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FOR ALL Christmas Gift Catalog


We believe the Gospel is Good News for every part of life. This Christmas season as we remember Jesus’ coming to earth, we respond by looking toward the frontier—the places in the world where people are still waiting to hear the Good News about Him. John 1:14 in The Message version says, “The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood.” Following Jesus’ example, our knowledge and experience of the Gospel compel us to incarnate it to the world by caring for the physical and spiritual needs of our neighbors. In this 2017 gift catalog, you’ll find giving opportunities that make a tangible impact on the ministries of our partners around the world. They’re faithfully serving in often difficult contexts, introducing Jesus to those who don’t yet know Him and working for the holistic transformation of their communities. It’s our privilege to support their work through these gifts as we labor together to proclaim Jesus as Good News for all people. GIVE ONLINE AT FRONTIERFELLOWSHIP.COM/GIVE OR BY CHECK WITH THE ENCLOSED ENVELOPE USING THE PROVIDED GIFT DESIGNATIONS.


ETHIOPIA Followers of Jesus in Southwest Ethiopia have a passion to share Christ, but often lack the training to effectively communicate the Gospel message among the region’s many culturally diverse, unreached people groups. Your gift of $700 provides one year of training to equip a new evangelist for cross-cultural ministry. DESIGNATE: EVANGELIST TRAINING (ETHIOPIA)

The Gospel has captivated many hearts among the Dizi people of Southwest Ethiopia, and they’re hungry to know more about God’s Kingdom. A Bible translation is in progress through the faithful labor of three Dizi translators. Your gift of $125 provides one month’s salary for a translator working to bring God’s Word to the Dizi. DESIGNATE: DIZI BIBLE TRANSLATORS (ETHIOPIA)

SUDAN A Bible college in Sudan offers pastoral training and English language classes to equip future house church leaders to serve among unreached ethnic groups while supporting their families with steady work. Your gift of $65 provides one week of tuition, room and board for one student. DESIGNATE: BIBLE COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP (SUDAN)

NIGER The Eglise Evangélique de la République du Niger (EERN) is reaching out with the Good News in a nation where there are few followers of Jesus. Your gift will help EERN serve through Christian primary schools, training and discipleship for new believers and the mobilization of church planters to preach the Gospel and establish new churches in remote areas of the country. $190 provides a scholarship for a child to attend a Christian

school for one year.

DESIGNATE: PRIMARY SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP (NIGER) $250 provides an ox to a church planter for farming so he can

support his family.

DESIGNATE: OX (NIGER) $250 provides an ox cart to a church planter for transportation

and to help people in need of medical care travel from rural areas to a clinic or hospital. DESIGNATE: OX CART (NIGER) $350 provides a scholarship for a student to attend Bible

college for one year.

DESIGNATE: BIBLE COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP (NIGER) $1,200 provides the salary for a church planter serving in a

rural area for one year.


Central Asia

A women’s shelter in Central Asia ministers holistically to women who have been rescued from human trafficking, forced prostitution and domestic violence. Your gift of $50 provides one month of care to a woman through lodging, food, basic essentials and hope. DESIGNATE: WOMEN’S SHELTER (CENTRAL ASIA)

Middle East + Arabian Peninsula

The underground church in Iran is one of the fastest-growing churches in the world, and there’s a great need for Christian resources in the Farsi language. At only $3 each, your gift of $30 provides a box of 10 Farsi Bibles. DESIGNATE: FARSI BIBLES (IRAN)

Egyptian Christians who come to faith from a Muslim background need specific resources to help them work through the effects that previous beliefs, superstitions and issues such as addiction and unhealthy relationships have had on their hearts and lives. Your gift of $50 provides a box of 10–20 books to encourage and equip new followers of Jesus. DESIGNATE: DISCIPLESHIP RESOURCES (EGYPT)

South Asia INDIA

Smaller than a smartphone, the Megavoice is a solar digital audio player that holds up to 500 hours of Scripture in the user’s language as well as numerous other resources. Your gift of $45 provides a church planter with this tool to make the Good News of Jesus accessible to North India’s unengaged, unreached people groups. DESIGNATE: MEGAVOICE (INDIA)

A partner in North India oversees a ministry network among unreached people groups. Your gift provides vital resources to church planters who are sharing the Good News of Jesus with those who haven’t yet heard, often traveling long distances to reach remote villages. $10 provides a drum for singing and teaching songs about Jesus while visiting villages and for leading worship in house churches. DESIGNATE: DRUM (INDIA) $70 provides a bicycle for transportation. DESIGNATE: BICYCLE (INDIA) $1,000 provides a motorcycle for transportation. DESIGNATE: MOTORCYCLE (INDIA)

PAKISTAN Three Christian primary schools in Pakistan offer education to children of minority tribes living in poverty. Through this ministry, many families have encountered the Good News of Jesus. Your gift of $50 provides school supplies and textbooks for 10 students. DESIGNATE: SCHOOL SUPPLIES (PAKISTAN)


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Christmas Gift Catalog | 2017  

Give a gift with eternal significance by supporting the work of our indigenous partners serving among unreached people groups.

Christmas Gift Catalog | 2017  

Give a gift with eternal significance by supporting the work of our indigenous partners serving among unreached people groups.