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Summer 2017

Newsletter for the Discriminating Fisherman

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Fishing in the months Ahead... Let Frontiers Take You There! An evening rise on the Bighorn

With the summer fishing season upon us, it is not too late to plan an exceptional 2017 departure. We still have some excellent availability at a number of top lodges from now into the early autumn months. We also invite our clients to consider a trip later in the year. We will introduce you to some of the very best fishing available worldwide, which happens to be in late October, November and December. Since 1969, our staff has traveled the globe looking for the best fishing and finest lodges this world has to offer. Whether you are planning a trip to Montana or Mongolia, it is imperative that you book with a company that is not only competent in handling your travel arrangements, but is also very knowledgeable on the fishing front. By traveling with Frontiers, you can have the confidence that you have put your trust in a company that takes both issues very seriously. In addition to having the benefit of our 45+ years of travel experience coordinating complicated itineraries in the far reaches of the world, you can be assured that our in-house fishing knowledge, perspective and experience is second to none in the outdoor travel business. If you have a fishing question of any type, ask to speak with one of our experts. From bluegill to blue marlin, we have someone here who can tell you how to catch it and what to bring so you are better prepared for your next fishing excursion. We realize that your vacation is not only a financial commitment, but an investment in valuable time. We are dedicated to the success of your holiday—whether it is your first or 50th with Frontiers. For us, fishing is a passion—a passion for travel, a passion to be in the outdoors and a passion to share. That is why Frontiers is your best resource for fishing travel advice! This newsletter shares some of our favorite summer, fall and early winter getaways. We will listen to your travel, timing, fishing and budget objectives—making sure that you are at the right lodge at the right time of the season with the right gear for a truly remarkable outdoor experience. Remember, we have been there! We look forward to hearing from you and wish you our very best wishes for the fishing seasons ahead.

Yellowfin tuna put a bend in the fly rod!


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great last minute & Fall availability! It’s not too late to sneak in some great fishing this summer!

If your summer season is off to a start with no fishing dates on the calendar, we still have access to some incredible availability at a number of top lodges. There is prime space in Alaska, the American West, Europe and Russia. Call us today and we will book you in the right lodge based on your specific fishing, timing and budget objectives!



Ponoi River

Alphonse Island Resort

July 8 - 15: 5 rods

September 30 – October 7: 5 rods

August 12 - 19: 8 rods

October 21 – 28: 10 rods

August 19 - 26: 4 rods

October 28 – November 4: 4 rods

September 23 - 30: 2 rods

November 18 – 25: 2 rods

September 30-October 7: 1 rods

December 2 -9: 9 rods

Incredible Atlantic Salmon

American West Trout in the Lower 48

Big Hole Lodge August 20 - 26: 6 rods September 10 - 16: 4 rods

Saltwater Flats Fishing

December 9 – 16: 9 rods December 16 – 23: 4 rods December 23 – 30: 5 rods

Astove Island Lodge November 27 – December 4: 4 rods

September 24 - 30: 6 rods

December 4 – 11: 4 rods

October 1 - 7: 4 rods

Cosmoledo Atoll

Missouri River Ranch

November 23 – 30: 4 rods

July 30 - August 10: 4 rods

December 7 – 14: 3 rods

August 29 - September 9: 4 rods


September 14 - October 5: 4 rods October 10 - 21: 4 rods

Madison Valley Ranch

Trout in the Julian Alps Lustrick Fly Fishing July 29 - August 5: 6 rods

August 10 - 15: 4 rods

August 12 - 19: 4 rods

August 22 - 31: 10 rods

September 23 - 30: 6 rods

September 23 - 31: 6 rods October 1 - 15: 10 rods

Three Rivers Ranch August 12 - 24: 4 rods October 1 - 6: 8 rods

Argentina Epic Golden Dorado Pira Lodge October 7 - 14: 8 rods November 5 - 12: 8 rods November 10 - 17: 8 rods


Patagonia Trout

Martin Pescador Lodge


Trout in the Pyrenees Salvelinus August 18 - 25: 2 rods October 21 - 28: 4 rods November 10 - 17: 8 rods


Great Variety of Species Bristol Bay Lodge July 15 - 22: 4 rods July 29 - August 5: 2 rods August 5 - 12: 4 rods August 12 - 19: 8 rods September 9 - 16: 12 rods

December 16 - 23

Intricate Bay Lodge

December 23 - 30

July 30 - September 5: 4 rods


September 17 - 23: 6 rods

Taimen Fishing

Enchanted Lake Lodge

September 11 - 18: 4 rods

July 2 - 9: 2 rods Only spot open in their season

September 24-October 2: 6 rods Corresponds with Eagle Festival

Goodnews River Lodge


June 21 - 28: 4 rods

Golden Dorado in the Jungle Pluma Lodge August 12 - 19: 5 rods

June 28 - July 5: 6 rods July 5 - 12: 3 rods July 19 - 16: 5 rods August 2 - 9: 6 rods

September 16 - 23 (specific dates): 4 rods October 7 - 14: 2 rods

Secure Lodge July 28 - August 4: 6 rods August 4 - 11: 3 rods


Amazing Peacock Bass

Hoodoo Lodge August 31 - September 7: 2 rods September 9 - 16: 4 spaces

Kulik Lodge Plenty of mid-August and September dates still open for 3, 4 and 7-day trips.

Agua Boa November 4 - 11 November 18 - 25 November 25 - December 2

Book one of these departures, mention this newsletter, and Frontiers will present you with a $100 gift certificate and a selection of flies from our tackle and gear partner, The Fly Fishers!! Availability subject to change. Contact a Frontiers Specialist for the most recent listings.

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Where We’ve Been Lately Frontiers does more exploratory travel and on-site evaluation than any other travel company!


1. Tom Gilliland - Rio Marie, Brazil


2. Richard Scrope - Ryabaga Camp, The Ponoi, Russia 3. Joe Linscott - H20 Bonefishing, Bahamas 4. Hank Ingram - Estancia de los Rios, Chile 5. Kristene Fitzgerald - Slovenia 6. Mollie Fitzgerald - Alta River, Norway 7. Mike Fitzgerald - Owen River Lodge, New Zealand 8. Bob Artzberger - Grand Slam Lodge, Mexico 9. Ben Hoffman - Lake Thingvallavatn, Iceland 10. Tarquin Millington-Drake - Providence Atoll, Seychelles 11. Derek Hathazy - Quepos, Costa Rica 12. Joe Codd - Pesca Panama, Panama 13. Denise Schreiber - Madison Valley Ranch, Montana







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Game Trails


Poronui Lodge

Pira Lodge


New Zealand Sight fishing on the North Island for trophy rainbows and browns.

Fishing in the Fourth Quarter My Favorite Time of the Year! By: Mike Fitzgerald

Tres Valles Lodge

New Zealand Argentina The point at which beauty, vast remoteness and inexhaustible trout fishing collide.

The most aggressive of fresh water species in the most scenic of tropical biospheres.

We often get asked, “When is the best time to fish? That’s a tough question to answer based on the fact that we operate in both hemispheres with varying seasons and due to Mother Nature’s ability to throw a curve ball at any moment. If you really pinned me down though, I would lean personally to the fourth quarter of the year. October is my favorite month for trout in the American West. With winter approaching, the trout are feeding aggressively and there is plenty of elbow room. After Labor Day, the number of fishing tourists in the West drops dramatically. Once rifle season is open for big game, the locals do not even fish. It’s beautiful and we often get incredible Autumn Summer and even dry flies! On the saltwater front, I also really like to look at the Atlantic and Caribbean in November and December. The flats in the Bahamas, Mexico and Belize have been well rested in the heavy booking months from March 1 through to early June. There is also a period of about 6-10 weeks after the hurricane season and before the winter cold fronts and wind start coming through. We sometimes see the best flats fishing of the

season. The lodges tend to be uncrowded and the guides are anxious to get back working hard. It’s also the start of the season at Alphonse Island in the Seychelles. The first couple of months again can be some of the top angling of the season since the fish have seen no pressure for some months. Think about the Salt at this time of the year. It tends to be very special. The peacock bass in the Amazon are coming to life in in the fall and the fishing can be great in November and December on the Agua Boa. Moving to the Southern Hemisphere, we have incredible trophy trout fishing at the start of the season. The big trout are feeding strongly as the rivers get back into shape. If I could plan my personal trip trout fishing in Patagonia or New Zealand, I would go between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The fish have not seen too many flies and you often have the rivers to yourself. The golden dorado in South America can also be great in certain areas October through December. Think about getting away at this time of the year!

Grand Slam Lodge

Argentina Mexico Premier property on the Yucatan Peninsula, located near the village of Punta Allen.

Game Trails

Alphonse Island Resort


Delphi Club


If you check one destination off your bucket list, it should be Alphonse!

Easy access, superb beachfront accommodations, and a prolific flats system.

Martin Pescador Lodge

Owen River Lodge



New Zealand

The ideal fusion of large Chilean trout, water diversity and gourmet cuisine.

Early season brings big browns, grand smiles and warm South Island Kiwi hospitality.

Pacific Fins Resort

Missouri River Ranch

Guatemala The best sailfishing also has the added bonus of consistently calm waters.

Montana One of the world’s best tailwaters in Montana fishes great through October, even with dries!


Game Trails


Frontiers in the Field

The Ponoi River Ryabaga Camp

By: Mollie Fitzgerald

Comfortable guest cabins on the river

Although I’ve been to Ponoi many times, it has been over three years since my last visit and thus it was with great anticipation that I came out for the opening week this year. I invited my godson, William, who had just graduated from Georgetown five days earlier, to join me; he was not only new to salmon fishing but new to fly fishing altogether. I was so excited for him to have this unique wilderness experience and to see it through his eyes. Saturday morning brought an early start and Marjaliisa Bjorkbom, our long-standing Helsinki representative, helped us navigate the chaos of Helsinki’s Vantaa Airport which has grown in the past few years. There is a whole new international wing to keep up with Finnair’s tremendous expansion into Asian routes. We have a new charter service this year and this was the first week with the bigger plane so I was more than a little nervous hoping that it would accommodate all of the fishermen’s luggage—which it thankfully did in the final analysis! It was a short 1 hour, 45 minute

flight due north and whoosh, we were in Murmansk! The inefficiencies of Murmansk Airport’s Russian Passport Control have not changed one iota and I took advantage of the long wait to pop into the ladies room and swap my turtle neck for a tee shirt due to unseasonably warm temperatures. Who would have guessed we’d be in short sleeves above the Arctic Circle in early spring? Reunited with luggage, we passed through customs easily and the familiar faces of Sasha, Julia and Steve who escorted us to the “VIP Room,” a private lounge reserved for the exclusive use of Ponoi guests. To my surprise, they had a nice spread of snacks, well upgraded since my prior visit, and the bar even had a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc on offer. While the bags were weighed and the helicopter loaded, we became well acquainted with our fellow anglers who were all characters of note!! The helicopter journey was uneventful— non-stop at 1 hour, 45 minutes across a

Mollie Fitzgerald with a nice Ponoi salmon!

vast tundra wilderness—and we arrived atop “Helicopter Hill” to the smiling faces of Ryabaga Camp manager, Joaquin and his international team of guides. We paused at the “Stairway to Heaven,” a lengthy staircase built to help guests navigate the steep descent, for a quick photo on this balmy day. William and I were staying in a duplex cabin # 4 & 5 which afforded awesome views of the river. The addition of single occupancy cabins with ensuite bathrooms, replacing the canvas tents, is the biggest capital improvement to the camp! Having seen the footprint of the cabins and stud-walls of the structures in my last visit three years ago, it was fantastic to now be staying in one! It is spacious and has a queen bed, chest of drawers, small desk and several useful hooks. One of the senior guides, Juan, appeared at our cabin to issue fishing licenses, and help us organize and rig our tackle, much of which we were borrowing from the camp. He

explained each step to William who soaked it in like a sponge. We went for a walk around camp and I was filled with nostalgia for the many memories that came flooding back. I’ve spent many weeks in this camp wearing different hats in various roles from kitchen helper to hostess, so was looking through a lens with a well-trained eye. I was so impressed by the new ventilation system in the kitchen, and the Ponoi Museum which documents the history of this special place. Under the stewardship of Russian owner, Ilya Sherbovich, Ryabaga has truly matured! It was a record-breaking opening week with over 1,200 fish—more than many rivers produce in a whole season. The guest list spanned from age 22 to 80+ and everyone caught fish, including William, who had 28 to his rod for the week! Where else in the world could such a result be possible? The Ponoi team continues to inspire me with their innovation, the easy camaraderie between guests and staff, and their infectious passion and enthusiasm for this amazing river.

Mollie’s Top Fives at the Ponoi 5 Great Upgrades:

5 Things That Have NOT Changed:

1: The cabins - Even though the tents of “yester-year” were supremely comfortable, the cabins have raised the game to a new level and having the private bathroom was awesome on chilly nights and mornings.

1: The Big Tent – the convivial vibe to this gathering spot where guests and staff connect is just as effervescent as always and the “hook game” is still there!

2: Breakfast now cooked to order – eggs the way you like them and delivered hot – a triumph for the kitchen (which I know is under a lot of stress at that time of day). 3: The gym - as if days spent wading, pulling anchor ropes and wrangling big fish were not enough, this is a welcome addition for guests and staff alike. 4: Wi-Fi – although a bit sketchy from the more distant cabins, the option is there for those who need to be connected. 5: The hovercraft - used for speedy, warm delivery to the bottom beats.

2: The amazing international guide team who coped with my hundreds of questions and poor casting in windy conditions with eternal optimism (and they produced amazing shore lunches!). 3: Catch & Release – the focus on conservation of and education about the Atlantic salmon. 4: The Home Pool – this continues to produce astonishing results for those who cannot resist fishing “after hours” under the Midnight Sun—surely one of the best home pools in the world. 5: The culinary tradition—always an anchor point of the camp, the kitchen team has moved from strength to strength and each meal surpassed the prior one.

Game Trails


Reports from Our Travels Fishing Fun at Alphonse Island By: Bob Artzberger

my rod tip and spooked. Wayne and I looked

on a fish using straight 100 lb. fluorocarbon

at each other and starting laughing. That

tippet, I slowly regained all of my backing

fish is one I will always remember!

and had the fly line back on the reel. A couple of minutes later there were high fives

As the tide continued to fill the flats, it was

all around when Wayne was able to tail my

time to move and chase some bonefish.

first Alphonse GT.

That’s one of the best features at Alphonse! The lodge offers so many different fishing

The rest of the week flew by. The overall

options during the course of the day. After

fishing experience at Alphonse continues

some good success on the bonefish, we

to amaze. An unmatched population of

chose to eat lunch and chase some GT’s in

bonefish both on the shallow flats of the

the afternoon.

lagoon and outside coral reef, triggerfish, bohar snapper, permit, milkfish, bluefin

We opted to try the Bijoutier Flats using

trevally and GT’s all make Alphonse Island

the popper deigned and made famous by

one of the premier fly fishing destinations in

ex- Alphonse guide, James Christmas, the

the world.

NYAP (Not Your Average Popper). GT’s

As our clients can attest, Alphonse

time I saw a fish directly at 12 o’clock about

continues to be one of the world’s premier

50 feet away. My cast landed just to the

saltwater destinations. Offering outstanding

left, the trigger immediately saw it and was

fishing, service and facilities, every avid

interested. I gave the line a short slow strip

saltwater angler should visit Alphonse

and the trigger came over to investigate.

Island at least once in his lifetime.

With another short slowwww strip, he bounced on the fly. I stripped set and….

On my first day at Alphonse, I awoke to

nothing. Wayne and I couldn’t believe it. We

brilliant sunshine and clear blue skies. As

could tell this fish was hot and hungry, as

luck would have it, I was assigned Wayne

he quickly started looking for the food that

Haselau, the senior most guide on the

got away. I did another short slow strip and

island, whom I had the pleasure of fishing

stopped. He was all over the fly again…

with during my last visit. He is not only a great guide, but also a wealth of information

This game of eat, set and nothing went

on the history, ecology and fishing at

on for another 10 feet or so until the fly

Alphonse and St. Francois.

snagged a small piece of coral. I was just about ready to cuss my misfortune when

With the tide just starting to push onto

Wayne said, “leave it there.” We watched

the finger flats inside the lagoon, it was

as the trigger approached the coral, turned

triggerfish time. Anchoring the boat on the

sideways and went down and dug the fly

edge of the channel, we got out and started

from the coral. The game of wits continue,

to wade the coral, sand and grass covered

the trigger would eat and I’d set the hook

flats. Within minutes of walking, Wayne

and nothing. Finally with both Wayne and I

pointed out a fish to my right at the same

on our knees, the fish got within five feet of

are attracted to sound and this fly makes

As the last day of fishing sadly came to

a lot of noise if fished correctly. My first

an end and we headed back to Alphonse

cast – bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop – calling all

Island, I sat and enjoyed an ice cold beer

GT’s. Blind casting this fly with a 12-weight

while reflecting on my memorable week

will make a man out of you very quickly.

while enjoying the fishing stories of my

Forty-five tiring minutes later my bloop,

fellow anglers.

bloop, bloop finally was rewarded with a nice bluefin trevally followed shortly by a crushing hit by a bohar snapper. Renewed hope and with some adrenaline kicking in, we moved up the shoal to a spot which had us both exclaiming, “This looks fishy.” Wayne proclaimed several minutes later, “It’s going to happen.” I’m not sure if it was meant to keep me on top of my game or he really felt it, but I made a cast over a white sandy bottom on the edge of a dark patch. Moments later, a missile came out of nowhere and crushed my fly. I quickly yelled to Wayne “like that?” and I watched in amazement as my fly line disappeared from my reel and was well into my backing even with my drag on my reel tightened all the way. Knowing you can put a lot of pressure

Top 5 Reasons to Book a Trip to Zancudo Lodge in Costa Rica

Splendor in Slovenia By: Kristene Fitzgerald Slovenia is a beautiful country nestled in the Julian Alps bordering Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. The

By: Derek Hathazy

picturesque mountain valleys have wonderful freestone and spring fed streams, home to the best trout fishing in Eastern Europe. We made our first exploratory trip there over 25 years ago in conjunction with Trout Unlimited when the region was still part of Yugoslavia. It’s

Zancudo’s 32’ Contenders are top quality!

wonderful to visit again in the modern If you’re looking for a tropical place to fish

Costa Rica. Colorful flowers, large native

for a few days while enjoying eco tours with

shrubberies and a constant tropical breeze

the family or non-fishing companion, look

flow throughout the resort. Each room is

out in the river behind the lodge to catch

no further than Zancudo Lodge!

equipped with the comforts of home. One

fun size fish on light tackle. The lodge

Today, the trout fishing is better than

thing is for sure, you won’t go hungry during

also offers kite surfing, stand-up paddle

ever with browns, rainbows, brookies,

1. The Fishing

your visit. The cuisine focuses on farm-to-

boarding, surfing, canopy tour, various

grayling and the indigenous marble trout,

Zancudo has everything from heavy /

table with locally grown ingredients. The

hikes and horseback riding. These activities

only found in three basins in the region.

light spin gear to fly rods. The 32 foot

lodge also offers a cool “water-to-table”

are also perfect for your non-fishing

Our outfitter is Rok Lustrik. His team

Contenders are packed full of technology

option by having the chefs prepare what


of guides are extremely professional

to assist in finding fish off shore. The

you bring back.

Contenders are powered by twin 300 HP

era. All of our clients return with rave reviews.

and we customize itineraries mostly 5. Easily Accessible from San Jose

in the northwest part of the country

Yamaha motors. You’ll be on fish in no time.

3. The Staff Members

by Charter Flight

for fishing. I loved experiencing the

Their smaller 28 foot standard boats are

As soon as you step off the boat on your

Once collecting your bags and clearing

various rivers with the glacial blue

perfect for inshore fishing. While inshore,

arrival you are treated like royalty. The staff

customs, you will take a short drive to the

Soca being my favorite. There are lots

you can catch roosters, various species

really goes the extra mile and is always one

Sansa terminal, which is located a few

of accommodation options and this is

of snapper, jack, bluefin, rainbow runner,

step ahead. For example, as you enjoy the

minutes away. The domestic flight from

a great place to take a nonfisher. The

grouper, barracuda, pompano and sierra

sunset, a frozen drink can be brought to you

San Jose to Golfito is about an hour and

mountain village of Bled is delightful,

mackerel. The Zancudo Lodge has over 70

without even asking. At times, it feels like

gives you a great view of the mountainous

as is the main city of Ljublijana. To top it

I.G.F.A. records — needless to say they have

they know what you want, before you do.

landscape. Once you land in Golfito, you

off, Slovenia is one of the best values in

are transferred through town by taxi. Then

Europe. I am heading back in July with

4. Water Sports and Eco Tours

met at the Banana Marina by a Zancudo

my son. Look for further posts from my

2. Accommodations

If you need a break from catching 300-400

employee and transferred by standard boat

upcoming trip!

At Zancudo, you really feel like you’re in

pound marlin, you can take a Hobie kayak

to the lodge.

an experienced crew.


Game Trails


Frontiers in the Field The biggest rainbows in South America!

Estancia Laguna Verde Santa Cruz Province Southern Argentina, Patagonia By: Hank Ingram Why are the generations old Mcleod Rainbow strain introduced to a feeder river of Lake Strobel – aka “Jurassic Lake” – in 1989 so behemoth? Pass the shrimp sauce please. Often referred to as “scuds” in the fly fishing world, fresh water shrimp are a most popular trout food sources and on many lakes and creeks will comprise up to 1/3 of a trout’s diet. Rich in caloric nutrition these tiny crustaceans account for an accelerated growth to unusually large proportions for the trout of Estancia Laguna Verde. Main lake, rivers and smaller ponds alike, the regional waters are rich with life. Anglers visiting the property will regularly meet specimens over 10 pounds with numerous fish in the mid-teens and even torpedoes in the 20+ pound class. Because of the rich nutritious diet the evolved Mcleod strain are particularly resilient, stout and acrobatic. These are important traits in this harsh barren southern Patagonia climate. However, another anomaly presents itself. Being healthy and hearty with abundant energy from minuscule scuds, the Laguna Verde rainbows then become veracious and opportunistic feeders. They aggressively punish streamers, swung nymphs and large foam terrestrial imitations. Making a day’s fishing as creative as one wishes to get. In short, the rich nutritious shrimp don’t focus the fish on one source, it amplifies their desire for diversity.

Guide Hannah Clement put Mike Fitzgerald on this monster

Iceland Fishing Now is the Time to Book! By: Ben Hoffman The key thing to understand about fishing in Iceland is that due to small lodge capacities and a very short prime time window, you must book early to avoid disappointment. With few exceptions, Iceland is sold out by late winter / spring so the time to log your request for the 2018 season is SEPTEMBER 2017!! For a listing of all of our fishing offerings and great ways to extend your trip in Iceland, please visit our dedicated Iceland website: or contact Ben Hoffman, Mollie Fitzgerald or Leigh Buches.

Owen River Lodge These Girls Can Fish!

By: Mike Fitzgerald

It was great to be back at Owen River Lodge

fishing experience will be enhanced if you

near Murchison on the northern end of

invest in your casting prior to starting your

New Zealand’s South Island. When anglers

New Zealand fly fishing holiday!”

27 lb. Brown Trout!

think of prime fishing in New Zealand, sight casting to large browns in crystal-

It was also a delight to fish with Professional

clear waters comes to mind. This lodge

Guide, Hannah Clement, one of the best

continues to be one of our very top choices

guides I have had Down Under. We had a

in New Zealand for our clients who are trout

few days on the water with her. Hannah’s


fish spotting skills are unmatched and she expertly put me on one of the biggest brown

We were particularly pleased to meet

trout I have ever landed!

FFF Certified Casting Instructor, Kylie Sargeant. She is a delight and welcomes

Complementing the fishing are very

the opportunity to work with clients on site

comfortable facilities with world-class

to fine tune their casting. She reminds us

cuisine, a very attentive staff, hot tub,

though, “As part of planning and preparing

massage room and a complete tackle shop

for your fishing trip to New Zealand, please

with the latest Sage fly rods and Simms

don’t forget to do your casting practice!

waders in every size imaginable so it is not

Many a fly fisher knows the importance of

necessary to bring all of your gear.

practicing casting techniques, however in the busyness of planning and preparing for

It was an incredible visit with clients, friends

a trip, it is often on the bottom of the list and

and gigantic trout! We cannot wait to get

we just don’t get to it. I guarantee that your


A 27 lb. brown trout caught from Lake Thingvallavatn in Iceland, just an easy flight from the US and an hour’s drive from Reykjavik. This fish is certainly above average, but they are caught every year. The average size is still an extraordinary approximately 8 lbs and there are lots of them. This is NOT hacking a long line into a windy lake, it is often intimate, short cast fishing with nymph and dry fly in very specific places with stealth required.

Game Trails


Reports from Our Travels

A Solid Day of Fishing at H20 Bonefishing

It had been a little over a year since my

After a 20 minute run, Ish tracked down a

morning, unseasonably high tides had the

last visit to Grand Bahama Island and H2O

number of small pods of bones. I tie most

bones seeking shelter and food deep in the

Bonefishing. Joining me on this sojourn

all of my bonefish flies. The patterns that

mangroves. The tides were so high that we

was a fellow Joe, Saltwater Department

worked were Gotcha variations with rubber

went hours without seeing fish. It wasn’t

Manager, Joe Codd. Joe has traveled on

legs and spawning shrimp with barred craft

until late in the day when the tide flushed

countless destinations and there are few

fur wings, and gold crystal flash. Catching

out enough that we saw bonefish again in

venues in the saltwater world that he’s

fish on your own flies is quite rewarding

any numbers.

not fished. It’s always a treat traveling

and I’d hate to have to choose between

By: Joe Linscott

and fishing with Joe, and this trip was no

tying and fishing. We had a solid afternoon

Our last day of fishing turned out to


seeing fish on a falling tide. What proved

be an absolute blast. H2O has a 21’

to be my best bone of the trip, a fish of 3-4

Maverick flats boat they use for their

My American Airlines flight from Pittsburgh

pounds, was taken in ultra-skinny water.

“No Boundaries” program. This skiff is

to Miami was on time. Before I knew it, I was

Single bones in 4 inches of water are always

big and fast and affords access to flats

landing in Freeport before 10:30 am. Grand

tough, so hooking one is rewarding and

which seldom get any angling pressure.

Bahama Island is attractive to anglers for a


Although the west winds weren’t favorable

number of reasons, including the ability to

for a “No Boundaries” day, the skiff easily

maximize your fishing time. Arriving before

H2O has recently added the Bones Bar to

accommodated the Joes, Greg and

noon allowed me to “hit the ground fishing”

their clubhouse. As anticipated, I found Joe

Jason for a day of mixed bag fishing. We

and get a solid half day on the water. Joe

Codd front and center at “Bones” along with

caught mutton snapper, jack crevalle and

Codd was traveling from Maine and didn’t

owners Greg Vincent and Jason Franklin.

barracuda along with numerous sharks and

have the flight fortune I experienced, so

Greg and “J” are to be commended on all

a nice tarpon late in the day.

no fishing on arrival for him. After dropping

the work they’ve done in transforming this

off my luggage and grabbing my favorite 8

former breakfast buffet eatery into what I

Special thanks to H2O Bonefishing

and 10 weights, veteran H2O Guide Ishmael

feel is the Lucaya area’s classiest taproom.

for welcoming us into their world. The

and I were headed to the Dover Sound boat “The Saltwater Joes” at Frontiers releasing a nice Bahamas tarpon

conversation was friendly, the hospitality

launch. Conditions were pretty good with a

On the second day, flats fishing proved to

gracious, the drinks refreshing and the

manageable 10-15mph wind and a mix of

be a bit frustrating for “the Joes.” We saw

fishing was pretty damn good at times.

sun and clouds.

fish early that were willing to eat, but by late

Limay River: What’s the Buzz… Mayflies? When honing our trout fishing skills in

line with a Rio InTouch Gold #6 which tossed

Idaho, my friends would cast wantonly

beautifully. Balanced with a Sage 6060 reel,

to random dimples on the water as large

I loved the rod when drifting, chucking a big

pods of trout came to the surface to feed

foam attractor and particularly when the

on the “dun” of the day. Trico’s, BWO’S,

wind finally kicked up. My style of casting is

PMD’s, Callibaetis, green and brown Drake,

conducive to the speed and flex of this rod

Sulfur’s, Mahogany’s and the list goes on

and it did the job nicely. However, because I

and on. Even as a novice angler, I found

have fished for steelhead, dorado and have

myself taking the road less traveled. I would

saltwater fished lately, I don’t need so much

often hunker down among the grass and

delicate presentation and light handed

willows along the riverside during a blanket

hook sets. I found myself breaking off the

hatch studying one single fish. Sometimes

first 3 or 4 fish that took on 5x tippet. The

it took 15 minutes, other times it took an

problem was exaggerated by the “agro”

hour. Time passed like the emerging duns

nature of Limay rainbows once hooked and

in the western breeze and in this pursuit, I

their affection for heading straight at you

experienced some of the most exhilarating

and shooting under the many overhanding

and satisfying fishing of my life.

subsurface ledges. That said after some

By: Hank Ingram

alteration of my mindset and softening of Now, jump forward to the Limay River

my heavy hand it was game on.

Lodge in mid-April. It’s a crisp cool and remarkably calm morning on the river with

Over the next hour, pods fed on the duns

longtime friends, Jorge Trucco of Patagonia

meandering down current and affixed to

Outfitters and Limay’s head guide, Pablo

the glassy surface as if glued there – it was

the cripple disappeared, the second to be

Vinaras. A blanket hatch of #16 BWO’s and

too chilly to take flight just yet. Pablo and

selected by this cautious Limay rainbow.

a mystery #14 brown dun moving like an

I walked the bank and studied the water.

armada on the glass flat river as it was still

I managed to make multiple successful

For me, the landing of a fish is somewhat

too chilly for them to take flight. It was on

presentations, and then snapped off the

anti-climactic as it is the pursuit that I enjoy

this morning at the launch, sun cresting the

aforementioned bows with my heavy

so much. This battle though was definitely

red cliffs of the Rio Negro Province, that I

handed tactics.

respectable and like so many big river

Hank Ingram with a nice bow on this incredible Argentina tailwater

fish world-wide the Limay rainbows are

enjoyed the pursuit. At that moment, Pablo stopped prepping the drift boat, stowed the

Finally as we reached the top of the pod,

extremely powerful for their size and cagey.

oars, smiled broadly and said “let’s take a

I got my nerves about me. We spotted

I was on eggshells after my previous break-

walk.” Jorge moved downstream to a deep

one particularly large head working with

offs until I did get the fish to net.

glide and began methodically dredging

persistent regularity. The trick with this

for the monster migratory browns with a

fish was that he was working up one side

This rainbow was one of over a dozen in

fly so large it resembled a small chicken.

of a back eddy then would cross current

my 2.5 days of fishing and not my biggest

Meanwhile Pablo and I tied a fresh 3x

and work back down to the starting point.

by far and definitely set the stage for my

leader tagged and 5x fluorocarbon tippet (a

After a stealthy “sneak” along the bank and

trip. The fish was bested by three browns

favorite pattern of mine) on, and a #16 CDC

an anxious twenty minutes of watching

ranging from 21 to 25 inches with the

Betis cripple that has served me well on two

the feeding pattern, I felt I was ready for

biggest fish of the trip, which came a few

Limay is many rivers in one and can offer

continents over the years. This cripple is

my presentation. I waited until he turned

moments before take out on the last day

anglers of all disciplines and desires a true

particularly visible in low light such as dawn

upstream away from me and a lull in the

on the “Reservoir Drift” on a tan articulated

adventure. Prolific hatches, ample walk and

and dusk.

breeze to waft and made my presentation

Double Bunny. That fish was one of the

wade opportunities, working a few inches

in anticipation of his turn in the eddy.

larger more torpedo shaped migratory trout

from the banks for opportunistic fish on

On a technical tackle note, I was throwing

Pablo and I were hunkering so low that

that come up from the massive reservoir,

bulky terrestrials or stalking cautious pods

the new Sage Method 9ft 5-wt loaned to

we were nearly laying on the shore when

and have put the Limay River as a champion

sipping a blanket hatch of mayflies, and 10

me on a trial basis by friend, photographer

the fish turned in the current to begin his

producing some of the biggest brown trout

beats accessed from the Limay River Lodge

and fellow Frontiers staff member, Barry

downstream buffet drift. I had placed my

in Argentine Patagonia.

deliver daily. These are a few reasons why

Beck. The rod was over-weighted by one

cast on the top of the eddy and – “slurp” –

What’s my takeaway from the trip? The

the Limay River is a must-fish destination.


Game Trails


Frontiers in the Field The Seychelles, Providence Atoll True Wilderness Saltwater Flats Fishing at its Best Frontiers team member Tarquin MillingtonDrake fished Providence this past April with 18 species landed between his party of three and a first for Bumphead parrotfish, Milkfish, GT’s and many others. This was a great experience for his friend and his son who had never fished the flats before. If Seychelles has always been on your list or you want to make that dream come true, read his acclaimed, detailed blog at providence-blog, for all the details of the trip, the tackle and the fishing and enjoy some more great photographs and video.

Tarquin Millington-Drake with a nice bumphead parrotfish

Pesca Panama Sportsfishing

Joe Codd with a hard-hitting wahoo on light-tackle

By: Derek Hathazy

The idea of catching over 20 species of fish

beaches in hopes of roosters, we noticed

in a week, many of which are great fly rod

a flock of frigate birds on the horizon

targets, blew my mind. I was joining Mike

dropping into the water for their next meal.

Fitzgerald and Joe Codd on their hosted trip aboard Pesca Panama’s newly renovated

As we approached the commotion, we

Hannibal liveaboard for five days of fishing.

quickly figured out that a school of jack

The concept of the liveaboard is to limit the

crevalle was busting baitfish. We pulled

long runs to find fish typical of land-based

up along the beach where the action was

operations. The goal of the trip was to fish

happening, hauled a crease fly in the mix of

the mysterious Coiba Island and Hannibal

baitfish and instantly hooked a jack. Once

Bank regions, each having a fabled history

I got the fish to the boat and released it,

on par with the amount of fish species they

the action moved down the beach near the

offer to the traveling angler.

mouth of a river. As I was false casting to the boiling water of baitfish getting bombed

We met the Pesca Panama crew and their

by frigates and jack, I noticed a large object

fleet of 27’ Ocean Masters in the city of

that appeared to be a log. The log turned

David to get transferred down the Chiriqu

out to be a crocodile that joined the blitz to

River to board the Hannibal. After the

snatch whatever he could. Joe Codd and

scenic boat ride, we arrived to the floating

I watched in amazement that neither of us

lodge where we spent the week. Each of

ever thought to pull out our phones to take

the four cabins had four comfortable beds,

a picture. To see the food chain work right

air-conditioning and standard outlets.

in front of your eyes was a sight I will never

In preparation for a dinner after a day


Derek Hathazy with a fly-caught Coiba Island roosterfish!

of fishing, we were quick to shower up and change in one of the two bathrooms

I made my second cast to the blitz and

with hot water. The food on the boat was

again instantly hooked up. Catching jack on

outstanding. Each day started off with a

a fly was something I could have done all

hearty breakfast consisting of fresh fruit,

night but the sun was fading and we still had

juices, local Panamanian coffee, cereal

to make our way back to the floating lodge.

or eggs to order. After fishing, everyone grabbed a well-deserved cocktail from the

Pesca Panama is ideal for the angler that is

fully-stocked cash bar along with appetizers

looking to catch a large number of saltwater

of ceviche or sashimi prior to dinner.

species. We brought 33 species of fish to the boat. Amberjack, crevalle jack, rock

Their five Ocean Master boats were perfect

snapper, yellow snapper, mutton snapper,

for whatever style of fishing you wanted

cubera snapper, wahoo, dorado, yellowfin

34, we were just two species shy of setting

sure the clients that joined us felt the same

to do (troll, cast plugs, jig or fly), as each

tuna, roosterfish, rainbow runner, bluefin

a new high in the record book.

way (based off of the grip and grins) — as

captain and mate were comfortable doing

trevally, pompano, hound fish, blue runner,

any method. The crew truly wanted to

barracuda, grouper, mangrove snapper,

The inaugural trip with Pesca Panama was

list as well. There were many moments

please the fishermen. They consistently

mullet snapper, horse-eye jack, bobo,

a magnificent experience, with world-class

where I had to take a break from casting and

asked if we needed anything (water, snacks,

triggerfish, bonito, sierra mackerel, lane

saltwater fishing, exotic shoreline and

look around to take in all the sights. This is

cerveza, etc.). The highlight of my trip

snapper, moray eel, golden jack, cabrilla

comfortable accommodations. It was a

truly a trip for someone who has a passion

however came in the middle of the week. As

grouper, sailfish, oceanic whitetip shark,

journey that will definitely stand out from

for saltwater along with an angler that wants

we were trolling along one of the numerous

albacore and ladyfish. The current record is

others that I have taken in the past. I am

to catch a plethora of species.

many of them crossed species off of their

Game Trails


Hosted Trips 2017 - 2018 Hosted Trips with Barry and Cathy Beck

Beautiful freestone streams in the Spanish Pyrenees

Trout Fishing, Ireland - SOLD OUT June 20 - 30, 2017 Kingfisher Lodge, Montana - SOLD OUT August 19 - September 2, 2017

Riverview Lodge & Owen River Lodge, New Zealand February 5 – 21, 2018

Salvelinus Outfitter, Spain - SOLD OUT October 13 - 21, 2017

Tecka, San Huberto & Limay River Lodge, Argentina March 1 – 29, 2018

Tres Valles, Argentina November 28 – December 9, 2017

Reel Action Alaska Lodge, Alaska August 4 - 11, 2018

Estancia de Los Rios, Chile January 11 – 21, 2018

Kingfisher Lodge, Montana August 18 - 25, 2018 & August 25 - September 1, 2018

“The Hannibal,” Pesca Panama’s floating lodge at Coiba Island

Billfish are prevelant in Costa Rica and Panama

Join Frontiers on Two Incredible Blue Water Trips Hosted by Mike Fitzgerald and Joe Codd! Pesca Panama Sportfishing

Zancudo Lodge, Costa Rica

April 7 - 14, 2018

April 14 - 19, 2018

We are returning to Panama in 2018! Our

Rarely do you find a lodge that can put you

inaugural trip in 2017 with eight anglers

into great inshore and offshore fishing,

brought 33 different species to hand

provide superior accommodations,

on fly rods, light- and medium-weight

excellent cuisine and hospitality that makes

conventional tackle. Hard-working and

you feel right at home. Zancudo Lodge is

experienced captains and mates run

“the whole enchilada.” It is also the perfect

five fully-equipped 27’ Ocean Masters.

place to take a nonfishing companion to

There’s also a 17’ panga and four kayaks

enjoy all that this magnificent country has

available. All gear is provided except for

to offer. Eco tours, wide sandy beaches,

fly outfits. Guests stay aboard the floating

incredible sunsets, and a fleet of boats

lodge “Hannibal,” which provides super

and captains that are unmatched. We’ll be

quick and convenient access to the fishing

focusing on a variety of species inshore

grounds. Newly renovated, the lodge can

and offshore, including marlin, sailfish,

accommodate up to 16 guests, though we

roosterfish, dorado and tuna. Of course,

believe 8-12 is the magic number. With four

there are a number of other species as well.

beds each, the four air-conditioned cabins

Our 5-night/4-day stay will have us fishing

share two clean bathrooms with hot-water

two days on their 32’ Contenders and

showers and plenty of fresh water. We’ll see

two days on their custom built 28’ center

a great variety of species and it should be

consoles – all with first class gear. Rates are

“Tuna Time!” Rates are $4,795 per person

$4,950 per person based on two guests per

based on two per room and two fishers

room and two fishers sharing a boat.

sharing a boat.

Mike Fitzgerald ready for a cerveza after an amberjack battle!

Luxury accommodations at Zancudo!

10 Reasons Why . . .

Make new friends with a Frontiers hosted trip!

“Without Frontiers, You’re On Your Own” 1. Best value. Since 1969, we have helped

we can prepare you for any trip because

avid travelers discover the finest light-

we’ve been there, we continue to go there,

tackle fishing, quality bird shooting, wildlife

and we want to send you there.

photographic safaris, and Elegant Journeys throughout the world with value in mind . . .

6. Personalized service. Our friendly and

saving them time and money. In most cases,

professional staff of over 57 in the U.S. and

we work strictly on a commission basis —

five in London will see to your every travel

there are no hidden charges. Plus, we have

need. In addition to our popular sporting

negotiated special rates with preferred

travel and Elegant Journeys, we have

air carriers so we can extend significant

planned special weddings, anniversaries,

savings to you.

family reunions, birthdays, museum events and business meetings around the world.

2. Choice. We represent the premier destinations and offer plenty of options. We

7. Time. We have all the options and

are adding new lodge partners regularly.

information at our fingertips, a big

Visit our website for an updated list.

advantage for today’s time-strapped consumers. Don’t spend your valuable time

3. Convenient one-stop shopping. We can

contacting individual airlines and lodges or

handle every aspect of your trip from start

wading through the Internet; let us give you

to finish and provide equipment advice,

immediate travel options based on firsthand

airline ticketing, and fascinating extensions


to your chosen trip. 8. Trust. You can have complete 4. Customer advocate. In the event that

confidence that we will make the right

you have a problem with any part of your

recommendations for your travel

travel experience, we can act on your behalf

requirements based on unparalleled

to see that the issue is resolved. No one will

destination knowledge, firsthand credibility,

work harder for you than Frontiers to find a

and unmatched comparative perspective —

satisfactory conclusion.

something the Internet and the majority of our competitors cannot provide.

5. Expert guidance. Our staff understands the intricacies of international travel. From

9. Unbiased information. We work for you,

recommending knowledgeable driver-

so we want you to have the best experience

guides in St. Petersburg to suggesting dry

possible. Our clients receive the most up-

fly patterns for fishing taimen in Mongolia,

to-date, honest details available.

Consider Frontiers’ Handpicked Selection of Boutique and Luxury Canal Barges

10. Emergency Assistance. You will never

We know that if you are happy with

get an answering machine at Frontiers at

Frontiers, you’ll be sure to contact us the

any time of day or night.

next time around and maybe even tell your friends about us.

For 34 years, Frontiers has represented and recommended the canal barges in Europe that we believe offer the finest overall experiences — each with their own brand of hospitality and cachet. We are proud to be considered a respected broker of the barges by our peers and barge owners alike, and have been included on Condé Nast Traveler magazine’s listing of Top Travel Specialists for European Canal Barge Cruises 2003-2016. Our portfolio of recommended barge options in Europe reveals a superb cross section of routes, levels of luxury, and budgets. We have no ownership of or fee-based bias toward any barge; some brokers do, and urge guests to book only “their” barges. Frontiers’ recommendations are 100% objective and based solely on our guests’ interests, preferences and availability. Contact Jill Jergel or Bethany Hunkele today to check availability for your personal cruise through the countryside of Europe.

Your Passport to the Outdoors Since 1969




ELEGANT JOURNEYS | 1-800-245-1950 | Photo Credits: Barry & Cathy Beck, Tosh Brown, Spencer Hayes, Brian Grossenbacher, Frontiers Staff

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