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Feb 13 - 19, 2013 • Vol. 12 • I. 49

Întö thè Mînd øf Ms. ßådü ∫

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03 What Happened to My Paycheck?


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06 Into The Mind of Ms. Badu [Relationship Advice] 08 Read The Signs

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Guest Preacher

Dr. Robert Brumfield, Pastor


| Feb. 13 - 19, 2013

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What Happened To My Paycheck? takehome pay under the payroll tax holiday. According to the February 7, Wall Street Journal article “Tax Holiday Ends, Customers Skimp,” the impact of the payroll tax holiday expiration complicates budgets even more because the price of gas is also going up. Gas is up 7% this year. What does this mean for you now? You need to reevaluate your spending habits with the new income levels. For example, if you have an income of $75,000 then, assuming no pre-tax retirement savings or other pre-tax items that reduce your adjusted gross income, your after-tax income will be $1,500 less per year ($125 per month). As you go through your spending look for items or services that you started to buy in 2011. These are good candidates for elimination because you lived without them before. Also, look to see if you can eliminate waste in your budget. Do you frequently waste food or buy clothing that you will never wear? Can you reduce the number of times that you buy lunch or go out to dinner? Pay attention to the small expenses because they will add up. It may be painful now but eventually you will adjust to your revised spending habits.FPD

By Aisha Taylor I’ve had many conversations with my friends since the beginning of the year and almost all of them inevitably included the question: “What happened to my paycheck?” As many of you have already noticed, your paycheck has shrunk between the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013. My friend and I had a 30-minute vent session about how many things we won’t be able to do or buy because our paychecks are smaller. Most people did not realize that the fiscal cliff discussions only focused on the Bushera tax implications on the marginal income. Marginal tax is the tax paid on each additional dollar of income. The discussions late last year were primarily aimed at raising the marginal tax rate for the wealthier Americans. What most people didn’t realize was that the payroll tax holiday would not be extended, which resulted in a tax increase for all Americans who pay the payroll tax. Payroll tax generally appears on most pay stubs as FICA and it is comprised of two parts: 6.2% for Social Security (up to $$113,700 in income) and 1.45% (unlimited income) to fund Medicare. Therefore, the total employee responsibility is 7.65%. The employer also pays 7.65% for a grand total 15.3%. For 2011 and 2012, the government reduced the employee paid Social Security portion of the payroll tax by two percentage points from 6.2% to 4.2% to stimulate the economy. This resulted in an additional 2% of take home pay for everyone who pays payroll tax. This holiday was scheduled to expire in 2011 but was extended to 2012. However, the payroll tax holiday was allowed to expire in 2012. This resulted in a decrease between $20 per month to $200 per month depending on income level. Although this was a temporary tax holiday, most people got used to their new

Feb. 13 - 19, 2013 |



Work Out Where? By Cieara Wilson Don’t let the cold weather and snow fool you. Warm and sunny days are rapidly approaching. The first day of spring is nearly a month away so now is the perfect time to get your body into top-notch shape before the layers come off. With fitness and working out being all the rave, sometimes finding the right place to get fit can be a bit intimidating and cumbersome. So we’ve helped you out by finding and comparing some of the most popular gyms in our area. Burn those calories and sculpt those abs and get ready to look summertime fine.

L.A. Fitness Price

• One gym membership for $39.99 per month • $0 initiation fee, $39.99 dues • Total initial payment: $79.98 per person


• Heated lap pool, whirlpool, saunas • Free yoga, cycling, mat pilates, kick box cardio classes • Juice Bar • Full locker facilities • Personal trainers (on site) • Kids Club (babysitting) • *Amenities vary by location; call specific gym for details


• Allen Park (248) 254-4411 • Bloomfield Hills (248) 630-2720 • Livonia (734) 956-9914 • Royal Oak (248) 565-2750 • Southfield (248) 436-0157


• Monday-Thursday 5 a.m.- 12 a.m. • Friday- 5 a.m.-10 p.m. • Saturday-Sunday 8 a.m.- 8 p.m.


| Feb. 13 - 19, 2013

Planet Fitness Price

• $10 start-up fee per person • $10 monthly • Annual Membership fee $29.00


• Pay as you go • Bring a friend; guest passes included with membership • Free T-shirt • Unlimited fitness training


• Canton (734) 737-0380 • Dearborn (313) 982-0224 • Farmington Hills (248) 987-4800 • Novi (248) 668-1100 • Southfield (248) 327-6131

Hours • Open 24 hours Monday-Friday • Saturday, Sunday 7 a.m.- 7 p.m.

Lifetime Fitness Price

• $229 start-up cost per person • $68 month for access to one gym location • $73 month for access to all gym locations


• Luxurious locker rooms • Life Café and Life Spa • Outdoor/indoor pools and saunas • Yoga, pilates, cycling, tennis classes • Rock climbing • Basketball and racquet courts • Child Care Center (on-site babysitting) • *Amenities vary by location; call specific gym for details


• Canton (734) 394-2800 • Commerce Township (248) 960-0955 • Novi (248) 735-0100 • Rochester Hills (248) 601-9400 • Troy (248) 267-1000


• Open 24 Hours FPD

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Cover Story

Întö thè Mînd øf Ms. ßådü By Leslie J. Griffin Her music has captured audiences around the world. Grammy Awardwinning singer, poet, artist and activist Erykah Badu is just as versatile as her lyrics. FRONTPAGE Detroit caught up with the talented artist for an in-depth look at her career, lovelife and plans for marriage, and why family will always come before her music.


| Feb.13 - 19, 2013

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Cover Story Your music is more like an experience with its own identity. Talk about how you created this Badu world. I really can’t explain it. It’s just how they made me and I am being honest with expressing who I am and with everything that I do through my art, my community service and through being a mom. What inspires your creativity for lyrics and instrumentation? Everything inspires me. The birds outside my window. They wake me up every day with the same melody and the same song. I’m sure there are memoirs of that in my music. A couple of episodes of Scooby Doo also inspires me. How do you feel your music has served to connect people of different walks of life? I do that with faith. I never underestimate the people’s ability to deem my truth as relevant. Being able to speaking from my heart is a gift [because]I have a a platform to say what people are not able to say. To say things that people need to hear at the time, is like therapy for me. Speaking of faith, is there one particular faith that you go by? No. Not at all. I am a magnitude of God, period. And that’s in any shape and form. I just encourage people that when they practice loving God and people that they truly practice it. You’ve remained consistent to your name, style, fashion and brand. What has been your formula for doing so? Just following my heart and trying not to be influenced by what others expect of me. And just trying not to limit myself by what I think and trying not to believe everything of what I think about myself. You know half of the bad things people say and half of the good things people say. Just trying to maintain my focus and know who I am at all times. And my style and tastes follow me. Talk about your desire to delve more into relationships and romanticism on Amerykah Part II. Well on every album I will talk about a plethora of things and sometimes a variety of things that I am going through as a person and with each stage of my life. I had so much to say at that time in 2008 until I had to split my albums. There was not enough space. I decided to split them sonically and frequency wise in terms of the way they feel and lyrically. In part one, it was social and political. It was me standing on an apex looking at everything in and around me in my world. Part two was me coming from a place inside of myself and expressing the things I felt about my world. Have you found it difficult sometimes to have a relationship and have a relationship with the industry at the same time? Well, it’s definitely not as easy. I’m never really had a relationship outside of the music business. I am

assuming that everyone has their difficulties. But one thing that I do know from being in this business is that it really evolves you quicker. Then we get so much more responsibility and it grows you a little quicker. I find that in my career when we as women aspire to education and career, it takes me a little longer to understand the romantic relationship part because I’ve never really focused on that. So I would say that it is a little more difficult because of my focus of my music and education. I could probably balance it out a little more and give more in that area. Will you ever get married and have more children? Is that something you want to do? It’s whatever the Most High decides for me. I’ve never chosen to fall in love or out of love. So it’s something that happens when we are experimenting with love and relationships. Right now, I am in a place where I am a lot more open than I used to be. So who knows? I know what I want and that should be first. Can you explain the inspiration behind your controversial music video, Window Seat? Throughout the video you take off layers of clothing and become completely naked and at the end you fall to the ground. What is the real message? In the traditional art of Josephine Baker and Nina Simone there is a form of art called performance art where you act out a certain scene in order to bring focus to the topic at hand. I wanted to bring focus to a topic called groupthink. Groupthink is a term coined by Sociologist and philosopher Irving Janis in 1972 and it simply means that different people are afraid to individually speak out against groups because they are afraid of being ostracized, assassinated, turned away or singled out. All of those things that we fear from wanting to fit in. We do not want to be seen as crazy, different or uncooperative. So Janis gathered that the people who do not speak out are just as guilty as those who are committing offenses because when you do not speak out, you are doing a great disservice to society. It keeps us stagnant when we try to keep up with everyone else. And I did take that walk and it was an impromptu video. I was mainly concerned getting caught by the police and being in trouble. I was paranoid. It was a scary thing shedding my clothing in public. But as an artist and a performance artist, it was a form of protest and activism. I expected people to feel it, understand it and be confused and offended. Whether they felt it or not, the object of performance art is to create dialogue that suggests I don’t this or that. People may get the message. As I shed each piece of clothing, I shed a form of thinking brought on by society that no longer involves me. And as I stood clearly naked, unashamed and free of thought patterns that hinder us. People are confused about nudity in America when it is not fashioned for the consumption of male entertainment. It gives it more edge and gives me an advantage as an artist to encourage others to speak out because you cannot censor art.

What are some things that you’ve seen in the industry that’s made you either want to stop or really keep going? What are some of the highs and lows? Well, I do not really pay attention to what’s going on in the industry. It’s my job and what I do, but my main focuses are my children and making sure that their well-being is taken care of. I am drawn to the comments of the people are how they feel more so than the industry. You’ve worked with almost everyone in the industry. Is there anyone that you haven’t worked with that you still want to? I have to think about it. There are so many wonderful artists today that inspire me. What’s going through your mind when you are on stage in front of thousands? It depends on the day. Sometimes it just depends on where I am. But once I start singing, I am only thinking about that. As a woman, did something change when you turned 40? Yes. A lot of things changed. First it was the psychological part of it. I kind of felt like the music has an age with the industry. Music has an age and a gender, it has a perfect weight and size and color. I did feel like I guess I will retire now. I traveled eight months out of the year for the past 15 years. I felt like I wanted to relax but for some reason I got so much more energy. I feel more youthful as a person. I’ve been the designated driver in my family and company for 20 years. I feel more like doing something fun. I have an “I don’t care what people think” feel. If you think I did not care before, I really do not care now. You shine and you feel good. Let’s go. How do you balance motherhood and the industry and do you want your children to be in the industry? I do not know. It is really too soon to say whether they will get into the industry. They are very talented. They are bound to do something creative with art with the subject. Whatever they want to be, I am here to guide them and encourage them just like my mom did us. I am here to protect them until they can protect themselves. Are there any new albums in the works for you? Always. I am always writing music and doing different projects. What’s your favorite part about Detroit? My favorite part about Detroit is my homies that live there and just riding around with them. FPD Erykah will ignite the stage at Detroit’s historical Masonic Temple on Saturday, February 16, 2013. Erykah believes in staying in touch with her listeners and tweets regularly. Connect with her @ fatbellybella on

Feb. 13 - 19, 2013 |


Relationship Advice

Read the Signs


By Leslie J. Griffin How many times have you gone out for a night on the town only to get to back to your car and find a parking ticket resting on your windshield? After a bit of fussing, you soon notice the “No Parking� sign a few feet away . Angry and flustered, you ponder how you missed the sign and realized you overlooked it with all of the excitement you anticipated. Now there is a consequence for your carelessness. Some of our relationships can be just like this, especially in the beginning when everything is new and exciting. The person can do no wrong and very often even the things you honestly do not care for seem really cute. Much like streets signs that are designed for our safety and direction, relationship signs offer the same benefits. Here are five of the most over looked poor relationships indicators. ONE WAY – Have you ever tried going in the opposite direction on a one-way street? It just won’t work and will almost always end up in a tragic crash. Some people are extremely one-sided in relationships. They want common courtesy and consideration but fail to give it. Relationships must involve mutual reciprocation, understanding, respect and communication. If they do not, then it is one-way. DO NOT ENTER – How many times have you known that becoming involved with a particular person would more than likely end in doom? But for whatever reason, you told yourself you could not be without them. Most of these experiences could be from someone who is still somewhat involved with another person and you find yourself waiting on them to give you 100 percent of their attention. In most cases, it does not happen and someone is left very disappointed. Never start interactions with someone who is interacting with someone else. DEAD END – Maybe you’ve just met what appears to be “the one� or the perfect person. The time you spend together is equivalent to that of a free trip to the Grand Cayman Islands. The only problem is that you want a relationship now and they are perfectly fine if they never even commit to recording their favorite television show. To become involved with them and try to change their views on having a committed relationship is futile. When someone tells you that they are not ready for a relationship, believe them and wait for the right situation. Placing yourself in something other than what you want is a breeding ground for disappointment and rejection. CONSTRUCTION/ROAD WORK – Almost everyone has encountered a sign in their relationship or potential relationship that indicated heavy construction was underway. Yet for whatever reason, we still proceeded without protective gear. We can often get into relationships knowing that the person needs a great deal of work, thus we commence to try and change them. In doing so, we are met with great resistance. Avoid jumping into a situation where you know you will spend more time pruning and finetuning rather than enjoying them. STOP – I saved this one for last because we have all gone through some of the biggest STOP signs ever in our relationships. This indicator does not even require a lot of dialogue. When you see things that could cause physical, emotional, financial, social or psychological harm to your well-being, stop! It’s that simple. Do not proceed. Turn around and go in the other direction. FPD

Happy living and loving.


Today many are struggling to pay property taxes. State law requires that delinquent taxes, fees, and interest be paid in full. Wayne County Treasurer Ray Wojtowicz has created programs to assist you in addressing delinquent property taxes and avoiding foreclosure. The Treasurer offers two assistance programs allowing additional time to make payments. Those who own and live in a property as their primary residence may qualify for a one year Distressed Owner Occupant Extension. Apply by March 15. Property owners must provide copies of their recorded deed or land contract, utility bill sent to the address, state issued license or ID and income verification. Also you may qualify for a program that would pay the delinquent taxes for you. Contact Step Forward Michigan at

The Stipulated Payment Agreement is available for all residential and commercial property. Taxes owed for 2010 and prior years are combined and divided into four payments at 20% each and a final payment for the remaining balance. Payments are due February 4, April 8, June 3, August 5 and October 7. Money orders and certified checks made payable to the Wayne County Treasurer will be accepted for tax payment. To better serve you, Wayne County Treasurer Ray Wojtowicz and Wayne County Community College District present Property Taxpayer Assistance Saturdays during the month of February at four WCCCD campus locations. The Wayne County Treasurer will have representatives onsite to collect taxes and explain assistance plan options. If you owe 2010 and prior year property taxes, visit a campus near you. Each session will be held from 10:00 am. to 2:00 pm.

For additional information, email, visit or call 313.224-5990. Help us help you avoid foreclosure.

Property Taxpayer Assistance Saturdays at WCCCD BNUPQNr%PPST$MPTFBUQN

DETROIT DOWNTOWN CAMPUS 1001 West Fort St. – February 16th DETROIT NORTHWEST CAMPUS 8200 West Outer Drive – February 23rd Save Time Pay Online


| Feb. 13 - 19, 2013

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Weekly Guide

THE LION KING Based on one of Disney’s most successful and heartwarming stories, The Lion King on Broadway tells the tale of lion cub Simba who deals with growing up and understanding who he is after the death of his father, King Mufasa. This two-hour and four-minute show is a larger-than-life stage performance of vibrant colors and an exceptional music score. For more information contact the Detroit Opera House directly at 313- 237-7464 or visit their website at


ARABIAN NIGHTS Now through February 17th, the Bonstelle Theater stage will be home to the groundbreaking play Arabian Nights. Directed by Tony Award-winning Mary Zimmerman, Arabian Nights is a magical performance of colorful drama and splendor. Based on the book The Thousand Nights and One Night, the story tells of a young maiden who goes on a journey of oral tradition. Both captivating and resonating, seeing Arabian Nights is definitely worthwhile! For more information contact the theatre box office directly at 313-577-2960 or visit


MAROON 5 ON VALENTINES DAY Three-time Grammy Award-winning pop group Maroon 5 will be performing live at the Palace of Auburn Hills on Valentine’s Day. What’s more romantic than singing along with Maroon 5 with the one you love? The group is currently on their fourth worldwide tour entitled “Overexposed” after their latest studio album released in 2012. Singles the band is most famous for are She Will Be Loved and This Love from their 2002 album Songs About Jane, and more recently Payphone and One More Night from Overexposed. For more information visit


VALENTINE’S DAY LOVE AND HAPPINESS CONCERT Celebrate Valentine’s Day family style at the Charles H. Wright Museum for the Valentine’s Day Love and Happiness Concert featuring Gordon Chambers and Vickie Winans. From 6 p.m.- 7 p.m, kids have the opportunity to get complimentary Valentine’s Day treats then the concert starts shortly after that. This is a free event from 6 p.m. until 8:30 p.m., bring your special Valentine kids or family. For more information visit


ERYKAH BADU Soulful and sultry, lyrical songstress Erykah Badu will be lighting up the Masonic Temple stage Saturday night. This talented neo-soul artist has always walked to the beat of her own, constantly pushes the limits both on and off stage. Her most recent single Windowseat is a fan favorite and even after two years since its release still gets heavy radio play. The show starts at 8:30 p.m. For more information and tickets contact the Masonic Temple box office directly at 313-832-7100 or visit


MY BROTHER MARVIN Based on firsthand accounts from Marvin Gaye’s sister, Zeola Gaye, My Brother Marvin is a stage play that brings to life the secret struggles and internal battles and fears of the late legendary Marvin Gaye. Starring Emmy Award-winning Lynn Whitfield and R&B voice Keith Washington, My Brother Marvin is the never-been-told story of a musical icon that touched the lives of many across the globe. For more information and tickets visit or call the Fisher Theatre box office directly at 313-872-1000. Tickets start at $39.50 FPD



| Feb. 13 - 19, 2013

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Classified ADOPTION



ADOPT- WE PROMISE TO GIVE YOUR BABY a life filled with love and happiness. Expenses paid. Marygrace & Eddie (888) 220-2030.

AIRLINES ARE HIRING - Train for high paying Aviation Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified - Job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance 877-891-2281.

personal services

ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE FROM HOME. *Medical, *Business, *Criminal Justice, *Hospitality. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV certified. Call 877-8951828

Harrison W. Munson, P.C. First National Building 660 Woodward Ave., Suite 1545 1037 Detroit, MI 48226-3516 (313) 965-0555 Telephone (313) 965-0557 Facsimile (248) 276-9327 Nights & Weekends


No Mail Answered 2742 Monroe St., Toledo, Ohio • 1-419-248-2145


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Joseph Stinson Chapel 1540 W. Grand Blvd. (313) 894-0933 Sulee Stinson Chapel 16540 Meyers (313) 863-7300 Stinson-Diggs Chapel 1939 S. Fort St. (313) 386-8200

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Feb. 13 -19, 2013 |


FPD Digital Edition 2/13/13  

FPD Digital Edition 2/13/13

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