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Church News Welcome to Frontline Church!

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9th February 2014

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Services today 9am

Wavertree service


Wavertree service


Farsi service


Toxteth service


Central service


Wavertree service

Coming up... Open Evening: 15th March The Senior Leadership Team will be hosting an Open Evening with information on how the church works and tours of the building. Drop in for tours and information 6.30pm 10pm with a meeting 8-9pm

Baptism Classes Baptism classes will be held in the cafe during the 10:30am service on 23rd March and during the 6pm service on 30th March for baptism services on 6th April. Please email for more information.

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First time here? Our friendly Stewards (in the bright blue t-shirts) are on hand throughout the service if you need any help. You can find out more about church activities at the Welcome Point or on our website

the gathering 9th march, 10:30am Instead of our usual multiple church services on this Sunday we will be meeting at the Adelphi Hotel in the city centre to worship together as one church family. Pastor Jimmy Dowds of The Vine Church in Dunfermline will be speaking at this service. He is a great friend of Frontline whom many of you will have heard speak before with his great sense of humour and unique brand of story-telling but always challenging and provoking. With a great preach and an amazing worship experience this is a service you don’t want to miss. We look forward to seeing you there.

Kids Zone Kids Zone activities start at 10.45am and children for all groups need to register in the foyer before 10.45am • Twinkles (ages 0-1) • Explorers (ages 2-3) • Sparklers (ages 3-4) • Transformers (school years 1-2) • All Stars (school years 3-6) Parents Room is open from 10.30am with a live video feed of the meeting. Please use this if your child becomes restless during the service. Thank You

Youth Church Hawks 11-14 year old boys are meeting at Harthill Youth Centre today. They leave as a group at 10:45 returning at 12 noon (parental permission slip required) Cookies 10-14 year olds girls are meeting at Frontline today from 10:45am Unstoppable 14-18 year olds have an optional group that meet at Matt and Paula Virrs house. They leave at 10:45 returning for 12 noon (parental permission slip required*) Example 14-18 year olds are encouraged to come to Example community on Fridays at Frontline Wavertree

Contact Details: 0151 733 3373 | | iTunes: Frontline Church Liverpool | Facebook: FrontlineUK | Twitter: FrontlineUK

Church Notices

Family News

Dedication Service: March 23rd


As part of the family service on March 23rd we will be offering parents an opportunity to dedicate their babies and children. For more information or to dedicate your child please email

Summer Adventure: June / July 2014 This Summer we will be sending out two teams, one to Spain (4th-11th July) and one to North Africa (June- dates tbc), to join some of our oversees workers for what will surely be a life changing adventure. For more information or to sign up please email

Connect to the church family If you are new to Frontline, unfamiliar with our story so far and interested in our hopes for the future, please join us for 'Connect' - a 5 week course, over five Wednesday evenings, starting on February 5th (but it’s not too late to join this week) The evenings will be held 8:00pm-9:30pm in the Frontline Coffee Shop with tasty treats, drinks, videos, discussions and hopefully lots of fun included! Please email for more information or if you are planning to come, Thank you

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Femilola Olushunde Dan Anderson Dave Clare Hugo Evans Lina Seb Michael Muguluma Pete Van Neste Matt Johnson Rhoda Brown Esther Otten Paul Gilligan Jude Butland Chen-Yu Lin Anishna Sunil Ian Ambler

We like to celebrate births, marriages, anniversaries, engagements, birthdays etc. as a church family! If you’d like to include something, please pop a note in the Feedback box or send it to

Frontline Wavertree

Frontline Central

Frontline Toxteth

Frontline Wavertree events at Frontline

Frontline Central meets at 4pm at

Frontline Toxteth meets at 3pm at

Centre, corner of Lawrence and Wellington Road, Wavertree, L15 0HY

the Adelphi Hotel, Ranelagh Street, L3 5UL in the city centre

John Archer Hall, 68 Upper Hill Street, Toxteth, Liverpool, L8 1YR

Frontline Church News 9th February 2014