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Saltwater Fishing 2016 Featuring flats and bluewater destinations worldwide!

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Why Book Your Trip with Frontiers? FROM OUR PERSPECTIVE, THE SPORTING TRAVEL BUSINESS IS ABOUT BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS, NOT SHORT-TERM FINANCIAL GAIN. To be totally transparent, we don’t want your business this year, we want it forever, and we’ll do what it takes to earn it. There is absolutely no incentive out there for Frontiers that would take precedent over meeting your personal trip objectives as closely as possible.


hat’s one of the reasons that we’ll likely have as many questions for you as you have for us. Call us; we’ll listen to your interests, have a dialogue with you, and then we’ll work to match you with an outfitter or lodge that best meets your goals. We’ll help prioritize your preferences, whether it’s the fishing, accommodations, non-fishing activities, cuisine, ease of access or other priority so that you can make the most of your valuable free time. We’re equipped with first-hand current knowledge of the vast array of saltwater offerings out there. Take advantage of us! Worth noting is that there’s no additional cost to you for seeking our advice or our sporting services. The reality is that if you call or write us for advice and recommendations and, at the end of the day decide to book your trip with us, it still won’t cost you a penny more than it would have if you had booked the trip directly with the lodge. We feel that we’re pretty unbiased when it comes to making recommendations; however, if there is any bias at all it might be toward those lodges and outfitters that have provided consistently outstanding service to our clients throughout the years, and we think that’s a fair way to go about things. Some would call it playing favorites, and we’d have to agree. We also think that offering everything under the sun to our clients just confuses the issue. Having a well-established and thoroughly researched menu of offerings is what we’re about. We’ll leave the confusion and uncertainty to the internet surfing junkies and those that claim that they can be everything to everybody. It’s just not us. While email is a great way to introduce yourself and start a dialogue, at Frontiers, we firmly believe that having a telephone conversation is the best way for us to match you to the perfect destination. It allows you to give us your thoughts and ask questions, and it allows us to do the same. When all is said and done and it’s time to put the trip on the books, we know you’ll feel confident and comfortable in your decision. We invite you to call us toll-free and speak with one of our saltwater specialists. n

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Joe Linscott

Denise Schreiber

Line Bouthillette

Bob Artzberger

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Contents A. Seychelles...................................6 B. United States............................14 C. Bahamas....................................16 D. Venezuela..................................32 E. Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.....34 F. Los Cabos, Mexico...................44 4

G. Belize......................................... 46 H. Christmas Island......................57 I. Australia.................................... 60 J. Costa Rica.................................64 K. Guatemala.................................73 L. Panama......................................76

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Meet the Saltwater Fishing Team More than 80 years of expertise in saltwater travel Joe Codd Saltwater Department Manager

Joe Linscott – Entering his 11th year at Frontiers, Joe is the Bahamas Senior Program Manager. He also manages our Christmas Island program and our American West wing shooting destinations. His passion for fly fishing and shooting started at a young age in his home state of Maine and carries on today across the world. Joe is assisted by Laura Thompson who joined the Frontiers team in 2011. Denise Schreiber – Denise is a Senior Program Manager for Belize and Cabo San Lucas. She also serves as the Program Manager for the American West fishing destinations. Her 20 years of first-hand travel experience to these locales allows her to offer the perfect trip recommendations to our clients. Denise is assisted by Barbara Alden who has worked alongside her since joining Frontiers in 2006. Line Bouthillette – A love of exploring off the beaten path destinations led Line to Frontiers, where she started selling diving and fishing trips to Christmas Island in 1994. As a Senior Program Manager, Line is passionate about helping clients plan the perfect customized trip (often including non-fishing components) to the very best inshore and offshore fishing areas in Central America, as well as to the flats of Los Roques, Venezuela. Bob Artzberger – Bob is the Senior Program Manager for our Seychelles and Mexico’s Yucatan programs. A Frontiers team member since 2009, he brings over 30 years of fly fishing experience and an extensive fly fishing retail background to the table. Joe Codd – Joe has headed up the Saltwater Department since joining Frontiers in 1999. He’s been to nearly every premier saltwater destination in the world and loves to share his compare and contrast perspective with our clients. Joe also has an extensive outdoor retail background from his many years working for L.L. Bean. He is also the Program Manager for our North America big game hunting programs.


80+ years of saltwater trip planning experience . . . all free of charge to you, just like the phone call 1-800-245-1950.

Extend Your Fishing Trip with Elegant Journeys Frontiers is a full-service travel company, offering sporting and leisure trips across the globe. This year, we are excited to share a handful of options to extend your flats fishing experience in the Seychelles, Mexico, Bahamas and Costa Rica. These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg. Our team of tenured travel consultants is standing by to hand-craft the perfect pre- or posttrip extension according to your schedule.

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IN THE WORLD OF FLY FISHING THERE IS NO OTHER DESTINATION THAT INSPIRES SUCH AWE. Mere mention of the name draws glances and interrupts the train of thought of those nearby. The Seychelles offers fantastic access to bonefish. Those who have fished there had never thought so many could be caught in a day or over the course of a week. Most people now consider bonefish in the Seychelles a secondary quarry when compared to the tackle-destroying giant trevally, milkfish, triggerfish, and the myriad of other fly rod targets. It’s a seemingly endless menu of what to turn your attention to next.


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Alphonse Island The fishing at ALPHONSE ISLAND RESORT and the famous St. Francois Atoll continues to amaze! Located approximately 1,000 miles off the east coast of Africa in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the conservation efforts and protection of this resource over the last 12 years has led it to become a world-class fishery, as it should remain for years to come. While the accommodations are on Alphonse Island, guests spend most of their time fishing on St. Francois Atoll, a 28-square mile atoll teeming with a variety of exotic species. While bonefish are most common, it’s the giant trevally, bluefin trevally, milkfish, permit and triggerfish that make this fishery the destination which all others are measured against. More than 60 species have been caught on a fly here. When this fact is combined with the deep-water dredging and bluewater fishery, St. Francois Atoll is a resource unheard of in any other saltwater destination. The accomplished and experienced guides will offer their suggestions for the day based on the tides, wind direction and other factors during the 35- minute ferry from Alphonse to St. Francois. The beautiful Alphonse Island resort offers roomy, private beachside chalets with air conditioning, queen-sized beds, refrigerators, and spacious bathrooms with Jacuzzi tub, and a wonderful private outdoor shower. An available upgrade features a beachside villa for enjoying even more deluxe accommodations. Both are just a short walk or bicycle ride to the Le Lys tropical restaurant and bar, a great place to relax and share your fish tales with other anglers. A seven-night / six-day fishing package for the 2015 / 2016 season is $8,950 per person based on single accommodation and shared guide. The upscale villa is $10,950 per person. The rates include your guided fishing, accommodations, all meals, fishing license and Mahe round-trip charter flight. n

Seven miles by four miles of unmatched flats Nirvana

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An aerial view of Astove’s labyrinth of channels and flats

Astove Island Lodge Seychelles Renowned as one of the best giant trevally fisheries in the world, the ASTOVE ISLAND LODGE program was developed by the Alphonse Island guide team whose exploratory trips often resulted in 40-plus giant trevally (geets as the guides call them) caught per session. Along with the geets, they have most of the usual suspects found in the Seychelles; bonefish, permit, bluefin trevally, triggerfish, milkfish, barracuda inshore and wahoo, tuna, sailfish and marlin off-shore. Located 570 miles southwest of the main island of Mahe, the island has a large lagoon with only one small entrance to the ocean that is surrounded by sheer drop-offs. This is a great place to try your hand at bluewater fly fishing as the ocean drops to 1,000 meters within a hundred meters of the rocky shore. This makes boat anchorage very dangerous and difficult so the atoll has received very little fishing pressure. Astove is accessed by a 2-hour and 45-minute charter flight from Mahe. Limited to 6 anglers per week, accommodations for the upcoming season will be in the recently renovated Coral House, which was a project that started in the 60’s but was only recently finished. The rooms are clean and comfortable with en-suite bathrooms. The Coral House also features the dining room, bar and sitting area. The seven-night / six-day package is $14,950 per person based on single occupancy and shared guide. It runs on a Monday to Monday schedule and requires a Sunday arrival in the Seychelles. n


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Cosmoledo Atoll Seychelles

Seychelles The legendary fishery at COSMOLEDO ATOLL is back. Under the direction of the guide team from Alphonse Island, it is currently a live-aboard operation aboard the Maya’s Dugong, a research vessel that has been completely modified for fly fishing expeditions. It accommodates 12 anglers, guides and crew and is a perfect base from which to explore the waters of Cosmoledo Atoll. Starting in February 2017 the program will be land-based. Cosmoledo’s large white sand flats, lagoon edges and channels are ruled by the notorious giant trevally. A plethora of other species makes Cosmoledo a truly special fishing destination. Bonefish, milkfish, Indo-Pacific permit, triggerfish, bluefin trevally and others call this amazing atoll home. The charter flight departs Mahe at 6:00 a.m. for Assumption Island where guests board the mother-ship, get settled in their cabins, have lunch and fish that afternoon. The Maya’s Dugong will leave for Cosmoledo that evening for six days of fishing. It returns to Assumption the following Thursday night for the Friday morning flight back to Mahe. The seven-night / six and one half-day package is $14,950 based on shared accommodation and shared guide on a 3 to 1 guide ratio. The rate includes the round-trip 2-hour and 45-minute charter flight from Mahe. Guests need to arrive one day early and overnight in Mahe as the charter departs early Friday morning. n

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Bring a 10-wt, I dare you!

Farquhar Atoll Seychelles FARQUHAR ATOLL is located 400 nautical miles southwest of Mahe. This land-based operation is a small, comfortable air-conditioned guesthouse featuring four bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and a central lounge. It caters to 8 to 10 anglers per week. Farquhar offers the opportunity to fish some of the finest and most productive flats in the Seychelles. These flats, consisting of hard white sand, turtle grass and broken coral, offer outstanding wading for a variety of species including bonefish, trevally, permit, triggerfish, barracuda, milkfish, parrotfish and more. Deepwater begins very close to shore and time spent tussling with the various bluewater species can be exciting and very rewarding. The season traditionally runs from early October to mid-December and from late February to early May. You access the atoll via a one-hour and 45-minute charter flight from Mahe that is included in the package. The seven-night / six-day fishing package is $8,500 per person based on shared accommodation and shared guide. n


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New for 2016 Seychelles

Providence Atoll Seychelles After a five-year absence, fly fishing trips to PROVIDENCE ATOLL resumed in October 2015. Providence Atoll may be the most diverse and exciting fly fishing destination in the Seychelles. The area provides 46km of pristine sand and turtle flats, an enormous lagoon system and numerous channels linking them to the Indian Ocean. Anglers can expect a smorgasbord of trophy fish including GT’s, bonefish, permit, milkfish, triggerfish, bumphead parrotfish and many more. A live-aboard operation, your home for the seven-night / six-day fishing adventure is the MV Maya’s Dugong, an upgraded and modified vessel used for long range fly fishing expeditions. She can accommodate 12 anglers, guides and crew. The guestrooms have en-suite bathrooms, which along with the dining room and lounge, are air-conditioned for your comfort. The trip departs Mahe for the one-hour and 45-minute charter flight to Farquhar Atoll where you will board the Maya’s Dugong for the 6-8 hour cruise to Providence Atoll. The rate for the seven-night / six-day package is $11,500 per person sharing room and guide. The round-trip charter flight from Mahe to Farquhar Atoll is included in the package. n

If you’re going to the Seychelles, consider extending your trip to Africa.

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Elegant Journeys in Africa Extend Your Seychelles Fishing Experience COMPLEMENT YOUR EXTRAORDINARY SEYCHELLES FISHING TRIP WITH A SAFARI EXTENSION. Safaris can be arranged with as few as four nights and at any time of the year. Kenya, the heart of the traditional African safari, offers the easiest access to the Seychelles via Nairobi and the seasons correspond perfectly. South Africa, often referred to as “a world in one country,” can also be easily accessed via Johannesburg or Cape Town. FRONTIERS HAS DESIGNED AND COORDINATED PHOTOGRAPHIC SAFARIS in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Ethiopia and South Africa. Explore vast savannahs, expansive deserts and water holes teeming with wildlife from open safari vehicles, dugout canoes, by elephant back, hot-air balloons, horseback, quad bikes, camel back or even on foot. These settings make up the many facets of Africa. Frontiers has a long history in Africa dating back to our first safari in November of 1971. It was a trial run for a new flying safari called “Sasafari.” The operators designed a wonderful itinerary utilizing Aero-Commander aircraft which stayed with the party throughout South Africa, Botswana, what was then Rhodesia, and Mozambique. Along the way, our staff developed a high level of expertise, and discerning travelers


sought out Frontiers to develop private itineraries embracing a wide range of interests. Because we do not own or operate any camps or lodges in Africa, we can offer unbiased recommendations. We work with the best guides, camps, lodges and safari operators such as Wilderness Safaris, Abercrombie & Kent, Africa House Safaris, &Beyond, Adventura Tours and Belmond. Our suggestions are based purely on your objectives and where the peak game viewing may be at your desired time to travel. Where possible, we strive to contribute to conservation efforts and we encourage our guests to be exposed to and engage with various projects that will broaden their experience in Africa and be a part of a bigger story. With more than four decades of experience and countless staff trips, our destination knowledge is unparalleled and our enthusiasm is contagious. We look forward to sharing our expertise with you whether you are a first-time visitor or a veteran Africa traveler. n

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East Africa

Most of the images associated with Africa include endless plains dotted with wildebeest, Maasai warriors silhouetted against the horizon, spectacular sunsets, boundless African skies, palm-fringed white beaches, adventurous rivers and snow-capped mountains. Each of these visions can be experienced in the countries which make up the bulk of East Africa-Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. • Kenya, the birthplace of the original safari, still holds a fascination and romance that lingers from the days of Karen Blixen and Denys Finch-Hatton. Stay in small bush homes owned by iconic safari figures. • The annual Great Migration of millions of wildebeest and zebra between the Serengeti and the Masai Mara remains as one of the most incredible spectacles in the world. This marvellous sight can be viewed every month of the year. • Picnic on the floor of the Ngorongoro Crater, home to a permanent population of more than 30,000 animals. This is one of the few places in Africa where travelers stand a good chance of seeing the Big Five in the course of one game drive. • Trek through mountains to sit among and watch the social interaction of habituated chimpanzees and gorillas. n

Southern Africa

Southern Africa is characterized by an extraordinary variety of environments from the wetlands of the Okavango Delta (Botswana) and the white sands of the Kalahari Desert (Botswana / South Africa / Namibia) to the red sands of the Namib Desert (Namibia). This region also includes the classic bushveld of the greater Kruger National Park (South Africa), the mighty Zambezi River and Victoria Falls (Zambia and Zimbabwe), and the wild coasts of South Africa and Namibia. • The crystal-clear channels of the Okavango Delta comprise one of the world’s largest inland waterways and one of the richest ecosystems with prolific wildlife and enchanting scenery. • Spectacular desert scenery in the world’s oldest desert, the Namib, and in the Kalahari with desert-adapted wildlife, such as rare desert elephants and black rhino, endangered brown hyena and meerkats. • Compelling flying safaris along the hauntingly beautiful Skeleton Coast in which guests are shown a magical bird’s-eye view of the incredible geological formations. Diverse cultures from San bushmen to the Himba people who live their age-old traditional lifestyles today. • Accommodations in stylish boutique hotels in Cape Town, the buzzing, cosmopolitan and gourmet capital. n

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United States

Good numbers of tarpon averaging around 60-80 pounds

Bahia Honda Sporting Club Florida Keys With all the exotic trips available on the international level, sometimes the domestic destinations don’t get their due notice. The BAHIA HONDA SPORTING CLUB in the Florida Keys is a perfect example. The club’s oceanfront villa is a luxurious Mediterranean-style home situated on a 16-acre private estate located 25 minutes from Key West. In-house guides, a world-class chef, open bar and the staff’s attention to detail all add up to the perfect fishing experience. While only open for the months of April, May and June to coincide with the famed Florida Keys tarpon migration, the lodge’s location is perfect as it allows for easy access to the bright, sandy ocean flats and the secluded back country. This enables the guides to take advantage of two distinctly different tide cycles so there is rarely a time they can’t find favorable conditions. While sight-fishing for tarpon is their specialty, permit and bonefish are also often caught. Most guests arrive via Key West which is easily accessed through Atlanta or Miami. Those who arrive early in the day can fish that afternoon or plan their departure late in the day so they can fish that morning. The seven-night / six-day package based on shared room and guide is $6,500 per person. There is a special period that coincides with the palola worm hatch (late May to early June) where the rates are $7,150 for the seven-night / six-day package. Shorter stays are available. n


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EASE OF ACCESS MIGHT BE THE ONE THING THAT SEPARATES THE BAHAMAS FROM ALL OTHER SALTWATER DESTINATIONS. Diverse lodge options, non-fishing activities, English as a common language (albeit with a charming island accent), acceptance of the U.S. dollar, and a bonefish resource that is literally second to none combine to make the Bahamas the go-to choice for fishermen seeking a quick bonefish fix. Thousands of miles of bonefish habitat are accessible within an hour’s flight from Miami or Ft. Lauderdale. Booking a trip is as easy as picking up the phone and telling us when and where you want to go.


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Bahamas Tons of white sand flats are the draw on north Andros

Kamalame Cay

York, London, Miami, Toronto and more; yet worlds away from its tourist crowds, cruise ships and hotel-lined shores.

Andros Island KAMALAME CAY is a 96-acre private island little more than a stone’s throw away from the Bahamas’ bonefish mecca, Andros Island. Andros is home to world-class bonefishing, and Kamalame is fortunate to offer exceptional sight-fishing not only from its doorstep but also from the famed Joulter Cays to the north. Anglers will experience the productive local waters of Staniard Creek as well as the nearby creeks and flats stretching north to Mastic Point. Bonefish averaging a solid 3-4 lbs. frequent the local flats, and trophy “ocean bones” weighing in the doubledigit category are occasionally encountered while working the channels and edges. The Joulter Cays are one of the Bahamas most scenic and robust flats fisheries. Notably popular with wade fishers for its firm white sand flats, the Joulters are a prolific shallow water destination. Known for large schools of tailing bones and smaller pods of 7 to 10-plus pound trophies, this fishery is well suited for novice to accomplished anglers. Accessible only by private ferry or seaplane, Kamalame Cay caters to an exclusive community of residents and resort guests. It is only a 15-minute flight from Nassau, Bahamas, an international hub serviced by direct flights from New

Spread across acres of swaying palms and flowering hibiscus, frangipani and bougainvillea, Kamalame’s beachfront cottages and villas ensure absolute privacy. Idyllic and isolated, each is designed in chic West Indies style and tucked into a lush tropical garden edged by a swathe of white sand beach. Surrounded by warm, clear turquoise waters and miles of deserted coastline, the cay’s pristine mangroves are a sanctuary for sandpipers, herons, cranes and egrets while vibrant coral gardens a mile offshore teem with parrotfish, blue tangs, manta rays, dolphins and turtles. Kamalame is outfitted with a tennis court, a fresh water pool, a full-service scuba dive center and the only overwater spa in The Bahamas. Al fresco beach bars and a casually elegant Great House serve as convivial meeting places for residents and guests. Fresh, seasonal Caribbean cuisine is served with a refined selection of international wine and spirits. Kamalame offers an incomparable blend of ocean adventure and gracious tropical living wrapped in the security and luxury of a private island experience. It is charming, stylish and private; a singular destination for seasoned travelers looking for something special and well off the beaten path. n

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Mangrove Cay Club Andros Island When anglers think of the Bahamas and bonefish, Andros Island always tops the list of places to consider. When the talk turns to the best lodges, MANGROVE CAY CLUB typically leads the discussion. Mangrove Cay Club is like the proverbial bottle of wine that continues to getting better over time. The club has immediate access to the bountiful fisheries of the north and middle bights and the prosperous West Side of Andros. No other Bahamas lodge can boast these attributes. These fisheries have a well-deserved reputation for bonefish averaging 3-4 lbs., and every season they seem to land more than their share of huge bonefish well over the 10 lb. mark.

bathrooms, high cypress ceilings and private porches overlooking the Middle Bight. Hosting a maximum of 16 anglers ensures high-quality service and personalized attention. Chef Iyke Moore’s superb culinary skills are on display at every meal. Nowhere else have we experienced such incredible food day in and day out, year in and year out. Guests can expect a diversified menu featuring freshly caught local seafood, fresh vegetables, beef, chicken and decadent desserts. Chef Iyke’s cracked conch simply cannot be missed (nor have we seen it duplicated elsewhere). New and updated amenities include a flat screen television and iPod-compatible sound system in the bar area, daily 6 a.m. coffee and tea room service, furniture improvements, and a well-stocked fly shop complete with new products including select women’s apparel. WiFi in all rooms is being implemented for the upcoming season.

Known for its professional and veteran staff of native Bahamian guides, spacious and well-appointed duplex cottages and cuisine and service that are second to none, there is a reason Mangrove Cay Club sees a wealth of repeat clients.

In addition, SPOT location devices are now on every boat, ensuring peace of mind for anglers, their family members, guides and the lodge. These devices give precise real-time location of individual boats on an as-needed basis. New for 2016 is the addition of Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP’s) by Dragonfly Boatworks which are specifically designed for fly fishing. These vessels allow guide and angler to reach flats previously inaccessible by boat or foot.

The four duplex cottages are located on the water and feature amenities such as air conditioning and ceiling fans, soundproof walls, separate sitting rooms, oversized

A five-night / four-day flats fishing package through June 2016 is $4,140 per person based on double occupancy and shared guide and includes bar tab and 7.5% Bahamas VAT. n


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Call Frontiers 1-800-245-1950 | +44 (0)845 299 6212 in Europe |



The famed flats of Andros’ west side

Beautiful white sand beach at your doorstep

Bair’s Lodge Andros Island BAIR’S LODGE sits on the southeast side of famed Andros Island, noted for its world-class bonefishing. Much of the Island’s praise originates from the prolific creeks and flats systems of the South Island. Bair’s Lodge is only a five-minute boat ride from two of Andros’s best creeks. Longer boat rides will afford anglers access to the superb wadeable flats of South Andros and the remote bonefish wilderness of the “West Side.” The West Side has the reputation for some of the planet’s biggest bonefish, and the lodge’s professional guides are well-qualified to put anglers within a double-haul cast of them. Here, bones average 3-5 lbs., and shots at trophy-sized fish of 10 lbs. or more are common. The lodge is an attractive plantation-style building beside the ocean surrounded by tropical flowers, palm trees and an alluring beach. It can accommodate up to 12 anglers in six double-occupancy rooms. Each of these rooms has an en-suite bathroom, air conditioning, ceiling fans, comfortable chair and storage space for fishing gear. There are also handy rod racks and fresh water hoses to wash down angling equipment at days end. Superb local Bahamian-accented cuisine includes fresh fish, conch, lobster, daily baked breads, pastries and cookies. Coffee beans are ground fresh every morning, and there is always a good supply of fresh drinking water from the lodge’s reverse osmosis filter system. After a productive day of fishing, anglers can wind down in a hammock or enjoy some friendly camaraderie and a cool beverage at the waterside fire pit. A five-night / four-day flats fishing package based on double-occupancy and shared guide is $3,995 per person from October 1 to March 15, 2016 and July 2016; $4,450 per person from March 15 to June 30, 2016. Bar drinks are included in the rate. n


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Abaco Lodge Abaco Island


ABACO LODGE opened in 2009 and quickly became a favorite of many traveling bonefishers. Located on the Marls, one of the most prolific flats systems in the Bahamas, Abaco Lodge is ground zero to this exceptional fishery. Extending for more than 20 miles along the western side of Abaco Island, the average water depth is less than 4 feet. This depth, along with hundreds of cays, channels and flats, provides the perfect habitat for bonefish and the occasional permit. It would take an angler a lifetime to cover this vast region. If ever there was a perfect “target-rich” environment for the bonefish enthusiast, the Marls is it. The lodge can accommodate up to 10 fishermen, and the single occupancy, air-conditioned rooms with private baths and shared decks continue to be one of the main attractions. The knowledgeable, hardworking guides have grown up on these waters, so anglers are sure to have productive, enjoyable days. Abaco Lodge sits waterside and faces due west, allowing visitors to watch stunning sunsets each night. New dock lights provide some fun evening entertainment for snappers, sharks and even the occasional tarpon. Other amenities include a fully stocked bar, soaking pool, sitting room, pro shop, fly tying room and the everpopular fire pit. For those who want to stay connected with the wider world, the lodge has high-speed Wi-Fi and a flat screen television in the lounge. Upscale Bahamian gourmet meals feature fresh local fish, seafood, beef, fruits and vegetables. You’ll enjoy fresh baked breads, pastries and cookies daily, and the freshly ground coffee is a treat every morning. A five-night / four-day flats fishing package based on single occupancy and shared guide costs $3,995 from October 2015 to March 16, 2016 and $4,450 from March 16 to July 2016. n

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Stunning views from the Club’s wrap-around veranda

Bahamas Assistant, Laura Thompson, lands a nice Marls bonefish


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Bahamas Club Manager, Max Woolnough, reaches out on one of the white sand oceanside flats

Delphi Club Abaco Island Now entering its sixth full season, the DELPHI CLUB has rapidly ascended the ranks to become one of the best-run bonefish lodges, all due to host Peter Mantle’s initiative. Mantle also created the award-winning Delphi Lodge in Ireland. The Delphi Club, located on Rolling Harbour, Abaco Island, is designed to bring the same standards of comfort, atmosphere, dazzling location and culinary excellence as its Irish counterpart, but with a tropical flair. Overlooking a stunning Atlantic coastline and sandy beach, the facility is styled after an 18th-century colonial plantation house and features eight ocean-view bedrooms, large wrap-around verandas and a gorgeous infinity pool. Additional property highlights include the eclectic library, impressive wine cellar, fine antiques and the Great Room with its enormous dining table (which can seat more than 20 people), a discreet honesty bar, abundant comfortable seating and stunning ocean views. The club’s fine amenities are on par with the incredible fishing of the nearby Marls flats. Known as one of the Bahamas most expansive and fertile flats regions, the Marls are a short drive from the lodge. The west side of Abaco Island encompasses nearly 200 square miles of amazing bonefish habitat, and Delphi Club anglers have access to all

of it. Bones in the Marls average 2-3 lbs. and are often found tailing in ultra-skinny water. Trophy-sized bonefish are also targeted in the outer Marls, in Cross Harbour to the south of the Club and on the oceanside flats around Cherokee Sound to the northeast. Here, casting to a double-digit bonefish is a distinct possibility; hooking and landing one of these wily fish should be considered an impressive feat. Many anglers enjoy the quality fishing found right on the club’s gorgeous beach where bonefish, permit, jack crevalle, barracuda and even an occasional cruising tarpon can be found. In addition to its beautiful sandy beach and turquoise seas, the club has a number of activities from which to choose. Water lovers can scuba dive and snorkel the numerous and spectacular coral reefs. Leisurely boat trips are available to the charming outer islands with their picturesque colonial villages. Guests can indulge in a poolside massage, shop for local crafts in Marsh Harbour or take a guided nature trip to explore the flora and fauna of the Abacos. Access to the brand new Marsh Harbour airport is easy with direct flights from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa and (coming soon in December) Atlanta. Ultimately, the Delphi Club is geared toward people who desire great comfort, good food, a beautiful, pristine location and outstanding fishing. A five-night / four-day flats fishing package from October 2015 through June 2016 is $3,995 per person based on double occupancy and shared guide. n

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Stella Maris Resort Long Island STELLA MARIS RESORT is an intimate, plantationstyle hotel located on picturesque Long Island. Offering a wide range of tropical accommodations from panoramic ocean-view rooms to four-bedroom waterfront bungalows, some equipped with a private pool, Stella Maris has lodging for parties of almost any size. It’s a perfect getaway for leisure travelers, family vacationers, private pilots, active water sports enthusiasts and, of course, the traveling bonefisher. The resort utilizes the services of well-known and respected local guide Docky Smith and his Bonafide Bonefishing guide team. Docky is exceptionally knowledgeable of the entire Long Island flats system. He’s a consummate professional who uses modern Maverick and Hells Bay flats skiffs. Bonafide Bonefishing can accommodate as many as eight anglers. Long Island has an extensive flats fishery comprised of firm white sand flats and bonefish averaging a solid 3 lbs. with likely shots at fish between five and eight pounds; sometimes larger. Additional activities available for individuals seeking solitude or for families on the go include: reef and offshore fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, cycling and exploring or relaxing on more than 80 miles of unspoiled beaches. A five night / four day flats fishing package which includes the roundtrip Nassau to Stella Maris charter flights starts at $2,475 per person based on shared hotel room and boat. n

Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge South Andros Island MARS BAY BONEFISH LODGE is an intimate, no-frills outfit situated in a prime location on the southeastern tip of Andros Island. The lodge is positioned on a superb bonefish flat, and given the right tide, anglers can fish from sunup to sundown. The lodge accommodates eight anglers, making it the perfect size for intact groups looking for privacy at an affordable rate. Guests can expect to encounter everything from large schools of 2-4 lb. tailing bones all the way up to the big loners which exceed the magical 10 lb. mark. Almost all of the fishing is done near the southern tip of the island. Jackfish Cay and the Curly Cut Cays are some of the best and most expansive wade fishing flats in the bonefish world. Managed onsite by American Bill Howard, the accommodations are clean and modern, the meals are nothing short of spectacular, the guides are hard-working and excel at their jobs and, oh yes, the beer is always ice cold. There is nothing pretentious about Mars Bay. As Bill states, “We won’t crack your pepper for you, and you’ll not find a mint on your pillow.” What guests will find is a friendly, courteous wait and guide staff at a lodge with excellent access to one of the Bahamas’ finest bonefish resources. Mars Bay is the answer to what many of our clients have been asking for. Don’t wait to book, as repeat clients make space hard to find. A five-night / four-day flats fishing package is $3050 per person based on double occupancy and a shared guide and includes drinks and 7.5% Bahamas VAT. n


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The “home flat� gives guests of Deep Water Cay a little DIY after-hours fun


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Deep Water Cay Grand Bahama Island

Top-of-the-line Hells Bay Marquesa and Professional model skiffs ensure comfort on the flats. These boats are designed to float in the skinniest of water and afford a dry ride and stability while casting. Everyone will appreciate the leaning bars and quiet, four-stroke, environmentally friendly 70- and 90-hp Yamaha outboard engines. For the offshore enthusiast, Deep Water has added two new World Cats to its fleet. A tiki bar, complete with shady palms and fire pit welcomes anglers at day’s end. Other notable new amenities include the floating dock, a fully loaded kayak rack, Hobie Cat catamaran sailboats, stand up paddle boards, swimming beach, scuba pro shop, fly shop, and a welcome center with gifts and gear where guests can schedule activities.

The recently renovated accommodations are comfortably relaxed. Individuals and fishing partners typically prefer the guest cottages. These one-bedroom units have a private bathroom, two full-size beds and a front porch that overlooks an inviting bonefish flat. Each comes with a refrigerator, coffee maker, walk-in closet and air conditioning. For small to large groups, private homes are also available and feature multiple bedrooms and baths, full kitchens, sitting and living rooms, dining areas and wrap-around verandas. The variety of lodging options will meet any group’s particular needs. Fine casual dining always features “catch-of-the-day” and farm-to-table Bahamian cuisine. Deep Water Cay has been the “go to” fishing destination for many years; be sure to put it on your short list. The lodge has its own private airstrip for those chartering or flying privately. Rates for a five-night / four-day fishing package start at $4,966 per person and are based on shared room and boat. The rate include staff gratuities, airport transfers and VAT tax. n

Deep Water Cay offers anglers both wade fishing and skiff fishing options

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Off the far eastern end of Grand Bahama Island lies DEEP WATER CAY, where anglers can fish more than 250 square miles of flats. The wadeable flats are hard-packed white sand, and the bones are easy to spot. Skiff fishing takes place around the softer bottoms covered in turtle grass. Bones here are plentiful and often large. On a typical day, anglers can expect to see schools of fish numbering in the hundreds but it’s the singles and doubles that provide the draw; these fish often eclipse the 10 lb. mark. A staff of veteran Bahamian guides rounds out the exceptional fishing program.

Frontiers Joe Codd with a typical Grand Bahama bonefish

North Riding Point Club Grand Bahama Island NORTH RIDING POINT CLUB is located on the south side of Grand Bahama Island, which features some of the most productive fishing grounds in all of the Bahamas. Travel to this destination is simple; guests fly to Freeport’s Grand Bahama International Airport which offers several daily U.S. flight options. The club is a 30-minute drive from bustling Freeport. Established in 1994, North Riding Point Club is managed by Paul Adams. Paul is an avid angler who grew up in the Bahamas and learned to fly fish from noted author, editor and sport fisherman, A.J. McClane. Paul sees to every guest’s needs to help ensure memorable vacations. North Riding Point Club is an all-inclusive (without gratuities) catch-and-release fishing lodge with deluxe accommodations. This private property encompasses six pristine acres including a beautiful stretch of white sand beach. Guest accommodations consist of four spacious oceanfront cottages with large porches. All rooms are wellappointed and air-conditioned with two queen-sized beds, a full private bathroom, spacious walk-in closet, room safe,


Wi-Fi, telephone and wet-bar refrigerator. Other amenities include a fresh water pool close to the main clubhouse, a newly renovated and equipped tackle shop and a gift shop. Massages are available by appointment. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres are offered at the clubhouse followed by a fullcourse dinner service prepared by the award winning chef. Most of the fishing takes place on the massive north shore flats system, but the south side affords excellent fishing as well. Grand Bahama’s flats are known for their abundance of 4-6 lb. bones. Double-digit size trophy fish are frequently encountered. The staff guides are all experienced and licensed and use a fleet of sleek Hell’s Bay skiffs powered by 90hp 4-stroke engines. Whether being poled by a guide or wading a flat, fishing at North Riding Point Club is as good as it gets. Non-fishing guests can also enjoy activities and excursions that include snorkeling, diving, kayaking, nature eco-tours, horseback riding on a nearby beach, golf, shopping or spa treatments at Lucaya. A five-night / four-day flats fishing package is $4,550 per person based on double-occupancy and shared guide. The season runs from September 2015 to July 2016. A two-for-one promotion is available for trips taken between October 1, 2015 and February 29, 2016. Ask Frontiers for more details. n

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Hells Bay Marquesas skiffs taxi fishermen to a multitude of Grand Bahama flats


The Frontiers’ “Joes” hoist Mr. Linscott’s momma tarpon for a quick pic

Bones Bar is a great apres fishing scene located on-site at the Pelican Bay Hotel


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H2O Bonefishing Grand Bahama Island


For nearly 13 years, H2O BONEFISHING has consistently proven to be one of the Bahamas’ best flats fishing programs. Big bonefish, an emerging permit fishery and seasonal shots at tarpon make this one of the Bahamas most versatile fisheries. Located on Grand Bahama Island in Freeport’s Lucaya District, H2O is easily accessed by a short flight from the eastern United States. The flats on the north side of Grand Bahama Island are expansive and fertile, and teem with bonefish averaging close to 4 lbs. Broad-shouldered bones of 5-8 lbs. are fairly common, and trophy fish exceeding 10 lbs. are always possible (the club’s record is 14.5 lbs.) H2O’s veteran staff of savvy Bahamian guides are on the water 12 months a year and will get you on singles, pairs and schools of aggressive bonefish. Permit are also reliably encountered, and for those anglers willing to put in the time and effort, they can be the highlight of any trip. April through November is considered the peak fishing time but any month with settled weather can be productive. H2O’s biggest permit to date tipped the scales at more than 30 lbs., a trophy in any water. Juvenile and adult tarpon show up in the warmer months, mutton snapper are seen on calm spring and summer days, and even tailing triggerfish can be found on certain flats. In addition to these great game fish, packs of horse eye jacks, large jack crevalle, barracuda and a variety of sharks are all known to hunt these same flats. H2O’s “No Boundaries” program was born from a passion to further explore and develop the world-class fly fishing opportunities at Grand Bahama. A 21 ft. custom flats boat designed to travel greater distances more quickly and in more comfort is used to target a wider variety of species on fly. This exclusive Bahamian program offers clients the chance to fish the remote waters off the Little Bahama Bank and to experience several fisheries from one land-based operation. These remote regions often attract big bones and permit that seldom, if ever, see a fly. No Boundaries is available during June and July and requires a minimum five-night / four-day stay; two days will be set aside for exploration. For the offshore angler, H2O offers seasonal bluewater fly fishing charters for dorado, yellowfin tuna, blackfin tuna and skipjack aboard a 31 ft. Contender powered by twin 250hp Yamaha engines. The offshore “bite” turns on during the late afternoon and early evening, allowing anglers to fish the flats in the morning and then have the option to experience the action offshore later the same day. Alternatively, anglers could utilize this program for arrival or departure days to maximize their fishing time.

The Pelican Bay Hotel, next to the Lucaya Marketplace, is used for accommodations. It’s a charming and intimate colonial-style facility with standard Waterside Rooms and larger State Room suites. The H2O clubhouse also houses Bones Bar. It’s a perfect spot to share drinks and stories with fellow anglers and H2O staff while relaxing and enjoying a view of the harbor. This is also a great destination for nonfishers traveling with anglers. In addition to ocean beach access and three swimming pools from which to choose, guests can also spend their leisure time at any of the 55 shops that make up the marketplace, dine at one of 30 restaurants, play golf and tennis, scuba dive, snorkel, swim with dolphins or try their luck at a casino. H2O is ideally suited for the experienced angler seeking a multitude of species on the fly and the distinct possibility of trophy fish. A minimum of two fishing days is required, but there are no set arrival or departure days. For 2016 A five-night / four-day flats fishing package starts at $2,845 per person based on shared room and guide. A two-for-one promotion is available for trips taken through December 21, 2015. Ask Frontiers for more details. n

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Venezuela Sight Cast Los Roques Although they are a year-round destination, the shimmering flats are busiest from January to April with winter weather escapees. Perfect wading conditions continue through August where days are blissfully spent stalking bonefish that average over 4 lbs. In the fall, when the tides are higher, the hunt is divided between fishing from the boat and wading. Not only will you have shots at double digits, but the large tarpon will also graciously make their appearance. Chris Yrazabal has fished and guided the flats of Los Roques for more than 16 years. Partnering with Ramon Paz in 2002, they have built a solid team of guides with a vast knowledge of the 200 flats and fishing areas of Los Roques. They know where and when to take you to ensure an unforgettable fishing experience. SIGHT CAST accommodates their anglers in the Posada Acuarela, an inviting inn with a Caribbean and Mediterranean feel complete with 12 rooms all with private bathrooms, air-conditioning, ceiling fans and individual safes. The Acuarela has several common areas including a terraced rooftop deck, perfect for stretching out after your exciting fishing day while you savor a cold libation and perhaps a cigar. If you must check in at the office being careful not to rouse any envy, the lodge has Wi-Fi. Angelo, the owner, also a talented artist and chef, makes everyone feel at home, serving delicious meals that include fresh carpaccio, pasta and fish. Sight Cast offers flexible arrival / departure days. A seven-night / six-day fishing package is $4,250 per person based on double occupancy and shared boat and guide. n


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A bird’s eye view of the quaint town of Los Roques

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WHEN YOU PERUSE THE IMAGES IN THE PAGES THAT FOLLOW you’ll see people smiling, relaxing, and enjoying the places in Mexico that don’t make it into the sensationalized media outlets. A warm friendly Mexico, chilled out with a laid back vibe, palm trees, bonefish, permit and tarpon; toss in a few marlin, a mahi and roosterfish for good measure, maybe even a good Cuban cigar, an ice cold beer . . . even a margarita or two. Now that’s our Mexico.


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Campeche is considered by many to be the cultural epicenter of Mexico’s Yucatan

Campeche Yucatan, West Coast Baby tarpon fishing in CAMPECHE revolves around the 180,000-acre Petenes Biosphere Reserve, an ecologically diverse mix of grass-covered flats, mangroves and jungle that has quietly earned the reputation of a world-class baby tarpon fishery. Almost exclusively sight-fishing, your guide will watch for silver kings lazily rolling on the surface, busting bait against shoreline pockets or lying in ambush for unsuspecting baitfish. Situated on the western side of the Yucatan Peninsula, Campeche is a colonial city with a rich Mayan history and is a classic example of a 17th century walled city, built to ward off pirate attacks. With its large number of historic landmarks, the city was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1999. Accommodations are at the Campeche Plaza Hotel centrally located in the heart of the historic district. In addition to the historic landmarks, the hotel is within easy walking distance to excellent restaurants, museums, coffee houses, and the cathedral. Campeche is perhaps the safest state in all of Mexico. The population is relatively small and its people are friendly and warm. Campeche can be accessed directly via Mexico City’s newly renovated airport or through the city of Merida, which can be accessed via Houston, Dallas or Miami. The rate for a seven-nght / six-day package is $2,955 per person based on double occupancy and shared guide. Shorter stays are available. n

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Grand Slam Lodge Yucatan, East Coast With wonderful beachfront accommodations, excellent food, great service and outstanding fishing, Grand Slam Fishing Lodge, located near the quiet village of Punta Allen, continues to be one of the premier lodges on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico; the perfect destination for anglers and non-anglers alike. With Ascension Bay to the south and the vast lagoon system running north, the guides have a vast and well-protected resource. This area features extensive shallow white sand flats, mangrove lined lagoons and channels and deeper water favored by the permit and the larger tarpon that make an appearance between May and August. Permit, bonefish, tarpon, snook, barracuda, jack crevalle and more can be found in good numbers throughout the year. While January through May sees the most anglers, don’t forget the summer months as the large migratory tarpon make an appearance and the fishing can be as hot as the weather. The under-fished fall months of October and November also offer great opportunities. Experts and beginners will all enjoy fishing from comfortable pangas or can wade the hard sand flats with the experienced guides. The lodge offers private, well-appointed beachfront rooms featuring king-sized beds, air conditioning, en-suite bathroom with shower, Jacuzzi tub and satellite television. The main lodge tropical thatched-roof design features the dining room with indoor air-conditioned dining or outdoor dining on the deck. The meals feature wonderful local cuisine and fresh seafood all served with traditional preparations. The bar offers a selection of beer, wine and spirits for your enjoyment. Off the water, after a hot day on the flats, head for the pool or the Caribbean for a cooling swim with a refreshing cocktail hand delivered by the pool / beachside butler, stay active by taking a walk along the beach or snorkel the nearby Palancar Reef. A seven-night / six-day package based on double occupancy and shared guide is $3,830 per person from February 1 to June 28; $3,550 per person from November 1 to January 31; and $3,200 per person from July 1–October 31. Shorter packages are available as well as non-angler packages. n


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Mexico Call Frontiers 1-800-245-1950 | +44 (0)845 299 6212 in Europe |



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Holbox Fly Fishing Lodge Yucatan, Northeast Corner

Situated off the northeastern tip of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is Isla Holbox and HOLBOX FLY FISHING LODGE. Schools of large migrating tarpon begin to show up in May and as the calendar progresses into June, July and August, the fishing only gets better! The fish are easy to spot as they roll on the surface or bust large schools of sardines. Should the weather and wind not cooperate, baby tarpon and snook can be found in the island’s large lagoon almost year round. The lodge is a five-bedroom villa with a refreshing contemporary Mexican flair that can accommodate up to 10 guests. All rooms are air-conditioned and have large en-suite bathrooms. The second story veranda overlooks a great swimming beach and offers the perfect setting to relax, enjoy a cold cervesa, and witness amazing sunsets. Packages include breakfast and lunch, however dinners are ala carte in this charming island village. Local seafood is the specialty but you’ll find numerous European- and Argentineinfluenced dining options to choose from, as residents of both regions have settled on the island. One of the first things guests notice upon arrival is the lack of cars and paved roads. There are no fancy shops, wild nightclubs or mega resorts which are so common in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. It’s a place where time slows down and the stresses of life fade away. A seven-night / six-day fishing package based on double occupancy and shared guide is $3,495 per person. n

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Many anglers feel there is nothing more exhilarating than watching a tarpon take to the air in an attempt to dislodge their fly. Regarded as one of the world’s great gamefish, tarpon range from a few pounds to over 200 lbs.

A vast majority of our business comes An Unparalleled Commitment to Service. . . Our Clients Say It Best! “You have certainly figured out every important detail to make our trip easy, fun, relaxing and comfortable.” Deep Water Cay, Bahamas – Jeannie S. “Best fishing trip I have been on! The experience all around was a memorable one! Fishing at home will never be the same.” Mangrove Cay Club, Bahamas – Dominak H. “Bill keeps everything running right. This is a no hassle lodge where the operation gets you out onto the flats with great guides and in boats that are clean and are expertly maintained.” Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge, Bahamas – Edward P.


“The overall trip was excellent, lodge staff and other people and guide did a fine job. The fishing was wonderful!” Rio Parismina Lodge & Arenal Springs Resort, Costa Rica – Mr. and Mrs. William W. “Niels runs a top quality operation. Superb - My third time and will probably reschedule for next year.” Pacific Fins Resort, Guatemala – Dr. Howard K. “Denise is excellent! Excellent fishing! Great place.” El Pescador Resort, Belize – Fred P.

“Great fishing trip, weather was great, guides were very good, lodge was excellent.” – Tony and Kim F. “Great lodge, great trip.” – Richard M. “Greg & Goldine and staff were above and beyond! Outstanding.” Zancudo Lodge, Costa Rica – Tim H. “TSL was/is one of the most amazing fishing spots in the world!” Tropic Star Lodge, Panama – Dr. Tom R. “The BEST, thanks to Bob and a great team for a memorable trip! - Robert S. It is one of the best lodge’s in the world!” North Riding Point Club, Bahamas – Nathaniel R.

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from client referrals. “Los Roques was just great. Every single hour on the water was action packed . . .The Jonjac service in Caracas was really good. Both Ramon and Carlos were really friendly and helpful. As I said, before, the fishing was outstanding, all wading and lots of nice fish. Frontier’s part of our trip was just great. All information we received was most helpful, and all of the plan worked 100%. We can highly recommend both Los Roques as a fishing destination, but also your great service. Thank you!” Sight Cast, Los Roques – Olafur V. “Fishing, lodge, and staff were ‘superior.’ Will recommend it highly!” Pacific Fins Resort & Marina, Guatemala – Charles G.

“This was a great lodge, in a wonderful location. Owners Craig, Karen and staff were just terrific. Our guide was knowledgeable and fun to be with. I would definitely return to Turneffe Flats – 1st class.” Turneffe Flats Lodge, Belize – Thomas D. “The lodge is a well-oiled machine; food was great. I would like to return some time with my wife. The highlight of our stay was the half day park tour in the john boat. Can you believe we saw a jaguar! Judy had never seen one in the 26 years history of the lodge, only 2 other guest besides my father and I have seen one! What luck. Thanks for handling all of our arrangements . . . ” Rio Parismina, Costa Rica - Richard L.

“Outstanding! Audrey and I had never fished saltwater previously. Our guide and the casting clinic helped us acclimate quickly. The water visibility was fair to poor most of the trip, yet we caught a great number of bonefish. My daughter caught a permit! Fantastic experience!” El Pescador Resort, Belize - Gerald A.. “Great trip, guides were great, seemed to enjoy our success as much as we did, very friendly staff.” Alphonse, Seychelles – David M.

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Casa Blanca and Playa Blanca Yucatan, Ascension Bay The Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve in Mexico offers the most diverse and productive shallow-water fishing habitats in the Yucatan with Ascension Bay, Espiritu Santo Bay and the Santa Rosa Lagoon. The big four of the saltwater world — bonefish, permit, tarpon and snook — cruise the seemingly endless flats or lie in ambush in the mangroves looking for their next meal. Both Casa Blanca and Playa Blanca call this area home. Both are located on the island of Punta Pajaros, Casa Blanca sits on the northern tip of the island with easy access to Ascension Bay and Playa Blanca sits toward the southern end with easy access to Espiritu Santo Bay. CASA BLANCA has welcomed anglers for more than 20 years to this fishing paradise. The lodge villas can accommodate up to 22 guests in 11 guest rooms offering all the comforts of home, such as air conditioning, spacious, comfortable rooms, and large en-suite bathrooms with shower. The mahogany shutters open to memorable views of the Caribbean. The main lodge and sitting area, complete with outdoor couches, is a thatched roof palapa, a perfect place to have your meals, relax and share fishing stories over some drinks from the fully stocked bar. PLAYA BLANCA is located on the southern end of the island, a 30-minute drive south of Casa Blanca through thick jungle foliage. Originally built as an “Adventure Resort” it is almost exclusively booked by anglers these days, but it has retained all the activities making this an ideal destination for the non-angler partner or families. The lodge accommodates up to 14 anglers in 7 guest rooms. The spacious rooms are tastefully decorated with bright Caribbean accents and feature large baths, queen beds, ceiling fans and a sitting area with couch. The villas set back from the beach all have air conditioning while those close to the beach; rely on the ocean breezes for comfort. The experienced and friendly staff strives for your off-water experience to match the great fishing. They are on call to help you with any needs or questions. The kitchen’s specialty is fresh seafood from the nearby Palancar Reef and international cuisine skillfully prepared with a combination of Mexican and Mayan recipes using native fruits and vegetables. Wi-Fi is available in the lounge area of both lodges so you can stay in touch with the family and work if you have to. Both destinations offer, a seven-night / six-day fishing package based on double occupancy and shared guide is $4,730 for the high season per person, $4,349 off-peak. n


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Elegant Journeys in Mexico Extend Your Stay in the Yucatan, Los Cabos, or Puerto Vallarta Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita Between the rugged Sierra Madre Mountains and the pristine white coral shores of the Pacific, Mexico’s most luxurious resort offers an unprecedented level of privacy, elegance and personalized service. Built to preserve and blend with the natural environment, Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, Mexico is a golfer’s paradise. Its championship golf course, designed by Jack Nicklaus, features a par-three natural island green. Water enthusiasts can’t believe their good fortune at the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita. The casita-style resort is located on Bahia de Banderas, one of the world’s largest natural bays. Discover one of the top Resort Family Programs; enjoy some of the best snorkeling, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing and whale-watching on the planet. Play tennis, ride horseback on the beach or head out on an expedition into the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa On the edge of lapis-blue Caribbean waters, Maroma rises like a thatched roof oasis along a sugary white beach. The resort is a hushed secret among current and past guests. Genuine Mexican hospitality reigns at Maroma, an award-winning beach stretches on for days and romance is impulsive. It´s the true spirit of the Mayan Riviera in every way. Spend lazy days in ocean side restaurants or stroll through dense gardens where parrots and butterflies play. Explore some of Mexico´s great heritage sites, dive in mysterious underwater caves or relax at the #1 spa in Mexico and Central America-Kinan Spa. Beautiful uncrowded beaches, lush jungles, over 100 mystical Cenotes, Mayan ruins and a variety of eco-adventure and sport activities are all located within the region. Stretching 81 miles, the Riviera Maya begins 11 miles south of the Cancun International Airport in Puerto Morelos, and extends to Felipe Carillo Puerto, a small town near the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve.

Las Ventanas al Paraiso Offering “the windows to paradise,” Las Ventanas al Paraíso, A Rosewood Resort, sets the standard for luxury in Los Cabos. Every accommodation is a spacious suite complete with a marble shower, Conchuela limestone floors, large private terraces overlooking the resort and the Sea of Cortez, wood or gas burning fireplaces, and telescopes for whale watching and stargazing. The new Luxury Beachfront and Ocean View Villas are mere steps from the legendary Sea of Cortez. From private infinity-edge pools to the expansive bathroom with its steam and rain shower and infinity bathtub for two, this authentic Mexican villa awakens all senses to the wonders of this private paradise. Don’t miss the new beach cabanas with private Jacuzzis. If you are a culinary wizard, participate in the acclaimed “Challenge the Chef” competition; if you win, your dish will be added to the menu! The resort is adjacent to an 18-hole Robert Trent Jones II Championship Golf Course as well as an array of recreational and leisure activities. n

Belmond Maroma Resort and Spa

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Rancho Leonero Resort East Cape, Baja Peninsula For those seeking a remote and reasonably priced destination to fish for a variety of bluewater species, RANCHO LEONERO RESORT is the perfect place. The lodge is located about an hour south of La Paz and an hour north of the Los Cabos Airport. This lush, old-world Baja resort is a fishing, snorkeling and kayaking paradise. It features more than two miles of private, unspoiled beach, a swimming pool, and spacious, air-conditioned rooms overlooking the azure calm Sea of Cortez. Rancho Leonero is a relaxing, allinclusive resort that is ideal for both families and serious anglers alike. Seasoned local captains and guides take fishermen to the most productive fishing the East Cape has to offer. Most hot spots lie within a half-hour run from the lodge. Dorado, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, sailfish, striped marlin and the powerful, elusive and magnificent roosterfish are all present and provide fantastic mixed-bag opportunities. Please contact us for rates as they vary based on accommodations and boat choice. n

Enhance your Fly Fishing Experience on the East Cape LANCE PETERSON began exploring the Baja Peninsula in 1995. By 2000 he was guiding fly fishermen on the East Cape and his specialty became readily apparent: roosterfish. In subsequent years he developed flies and techniques which have resulted in 4 IGFA world records including 3 record roosterfish taken sight casting from the beach. A patient instructor (Federation of Fly Fishers certified instructor since 2003) and passionate angler, Lance’s enthusiasm for Baja is contagious.

Lance Peterson


JEFF DEBROWN, owner of The Reel Baja, has dedicated his life and career to fly fishing as an outfitter and guide. Having guided all over the world – Jeff finally found home on the East Cape of Mexico. Earning his (FFF) certification as a Casting Instructor; Jeff knows the importance of excellent customer service and support, whether introducing newcomers to the sport or helping a veteran improve their cast. Nothing makes Jeff happier than guiding anglers on the unspoiled resource of the East Cape of Mexico.

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Los Cabos Southern Baja Peninsula LOS CABOS, situated at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, is known internationally for its exceptional striped marlin resource. In addition, many other gamefish flourish where the Pacific waters meet the Sea of Cortez, including sailfish, roosterfish, big yellowfin tuna, dorado, snapper, wahoo, yellowtail, jacks and sierra mackerel. In Cabo, there are two excellent options for both light-tackle conventional gear and fly fishing enthusiasts. Baja Anglers runs well-equipped 26 ft. Ocean Catamarans (perfect for fly fishers), and Pisces Sportfishing Fleet featuring 28 ft. Uniflights or 31 ft. Bertrams, with larger boats available upon request.

Please contact us for rates as they vary based on accommodations and boat choice. n

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The Los Cabos area offers a wide variety of first-rate accommodations and a multitude of tourism opportunities. Customized itineraries can be designed to combine spectacular fishing with golf (there are several worldclass courses within a 45-minute drive), snorkeling, diving, beachcombing and a host of other non-fishing activities.

Belize SOUTH OF MEXICO’S YUCATAN PENINSULA AND BORDERED BY GUATEMALA TO THE WEST AND SOUTH, Belize is roughly the size of Massachusetts, with a friendly, English-speaking population of about 350,000 people. Exotic wildlife, ancient Mayan ruins, numerous and mysterious caves and caverns, rainforests, rivers and unique flora and fauna all call Belize home. Visitors can fish, dive, explore or just unwind with their favorite beverages on one of the many pristine beaches along the coastline. Frontiers can coordinate inland expeditions with fishing or diving itineraries. Chan Chich Lodge, Lamanai Outpost Lodge, Blancaneaux Lodge or the Lodge at Chaa Creek are a few of the many wonderful mainland properties. The coastal waters of Belize are protected by the secondlargest barrier reef in the world, affording fabulous saltwater fishing opportunities for anglers pursuing bonefish, permit, tarpon and snook. Anglers will also find a host of reef and offshore species such as cubera snapper, grouper, ladyfish, shark, barracuda and jacks. Let Frontiers customize the ultimate inland and island vacation for your next saltwater trip. n


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El Pescador Resort Ambergris Cay EL PESCADOR RESORT is nestled amid lush palm trees on a beautiful Ambergris Cay beach. It’s the perfect choice for those seeking a fishing lodge with comfortable accommodations. In addition, there are a multitude of activities for non-fishing guests including scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, cave tubing, zip lining, tours of the Mayan ruins and many other attractions on both Ambergris Cay and the Belize mainland. Guests can enjoy the newly expanded and renovated air-conditioned lodge rooms or upgrade to one of the lovely, private beachfront villas. The resort offers a relaxed atmosphere and a warm, friendly and attentive staff. Anglers staying at El Pescador enjoy fishing from the bow of stable and comfortable pangas with experienced guides at the helm. With 400 square miles of flats and reefs surrounding Ambergris Cay, there’s no shortage of resources for pursuing a favorite quarry. Plenty of resident bonefish, permit and baby tarpon are available year-round, along with a variety of other species on the reef and in the blue water beyond. Anglers after large migratory tarpon should plan to visit between June and September.

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A seven-night / six-day fishing package is $3,950 per person based on double occupancy and shared guide. Shorter and longer packages as well as non-fishing and diving packages are also available. Frontiers can customize a trip that best suits your travel and fishing interests. n

Turneffe Flats Lodge Turneffe Atoll TURNEFFE FLATS LODGE has long been recognized as one of Belize’s premier saltwater fishing, scuba diving and marine eco-tourism destinations. Located 25 miles east of the Belize coastline, Turneffe is the largest atoll in the area. The lodge offers fishermen and divers a variety of experiences from which to choose; miles of pristine white sand flats where fly fishers can wade for tailing bones, and dive sites like Blue Hole, Half Moon Cay and others that keep divers enthralled. Guests enjoy comfortable air-conditioned beach cabanas and three-bedroom villas. The beachfront infinity pool is a wonderful addition to the lodge’s amenities. Delicious and plentiful family-style meals include a mixture of Belizean and international dishes. Homemade cookies and desserts are a perennial favorite. Most guests focus on the fishing with bonefish, permit and tarpon available year-round. Anglers can choose to fish from the bow of comfortable Dolphin skiffs or hop out and wade on the miles of sand- and turtle grass covered flats inside


the reef. The Turneffe Atoll happens to be one of the best places in the Caribbean for a legitimate shot at a grand slam. Belize’s atolls rank among the world’s top dive locations. Turneffe Flats can access more than 60 dive sites and is only a one-hour boat ride to the famous Blue Hole. The lodge has a full-service dive program with an experienced divemaster and instructors. For those interested in a marine eco-adventure, Turneffe Flats is the perfect setting. Guests on the Atoll Adventure package will traverse through an ecologically diverse 250 square miles of the atoll on a spacious 25 ft. canopied boat, captained by veteran guide and naturalist Abel Coe. Mangrove tours, island excursions, birding trips, shelling and snorkeling expeditions are just a few of the fun adventures available at this island paradise. A seven-night / six-day fishing package based on double occupancy and shared guide is $4,616 per person during the high season and $4,074 per person during the low season. A seven-night / six-day diving package is $2,957 per person during the high season and $2,739 during the low season. A seven-night / six-day Atoll Adventure package is $2,740 during high season and $2,512 per person during the low season. n

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Belcampo’s gorgeous main lodge

Fishing Manager, Todd Calitri, and his wife, Sara, with a picture-perfect Belcampo permit


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Belcampo Belize South Belize BELCAMPO BELIZE sits majestically atop Big Hill Mountain near the town of Punta Gorda, Belize’s most southerly settlement. The lodge’s 12 individual Jungle Suites are air-conditioned, spacious and luxurious. They overlook the lush jungle and provide an eye-level view of iguanas, parrots, toucans, howler monkeys and an abundance of other wildlife. In the past few years, Belcampo Lodge has transformed its focus and is sure to delight. Guests now have the opportunity to upgrade to the Ridgetop Suites that are situated at the apex of Big Hill Mountain. From here, the views of the Rio Grande River to the east and the mountains to the west are spectacular. Each spacious villa is well-appointed with soaking tubs on the wrap around deck, comfy furniture, a private pool and a lounging area under a thatched palapa. For the angler, Belcampo has a prime location on the Rio Grande with the flats reached by boat in 20 minutes. Anglers can enjoy fishing the nearby rivers and lagoons for snook and baby tarpon and stalk the vast flats in southern Belize for plentiful permit. In addition, there are great bonefish flats located near the reef, which is a one-hour boat ride from the river mouth.

For the Birder


For wildlife enthusiasts or tropical botany fans, Belcampo is paradise. An incredible array of landscapes and natural riches wait to be explored and enjoyed. There are more than 618 recorded bird species found in Belize.

For the Foodie Belcampo offers a tropical culinary getaway. At the lodge, food revolves around wild local products as well as indigenous cultural foodways and cooking techniques. Guests explore the edible landscape through walking tours and cooking lessons.

For the Outdoor Enthusiast Explore the surrounding jungle; canoe the Rio Grande, hike along easily navigated rainforest trails, mountain bike, tour the town of Punta Gorda or check out Belcampo’s expansive organic gardens.

For the Underwater Wanderer There is an abundance of aquatic species along the coral reefs. Look for seahorses, turtles, tropical fish, manta rays, whale sharks and more. After a full day of outdoor activities, relax and enjoy a massage or other body treatments in the spa that overlooks the jungle. Referred to as the “Green Heart of Belize,” Belcampo’s home region of Toledo features some of the most pristine rainforests, extensive cave networks, coast lowland plains and offshore cays in the Belize. A seven-night / six-day fishing package based on double occupancy / shared boat high season is $4,329 - $5,094 per person (depending on accommodation choice). Low season $3,947 - $4,509 per person. Longer and / or shorter packages available upon request. Nonfishing packages and single supplements also available. n

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Belize River Lodge

year-round fishery for juvenile fish and a summer and fall fishery for their large migratory counterparts. For non-fishing companions, Mayan ruin tours, visits to the Belize Zoo and many other guided excursions including zip-lining, cave tubing, diving, and snorkeling can be arranged.

Mainland Belize BELIZE RIVER LODGE is a tried and proven world-class fishing property that has operated since 1960 under the same committed ownership and management teams. The main lodge sits nestled in the jungle canopy along the banks of the Old Belize River. A favorite among Frontiers clients, the comfortable accommodations and exceptional traditional Belizean food welcome fishermen back year after year. Species preference dictates fishing location. Short runs to nearby jungle rivers, creeks and lagoons are good for snook and baby tarpon. Slightly longer runs to the outside flats and cays give anglers shots at bonefish, permit and big tarpon. Tarpon are truly the kings here, as Belize River has both a

A seven-night / six-day fishing package is $3,989 per person based on double-occupancy and shared guide. Combination trip rates are quoted upon request. Single supplements, nonfishing rates, and stays of varying lengths can also be accommodated and will be quoted upon request. n

Belize River Lodge, together with Bonefish Tarpon Trust, will host the 5th Annual BTT Tagging Challenge April 3-10, 2016. Join Bonefish Tarpon Trust scientists for this fun and rewarding sevennight / six-day fishing and tagging project.

Belize River Lodge’s Long Cay Island Resort — A Private Island Experience Long Cay is one of the best fishing areas in all of Belize. Located 40 minutes by boat from the main lodge, this nicely outfitted outpost cottage is a waterfront island gem. It has spectacular views of the sparkling bluegreen Caribbean, and it provides a private island experience matched by few others. Long Cay is less than a 10-minute boat ride from St. George’s Cay and 20 minutes from Cay Caulker, all storied fishing grounds. The Cay can accommodate up to six guests in three comfortable bedrooms, each with two twin beds. Guests who opt to stay at Long Cay can even enjoy a little wading for bonefish right outside. Anglers can maximize their adventures by planning a combination trip to both properties.


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Cayo Espanto

Elegant Journeys in Belize Extend your Belize Fishing Experience under a Jungle Canopy or Turquoise Waterfall Blancaneaux Lodge

Horseback Riding at Blancaneaux Lodge

Francis Ford Coppola’s secluded mountain retreat, Blancaneaux Lodge, is every bit as dramatic and inspiring as one might hope. Guests choose from an array of luxurious accommodations, including the owner’s villa with its open-air living area and the peaceful riverfront cabanas, with their decks overlooking the waterfalls of Privassion Creek. Active types enjoy riding horseback, hiking and mountain biking, exploring caves and “discovering” hidden Mayan cities. Above the river, a kaleidoscope of forest birdlife plays against the palmettos. All of the electricity used at the Lodge is generated by a hydroelectric plant that harnesses the power of the river. The Lodge is a guest in the fertile natural forest. To complement this, the chef has established a three-acre, self-sustaining organic garden that produces all of the fruits and vegetables used to make traditional Coppola family recipes. Dine on fresh seafood, smoked meats and authentic Neapolitan pizzas cooked in a wood-burning Italian oven. Local rum punches wait at the Jaguar Bar.

Turtle Inn Snorkeling at Turtle Inn

If you would like to extend your beach trip, it is easy to add a few days in Placenia at the Turtle Inn. Francis Ford Coppola has lovingly overseen every detail of Turtle Inn’s creation, using materials available in Belize’s tropical region. The seafront villas are prized features, with their screened porches, spacious living rooms and private walled gardens. When you’re not “on siesta,” consider becoming a certified diver, swimming in either of the two infinity pools, snorkeling, kayaking or indulging in your choice of three restaurants. Excursions are available to the world’s only jaguar preserve, or cruise up the Monkey River and observe tropical birds, iguanas, manatees, crocodiles and howler monkeys. From scenic strolls to scuba diving, the staff will provide the region’s most knowledgeable and trusted guides. Dive the turquoise waters of the largest coral reef in the Northern Hemisphere, kayak through the lagoons of Placencia, or swim along the beaches of the luxurious Turtle Inn Resort.

Cayo Espanto To get away from the crowds, discover your own private island at Cayo Espanto, where paradise and luxury come together as one. Cayo Espanto is an intimate, five-star, World Class resort created for the discriminating few who demand the best life has to offer. Located three miles from San Pedro in the calm waters of the Western Caribbean, Cayo Espanto is truly a spectacular and private retreat. With only six villas and an over-water bungalow along with a staff to guest ratio of two-to-one, you will always feel as if you have the entire island to yourself. A private, sea front, freshwater pool in every luxurious villa, romantic dining on your personal veranda or private dock and breathtaking alfresco showers are just a few of the memories that you will take home.


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The Fly Fishers Fly Shop and Frontiers: Your Gear Experts

In Memoriam: Susan Burt Fitzgerald 1939-2015 On August 20, 2015, we lost a great lady. Susie Fitzgerald was the other half of the famous ‘Mike and Susie Fitzgerald’ team that founded Frontiers in 1969 and not only created the sporting travel trend which is the norm today but set the standards for how patrons of the sporting industry should be looked after. As she always used to say “Michael handles the forest, and I handle the trees” and that is exactly how it was. The standards she set have not changed, indeed we still all strive to keep to her standards today. She almost single-handedly introduced the world to the Rio Grande, and to Christmas and Alphonse Islands among others. As a supplier, if Susie Fitzgerald believed in you, you were on your way. There was no greater enthusiast or optimist. She will be greatly missed by us all.


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Photo courtesy of Doug Oster | Trib Total Media

Frontiers would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Pat Ehlers, owner of The Fly Fishers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We are fortunate to work with some of the best fly shops throughout the country. What makes our connection with Pat and The Fly Fishers different is that we’ve known each other for almost thirty years starting with Pat hosting trips to Frontiers destinations for his customers. Since then, Pat and his family have grown their tackle business into one of the country’s best, and it seemed logical that we take our business relationship to the next level. It also seemed logical that we combine the expertise of the Frontiers Gear Team with someone that has the knowledge and ability to fulfill the tackle needs of our clients for their upcoming trip. Pat and our Gear Team are always available to speak with you about preparing for your next adventure. n

Central Pacific

Christmas Island

Anglers will enjoy six days of wade fishing the vast shallow flats and channels of one of the world’s largest lagoon systems. Christmas Island’s huge numbers of bonefish average 2-3 lbs., with opportunities at larger fish in the 5-10 lb. class. For many anglers though, the giant trevally is the target of choice-a thrilling and formidable challenge for any flats fisher. These beasts often grow to 50-plus lbs. and can weigh more than 100 lbs. Not much can compare to a big GT taking a surface popper or streamer stripped hard and fast. The takes are vicious. In addition to this great gamefish, bluefin and golden trevally, milkfish, snapper, big barracuda, queenfish and triggerfish can also be found on the flats. Offshore fishing is also available for those in search of wahoo, yellowfin tuna and the occasional marlin or sailfish.

Many anglers return to the Island year after year, making long-time friends with their guides and the staff. This remote atoll has changed little over time. Christmas Island remains charming, untouched, natural and beautiful. Guests embrace the slower-paced lifestyle while enjoying some of the best flats fishing on the planet. A seven-night / six-day fishing package starts at $2,292 per person based on double occupancy and shared guide and includes medical evacuation insurance. Round trip airfare from Honolulu is serviced by Fiji Airways via a comfortable three-hour Boeing 737 flight every Tuesday. Economy class airfare for 2016 starts from $800. Fares vary based on availability and time of booking. n

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Kirabati Republic

This destination is a “must” for every bonefish and trevally angler. Seemingly worlds away, 1,200 miles due south of Hawaii in the Central Pacific lies this coral atoll gem. CHRISTMAS ISLAND’S location on the equator gives fly fishers a 365-day window for trip planning. The air temperature is consistently in the 80s, while the water temperature in the lagoons varies between 68° and 80°F.

New for 2016 and in addition to the Captain Cook Hotel, Frontiers will also work with other lodges on Christmas Island. As this brochure is being produced, our staff is visiting the Island which will enable us to provide firsthand knowledge of all Christmas Island properties. This familiarization tour will enable us to identify which property is best for our clients. We’re excited about these opportunities and we encourage you to contact Frontiers for more details.

Extend Your Fishing Trip to Hawaii Travelers to Christmas Island almost always route through Honolulu, Hawaii and many anglers lengthen their vacations by spending a few extra days hunting the big bonefish of Oahu. In recent years, bonefishing in Hawaii has gained in popularity, and many anglers who travel to Christmas Island are taking full advantage of this unique fishery. The flats surrounding Oahu are known for large bones seen as singles, pairs and small groups. Frontiers highly endorses the guide skills of CAPTAIN RICK LEE AND HIS BONEFISH HAWAII PROGRAM and has known Rick since the early days of Christmas Island. In addition to hosting many trips to CXI, Rick has guided fly fishers from Hawaii to Russia and from Chile and Argentina to the trout rivers of the America West, and he’s been fly fishing for Hawaii bonefish since 1976. His program is solely catch-and-release and targets robust bones exceeding 10 lbs. Bones of this size are exceedingly wary and challenge even the most experienced angler. Rick’s goal is to put anglers on the right spot at the right time so they can hook and land that fish of a lifetime. n


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Four Seasons Resort Hualalai

Elegant Journeys in Hawaii Extend Your Christmas Island or Hawaii Fishing Experience to the “Aloha State” Four Seasons Resort Hualalai Hawaii is nature’s quintessential outdoor paradise, blending fine white sand, dazzling turquoise ocean and dramatic blacklava landscapes. The Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, set on the picturesque Kona-Kohala coast of Hawaii Island, is a magnificent work of destination art. Built into its natural surroundings, the resort combines history, culture, pure pampering and true aloha to all who come its way. The resort features 243 magnificent rooms and suites, championship golf, world-class spa and fitness, tennis, on-site ocean activities, retail boutiques, seven pools, cultural experiences and award-winning dining. Our tip: Venture into King’s Pond, a 1.8-million-gallon “aquarium” carved out of natural lava rock, featuring more than 3,000 tropical fish swimming freely, including a spotted Eagle Ray.

The Royal Hawaiian, Waikiki Built in 1927, the iconic Royal Hawaiian Hotel, affectionately known as the “Pink Palace of the Pacific,” ushered in a new era of luxurious resort travel to Hawaii. Located on breathtaking Waikiki beachfront, the Royal Hawaiian is an exclusive enclave for luxury and romance. The resort offers unprecedented amenities, unrivaled accommodations and exclusive services-all designed to provide a unique luxury experience. Breathe in the salty air along an endless stretch of sand, or take sanctuary in a private beachfront cabana. The innovative Abhasa Spa soothes the soul, while Azure, the island’s seafood mecca, delights the senses with fresh and innovative fare.

Rock climbing in Hualalai

Grand Wailea, Maui This Waldorf Astoria Hotel is nestled on 40 acres of tropical gardens fronting Wailea Beach and is perfect for those looking for an active, romantic, or family getaway (it features an amazing children’s camp and a teen lounge!). With stunning views, over 10 varying types of pools, nine restaurants, a luxurious spa, fitness center, watersports, four different world-class golf courses, a tennis facility and enrichment programs, every member of your family is guaranteed to be happy for days. n

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Beachfront “glamping� at Sal Salis

Australia The mighty barramundi in the Northern Territory


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AUSTRALIA REMAINS ONE OF THE WORLD’S VERY BEST AND DIVERSE SALTWATER RESOURCES. Frontiers works with the most accomplished captains, camps and lodges to provide our clients with a wide variety of angling options. Chase “granders” outside the Great Barrier Reef or throw flies at the “baby blacks” on the inside; barramundi can be found in the brackish waters of the Northern Territory or explore the vast and untapped remote waters of Western Australia. Frontiers recommends two camps in Australia’s vast Outback for exceptional angling; SAL SALIS and BAMURRU PLAINS. Wild bush luxury aptly describes what awaits at these two exceptional locations. Each offers visitors the opportunity to explore this country’s remote wilderness while enjoying comfortable accommodations designed to enhance the experience, along with convenient access to outstanding fishing.

Deluxe Outback Safari Bungalows at Bamurru Plains

Located just west of Kakadu National Park on the Mary River floodplains, Bamurru Plains brings luxury to a remote and beautiful wilderness. The design of the individual safari suites enables guests to see the abundant floodplain wildlife on three sides from a relaxed setting. Activities include airboat tours into the wetlands, birding, wildlife viewing, and fishing for one of the world’s great sport fish; the barramundi, which is found in the river systems and the floodplain run-off. We invite you to come to Bamurru and experience one of the most significant ecosystems in Australia. Please call for customized package options and pricing. n

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Sal Salis is an exclusive safari camp hidden in the sand dunes of Western Australia’s Cape Range National Park. Tents set just behind the beach look out to Ningaloo Reef, one of Australia’s best-kept natural secrets. There is no end to the diverse activities for guests at Sal Salis, with sea kayaking, snorkeling, coastal wildlife viewing, guided gorge walks and, of course, fishing. Guests can chase giant trevally, three types of marlin and more than 30 other species

The cosmopolitan city of Sydney

Elegant Journeys in Australia Awesome Australia—“A Fair Dinkum Land” WHEN AN AUSSIE SAYS THAT SOMETHING IS “FAIR DINKUM,” IT MEANS IT’S THE GENUINE ARTICLE. We think that Australia is a “fair dinkum” place to visit! This vast land, a country as big as the United States and a continent in its own right, has something to offer everyone. For many, Australia seems so far away they can only dream of visiting, but the overnight flight is a small price to pay for the wonders waiting on the other side of the Pacific. Our South Pacific Destination Specialists, Kristene Fitzgerald and Sue Szakelyhidi, have recently returned from an extensive exploratory trip to Australia. They look forward to sharing their experiences with our clients, and assisting in planning an amazing holiday Down Under. Our knowledge of this beautiful land is extensive and our goal is to include everything you need to make your trip perfect. Our staff will explore your interests and create the right itinerary. You’ll have a “fair dinkum” trip. We promise! The following properties are a few of our favorites: Southern Ocean Lodge is Australia’s celebrated, awardwinning luxury lodge experience regarded as one of the world’s finest. Sensitively designed to float among the untouched coastal drama of Kangaroo Island’s southwest coast, the SOUTHERN OCEAN LODGE presents commanding spectacular ocean, beach and wilderness views, offering a unique fusion of nature and luxury. Exceptional guided adventures invite guests to experience the pristine landscapes and abundant wildlife on Australia’s own Galapagos; enjoy adventures such as a walk among sea


lions or a close encounter with a kangaroo. Carefully sited between two national parks and spread out at the foot of towering cliffs, EMIRATES WOLGAN VALLEY RESORT & Spa is set within its own private conservation and wildlife reserve. The resort occupies just two percent of the total land area of 4,000 acres and features 40 individual suites, each equipped with its own indoor / outdoor swimming pool. The main homestead offers distinctive dining, luxury facilities and the stand-alone Timeless Spa. LONGITUDE 131° offers total immersion into the Australian outback. It connects one with the true sense of stillness and beauty in this desert landscape, rich in cultural heritage and history. Luxury tented pavilions float over rustred dunes where classic touches from bygone eras meld with indigenous textures to evoke a sanctuary of earthy elegance. A private glass wall yields unparalleled views of the fabled icon Uluru (Ayers Rock). Explore Uluru and Kata Tjuta and discover an expansive living cultural landscape.

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Our Australia experts, Kristene and Sue on Kangaroo Island

Commanding views from Southern Ocean Lodge

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Costa Rica For fishermen, two popular areas on the Pacific side are Quepos on the Central Pacific coast and the Flamingo area to the northwest in Guanacaste province. Quepos is a short 30-minute flight from San JosĂŠ and Flamingo Bay is a 45-minute drive from Liberia.


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Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast IF YOU PREFER A HOTEL EXPERIENCE IN AN AREA WITH A CHOICE OF RESTAURANTS, NIGHT LIFE SUCH AS LIVE MUSIC OR CASINOS, A VARIETY OF ECO-TOURS, AND GREAT FISHING, FRONTIERS CAN CUSTOMIZE AN APPEALING ITINERARY THAT WILL PLEASE BOTH ANGLERS AND NON-ANGLERS. Costa Rica’s Pacific coast is the perfect setting with its large hotels complete with spas, refreshing pools and a variety of restaurants and its smaller, intimate boutiques nestled on the bluffs overlooking the ocean. We revel in finding that ideal location for you. Whether you like to be independent or prefer a private guide by your side, Frontiers will make it happen for you. Simply provide your travel dates, approximate budget and any preferences, and the planning will begin with gusto. We will provide a choice of resorts, fishing boat options, eco tours and other considerations. Costa Rica offers abundant variety including fishing, soft and active adventures, spas, quality birding, yoga, surfing, and even vacations focused on learning Spanish. It is ideal for single anglers, couples, corporate groups, families and specialty groups. This breathtaking country offers jungle lodges, eco-lodges, beachfront resorts, boutique hotels and hotels with impressive views of the Pacific or Arenal Volcano. While dad is happily fishing, mom can relax with a soothing spa treatment and the kids can enjoy a thrilling zip-line tour or water rappelling. In Costa Rica, vacation can be as relaxing or as adventurous as you dream. In Quepos, we consider December through May to be the best time for sailfish, yellowfin tuna, and dorado, though June can be productive for sailfish also. Marlin fishing is generally best from July through September, though the season often provides great action through December. Inshore species such as roosterfish, grouper, jacks, and snapper are present year-round. Within a short drive are a wide variety of eco-tours such as whitewater rafting, snorkeling, horseback riding, canopy tours, jungle hikes, butterfly farms and others.

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Costa Rica

In Flamingo, the best time to fish has historically been June through August; however, September and October can be successful for yellowfin tuna in the 200-plus lb. range, with opportunities for sailfish and marlin. Around the Catalinas and Bat Islands, inshore species such as roosterfish, snapper, grouper, Spanish mackerel and others are year-round targets and great fun on a fly or light tackle. n

Two 32 ft. Contenders rigged with state-of-the-art electronics - a bluewater fisherman’s dream

Zancudo Lodge Costa Rica, Pacific Coast This past season, the ZANCUDO LODGE fleet landed over 150 blue marlins including a hot three-day streak with an extraordinary count of 27! The bay of Golfo Dulce has a reputation holding more than 70 IGFA world records in and around the bay. Year round you will catch sailfish and dorado with the prime season running November to May. Blue and black marlins are also caught year-round with peak times in November, December, March, April, July and August. In addition, anglers will find yellowfin tuna, big-eye tuna and a variety of inshore species including roosterfish, amberjack and more than a dozen types of snapper. If guests are interested in more than just incredible fishing, we recommend the wildlife sanctuary, the Casa Orquidias Botanical Garden, surfing, stand up paddle boarding, a canopy tour or kayaking the mangroves. Zancudo has two Contenders that can cruise at speeds of 45-mph. They are equipped with the newest Raymarine electronics featuring Super HD radar, capable of spotting birds six miles away for highspeed tuna hunting. Their twelve 28 ft. center console boats are outfitted with tuna tubes, Raymarine E-7 Electronics, top-of-the-line Fusion audio systems complete with IPOD docking capabilities and Okuma Makaria reels. All boats are outfitted with new tackle, from ultra-light or fly to an array of conventional outfits such as Van Staal gear for the largest pelagics. New for the season: all boats will have


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Satellite communications, not only as a safety measure but so the captains can call each other when the bite is on. For those who have visited Zancudo Lodge, we can vouch for the management’s commitment to continually improve an already polished lodge. Constant updates of the lodge, boats, fishing equipment, accommodations and grounds keep the staff busy. The main lodge, dining area and rooms are beautifully decorated and enjoy an idyllic beachfront location. The property features 16 air-conditioned beachfront guest suites, two Master Suites and two Junior Suites. All accommodations have satellite TV, daily maid service, amenities, mini bar and en-suite bathroom. The open-air bar and restaurant serves fresh fish caught daily and farm-to-table fare from their greenhouse, including micro-greens, heirloom tomatoes, baby carrots, herbs, spices and fruits gathered from their grounds; pineapples, mangoes, avocados and six varieties of bananas. A brick pizza oven will take care of any pizza cravings!

Costa Rica

After a day of fishing or enjoying some eco-tours, refresh yourself with a dip in the pool or in the warm ocean, or perhaps a deep massage to relax any tight muscles. End your day with a delicious dinner served as the sun sets over the ocean. It is no wonder that Zancudo boasts an 80% guest return rate. A four-day fishing package is $3,995 per person with two per room and standard boat or $3,595 with three per room and standard boat. A three-day fishing package is $3,495 per person with two per room and standard boat or $3,095 with three per room and standard boat. n

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Flamingo Bay Pacific Charters Pacific Coast Frontiers has been working with Flamingo Bay Pacific Charters since 1985, and the managers have helped us develop a wonderful repeat clientele who love this country as much as we do. Through word of mouth, this destination has become increasingly popular for fishermen seeking top-notch, bluewater fishing along with unique and varied eco tours. Many of our clients enjoy family vacations, honeymoons, father / son trips or special occasions along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Please note that Christmas space sells out very early, sometimes a year in advance, particularly at the Four Seasons in Papagayo and many of the Quepos hotels. Please give us advance notice if you want to plan a holiday trip. Package prices vary based on itinerary options. Please call for trip planning information. n


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Crocodile Bay Resort Osa Peninsula From fishing and eco tours to luxurious spa treatments, CROCODILE BAY RESORT has something for everyone. Situated on 44 lush acres on the “Sweet Gulf” of the Osa Peninsula, this all-inclusive resort is in one of the most ecologically intense places on the planet.

They offer fantastic inshore and offshore fishing and a 5,000 sq. ft. spa. Cast for roosterfish, snapper and trevally while inshore fishing or go for the big boys offshore including sailfish, marlin, tuna, dorado and wahoo. Mix it up and enjoy, no matter what you release, a day on the water is hard to beat. The resort has a large fleet of boats including 24 ft. center console Boston Whaler “Outrage” boats, and

With 28 air-conditioned rooms and suites, this premier fishing and eco resort is perfect for intact groups or families. The enthusiasm of the day’s activities will consume the dinner conversation…the fish released, the thrill of the zip line, the monkeys spotted in the jungle, the relaxing chocolate massage and the wrap treatment. Everyone will return home with fond, exciting memories. The resort’s conference center is ideal for corporate groups and is complete with audio / video equipment, internet access and restaurant service. Surrounded by jungle and pristine beaches, Crocodile Bay Resort was selected as a 2015 “TOP HOTELS” Travelers’ Choice winner for Costa Rica for the third consecutive year. A five-night / four-day fishing package is $3,537 per person and a four-night / three-day package is $2,752 per person based on double occupancy and two people per standard boat. We are happy to customize a package to suit individual needs. n FRONTIERS EXCLUSIVE! Frontiers clients enjoy a free upgrade to a 33 ft. Strike Tower boat from the standard package for one fishing day at no extra charge (a $700 value).

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Costa Rica

Crocodile Bay has 29 eco tours that include kayaking, zip lines, jungle tours, surfing, and horseback riding. The region has over 350 bird species including scarlet macaws and toucans, and countless mammal species such as sloths, jaguars, tapirs and all four species of indigenous monkeys. Their Sea Turtle Rescue Program developed by Crocodile Bay guides and WIDECAST supports local sea turtle conservation.

32 ft., 33 ft. and 35 ft. Strike sport fishers or Boston Whaler tower boats.

Rio Parismina Lodge Caribbean Coast Situated on the banks of the famed Parismina River and built on 50 acres of lush jungle, RIO PARISMINA LODGE is situated in the heart of the Caribbean tarpon mecca. Owner Judy Heidt has been at the helm masterfully running this operation for 25 years. Rio Parismina prides itself on its great boats, perfect tackle and experienced guides. Their 21 ft. boats are modified V-hulls built especially for Parismina’s open ocean conditions. In addition to tarpon fishing, guests may choose to run a bit further out to the virtually untapped reef and adjacent blue waters where snapper, tuna, wahoo and sailfish swim in the depths. At certain times of the season, anglers can also head inland and up the rivers with light tackle to pursue guapote (related to the peacock bass), mojarra, machaca, snook and baby tarpon. The lodge has 12 spacious double rooms equipped with rod racks, plenty of shelves, ceiling fans and spacious bathrooms. Three daily meals are served family-style in the main lodge and are sure to satisfy even the heartiest of appetites. After dinner, guests enjoy gourmet desserts and on occasion, a cocktail from the complimentary self-service bar, or a dip in the refreshing pool or Jacuzzi. Parismina Lodge is adjacent to the Tortuguero National Park, which is known for its river turtles but is also host to caiman, river otters, a number of crustaceans, more than 50 species of freshwater fish, spider, howler and capuchin monkeys and an incredible assortment of orchids. Hundreds of birds call this park home, including the endangered green macaw, Amazon kingfishers, egrets, herons, oropendolas, violet sabrewings, toucans, northern jacanas and sunbitterns. A piece of little-known trivia is Costa Rica is second only to Africa for hosting the greatest number of butterfly species. Non-fishing activities include nighttime crocodile tours, turtle excursions (seasonal) and guided jungle wildlife tours. With two flights weekly into Parismina, travelers have a choice between three, four or seven days of great fishing, accommodations and food served in a beautiful, pristine, tropical jungle location. Sample rate: Four-day fishing package based on double occupancy is $3,000 per angler with two per boat. n


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“We returned last night from Costa Rica and one of the top five fishing trips of my life. The first two days of fishing were what I call average fishing days, with my wife catching a 130LB tarpon day one, and I caught a nice 80LB tarpon. On day two, we caught 4 nice tarpon. On day three we caught two nice tarpon in the morning and in the afternoon we hooked 18 tarpon and landed six. Twice we had three on at one time and three times we had on two. It was without question the best fishing afternoon I have ever had. Our entire trip was first class from Judy and Fernando’s hospitality, to Francisco and Sergio’s guiding expertise, to the top quality food, and of course the great accommodations. All in all a very memorable trip!” Rio Parismina - Jim A.

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Elegant Journeys in Costa Rica and Nicaragua Extend your Costa Rica Fishing Experience Mukul Resort

Mukul Resort

The Emerald Coast of Nicaragua is a 30-mile stretch of Pacific shoreline dotted with pristine jungles, rising cliffs, charming fishing villages, historic colonial architecture, and untouched sandy beaches. One of the world’s best kept secrets, Mukul sits directly on a four-mile-long stretch of pristine white sand on the beach and enjoys over 1,600 private acres of lush vegetation. Its name means “secret” in the Mayan language, and Mukul Beach, Golf & Spa is a special place you will want to keep for yourself. The 37 freestanding rooms dot the tropical grounds, each with ocean views, private pools and handcrafted furnishings by local masters. They offer a Kul Kids program, birdwatching, fishing, trail hikes, volcano hikes, watersports, excursions to nearby beaches and villages along with helicopter rides to beautiful islands and fascinating volcanoes. The open-air Beach Club is the heart of Mukul, a gathering place where guests can enjoy snacks by the pool, cocktails and tastings of rare Flor de Cana rums in the split-level lounge. With the opening of a new airport on the Emerald Coast, it is easy to get to Mukul from anywhere in Central America.

Nayara Hotel, Spa & Garden and Nayara Springs Located in the outskirts of the amazing Arenal Volcano, Nayara Hotel, Spa & Garden is an oasis of tranquility, where guests can experience a profound and organic immersion with nature while living in luxury surrounded by lush tropical rainforest. Built on an unspoiled mountain surrounded by primary rainforest, creeks and natural springs, each of Nayara Hotel’s casitas has a private terrace with Jacuzzi and a secluded garden with dual outdoor showers. Their sister property, Nayara Springs, is an ultra-exclusive enclave set in the tropical rainforest and connected by a 220 ft. long pedestrian bridge to the hotel. Each villa comes with around-the-clock butler service, its own exclusive pool fed by mineral hot springs, an expansive private garden with exterior shower, a sleek, four-poster bed wrapped in soft cottons, and indoor and outdoor sitting areas. From the private terrace that overlooks the majestic Arenal Volcano, guests can spy toucans and hummingbirds or make friends with the sociable macaws that call Nayara Springs home. Nayara Springs

Four Season Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo


Four Seasons Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica is an exclusive Pacific Ocean retreat on the tip of Peninsula Papagayo, where luxury tree houses blend with local flora and fauna. Guests can enjoy breathtaking fairways on the Arnold Palmer Signature golf course, ride waves with the new Tropicsurf luxury surfing experience or calm the senses with a bamboo massage in the award-winning spa. Two pristine beaches, four pools and a whirlpool grotto-all surrounded by lush, indigenous landscaping-invite total relaxation. At the heart of the resort, between the two beaches, await three swimming pools which are immersed in lush landscaping and surrounded by spacious pool decks with abundant chaises lounges. At the Kids For All Seasons facility, children enjoy their own swimming pool with a shallow, beach-style entrance. Frontiers’ guests enjoy special amenities with our Preferred Partner status at all Four Seasons. n

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CALM SEAS, SAILFISH DANCING ON THE BLUE WATER, WARM SUNNY DAYS; WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR DURING OUR COLD FALL AND WINTER? Guatemala has it all. It’s the best place to catch a sailfish on a fly, the boats average an incredible 15-20 bites a day, marlins weigh in the 300-600 lb. class, and multiple marlin in a single day! Can it get any better? Yes, at the end of your day, enjoy some fresh Yellowfin tuna and Dorado (Mahi-Mahi), also abundant in these waters.

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Pacific Fins Resort Southern Pacific Coast PACIFIC FINS RESORT has a prime location overlooking the water. The resort features four buildings; three of which have a total of four two-bedroom villas, and one building contains two suites. Each two-bedroom villa is separated by a living room, and all bedrooms have air conditioning, two queen beds and a bathroom. The accommodations are nicely suited for couples, groups, families and single anglers. The open-air restaurant has a bar and dining area on each end of the refreshing pool and offers an a la carte menu featuring dishes including fresh grilled fish, prime steak, hamburgers and sandwiches. Pacific Fins offers the unique convenience of docking their boats right in front of the resort with seven slips in full view of your breakfast table. The fleet of 31 to 39 ft. boats include a pair of wellknown boats, Maverick and Gypsy, formerly owned by Sailfish Bay Lodge. Both boats are twin 32 ft. Blackfins fully equipped with fly and conventional gear including Penn and Shimano outfits and Cam Sigler fly rods with Abel, Jurascik or Billy Pate reels. A five-night / four-day all-inclusive package ranges from $5,495 to $7,750 per person and a four-night / three-day package ranges from $4,295 to $5,950 per person based on double occupancy and shared boat (prices depend on room / boat size chosen). They also offer a terrific four-night / three-day economy package at the cost of $3,500 per person for two anglers per boat / suite. n


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Great Sailfishing Company Southern Pacific Coast The GREAT SAILFISHING COMPANY is entering their 12th season with kudos to their captains and crews, all proficient in both fly and conventional tactics. Their fleet of offshore boats ranging in size from 28 to 38 ft. are first rate and fully equipped with the best Shimano tackle for conventional fishing for sailfish and Penn50’s and Okuma for blue marlin. Penn 6500s are supplied as teasing rods or spinning tackle for Dorado, etc. along with a range of quality fly fishing tackle from 9 wt. to 15 wt. from Cam Sigler, Loomis, Billy Pate and others. Great Sailfishing offers your group a private villa to revel in the freedom and space entirely to yourselves. Three to four bedroom villas have air conditioning, private bath, private or semi-private pool and are staffed with a personal chef, waitress, and maid. Each villa is fully stocked with soft drinks, wine, beer and spirits as well as snacks and other conveniences. While cooling off in the pool, imbibe in a cold beverage served by their cheerful staff. Perfect ending to an active fishing day. As an alternative, Great Sailfishing also offers an all-inclusive hotel setting with air conditioned rooms at the resort for single anglers or those traveling with a nonfishing companion. Resort amenities include swimming pools, meals at several restaurants, bars and games facilities. Meals are usually served buffet style and all national drinks are included.

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A five-night / four-day all-inclusive package ranges from $4,875 to $5,200 per person, and a four-night / three-day package ranges from $3,850 to $4,055 per person based on double occupancy and shared boat (prices depend on boat size chosen). n



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Tropic Star Lodge

is also home to a neighborhood center for communitybased services such as technical training, environmental conservation, and English classes; and a night school for the more than 100 Tropic Star employees.

Pacific Coast Located 150 miles southeast of Panama City in Pinas Bay sits the established TROPIC STAR LODGE. The lodge was built in 1963 and is only accessible by boat or small plane. World-renowned for the amazing fishing in this remote Pacific area, the Tropic Star Lodge holds more than 170 World Records and numerous Junior Angler World Records. Anglers enjoy fishing for sailfish, blue and black marlin, dorado and inshore species on the fleet of classic 31 ft. fully-equipped Bertram boats with towers. This most impressive lodge is surrounded by immaculately landscaped grounds, air-conditioned rooms, a dining area, two bars, a freshwater pool and grill area; all overlooking a scenic jungle cove. Add in the fantastic fishing and you have a lodge with an exemplary reputation. Take a behindthe-scenes tour to view the enviable tackle room filled with neatly displayed gear along with the boat maintenance area where the staff not only builds the engines but also the parts from scratch. They have all the necessary machinery and it is operated by a well-trained local staff. The village of Pinas Bay did not exist before Tropic Star Lodge opened, but the population has tripled in the past 20 years. Now the village has a medical clinic, a pre-school and a school that has expanded to ninth grade. Pinas Bay

After a hard day of fishing, guests will be happy to indulge in a multi-course dinner, complete with wine and first rate service. Along with the regular main course selection, a fresh “catch of the day” is offered, possibly the dorado you caught earlier that day. Dinner is followed by the lodge’s famed desserts like Baked Alaska and freshly baked pies. In addition to The Palace three-bedroom home, the lodge has 19 rooms including duplex bungalows. Each room has twin beds, large bathrooms with dressing areas and porches with chairs that facilitate relaxing and enjoying the view of Pinas Bay. The lodge can only accommodate a total of 38 guests. Be sure to make reservations early to obtain your desired dates. Other activities include kayaking, visits to indigenous villages, hiking up the mountainside for spectacular views, and taking a panga boat ride to Playa Blanca to snorkel, swim and relax on the white sand beach. A seven-night / six-day fishing package (Saturday to Saturday, January and February) including charter flight is $8,145 per person based on double occupancy and two per boat. The other months offer lower-priced fishing packages with very tempting rates as low as $5,120 per person based on double occupancy and two per boat. n

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2016 Hosted Trips with Barry and Cathy Beck

Field Experience You Can Trust.

Frontiers Hosted Trip Difference Covering five of the seven continents, Frontiers has hosted clients on trout fishing trips in Montana, Argentina, Chile, Spain and New Zealand; saltwater fishing trips to Christmas Island, Bahamas, Belize and Mexico; followed Africa’s majestic animal populations on a photographic safari and participated in the occasional cast and blast in Alaska. In addition to the customized journey, pre-trip documents and final itineraries you receive from Frontiers, traveling with trip hosts takes your experience a step further. You receive first-hand knowledge from years of experience; we are there to answer questions about fly selection or knots, share casting guidance on effectively fishing an unknown river or simply tidy up your back cast. We’ll even loan you a pair of sunglasses—all at no additional cost. You will explore the world with like-minded travelers and create memories that turn into stories for generations to come.

Hosted Trips for 2016: • Coyhaique River Lodge, Chile January 2016 • Tres Valles Lodge, Argentina February 2016 • Owen River Lodge, New Zealand February 2016 • Riverview Lodge, New Zealand February 2016 • Estancia San Huberto, Limay River Lodge & Estancia Quemquemtreu, Argentina March 2016 • Kingfisher Lodge, Montana August 2016 • Reel Action Fly Fishing, Alaska August 2016 • Mongolia September 2016 • Fly Fishing the Eastern Pyrenees in Spain October 2016

Barry and Cathy Beck are writers, photographers and consummate trip hosts. They lead a number of Frontiers groups each year, which gives our clients the perfect opportunity to meet new fishing friends. Barry and Cathy look after everything on their trips, from flies to casting instruction. There is no extra charge to travel with these fishing experts.


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