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Artwork by:

Andrea Giam, Alethea Teo & Shannon Heng (Primary 1 Confidence)

At The Zoo One day, my family and I went to the zoo. We went there by car. We were very excited when we reached the entrance of the zoo. We saw many animals in the zoo. There was a monkey climbing in a cage. We also saw a tall giraffe eating leaves and an elephant with a long trunk. There were many other people at the zoo too. We saw a tiger sleeping soundly in a cage. It had stripes on its body. My sisters and I thought it was very beautiful. Before we left the zoo, we saw a zoo-keeper feeding the zebras some grass. We left the zoo feeling very happy but tired.

Author/ Illustrator: Siew Wen Xin (Primary 1 Care)

A Family Outing Last Saturday, my family and I went to Sentosa. We went there by car. We were very excited about the trip. Firstly, we went to the Underwater World. There were many fishes such as sharks, stingrays and jelly fish. There were other sea creatures like turtles, crabs and corals too. We took many pictures while we were there. We took the tram ride to go around the island and it was a lovely experience. When it was time to go home, we felt very tired but delighted. We had a joyous day!

Author/Illustrator: Ng See Yun (Primary 1 Care)

Racial Harmony Day At Frontier Primary School Last Friday, we celebrated Racial Harmony Day in school. On that day, pupils came to school dressed in their traditional costumes. There were Chinese Cheongsams, Malay Baju Kurung, Indian Saris and others. During the Assembly period, Mdm Soh explained to all of us about the racial riots that happened in Singapore a long time ago. During recess, we also played traditional games such as Five Stones, Kuti Kuti, marbles and Zero Point. The games were very interesting and we enjoyed them very much. Singapore is a multi-racial country and we have many races living together, so it is very important to celebrate Racial Harmony Day.

Author/Illustrator: Koh Yan Lin (Primary 1 Care)

My September Holidays During our September school holidays, my parents took my brother and me to the newly opened Gardens by The Bay. We looked and walked around the gardens. After having our dinner at a restaurant, we climbed up the OCBC Bridge. We watched the Lights and Water Fountain show at Marina Bay. It was awesome! We took many pictures of the lovely place. The whole family had a great time!

Author/Illustrator: Bacomo Ethan Luke Fernandez (Primary 1 Care)

Our Learning Journey On Friday, we went on a learning journey to the Singapore Chinese Garden. We went there by bus. It was a lovely day. At the garden, we did many activities at different stations. At one station, we did Chinese Calligraphy. At other stations, we played games such as ‘Treasure Hunt’ and ‘Word Matching’. We also used shapes from puzzle pieces to form pictures. During our break, our teachers gave each of us a bun and a bottle of water. We ate our food at a shed in the beautiful garden. Next to the shed was a pond with many fishes in it. After a wonderful experience at the Chinese Garden, we went back to school just before the rain came.

Author/Illustrator: Enven Ho Jun Xiang (Primary 1 Care)

A Zoo Trip Last Friday, my family and I went to the zoo by car.

We were

excited. We saw many animals. There was an enormous elephant with a long trunk.

It trumpeted

loudly. There was a monkey in a cage that went “Chitter, chatter�. There was also a tall giraffe with a long neck. It was eating leaves from a tall tree. I saw a tiger with black stripes sleeping soundly in its enclosure and a zookeeper feeding grass to some zebras. The zebras seemed to find the grass very tasty as they ate a lot of grass. After spending several hours at the zoo, we went home feeling tired but happy.

Author/Illustrator: Charleston Tong (Primary 1 Creativity)

What I Did During My Holidays During the June holidays, I went to Genting Highlands with my family and relatives. The things I liked most were the rides I had on the Bumper Car and Flying Swing. I found them very exciting and I had a lot of fun riding them. I felt very happy throughout my whole holiday at Genting Highlands. I wish I could go there again!

Author/Illustrator: Teng Zi Xin (Primary 1 Creativity)

What I Did During My Holidays During my June holidays, I returned to China with my mother. I met my younger sister, Cici. She is a pretty girl. I played with Cici. I also played on the iPad. I played with my pet dog, Hachi, too. I had a great and fun time. I had a very good holiday. I want to go to China again.

Author/Illustrator: Jin Zi Xuan (Primary 1 Creativity)

An Embarrassing Incident Last Sunday, Anna went to the market. mother and older brother.

She went there with her

Her mother carried a basket to carry the

things she was going to buy. The market was crowded with people. When Anna and her mother were busy choosing vegetables at the vegetable stall, Anna’s playful brother suddenly walked away. He went to the egg stall. He was touching the trays of eggs when the eggs fell onto the floor. They were broken. The angry egg-seller scolded Anna’s brother. He felt ashamed and stood still. When Anna’s mother found out what happened, she paid for the broken eggs. Anna’s brother apologised to the egg-seller.

Author/Illustrator: Fiqry Matyn (Primary 1 Creativity)

A Birthday Party Last Sunday, Banbie had a birthday party. She invited her friends to her home for her birthday party. Her friends brought her many birthday presents. They had a delicious buffet at Banbie’s home. After they had their meal, they sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Banbie. Banbie made a wish and blew out the candles on her birthday cake. When the party ended, Banbie’s friends waved goodbye to her. She thanked all of them for attending her birthday party. Banbie and all her friends had an enjoyable and memorable party.

Author/Illustrator: Cao Haochang (Primary 1 Creativity)

Story of the Fat Pixie Once upon a time, there lived a pixie. His name was Fat Tummy. He loved to eat cakes, sweets, cupcakes and biscuits. Whenever he was thirsty he would drink Sprite, Pepsi, Coke, HTwo-O and Fanta. My friends would shout, “Fat Tummy, stop drinking!” My teacher would say, “Fat Tummy, carbonated drinks are not good for you!” One day, Fat Tummy called the Sweet Express Delivery. In less than an hour, loads of sweets filled his room. He ate about twenty packets of sweets. He ate so many sweets that by the time he finished eating all the sweets, he looked as round as a ball. The next day, Vivien and I saw a big round ball in our classroom. We wondered what it was. It really looked like a sponge ball so Vivien and I took it to the basketball court and played with it. In the middle of the game, the ball did not look like a sponge ball anymore. It became Fat Tummy! Then we shouted, “Fat Tummy, what are you doing here?” Fat Tummy replied, “I don’t know. I was taking a nap under the apple tree.” Vivien and I knew instantly what had happened. Fat Tummy must have been so round that he rolled all the way from the apple tree to our classroom without realizing it! We explained it to him and the three of us had a good laugh.

Author/Illustrator: Charlene Goh Rui En (Primary 1 Confidence)

My Best Birthday My best birthday was spent in Australia last year when I turned six years old. We stayed in a hotel for a few days. When we were in Perth, we took a cruise to the Fremantle Market. At the Fremantle Market, we ate the best fish and chips and did some shopping there. In Australia, we also stayed in a farm. We fed the kangaroos, cattle and sheep. We also watched sheep shearing. We took a speedboat out to the sea to watch the dolphins. It was so exciting to see the dolphins jumping out of the water as they followed our boat. My family also visited a chocolate factory and tasted many types of chocolates. I love white chocolates the most. It was a fun and memorable trip for my family and the best birthday for me!

Author/Illustrator: Zach Ong Kian Hong (Primary 1 Confidence)

My Best Birthday My best birthday was my fifth birthday. On that day, my parents brought my twin brother and me to the airport to see the aeroplanes. After we took some photographs, I asked Mother if we could take a look inside the plane. Mother said the airport staff would let us in if we were well-behaved so we made sure that we behaved ourselves. After that, we walked to a gate and the air stewardess said “Hello!� to me. We followed Father into the plane nervously. We found some empty seats and I quickly took off my shoes and hopped onto a seat. My brother and I started to explore the windows, the trays and the remote control for the television. Then, the air stewardess gave me a toy and asked me to buckle up. Soon the plane started to shake and it felt like we were going up. Mother then told us that the plane was really flying off and we were going to Hong Kong to celebrate our birthday! It was such a pleasant surprise and we had a terrific time at Hong Kong Disneyland!

Author/Illustrator: Krystal Lim (Primary 1 Confidence)

If I had Three Wishes If I had three wishes, my first wish would be to have a Golden Retriever. I like it because it is cute and friendly. I would take good care of it and play with it every day. My second wish would be to have a bunk bed. I want to have a pink, castle-designed bed with a ladder and a slide. I would sleep like a princess and wake up like a happy princess. My third wish would be to go to Legoland. I like Legoland because I like to play with lego bricks since I was small. In Legoland, I would take the rides and see the mini buildings. I hope all my wishes would come true one day.

Author/Illustrator: Shannon Heng (Primary 1 Confidence)

Green Green is the colour of the leaves on the trees. Green is the colour of the grass in the field. Green is the colour of the shirt that I wear. Green is the colour of the sour apple that we eat. Green is the colour of the towel that we use to clean things.

Author/Illustrator: Seow Kai Ying (Primary 1 Confidence)

My Mother My mommy loves cooking, While she cooks, she will start singing. She loves to cook spicy food, And it always tastes very good. Pasta, curry or even Mee siam, I love them all and you should try some!


Eva Nurqistina Binte Mohamad Rashid (Primary 1 Innovation)

My Family There are six people in my family, And we live together happily. I have two older sisters and one younger brother, And we love to play together.

My mother does not like to play outside, She says it’s much safer inside. My mother knows me the best, That’s why I love her most among the rest.

I love my father so much too, Don’t forget my sisters and brother too. They are my everything to me, And that’s the end of the poem from me.

Author/Illustrator: Arissa Prima Ria Bte Hamzah (Primary 1 Innovation)

If I Were a Millionaire If I were a millionaire, I would build a castle in the sea and I would tell my mother to be the “Queen of the Sea”. I would also tell my father to be the “King of the Sea” and I would be the “Princess of the Castle”! I would have some domestic helpers. Some of them would be in the sea and some would be in the castle. I wish I am really a millionaire!

Author/Illustrator: Azelle Chua Xinghui (Primary 1 Innovation)

If I Were a Millionaire If I were a millionaire, I would like to visit as many countries as I could and try all the delicious food. I would like to have lots and lots of toys and invite all my friends to come and play with me. I would like to have my own arcade game room so that I can play my favourite games in the comfort of my home. I would like to have my very own McDonald’s kitchen where I could have my happy meals all day long. Lastly, I would like to make a donation to help those poor children.

Author/Illustrator: Cheng Chen Jun Alex (Primary 1 Innovation)

My Favourite Toy My favourite toy is called 'Sunny'. It is a bear with yellow fur and a picture of a sun on its fat tummy. I like to talk to it, especially when I am bored, but it cannot reply because it is a toy. When it is dinner time, I like to put it between my parents and me and it will accompany us for dinner. At bedtime, I always put it beside me and tell it a story. After the storytelling session, I will hug it and it will sleep together with me.

Author/Illustrator: Adrian Ow Yong Cheng Jun (Primary 1 Innovation)

My Weekend Last Saturday, my family, granny and cousins celebrated my birthday because the coming Monday was my birthday. It was very fun! We celebrated at my granny’s house. My granny cooked a lot of dishes like pork, prawns and soup. My mother also bought chicken wings from Old Chang Kee. After lunch, we had a cake. The cake was mine and there were a lot of fruits like strawberries, kiwis, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, grapes and lemons on it. The cake was really tasty and I got the biggest piece because I was the birthday girl. I had a great time that Saturday celebrating my birthday and playing with my cousins. I wish for a princess cake when I celebrate my birthday next year.

Author/Illustrator: Chloe Yang Xin Hui (Primary 1 Joy)

My Weekend On Saturday morning, my family and I went to the market. My father promised to buy me a pet goldfish. I was very excited. At the pet shop, I chose an orange-coloured goldfish and my younger sister chose a goldfish with orange and white patch. We named my orange goldfish ’Sunny’ and my sister’s goldfish ‘Cloudy’. We bought a new fish tank from the shop too. The shop owner taught us how to set up the fish tank. First, we poured water mixed with salt and chlorine in. Then we decorated the tank with a plant and coloured stones. We were told to wait for one hour before we could put the fishes into the tank. Once the fishes were put into the tank, we placed the air pump and light in the tank too. I started feeding the fishes with fish food. My sister and I were very happy and we liked to see the fishes swimming around in our small fish tank.

Author/Illustrator: Skye Ng Jun Heng (Primary 1 Joy)

When I Grow Up‌ When I grow up, I want to be a policeman. A policeman wears a smart looking uniform. He also carries a gun and a handcuff. Most importantly, he stops crimes and protects the people. If I were to become a policeman, I would catch all the thieves and robbers. I would make sure that my neighbourhood is safe and peaceful. My daddy says that I will have to study hard in order to become a policeman.

Author/Illustrator: Randolph Liau Feng Xian (Primary 1 Joy)

When I Grow Up When I grow up, I want to be a teacher. As a teacher, I can teach a lot of students. I can show them care and concern so that they will grow up to be a useful person. I feel that being a teacher is a very challenging job. It requires a lot of patience to teach the students. Teachers are also clever because they know a lot of things. So, when I grow up, I want to be a teacher!

Author/Illustrator: Clairessa Tia Rui Tian (Primary 1 Joy)

My September Holidays During my September holidays, I went to the Gundam Fair. It was held in Nex Shopping Centre. My parents drove me there. As soon as we reached there, we went to the Gundam kiosk to register my brother and me for the Gundam workshop. After we had done that, we went





foodcourt. Next, we went to the Gundam Fair to take some photographs. When it was one o’clock, I went into the workshop with my brother. Each of us had a box of Gundam figurine parts to fix. We were also given a pair of cutters to remove the Gundam parts. We were given one hour to fix the parts together. When the time was up, another class entered the workshop. Hence, I was unable to finish my Gundam. I had to take it home to complete. I also asked my daddy to buy me another Gundam. We were tired but happy at the end of the day.

Author/Illustrator: Jayden Lim Jun Kit (Primary 1 Joy)

My Holiday Trip to Australia I went to Gold Coast, Australia, during the June holidays. The weather was very cold in Australia so I had to wear a jacket and a pair of gloves to keep myself warm. At Gold Coast, I enjoyed going to the Wild Life Sanctuary where I saw many interesting animals. I even got a chance to hug a koala bear and feed the kangaroos. It was my first time feeding animals. I also visited three theme parks: ‘Movie World’, ‘Sea World’ and ‘Wet and Wild’. I particularly liked ‘Movie World’. I took the rides and watched the parade featuring the cartoon characters. It was extremely fun and I enjoyed myself very much!

Author/Photograph by: Nicole Peh Zi Xuan (Primary 1 Responsibility)

Me hugging a Koala bear.

My Holiday Activities My holidays started with my usual weekend activities such as Wushu lessons, music lessons and swimming classes. I was also able to engage in other activities other than my usual mundane end-of-week activities. I attended an SSO concert organized by my violin instructor, went on an outing with one of my friends, went cycling and visited the library with my brother. Our initial plan of wanting to head to the Chinese Garden for a stroll failed when the sky decided to take its toll on us. Saddened by what the weather had to offer, we finally decided to go to VivoCity. At VivoCity, we watched a movie entitled “Snow White and the Huntsman”. The movie was very exciting. I enjoyed the movie very much. Next, we went to the playground at the top level of the shopping centre. It was located in an open space surrounded by big sculptures. Feeling hungry, we headed to a restaurant for lunch. In the restaurant, there were many stalls selling mainly western and local food. The food was delicious. I could not eat as much as I wanted to because I drank plenty of orange juice just before the meal. The next day, I had a date with my father. We took the MRT to Somerset. We first headed to a boutique where my father bought me a lovely dress. After that, we went for lunch. I had Japanese food and it was delicious! After lunch, we walked from Somerset to Raffles Place. On our short journey, we walked past many interesting places like the Istana, SOTA and the Singapore Art Museum where we stopped to snap a few photographs of ourselves. My father took photographs of me and the white balloon bunny that was just outside the museum. When we reached City Hall, our first pit-stop, we got ourselves a scoop of ice cream, to compliment the sunny weather that afternoon. Then we walked to Raffles Place and waited for my mother to knock off from work and the three of us went home together. I had a lot of fun this June holidays. I can’t wait for the next holiday to embark on a new experience!

Author/Photograph by: Teo Sze Kee (Primary 1 Responsibility)

My Zoo Trip I was very excited on 19 April, 2012. My school, together with our Australian friends, visited the Singapore Zoological Gardens. We took the tram ride which brought us around the zoo. We saw various animals like the Polar Bears, White Tigers, Pygmy Hippos, Snakes, Emu and others. We also had a chance to watch the “Splash Safari” show. During the show, we saw a seal which did a lot of tricks for us to see. I started to wonder how the seal could actually follow the emcee’s instructions and perform such tricks accurately! I am sure he had a very good trainer. We also went to the Australian Outback where we saw kangaroos hopping all around.

It was fun seeing them at a very close

distance! It was good that we brought our raincoats as it rained that day. It would have been better if we could have stayed a little longer. Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself and had learned a lot from the trip to the zoo!

Author/Illustrator: Forosan Wrenel Dean Salang (Primary 1 Responsibility)

A Sandwich Making Competition Our class had a sandwich making competition that was held not long ago. The competition was held at the canteen. First, we placed the ingredients on the table. Then, we proceeded to wash our hands before we handled the food. Our teacher gave us gloves to put on. All of us started to make our sandwiches individually. We were provided with delicious wholemeal bread. Many of us brought healthy ingredients such as boiled eggs, tuna, ham, lettuces, tomatoes and cucumbers, which were used to make




sandwiches. A few of our friends even decorated their sandwiches beautifully with mini flags and umbrellas. Once we have finished making and decorating our sandwiches, our teacher, Madam Choo, walked around to look and judge. She had to choose the three most delicious looking sandwiches. The winners for the sandwich making competition were Nicole, Avery and Sikai. Each of them received a goodie bag for winning. It was so much fun!

Authors: Teo Sze Kee, Venedict Lee, Marvin Ker, Timonthy Ng, Abigail Mollenido and Weisi Heng Ethan (Primary 1 Responsibility)

An Ice-cream Party Our class had an ice cream party today. Our teachers prepared the ice cream for everyone. We had raspberry, chocolate and cookies and cream flavours. First, we washed our hands. Next, we were given plastic cups and spoons. Our teacher helped us to scoop the ice cream into our cups. After that, we decorated our ice cream





toppings were corn flakes, rainbow balls and chocolate rice. Then we started to eat the ice cream. It was fantastic! All of us had so much fun. We enjoyed the activity very much. All of us would like to do it again!

Author/Illustrator: Abigail Mollenido Calayag (P1 Responsibility)

Steven It was my birthday. My parents gave me a surprise when they presented me with my birthday present. It was a puppy. I called it “Steven”. It was time to cut my birthday cake. I cut my birthday cake and offered Steven a slice of the delicious cake. When he ate it, he sneezed, “Ah-choo!” It was the very first time he sneezed and I found it very funny so I burst out laughing. I spent many long happy years with Steven. He chased the hens on our farm and brought me a few of their feathers. Steven was also like a human friend to me. He would also stand on his hind legs with his head turned to one side while I was talking on the phone, pretending to understand what the conversation was all about. When I was ill, Steven sat at the foot of my bed and kept me company. I have many wonderful memories of my dog.

Author/Illustrator: Poon Zhi Han (Primary 1 Respect)

Kangaroo And Owl Kangaroo and Owl lived in a beautiful garden. They were very good friends. It was Kangaroo’s birthday last Sunday. Owl wanted to give his best friend a surprise on his special day so he flew around, in search of Kangaroo’s favourite food. After a long flight, Owl found a basket of strawberries. On his way back, he met a bad wolf. The wolf tricked the Owl by saying, “Sing me a song and I will give you this beautiful flower.’’ Owl loved the flower so much that he started to sing happily. Before he could finish singing the song, the wolf ran away with the basket of strawberries. The Owl was surprised and shocked! Saddened and disappointed by what had happened, he flew off to the garden to look for more strawberries. Sadly, he only managed to find apples instead of strawberries.


Owl flew back to meet Kangaroo and gave






apologised and told him the whole story. Kangaroo comforted him and thanked Owl for his present. They had a wonderful birthday party.

Author/Illustrator: Reis Poh Jing Wen (Primary 1 Respect)

My Cycling Trip Two weeks ago, on a sunny Saturday, my father, mother, brother and I went to Pasir Ris Park to cycle. We brought our bicycles along with us in my father’s car. We met my parents’ friends at the park for a picnic before we embarked on a cycling journey together. We saw many families and friends gather at the park for various activities like cycling and a game of soccer. After thirty minutes, we packed our things and started cycling around the park. After cycling for quite some time, we were very hungry so we ended the day’s activity with a nice dinner at a nearby food court. It was the best day that I have ever had. It was indeed very tiring but I felt very happy. I cannot wait to return to the park with my family again!

Author/Illustrator: Justus Low (Primary 1 Respect)

The Pet Shop Alice went to the pet shop to buy hamsters. At the pet shop, she realized that she had forgotten to bring her savings. She really wanted to buy the hamsters so she decided to steal the hamsters instead. She quickly grabbed the hamster when she thought no one was watching. Unfortunately, she was caught by the shop owner. The pet shop owner then reported her to the police. Scared about what was going to happen to her, Alice immediately called her mother and asked her to come to the pet shop. Both the police and Alice’s mother arrived shortly after. Alice’s mother was furious. She made Alice apologise to the policemen and the shop owner. Feeling ashamed of her foolish deed, Alice stood still. Alice’s mother paid for the hamsters and they went home. Alice learned an important lesson about honesty that day.

Author/Illustrator: Abigail Ang Si Hui (Primary 1 Respect)

The Magic Fish Once there was a poor fisherman. He lived with his wife in a small hut. One day, the fisherman caught




“Please let me go and I will make your wishes come true,” said the fish. The fisherman let the fish go and told his wife about the fish. “Tell the fish you wish for a big house,” said the wife. “Magic fish, magic fish, I wish for a big house,” said the fisherman. “You shall have a big house,” said the magic fish. When the fisherman got home, there was a big house. His wife was greedy. “Tell the fish you wish for a palace,” she said. “Magic fish, magic fish, I wish for a palace,” said the fisherman. “You shall have a palace,” said the magic fish. When the fisherman got home, there was a beautiful palace. His wife was very greedy. “Tell the fish I want to be a queen,” she said. “Magic fish, magic fish, my wife wants to be a queen,” said the fisherman. “No, that is not your wish so it will not come true,” said the magic fish. When the fisherman got home, there was only the old hut left.

Retold by/Illustrated by: Chen Jie Yu (Primary 1 Respect)

My Life As A Frontierer I like going to Frontier Primary School. On the first day of school, I met my teacher and friends. It was fun. As the days passed, I realised that school work gets harder and there are many things to learn. My teachers give me work that helps me to learn better. Sometimes, they give me homework too. I love it when they give me work. I love my teachers. They teach in an interesting manner and they are very kind. They help me to learn and understand things






subjects such as English, Health Education, Art & Craft, Mother Tongue, Mathematics, Music and Social Studies. I also got to perform several times in front of my schoolmates and I love these experiences as I enjoy being on stage. There are school holidays too. When the June holidays started, I was happy because I had a lot of fun at home since I did not have to go to school. However, when the holidays ended, I was also happy to return to school again as I love my school! I love my life as a Frontierer!

Author/Illustrator: Justus Goh (Primary 1 Resilience)

My Life As A Frontierer I like to study in Frontier Primary School because my teachers conduct interesting lessons. Other than learning the different subjects like those in the other primary schools, I end my lessons at three o’clock on Mondays. My school always organises interesting events. Last Monday, our school celebrated Appreciation Day – a day to show our gratitude to the nonteaching staff of the school. Our class put up a performance entitled ‘The Ants Go Marching’. In term two, I learnt to use a camera to take photographs during the school’s photography lessons. The lessons were fun. During enrichment lessons, I also learnt how to take care of my plants. It was a new and fun experience for me. A few weeks ago, Miss Rozi chose a few classmates and me to do a LOVE Sharing on the topic of ‘Resilience’. This sharing was to share with my friends some of the positive values that we should have. I was very nervous as this was my first time speaking in public and in front of my friends. At the end of it, Miss Rozi and my friends said that I did a great job! I was so proud of myself.

Author/Illustrator: Kelly Se (Primary 1 Resilience)

If I Were A Superhero If I were a superhero, I would like to have the power to help the unfortunate as I empathize and sympathize with them. I would have a lot of things that they do not have but want to have. I would try to make them as cheerful as I am. If I were a superhero, I would like to have the power to help the police force to prevent crimes. I would want the world to be peaceful. If I were a superhero, I would want to have the power to protect my family and my loved ones when they are in trouble. I would appear every time they need my help. I would be as fast as lightning because I love my family. It would be great if I could have all those super powers!

Author/Illustrator: Berwyn Tan Kai Xun (Primary 1 Resilience)

If I Were A Superhero I love superheroes. I would like to have their powers as they can help to save the earth. If I had super powers, I would want to have the power to read and control people’s minds I would also want to know how they are feeling. I would be able to understand different people by listening to their thoughts. If they are my friends, I would be able to understand them better. If I see my friends quarrelling, with my powers, I would be able to control their minds to prevent them from doing so and also to help them make up at once. Wouldn’t that be great? Most importantly, I would be able to help prevent wars among one another and also make sure that people treat one another with respect. This is difficult but with my powers, I would be able to do that! Although there might be some negative aspects about having these super powers, I choose to be positive and put my super powers to good use!

Author/Illustrator: Muhammad Danish Bin Ramli (Primary 1 Resilience)

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up When I grow up, I want to be a doctor. I want to help my patients by giving them medicine, injections and operations. I want to build a hospital for the sick people to sleep in and be treated till they are in good health. I want to name the hospital ‘Jasmyn Hospital’. Every day, I will check and record all the information about my patients and make sure that they recover as soon as possible. When there are more and more patients, I will need to have more nurses to work in the hospital with me. I hope all my patients will get better and recover as soon as possible. I will feel happy when my patients get better. Now, I must concentrate and study hard in school so that I can be a good doctor in the future.

Author/Illustrator: Jasmyn Wang Jing Wen (Primary 1 Resilience)