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March 06, 2013

Free Tax Help Students’ Well Being Ways to get Helping students stay balanced Rachel Padro Staff Reporter Counseling and Stress Management services are free to FRCC students and resources for students struggling with depression are abundant. The FRCC website says, “We are committed to helping students achieve a balanced life. Services are free for FRCC students...” and these services include help with grief, crisis, or simple stress management, available to both individuals and groups. There are also mental health screenings, learning disability screenings, and referrals to other resources. Students can log onto the FRCC website to take a free and confidential screening of their mental health. This is available at:

counseling The FRCC Westminster contact for counseling is Amber Cross Thomas, who can be e-mailed at a.crossthomas@ or called at 303-404-5163. Appointments can be made for a counseling session at the welcome center. Students have options when they are depressed and must remember that they are not alone. Depression is far more rampant than might be expected, and can affect many people in many different ways. If a student is struggling, they can visit www. (A Charlie Waller Memorial Trust project) to learn about different kinds of depression, and get practical steps to take. If not dealt with, depression can develop from a state of mind to a condition. Many small steps can help tackle this problem. Some steps to consider are improved sleep, exercise, eating, and social life. Learn what to say yes to and when to say no . Switch from

depressing music to something more positive in outlook, and opt out of literature and movies that paint an all-dark picture of life. Spend less time with negative people and more with those who build you up. Students can also take some time out to evaluate their skills and dreams, to better unearth their purpose and direction in life. This will give a life a new level of meaning. A search on purpose and dreams in College Hill Library will yield useful results. All students should take simple actions to keep up good mental health. Consider applying some of the above suggestions, and visiting the Active Minds club on the Westminster Campus, which meets Wednesday mornings in Room S0117 from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.. If students are in serious mental danger, toying with thoughts of self harm and suicide, immediately get help. Call the Jefferson Mental Health suicide hotline at 1-800-273TALK (8255)

and Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve. For more information about resources available to veteran students contact Ashley Smith at Ashley.

Below: Bill Bingham, VFW life member and veteran FRCC student Tammy Shourds, discuss resources available as a veteran. Photo by Robin OConnell

Veteran’s Resource Fair The Veteran’s Club hosts event at FRCC

Robin OConnell Copy Editor The Veteran’s Club held a Veteran’s resource fair at FRCC-WC on February 26, 2013 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Ashley Smith, FRCC Veteran Services Advisor said, “... our goal is to bring resources together for students that they may not be aware are available to them.” There were representatives from the Denver Vet Center, the VA hospital, the VFW, Volunteers of America

help filing taxes this year

Rachel Padro Staff Reporter Are you looking for some free tax help? Here are some easy and free tax solutions. H&R Block claims to “File taxes your way,” and to have a solution for you whether this is your first time with basic tax returns, or you have a complicated tax situation. They always include a 100% guarantee, maximum refund guarantee, and free audit support. Stated in H&R’s fine print it says,“If H&R Block makes an error on your return we’ll pay resulting penalties and interest. If you use H&R Block tax software or online tax preparation solutions, we guarantee accurate calculations or we’ll reimburse resulting IRS penalties and interest charges (limits apply).” Their at-home and free service is perhaps best for first time tax filers. This product includes tax prep, printing, and e-file for free, 1 free e-mail or chat session of tax advice, and audit

support and representation. They will help you do your taxes with built-in expertise, and have help available for both individuals and businesses. Learn more at: http://www. Turbo Tax says, “It’s your money. Keep more of it with Turbo Tax.” The ‘free’ edition (as with everything, check the fine print) has just under 5 stars with 4,947 reviews. The steps are pretty simple. Gather up your W-2s and any other tax documents to get started. The people at turbo tax will ask you easy questions and get to know you. Then they will use this knowledge to help find the deductions and credits that apply. Turbo Tax says, “From a student’s loan interest to a teacher’s crayons, we’ll make sure you get every tax break you deserve.” Their help experts are there to answer questions in real-time. Turbo Tax guarantees the biggest tax refund, and with e-file, you will get it as quickly as possible. They can also have your refund directly deposited onto certain cards (Premier and Visa among them). Keep in mind that the IRS also offers free tax resources. For more information visit:

Minimum Wage Efforts to raise the Federal Minimum Wage Jessi Bass Editor in Chief During the State of the Union Address on February 12, 2013, President Barack Obama discussed political issues such as gun violence, the deficit, education, and others. One important proposal he made, directly impacts most of the middle class. During the address, Mr. Obama made the proposal to raise federal minimum wage to 9 dollars an hour, instead of the current $7.25 an hour. The President stated, “Anyone who works full time should not live in poverty.” This will directly impact the wages of not only college students, and young Americans, but will directly impact anyone who works for an hourly wage. Each state has its own minimum wage. For example, while the federal minimum

wage is 7.25 per hour, Colorado’s minimum wage is 7.78 per hour. Each state determines its minimum wage based on the living expenses of that state, however, it must always be at least as much the federal minimum wage. Mr. Obama is hoping that this increase in minimum wage will stimulate the middle class and develop an upward climb for the U.S. economy. In addition, he hopes it will help with the affordability of college in order to prepare Americans for new jobs in industries he is looking to invest in, such as clean energy, and education.

Current Minimum Wages Across the U.S.: Colorado: $7.64 Arizona: $7.80 California: $8.00 Oregon: $8.95 Vermont: $8.60 Washington: $9.19

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Hot Headlines Venezuela

World news update

Robin OConnell Copy Editor

Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan president continues to have breathing problems after cancer surgery left him with a respiratory infection.



March 06, 2013

The 9HealthFair is coming to Front Range Community College, and is looking for voluteers. If interested in volunteering, please email the following information to 9HealthFairFRCCWestminster@gmail. com by April 1st. (*Name *Email *Phone Number)


Over the weekend in northern Japan heavy snow fall and blizzard conditions claimed the lives of eight people.


After a mostly peaceful election to choose the next president, the Elections commission are beginning to count votes.

London Queen Elizabeth was treated and released at a London hospital for gastroenteritis, a viral stomach infection.

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The Front Page is still accepting donations to send overseas to the troops. We have been consistantly sending care packages thanks to your generous donations. We appreciate any donations that are made. There is still time. The donation box is outside of S0104. We just ask that the donations are appropriate and useful. Thank you again! Acceptable Items: • Drinks (Individual Packets) • Protein bars • Pretzels, dried fruits • Candy • Gum • Hot Sauce • Wet Wipes/ Foot Powder • Toothpaste/Floss etc. • Chap Stick • Hair Brushes or Combs • Nerf Balls • Playing Cards or Poker Chips • Puzzles • Soccer Balls • Word Puzzels/ Magazines (Please check expiration date on all food/drink items) Thank you for your generosity.

Kathy Bellis

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March 06, 2013

The Importance of Getting Sleep Student sleep habits, and the need for sleep Rachel Padro Staff Reporter “The average student is functioning with a clinical sleep disorder,” says LeeAnn Hamilton, assistant director of health promotion at the University of Arizona, in an interview with The Washington Times, “Sleep time… declined over the course of the academic year, while anxiety, depression and conflict with family, friends and roommates all rose.” Health experts went on to say that many issues in student’s lives cleared up once they began to get enough sleep. Brad Wolgast, a Delaware psychologist, says of depression and anxiety, “When you scratch the surface, 80 percent to 90 percent of the time you find a sleep problem as well.”

Lack of sleep can affect everything from relationships to academic standing, but how does one go about getting more of it? First, think of sleep not as an annoying necessity, but an indulgence., a trusted nonprofit resource, shares helpful tips and says that sleep experimentation should get you going. Understand that

Lizz Mullis Staff Reporter Gyms can be awful places for some of us. An enclosed area filled with people who all share at least one common purpose: fitness. Fitness that is shrouded in the scent of sweat infused rubber and the various smells of not quite fruit sports drinks, a.k.a, “The Gym.” Unfortunately, or fortunately for those who actually enjoy working out, while surrounded by sweaty people, public gyms are the only access to the ultimate selection of fitness equipment and the only way most people can get in shape. So whether or not that New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get fit lasted more than three weeks, now is a great time to get started on the long coveted title that comes with being healthy and fit. While the best way to go about this process might mean purchasing a gym membership, where there is a plethora of fitness equipment to choose from, keeping one in the gym for many hours. There are

Also, napping can be beneficial if early in the day and kept short; otherwise this will only deepen insomnia. Caffeine and smoking also contribute greatly to lack of sleep. One can cut out caffeine after lunch (the affects extend ten to twelve hours), and it may be best to quit smoking entirely (there are many sleep problems associated with smokers). Regularity to daily routine (exercise in the morning, homework mid morning, shifting into rest mode before bed) will help with regular sleep. Get into a cycle by increasing your sunlight exposure. Work in as much light as possible and spend as much time outside as possible. When it is dark,

turn off the television and the computer. This will allow your mind to shift into resting mode. Block out noise with soothing recordings or earplugs, and cover lights like digital clocks. A light snack before bed can also help with sleep, such as half a turkey sandwich, whole grain cereal, granola with yogurt, a banana, or a cup of herbal tea. Seek out tips that work for you, experiment, and then be consistent. You’re headed to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Conversely, if you are suffering from persistent fatigue in the day, sleep that never refreshes, frequent morning headaches, or falling asleep in the middle of daytime functions, consider seeing a professional.

Staff Excellence

A need for more sleep before school. Photo by Jessi Bass

Getting Fit The smart way to get in shape

everyone is different, and while things like reading a book may soothe some to sleep, it will keep others awake through to morning. Why not use some time off like the weekend to find out how much sleep your body naturally operates on? Go to bed the same time each night, and wake up without an alarm, naturally. Do this for several days to estimate how much your body needs. Then set a regular bed time and wake up time. If you are sleeping enough, you’ll wake up naturally, without needing an alarm. Waking up early on certain days and sleeping late on others sets the body in a cycle of too much and too little. This can throw health, outlook, and all else out of whack.

many ways to get in shape just by going outside. Yes, the great outdoors, believe it or not is the place where people, like the gladiators worked to get those amazing bodies. And this next fact might blow someone’s mind, but the outdoors are free. No cost. No limitations. Just the air to fill one’s lungs and propel the legs in a forward motion. Get together with some friends and add an element of friendly competition and go for a group run, a hike, even just a walk through the neighborhood to burn some calories and get the weight dropping and muscles building. Now when one is new to this kind of thing, it’s easy to worry and give up, if the actual process of figuring out what to do to get in shape results in few ideas. In this century that is only a pathetic excuse when something as great as the internet exists. There are millions of blogs, websites, and youtube videos that all give detailed workouts for anyone to try on their own. If sticking to a gym seems easier, make sure to check out the new gym plans here at FRCC and vote on March 5th-6th for the new improvements to the school. Always remember starting a new workout is the hardest part, but a simple thirty-minute work-out every other day will produce great results

A spotlight on Roger Sheff, Department of Campus Security and Preparedness Supervisor Kathy Bellis Assistant Editor

Growing up in Arvada, Colorado, the Department of Campus Security and Preparedness Supervisor, Roger Sheff, probably had no idea his future career would be so close to home. Although, if Sheff had his superpower wish come true, it wouldn’t matter how long of a commute he had for work. When asked who his favorite superhero is Sheff said, “Superman of course. Man I wish I could fly.” Sheff may not be able to fly but he does have some Superman qualities. His super ability is keeping FRCC safe, while taking classes at the same time. Sheff said, “I am graduating from Front Range Community College this semester.” The path that brought Sheff to FRCC actually started quite a long time ago. Sheff said, “I was a deputy Sheriff at Boulder County Sheriff’s department for 8 1/2 years in the late 80’s and early 90’s, until a head injury and a new baby took me away from that. During that same time, I took a class here at Front Range and thought it was a very nice place and the instructor was so helpful, something just clicked back

Roger Sheff in his office at Campus Security. then. After leaving the Sheriff’s department, I took a job at the City of Westminster as a clerk at City Park Recreation Center, after a year with the city I was given the opportunity to work in management and eventually I moved up to a position where I was responsible for managing the City Park Fitness Center. After leaving the city I began working in security at the system office, working as a Security I and then moving to Security II, as supervisor of the second shift. While working at the system office, I began taking classes at Front Range again and enjoyed the people so much that I knew that this was the place for me. Now I am here at Front Range, not only as a student but as the Campus Security Manager. I look forward to coming to work every day and assisting students, faculty, and staff with any issues they may have, and keeping the campus safe so that students can concentrate on their studies.” When asked why he decided to become the Department of Campus Security and Preparedness Supervisor, Sheff

Photo by Kathy Bellis

said, “I was the second shift supervisor at the Colorado Community College System office in Aurora and enjoyed that job very much; however I didn’t enjoy the 22 mile, one way commute each day. I said to myself one day after making it home on my motorcycle in a snow storm, that if the Security Supervisor job at FRCC ever opened up, I would apply for it.” His work credo is, “Always being willing to do any job you would ask your staff to do”, Sheff said. When it comes to campus security and preparedness Sheff said, “We are here to help you with anything that keeps you and others safe and secure while on campus, no question is a dumb question, if you have questions please come talk to us.” To the students of FRCC Sheff said, “Try to be the best you, that you can be every day, challenge yourself to learn something new every day and set small and large goals for yourself.”

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National League For Nursing Accrediting Commission BACHELOR OF SCIENCE NURSING ASSOCIATE DEGREE IN NURSING Just look at a small sample of employers that have hired our graduates St. Anthony Central Sky Ridge Medical North Valley Hospital Center Kaiser Permanente Denver Health Lutheran Medical Center Swedish Medical Center Rose Medical Center Denver School of Nursing is an Accredited Member ACCSC, Denver School of Nursing programs are approved by the Colorado State Board of Nursing. NLNAC, 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, Georgia 30326 Phone: 404-975-5000

March 06, 2013



The best ways to come up with ideas for class Rachel Padro Staff Reporter

Do you need help generating ideas for your next essay or project? Look no further! One of the easiest ways to get help generating ideas is simply to ask for it. Someone else can add a fresh perspective. Ask friends, family, or faculty if they have any ideas. Go to your instructor and ask about topics in the field that interest them. However, do not steal ideas from other students. Clustering has been around forever, and for good reason. Put a topic or topics that interest you in the center of a page, and circle it. Then draw a line connecting to a new circle, and write in that circle something that relates. Continue to branch out, until things get interesting. Make lists. Google interesting topics for (fill in the blanks) and scribble down anything that sticks out to you. Think about combing or adapting existing concepts or ideas. Come up with different angles. Instead of writing about someone’s life as a standalone, compare it with another’s. Look for something intriguing. If you have options, use them! Instead of writing about standard history topics, write about history mysteries. Rather than writing about standard science procedures, write about recently discovered top-secret projects. Always look for topics that interest you. Nothing can depress you faster than writing about something that is so dull it’s grating. With a little creativity this can almost always be avoided. There are exciting topics in most every avenue of life. To make things more interesting, you can think in reverse by challenging assumptions and rewording the idea. While brain storming, change your environment. Get your thoughts rolling with enjoyable

exercise, like walking or dancing. Get your creative juices pumping by working on something artistic, or eating an energy giving snack. Go outside for some fresh air and come back with a fresh mind. Consider preparing for assignments in advance. During class, use the back page of your notebook to scribble down anything mentioned that piques your interest. Return to this when coming up with ideas. Take some time to go ahead in the syllabus, and for each assignment scribble down several topic options to choose from, so that when the time comes you aren’t stumped for ideas. You can also keep a digital file of topics for current classes or future classes. Any time you come across an online topic that interests you, in anything from science to history or literature, copy it into your file. This will be a great resource to peruse when brainstorming. If projects are open to creativity, choose a different medium to present the information. Some examples seen right here at FRCC include: poetry for an English presentation, a funny song to help everyone internalize the topic, origami to portray cells, comics to play out a concept, students videos to bring awareness to a cause, a square dance portraying systems, and food from different time periods. The excitement of using something you love to bring an idea to life should get you rolling, and it draws in everyone else too (instructors included)!

Bible Club FOR MORE INFORMATION 303-292-0015 WWW.DENVERSCHOOLOFNURSING.EDU 1401 19th STREET, DENVER, CO 80202 (LOCATED 1 BLOCK FROM COORS FIELD) DSN is currently approved to train Veterans who qualify for VA Benefits! Financial aid available to those who qualify! FOR CONSUMER INFORMATION PLEASE GO TO:


A little look at FRCC’s Bible Club Kathy Bellis Assistant Editor

The Front Range Community College, Bible Club, meets at the Westminster Campus every Tuesday from 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.. The mission statement of the Bible Club is: To provide an opportunity for Bible believing students to meet each other; to provide an opportunity for students who are curious about the Bible to be exposed to it from a Christian perspective, and to provide opportunities for students to participate in community outreach events. Students interested in finding out more information about the Bible Club visit the Facebook page at http://www. or come to a meeting and get to know them in person.


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Ski Resort, Winter Park The Boulder Ski and Snowboarding season review Lizz Mullis Staff Reporter It is sometimes easy to forget just how beautiful the mountains are, both inside and out, until you venture to them. I traveled to our beautiful, Colorado mountains for a day, with a snowboard under my feet the day the blizzard hit and I lost myself in the sweet snow and forest of slopes. When I say I lost myself, I was literally lost for two hours on one of Winter Park’s trails, but I also forgot about the rest of the world and enjoyed some great boarding

Beautiful view in Winter Park

with equally great snowfall. This year was certainly a disappointment for those of us who love skiing and snowboarding, but I think as the season comes to a close it has only gotten better. I spent a day boarding in Winter Park and the only thing I was disappointed by was Winter Park itself, certainly not the abundance of fresh snow that day. Winter Park may have a reputable name as a great resort, but I don’t think it is the best mountain that Colorado has to offer. Winter Park has a large amount of flat greens that are beginner and ski friendly, but they are no fun for the snowboarders who didn’t make the trek to the Riders enjoy the slopes while they can mountain just to bunny hop this winter offer and I was not thoroughly their way down. However, Winter Park does have a lot to disappointed with my day. Getting lost is one thing, but I believe that getting lost on the trails is something that only happens to the. . . best of us. Winter Park may not be my favorite, but the weather lately has been suitable for some great runs for skiers and snowboarders alike. Colorado is the ski capital, so there are many great parks and resorts to try out. Get to the mountains before they close, and enjoy a few more rides that should make waiting this long for good snowfall totally worth it.

Photos by Lizz Mullis

March 06, 2013

International Film Festival Lizz Mullis

Staff Reporter Film festivals are truly the experience of a lifetime. An experience that is worth repeating over and over again. Boulder International Film festival, or BIFF, is a festival that I believe is going to continue to grow and attract more people and great films until it is in the running with the Sundance Film Festival. If that is the case, then it is a festival that you definitely want to start attending as soon as possible, even if it’s just to say, Oh yeah, the Boulder Film Festival? Well of course I’ve been there. . . This year BIFF’s attendance definitely showed an increase in popularity. Quickly selling out many screenings of films and filling up the after parties with many lively faces. The film line-up glittered, and the special programs and workshops were taught by commendable film teachers, directors and writers from all over. The celebrity attendees may not have been Kristen Stewart and Ryan Gosling, but one familiar face was Peter Fonda; two time academy award nominated actor, writer, and director who is especially known for his film, Easy Rider. Fonda graced the film

festival with his presence and also received BIFF’s pinnacle award for his impressive sixdecade career. The big thing that you need to know about film festivals is that they are where many of the good, usually independent films are first screened before going on to receive awards. Many of the films will not even have the chance to hit the big screen, so it’s quite the experience when you realize that you’re seeing a great documentary or foreign film that many will not have the chance to view. Although film festivals are much more than just bragging rights, as there were plenty of parties that went on before and after film screenings this year that provided great networking opportunities to meet people who are also interested in film. I wish I had the chance to see more of the films at this year’s BIFF, but of the few I did see, such as the German film, Lore, which was nominated for Australia’s equivalent to the Academy Awards and Blancanieves, which ended up winning the award for best feature film this year at BIFF, are films that cannot seem to escape my mind and should stay there for months or even years to come. My engaged mind is only one of many that are results of a great film festival.

Random Knowledge: Seeing Double Let’s see what FRCC has to say about Cloning Robin OConnell Copy Editor Alright FRCCians, If you could clone anyone, from anytime, who would you clone and why? I asked this very question to Kristin Cowin’s Psychology 102 class and you may be surprised by their response. Overwhelmingly, responses were weighted in the direction of Albert Einstein. Born on Pi day, 1879 (March 14, 1879), Einstein was a German born theoretical physicist that changed modern physics with his theory of

know, e = mc2. Applications of Einstein’s theories that we’d be lost without today include; television, remote controls, and even DVD players. Thank you Al, for creating the ability for future inventors to generate all the ingredients for couch potato-ing, it is perfect on cold, Colorado days. I wonder what he could’ve come up with in the 58 years since his death. The possibilities would be endless. Evidently the most important family member to many is Grandma. One reply stated, “I would clone my grandma, so she’d be here forever!!!” Well, that would certainly be a long time, but if she bakes cookies, knits, and has the ability to keep your parents in line; who wouldn’t want some more of that? I realize that I just made very generalized grandma statements, as even

my own grandma did none of those things, but man, could that woman shop! Now, if we are talking musically inclined, Tupac, Dean Martin, and John Lennon were suggested to be cloned. Imagine if you will, I ain’t mad at cha... ain’t that a kick in the head, and well, Imagine... all in an overlay process pairing the in your face honesty of Tupac with the big band style of Martin, and the peaceful message of Lennon. That would certainly be something to share with future generations. If we are talking beauty for beauties sake, art clones would certainly be welcomed. Frida Kahlo, Michelangelo, and Gustave Caillebotte were all suggested clones. There is no way to pick my favorite of the three, but if you are unfamiliar with Caillebotte’s

work, do yourself a favor and google his images. The realistic qualities of his impressionistic work will make you wonder if he wasn’t actually a master of photography. Still along the lines of beauty, one very specific response suggested cloning Channing Tatum, citing that, “...the world could use more beautiful people.” I couldn’t agree more about the world needing more beautiful people, although, I’m more a fan of the internal type of beauty. William Wallace, fighter of Scottish independence and GSP (Georges St-Pierre), Canadian MMA and current welterweight champion of the UFC, were suggested warrior-type clones. Do they allow blue face paint in MMA? That could be a pretty entertaining edition to the serious butt-kicking of the

UFC. To end on a peaceful note, Gandhi and Jesus were suggested clones. With hope that they could generate increased religious tolerance it is possible that their peaceful nature would be the change our world needs today. Although I wonder, if they were still walking earth would they have smart phones and Twitter accounts? I bet they could beat out Justin Bieber for the most twitter followers, easy! (Yes, at the time this article was written, Justin Bieber had the most twitter followers; 35,417,400 to be exact.) If you would like to share, create, or be a part of this business of random knowledge, send me a note with your idea/ suggestion and I’ll see what I can do. Frontpageinbox@

The Front Page

The Iceman A movie from the B.I.F.F. Lizz Mullis Staff Reporter The Iceman is not a story about a frozen man found in the mountains, or a superhero who shoots icicles of death at his foes, it a film based on the true story of Richard Kuklinski; the infamous contract killer whose gangster lifestyle came as news to his family when he was arrested in 1986 for the murder of an estimate of 100 people through many years of his work. This film is heavy. This film is dark. And this film has a certain quality of greatness about it, that can be pinpointed to Michael Shannon’s superb performance as Richard Kuklinski. The greatest part about this film lies in the performances. With a recognizable cast in roles different from their usual, Ray Liotta, Chris Evans, Winona Ryder, David Schwimmer, and even James Franco, it’s a film worth seeing just for the people in it. Before you see The Iceman,

I recommend you watch any movie that has Michael Shannon in it, preferably Take Shelter (2011) or Revolutionary Road (2008), and fall in love with his acting dexterity. Then go see The Iceman on its release date in May, you will not be disappointed by this film. Despite the areas in which The Iceman is lacking, Shannon’s acting is the primary reason for its greatness. This film excels at mirroring the two lives of Richard Kuklinski, but dramatically it lacks when it fades into the gangster story. I still recommend seeing this film for the elements of unique individuality that tell a shocking story of an ice cold killer. Just keep in mind that Kuklinski is not the hero that the film seems to make him out to be. At the end of the film I was inherently rooting for Michael Shannon’s character, and asking the filmgoers around me I learned I was not alone. Is this reassuring that most of us were siding with evil, or just the culminating work of good acting and filmmaking that I had previously thought to be lacking? Either way, go see this film and you can decide for yourself.


Kathy Bellis Assistant Editor

Maybe it was an overload of heart shaped chocolates, roses, and romance that sent me to the Redbox kiosk to rent horror movies, or maybe it’s just that I’m a self-proclaimed horror movie addict. Either way, the weekend following Valentine’s Day, I rented two horror movies and cuddled up with my sweetheart for some good, old fashioned blood and guts. One movie was pretty good, while the other was an epic failure. Let’s start with the one to avoid. Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines, starring Doug Bradley and Camilla Arfwedson, was the perfect recipe for a truly terrible horror movie experience. All extremely awful horror movies contain the same ingredients; bad acting, unrealistic blood and guts, nudity, and young people making stupid decisions. Wrong Turn 5 used every one of those ingredients to make a mind-numbingly stupid film. I personally love stories about

hillbilly cannibals from West Virginia, but it’s way past time to give up the Wrong Turn series once and for all. My pick for best horror/ thriller is House at the End of the Street, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Max Thieriot. The acting in this movie set the A+ standard right from the very beginning. Jennifer Lawrence was spectacular as usual, but it was Max Thieriot that stole the show. He was sweet, sad, and incredibly creepy all at the same time. Although it wasn’t full of great bloody images, it surpassed the creepy standard with flying colors. The only negative thing I have to say about this disturbing thriller is that it was a bit too obvious. A little more twists and turns in the plot line and this movie would have landed a permanent position in my DVD collection. Personally, my horror movie motto is, a terrible horror movie beats a great romance movie any day of the week! With that in mind I recommend renting both movies! Only true horror movie fans can appreciate the beauty that is made from mixing bad acting, bad character decisions, and bad screenplays with the sick mind of a horror movie director and producer. Happy horror movie viewing!


White Flag Raised A closer look at the local band, White Flag Raised Jessi Bass Editor in Chief On Saturday, February 23rd, a local band, White Flag Raised, played a show at Moe’s Barbeque in Denver. Along with White Flag Raised, the bands who played were: Syke 96, Goodnight Gravity, and The Coast is Ours. White Flag Raised is a local band made up of Ben Weir, Joshua Smith, Chris Krieger, and Jordan Kirkbride. The band was started in September of 2011. Sitting down with Ben Weir, The Front Page got to learn a little more about this lead

singer. Before the band was developed, Weir was originally influenced by the band MXPX. “Their lead singer was also a bass player, I just wanted to be like him,” said Weir. “I would say we play mostly pop-punk, but I get my influences from all kinds of music.” The band is fairly new, but already is playing shows very frequently. While the band does a couple covers, they also pride themselves on writing their

own music. “My favorite song we play right now is fairly new, it is called Broaden Your Horizon. It is about how people are too trapped in their daily routines that they overlook some of the most important things in their lives,” said Weir. The band is playing several shows. The next show is March 9th at the D-note, in Arvada. “It isn’t up to me, it is God’s will wherever we go next,” said Weir about the future of White Flag Raised. For more information and a sound bite of White Flag Raised go to http://

Bottom: Lead singer and Bass player, Ben Weir. Left: Ben Weir, along with the rest of the band. Photos by Jessi Bass

Upcoming shows for White Flag Raised: March 9-The D-Note in Arvada April 23- The Roxy Theater in Denver For more info like their facebook page at WhiteFlagRaised

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March 06, 2013

85th Academy Awards Not so awarding for some Lizz Mullis Staff Reporter By the time the three hour mark hit the Academy Awards on Sunday night, I was asleep. All the glittering dresses and pretty faces and excited wins were not enough to keep me interested in the long event that was the 85th Academy Awards. While I’m sure it was a rewarding and happy time for those actually present at the ceremony, I felt bored and unentertained. I wondered why I was even watching this group of talented film makers walk up and down a stage, clapping their hands and fake laughing at Seth MacFarlane’s jokes. There were killer performances of Skyfall and Goldfinger, to tie

in with the Tribute to 50 years of Bond, but not even those performances helped give the awards show the extra “umph” it needed. Seth MacFarlane opened the show, seeming to foreshadow the rest of it with his opening monologue and number that dragged on amidst a few witty jokes. The rest of the show certainly had its positive and negative aspects, with Life of Pi and Argo pulling in the most wins. The award show had a theme this year, music and rock ‘n roll in film, however one could argue that there was a sub theme of long, flowing hair that was very visible in some of the men Oscar winners. . . And while the Oscars may not have been that lively for those watching, no one expressed more annoyance and boredom than Kristin Stewart, who looked and sounded like the unhappiest person in the world, perhaps she’s missing her Twilight days.

The rest of the night was characterized by the various award presenters and then the speeches that, of course, came along with each winner. Anne Hathaway won in the Best Supporting Actress category which came as no surprise to anyone, except Anne, as she unpreparedly remembered her never-ending list of names to thank. This year my award for best speech giver goes to Quentin Tarantino, when he won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Tarantino brought personality and life to his speech as he wasn’t afraid to say that the screenplay was great because of him, and then the actors that gave it life. I only wish that the show could have ended like his speech did, with a “Peace out!” and a quick little jog off the stage.



The Front Page

March 06, 2013

As Seen Around Ask Gafford FRCC Guess where

Dear Gafford, My old flame has been “liking” all my Facebook statuses recently. We haven’t seen each other in a long time, barely texted, but when we have he didn’t seem interested. I “like” and comment on his stuff every once in a while, but not all of it. So what does this mean!? Is he interested? Does all his “liking” mean he “likes” me? Is he trying to keep reminding me of him? What is happening!? Sincerely, --In-Like

these photos were taken

Dear “In-Like” It makes me proud to see how far this world has come, when communication has been compressed down to “liking.” You ask me if “liking” is a romantic form of communication? Is this boy interested again? No, probably not. Have you thought about all the work it takes to like anything on Facebook? One click. Then a scroll of the mouse as one continues on with their day. This old flame, as you call him, probably lost interest in you when he saw how analytically attentive you are to every detail. Sure, “liking” can mean something for some people, those people being middle schoolers who post their infamous mirror “selfies” in order to attract “likes”, or they post a series of letters that all stand for words and everyone has a good “haha”, but you are now a college student, you are past that. As to answer your question, “What is happening?” Well maybe he thinks you are funny! Maybe you have been posting quotes that he relates to, or they provide him some inspiration, so his “like” is just representative of a simple thank-you as he goes on with his day. Isn’t that the basis of all quotes anyway? Be a little more confident in yourself and simply take a “like” as it is. Now if I’m wrong and he is interested, then make sure NOT to invite me to your wedding. Cheers, PortmontHireAdFinal.pdf 1 2/28/13 3:53 PM Gafford.

Overheard in the Offi ce A random look into The Front Page office.

My short fat toes do anything I tell them, but the long ones can’t do anything

Just throw a Girl Scout Cookie down there. She will pick that up.

I’m pretty sure she is super mad about being alive. I just wanted to see if your redneck voice would come out. -What would you done different? Do you ever pick up things when vaccuming and throw them back down?




You know what?! I didn’t really have anything. I just say that while I think of a comeback.






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