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February 06, 2013

New Student Orientation Leadership Front Range Opportunities welcomes Leadership Programs

new students Robin OConnell

Robin OConnell

Copy Editor On January 16, 2013, Front Range Community College, Westminster Campus, had two New Student Orientation sessions. The 9 a.m. session was attended by 124 new students and guests and the 6pm session was attended by 80. Speakers included Vice President of the Westminster Campus and Brighton Center; Therese Brown, Director of Student Life; Amy Rosdil, and Coordinator of Student Activities; Jason Wright. The speakers incorporated information about FRCC history, time management, and available student services on

Copy Editor

New Students line up at orientation. Photo by Robin OConnell campus. were a FRCC-WC information Those that attended the new folder, a water bottle, a FRCC student orientation were able pen and a notepad, as well as a to gain some insight on their few snacks. college adventure as well as As a crucial part of the New share the experience with their Student Orientation, FRCC’s family/friend support system. O-Crew, Orientation Crew All new students that attended Student Leaders, served as the orientation received a small group leaders as they goodie bag with items included toured the new students around to foster student success. Some the school. Welcome new of the items in the goodie bag FRCC students, and good luck!

Student Voting Information Information on the proposal for new student fees Kathy Bellis

Assistant Editor On March 5th and 6th, 2013 from 9:00AM to 2:00PM and 4:00PM to 7:00PM, students of the Westminster Campus will be able to vote on a new student fee proposal. Voting will take place in the Campus Center hallway. To view the proposed concept drawings, visit the display outside of the Student Life office during the first week of February. The new fee will be $4.00 per credit (up to 12 credits) and will fund: · Parking lot safety improvements including a new stoplight and pedestrian walkways · Additional close-in parking spaces · New Coffee bar · New multipurpose performance space · New student club gathering space · New quiet study rooms and presentation prep space · New family/companion restroom · Upgraded gym and fitness

facilities with expanded hours · Upgraded outdoor eating areas · Upgraded game room space · Expanded computer access · Updated flooring and paint, energy efficient lighting The need for this new fee was determined when FRCC commissioned an assessment of the Westminster campus parking lot due to the number of accidents happening in and around the entrances and continued requests for additional parking spaces. Feedback from the assessment showed that the parking lot, and those who use it, would greatly benefit from a new stoplight and several safety improvements. With these changes, students, faculty, staff and guests will be able to navigate the parking lot more efficiently, with fewer accidents. In regard to the student center, student union, and student life space, this portion of campus was built in the mid1990s, funded by a student bond fee that was voted on much like the current vote. Students approved the design and cost, providing additional student gathering and dining space. Since the construction of this part of campus, our student population has grown and changed, yet much of the building has remained the same. Students will need to log

into SARS with a S number when they come to the Campus Center Hallway on March 5th or March 6th to cast their ballots. Students will then vote yes or no on the paper ballot and put it in the box located at the voting station. Final approval or denial will be shared with the student population by the end of the Spring 2013 semester. Following is the exact wording on the voting ballot:Shall the current Student Center Bond Fee of $31.08 per student per semester be REPURPOSED beginning fall 2013 with a portion going to the continued support of the Student Center and a portion going to the renovation of existing Student Center space? AND should an additional per credit hour fee of $4.00 be added for renovation and operation of the Student Center as well as to construct new and improved parking for students? Front Range student Rebecca Boyd said, “I’m for anything that’s going to benefit the campus and the students. The new stoplight will benefit everyone.” “We absolutely need the light for safety reasons” added Robert Mark, FRCC Student. All of the information for this article was obtained from the Front Range website at www. For more information please visit the website or stop by the Student Life Office. Be sure to cast your ballot on March 5th or March 6th.

There are many ways for students to get involved here at FRCC, and college is the perfect time to create altruistic habits that will continue to benefit a sense of community far into the future. The National Society of Leadership and Success, Sigma Alpha Pi (NSLS), is just one of the several opportunities that FRCC has made available for students. Represented in over 340 colleges and universities nationwide, NSLS offers many benefits to members including leadership training, an online job bank, and many scholarships and awards. The one time $85 fee and no annual membership dues, make NSLS a program worth looking into. More information can be found at Another way to become active in the FRCC community is through club membership.

FRCC has several clubs already established that are seeking the involvement of new members and they encompass an array of interests. Club and Organization week will be in the Student Life hallway February 11th through the 14th, from 10 am-1 pm. Stop by the tables to get more information and get involved. Creating a new club is also an option. Contact Dan Balski, Coordinator of Clubs and Leadership at dan.balski@ for more information. Orientation Crew Student Leaders, O-Crew, is yet another way to flex leadership muscle. With many opportunities to meet new people and develop leadership skills that will foster future professional relationships, not to mention that leadership membership looks great on resumes. Applications to become a part of the O-Crew will be available later this spring. College is the perfect time to step outside of previous comfort zones, try something new and get involved. Becoming a part of the FRCC community is easy; get involved today.

Hot Headlines World news update

Robin OConnell Copy Editor

United Kingdom

1996 school massacre in Dunblane, Scotland created changes in gun laws in Britain.


Nine have been arrested in connection to the murder of American tourist Sarai Sierra who failed to make her January 22 flight home to New York.


Ambergris, a product of the digestive system in sperm whales, used since ancient times to manufacture perfume sells for upwards of $20 a gram and can be found by lucky beach combers. Not a bad payout for something otherwise known as whale vomit.


Teen activist Malala Yousufzai, who was shot in the head by Taliban gunmen in October, is in stable condition after surgeries to repair her skull and aid her hearing. Malala fearlessly spoke out in favor of the importance of education for Pakistani girls.

The Front Page


February 06, 2013


Gateway to Greater Achievment A program to help students get the upper hand Rachel Padro Staff Reporter Around 40 percent of the students in America graduate on time, prepared for postsecondary education. The remaining are not prepared for college, or don’t finish their high school education at all. Gateway to College is here to change that. As their national network website says, “40% isn’t nearly enough.” The majority of the nation’s young people step into a future of low wages and the frustrations that come with limited opportunities. Some will struggle for their GED and dabble in college classes. On top of supporting themselves, this will prove difficult, even impossible. With an estimated 1.3 million students dropping out of high school each year, this limitation negatively impacts a ridiculous amount of individuals,

families, and the world they a foundation semester that McAndrew, shares that in Fall live in. The problem is not that teaches them how to be 2012 their average pass rate we can’t keep young people in college students. This covers was 74.7 percent including this ‘system’ long enough. It is everything from practical things their foundation semester. The that they don’t feel they can be like writing college papers and graduation of 13 students was successful, and thus the voices note taking, to technical things celebrated over winter break. and changes that this country like registering for classes, Since the beginning of the and the abstract but necessary program at FRCC four years needs are never going to be. Gateway to College is one things like time management ago, 108 students have received amazing program that comes and fostering a community of their diplomas. Graduates not only receive in with a passion to break the friends that build you up. their diploma but have credits Next, these students, once cycle, and it has done so in and momentum towards among those behind, are put many lives. finishing up their associate’s into the college. Earned college Diverse backgrounds come together to make up the credits will double towards degree. An average of 29.4 credits are earned during a getting a diploma. Gateway community. student’s time in Some kids didn’t fit Gateway. into high school, many Students begin were forced to drop out to realize that they due to health issues, have everything in family traumas, or them that they need financial struggles that to conquer school, forced them to work. and to conquer They all have one in life. It is not thing in common: without a struggle, passion to make a but that’s part of better future. They the great thrill in have a passion to overcoming. embrace this second Graduates with the Gateway Program. FRCC student chance they might Photo courtesy of Derek Oakes Ana Ibanez, who never have had. graduated Gateway Gateway is very unique with her diploma, 30 college Then something miraculous in how it functions. In fact, credits, and a 3.75 GPA, calls happens. their template seems nearly Students realize that they the program, “An opportunity delusional. Disadvantaged students ages 16-21 are offered can do this! Gateway at FRCC to make things right, prove the opportunity to earn a continues to have great rates everyone wrong, and at the of passing and graduating. same time, get that GPA you’ve diploma and start college. Director, Sean always wanted.” These students undergo Assistant

FRCC faculty, Sean McAndrew calls it, “A change of environment for students to realize their potential…” The Gateway National Network says that, “Young people who had little chance of graduating from high school are achieving post-secondary success.” Yes, this little program that began at Portland Community College 13 years ago has since attracted the attention and funding of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It is now a network of 33 colleges in 20 states, partnering with more than 125 school districts. Front Range Community College is one of these unbelievably appreciated and much-needed schools. Students who would have become a dismal statistic are learning success, learning to build better lives, and thus learning to build a better world. All of them, including the writer of this article, are grateful to Gateway to College and Front Range Community College for this future-altering opportunity. Readers with friends or family who could benefit from this incredible program can learn more at and

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Creating Community Staff spotlight on Dan Balski, Coordinator of Clubs and Leadership Kathy Bellis Assistant Editor Front Range Community College, Westminster Campus, has a brand new Coordinator of Clubs and Leadership, Dan Balski. Balski seems to be the perfect match for the new position here at FRCC. When asked when and how he decided to become the Coordinator of Clubs and Leadership Balski said, “When I saw the job announcement in November and learned more about this new position, it made me reflect on what I like most about working in Student Life: helping student leaders develop and succeed. This position offers a lot of opportunity for that positive impact, so I jumped on the chance to apply!” Balski previously worked in Student Life at the FRCC, Larimer Campus. However, the path the led Balski to FRCC started at an entirely different

college. Balski said, “I went to grad school at CSU for a Master’s in Student Affairs in Higher Education. When I finished, I decided to stay in Colorado and apply for jobs in the area. One came open in Student Life at the Larimer Campus, and the rest is history - I’ve loved working here!” “For those who don’t already know me, you might be surprised to learn I was a theater major in undergrad. I loved acting, building sets, and collaborating with all involved in the shows.” said Balski. Also a proud Mid-Westerner, Balski said, “I grew up in Ohio, in and around the Cleveland area.” Balski also revealed who is favorite superhero is, “I’ve been a huge X-men fan for many years, and my favorite is Archangel. Though not as well-known as Wolverine, I think he is a great, complicated character. And it doesn’t hurt that he has metal wings…” As a very active student in college organizations, Balski said, “I was definitely someone that got super involved in college. I participated in community service projects, programming boards, honors societies, choirs, a fraternity, and other groups that fit my interests. Once I get settled in this new job, I’d love to get

Find out where an education in technology

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Come to DeVry University’s College of Engineering & Information Sciences event:

“Today’s Education, Tomorrow’s Careers” Find out how DeVry University’s flexibility, personal attention, and year-round class schedule make it easier to earn your degree. We have a variety of degree programs that may give you the knowledge and skills you need to work within these emerging trends: Cloud Computing

Thursday, February 21, 2013 | 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Westminster Campus | 1870 W. 122nd Avenue | Westminster For more information or to RSVP please contact Kristen Correia at 303.280.7600 or by February 20. For comprehensive consumer information, visit: Program availability varies by location. ©2012 DeVry Educational Development Corp. All rights reserved.

more involved in community service work again.” With some advice for current FRCC students Balski said, “You have a lot to gain from being involved on campus. Whether it’s making new friends, gaining new – or developing current – skills, or adding to your resume, there’s a lot to experience. This is a great time to step out of your comfort zone and get involved. Join a club, participate in a campus event, run for Student’d be surprised at how much you enjoy those experiences, and benefit from them!” When asked what his work credo/philosophy is Balski said, “I will strive to leave things better than I found them. This goes for the places, the organizations, and, most of all, the people I come across as I travel through my days.” Stop by the Student Life office to welcome Dan Balski to the Westminster campus and to find out more about Clubs and Leadership on campus.

February 06, 2013

Dan Balski, Coordinator of Clubs and Leadership. Photos by Kathy Bellis

Online Learning Tips to keep organized with online classes Jessi Bass Editor-in-Chief

Front Range Community College is one of many colleges that offer online classes. Online classes take the scheduling out of school, almost. Many Front Range students hold down jobs, raise families, and still have to find time for their education. This is when the online classes spark students’ interests. Online classes allow students to work on their education, on their own time and within their busy schedule. Online classes are appealing for a busy schedule, h o w e v e r, they require a schedule all on their own. There are several tips to keep up with the fast pace of the online Remember these helpful hints in order to have success in your online classes Photos by Kathy Bellis

classes. You should get a planner, and actually use it. Throughout the school year, there are free planners offered in the Student Life office, as long as you have a student ID. If you do not have a student ID, don’t sweat it; they only cost five dollars. This planner should become your lifeline. Not only should you plan your school and work in it, but schedule the rest of your day in the planner too. That way, you know exactly what is happening that day, and when you have a free moment to do your homework. Keep your lap-top or smartphone with you as much as you can. You never know when you may have a free moment to do some homework. Whether it is waiting for your kids at soccer practice, or a quiet night to yourself, make your time mean something. Chances are you are already extremely busy, but if you seize little opportunities throughout your day to get small assignments done, you will have a little more time at the end of the night to just relax and not worry. Plan on doing your homework three to four days before it is due. Many college students are prone to procrastination, believe me, I understand. However, with online classes, if you do not plan ahead you may find yourself in some trouble. Waiting until the last minute means you may need to work harder for classes on campus. Online, you have to work harder and hope that your internet works. If you plan on doing your homework three to four days early, you can fix any internet issues that may arise. Finally, get in touch with your instructors. Just because it is an online class doesn’t mean you can’t receive help from your instructor. They really do care. The more you are involved with discussions and speaking with your teacher, the more connected you will feel to the class which will eliminate that, “lost” feeling. When you feel like you have everything under control, you are destined to succeed. Good luck!

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February 06, 2013

Club Spotlight: Veteran Club Taking a closer look ACCREDITED BY:

National League For Nursing Accrediting Commission BACHELOR OF SCIENCE NURSING ASSOCIATE DEGREE IN NURSING Just look at a small sample of employers that have hired our graduates St. Anthony Central Sky Ridge Medical North Valley Hospital Center Kaiser Permanente Denver Health Lutheran Medical Center Swedish Medical Center Rose Medical Center Denver School of Nursing is an Accredited Member ACCSC, Denver School of Nursing programs are approved by the Colorado State Board of Nursing. NLNAC, 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, Georgia 30326 Phone: 404-975-5000

FOR MORE INFORMATION 303-292-0015 WWW.DENVERSCHOOLOFNURSING.EDU 1401 19th STREET, DENVER, CO 80202 (LOCATED 1 BLOCK FROM COORS FIELD) DSN is currently approved to train Veterans who qualify for VA Benefits! Financial aid available to those who qualify! FOR CONSUMER INFORMATION PLEASE GO TO:


at FRCC’s Veteran Club Rachel Padro Staff Reporter

Veteran club member and FRCC student Scott Benda, says that the Student Veterans of America club on the FRCC Westminster campus (FRCCSVA) is a lively group that is “Here as veterans, for veterans.” The current draft of their mission statement paints a vision of the club’s driving purpose: “The Veterans Club at FRCC is an organization that promotes camaraderie and provides a social group setting to help veterans transition from military to college life.” This crucial group came into being simply because those who defend us are often those forgotten when their service is completed. Our nation’s heroes can endure a difficult time bridging from military life to everyday civilian life. The club seeks to advocate for student veteran issues on campus and in the community, and to support each other by making a veteran community of their own. They are currently forming their motto, official constitution, and bylaws. What they have so far is helpful in understanding what this highly needed club is about. It [exists] to recognize the roles of members of the United States Armed Forces and its veterans hold in the defense of our nation and the protection of our shared freedoms. To provide a welcoming atmosphere for veterans affiliated with Front Range Community College. To bring our classmates and friends together through our shared respect, to assist

our nation’s service members past, present and future in scholarly and fellowship endeavors. The club associates with the SVA, Student Veterans of America. Benefits of membership are many, including the simple but life-changing factor of people with like minds to feel at home with. Aid is provided for our student veterans in the form of practical transition assistance, counseling, and simple friendship. The club deals with current veteran issues, such as why certain services aren’t available to student veterans, and hosts events such as the Veteran’s Day Celebration that was held at the Westminster Campus last semester. Benda sums it up: “There are a lot of vets on campus. We need to let them know we’re here, and they don’t have to be alone.” If you or any students in your acquaintance could benefit from the support and companionship to be found in this club, the Spring semester meetings are the first Thursday of the month from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM, and the third Wednesday of the month from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM in the club room S0117. These meetings are open to all veterans and those who wish to support them.

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February 06, 2013

The Good, the Bad, and the Loving The best and worst ideas for Valentine’s Day Kathy Bellis Assistant Editor It’s February 6th and Valentine’s Day is only 8 days away! Love is in the air and it’s time to make those February 14th plans. However, nothing ruins a romantic night out like a bad dinner, a stupid movie, or flowers that send the wrong message. Have no fear, I have personally scouted out the best and worst Valentine’s Day bounties. A romantic dinner does not have to include oysters and lights so low you can’t see your plate. The key to romance when it comes to food is that the food tastes great! With that in mind, my number one pick for amazingly delicious food with a romantic vibe, is The Melting Pot located in Littleton and Louisville. The Melting Pot had my heart at just three little words, Chocolate S’mores Fondue. If melting your loved ones heart is the goal, why not do it over a gooey bowl of

and Jason Bateman. The chocolate? Be reviews for this comedy sure to make a releasing February 8th have reservation right been wonderful! away or you may Showing up at the door not get a table. with the wrong flowers can The restaurant to start the night off on the avoid on Cupid’s wrong foot. Flowers can holiday is The say different things, and Fort in Morrison. saying the wrong thing is Although the a mistake everyone should restaurant and aim to avoid. Roses are the the views are most popular flower on St. incredibly Valentine’s Day, but what beautiful, the food color should you pick? If is bizarre and way too expensive. Some Valentine’s Day treats and ideas to you want to say, Please let me stay the night, then the With choices like Lamb help make the day special. T-bones, Quinoa Tower, and Photos by Kathy Bellis coral rose is the flower for you. Want to say, I loved you Elk Chops St. Vrain, I felt like I was on a hunting trip instead of a lovey dovey night with the hubby. Prices for entrees range from $20.00 up to $52.00, but honestly, I wouldn’t pay more than a couple dollars for the road kill experience offered at The Fort. The obvious movie choice is the upcoming chick flick Safe Haven starring Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough, opening in theaters on February 14th, but I personally have never been a fan of the overtly obvious choice. Laughter is the main ingredient to any good relationship, so I highly recommend watching Identity Thief, starring Melissa McCarthy

at first sight, then bring lavender roses to your date’s door. Looking for the plain old, Thank you for going out with me, pink roses are the way to go. Need to let your love know that you are in it for the long haul? Bring white roses to signify purity and innocence. If you are looking to say the three magic words, I love you, then by all means, go for the red roses. If the thought of flowers saying anything at all freaks you out, then don’t get any flowers. Just show up with a giant box of chocolate, because nothing says romance like 1,400 extra calories. For all of the single folks out there, please don’t think that this list of ideas exclude you in any way. All of these ideas are great for a girl’s or a guy’s night out. The Melting Pot even has a girl’s/guy’s night out special. Whether you are single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is about one thing; getting together with the people we care about and eating way too much sugar! HappyValentine’s Day.

Why are They Called Piggyback Rides? The history behind the piggyback ride Robin OConnell Copy Editor Hello my fellow FRCCians, I hope that your winter break was restful and that your spring semester is off to a successful beginning. I am going to jump right in with a perplexing question for you. Why is a piggyback ride called a piggyback ride? Now, before you break out your smart phones and rely

on google for an answer, why don’t you first try to use those critical thinking skills your instructors keep telling you about. Just in case you do not know, a piggyback ride is when one rides on the back and shoulders of another person. I’d like to personally thank the few that I stopped in the hallway and asked this very question to, as well as Tino Gomez’s creative writing class for their participation in creatively defining their guess of the origin of the piggyback ride. Now, let’s see some of the guesses. One student suggested that “...maybe pigs were a

source of (incredibly amusing) transportation at some point... before horses came around.” Can you imagine if equestrian was defined as relating to pig riding instead of horses? If modern day America held the same affection for hogs the way we do horses. Oh no! What would we do without bacon? A very popular answer was that farmers used to carry their pigs to market to sell upon their backs. This would have gotten old fairly quickly, I believe, as only having one pig at a time at market couldn’t have been very productive. The shortest, yet sweetest answer I was given

was from Holly Chandler Tracy, FRCC Psychology instructor, she replied, “...because Mr. Piggy invented it!” So, without further exploration into creativity on this matter, lets find out why it is called a piggyback ride. According to numerous internet sources, many that you could not quote in any academic writing; although the majority including the dictionary all agree. Piggyback is a game of telephone gone astray. A variation of the term pickaback that means to throw or place, load on a bearer’s back. So this useful mode of transportation didn’t originate

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619 W 84th Ave. • 303-429-1713


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with the pig at all, but instead a varied pronunciation of another word. Aren’t you glad I asked? Now you know. If you have a unique question that you’ve wondered about or think we could creatively dissect its origin or meaning, send your question to

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February 06, 2013


Ready for Romance? Boulder Valentine’s activities Rachel Padro Staff Reporter Here are some ideas to make your Valentine’s Day low on panic and big on fun!Madcap Comedy Club is having a Valentine’s Day show. Madcap says, “This year give more than chocolate. Give laughter.” Showing on Valentine’s Day at 7:00 pm, these shows sell out fast, so call 303-460-3854 to reserve! If Thursday fills up, Madcap shows are 7:00 pm every Friday and Saturday, in addition to 9:30 pm on Saturdays. They call their shows, “Unscripted. Always Different. Interactive. Clean Comedy.” Many locals have enjoyed them! See for more information. The Butterfly Pavilion has a $5.00 day on February 16, just after Valentine’s Day. Yes, even insects can say ‘romance’ if you play it right. The Butterfly Pavilion is full of beauty that engages the senses… a lovely stroll to share! If you wish to go on the actual day, “The Butterfly Pavilion is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., year round.” Adults are $8.50 ($6.50 with Westminster Residency as shown by a valid ID). See for more information. Finally, Romeo and Juliet is showing in the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. Humor her? On

14th & Curtis in downtown Denver, tickets start at $20.00. There are showings are on Saturday February 9 at 7:30 pm, Tuesday February 12 at 7:30 pm, Friday February 15, 2013 at 7:30 pm, and Sunday February 17, 2013 at 2:00 pm. The performance runs 3 hours, 15 minutes with one intermission. (In other words, she’ll know for certain that you absolutely love her). See: for more information. For fun at home, try a romantic movie day. Each pick a film, take intermission between to make a pizza together, or order a heart shaped pizza (Yes, they exist, though shaped more like the actual organ). Better Homes and Gardens gives a great idea for a romantic movie basket. Basket+ movie+ two sodas (bottled for quaint atmosphere)+favorite candies+ marshmallows and roasting sticks to make over the fire= utter romance. As far as gifts, ask friends what your other would like. Friends are a great but easily forgotten resource! Another romantic idea for those long in a relationship is to reenact your first date. We girls like it when guys show attention to detail! Flowers are always sweet. Take an extra step and have them waiting on her desk in a quaint vase and water (a guy snuck into my class during break to do this for his girlfriend- so sweet!). Bakeries take things up a notch on this day. Find something pretty and delicious to share, pleasant on all parts! Outdoor

cafes just have that romantic atmosphere, considering it’s not too frigid out. Along the lines of frigid, ice skating is considered fun and sweet for some (those who can skate well enough to hold hands for pleasure rather than dear life). If you’re really looking for a way to tell this person I Love You, the most romantic gift I ever heard of was a husband (a rare and wonderful sort!) purchasing a journal and filling it with love letters. Find a little book (there are gorgeous minijournals at Target), and spend the days up to Valentine ’s Day filling it with love letters- they needn’t be overtly gushy, only meaningful. Try sharing your favorite memories together, certain things about your other that charm you, or love poem and quotes from famous writers. Now, what if you’re alone? I’ve pretty much never been with someone on Valentine’s Day (okay, I’ve never had a Valentine). Take my advice over my friend Gafford’s: it’s not an event of enormously stressful implications if you don’t make it that way. I bake heart cookies (heart-shaped cookie cutter from the dollar store), shower them in pink sparkles, and bring them to school for my friends. Sometimes I’ll stick them in pretty wrap and attach notes. Simple, inexpensive, always memorable, and makes your day sweet without expense and stress! If you are with someone but still would like to make the day of others, bake cookies together! Have fun decorating.

International Film Festival Preview of the upcoming film festival Lizz Mullis Staff Reporter Valentine’s day is one of those days that is as widely loved as it is hated. Out of rationality, it should just be another day, except for the people who really do celebrate the great feast of Saint Valentine. But this year in Colorado there is a real reason to look forward to it. As Boulder hosts its sixth annual Boulder International Film Festival, Valentine’s weekend, February 14-17. Single or not, put those chocolates aside (or smuggle them in) and go check out some beautiful, international, local, and documentary style indie films Valentine’s weekend that probably won’t hit the big screen for a while. The festival hosts screenings of multiple movies throughout the weekend and there are a few different ways to experience them. Buying a festival pass costs $450 and includes access to any of the films at any time, as

well as all the parties before and after screenings, special film workshops and even the red carpet gala on opening night. Without the pass each individual film will cost $10-$12 and tickets can be purchased online or at Boulder Theater for the rest of the individual events throughout the weekend. Check out the festival’s website for more information (http://www.biff1. com). While this could entail a costly weekend, Boulder has much to offer before and after the screenings and this is a weekend that will not disappoint. Opening night begins around 5:30pm on the 14th with a few parties and the ultimate red carpet experience before the opening film, Muscle Shoals, which starts at 8pm at Boulder Theater. This festival offers a little bit of the glamour and excitement that only the celebrities seem to get to enjoy, but it’s open to all who want to come. Called one of the “25 coolest film festivals” by MovieMaker Magazine and being graced by the presence of people like Alec Baldwin and various great filmmakers, it’s not something to pass up this Valentine’s weekend.

Famous Love Letters: Then and Now Love letters from past and present Rachel Padro Staff Reporter In 2011, girls everywhere were swooning over the blog post that Adam Young from Owl City wrote to Taylor Swift in response to a song she wrote about him. Dearest Taylor, Everything about you is beautiful. You’re an immensely charming girl with a wonderful heart and more grace and elegance than I know how to describe. You are a true princess from a dreamy fairy tale; a modern Cinderella… I figured Valentine’s Day was the perfect time to write this note to you and simply say… I was enchanted to meet you too. Love, Adam Young, sweetly gushed in an interview with USWeekly. “…I

am so inspired by her… I feel like that peasant in the midst of a princess and that whole classic story.” Then when asked, if he was shocked when Taylor ended up with Jake Gyllenhaal, he tried to tone down his heartbreak. “Maybe I was a little heartbroken but not too much,” said Young. Try believing that. We step a bit farther back to Jerry Orbach, Law and Order’s Lennie. During his 25year marriage, Orbach would leave love poems next to his wife’s coffee every morning. Many would call that level of commitment even more delicious than the gushing letter above, but speaking of gushes, this poem was shared by Time magazine: Valentine’s Day is here again. The weather looks cold and clammy But I can happily go to work and try not to act too hammy. Cause I’ve got a warmness in my heart from my sunshine, my lifeline, my lambie! (I wish I could stay home and vie you a kiss!) xxx’s Jer”Gagging or giggling yet? Now we travel far back in time. Back to a far less

humorous and utterly chilling love letter penned in the throes of the Civil War. More than enough to leave this writer sobbing in her seat; Ken Burns’ documentary from PBS shares historical documents, this immortal declaration of love among them says enough: July 14, 1861 Camp Clark, Washington My very dear Sarah: The indications are very strong that we shall move in a few days—perhaps tomorrow. Lest I should not be able to write again, I feel impelled to write a few lines that may fall under your eye when I shall be no more . . . I have no misgivings about, or lack of confidence in the cause in which I am engaged, and my courage does not halt or falter. I know… how great a debt we owe to those who went before us through the blood and sufferings of the Revolution. And I am willing—perfectly willing—to lay down all my joys in this life, to help maintain this Government, and to pay that debt . . . Sarah my love for you is deathless, it seems to bind me with mighty cables that

nothing but Omnipotence could break; and yet my love of Country comes over me like a strong wind and bears me unresistibly... to the battle field. The memories of the blissful moments I have spent with you come creeping over me, and I feel most gratified to God and to you that I have enjoyed them for so long. And hard it is for me to give them up and burn to ashes the hopes of future years, when, God willing, we might still have lived and loved together, and seen our sons grown up to honorable manhood, around us. I have, I know, but few and small claims upon Divine Providence, but something whispers to me… that I shall return to my loved ones unharmed. If I do not my dear Sarah, never forget how much I love you, and when my last breath escapes me on the battle field, it will whisper your name. Forgive my many faults and the many pains I have caused you. How thoughtless and foolish I have often times been! How gladly would I wash out with my tears every little spot upon your happiness . . . But, O Sarah! If the dead can

come back to this earth and flit unseen around those they loved, I shall always be near you; in the gladdest days and in the darkest nights . . . always, always, and if there be a soft breeze upon your cheek, it shall be my breath, as the cool air fans your throbbing temple, it shall be my spirit passing by. Sarah do not mourn me dead; think I am gone and wait for thee, for we shall meet again . .. Sullivan was killed a week later at the first Battle of Bull Run, 1861. His wife was 24. Sarah would live with her son William, and never remarry. She was later buried beside her husband in Providence, RI. From the Civil War to 2011, love letters bring laughter and bring tears. Perhaps this month of celebrating love is the time to share the words that you might someday replay in your head and think, If I had only told them. They will either laugh, or they will cry, but they will know!


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Where Is Robin?

February 06, 2013

Ask The Gaff

Dear Gafford, This is Robin Valentine’s Day again, and I’m that girl who’s all alone, again. So do I just hanging out with It’s suck it up and let the day go by, or is it eerily self-loving to make it a special day for myself and celebrate Valentine’s Day for one? Jason Wright, Student Activities Thanks, Coordnator. Can Lonely-But-Still-Like-Those-Chalk-Heart-Candies. you find her with- Dear Lonely, You may not feel it just at this moment, but you are among the advantaged. in the rest of these With my wisdom imparted to you, you shall truly be among those ahead of the pictures? game. I don’t dislike those poor saps tethered to romance- without them I’d scarce have a column. I enjoy hours of amusement at their expense. But you see, dear girl, Valentine’s Day typically goes like this... You stress over what to purchase, and then how to present it, and is this plush bear too cheesy? Then stress that she’s going to make you watch a love movie, or that he’s going to hate the love movie, and you end the day relieved that there was no blood and nothing caught fire and somehow, your relationship has survived this evil day. That’s the sort of situation I typically must fix-- but to be unfettered? You call this a problem? I myself am alone this year, but do you know how I take it? I am a child with the income of an adult, in a candy store. I am a single creature in a sea of people who would stoop to love just about anyone in order to sate their barren souls. Before me stretches a sea of chocolate, and those repulsive-butsomehow-terribly-addicting chalk hearts. Bakeries and candy shops are putting their best foot forward! You’re a girl, so you like frilly things like flowers right? You like those movies that leave you feeling there’s no reason to go on because somehow that’s romantic to you. Well, I say indulge! You can also flirt with the neighborhood florist and baker. The day of romance is a good day to fix yourself in their mind with a chat (start with, “Crazy busy today?” Then share your own hilarious holiday experiences at work…). If they ask what your plans for the day are, mysteriously but sweetly say, “Party for one.” That ability to self-entertain is rare and particularly marvelous. So there we are. You’re ready for Valentine’s Day, and to charm the male species with your intriguing independence.

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Overheard in the Office A random look into The Front Page office.

“It’s like somebody pooped in my mouth!!” “You guys held more gaze?!?” “I’m so 12!”

“This is my idea and I don’t even understand it...” “I like chalk.” “This is so monotonous I want to die.” “Oh, I’m not done”

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