’t walk on the stage, Detroit. Stay in your seats. Stand up and sing along but don’t come on the stage. FPD: You are very active on Twitter and you are quite the comedian. Is that a relaxation tool for you? LH: It is. I’ve had the website since 1998 and it’s still there. And it was basically Twitter before Twitter. I’ve had a place on the web for the last 13 years. I’ve always been very active and into the social scene and connecting with the fans and finding out what’s up in the city, what people are watching, like Housewives or Basketball Wives. I just found out about Catfish. It’s a show for Internet daters. FPD: What has been your proudest moment in the industry? LH: The song I sang with Kirk Whalum actually won a Grammy. I have had so many proud moments. I have opened for Prince, which was one the realest, proudest and dreamiest moments ever. Anita Baker had me come out last year at the Hollywood Bowl and sing Angel with her, which was a dream for me in the eighth grade with a brush in my room. I have recorded with Take 6 and have been making my own records for 23 years and even though I have producers, I also produce myself. So many people say I am so underrated and I do not feel like I am. I am highly rated but only 17 people are rating me. That is the difference. I feel like I am underexposed, but in terms of who I am and what I do, I am extremely proud of my art and I am evolving as an artist. I am going to continue to get better and go deeper. I would like a million people to see it. FPD: What’s one thing you would want your mom and dad to know about you today about how they impacted your career? LH: I just try to be honest and real. And my mom travels with me. She’s not here today but she will be back when I come with Rahsaan. Just that I am representing them in the best light that I can. It is very important for me to show up on time, to be great. And I never want anyone to come to a show and say that it was okay. I never want that. I love it when we ask the people are there any firsttimers and we get them and that’s great. Then we ask if there are second, third and fourth-timers. I just want them to keep coming back. And over the last 23 years there are some folks that have stuck with me. I am just trying to build on the legacy that they started. If people listen to my records, that will tell them everything about me. Experience a soulful night of music and rhythm with Lalah Hathaway, Rahsaan Patterson, Raheem DeVauhgn and Leela James at Detroit’s NEO Soul concert Sunday, Jan. 20, at 7 p.m., at the Detroit Opera House. Stay connected with Lalah on Twitter @lalahhathaway, and on Facebook.

Jan. 16 - 22, 2013 |


Relationship Advice

Do All Men Really Cheat? By Cornell C. Batie and Leslie J. Griffin


o all men cheat? The question remains unanswered. Society has painted an unfortunate and distorted picture of men, causing many women to think that all men are dogs. At the same time, society often has men believing that cheating is a normal part of their DNA or that such behavior is expected and allowable simply because of gender. For years this myth has bombarded and challenged the unions of couples across the globe. Such information is displayed throughout magazines, social media, television, family, friends and associates and creates an automatic barrier between the sexes. The real and fortunate truth is that all men do not cheat, all men are not prone to cheating and every relationship does not experience a breach in trust. Although cheating is a prevalent problem in some relationships, there are just as many occurrences of fidelity. It is therefore necessary to define cheating as a willful decision to break trust granted by a committed partner. The reasons behind the behavior can stem from challenges experienced in one’s personal journey or in a relationship, yet the bottom line is that the act itself is a decision.

Reasons why a cheater cheats We learned in economics that there is no such thing as a free lunch. It is often suggested that men who were not raised in two-parent homes are more likely to cheat as they did not witness a loving example of a married man and woman who remained committed to each other. Studies have shown that very early on, some men were actually taught to have as many women as they wanted and that this is what made them real men. On the other hand, some men have emulated their fathers or mothers who perhaps battled with being faithful. While all of these variables exist, they have been used as passes far too long. Environment does not absolve adult actions. When perceptions are not dealt with they often become reality. False perception breeds false reality. Dealing with perceptions will take some time to unlearn but can be done. With regard to infidelity, it is important to know that a decision can be made not to. It is important to discuss situations in detail that could cause a breach in trust. Every aspect of the relationship has to be valued by both people at the same intensity to have a successful outcome. Become more aware of your mate through communication. Create an environment that does not put your union at risk and never assume anything. When in doubt, always ask. Stay tuned for next week’s article where we cover how one can make better choices to lessen the occurrences of cheating or eliminate them altogether.


| Jan. 16 - 22, 2013

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17th Annual Urban Wheel Awards

C Designer of the Year Crystal Windham, director of Design. GM North American Passenger Car Interiors.

elebrating diversity in the automotive industry, the 17th annual Urban Wheel Awards kicked off to the highly anticipated North American International Auto Show. The Urban Wheel Awards, hosted by Niecy Nash and Edwards James Olmos, brought awareness and appreciation to parts of the automotive industry like technology, finance, auto shows and customer service. Special guest appearances included Detroit’s own gospel singer and Grammy Award winner Vickie Winans and R&B singer K’Jon.

Executive of the Year Alicia Boler-Davis, vice president of Global Quality and U.S Customer Experience, General Motors Co.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson and Urban Wheel Awards host Edward James Olmos.

Randi Payton, founder of Urban Wheel Awards/president of Decisive Media, and the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

National Gospel Recording artist Vickie Winans and Niecy Nash.

Urban Wheel Awards host Vicki Winans and Jamie Foster Brown, publisher, Sister 2 Sister Magazine.

Asian Dealer of the Year Lori Lum Toyooka, president and general manager of Lum’s Auto Center, Warrenton, OR.

Jan. 16 - 22, 2013 |


5.3 in.

Weekly Guide

1/16 Pathways to Freedom in Americas

10.5 in.

The Underground Railroad story is usually told with escaped slaves fleeing north for freedom. Come and check out an exhibition showing the path many slaves took south to Mexico for their independence. Using videos, maps, photographs, art and music showcase interactively lets the viewer understand the route less talked about. For more information contact the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History directly at 313-494-5800 or visit its website at This is an ongoing exhibition running until March 31.


Motor City Muse

The Detroit Institute of Arts is hosting a stirring exhibition of photos of Detroit, capturing the past and present. Comprised of over 100 photographs highlighting the evolution of Detroit, the exhibition is a complete project of nostalgia and present-day living. On display will be the ever-changing landscape, people and auto industry that makes up the Motor City. This is an ongoing exhibition that will run until mid June. For more information contact the DIA at 313-833-7900 or visit



Young Professional Fridays

Hilberry Theatre is hosting a 17-week series every Friday night for young professionals to enjoy a night of theatre, dinner, drinks and networking. Every Friday the group will meet at the Bronx Bar for pre-show dinner and drinks. After the show, go to 3rd Street Bar for a post-show event to chat with peers over drinks. This looks to be an exciting time for any young professional looking to have a good time while also mixing and mingling. Young Professional Fridays begin at 8 p.m. For information about ticket prices and for more details, visit or call 313-577-2972.


Eisenhower Dance

Metro Detroit-based contemporary dance company Eisenhower Dance Ensemble will be setting the stage ablaze with a passionate and delightful performance entitled Red, Hot and Blue. Constructed by nationally recognized choreographers, this artfully rich show looks to be a definite crowd pleaser. For more information visit or call the Detroit Opera House at 313-237-7464.

1/19 - 27

North American International Auto Show

Dating back to its start in 1907, the exhibition we’ve all come to know and love, the Auto Show, has seen many changes good and bad to become the internationally recognized grand affair it is today. This year’s show will once again take place at Cobo Center and showcase automobiles, concepts and designs from some of the leading and most trusted names in the car industry. For more information about times, tickets or just to check out pictures of highlights from years before, call 248-283-5173 or check out


Night of NEO Soul


The Detroit Opera House is hosting an evening of stunning performances from critically acclaimed singers Leela James, Rashaan Patterson, Raheem DeVaughn and Lalah Hathaway. Together they will create a night of soulful lyrics and songs bringing to life the neo-soul genre. For more information contact the Opera House box office at 313-2377464 or visit

To submit your event and calendar listings send to


| Jan. 16 - 22, 2013

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Jan. 16 - 22, 2013 |



| Jan. 16 - 22, 2013

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FPD Digital Daily 1/16/13

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