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Reformation in Zambia Transformation The dramatic changes in Zambia over the last 20 years could hardly have been more acute. The contrast with my first visit to Lusaka Central Police Station and this latest one was extreme. As I was being received by the Commissioner of Police and ushered into their Boardroom for a special Chaplains service, my mind went back to that first time I had seen Lusaka Central Police Station. Incarcerated The Frontline mission team I was leading had been arrested at Kazangulu after refusing to bribe Zambian officials. We had spent an excruciating day and night of abuse at the hands of the Zambian security forces, and thrown into filthy cells where the overpowering stench was nauseating. After a night of being attacked by swarms of mosquitos, my skin had been turned into relief maps of angry red bumps and bites. To Lusaka in Chains We were escorted, blindfolded and handcuffed by air from Livingstone to Lusaka. Every attempt to speak was quickly silenced with rifle butts or bayonets. After hours in silence and

darkness, our blindfolds were finally untied. As I blinked in the sunlight I saw Lusaka Central Police Station. The next thing I noticed was that our handcuffs declared "Made in Great Britain!" Interrogations Over the next 16 days of incarceration in the overcrowded Lusaka Central Prison I was brought through to Lusaka Central Police Station six times for

interrogations by Special Branch. Sometimes the intense interrogation sessions could last up to 6 hours. On one occasion I requested my Bible, which I could see on the table of the interrogator. The SB man lifted a red book out of his desk drawer and said "this is my bible!" As I looked through it, I saw it was Mao's little red book. I handed the book back to the policeman commenting, "Mao Tse Tung cannot forgive your sins. Vladimir Lenin didn't rise from the dead. There is no Salvation in communism.� Contrast This visit to Lusaka Central Police Station highlighted the dramatic changes in Zambia over the last 20

years. Now there are police chaplains who are enthusiastic to receive Bible teaching and Discipleship materials. Great appreciation for the ministry of Frontline Fellowship was expressed by all the police officers, and especially from the Commissioner. Socialist Humanism Many of the Zambians whom I enjoyed fellowship with, related some of their experiences during the dark days of Kenneth Kaunda's dictatorship, when the official government policy was socialist

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In this Issue Reformation in Zambia Mission to Mpumalanga Mission to Zimbabwe Churches Bombed in Nigeria and Burned in Ethiopia Is the Great Commission Your Supreme Ambition?

humanism. Humanism was a subject taught at school. “Scientific socialism� was promoted throughout society.

AK47s and take what they wanted and threaten ordinary Zambians."

Exporting Revolution Zambia hosted a variety of Marxist Revolutionary groups including: the MPLA who were waging terrorist attacks on Portuguese West Africa (Angola), Frelimo which was attacking Portuguese East Africa (Mozambique); ZANU and ZAPU who were taking landmines across the border into Rhodesia, and Soviet Red Eye missiles to shoot down civilian airliners. The SWAPO terrorists who killed over 10,000 civilians in South West Africa also had their base of operations in Zambia, even the ANC and the PAC terrorists were based in Zambia.

Malice Against Missionaries Missionaries told of when ANC cadres from a nearby military base came onto their Bible College campus and tied up South African lecturers with wire, kicking and beating them savagely. Most Zambians would rather forget those dark and terrifying days.

A Trail of Terror Nobody has calculated how many tensof-thousands of innocent civilians died as a result of the landmines, limpet mines, rocket launches, AK47s and other tools of terror channeled through Zambia and taken by these Marxist Revolutionary groups into neighbouring countries and further afield. It was the height of the Cold War in the 70s and 80s. Marxist propaganda was broadcast from the radio and Zambia was recognised as the frontline state of the Soviet offensive on Southern Africa. Pastors and teachers described some of the terror that the Zambian people lived under during this time. "These freedom fighters were a law unto themselves. Our police and army were afraid of them. They had the support of President Kenneth Kaunda. They would loot, rape, steal and murder at will. At night we were too afraid to go onto the streets. These cadres would walk around with their

Communism to Capitalism But today Zambia is another country. Socialism is discredited, the signs of ca p i ta l i s m , e co n o m i c g ro w t h , ingenuity and dynamic growth are everywhere. Huge bill boards and advertisements line the roads, new shopping centers are springing up, and Zambia has even started exporting food. From Humanism to Christianity Communism and humanism are thoroughly discredited. Zambia is officially, constitutionally committed to becoming a Christian nation. Abortion is illegal. Pornography is banned. Homosexuality is illegal. The Bible and prayer are in school and parliament. The enthusiasm for Reformation in Zambia was seen by the tremendous response to our Reformation and Revival Conferences. Reformation Studies I had been invited to lecture on Reformation History at the Justo Mwale Theological University College. In addition to lectures at the college each morning, in the afternoons I was involved in meeting cabinet ministers, ministry leaders, media heads, conducting interviews for national radio and television programs, and conducting outreaches and services. Empowering Pastors Each Saturday I conducted Leadership Training conferences. At the first Empowering Pastors Christian Action Network Conference, I dealt with the



Islamic Revolution in the Middle East and What is the Difference Between Christianity and All Other Religions. I also gave an Overview of the Last 20 Years of Africa Christian Action and screened a film with a compilation of Christian Action Events and TV Debates. The discussion times were vigorous and at the conclusion, a Christian Action Zambia Board was elected. Reformation and Revival The next Saturday I conducted a Reformation and Revival Conference which began with a presentation on Recognising God's Voice. This was followed with How Southern Sudan Succeeded in Winning Freedom from the Arab North, a presentation on Mugabe's Blood Diamonds and The New Chinese Colonialism, and How Can a Good God Allow Evil? John Leach, then presented a lecture Comparing Islam and Christianity and screened one of the Islam Rising films. At the conclusion of this conference the Christian Action Zambia members deliberated over and finalised the Lusaka Declaration. Libraries for Pastors At each of these conferences, in which over 800 pastors, teachers, chaplains and evangelists participated, books donated by the authors were entrusted to participants. Teachers received The Battle For Truth by Dr. David Noebel. Those involved in women's ministries received Reforming Our Families by Lenora Hammond. Evangelists received Mark Cahill's One Thing You Can't Do in Heaven or One Heartbeat Away books. Pastors received my Practical D i s c i p l e s h i p a n d T h e Te n Commandments - God's Perfect Law

of Liberty books. Bishops and overseers received Winning the War Against Radical Islam by Dr. Robert Morey, Faith and Courage - A Commentary on the Book of Acts and Practical Discipleship. Textbooks and Study Bibles At the Christian University each student received a copy of my book The Greatest Century of Reformation as the main textbook for our Reformation History course. After completing the Reformation Exam, each student was presented with a copy of The Ten Commandments God's Perfect Law of Liberty and T h e A p o st l e s C r e e d - F i r m Foundations for Your Faith. Theological lecturers were presented with Reformation Study Bibles, which had been donated from Dr. R.C. Sproul. Literature Distribution Thousands of Gospels of John were provided for evangelists for distribution in their communities. Bible teaching books Searching Q u e s t i o n s , U n u s u a l To p i c s , Extraordinary Characters, God Indeed! and Christ's Dogmatism, by Dr. Robert McNeill were entrusted to key pastors and Theological lecturers. Boxes of evangelistic tracts and Christian Action materials were distributed at each of the conferences. There was tremendous excitement and enthusiasm for the ministries of Frontline Fellowship and Christian Action and deep appreciation for these books donated by the authors. Sunday Services On Sundays, I preached at various churches, including a large congregation which meets in what used to be a beer hall, and a new congregation which is still building its sanctuary and did not yet have a roof. On the final Sunday, I ministered at a church in Kanyama where many of the members stood up and identified that they had been present at my first evangelistic services in Kanyama during a crusade in 1991 - 20 years ago.

Resources for Reformation During my mission to Zambia, I distributed over 2,500 Christian books and study Bibles, over 1,000 Gospels of John, 3,000 Biblical Principles for Using Your Vote, boxes of Christian Action Magazines and Frontline Fellowship tracts and teaching pamphlets, as well as several boxes of audio CDs, DVDs, MP3s and audio boxsets donated to various libraries and ministries. Several TV stations expressed interest in screening some of the evangelistic films and documentaries which we brought in.

become a missionary sending nation. God is already using Christian radio stations in Zambia to proclaim the Gospel by shortwave to many language groups in neighbouring countries. Zambian missionaries and evangelists are planting churches in the Congo, Angola, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia and in Zimbabwe. "Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous deeds among all people." Psalm 96:3 Dr. Peter Hammond Is the Great Commission Your Supreme Ambition?

A Sanctuary Numerous of the Theological students that I trained in Zambia came from across the border, including from Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Many of the delegates at our recent Christian Action Network Conferences in Lusaka came from the Congo, Nigeria, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Zambia hosts hundreds-ofthousands of refugees from Zimbabwe, Angola, Congo, Burundi, Rwanda and other troubled nations. Instability in nations surrounding Zambia has sent hundreds-of-thousands of refugees seeking sanctuary.

This year's Great Commission Course near Cape Town will be held from 24 June to 14 July. If you know anyone who is serious about missions and who wants to change their world, encourage them to participate in this intensive, practical, hands-on, crosscultural missions training course.

Strategic Missionary Sending As I regularly reminded Zambians, their national emblem is the fish eagle. Eagles have great vision. Eagles can see the clearest, reach greater heights and fly faster than any other bird. Jesus said: "Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men." As Zambia seeks to follow Christ and be a Christian nation, it needs to



Mission to MPUMaLANGA Whenever possible I try to include one of my children in mission trips. When invitations came through for ministry in Mpumalanga and KwaZulu I wanted to include our youngest son, 11 year old Calvin. However funds did not allow this. When my father-in-law, Rev. Bill Bathman, heard about the co m p l i cat i o n , h e i m m e d i ate l y sponsored Calvin's air tickets so that he could take part in this mission. This was Calvin's eleventh mission trip with me and, as before, he proved an invaluable member of the team assisting in Way of the Master and Evangelism Explosion training and Scripture memorisation presentations. Calvin and I flew up to Mpumalanga. There we were met by Frontline missionary, David. He had travelled through from Limpopo with his landrover and trailer packed with two tonnes of Study Bibles, Christian books and Gospel booklets for strategic distribution throughout this mission. Back to the Bible Our first meetings were at Back to the Bible Training College. This dynamic ministry is run by General Shai Mulder and they have over 160 students from 14 countries throughout Africa studying for a three year degree which takes them through every book in the Bible. It was sad to see the destruction caused by the devastating fire last year.

The students were busy taking the Evangelism Explosion course. I presented a lecture o n I s l a m i c Revolution in the Middle East and t a u g h t o n Recognising God's Voice. David delivered many boxes of great Christian books for their library and distributed Dr. Robert Morey's books: Fearing God, The Islamic Invasion and Winning the War Against Radical Islam to students. Mark Cahill's books: One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven and One

Heartbeat Away and Robert McNeil's books were also delivered to the college to distribute to students. First year students were also given copies of my books: The Ten Commandments – God's Perfect Law of Liberty and Apostle's Creed – Firm Foundations for your Faith, which the other students had received last year. Reformation Study Bibles were made available for faculty members and as prizes for third year students. There was great excitement and enthusiasm over these valuable resources. Africa School of Missions Situated at the base of a huge rock from which the Shangaan people used to throw to their death human sacrifices, we found a vital ministry under siege. The entire three kilometre perimeter of the mission



base is surrounded by high electric fences which are frequently being cut. In a two month period the mission college suffered 21 burglaries. Witchdoctors and Communists in the local communities have been working steadfastly to harass and loot the college. The government has also attempted to intimidate and undermine the college by threatening to close it and demanding that it adapt to government standards for accreditation! We distributed large quantities of great Christian books which have been donated by authors, Dr. Robert Morey, Robert McNeil, Mark Cahill, numerous of my own books and Reformation Study Bibles to the missionary students and faculty members. There was an enthusiastic response to my presentations with one student shouting out “Where do we sign up?”

Coping with Cancer. On Sunday morning I presented a sermon on Pride and Foolishness at a Reformed Church in Africa in Durban.

Petra College The nearby Petra College for Children's Ministries seemed similarly besieged behind razor wire and electric fencing. They had also suffered numerous burglaries. It was evident many ministries around the country are under attack and involved in serious spiritual warfare. Mission to KwaZulu After completing our ministry tour in Mpumalanga, we travelled through to Jivannadi Mission, a vibrant mission to Hindus, in Natal. I conducted three evening services, dealing with: Guilt Manipulation; The Islamic Revolution in the Middle East and Recognising God's Voice. David and I recorded numerous programmes for Good News Community Radio, including on the Cape Town 2010 Lausanne Congress, the Independence of South Sudan, The Revolutions in the Middle East, Relationships and Courtship, Christopher's Kidney Transplant, and

KwaSizabantu A f t e r completing the Sunday evening service at Jivannadi Mission we drove through to KwaSizabantu Mission. We hadn't gone very far down the road when one of the rear tyres of the landrover began to unravel. We were shocked to see the large strip of tyre that had peeled off what was a fairly new and very expensive off-road tyre. We praised God for His protection, changed the wheel and determined to speak to the supplier concerning this dangerously defective tyre. We arrived at Kw a S i za b a n t u M i s s i o n b e fo re midnight.

new audio-visual resources for their library. Radio Kwezi This was followed by recording a series of Devotionals and sermons at Radio Kwezi. Ministers Conference Almost half of the two tonnes of books, Study Bibles and Gospel booklets which David had driven through from our mission base in Limpopo were delivered to KwaSizabantu Mission for strategic distribution to their coworkers. Almost a thousand pastors, missionaries, evangelists and church leaders participated in this year's Ministers' Conference at KwaSizabantu Mission. I have had the privilege of participating in conferences and seminars at KwaSizabantu Mission for over 24 years. It is always a highlight of any year to be at this extraordinary mission station and to see so many evidences of God's gracious hand. Dr. Peter Hammond

Cedar College of Education Early the next morning I presented a lecture on Egalitarianism at the Assembly of the teacher training college and delivered


Mission to Zimbabwe Rebuilding Zimbabwe My goals with this mission outreach were to establish and equip a network of contacts throughout Zimbabwe and to minister to those leaders. I prayed for special appointments with key leaders in different areas who we can help effectively reach others. My expectations were exceeded in many areas. I met with very capable and valuable contacts who helped me reach many leaders across the country. I was heartily received by very capable organizers who did a very good job of arranging the conferences. “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” Proverbs 14:34 Leader's Conferences I conducted conferences for church leaders in 5 cities and towns. I presented lectures on Discipleship, Leadership, Biblical Worldview and Evangelism. At every conference I gave the leaders books that will equip them for their work of ministry. All the leaders expressed their heartfelt thanks for the teachings and the books that I gave them. One pastor wrote: “ I am humbled by your obedience to the Word of God and travelling to us just for one important thing, to equip Christians here in Zimbabwe. Even though there is a lot of political confusion, you allowed yourself to be part of those who suffer…” Easter Services I preached at Easter services in a Cathedral. During this mission to Zimbabwe, I preached at 3 services and presented 24 lectures at the conferences to 184 leaders. The invitations for future ministry were overwhelming. These spiritual leaders seem to be yearning for change – s p i r i t u a l Re v i va l a n d B i b l i c a l Reformation.


Boxes With Love After the morning service on Good F r i d ay, I m i n i ste re d to m a ny pensioners who receive the Boxes with Love. They asked that I should convey their thanks to all those who are involved in contributing and packing:

While the people were praying, the police unexpectedly attacked with teargas. Pandemonium broke loose as many choking and coughing people fled the church in panic. Many were hurt. Some people escaped by climbing through the church windows.

“I write on behalf of one and ALL who received your 'Love Boxes' recently with ever grateful hearts and not knowing how to thank sufficiently ALL who are involved - starting from the Director himself, Dr. Hammond, who 'directs the Orchestra' as it were, ALL his faithful staff, the donors, the packers and those who travel on dangerous roads especially here in Zimbabwe”

Assaulted and Detained Some of the pastors went into the house on the church property to discuss the events and recover from shock, when more police (a group of about 20) returned with reinforcements, 14 people who attended the prayer meeting were then assaulted with batons, beaten on their heads, arrested and taken to the police station. One pastor is struggling with an eye problem and said it was ag gravated by the beatings to his temple. This group was detained in the police cells until Monday evening.

News Media The Zimbabwean state-controlled news media are riddled with deception, misinformation, blame shift, intimidation, threats, and character assassination. The process of rewriting the constitution is delayed at every turn. The police must give permission for any public meeting and this causes delays as it interferes with constitutional meetings and is used to frustrate the process. “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked rule, the people mourn.” Proverbs 29:2 Prayer Meeting Disrupted A prayer meeting was arranged for Saturday, 9 April 2011 in Harare to pray for peace and stability in Zimbabwe. The meeting was attended by church leaders from all denominations. The venue was a local church. The meeting was attended by about 600 people. FRONTLINE FELLOWSHIP NEWS 2011/2

Fear The people suffer from shock and feel intimidated. It is shameful that the police would attack a peaceful prayer meeting with teargas, beat up innocent people who did not resist arrest and detain them for three days. No formal charges were laid against them. This attack on the church was not reported in the local news media. Thank You Thanks be to God who protected me and led me on this Mission outreach. Thank you to all who faithfully pray for me and for the mission activities and to those who physically and financially supported this mission outreach. “But thanks be to God, who in Christ always leads us in triumphal procession, and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of Him everywhere.” 2 Corinthians 2:14 Please Pray for God’s Will to be done in Zimbabwe. David Frew

CHURCHES BOMBED IN NIGERIA and BURNED IN ETHIOPIA Destructive Night Attacks In Bauchi State, more than 4,000 Christians were forced to flee from their homes as Muslim Fulani Tribesman launched night attacks on 10 March. In the Tafawa Balewa area alone, 463 homes, 11 shops and 13 churches were destroyed. Truck Bombs Intercepted The next day, 11 March, security forces in Nigeria seized a truck laden with sophisticated bomb making equipment as it crossed from the Muslim state of Kaduna into the mostly Christian Plateau State. The truck was bound for Jos, a flashpoint in the North-South Islam–Christian fault line in Nigeria. Jihadists Blow Themselves Up On Sunday morning 20 March, three Hausa Muslim bombers blew themselves up when the bombs they were transporting exploded en-route to the targeted churches. The massive explosion at Dualla Junction in Nasarawa, Jos, destroyed shops and rocked the nearby Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA), and Church of Christ in Nigeria (COCIN), churches which it has been established were the intended targets. The explosion at Dualla Junction disrupted a church service which consisted mostly of Hausa converts from Islam. Worshippers fled in panic. Bomb Fails to Detonate The same day, a bomb planted at the Mountain of Faith and Miracles Church on Gengre Road in Jos failed to detonate. The two men who placed the bomb escaped on a motorcycle. The

security forces have stated that they do not know if the two attempted bombings in Jos were related, or committed by different groups.


Muslim Mob Attacks Christians In Bauchi State, over 2,000 Muslim militants went on the rampage attacking Christian homes, shops and churches. There have been other reports of hundreds of armed Fulani youths attacking the homes of Christians and churches. Anti-Christian violence has increased in Northern Nigeria since December 2010.

A Coptic Church bombed in Egypt.

Ethiopia and Northern Nigeria and the assassination of prominent Christians in Pakistan.

A Church burns in Ethiopia

Churches Burned in Ethiopia Over 60 churches and church buildings have been set on fire by Muslim mobs in and around Asendabo, approximately 250km from the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. Thousands of Muslim militants went on the rampage injuring and killing Christians, destroying property and targeting churches. Reportedly, the attacks were sparked by Muslims accusing a Christian of desecrating a copy of the Quran. Police were reportedly standing by and not intervening. The damage done to local churches is estimated to run into many millions of Dollars.

“Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.” Hebrews 13:3 Dr. Peter Hammond Fo r e s s e n t i a l i n f o r m a t i o n t o understand the rising tide of Islamic intolerance against Christianity obtain: Slavery, Terrorism and Islam – The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat. Contact:

Murder in the Middle East Since December, there has been a sharp increase in violence against Christians in Muslim areas. Car bombs in Egypt, terror attacks on churches in Iraq, Muslim mobs attacking churches A Church in Nigeria destroyed by a Muslim mob.

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