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Chapter 12

THE WORLD vs THE WORD The World (tells us to): (bullies us to):

God’s Word (commands us to): (frees us to):

Conform Be greedy Be selfish Take Hoard Indulge (“If it feels good do it!”) Be self-centered (“Me, Myself and I”) Materialistic (“Give, me! Give me!”) Love things (Cruella de Ville “I live for furs! I worship furs!”) Use people Watch TV Read the newspaper Revere political and sports idols Bow before idols of fame and fortune Entertain (“Amuse”) Justify ourselves (“I’m a good person!” “It’s not my fault!”) Conceal our sins Take revenge Revel Boast Seek approval from the world Do what is popular Seek our own advantage Be politically correct Take the broad road Take the easy way Accept the majority opinion Go with the flow Be conformed to the world Be fashionable

Be transformed Be grateful Be generous Give Share Sacrifice Be Christ centered Spiritually minded Love people Use things Worship God Read the Bible Fear God alone Refuse to bow to any idols Educate (Think) Confess our sins Forsake our sins Do restitution Repent Humble ourselves Seek approval from God alone Do what is right Seek first God’s Kingdom Be Biblically correct Take the narrow road Take the High Way Stand alone if necessary Swim against the tide Be different Be Biblical

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The world vs the word