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Northern Hemisphere Fishing 2018 Featuring Freshwater Destinations in Russia, Iceland, Alaska, Canada, American West, Europe and Mongolia

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World-Class Field Experience Equals Unmatched Fishing Expertise The outdoor travel industry has changed dramatically since 1969 when our parents founded Frontiers and helped their first clients. With the world at our fingertips and information bombarding us from all directions, it is more important than ever to book travel through a trusted partner such as Frontiers. Don’t rely on the Internet and brochures alone. Our staff has unmatched destination knowledge gained from years of firsthand travel, and the ability to professionally coordinate all aspects of your trip so that you visit the right lodge at the right time. We will serve as your advocate throughout the entire trip process. If any problems or issues arise, we will be immediately available to provide a customized solution. Frontiers has pioneered many of the world’s finest fishing locales, and we remain passionate about continued investigation. We do more on-site exploratory travel than any other agent in the business, and we can customize your itinerary based on your specific objectives and budget.

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Our award-winning sporting services are provided at no additional cost to you. And in case you need one, Frontiers can also help you acquire the fishing “hall pass,” because we are uniquely capable of coordinating a wonderful experience for nonfishing companions. We are the leader in outdoor travel with an angling specialty from salmon to trout to taimen. You deserve to book with the best. Call us today. n

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Table of Contents Atlantic Salmon.................6 Russia................................8 Iceland Salmon...............10 Iceland Trout....................12 Alaska..............................14 Canada............................23 American West................28 Europe..............................44 Mongolia..........................46

Our Team

Mollie Fitzgerald In the Field: 41 Years Co-Owner

Mike Fitzgerald, Jr. In the Field: 41 Years Co-Owner and President

Hank Ingram In the Field: 25 Years Fishing in Mongolia and Canada. Plus South America fishing and shooting

Ben Hoffman In the Field: 12 Years Iceland and South America fishing

Meet the Team Our experience in the field is unsurpassed!

Tom Gilliand In the Field: 14 Years Alaska and Canada fishing. Plus South America fishing and big game

Kristene Fitzgerald In the Field: 12 Years Ireland, Scotland and Slovenia, Australia and New Zealand fishing

Leigh Buches In the Field: 5 Years Iceland and Ponoi fishing. Plus, Elegant Journeys

Denise Schreiber In the Field: 22 Years American West, Belize and Cabo San Lucas fishing

Tarquin Millington-Drake In the Field: 28 Years Managing Director for the Frontiers U.K. office

Richard Scrope In the Field: 9 Years Iceland, Russia, Alphonse, Argentina, and U.K. shooting and stalking for U.K. clients

Frontiers does more exploratory travel and on-site evaluation than any other travel company. Our experts visit the places they love every year to stay up-to-date on the best accommodations and activities and to keep in touch with our partner organizations on the ground. Our unparalleled destination knowledge spans the globe. We are uniquely able to help our clients compare options within the context of their preferences, objectives, budgets and past travel experiences. n

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Argentina 6


For over four decades, Frontiers has brought you the finest Atlantic salmon fishing in the world.


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A Note About Atlantic Salmon Fishing Often called the “King of Freshwater Game Fish,” the Atlantic Salmon is Undoubtedly the Most Revered of All Sport Fish More has been written about this anadromous species than any other; the rivers are as storied as the anglers and those who write about them. Epic battles on foot and stories of fighting fish while clinging to the floor of a canoe have been immortalized through the writings of Lee Wulff, Charles Ritz, Art Lee, Ernie Schweibert and many others. The literature gives equal space to tales of the “big one that got away” and the ongoing process of “paying one’s dues.” Most of us have an anecdote or two of our own in both of these categories.

Atlantic Salmon

The alluring Home Pool, Ryabaga Camp, Ponoi River, Russia

For many anglers, whether they are “dyed in the wool” or neophytes, Atlantic salmon fishing is the essence of fly fishing. For some, it’s about that adrenaline rush caused by a swirl at the fly or, better yet, a firm take and the first of several powerful runs. For others, it’s about the mental game of tactics and strategy; changing flies, line depths and angles to induce the take. Some see it as a personal quest of quixotic proportions for numbers of fish or a particular benchmark size. But above all, Atlantic salmon fishing is about quality time spent on the riverbank or sharing a boat with a parent, a partner or a treasured friend. We can all agree that Atlantic salmon swim in beautiful places. They prefer pristine wilderness rivers in northern climates, and they never cease to intrigue, frustrate, humble and thrill us. n

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Russia 8

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Kola Peninsula, Russia - Incomparable Atlantic Salmon Fishing


Ryabaga Camp on The Ponoi River Experience the excitement of a true wilderness location, yet an oasis of comfort, hospitality and fine cuisine. A totally wild Atlantic salmon population thrives here and the efforts to care for the stocks show markedly positive results. At Ryabaga Camp, you will also find a team of people whose attitudes to service, work ethic and team spirit are second to none. The Ponoi is one of the few rivers left where catches are recorded in thousands and even the slowest weeks exceed an entire season’s catch elsewhere. Perfect for salmon anglers of every age and ability, and those with limited mobility. Fishing: Fly fishing and catch-and-release only. Over 50 miles of double-bank water accessed by 17-ft jet boats and hovercraft for more distant beats. Highly skilled international guide pool. Options for endless wading or casting from boats with anchor drops. Outstanding home pool. Accommodation: Guests enjoy single occupancy cabins with en-suite bathroom, 24/7 electricity and Wi-Fi; queen bed with comfortable mattress, duvet and down pillows. Meals are in central dining tent with bar / lounge area and adjacent fly shop. Sauna, massage room, drying room and museum documenting Ponoi history. n

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Iceland Salmon 10

Salmon, Trout, Sea Trout and Arctic Char Iceland is a perfect destination for fly fishers. It not only boasts amazing brown trout and char fishing, but it is also home to an extraordinary number of Atlantic salmon rivers to fish from June to September. Those who have fished the world over for Atlantic salmon agree that Iceland offers the most interesting experience of all. But why Iceland? Fascinating, visual, easy, demanding — these words all come to mind. The crystal clear water affords perfect visibility but demands caution when approaching a pool. Anglers in Iceland often debate which is most enjoyable: fishing or observing from the nearest rock face to watch a salmon rise to engulf a tiny fly from the surface film. Icelandic fishing requires innovative techniques utilizing small wet flies, skated flies and true dry flies with multiple pattern changes and speed variations. An angler’s first take from an Atlantic salmon on a skated fly in gin clear water will undoubtedly go down as one of their most memorable fishing experiences. To complement the extraordinary fishing, travelers will find high standards in accommodation and cuisine. Many of the lodges recruit staff from the best hotels and renowned culinary establishments in Reykjavik. The guides are exceptional. For them, fishing is a way of life, and many give up their winter jobs to guide through the summer. Their knowledge of the rivers and the required fishing techniques prove invaluable to novices and experts alike. Most Icelandic salmon rivers are available to fish in 3- and 6-day increments; trout options tend to be more flexible and we can do single day bookings or longer. Because the fishing periods are so generous (7 a.m. - 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. - 10 p.m.), many anglers opt to “share” a rod which is more social and fun for couples or family teams. Season: July and August. Frontiers has a 40-plus year legacy in Iceland. We have fished most of its many rivers, often annually, so we have good perspective to compare and contrast various options. It is an easy five-hour flight from east coast gateways to Iceland, and nonstop flights are now available from 21 North American cities. Plus, Iceland has enjoyed meteoric press recently and in spite of its chilly climate, it’s one of the world’s hottest destinations! n The key thing to understand about fishing in Iceland is that due to small lodge capacities and a very short prime time window, you must book early to avoid disappointment. With few exceptions, Iceland is sold out by late winter / spring so the time to log your request for the 2019 season is SEPTEMBER 2018!! For a comprehensive listing of all of our fishing offerings and great ways to extend your trip in Iceland, please visit our dedicated Iceland website: or contact Ben Hoffman, Mollie Fitzgerald or Leigh Buches. Call Frontiers 1-800-245-1950 | +44 (0)1285 700 940 in the UK |



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Iceland Trout 12

More About Iceland’s Superlative Trout Iceland’s rivers and lakes are set in some of the most diverse geographical areas on the island, and Frontiers, along with our select outfitters, have access to these amazing destinations commencing mid-April and going all the way through to September. Whether anglers are looking for trophy trout, char, sea run browns or a combination of all three, we can design a fully-inclusive program based on specific fishing objectives. With more than eight different fishing locations, Frontiers will ensure that our clients are casting to lots of fish during their visit to one of the most unique islands in the world! One of our favorite destinations with which we work exclusively is the ION Beats on Lake Thingvallavatn (only 90 minutes from the main Keflavik airport) where a unique strain of huge, beautiful brown trout has evolved. The ION Beats have unique aspects which make them far and away the best on the lake. This is not typical lake fishing casting a line as far as you can into a sometimes heavy wind. Short casts are often best and small nymphs and even dry flies are the most effective along with a careful, stealthy approach. These fish are usually very silver, more like sea Call Frontiers 1-800-245-1950 | +44 (0)1285 700 940 in the UK |

trout, they average about 7 to 8 lbs but fish over 20 lbs are caught each season with the biggest fish of the past three seasons being over 30 lbs. They are extraordinarily strong which tests tackle which is presenting a small nymph as it should be presented. For further information go to The Laxadarlur trout beats of the Big Laxa offer the type of trout fishing we know best. These beats meander through a stunning wild valley creating all sorts of nooks and crannies for big wild browns to gorge themselves on midge hatches. Three days here will test any trout angler and yet the rewards are fantastic. Other popular locations include the Highlands, where the “moon meets Middle Earth” and where anglers can actually fish inside a volcano catching wild trout and lake run char. They are numerous rivers, like the West Ranga which ranges from a small spring creek to a larger freestone. We also have wilderness beats that we cannot name which will only be fished a few times a season for beautiful wild browns which take freely and fight like terriers, screaming across the river. n

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Alaska 14

Alaska Bristol Bay Lodge Fly-Out Fishing in Wood-Tikchik State Park, Bristol Bay and Southwest Alaska Bristol Bay Lodge offers fishing for all five species of Pacific salmon, Alaska’s famous leopard-spotted rainbow trout, sea-run dolly varden, arctic char, grayling and northern pike. No one else can offer this unique rotation schedule, which combines day and overnight fishing trips, firstclass accommodations and attentive service. The fishing area includes Wood, Tikchik, Nushagak, Togiak and Goodnews Rivers, and the most unique aspects of this operation are the exclusive overnight outcamps, Birch Creek and Rainbo. For an impeccably run fishing operation, look no further than Bristol Bay Lodge. Fishing: A guest favorite for an unparalleled fly-out fishing experience, the lodge is strategically located in the heart of North America’s largest state park, Wood-Tikchik. With such pristine surroundings at this private hideaway, guests can expect to catch a great abundance and variety of fish. n Call Frontiers 1-800-245-1950 | +44 (0)1285 700 940 in the UK |


Intricate Bay Lodge Fly Out to the Best Rivers of the Katmai from This Newly Built Luxury Lodge Built in 2014, this beautiful state-of-the-art lodge sits in a sheltered bay on the eastern shore of Lake Iliamna, providing easy access to the best trout and salmon rivers in the Bristol Bay area. The lodge’s “home” rivers are the Copper and Gibraltar, synonymous with big rainbows. Incredible dry fly action in the early season is a real draw, and a brand-new Beaver floatplane gets guests to the best fly-out fishing in comfort. This A-list lodge is one of the finest in Bristol Bay. Great guides and gourmet meals complete the trip of a lifetime. Fishing: The world-famous Copper and Gibraltar Rivers are accessible by boat, and there are also many fly-out rivers very close, meaning short flights. The Moraine, Funnel, Battle, American, Kvichak, Kamishak, New Halen, and Talarik Rivers are on the docket for world-class trout and salmon fishing action. n

Tom Gilliland strikes bright silver on the Kamishak River

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Alaska 16

Sometimes you have to chase them down or get spooled at Kulik Lodge

Kulik Lodge Katmai National Park, Southwest Alaska, Between Kulik and Nonvianuk Lakes Since 1950, the Angler’s Paradise Lodges have offered the world’s finest Alaska fishing. As founders of the first sport-fishing lodges in Bristol Bay, Alaskan aviation pioneers Ray Petersen and John Walatka took their pick of the hot spots. Operated today by Ray’s son, Sonny, the Angler’s Paradise Lodges are a pinnacle of excellence. Centrally located in the premier trout and salmon fishing area of Alaska, Kulik Lodge offers guests quick access to hundreds of miles of lakes and streams. Optional fly-out fishing may be arranged to some of the finest trout and salmon waters in the area. Fishing: The local Kulik River is one of the supreme rainbow trout streams in Alaska; anglers can fish this short river each day with great success. However, adding fly-outs allows guests to fish other hot water in a 100mile radius of the lodge to experience the variety of species and regional wildlife. n

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Located on the Extreme Northwest Tip of the Alaskan Peninsula near Nelson Lagoon

An oceanfront Walrus herd pose for photos at Hoodoo Lodge

The Alaskan Peninsula is primal and the land unspoiled with broad mountain ranges spilling out in all directions. Active volcanoes lead to broad valleys full of wildlife and crystal-clear waters, and glaciers carved both the fjords and the lakes that lie inland. Hoodoo Lodge sits approximately 10 miles from the ocean along the Sapsuk River – known by the locals as “Hoodoo” – which flows 35 miles from the lake of the same name into the Bering Sea. The river boasts incredible fishing for oceanbright chinook, sockeye and coho salmon.


Hoodoo Sportfishing Lodge

Fishing: Located just 10 miles from tidewater, the lodge boasts incredible fishing for chinook, sockeye, coho, trout and dollies, as well as steelhead in September. These fighting fresh salmon will challenge any angler, seasoned or novice. n

A waterfront view of the Sapsuk from Hoodoo’s front deck

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Alaska 18

Unalakleet River Lodge Located on the Bering Sea’s Norton Sound, 395 Miles Northwest of Anchorage The Unalakleet River Lodge is a remote luxury fishing lodge in the northwestern bush of Alaska. It has been operating on the river and the adjacent Nulato Hills since 1998. The lodge offers great salmon fishing in the wilderness of Alaska with all the amenities and comforts of a full resort, and the river is home to large runs of king, chums, pinks, silvers, dollies, char and grayling. Fly and spin groups are welcome: stay in private double cabins with full bathrooms, and enjoy the nearly one-to-one guest/staff ratio, which ensures guests’ needs are met no matter how large or small. Fishing: The Unalakleet River reliably yields one of the best remaining salmon runs on the planet. With access to hundreds of miles of fishable water, it eliminates the need for fly-outs. Its slow, deep, lazy bends and minor tides make this river easy to wade and fish. n

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One of our favorite lodges for rainbow trout enthusiasts

World-class rainbow fly-out lodge located inside Katmai National Park

Reel Action Alaska Lodge

Enchanted Lake Lodge

Famous for Mousing for Huge Rainbows Within Togiak Wildlife Refuge

Waterfront on Nonvianuk Lake, Katmai National Park, Southwest Alaska

The Kanektok (aka the Chosen River) and its tributaries and braids are a fly fisher’s dream, offering access to some of the best sport fishing in the world. Located in southwestern Alaska near the village of Quinhagak, the Reel Action campsite is within the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge. With over 4 million acres, the Refuge is home to some of the most prolific salmon runs in the world and hosts a wide variety of fish, bird and mammal species. In the clear waters of the Kanektok, anglers will find all salmon species, trophy leopard rainbow trout, arctic char, grayling and dolly varden. n

In contrast to its untamed surroundings, Enchanted Lake Lodge provides the luxury and service expected of any world-class fishing lodge. Set within Katmai National Park on 54 acres of privately owned land, the lodge is ideally located for quick and easy access to the best streams and rivers of the Alaskan Peninsula. The lodge specializes in giant rainbow trout fishing with dry flies and streamers in the early season, egg and flesh patterns August–September, and the massive ’bows taking streamers again in the late season. n

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Alaska 20

The lodge sits high on a west-facing glacial ridge on the Copper River

Royal Coachman Lodge on the Nuyakuk River in the Bristol Bay area

Royal Coachman Lodge

Copper River Lodge

Exclusive Fly-Out Lodge Located on the Nuyakuk River, Offering 24-Hour Fishing!

A Top Rainbow Trout Fishery Feeding Lake Iliamna, Alaska

Hosting just 10–12 guests per week, the Royal Coachman guides/pilots have the flexibility to go the best fishing locations for what each angler prefers, not where a predetermined schedule dictates. The lodge is a small, select venue with a flexible and personable staff. Decide whether to fish for 25–pound pike on the surface or fresh sea lice–covered salmon near the coast, or hike small creeks for arctic char in mountain-lake streams. Rainbows and dollies on the Nushagak, Agulapak and Kvichak, or a mixed bag of grayling, lake trout and rainbows on the home river—the Nuyakuk—are also offered. n

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Set high on a Lake Iliamna ridgeline with a commanding view, Copper River Lodge is one of the last destinations where anglers can battle wild rainbow trout that may exceed 10 pounds. Under the well-seasoned and watchful eye of host and guide Joe Hyde, guests are taken out in jet boats daily to access the Copper River—one of Alaska’s premier fly fishing catchand-release trout rivers. The river is easily waded due to its size, so anglers of all ages and experience levels will be enticed by the endless excitement it has to offer. Call early as the lodge sells to capacity seasonally. n


This lodge is great for anglers and non-anglers

Driftwood Lodge

The Lodge at Whale Pass

Sight Cast to Fresh Silver Salmon Straight from the Surf in the Gulf of Alaska

Serious Fishing Meets Serious Adventure on Alaska’s Prince of Wales Island

Located on the internationally acclaimed Tsiu (sigh-you) River, Driftwood Lodge allows guests to sight cast to thousands of chrome-bright, aggressive silver salmon fresh out of the surf from the Gulf of Alaska. Time-tested, well-built facilities and dependable equipment along with knowledgeable, experienced staff relieve any safety concerns in this immense wild country. The silver run on the Tsiu is a strong, long-lasting run that occurs early August–October. n

A magnificent wilderness lodge surrounded by the bounty of southeastern Alaska’s Inside Passage, Whale Pass Lodge is located in the scenic solitude of Prince of Wales Island. With guided multisport adventure activities and state-of-the-art equipment available, guests can enjoy world-class fishing, virgin mountain biking trails, peaceful sea kayaking and unparalleled wildlife experiences. The lodge’s unique “Adventure Menu” allows guests to design their own customized itinerary, accompanied by guides who are naturalists, adventure-sports enthusiasts and southeast Alaska experts. n

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Alaska 22

An impressive king salmon at Goodnews River Lodge

Goodnews River Lodge

Mission Lodge

Front-Page-Worthy Locale: They Don’t Call It the “Goodnews” River for Nothing!

Multispecies Luxury Fly-Out Lodge in Bristol Bay Perfect for Groups or Singles

Experience the solitude and peaceful beauty of Alaska as it should be at the only full-service lodge on this entire three-branch river system. No crowds, no flying to the “best” river—it’s all here on the Goodnews. The river’s three forks flow out of the Ahklun Mountains and wander through the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge as they make their way to the Bering Sea. There are over 490 miles of fishable streams, braids, creeks and river branches. The lodge sits on the North Fork of the river right at the upper edge of tidewater, just 7 miles from Goodnews Bay. n

Guests of the lodge fly out daily to remote locations in southwestern Alaska’s prolific Bristol Bay watershed. All five species of Pacific salmon, rainbow trout, dolly varden, arctic char and grayling are available only a short flight from the lodge. The manager and guides seek guests’ input each evening regarding the next day’s fishing, allowing anglers the flexibility to set their own schedule. The beauty of southwestern Alaska is reason enough to visit, but in addition, Mission Lodge is perfectly located to fulfill every angler’s fishing dreams, from trophy rainbows to tacklebusting kings. n

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Steelhead Valhalla Lodge and Suskeena Lodge Exclusive Access to Steelhead Runs on the Renowned Sustut and Skeena Rivers Steelhead Valhalla and Suskeena lodges are remotely located bankside on the Sustut River upstream from the Skeena River confluence in British Columbia. Over 100 miles from civilization and accessible by plane, the Sustut is the least fished of all the famous Skeena tributaries and is revered trophy-fish water with the particularly large Bear River fish at the forefront. Wildlife is prolific with eagles, moose, bears, wolves and grouse roaming the shores. The river originates with the Johanson and Sustut lakes in the Omineca Mountains, and the Pacific Ocean lies about 275 miles downstream. n

Another impressive “B run� steelhead from the Sustut River, BC


Comfortable double occupancy riverfront cabins at Steelhead Valhalla

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Why Choose Frontiers? Nearly five decades of travel experience. Operating globally since 1969, our international contacts care as much about the success of your trip as we (and you) do! We make dreams come true and call it “The Frontiers Way,” an unwavering commitment to personalized service, unmatched destination knowledge and a passion to share. We excel in the lost art of listening and carefully consider your preferences for the trip. We ask a lot of questions and have a unique ability to compare and contrast options to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience based on your budget, accommodation preferences and travel objectives founded on our unbiased advice. As a full service travel company based in the U.S. and U.K. with 65 employees, we handle all aspects of your trip, not just the destination arrangements. We coordinate your flights, all en route hotel accommodations and we offer comprehensive travel insurance and evacuation protection. Pre-trip preparation is essential and we ensure that you have the right gear and equipment to maximize your enjoyment. We also clearly outline “the fine print” so that all of your questions are answered before departure. In almost every case, there is no extra cost for our sporting services. In fact, we can save you a tremendous amount of time, often beat prices (even online) and we have access and clout that you simply cannot get by booking direct. n

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Clients Say it Best

Suffice it to say that the next time I book international or US travel for hunting or fishing, you will be the first person to whom I turn. Your outstanding service is unequalled by anyone, and feel free to quote me on that!

— Michael D., Pittsburgh, PA

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Canada 26

Alberta offers scenery so vast you have to look twice

Comfort beyond expectations in the Northwest Territories, Canada

Scott Lake Lodge

Dave Brown Outfitters

One of the Best Pike and Lake Trout Waters in North America on the 60th Parallel

Trout Fishing the Canadian Rockies and Plains of British Columbia and Alberta

Located on the border of the Northwest Territories and Saskatchewan, the main lodge sits only a stone’s throw from the 60th parallel. Located on a small island surrounded by 100,000 acres of classic pike and lake trout water, this is remote fishing for big fish. No other lodge in Canada offers this extent and variety of fishing territory. With Scott Lake, its adjacent lakes, and the fly-out lakes used exclusively by the lodge, anglers will have a half a million acres of productive water at their disposal. n

Dave Brown Outfitters guides the suburban, blue-ribbon trophy trout Bow River meandering through Calgary, Alberta, to the remote Elk, Old Man and Crow’s Nest rivers surrounding majestic Fernie, British Columbia—and all points in between. A less explored region of the Rocky Mountains, these rivers teem with cutthroat, rainbow, brown and bull trout while shorelines are pristine and waters virtually competition free. n

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n Take the Rocky Mountaineer train from Vancouver to Lake Louise or Jasper, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery from the domed-glass comfort of your luxurious railcar. n Nature lovers and families hoping to reconnect with the earth will love staying at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, one of the world’s finest eco destinations. Here on the rugged British Columbia coast, discover 20 deluxe canvas tents with more creature comforts than some urban hotel rooms! n Less than an hour by air from Vancouver is a wilderness of bears, orcas, vast forests and dramatic oceanscapes at Sonora Resort, a member of Relais & Châteaux. Here guests can kayak and fly fish, soak in warm outdoor mineral-water pools, play tennis and golf, or tour by helicopter or boat to view mountain glaciers and see coastal grizzlies catching salmon. n

Guests can opt to get a rare glimpse of the elusive grizzly feasting on spawning salmon at Sonora Resort

Elegant Journeys in Canada

Extend Your Trip in Canada

American West

Three Rivers Ranch has access to a wide variety of the West’s best fisheries


Three Rivers Ranch Premier Eastern Idaho Location Gives This Lodge Unmatched Fishing Diversity

American West Call Frontiers 1-800-245-1950 | +44 (0)1285 700 940 in the UK |

Frontiers has worked with Three Rivers Ranch for over 30 years, longer than any other fishing operation in the West. It continues to be a favorite for our clients who seek dependable fishing, warm Western hospitality, impeccable meals, scenic surroundings and masterful guides. The ranch is ideally located in Warm River and is licensed on a number of fine rivers in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. Fishing destinations include the Henry’s Fork and South Fork of the Snake River, the Madison, the Teton, Robinson Creek (which flows through the ranch), and many of the rivers in Yellowstone National Park. Fishing: Guests split their time between wading and floating, enjoying the best of both worlds. Three Rivers, an Orvis-Endorsed lodge, is licensed to guide on 16 legendary streams. Guides coordinate the weekly schedule to cover the best stretches of water with prolific hatches and hungry trout. n

American West

Guests enjoy outstanding views of the Pioneer Mountains from their private cabins

Big Hole Lodge Southwestern Montana’s Premier Trout Fishing Lodge for Over 30 Years Exclusively represented by Frontiers, Craig and Wade Fellin’s Big Hole Lodge is clearly defined as one of the great fly fishing destinations of North America. The wild trophy trout fishing possibilities are unmatched in the West, as is the unpressured fishing experience unique to southwestern Montana. This Orvis-Endorsed lodge is nestled in a magnificent wilderness setting in the Pioneer Mountains with a beautiful trout stream at its doorstep. For 25+ years, our returning guests have raved about the wellprepared meals, the attractive accommodations and the exceptional guides.

Lodge co-owner Wade Fellin with a nice Big Hole brownie!

Fishing: With multiple accessible rivers, guests will fish a wide variety of water, practicing small-stream tactics and long-reaching casts on larger water for brown trout, rainbows, brookies and cutthroats. Much of the fishing is conducted by floating; however, anglers will be wading the smaller water. n

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American West 30

The lodge overlooks the famous Yellowstone River and Absaroka Mountain Range

Denise Schreiber catching a nice brown on private water

Yellowstone Valley Lodge

Healing Waters Lodge

World-Class Trout Fishing in Scenic Paradise Valley of Southwestern Montana

Centrally Located an Hour from Bozeman Near Twin Bridges in Southwestern Montana

Situated 14 miles south of Livingston, a one-hour drive from Bozeman, Yellowstone Valley Lodge’s comfortable guest ranch is home to some of the finest blue-ribbon trout fisheries in the Rocky Mountains. The warm, welcoming staff introduces guests to the area’s adventure opportunities including fly fishing, rafting, scenic floating, hiking, tours of nearby Yellowstone National Park, horseback riding and fine dining. The chef at Yellowstone Valley Lodge brings the valley to the table by incorporating seasonally selected, fresh local ingredients into his unforgettable menu. n

Healing Waters Lodge has a reputation for being a superior fly fishing lodge located in the scenic Ruby Valley. This Orvis-Endorsed lodge has been owned and operated since 2013 by hosts Mike and Laura Geary, and everything about it is designed with comfort in mind. The lodge’s success is built upon the foundation of personal attention to all guests with a genuine western hospitality. Several rivers are accessible within a short drive, and the lodge’s veteran guides enjoy sharing their passion for fly fishing—and their love of Montana! n

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American West

Madison Valley Ranch Legendary Fishing on One of Montana’s Blue-Ribbon Rivers, the Mighty Madison

Bent rods are the name of the game on the Madison River!

In the heart of southwestern Montana, Madison Valley Ranch is just 70 miles from Yellowstone National Park and is easily accessible from the Bozeman airport. Named the 2015 Orvis-Endorsed Fly Fishing Lodge of the Year, our friends on the Madison have an incredible river at their doorstep and others nearby. Daily float or wade trips with experienced, professional, Orvis-endorsed guides keep experts challenged while providing guidance, enthusiasm and patience for novices—getting them “hooked!” At the Madison Valley Ranch guests can be certain of privacy, luxury and a customized experience. Fishing: Whether you prefer the challenge of wade fishing or the comfort of drift boats, Madison Valley Ranch has catered to beginner and advanced fly fishers for more than 15 years. The team knows every riffle and seam in the Madison, Big Hole, Beaverhead, Ruby, Gallatin and Yellowstone rivers. n

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American West 32

Blackfoot River Outfitters Owner and Head Guide John Herzer having another rewarding day in his “office!”

Blackfoot River Outfitters With Outstanding Accommodations at Blue Mountain B&B Blue Mountain B&B is located in Lolo and offers a hearty breakfast to start the day’s activities. Enjoy fishing with a veteran guide on several nearby rivers to horseback riding or playing a round of golf on several nearby signature courses to simply enjoying a tour of the scenic area surrounding Missoula. For intact groups of four or more, the lodge can offer inclusive packages that feature delicious, homecooked meals. Guests can relax in the great room where options include a large selection of DVDs, a game of pool or reminiscing about the day’s adventure! Fishing: Blackfoot River Outfitters is a family-run business located in the heart of trout-fishing paradise. Owners John Herzer and Terri Raugland are experienced outfitters who have worked the waters of western Montana for more than 20 years, guiding over 400 river miles within an hour’s drive of Missoula. n

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World-class meals are served with a Montana flair at Blue Mountain B&B

American West

Before or after your fishing day, guests can enjoy ‘wetting a line” on the lodge’s stocked pond

Victory Taco in downtown Bozeman

Gallatin River Lodge

Bozeman Fishing Lodge

A Boutique Luxury Montana Fly Fishing Lodge with a Prime Fishery Lineup

Ideally Located in the Heart of Historic Downtown Bozeman, Montana

Gallatin River Lodge is celebrating its 19th year of operation, and lodge owner and outfitter Steve Gamble has been guiding in the Bozeman area since 1984. Located on a ranch close to the famous Gallatin River, this luxury hotel and fly fishing lodge provides a fresh perspective on Bozeman accommodations, offering guests well-appointed, authentic western-themed accommodations and a superb fine-dining restaurant experience only 20 minutes from downtown Bozeman. n

Situated two-and-a-half blocks from Bozeman’s Main Street in the heart of downtown, Bozeman Fishing Lodge gives guests the opportunity to enjoy everything this exciting western town has to offer. A short drive offers access to many of the blue-ribbon trout streams of southwestern Montana: the Yellowstone, Madison, Gallatin, Jefferson and Missouri rivers. This lodge is truly the perfect central location to enjoy world-class fly fishing plus the amenities of Bozeman including restaurants, local events, art galleries, shopping and more. n

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American West 34

The Ranch at Rock Creek All-Inclusive, 5-Star Luxury Guest Ranch in Philipsburg, Montana Located in the heart of western Montana, The Ranch at Rock Creek is the world’s only Forbes Travel Guide 5-Star ranch and is designated as a National Geographic Unique Lodge of the World in the United States. Originally a working ranch homesteaded in the early 1900s, this Relais & Chateaux property was opened as an all-inclusive guest ranch in 2010 by owner Jim Manley, who has spent the last seven years expanding the frontiers of luxury travel with these one-of-a-kind accommodations, extensive amenities, inventive cuisine and access to over 20 guided outdoor activities. Fishing: The ranch has 4 miles of private access and pristine river frontage on Rock Creek, a blueribbon stream with 1,500–2,000 trout per river mile. In addition, the ranch also offers the following shooting sports: sporting clays, trap and skeet, rifles and pistols. n

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American West 36

Lone Mountain Ranch The Best Luxury Guest Ranch Experience in Big Sky, Southwestern Montana

Jeremy Matelan and Kristene Fitzgerald taking in the geysers at Yellowstone National Park

Families seeking the perfect location for a western-themed vacation, look no further. Lone Mountain Ranch is located one hour from Bozeman and is an oasis of history inspired by and deeply ingrained with the colorful past of Montana. The ranch offers something for all ages and is ideal for multigenerational groups and families. Activities include fly fishing, horseback riding, white-water rafting, rock climbing, hiking or touring Yellowstone National Park. Children can also enjoy the Outdoor Youth Adventure Program, which is designed to teach them about outdoor discovery. Fishing: For the anglers in the group, Lone Mountain Ranch is an Orvis-Endorsed lodge that offers fishing on trout streams such as the Madison, Gallatin and Yellowstone—among others, including private spring creeks and mountain lakes. Brookies, browns and rainbows are the lineup here. n

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American West

Three Forks Ranch Lodge and Spa Premier Fishing, Hunting and Guest Ranch 40 Miles from Steamboat Springs, Colorado Situated in the high mountain aspens, Three Forks Ranch Lodge and Spa straddles the Wyoming/ Colorado border. Opened in 2008, this 200,000-acre working cattle ranch has become one of the premier fishing destinations in the West—truly the crown jewel of this outdoor paradise. After a fun-filled day of recreation, guests can enjoy a relaxing massage, sip their favorite drink at the Middle Fork Lounge and satisfy their palate with 5-star dining. Personalized service, warm hospitality, great fishing and a plethora of other activities are the trademarks of this remarkable destination. Fishing: Through the largest privately funded restoration project in the history of America, new life has been given to the Little Snake and its headwaters, restoring 16 miles of the river, connected oxbow lakes, and tributaries to provide very private and incredible walk-and-wade trout fishing. n

One of the best private access fisheries in America

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American West 38

The High Lonesome Ranch A Fabulous Sporting Mecca on the Western Slope of the Colorado Rockies Located near the small cowboy town of De Beque, a 40-minute drive from the Grand Junction Airport, this Orvis-Endorsed fly fishing and wingshooting lodge sits on nearly 400 square miles of deeded and permitted lands featuring mountain forests, grasslands, spring creeks and alpine mesas—ideal habitat for wildlife. There are also many “dude ranch” activities perfect for the entire family. At the ranch’s epicenter are the headquarters and cookhouse with exceptional cuisine. Both log buildings are from an authentic pioneer homestead.

The High Lonesome offers the best of many worlds. As pictured below you will enjoy a terrific dude ranch, great fishing, upland hunting, big game and a staff dedicated to customer service.

Fishing: Guests trout fish the 18 spring creek pools on the main property, float the Roaring Fork and Colorado Rivers, and walk-and-wade the White River at the ranch’s sister property, the K-T Ranch. Packages are customized and can be combined with shooting and other activities. n

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American West

HF Bar offers an outstanding horseback program – for all ages and all riding levels

HF Bar Ranch

Brush Creek Ranch

Guest Ranch Near Bighorn National Forest and Historic Buffalo, Wyoming

Luxury Rocky Mountain Guest Ranch in the Heart of Southern Wyoming

HF Bar Ranch has always been a working ranch, and its location and the surrounding wildlife have made it popular for generations. As the owners like to say, “We have over 100 years in the saddle.” Through the decades, they have gradually expanded the ranch’s ability to accommodate guests, and each cabin is now presented with its own personal and unique style as well as a comfortable-yet-rustic nature that provides a true American West experience. This is a perfect setting for family and friends to enjoy the solitude and adventure that is the essence of HF Bar Ranch. n

Welcome to the true spirit of the West. Majestic scenery, limitless luxury and endless adventure exemplify the experience at the Lodge and Spa at Brush Creek Ranch. Situated on 30,000 acres of wilderness in Saratoga, Wyoming, in the heart of the famed Platte River Valley, the ranch offers a unique setting that encourages connecting with nature and indulging in unlimited adventure. This all-inclusive quintessential cowboy resort is exclusively designed for discerning travelers, ambitious adventurers, corporate group retreats and family ranch vacations. n

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American West 40

The main lodge cantilevers over the trout-rich Taylor River flood plain

Taylor River Lodge Riverfront Lodge and Cabins on Trophy Taylor River Near Crested Butte, Colorado Located in the remote Taylor Canyon in southwestern Colorado, Taylor River Lodge offers discerning guests world-class fishing without sacrificing any creature comforts. The property consists of a collection of stylish private cabins and family-friendly log homes that unobtrusively meander along the riverbank. Kokanee, the luxuriously comfortable main lodge, beckons guests to the indoor/outdoor fireplaces and offers an unrivaled view of both the river and casting pond. Guests have exclusive use of the property’s amenities such as the riverside pool house, sauna, steam, spa and media cabin. Fishing: The Taylor River boasts large rainbow, brown and brook trout. The Gunnison River features 26 miles of driftable water, prolific hatches and dense per-mile trout populations. Guests can also fish nearby Blue Mesa, Taylor Reservoir, and a multitude of mountain streams—or experience heli-fishing. n

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Hank Ingram catches a trophy trout in the morning (above) and a spin on the fabled 401 trail in the afternoon (below), all professionally guided and included

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Famous Tailwaters in the American West Call Frontiers 1-800-245-1950 | +44 (0)1285 700 940 in the UK |

Kingfisher Lodge offers a peaceful location in a rural setting a half-mile from the headwaters of the Bighorn. Matt and Kerri McMeans, owners and hosts of this comfortable lodge, will make every stay enjoyable. Wellmaintained lodge rooms accommodate 14 guests along with excellent cuisine.

Kootenai River Northwest Montana

Mike Fitzgerald having a great day on “The Mo.”

Anglers will enjoy fishing the breathtaking Kootenai River with veteran guides from Linehan Outfitting Company. This outstanding tailwater is primarily a dry fly river and is home to healthy rainbow and cutthroat trout. Accommodations are offered in comfortable cabins or in the eightguest Riverhouse conveniently located on the banks of the Kootenai.

Green River Northeastern Utah The Green River is truly one of the most prolific tailwaters in the lower 48 and should be on every angler’s “must do” list. We have partnered with Spinner Fall Guide Service, who has been guiding for over 25 years and whose staff knows the river intimately. The river has three sections, each with deep pockets and slow runs to maximize the fishing experience. We can also help assist with lodging in the Dutch John area.

San Juan River Northern New Mexico Soaring Eagle Lodge located in northwestern New Mexico just below the Navajo Dam, is the only true riverfront lodge on the famous San Juan River. The San Juan is a tailwater that fishes well throughout the year. Soaring Eagle is proud to feature one of the most knowledgeable and seasoned staffs in the Southwest. Packages can be customized to include fishing on public water, float trips or a day on the Jacquez Ranch. The ranch is an unspoiled parcel of private land surrounding the lodge which is exclusively accessed by Soaring Eagle’s guides and anglers. n

American West

Bighorn River South-Central Montana

Missouri River Ranch Wonderful Accommodations on One of the West’s Best Dry-Fly Fisheries The lodge is ideally located just south of Craig, Montana, and is set among 160 acres of wildflowers and meadows with open landscapes. The lodge has over a mile of private year-round fly fishing access on the Missouri River right on property. The ranch offers couples, friends, families and small corporate groups the opportunity to get away from it all with warm hospitality and attentive personal service in a setting that’s classic Montana. With easy access to the best fishing on “The Mo” and a plethora of excellent guides, guests will chase browns and rainbows on this worldrenowned river. n

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In search of salmon, Ballynahinch Castle, Ireland

Kristene Fitzgerald releasing a nice Slovenian rainbow

Spectacular European towns and scenery

Our Spain outfitter, Ivan Tarin

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Experience the unspoiled nature of Spain’s Pyrenees where crystal clear waters teem with wild trout. You’ll have access to more than 60 rivers and 180 lakes all within easy driving distance of the two lodges Salvelinus Outfitters utilizes, both of which feature comfortable accommodations, delicious Mediterranean cuisine and Spain’s famous Rioja wines. It’s the perfect trip for couples, blending first-rate fly fishing with Old World charm. Iván Tarín is the Head Guide, a passionate devotee of fly fishing for trout. Iván has built up an efficient guide team, all expert fly fishers.


Pyrenees, Spain – Trout

Guests fish a wide range of trout waters found at altitudes from 600’ to 7,200’, including high mountain streams, middle mountain streams and lower reaches, high mountain lakes, and tailwaters where you just might hook the trout of a lifetime. A variety of itineraries are available. n

Julian Alps, Slovenia – Trout For fly fishing enthusiasts, there perhaps is no other nation in the world quite like Slovenia. With many miles of private water on a wide selection of rivers and streams winding through a country roughly the size of Connecticut, the opportunities for anglers are endless, diverse and easily accessible. In the northwest section of the country, choose from a gin-clear alpine and freestone rivers, ranging from the narrow Radovna to the mighty Soča, a challenging, turquoise-hued river that holds trophy-sized marble trout -- the signature prize of Slovenian angling! With scenery to rival New Zealand, a service-oriented, English-speaking guide team and a number of great accommodation options, a Frontiers fishing holiday in Slovenia is sure to exceed your expectations and frequently ranks among “one of the best experiences on the water” by returning anglers…and it’s great value! n

British Isles – Trout and Salmon A nice Irish brown!

The history, tradition and lore of fly fishing in the United Kingdom and Ireland are unmatched. From the chalk streams of Hampshire to Scotland’s historic salmon rivers, to the prolific trout fishing and exceptional golf in Ireland, Frontiers can customize an itinerary based on your specific interests. In England, we access some of the best chalk stream fishing available and our experienced guides have exclusive relationships with the top estates. Frontiers also offers many salmon and trout fishing packages in Scotland. Ireland has always been one of our favorite destinations. Frontiers clients and staff have experienced a number of fantastic fishing opportunities in various parts of the country. Wherever you are fishing with us, we will complement the stay with memorable accommodations and great food, and Frontiers is uniquely capable of combining golf and other nonfishing arrangements. n

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Mongolia 46

Mongolians call this notorious fish “river wolf”

Taimen Fishing in Mongolia Aggressive Taimen on Top-Water and Subsurface Flies in North-Central Mongolia Tucked into north-central Mongolia, these camps are located on vast kilometers of conservationprotected rivers that harbor the highest population of monster taimen in the world. More trophy fish are landed here than on any other river; most are taken skating mouse patterns. The topography is reminiscent of Yellowstone, Montana, and resident nomadic herders are jovial and welcoming. Mongolia is as much a cultural adventure as a fishing destination, providing beautiful, haunting memories. The Gobi Desert, Wild Horse Refuge and Eagle Festival are favored trip extensions. Fishing: Taimen—the world’s largest salmonid—are explosively aggressive and eager to eat from the surface. Both top and subsurface skated flies entice violent, rod-wrenching strikes on these protected freestone rivers amid majestic scenery. Lenok and grayling sip duns and nymphs for added fly rod action. n Call Frontiers 1-800-245-1950 | +44 (0)1285 700 940 in the UK |

2018 Hosted Trips with Barry and Cathy Beck

Estancia Tecka, Argentina March

Reel Action Lodge, Alaska August

Estancia San Huberto, Argentina March

Kingfisher Lodge, Montana August

Limay River Lodge, Argentina March

Fly Fishing the Eastern Pyrenees in Spain October

Grand Slam Lodge / Tarpon Bay, Mexico May Trout and Salmon Fishing in Ireland June

Estancia Tres Valles, Argentina December

Barry and Cathy Beck are writers, photographers and consummate trip hosts. They lead a number of Frontiers groups each year, which gives our clients the perfect opportunity to meet new fishing friends. Barry and Cathy look after everything on their trips, from flies to casting instruction. There is no extra charge to travel with these fishing experts.

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