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and other water haulers. When the figure for water deliveries was suggested, Coun. Victor Heese said: “Can we double it?” When another councillor suggested that might be unreasonable, Heese responded “we don’t have to be reasonable.” It was also suggested that a user fee for the ball diamonds would also be appropriate, given that minor ball programs are charged for their usage. Heritage Festival The Chair of the Frontenac Heritage Festival also invoked the GREC user fees issue at Tuesday’s Council meeting. Mike Procter came to Council on behalf of the festival to ask for funding. “Last year Council gave us $2,000 of which we used $1,200 but our costs this year are a little unknown given that we’ll have to pay for the talent show at GREC,” he said. That prompted Mayor Frances Smith to reply: “You can hold it right here (at Oso Hall). “We’ll give you this place for nothing.” Procter replied that they’d already planned for GREC this year but next year could very well be a different story. Council agreed to the $2,000 request. The 2020 Frontenac Heritage Festival is scheduled for Feb. 14, 15 and 16 at venues around Central Frontenac Township (mostly Arden and Sharbot Lake). Ticket system for amnestyl loads Council approved the use of “tickets” for amnesty loads of waste at Township waste sites this year. Each property owner will receive a ticket with their interim tax bill. Public Works Manager Tyson Myers said he believes the ticket system will help streamline the process and will make life easier for dump attendants who had to verify property owners as they came to the dump site and check their names off in a binder. “I like the new ticket system,” said Coun. Sherry Whan. Council passed bylaws to establish an Interim Tax Levy, Borrowing Bylaw, a Committee of Adjustment and added some clarification to the Septic Inspection Implementation Bylaw. By passing the Interim Tax Levy, the way is clear for interim tax bills to be mailed out by the end of this week.


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Going, going, gone

Central Frontenac to charge GREC for water deliveries by Craig Bakay n response to the Limestone District School Board (LDSB) charging fees to community groups for the use of the Granite Ridge Education Centre facilities, Central Frontenac Council voted to charge the school board $475 for each water cistern fill up This decision was taken at Council’s regular meeting Tuesday evening at Oso Hall in Sharbot Lake. Council also is considering user fees for use of its ball diamonds adjacent to the school. The issue arose last November when the North Frontenac Little Theatre company was informed that they would be charged for the use of the facility for both productions and rehearsal, and sent a delegation to a meeting of Central Frontenac Council seeking support. When Granite Ridge was being constructed, the Township agreed to waive $58,000 in construction permits, a decision based partly on the understanding that the theatre group and other community groups would be able to use the facilities during off-school hours for free. In a letter to the Township, LDSB Director of Education, Debra Rantz, said the decision to charge user fees was a result of a provincial program being cancelled, which had been subsidizing community use of GREC. “An important clarification is that the LDSB has not removed GREC from a list of subsidized schools,” Rantz said. “More specifically, a funding program provided by the Ministry of Education, which subsidized four schools only, has been cancelled. “The Priority Schools Initiative funding, provided to GREC, was $34,000 a year and was discontinued by the Ministry, effective Sept. 1, 2019. “The total funding provided, since the opening of the new school, has been $170,000. In comparison, the cost recovery value of all community uses at GREC during the same time period was $233,976.” In the same letter, Rantz acknowledged that the theatre lights now at GREC were moved from SLHS and are the property of the NFLT. “The Board (LDSB) recognizes that the stage lighting is the property of this community organization and will coordinate the return of said equipment to the theatre group when requested.” Clerk-Administrator Cathy MacMunn said that the Central Frontenac Fire Department has delivered water to the school “four to six times a year.” She said that acting Fire Chief Jamie Riddell did some research and came up with a price of $475 per delivery, based on similar volumes delivered by commercial

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by Jeff Green harbot Lake Public School was built in 4 stages over 45 years; in 1930, '46, '65, and '75, sort of like the Cadillac in the Johnny Cash hit One Piece at a Time from the 70's. Those original buildings were revealed while the fromer school was being torn down, also in stages, over a two week period that straddled 2019-2020. The building has now been reduced to a pile of rubble, encased in the foundation of one of the additions, and is being crushed on site for removal to an offsite landfill. The demolition will make the lot available to be re-purposed. Preliminary plans for two, 5-unit, affordable seniors housing buildings is being contemplated by Central Frontenac Township, but the details have yet to be ironed out.


The building was purchased by the township, along with the former Hinchinbrooke Public School in Parham, for $220,000 in November of 2015, and a decision to demolish it was made less than a month later. The estimated cost of demolition at the time was $150,000, but 3 years and nine months later the township contracted out the job for $200,000. The Hinchinbrooke school remains in place and it has not been slated for demolition, but attempts by a community group to repurpose it have thus far been unsuccessful. Bricks from the old school (one per customer) are available at the Township Office in Sharbot Lake on a first come, first served basis - photo Darrel Hannah


Wayne Kimberley of Sharbot Lake killed in Hit and Run


he Sharbot Lake Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Detachment is investigating a fatal collision that occurred at approximately 5:45 a.m. on January 10, 2020. Officers located the pedestrian Mr. Wayne Kimberley, 64 year suffering from life threatening injuries on Highway 7 in

Central Frontenac Township. Mr. Kimberley was transported by ambulance to hospital but died as a result of his injuries. The preliminary investigation has found that Mr. Kimberley was walking along the north shoulder and was struck by an unknown vehicle, which then left the scene.

Highway-7 is closed between Highway38 and Highway-509 while OPP collision investigators are on the scene. Detours are in place. The Sharbot Lake OPP is continuing with the investigation and are looking to identify the vehicle involved.

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Kudos to the road crews


ike most of you, my wife and I pay more in municipal taxes for our home than we would like. The municipal tax system is based on property values, and as property values increase so does the amount we pay. It is like a pre-tax on the eventual sale of our homes, be that day five years, ten years, or fifty years down the road. In some rural jurisdictions, like ours, the tax rate is double that of the City of Toronto. Because their homes are valued at 4 or 5 times the value of our homes, most Toronto ratepayers pay much more than we do. But at the end of the day they have that stronger asset, which will make them millionaires some time in the future and gives them equity right now. Also in Toronto, a huge range of services are provided by the city, including sewers, swimming pools, parks, comprehensive social services, waste pickup, public transportation, even thousands of multi-coloured stop-lights. It is a classic economy of scale issue. And road maintenance is as graphic an illustration of that as anything else. There are so many more ratepayers to tap into, in order to maintain a single kilometre of road in Toronto, as compared to Frontenac County. In the wintertime, however, this population density can be a problem, as anyone who travels to a residential neighbourhood in a big city, a week after a snow storm, can tell you. Around here, within a matter of hours, crews have knocked the snow to the side and covered the road with a layer of sand and salt, but in the city, parked cars are in the way, and there is no where

to push the snow. If there are consecutive weather events, it can be weeks until everything settles down, and most of the work ends up being done by the cars themselves, packing snow down into brown clumps of urban dirt. Even with the rural advantage as far as snow and ice removal are concerned, I have to say that the service from road crews in Frontenac County, in particular in Central Frontenac, which I see the most because it is where I live, have been impressive in recent years, and this year even more so. The legal requirement on many of our roads is for them to be cleared if there is an accumulation of more than 15 centimetres of snow on the ground, but our municipalities know that mobility is essential for most of us, and crews are out whenever the roads can be improved by plowing, sanding, or both. On statutory holidays and weekends over Christmas and New Years, crews were working day and night to deal with changes in road conditions because of the “wintry” mix we have been facing. And this weekend, in spite of all the weather, the roads remained passable, even if it was not advisable to use them. If someone really had to get out, or emergency personnel had to get in, just about all township roads, even the back roads, were passable throughout the weekend, as long as the drivers took proper precautions and were driving suitable vehicles. And over the years, the service has, if anything, become more reliable. I’ll try to remember that when the first 2020 tax bill arrives later this month.

January 16, 2020

AH to process fee waivers, grant requests, at budget time by Craig Bakay


ddington Highlands Council reserved approval for fee waivers and grant requests until the budget is discussed later in the year at its regular meeting Tuesday in Flinton. And that’s likely to be the procedure for all such requests in the future. The first request was for a waiver of rental fees was from Rob Heyman to hold a wild game dinner at the Flinton Hall to help pay expenses for his youth group to go to a youth convention. The second request was from the Cloyne and District Historical Society for $500 to help preserve their archives. While it’s likely both requests will be approved, (“we’ve waived these kinds of things before,” said Dep. Reeve Tony Fritsch) CAO/Clerk-Treasurer Christine Reed said she’d like to put all these requests together, along with departmental budgets, just before the actual budget process. It is something of a departure from how they’ve done things in the past. “Traditionally, we’ve brought every little bit to council piece by piece,” Reed said. “So, we’re proposing staff put all the requests together and present them all at one time so we can see the impact of all the requests. “I’ll add it all together first.” She said that a big part of their budget is the Kaladar/Barrie Fire Department so its budget will have a big impact on the township budget. “There are no big ticket items on this year’s budget like the new truck last year,”

said newly appointed Kaladar/Barrie Fire Department Board chair Coun. Kirby Thompson. Reed said the Township budget needs to be passed by the first meeting in May according to the Township’s procedural bylaw. $75 for nuisance beaver Under new business brought forth by Coun. Helen Yanch, Council increased the fee paid to trappers for trapping nuisance beavers to $75 from $50, effective Jan. 1. Newsletter almost ready They’re be one more draft of the Township newsletter before it goes out in the tax bills. “We’ve never had the information on dog tags before,” said CAO/Clerk-Treasurer Christine Reed. “And there’s still a little bit of space left.” Reeve Henry Hogg suggested putting in office hours for the CBO/Facilities Manager. “He does have a pamphlet of his own with that on it,” said Reed. “And the office is open whether he’s there or not. “He’s in the office more than most we’ve had but he does take the job of facilities manager quite seriously so if there’s something needs doing, he’s often out doing it. “But we can put the office hours in there if you wish.” Poor ice at Flinton rink Reed also apologized for the state of the rink in Flinton but offered this by way of


Resident will miss Janice at the dump, and friends who recently passed


was sad to read the news that Janice is no at Central Frontenac Dump site on site on #38 HWY. A situation happened last summer and the staff at Township Office did not want to deal with it. Sadly it was a comment that was truly uncalled for. Being rude and unkind is not what I would like to see. The situation they turned their turned their heads to.

I too, was sadden to see Heather Fox passing. She put up a good fight and I will always remember her. Cathy Bayne also passed which I got to know while working at the Verona Animal Hospital. May they both Rest In Peace. The news this week was not easy to read. Sharon Shepherd

Work is coming along nicely on the Addington Highlands municipal building in Flinton with framing underway.

explanation: “It’s a struggle maintaining ice on an outdoor facility without a compressor when the temperature goes above freezing. “The fact that we had ice for the Christmas holidays is remarkable to me and we’re hoping for colder weather so we can make up the ground we’ve lost.”

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South Frontenac Council


he first SF Council meeting of 2020 was brief, and Mayor Vandewal commented that for the first time since the practice began several years ago, there were no complaints about the Township offices having been closed for the week between Christmas and New Years. (Staff draw on personal leave time to fill in the additional days). Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 496: Drug Safety Initiative CAO Carbone said the Legion had been unable to send a delegation to this meeting, as planned, to present more information about this project. AS part of a nation-wide initiative, Sydenham’s Branch 496 will be distributing 229 family resources kits to children in the senior public school grades throughout South Frontenac, and Elginburg and Glenburnie, beginning in March. Called “Drug Safety —Smart Choices for Life,” these resources “provide essential knowledge to resist

Re - Flight #665


he Iranian Government has admitted that their Revolutionary Guard shot down Flight #655, the civilian aircraft in transit to the Ukraine. Again, the CBC reported this action as “accidental”—seemingly to lighten the impact between Iran and Canada. Consider how ground-to-air missles operate. A remote platform (a vehicle) supports the weapon on its launch track. The crew responsible for this weapon tracks Insurance the sky forSpecialty aircraft by radar and other Group s Kingston electronics. Once a suspicious intruding aircraft is found, their responsibility is to IDENTIFY this aircraft. Their options are to put out a warning by radio, send another aircraft to make air-flight visible contact, or to destroy the intruding aircraft. Moving forward into active engagement, the crew monitoring the intruder reads the surveillance info and programs coordinates into the missile system electronics, Insurance Specialty initiates tracking the plane, and then the Groupmilitary s Kingston senior officer issues the command, and someone presses the appropriate control switch to launch the missile. There is nothing accidental about shooting down the plane. It was an act of military aggression – with prejudice. Who did they think they were destroying? The civilian aircraft was registered to leave Tehran for Ukraine and had onboard electronics emitting a signal identifying them as civilian aircraft. Prime Minister Trudeau salts every press conference with an excuse for the Iranians (accidental?) and the suggestion that the United States President might be to blame. Who pushed the launch button?!   Trudeau is unfit to represent the outrage that should have been declared


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Support, First Aid, Airway Management, Oxygen Therapy, and Vital Signs. The fire department is called out for all medical situations where the ambulance will need more than 15 minutes to respond, and for all lifethreatening emergencies. Knott said that as well as being able to provide basic first aid, the firefighters offer reassurance and support while waiting for the ambulance. A station location study is in progress, and will be completed in the late spring. This study will focus on maximum coverage for fire protection for the Township, while considering previous call locations, population density, growth, response distances, and operational capability. The intention of the study will be to plan for future realignment of the current firehalls and prioritize the potential to rebuild or relocate firehalls. 2019 Building Activity While the total of building permits was slightly lower than the previous three years, the number of single family dwellings has

increased, and the overall value of construction projects was noticeably higher for 2019 at over $35 million. This past year 314 building permits were closed (ie, reached completion), and since May, the building department has fielded over 1,000 walk-in inquiries. 2019 Planning Department Activity A total of 109 applications were received and processed by Planning Staff in 2019. 75% of the planning applications were Committee of Adjustment applications (consents, right-of-way, and minor variances). In addition, 59 development agreements were prepared to fulfill conditions of approval for Committee of Adjustment applications. Conditions were cleared and finalized for 42 consent applications. Also, in 2019 over 10,000 inquiries were received and processed by Planning Staff; the majority were made by email and phone.

Re - Trustee Censure

Board,under Senior Staff direction, frustrating efforts by Trustees and the public to draw the Board’s attention to issues or to improve parent and public participation in decision making. The Board even seems unable to respond to the challenges of climate change and its impact on the emotional health of our youngest. A primary mandate of trustees is the well-being of our students, yet incidents of bullying are dealt with by a process that often excludes the parents, if, in fact,


to the world – that Iran committed an act of war against Canada by intentionally destroying a civilian aircraft. President Trump acted in accordance with the Iranian “theatrical hostility.” Prime Minister Trudeau is unfit to stand his ground and act to support our beloved country, Canada, which is now held out to the world as just another banana republic – fearful of a potential enemy who destroys civilians in their own flight plan I, for one, will not accept this misrepresentation of Canada, this insult to injury, that an ineffective PM tries to shuffle off to Matson Insurance a stunned nation in mourning. Brokers George Leslie Balogh


Growing To Serve You Better


As a former teacher, it was heartbreaking to observe as parents struggled against the Limestone Board of Education Officials during the 2017 closure process for Yarker Family School. Board Officials refused requests for information and thwarted every effort to find some role for Yarker’s unique educational setting. At one point the Board even sent me an estimate for $126,800 for the cost to report funding on it’s public elementary schools! Subsequent to these events, I have witnessed multiple examples of the

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by Wilma Kenny

peer pressure and avoid drug-use, and guide parents in keeping their home and children drug-free.” Carbone said that the Legion needs between $200 and $300 to pay for the final 21 kits. Council agreed that they would use the Township’s discretionary fund to cover this cost. Appointments to Committee of Adjustment Council representatives on the Committee of Adjustment for 2020 will be: Alan Revill, Randy Ruttan, Ray Leonard and Norm Roberts. Fourth Quarter Fire and Emergency Services Report Fire Chief Knott reported that the total of 508 responses represent a small but steady increase over the previous two years. The frequency of medical related responses is high and continues to climb; as a result, all volunteer firefighters will be provided comprehensive first responder medical training which will certify them in Basic Life


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• Student volunteers needed! Students wishing to work on the 40-hour volunteer community service towards graduation are welcome to apply. The event is the Winter Weekend Wakeup Breakfast. For additional information, contact: 613777-8980 or e-mail: • Chase the January doldrums away. Join the Wake-up Breakfast Team for a full Farmer's breakfast at Trinity United Church, from 8am to 10:30am on Saturdays January 18, 25 and February 1. By donation: pay what you can. This is sponsored by Trinity United Church and the Verona Community Association. Profits will be shared equally between both organizations. Trinity's share will be used to help assist with the extracurricular activities for the children at Prince Charles Public School. The VCA share will be used to help develop the K and P trail head at road 38 and Bellrock Road. • South Frontenac Community Services Corporation is looking for volunteer drivers to medical appointments, shopping, hair appointments, rides to day programs or other South Frontenac Community Services Corporation events. SFCSC will reimburse for the mileage, time is volunteered. If you are interested or know someone who may be interested in volunteering, contact SCFSC at 613-376-6477, ask for Kim. • A 5-week beginner course is starting for people who are interested to learn how to play djembe. The djembe is originally a West African drum, now widely played in our culture, especially in so called drum circles. Many of the rhythm patterns typical for the djembe tradition have found their way into jazz and pop music.The course will be held at Trinity United Church. Students, ages young adult to senior, who love rhythm and would like an introduction to this wonderful percussion instrument, are welcome. Dates for classes are: January 22, 29, and February 5, 12, 19, 7 - 8pm. There is only space for 6 students. Course fee is $25.00. Inquiries about drum rentals and / or registration for the course: dhfriedli@ or 613 214-1021. • The Frontenac Soccer Association is holding their annual general meeting on Tuesday, Feb 4 at 7pm at the Sydenham Library and everyone is welcome to attend. There are several vacant board positions and without new volunteers, the league is at risk of being discontinued. Please help us continue to provide an opportunity for kids and adults to play local recreational soccer, no experience required! For more information please go to

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• Rural Frontenac Community Services would like everyone to know that this month’s Diners will have guest speakers from Revenue Canada to answer questions regarding your 2019 tax returns or any other questions you may have. If you wish to attend this question and answer informative session, you do not have to attend Diners. The discussion will start at approximately 1:1 pm and there is no cost to attend the Revenue Canada information presentation.

Let us plumb it right the first time

• For those attending the Diners program this month’s hot lunch will be Eastern Ontario’s famous cabbage rolls along with potatoes, salad and dessert. If you are not registered please give me a call, and I will put your name on the attendee list. The paramedics will also be in attendance for your monthly wellness check. • Hope the offender of Fridays fatal accident on Highway 7 is soon apprehended. Prayers are sent to the Kimberly family. • Coffee and conversation continue at the United Church, Thursday mornings at 10am. Everyone is welcome. • Arden has been hit by devastating news again and again this last 2 weeks. Last week I reported the passing of Dora Scott, and then we were informed that we had lost Nancy Gaylord (nee Wilkes), wife of Clark, Rita Wright, loving spouse of Gordon, and Bill Haw, faithful husband of wife Daisy. These three wonderful folks were a large part of our close-knit Arden family and will be forever missed, by all. We are sending prayers to the surviving family members.

or do a learning activity with children is crucial to a child’s development, improving a child’s literacy skills dramatically, and can help a parent improve their skills as well.” • The Clothing Boutique & More in Northbrook will be closed for the months of January and February. Volunteers thank you for holding onto your treasures for drop-off until the beginning of March.



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• Limestone District School Board and KFL&A have partnered to bring indoor walking to you every Monday and Thursday from 5pm. to 6pm at the North Addington Education Centre. This volunteer-led walk provides a safe, free, and social atmosphere for people of all ages to increase their physical activity. It is accessible to persons with mobility disabilities. You walk at your own pace. No registration required. For more information call 613-549-1232 ext. 1180 • The Land O’Lakes Emmanuel United Church hosts the Stitch’n Go Group on Mondays from 10am to 3pm. The group’s project is making cloth shopping bags to replace plastic ones. No sewing skills are needed. Come for all or part of the day. Please bring a brown bag lunch. • As well, the United Church is hosting a study group “Spiritual Questioning” every Wednesday from 10am to 12noon. Each session allows for individual views on a topic of discussion. Everyone is welcome to join. • There is a Potluck Sharing Circle in Memory of D’thea and Maureen on Sunday, January 19, beginning at 12pm to 5:30pm at 3593 Flinton Road in Flinton. Along with a dish to share, all coming are invited to bring their stories, memories, and photos of D’thea and Maureen. All are welcome. • Everyone is invited to the Barrie Hall on Monday January 20th. The Historical Society shall be planning their events for or 2020. We welcome newcomers to the area, and the history-curious. Bring your ideas and suggestions. We meet at 1pm and serve refreshments. • The Community Bus Service has started up in our area to help transport residents of all ages to larger shopping centres and some day trips. The next planned trip is to Belleville Shorelines Casino or the Quinte Mall on January 20, 2020 from 10am to 2pm. The casino offers the following: Free $10 Slot play with Axis Reward Membership can be obtained on arrival for no cost; Brunch $4.99 with Axis. Reward member 55+; Mondays have $5, slot play and win your age 55+ Free Slot play draws hourly from 11am-6pm with AXIS Member. On February 6, 2020 the Community Bus will be travelling back to Belleville for grocery and personal shopping at No Frills, Wal-Mart, and Giant Tiger. To reserve your seat contact Kate Turl, Community Bus Coordinator at Cell 613-8498804, or Land O’Lakes Community Services: 613-336-8934, Toll Free: 1-877-679-6636, Facebook: Community Bus Service, or Pick up routes for all: Denbigh, Cloyne, Northbrook, Flinton, Kaladar. Volunteer Drivers Available for Drop Off/Pick Up. • “A new decade is upon us, making this year’s New Year’s Resolutions extra special. Most will aim to lose weight, exercise more or save more money, but ABC Life Literacy Canada has another idea – make family learning a daily habit. • The national literacy organization is once again running Family Literacy Day, which takes place on January 27 to raise awareness of the importance of reading and engaging in other literacy-related activities as a family. Family Literacy Day is a national awareness initiative started in Canada in 1999 and held annually on January 27 to raise awareness of the importance of reading and engaging in other literacyrelated activities as a family. Taking time every day to read

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January 16, 2020

(Photo caption: Archery trainer, Coleman Boomhour, watches as Caleb Rosenblath perfects his aim.) 

• This Friday night 6pm-8pm, Coleman and trained volunteers will be supervising teens (grades 4-12) at the new archery program starting at Vennachar Free Methodist Church. There is also an adult archery night happening on Friday, January 31st, 6pm-8pm. This program is being offered free of charge to the community.  For more information, call Pastor Laurie Lemke 613-479-2673. • Book your seat today for the upcoming bus trips!  Land O' Lakes Community Bus Transportation has a trip to Belleville on Monday, January 20th and another on Thursday, February 6th.  This service is available to absolutely everyone!  Cost for adults is $20, $5 for ages 5-17, and 4 and under are free.  Volunteer drivers are available for pick up and drop off.  Pick up routes for all: Denbigh, Cloyne, Northbrook, Flinton, Kaladar.   Contact Kate to reserve your seat cell: 613-8498804, email: or Land O’Lakes Community Services: 613-336-8934, toll free: 1-877-679-6636.  Find us on Facebook: Community Bus Service. • You will definitely want to be at the next Denbigh Diners!  Diners meets on Monday, February 3rd at noon, at the Denbigh Hall, and roast beef is on the menu for just $8.  Contact Bev at 613 333 9852. • Mark your calendars!  An Open Mic Music Night is planned for Friday, February 7th, 7pm at Vennachar Free Methodist Church.  Contact 613 333 2318. • Looking for events happening in Addington Highlands?  Check out the community calendar at addingtonhighlands. ca. • The Good Food Box through KFLA Public Health is available in our area.  This program provides fruit and veggies at wholesale prices, and is available to everyone.  You can choose from a large food box, small food box, fruit bag or vegetable bag.  Place and pay for your order on the first Thursday of the month, and it will be ready for pick up on the 3rd Thursday of the month.  For more info and pricing, call Lakelands Family Health Team in Denbigh at 613 333 1333.


• At the youth dances at the Golden Links hall, a contest happens each month. If your child brings someone who has never been to the dance before, both names go into a draw for a special prize. January winner was Talan Stubinski. December winner was Ainsleigh Brushette. • The Oddfellows & Rebekahs will be holding a Beef Dinner on January 19th, from 4:30pm -6pm at the Golden Links Hall. The cost is $15 For more information, call 613-372-2410. • Belated birthday wishes go out to Ken Nicol! Also, birthday wishes go out to Pam Morey, Laura Tisdale, Ryan Tisdale, and to Jacob Tisdale who will be turning four this month. • If you have news, birthdays, special occasions or get well

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• Deepest sympathy to the family of the late Bill Haw, who with spouse Daisy was a regular at the Harlowe dinners, fiddling events, and open mike fun times. Bill’s life was celebrated this past week. Also sympathy to the family of the late Carole (Clark) Shorts of Lindsay, who has family right in Henderson and area. • Also thinking of you to Cecil Shorts and all who are ailing. We had lunch with his mom Lorraine (Peterson) Shorts and some family members at a Napanee church lunch recently. We had a lot of laughs - sharing all the Christmas news along with concerns for Cecil’s health. • Great to hear that Barb Whaley is out of hospital and feeling improved. • Lots of church services were cancelled due to the rain and freezing rain on the weekend. Hope everyone stayed safe and sound. Our road crews did an excellent job in keeping our roads clear and open - thanks everyone.


• Keep Fit! Pilates on Mondays, 6:15 pm., Essentrics Exercise on Tuesdays 10 am. and Yoga on Wednesdays at 6:00 pm. in Inverary Church Hall. • Chili Fest Friday January 17th at 6:00 pm at Inverary United Church. Come sample many types of Chili hot, medium, mild or vegetarian. Vote for your favourite. Beef stew available for the non-chili lovers. Chili/Stew Dinner includes salad, buns, dessert, Tea or Coffee. Adults $10 Child $5. • “Senior Prom Hockey Dance” by the Storrington Stingers will be on Saturday, January 18th at the Storrington Lions Club. Break out those taffeta dresses! • Music Night with Chris Murphy “Classic Country Songs” on January 19th at Inverary United Church at 7:00 pm. Free will offering. A relaxing evening, wonderful music and a lot of talent! Start the New Year on the right note! • Chicken & Biscuits - Saturday January 25th at 6:00 pm at the Storrington Lions Club hall in Sunbury. A warm and delicious meal – all yours for $15. Cash bar. Reserve your tickets by calling 613-353-2257. • New Year – New Recipes – New Meals! Inverary & Communities neighbour to neighbour Recipe exchange and quick, nutritious meal planning, Thursday February 13, Inverary United Church, 7pm Bring a few copies of your favourite weeknight recipes to share. Questions (613)353-7008.

Maberly-Bolingbroke Karen Prytula

Home of the Hall of Remembrance. 26 Beckwith Street E., Perth, (Toonie Donation). You don’t have to be a member to attend.


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• Happy New Year to you all. The latest book on this area's one-room schools, by Archives Lanark, is now available. The "Bathurst Rural School Book" is available from Lanark Archives at 1920 Drummond Concession 7 Rd., Drummond Centre (old Drummond Township Municipal Building), or online at their website: The large-size hard cover books sells for $45 + shipping if necessary. • On Thursday, January 16, the Perth & District Historical Society welcomes local historian, Ron Shaw, with a presentation on his recent book, "A Swarm of Bees", the epic migration to Utah, of Lanark County pioneers. These pioneer families, who first settled in what is now Lanark County, were among the earliest converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Their story unfolds in the context of the founding and earliest days of the Mormon Church, as they follow their new faith from eastern Ontario, through south-western Ontario, the Ohio and Missouri settlements, to Nauvoo, Illinois, the refugee camps of Council Bluffs, Iowa, and finally along the Mormon Trail to Utah. 7:30pm, at Perth's Royal Canadian Legion,

Pearl Killingbeck


• Diner’s on Monday January 6th was a great day. From a lovely meal of cabbage rolls, carrots, potatoes, two salads, fruit cobbler and ice cream (YUM) to the people from Canada Revenue Agency from Toronto. Lots of questions were asked about tax credits for seniors. The crappy weather outside didn’t even bother us. Erma Millar won next month’s free lunch which is on February 3rd and will be ham, scalloped potatoes and baked beans. Be sure to register in advance if you are coming, call 613-279- 3151. • The Snow Road Community Centre Music Night presents an evening of bluegrass and other music with Mary and Wayne Abrams and Bob Burtch on January 30th from 7 to 9 pm. For tickets call Don or Joelle McLean 613-278-0958. • A good crowd attended the social dinner at Snow Road Community Centre on January 8th. Rick and Darla had the tables set beautifully with pink tablecloths, tealights and lighted vases of pink and white flowers plus some dishes of nuts and sweets. As always a great meal was served. Birthday people were Ron and Alice Gilchrist, Linda Chappel, Glen Patterson, and Don and Joelle McLean. Next social supper will be February 12th. It will be our Valentine’s Supper and the men will be doing the cooking and cleanup and trying to look pretty and happy while doing it. We wait for this date every year. (I will tell you a little secret – they are wonderful cooks and cleaners). • Lorie and Sandy were host and hostess of coffee break on Friday. Lorie always has lots of homemade treats and coffee for everyone. • A group of 16 women got together at Maples on Friday at noon to help Alice Gilchrist and Wendy Crain celebrate their birthdays. A wonderful meal from Maples, lots of chatter and laughs (sorry to all the other people in the restaurant). Elaine made a great carrot cake. (Delicious as always) Lots of gifts were exchanged. A wonderful 2 ½ hours of fun! Thank you everyone for coming out to help them celebrate. • The Snowmobile Club cancelled the supper and quarter auction on January 11th due to the weather on Saturday and have rescheduled it for Saturday, January 25th. Supper at 5pm and auction at 7pm. Bring some quarters. • Congratulations to Olive Allen to passing her driver’s test again. • SMILE: Call me Wonderwoman – wonder where I put my keys? Wonder where I put my phone? Wonder where I put my purse? Wonder where I put my glasses? I wonder where I put etc. etc. etc. • PS (from the typist Alice) A huge thank you to Pearl for arranging these great birthday lunches throughout the year, not only from Wendy and Alice but all the other gals in the birthday lunch bunch. • Olive Allen. Lodge.. Women rock!


• I wish you good health and happiness in the coming week. • Don’t forget the Lions breakfast in Sharbot Lake on January 25th from 8am-11am. $8, all you can eat. In support of Special Olympics

OMPAH Linda Rush Marily Seitz

• Now that we are back from the holidays, perhaps it’s time to get back in shape after the Christmas binge. The Ompah Community Centre would like to help you by offering two different exercise programs. • The equipment exercise Group meets Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:45 to 9:45. Friendly and supportive members are happy to help you design your own independent exercise program. Videos, hand weights, weight machine, and other exercise equipment such as treadmill, bikes, rowing machine etc. are available. Cost is $2/day or $10/month. Contact Kathy at 613-479-2897. • SMART - Seniors Maintaining Active Roles Together- is a VON sponsored exercise program for Seniors looking for a fun workout to improve cardiovascular health, strength and balance, at no cost to you. Mondays and Fridays from 10am to 11am. For more information, contact Elaine Moffitt at 1-613-519-3588 or


Colleen Steele 613-375-6219 Christine Teal 613-375-6525 • First, my apologies... District #4 Recreation Committee's Craft Night is only $5 - not $15. District #4 Recreation Committee is hosting a craft night on January 24th at the CE Building in Parham at 7pm. Cost is $5 and bring your own rock. Cindy Hannah will be teaching us how to make a gem tree. Space is limited, so please register in advance with Lisa Hamilton. Light refreshments will be provided. • Also, we are pleased to let you know that the winner of the Christmas Dinner Basket at the Festival of Trees was Michael McGovern!!! Hope you enjoyed your winnings, Michael!! • Parham Diners meal on January 27th consists of cabbage rolls, roasted potatoes, caesar salad and fruit cobbler. Be sure to make your reservations (613-279-3151). • Central Frontenac Minor Softball Association will be hosting their 4 on 4 tournament at Tichborne Rink - the date is now January 25th - $10/player - we are hoping to have 8 teams. Canteen will be on site. To register your team, call Bob Teal at 613-375-6525. • Sincere condolences to the family of the late Ted Whan and Wayne Kimberly. • Our community lost another amazing woman. Lesley Pickard passed away at home on Friday. Lesley was one of a kind and lived life to the fullest. We thank her for being part of our life and all the memories she has left us with. Thinking of her

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613-279-3209 • Birthdays in January are Kim Gray, Will Goodberry, Marg Birthdays in January are Kim Gray, Will Goodberry, Marg Whan, Morgan Cowdy, Colleen Steele, Kallista Smith, Katie Milligan, Cheryl Tyson, Paula Warren, Frank Molnar, Eveline Cooke, Bonnie Brown, Roseanne Brown. • There have been many deaths in 2020. Sympathy to the family of Leonard Brown, husband of the late Ruby, Lesley Pickard, wife of Damon, to Rita, the late wife of Gordon Wright, Daisy, the wife of the late Bill Haw, Wayne Kimberley, who was killed on Highway 7, and to the late Dora Scott, wife of Allen. • The For Get me Nots will be at the Sharbot Lake Retirement Residence on the 15th to give us music. • My cousin, Lee Ann White, celebrated 105 last week and Vietta McInnes will be 99 on the 21st. Jim MacPherson and his nephew will entertain us on that date.

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family at this time. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. • Happy Birthday to Lynn Smail, Jessica Hole, Penny Hartwick, Christopher Teal, Colleen Steele, Joy Knox, Owen Tryon, Sherrill Hannah, Anne Perry, Sage DUpuis, Jackson Crain, Beth Sproule, Kelly Lowery, Alyssa Teal, Avery Teal, Alanna Running-Adams, Aliyah LoFaso, Jessica and Aundrea Vinkle, Debbie Green and Sydney Drew. • What a lot of mixed weather we got this weekend, but if you think ours was bad, just listen to the news in other parts of the world and count your blessings. Thinking of all residents, humans and otherwise in Australia. • The Sharbot Lake Lions Club are holding their All You Can Eat Breakfast on January 25th at the OSO Hall Sharbot Lake, with proceeds going towards Special Olympics. • Thinking of you to Jane Drew. • Exercise has started back up after the holidays and would be happy if you came out to join us, with Janice Anderson as our instructor, every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 in the CE Center at Parham. • With the weather conditions fluctuating up and down, be careful on the lakes and ponds. Be sure to check how much ice before you go on it. • Gospel Sing at Parham Free Methodist church at 7:00 pm Saturday, January 25th • Featuring Local Talent and friends. Free-will offering and refreshments. • Sorry to see Janice, former Waste Site Attendant in Parham, is no longer working. She was a great help in sorting our garbage in the right bin. Best of luck in your next endeavour. • If you love reading the News and have a little extra money, the staff would appreciate any and all financial donations. • Remember: Hope for today kindles belief in tomorrow. Have a great week.


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• A great big thank you to all of our hardworking township road maintenance workers! Our winter weather has been so unpredictable, with the roving temperatures and all the rain and snow and freezing rain. It can’t be easy staying ahead of these messes. We appreciate all of you! • My husband, Lonnie, was able to attend the Business Economics meeting at the Clar-Mill Hall last Monday and he said it was great to see so many businesses take part. He felt it was a great turnout and a lot of good points were brought up. Mayor Higgins shared that there were 26 business owners brainstorming ideas to improve our economy and that he would give results soon and schedule an early February meeting to prioritize actions and discuss how to move forward. This is great news for our community's small businesses!

January 16, 2020

• On Friday night, my family treated ourselves to the scrumptious chicken wings and fish and chips special at the North of 7 and we were sure glad we did! Wow! You will not be disappointed.Make a reservation because this is the place to be in Plevna on Friday and Saturday nights. • Get well wishes go out to Sharel Schonauer, who has just had a treatment for skin cancer this month. Our prayers are with you, Sharel. Keep on keeping on, sweetie! • If you are having trouble shedding those unwanted holiday pounds or just looking for some fun making new friends while getting in shape, you may be interested in checking out the North Frontenac Fitness classes at the Clar-Mill Hall. Every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday, the group meets at 5:30pm and it costs $5 a night or $40 for the month; what a great wellness investment for yourself! • Happy Birthday to Dan Weber on January 14th! I bet Sheryl and your family spoiled you! • 15 years old yesterday on the 15th! Happy Birthday to my son Charlie Watkins! • If you have stopped by the LCBO lately, you may have noticed a few new lovely faces! Manager, Chrissy Schonauer, welcomed Joanne Hebden in November and Wendy Williamson in December. Welcome to the Plevna LCBO, ladies! I can’t wait to come in and buy some drinks from you! • Did you know that Jack’s Jam is an open mic? All musicians are invited to come out and perform, and they have a house band available to provide back up if a musician needs it. One of my favourite memories was when they let me go up on stage and sing Harper Valley PTA. I felt so great! It really is such a wonderful opportunity to get out and have fun locally! The Jam runs from 1-5:30 this Saturday, January 18th, and you can bring a dish and enjoy a delicious potluck with everybody! If you have any questions, you can contact Roger at 613 329-5525 or Ed at 613 479-9909. • Deep thoughts by Rhonda: You may or may not have heard about the terrible hit and run accident between HWY 38 and HWY 7 near Ultramar that took the life of Wayne Kimberely last Friday. Deepest sympathies go out to his friends and family. Although I did not know Wayne personally, I do know I saw him walking many times on the highway. I find myself doing a lot of reflecting this week after hearing about what happened. How crazy is it that we leave our homes every day thinking we will return to our loved ones that night and just being in the wrong place at the wrong time could change everything forever. If that tractor trailer would have been a little later, it may have taken someone’s else’s life. Maybe somebody you care about. We really need to appreciate every day for what it is truly meant to be; A GIFT!

Sydenham Karen Brawley


• Ok.. Mother Nature.. enough is enough.. It’s winter!!! Get some better meds to help with your hormonal issues. We sure got a lot of rain, freezing rain last weekend. Hope everyone’s basements stayed dry and those who had to deal with water got it under control rather quickly and with minor damage. • With the amounts of rain and lack of cold temperature, please keep yourselves (and

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4 legged friends) safe around frozen (or what may look frozen) bodies of water. Still lots of winter left to get cold and make safe ice. • The Frontenac Soccer Association is holding their annual general meeting on Tuesday, Feb 4 at 7 pm at the Sydenham Library and everyone is welcome to attend. There are several vacant board positions and without new volunteers the league is at risk of being discontinued. Please help us continue to provide an opportunity for kids and adults to play local recreational soccer, no experience required! For more information please go to Let’s make sure they can still enjoy their fun times and soccer. • Linedancing still happens every Thursday at 7pm at the Legion, so if you haven’t make this part of your weekly routine, be sure to grab your boots (or comfy footwear) and join them, $5 for some fun and learning some new moves. • The Chili Cook Off is this coming Friday!!! At the Grace Centre, $10 for unlimited samples! Who will end up being voted top Chili? Guess you will have to go test for yourselves. 11:30am-1pm • Did you know that there is a “Good Food Box” at the Food Bank? Anyone can order. Anyone can purchase Good Fruit and Vegetable Bags for $6 or Good Food Boxes with a mixture of fruit and vegetables for $11 to $17. Orders are taken the second Thursday of the month and delivered on the third Thursday of the month. • 2020 is upon us!! Don’t forget your 4-legged friend needs their new bling for their collar. Dog tags are available until the end of February, for $15 after which the fee increases to $30. You can get your tags at Sydenham One Stop, Asselstine Hardware (Verona), RONA Hardware (Verona), Northway Hardware (Inverary) and Perth Road General Store. Be responsible and register your pet. It serves many purposes

Frontenac County business survey


he Frontenac County economic development department wants every business owner in Frontenac to complete a new survey. Results of the survey will help County staff better understand Frontenac's economic landscape and make informed decisions about how best to serve the businesses in the region. Since 2017, the economic development department has surveyed members of the Frontenac Ambassador program – a network of business owners who collaborate to build up the region and support each other – to gather information about the business climate in Frontenac. Results from the survey have been used in directing staff activities over the past three years. “This year we are expanding the survey to include all businesses in the region,” said Richard Allen, Manager of Economic Development at the County of Frontenac. “It might be a bit of a stretch, but I would love to get 100 responses to the survey. That would really give us a lot of information from a good cross section of industries in our region,” Allen said. “The results of the survey will allow us to understand the perspective of business owners in Frontenac and will help us identify opportunities, challenges and priorities across the region. Those highlights will help County Council and our partners

Happy New Year to Everyone Smitty’s Appliances wants to wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous new year in 2020. We want to thank all the people who have supported us in the past 46 years in our business of buying and selling appliances. And, yes, we plan to keep doing what we are doing now for another 20 years. Smitty says that the business and staff are growing. At this time, Smitty wants to thank his staff for all their hard work. Smittly says that after 46 years, repeat customers are returning and that is the sign of happy customers. We want to thank friends, neighbors and relatives who have passed the good word on to other people. We never advertise red tag sales, midnight sales, anniversary sales, Boxing Day sales or January sales. We just have everyday low prices of high quality appliances. With Smitty’s being the exclusive dealer we can give better pricing and warranties. Remember, the Frigidaire product we sell has a very long established name behind it. Every Woman Loves her Fridge, Stove, Washer and Dryer. We don’t have fancy showrooms, music piped in or plush carpet to walk on. We run a warehouse operation that allows us to sell with the low prices that we offer. Smitty pledges to always have the lowest prices. We are community oriented and we have donated fridges to churches, food banks, weddings, plowing matches, etc. Smttty says it is his way of repaying the community for their business with us. Smitty’s Always Making New Friends. Smitty does things differently than big stores. Even on Christmas Day he received three calls from people who didn’t buy their stoves from him who couldn’t get their ovens to work, while trying to cook the Christmas turkey. As a goodwill gesture Smitty went to help them, free of charge too. Smitty says it’s the little things the public appreciate. We like to think of ourselves as one big family in the community. We are always here to help any day or hour. Smitty says the customer must be happy after the sale. Always Shake the Customer’s Hand Smitty says the only people he can’t please are the competition. Smitty guarantees that as long as he is in business he will do his best to give the customer the best service and prices, and we guarantee that Smitty will still be in business to back these words up. Please come and see for yourself what we have to offer. We have our own financing, the same as the big stores, but with no interest charges or gimmicks. There is always same day delivery too. Customers come first at Smitty’s. Looking forward to serving you for another 20 years, Thank you! The Little Businessman with the Big Heart

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January 16, 2020



Destination Sharbot Lake presented to business group by Jeff Green he Sharbot Lake Business Group’s twice annual gatherings, winter and summer, are opportunities for groups of individuals and local business owners with an interest in developing the hamlet and the surrounding region, as an economic hub in Central Frontenac. They are also social gatherings, with free food and coffee, and a cash bar, available for all who attend. At the winter gathering on Monday night, which was attended by 63, according to the group’s official chronicler, Ken Fisher, a delegation of department managers from the Frontenac County planning and development department was on hand. The delegation included Megan Rueckwald - manager of community planning, Richard Allen, manager of economic development; and their boss, Joe Gallivan, director of planning and economic development. In addition to county officials, senior managers from Central Frontenac, Mayor/Warden Frances Smith and most of the township council, were on hand. After hearing updates from the business group leadership, Gallivan made a presentation that was the main event of the evening. His presentation was based on a section of Draft 2 of the updated Central Frontenac Official Plan – Special Policy Area – Sharbot Lake. “The goal of the section is to create a cohesive plan for future development in Sharbot Lake,” Gallivan said, quoting from the text. After a brief trip through the history of Sharbot Lake as a frontier town/railway hub in the 19th and early 20th centuries, Gallivan talked about the current configuration of the hamlet, from its southern entranceway over a causeway that divides the two basins of Sharbot Lake, to the junction of Road 38 with Highway 7 at the north end. In addition to the waterfront and business core sections of the hamlet, he said that attention needs to be paid to the Highway7/38 intersection. Destination - Sharbot Lake, which is the heading for a 7- page section of the official plan, talks about some possible future developments in Sharbot Lake.


“A lot of people here take the entrance to Sharbot Lake from Road 38 for granted, but when you come around that curve and see water on both sides as you approach the causeway, it says everything about it being a village on the water. A gateway at that location would communicate to people that they are leaving the rural road and entering the village,” he said. As examples, he showed slides of the entranceways to Richmond, Gravenhurst, and Gananoque. Gallivan also pointed to language in the Destination - Sharbot Lake section of the official plan that talks about the core of the village, the impact of improvements to Elizabeth Street that will take place in the coming year or so, and “the need to develop infrastructure necessary to sustain existing businesses and community services as well as new commercial development.” The plan envisions the establishment of a formal trail hub in recognition of the

Joe Gallivan (2nd from left) surrounded by the Sharbot Lake Business group organisers

Proposed train route with stop in Sharbot Lake

junction of the K&P and east-west Trans Canada Trails and the Railway Heritage Park that has become, in the words of the plan, “a core public space in the village.” Two other major changes, which might be coming to Sharbot Lake, are out of the hands of local business people and politicians, but they are included in the plan because they would have a major impact on the future of Sharbot Lake if they come about. The first refers to the possibility that Highway 7 will be made into a 4 lane highway, which is a long range plan of the Ontario government, although there are no active plans to bring it about. “It is the position of Council that the redesign of Highway 7 as a highway similar to other 400 series highways in Ontario would damage the future rural economy of this part of the Frontenac region,” according to the draft Official Plan.”

Township Of Central Frontenac

The alternative for Sharbot Lake, would be for the township promote a parkway development when talking to provincial officials. The parkway would potentially run between Sharbot Lake Provincial Park and Fall River Road. This section of the roadway would see a speed reduction to 60km/h, would be only two lanes, with bike and pedestrian lanes at its sides, and would have a light at the junction with Road 38. “The MTO [Ministry of Transportation] does not care about rural economic development, they only care about getting people from point A to point B as quickly as possible,” Gallivan said, “but the current Minister of Municipal Affairs, Steve Clark, from a riding just next door, he gets it, so there is an opportunity to put the parkway idea to him, which is something your mayor and council can do.” The other project that may be in the cards is the VIA Rail hi frequency rail line

between Toronto and Ottawa, which includes a stop in Sharbot Lake in the most current project map. Gallivan said that developing Hi-Frequency Rail service was included in the letter sent to the new Provincial Minister of Infrastructure from the Prime Minister, and added that “a year or so ago I would have given the rail project a 25% of happening, but now I would put it at over a 50% chance.” The township has passed a motion supporting the concept of a new rail service stopping in Sharbot Lake. It is however, the subject of some controversy in Sharbot Lake, because if the new line follows the path of the former line, it would cut the narrow piece of land in the core section of the village, and curtail access to the beach, which is the feature that is identified in the Draft official plan as central component to the entire concept of Destination-Sharbot Lake.

Letter - continued from page 3

Trustees. Many aspects of the Board’s governance processes deny me, as a property owner, resident and tax payer, my democratic right to elected representation. This ongoing situation demands an independent investigation of the Public’s concerns with respect to the Board’s lack of transparency and breaches of proper democratic governance. Wayne E. Goodyer

cidents are recorded on reports to the Board at all. Meanwhile, the rate at which our youngsters are experiencing mental health challenges continues to rise. In private conversations with elementary teachers, my worst fears have been confirmed: the climate of fear and “top down” control has begun to permeate staff relations. The replacement of a trustee by secret meeting, the censuring of trustees and members of the public, the withholding of financial data and the inability to respond effectively to issues being raised by parents left me no alternative but to register an official complaint concerning improper governance on the part of the Board of

Local businesses provide employment for the community! Support your local businesses.

2020 BUDGET MEETING Notice is hereby given that the Township of Central Frontenac will be holding a special Council meeting to review and discuss of the 2020 Municipal Budget, January 24, 2020 The budget meeting will begin at 9:00 a.m. at the Soldiers Memorial Hall, 1107 Garrett Street, Sharbot Lake, Ontario.

COUNCIL MEETING Regular Council Meeting January 28, 2020 at 4 p.m. at the Soldiers Memorial Hall, 1107 Garrett St. Sharbot Lake, ON. Regular Council Meeting February 11, 2020 at 4 p.m. at the Soldiers Memorial Hall, 1107 Garrett St. Sharbot Lake, ON.

COMMITTEE OF ADJUSTMENT February 13, 2020 at 6 p.m. at the Soldiers Memorial Hall, 1107 Garrett St. Sharbot Lake, ON.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE Meeting January 31, 2020 at 10 a.m. at the Community Living Board Room, 1025 Elizabeth Street, Sharbot Lake, ON. 1084 Elizabeth Street, PO Box 89, Sharbot Lake ON K0H 2P0 613-279-2935


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Visitor’s Guide The Frontenac News is publishing a Frontenac Visitor Guide in 2020, which will be designed to increase awareness of Frontenac as a desirable visitor destination and to help visitors make the most of their stay once they are here. The guide will be distributed throughout Ontario, highlighting the incredible outdoor recreational activities in Frontenac, profile some of our top spots for dining, suggest ideas for great shopping and relaxation, and accommodation.

Call 613-279-3150 or email us at for further details regarding advertising opportunities. New deadline: January 24, 2020.





Happy Birthday David! January 23, 2019 Celebration of Life BUTLER, Robin (Webb) Cremation has taken place and a service for Robin will be held at Glenhaven Memorial Gardens in Glenburnie on January 17, 2020 at noon and a Celebration of Life will be held on January 18th from 1 to 5pm at the Royal Canadian Legion in Sydenham.

OBITUARY Helgi Kramer BA, B Ed, M Sc died after a brief illness on Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2020. Loving mother of Ellen Samler and Mark Kramer, grandmother to Sam and Dylan. Will be missed by brothers Jaan and Veljo Taht and their families and by cousins in Ottawa, Denver and Tallin. Helgi worked for the Niagara District S.B. as a teacher and counsellor until her retirement. She was an adventurous woman, stubborn, enthusiastic and supportive. Helgi travelled, read, enjoyed films and photography, constantly continued her education both formally and informally and loved her gardens and orchards in St. Catharines. Cremation has already taken place and a memorial will be announced at a later date.

Brown, Leonard Suddenly, at home on Wednesday, January 8, 2020. Leonard George Brown of Verona at age 72. Beloved husband of the late Ruby Brown (Hicks). Dear father of Mark (Jodi); Michael (Anna) and Tracy Harkness (Jeff). Grandfather of Jesse; Courtnee; Zachary and Anderson. Brother of Audrey Bain (Earl); Howard Brown (Debbie); Earl Brown (Beverley); Herman Brown (Maxine); Bernard Brown (Julie); Willard Brown(Bonnie); Linda Bester (Bob) and the late Dave (Helen of Verona); and the late Roger (Marjorie of Verona). Pre-deceased by his parents Henry and Zilpha Brown. A Celebration of His Life will be held at the Verona Lions Hall, 4504 Verona Sand Road, Verona on Saturday, February 29 from 11a.m. - 4 p.m. Spring interment at Picadilly Cemetery. Memorial donations made to the UHKF (Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario) would be appreciated by the family. In the care of Hannah Funeral Home in Tamworth (613-379-2997). Online condolences at


Trousdale Funeral home Proudly serving all faiths Pre-Arranged Funeral Plans

Sydenham, On 613-376-3022

William Albert Haw - Suddenly, at home in Arden on Tuesday, January 7, 2020. Loving husband of 64 years to Daisy (nee Gott). Dear father of Albert “Bert” (Heather) Haw of Hamilton and Anne (Kevin) Colliss of Arden. Grampa will be sadly missed by his grandchildren Timothy, Amanda, Lindsay and Kirstin. Pre-deceased by his parents Margaret & Albert Haw, his step-mother Mary Haw, sister Mabel, brothers Allan, Gordon and Eric. Bill will be fondly remembered by his nieces, nephews, extended family and friends. The family will receive friends at the Milestone Funeral Center, 11928 Hwy 41 Northbrook, Ont. K0H 2G0 on Friday from 2-4pm & 6-8pm. The Funeral Service will be in the Chapel on Saturday, January 11, 2020 at 12pm with visitation 1hr prior to the service. Interment will take place at the Salem Cemetery. Friends desiring may contribute in his memory to the charity of your choice. Online condolences can be shared with the family at

OBITUARY SHORTS, Carole Elaine (April 26, 1945 - January 8, 2020). Beloved wife of Floyd Shorts. Loving mother of Lisa and her husband John McLeod of Lindsay, Lorry and his wife Melinda Shorts of Lindsay and Darren and his wife Alex Ronco-Shorts of Cavan. Treasured grandmother of Lesley (Mick), Amanda (Cory), and Mark (Hailey), Ryland, Alyssa (Sydney) and Cole. Carole was also a great-grandma to Baby Bennett. Dear sister of Stanley Clark of Perth and predeceased by her infant sister and by her sister-in-law Anita Clark. Fondly remembered by her nieces and nephews. Relatives and friends were invited to visit with the family at the STODDART FUNERAL HOME & CREMATION CENTRE, 24 Mill Street, Lindsay K9V 2L1 (705-324-3205) on Wednesday January 15 from 2-4 & 7-9 and on Thursday January 16 from 1:00 P.M. until time of a Celebration of Life Service in the chapel at 2:00 P.M. Spring interment later at Salem-North Emily Cemetery. If desired, memorial donations to the Liberty Baptist Church would be appreciated by the family. Online condolences may be directed to

January 16, 2020


Alice Marlene Cichocki (nee Fobert) - It is with heavy hearts we announce the passing of Alice on Monday, January 13, 2020 after a brief battle with cancer. Loving wife of 48 wonderful years to Ken Cichocki. Proud mother of Mike and Melissa. Cherished daughter of Nancy Fobert & the late Albert. Special grandma to her grandchildren Nathan, Maddy, Lexy, Stacie and Jenalea. Alice will be sadly missed by her sisters Beth (Ian), Janet, Vicky (Joe), Valerie and her brothers Dan (Anne), Don (Leigh) and Ron. Fondly remembered by her nieces, nephews, extended family and many friends. The family will receive friends at the Milestone Funeral Center, 11928 Hwy 41 Northbrook, Ont. K0H 2G0 on Friday, January 24, 2020 from 5-8pm and Saturday, January 25, 2020 from 11:30am - 1:00pm. A Celebration of Life Service will follow in the chapel at 1pm. Burial of the urn will take place at a later date. Friends desiring may contribute in her memory to the Canadian Cancer Society with appreciation. Online condolences and memories can be shared with the family at

Gaylord, Nancy Irene. 613-336-6873

Pickard; Lesley Jude (nee Kinstler) - It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to our beloved daughter, wife, mother and sister on Friday, January 10, 2020 while peacefully at home. She will be forever remembered by her mother Barbara and is predeceased by her father Gerard. Cherished by her husband Damon and their children Samantha, Benjamin, Eric, and David. Sadly missed by her siblings Andrew (Sandra), Kristina, late Susan (Terry), and Peter (Sheila). Fondly remembered by her nieces and nephews and friends. A visitation will take place at the Wartman Funeral Home Kingston Chapel on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 from 2-4 & 7-9 pm. Celebration Of Life Service will take place in the Chapel on Thursday at 2:00 pm. It was Lesley’s wish that in lieu of flowers, friends desiring may contribute by cheque or credit card to Partners in Mission Foodbank or Ovarian Cancer Canada. On-line condolences at

KIMBERLEY, Wayne Douglas Tragically at Sharbot Lake on Friday January 10, 2020. Wayne Douglas Kimberley in his 65th year. Loving father of Shayne (Anne-Marie), Tyler (Jennifer) and Christopher (Katie). Grandfather to Kieran, Emma, Curtis, Braden, Hailey, Jessica, Mariah and MaKenna and the late Christian. Sadly missed by Angela and sister’s Sheila (Larry), Cheryl, Rhonda (Bob) and his 4 legged companion Maggie Mae. Resting at Goodfellow’s Funeral Home, Parham. Friends will be received on Saturday January 18, from 3-5 and 7-9 pm. Funeral Service will be held in the Funeral Home, On Sunday January 19, 2020 at 2 pm. Donations to the Kingston Humane Society would be appreciated by the family. Online condolences at

Peacefully with family by her side on Friday January 3, 2020. Nancy Irene Wilkes in her 64th of Arden. Beloved wife of the late Clarke Gaylord. Dear mother of Amanda Bentley (Brent) and the late Tanya Gaylord. Grandmother of Elsie, Hattie and Ruby. Will be missed by her brother’s and sister’s Judy Reaume (Jake Burtch), Jim Wilkes (Sandra Burke), Debbie Deline (Wilfred), Stephen Wilkes (Francine), Ron Wilkes (Charlotte), Pamela Ferguson (Darren) and the late Patsy Thibault (Reg). Sister in law to Barbara Smith (Wayne), Diane Tryan (late Harold), and Judy McClure (Andrew). Also survived by many nieces and nephews. Nancy loved working with her residents at Pine Meadow Nursing Home, Northbrook. The family will receive friends at Goodfellow’s Funeral Home, Parham on Saturday January 18, 2020 from 11 am followed by a celebration of life at 1 pm. Donations to Pine Meadow Nursing Home for a Blanket Warmer would be appreciated by the family. Luncheon to follow at Arden Legion. On line condolences at


Derek Maschke Northbrook Chapel Funeral Director 11928 Hwy. 41 613-336-6873 Northbrook, ON K0H 2G0

Serving the area for over 100 years.

David Goodfellow Owner/Managing Director

Parham, Ontario 613-375-6254


Rita Wright Sept 4th, 1952 to January 5th, 2020 It is with loving hearts that the family of Rita Wright (nee Houle) “The Duchess” announce her peaceful passing on January 5th, 2020 on a bright and sunny Sunday morning, surrounded by her devoted family and God’s love. Rita courageously battled Multiple Sclerosis for 44 years (and later cancer) with the grace, resilience and strength that she was know for all her life. Rita will be sadly missed by her devoted and adoring husband Gordon of 49 years, who cared for and loved her dearly and who describe their life together as “magical and blessed”. Rita will be deeply missed by her loving children Emilie and Timothy, her daughter in law Natasha and adoring grandchildren, Madison and Harrison. Rita will also be fondly remembered by her sisters and brothers, especially her sister Claudette (Michel) Gauvreau and her sister in law Linda Roy, as well as her many loving nieces and nephews. Anyone who was privileged to have known Rita were blessed by her quick wit, beautiful smile and engaging sense of humour. Rita lived a full life and was loved dearly by everyone who knew her. Her spirit will live on in all of us at the lake. Rita’s beautiful life will be celebrated in the summer on the Kennebec lake. All are welcome. “PSALM 23 - The Lord’s Prayer”

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January 16, 2020



Next Gen. 9-1-1 to build on existing system Rural Frontenac Community Services is hiring for our EarlyON program

EarlyON Supervisor Position:  Permanent Full Time Hours:  35 hours per week, flexible, includes some weekends and evenings Salary:  $25 to $28 per hour Major Responsibilities: 1. To oversee the EarlyON programs in Frontenac County • Ensure the mandatory core services are delivered in accordance with the provincial pedagogical framework, including How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years 2. Administration • Collect program data to monitor and prepare reports • Prepare, oversee and maintain a balanced budget 3. Supervise staff team • Recruit and supervise program staff • Ensure staff have the training and skills to be successful 4. Collaborate with community partners and the Consolidated Municipal Service Manager Qualifications and Experience: • RECE with 5 years of experience delivering early years services • Understanding of play and inquiry based learning and child development • 3 years of Supervisory and administrative experience • competency in supporting staff in working with families in Frontenac County

EarlyON Registered Early Childhood Educators Two contract positions: 1. Contract position for a maternity leave starting in April 2020 for 18 months. 18 hours a week, based out of South Frontenac, alternating Saturdays. 2. Contract position for a maternity leave starting in June 2020. 35 hours a week based out of Sharbot Lake. Some evenings and weekends. Wage: $18 to $20 per hour. The EarlyOn RECE is responsible for the delivery of high quality EarlyON programing. 1. Support early learning and development by building strong and responsive relationships with children and their caregivers 2. Create a welcoming, inclusive and integrated environment in accordance with How Does Learning Happen 3. Implement emergent programming Qualifications and Experience: • Registered Early Childhood Educator, First Aid and CPR, CPIC • Understanding of play and inquiry based learning and child development • Competency in forming strong, positive, responsive and professional relationships with children and their caregivers • Knowledge of community resources and working with families in rural communities A full job description with further details is available upon request, please call 613279-3151, ext 103. Please submit a cover letter, expressing interest in the position and referencing your experience / education related to the responsibilities and requirements in the posting to or drop off to 1020 Elizabeth St. Sharbot Lake. By: January 31, 2020 by noon

by Jeff Green n North and Central Frontenac, the 9-1-1 system was made possible through a volunteer effort. Volunteer crew chiefs were given sections of road to cover and volunteers drove the township with measuring guns to establish the civic addressing system upon which the system was based. The system was officially up and running on December 8, 2004. In South Frontenac the efforts were supervised by a contract worker, but volunteers were involved as well. Even though the systems were established only 15 years ago, one of the assumptions that it was based one is no longer the case, that 9-1-1 emergency calls come from land-lines. Kevin Farrell, manager of continuous improvement/GIS for Frontenac County,


made a presentation to Frontenac County Council this week outlining how the Next Generation of the 9-1-1 system will be unfolding over the next few years. He pointed out that, using an urban example to illustrate his point, “Uber drivers are in possession of more accurate data about where people are located than paramedics are.” That’s because the explosion of information being transmitted wirelessly at all times, is not being fully utilised by the 9-1-1 system. Next Gen. 9-1-1, as it has been dubbed, is all about making use of all the information that is available, in order to get to people in need faster, with less human effort. For Frontenac County, most of the required changes fall into the general category of data management. Between the county, which runs the GIS (Global

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Information Systems) for the townships, and township employees on the ground, constantly updating information, the job will centre on ensuring that the existing data is in the form it needs to be in, when it is time to provide new data sets to the new system. The civic addressing signs, which are located at the side of the road, are the locations that are provided to emergency personnel by the system. One of the changes in the new system will be to provide the location of the homes on those properties as well, which in some cases are located well off the roadway. The phone numbers from land lines associated with each property are part of the current system, so when a call is made from a land line, dispatchers have that information and can dispatch crews, even if the caller does not remember their civic address in the heat of the moment. This is not the case for cell phones, however, and as Farrell pointed out in his presentation, 70% of 9-1-1 calls now come from cell phones, 20% from land-lines and 10% from Internet based phone systems (aka Voice Over Internet Protocol - VOIP). The current system has developed what his presentation described as “band-aide solutions to locate mobile phone users”. One of the main goals in developing Next-Gen 9-1-1, is to make full use of the information that is now available from multiple sources, including: text, images, video and data. Preparing for it will not involve re-doing the work that was done by volunteers early in the century, however. “This civic addressing data, which has been continually updated by township staff since the system came online, will remain” said Farrell in a phone interview before making his presentation to Council, “but it will be a challenge to provide updated information to the system, in the time-frame that they are now looking for.” Township building and public works employees are always gathering new information when putting up new signs or overseeing new construction, and that information is provided to the system in batches. In the future that will have to be done within 72 hours, so a new way to easily get new entries into the system, needs to be developed. The new 9-1-1 data system will have a national scope and will be under development for some time. “This presentation provides a headsup to Council about what is coming, and to let them know what our department and the townships are going to be working on,” Farrell said.


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URCA Housing Corp Request for Proposal Replacement of Furnaces URCA Housing is requesting bids from qualified Mechanical Contractors to install replacement furnaces at the above address. The work includes all labour and materials associated to complete this installation. Also included is the removal of all old furnaces and oil tanks. To request an RFP package or arrange a site visit contact URCA Housing at 613336-8965 or Proposals shall be submitted in a sealed envelope, clearly marked “Replacement of Furnaces RFP”, prior to 3:00 p.m., local time, Friday, February 7, 2020 to the office of: URCA Housing Corp 3496 Flinton Road, P.O. Box 90 Flinton, Ontario K0H 1P0


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Northern Happenings Saturday January 18

FLINTON - MOVIE & POPCORN NIGHT 6:30pm. Through the Roof Ministry Centre. Amazing Grace - Everyone Welcome - Popcorn and Beverages Available. Info 613 336 2614 INVERARY - SENIOR PROM HOCKEY DANCE 7pm. Storrington Lions Hall. Benefit for Storrington Stingers. Break out those taffeta dresses! Muisic, Thursday January 16 NORTHBROOK - BINGO 6pm. Northbrook Lions buffet, raffle, prizes. Hall. Sponsored by the Land O’Lakes Lions. Doors PLEVNA - JACK’S JAM 1pm-4pm. Clar-Mill Hall. open 6pm, regular games 7pm. Canteen available. Put your dancing shoes on. Bring your favourite dish for the potluck supper following the Jam! Info: the Lions Toll Road book. VERONA - WAKE-UP BREAKFAST 8am-10:30am. Friday January 17 ARDEN - HARRY POTTER MOVIE SERIES 6pm. Trinity United Church. Farmer’s breakfast on Arden United Church. First in the Harry Potter movie Saturdays in January. By donation: pay what you series. There will be one movie per month. Everyone can. Sponsored by Trinity United Church and the Verona Community Association. is welcome. free Sunday January 19 HARLOWE - OLE TYME FIDDLERS 7:30pm. Harlowe Hall. Prizes, lunch, $6 non-members, all welcome, GODFREY - BEDFORD JAM 1pm-5pm. Glendower Hall. $2 donation, entertainers free, Info Joanne players, dancers, listeners and newcomers. INVERARY - CHILI FEST Inverary United Church. 613-374-2242. Many types of chili: hot, medium, mild or vegetarian. HARROWSMITH - BEEF DINNER 4:30pm-6pm. Vote for your favourite. Beef stew available for the Harrowsmith Golden Links Hall. $15. For info call non-chili lovers. Chili/stew dinner includes salad, 613-372-2410 buns, dessert, tea or coffee. Adults $10, children INVERARY - MUSIC NIGHT WITH CHRIS MURPHY 7pm. Inverary United Church. “Classic Country $5. NORTHBROOK - JAM SESSION Spill the Beanz Songs” Free will offering. Start the New Year on the Cafe 12 Peterson Road. Open jam session, all styles right note! of music Monday January 20 SYDENHAM - 2ND ANNUAL CHILI COOKOFF ARDEN - KENNEBEC DINERS 12:30pm. Kennebec 11am-1pm. Grace Hall. “All you can taste” event in Hall. Cabbage rolls, make reservations early. Call support of our community food bank. $10 per person. 613-279=-3151 to reserve a seat You be the judge. CLOYNE - CLOYNE AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL VENNACHAR - ARCHERY PROGRAM 6pm-8pm. SOCIETY MEETING 1pm. Barrie Hall. The Historical Vennachar Free Methodist Church. For teens (grades Society shall be planning their events for or 2020. 4-12) Free of charge to the community. For more We welcome newcomers to the area, and the information, call Pastor Laurie Lemke 613-479-2673. history-curious. Bring your ideas and suggestions. Refreshments

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Hwy 38 Verona (613) 374-2112

lnveraryPharmasave, 1B-3810 Perth Road lnverary, ON K0H 1X0

NORTHERN HAPPENINGS listings are free for community groups, and will be published for two weeks. Donations to offset the costs of publication would be appreciated. Other listings are paid or are taken from paid ads elsewhere in the paper. The News makes every effort to be accurate but events should be independently verified by readers.

Authorized Agent For:

NORTHBROOK - COMMUNITY BUS TRIP 10am. Land O’ Lakes Community Services. Bus trip is to Belleville Shorelines Casino OR the Quinte Mall. Pick up in Denbigh, Cloyne, Northbrook, Flinton, Kaladar. Volunteer Drivers Available for Drop Off/Pick Up Call to reserve 1-877-679-6636, Facebook: Community Bus Service, or

Tuesday January 21

NORTHBROOK - EUCHRE NIGHTS 7pm. Northbrook Lions Hall. Sponsored by the Land O’Lakes Lions. Coffee, sandwiches and dessert. Prizes. Info: the Lions Toll Road book. NORTHBROOK - LOLCS ADULT DROP-IN 9am. Northbrook Lions Hall. Adult Drop In located at Lions Hall in Northbrook every Tuesday. Doors open at 9:00am and a hot, nutritious and delicious dinner served at 12 noon. Come on out and play some cards, visit or just chat with your neighbours. For more info, contact Lori Cuddy @ 613-336-8934 ext 229.

Wednesday January 22

NORTHBROOK - SPIRITUAL QUESTIONING 10am-12pm. Land O’ Lakes Emmanuel United Church. Each session allows for individual views on a topic of discussion. Everyone is welcome to join. 1st of a weekly series VERONA - DJEMBE COURSE OPENING SESSION 7pm-8pm. Trinity United Church. First week of a 5-week beginner course. Dates for classes are: January 22, 29, and February 5, 12, 19, 7 - 8pm. $25 for all five nights. Inquiries about drum rentals and / or registration for the course: or 613 214-1021.

welcome. Info - Marie, 613-336-2557 INVERARY - CHICKEN & BISCUITS 6pm. Storrington Lions Hall. A warm and delicious meal all yours for $15. Cash bar. Reserve your tickets by calling 613-353-2257. PARHAM - GOSPEL SING 7pm. Parham Free Methodist Church. Featuring local talent and friends. Free-will offering and refreshments. SHARBOT LAKE - ALL YOU CAN EAT BREAKFAST 8am. Soldiers Memorial Hall (OSO Hall). Adults $8 and kids 6-12 $4. Sharbot Lake and District Lions present. In support of Special Olympics SNOW ROAD STATION - DINNER AND QUARTER AUCTION 5pm. Snow Road Snowmobile Clubhouse. TICHBORNE - 4 ON 4 TOURNAMENT 10am. Tichborne rink. Central Frontenac Minor Softball Association hosts. $10/player - we are hoping to have 8 teams. Canteen will be on site. To register your team, call Bob Teal at 613-375-6525. VERONA - WAKE-UP BREAKFAST 8am-10:30am. Trinity United Church. Farmer’s breakfast on Saturdays in January. By donation: pay what you can. Sponsored by Trinity United Church and the Verona Community Association.

Sunday January 26

FLINTON - GOSPEL MUSIC NIGHT 6:30pm. Through the Roof Ministry Centre. Please bring some finger foods for our intermission luncheon. Free Will Offering for a Local Charity. Info 613-336-2614

Monday January 27

PARHAM - PARHAM DINERS 12:30pm. Parham United Church. Cabbage rolls, roasted potatoes, Friday January 24 PARHAM - CRAFT NIGHT 7pm. Parham United caesar salad and fruit cobbler. $12 Be sure to make Church. District #4 Recreation Committee hosts. your reservations (613-279-3151). Cost is $5 and bring your own rock. Cindy Hannah Tuesday January 28 will be teaching us how to make a Gem Tree. Space BOLINGBROKE - CPHC DINERS LUNCH 12pm. is limited so please register in advance with Lisa ABC Hall. A hot nutritious meal and pleasant Hamilton. Light refreshments socializing. Reservations required. For those 50+. Cost: $10.00 Contact: Joyce Fleming at (613) 273Saturday January 25 HARLOWE - OPEN MIC 2pm-7pm. Harlowe Hall. 4832 Pot Luck supper, 5:30pm. Free event, donations

Integrity Commissioner finds County Councillor violated code of conduct under Municipal Act by Jeff Green


fter investigating complaints from ferry operators, Frontenac County integrity officer, Laura Dean, concluded that Councillor Bruce Higgs has breached the code of conduct for members of municipal councils. The code, which is part of the Ontario Municipal Act, restricts how members of municipal councils interact with municipal staff who are carrying out their day to day duties. Higgs violated the code on at least two occasions, Dean concluded, but she did not recommend that he be penalised. The only prescribed remediation is that he must issue a written statement and read it at a meeting of council. The statement must demonstrate his understanding that he “does not have the authority to independently engage in operational or procurement issues in the county, including with respect to the ferry,” according to Dean’s report. The entire matter stemmed from an unusual circumstance on July 12, when Higgs learned that because the ferry operator, who was assigned to the shift, had

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called in to say he could not cover the shift because of vehicle problems, and with no other operator being available, the ferry had shut down. Councillor Higgs obtained the phone number of the staff member who was absent, and phoned him, “purportedly to offer assistance to enable the operator to attend his shift” Dean wrote. This was a breach of the code of conduct, specifically section 5.1 (e) which says that members of municipal council will “respect to the administrative and managerial chain of command by (ii) giving direction to staff only as council and through the CAO [Chief Administrative Officer] and (iii) refraining from becoming involved in the management of staff. This incident was reported to the county soon after it took place and the county manager of legislative services, Janette Amini, contacted Councillor Higgs about the breach and delivered a memorandum to him about it. “We understand that Councillor Higgs expressed regret and assured county staff that he understood.” The matter may have ended at that point, avoiding an integrity commissioner investigation, but for some further events. In mid-September, Councillor Higgs, who is the Frontenac County Council liaison to the county’s emergency and transportation department, attended the Canadian Ferry Association conference in St. John, New Brunswick. At that conference, Higgs spoke to some people in the ferry industry, and one of them talked to him about drive systems, which determine how fast a ferry can travel. He also talked to someone about how the ferry hits the dock when it arrives and departs, and the person had ideas how to fix the problem but needed a photograph of the drive wheel. On September 19, the county and the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) received an unsolicited email from a marine company “following up on discussions about potential improvements to the ferry”.

On September 20, Higgs went to the ferry docks and asked a ferry crew member to remove the safety guard covering the ferry’s drive wheel in order to get a picture. The ferry crew member, who has since resigned, alleged that at that time Higgs misrepresented himself as “either a marine engineer, and MTO employee, or both”, according to a formal complaint, which triggered the integrity commissioner investigation. Investigator Dean concluded that Councillor Higgs contravened three separate sections of the code of conduct, for intervening in operational and procurement matters. Dean said that it does not appear that Higgs did so “with any malicious intent but his actions, …, created a clear safety risk and had the potential to undermine or even jeapordize staff’s working relationship with the MTO with respect to procurement matters.” She concludes her report by saying that while Higgs will not be penalised in this case, “any future code violations of this nature by him may warrant the imposition of a penalty.” Bruce Higgs, a first term municipal politician, is the deputy mayor of Frontenac Islands by virtue of receiving the highest number of votes to council, on the island where the sitting mayor, Dennis Doyle, does not reside. As deputy mayor, Higgs was appointed as one of two Frontenac Islands representatives to Frontenac County Council. The Howe Island Ferry is operated by Frontenac County under a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. There has been some controversy surrounding the operation in the last 15 months or so. Howe Island residents complained last year, when the county ended a prohibition on farm vehicles using the ferry during the morning rush hour. A lawsuit has been filed by disgruntled Howe Islanders against Frontenac County. Then in July, the ferry did not operate during one shift, in the incident that led to Councillor Higgs issues with the code of conduct.

January 16, 2020



Sharbot Lake Lions hold wellness day despite the weather D

by Craig Bakay

espite the rainstorms that dissuaded many from venturing outside their homes last Saturday, the Sharbot Lake Lions went ahead with a wellness day at Oso Hall and were encouraged enough to plan for a second one. “Lions do service projects, it’s not just all fundraising,” said Lion Dawn Hansen, organizer of the event. “We thought we could do some vision screening, diabetes awareness, youth outreach and hearing tests.” Hansen said they had planned on having people bring in their old eyeglasses to be sent to third world countries as

well as used prescriptions for disposal but that can be done another day. For her, the only real disappointment was not many children coming in for vision screening. “We were hoping for more children to get vision screening,” she said. “They only do it in senior kindergarten now. “But this was just the first one. I think we’ll try another in better weather.” Hansen wanted to remind everyone that monthly Lions Breakfasts begin again on Jan. 25 and “we’re always looking for new members.”

Lions Bob Olmstead and Candy Claessen test Sheila Weeks’ eyes at the Lions Wellness Clinic Saturday in Sharbot Lake. Photo/Craig Bakay



DRIVE SLOW IN THE SNOW • BE NICE ON THE ICE: Give yourself twice the space between vehicles and pedestrians. Stopping distance on ice is double that of a dry road • GO SLOW IN THE SNOW: Slow down and drive according to weather conditions, not the speed limit • IT’S NOT A RACE, GIVE PLOW SPACE: Snow plows are extra wide and can create clouds of snow – both of which reduce visibility and increase the risk of collision. It’s best to wait for the plow to pull over before you pass. • Learn more at

UPCOMING MEETINGS • Heritage Committee Meeting – January 16th, 2020 • Committee of the Whole Meeting – January 21st, 2020 at 7:00 pm. • Council Meeting – January 28th, 2020 at 7:00 pm

GARBAGE BAG TAGS We realize that at this time of year, residents may be getting low on garbage tags, however please ensure that each bag has a full, original South Frontenac bag tag around the neck of the bag. Partially tagged bags and overweight bags will not be collected. Tags may be purchased at either Township office or numerous stores in the Municipality. Consider doing a waste audit in your own home, are there things going into your weekly garbage that are recyclable? Be aware of how your purchases are packaged and what of that is being put in the garbage versus the blue box. New tags will be arriving in your March tax bill.

PLANNING APPLICATIONS AND INFORMATION Prior to submitting a planning application, applicants are required to have a pre-consultation meeting with the Planner. Appointment times for pre-consultation meetings can be made on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm by calling extension 2224. Booking a pre-consultation meeting helps us evaluate your application and provides you with important information about the process and associated costs.

WINTER HOURS - HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE DEPOT Our next open dates will be January 9th & 23rd from 3pm – 7pm. Open dates will be published monthly in this banner but keep in mind they are the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. Please remember that accepted items are hazardous materials, small electronics and bale wrap only. A full listing of accepted materials may be found on our website under Living Here/Solid Waste/Recycling/Household Hazardous Waste.

THINGS TO DO PUBLIC SKATING AT THE ARENA Public Skating starts again weekly each Sunday from 12:00 pm to 1:20 pm and each Wednesday (Parent & Pre-School Skating) from 10:00 am to 11:00 am, only $2.50 per person, a CSA approved helmet with screen is recommended.


BRADSHAW & SALEM WASTE SITES will be closed JAN 1- APR 30, 2020 Green Bay will remain open Fridays 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

NO Dumping at gates, Fines will be enforced


The Facts About

Heating Safety Watch Ashes

Your Protect your family against fire and deadly carbon monoxide. Have your heating system examined annually by a qualified service technician.

Allow the ashes from your woodstove to cool before emptying them in a metal container with a tight fitting lid. Keep the container outside.

Click on for more fire safety information.

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News & Public Notices COMMUNITY PROJECT GRANTS Submissions for the Community Project Grant Program are now being accepted. Not for profit community organizations including charitable organizations and unincorporated groups who meet the project guidelines can apply until March 31st. For more information and to access the related forms, visit our website at WINTER PARKING RESTRICTIONS The parking of vehicles on Township roads and village streets from 12:00 midnight to 7:00 a.m. is not permitted from December 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020. Pursuant to Section 181 of the Highway Traffic Act “No person shall deposit snow or ice on a roadway without permission in writing from the road authority responsible for the maintenance of the road”. Please be advised that the Township of South Frontenac will NOT be responsible for damages to mailboxes, newspaper boxes, recycle boxes or parked cars where said boxes or vehicles interfere with the winter maintenance of Township roads. 2020 DOG TAGS – NOW AVAILABLE! Dog Tags for the 2020 year are now available for $15.00 each, until February 28, 2020. After that date the fee increases to $30.00. Kennel Licenses must be purchased at the Municipal Office (4432 George St) at a cost of $125.00 until February 28, after which the fee will increase to $150.00 per license. See our website for other locations selling dog tags until February 28th, 2020.

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The Township of South Frontenac has evolved the Recreation Committee Structure to focus on key functions that require greater engagement with the local and broader community. Two new Committees, made up of Community Volunteers and Township Councilors, have been formed to support the recreation and leisure needs of residents. Information about these new committees and how you can get involved to shape recreation and leisure in South Frontenac can be found at If you would like to attend one of our meetings or to provide thoughts on recreation and leisure in South Frontenac, please contact us: • By email to: • By phone: Recreation Department at 613 376-3027, ext. 2231

4432 George Street, Box 100, Sydenham ON K0H 2T0 1-800-559-5862  Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm  •

January 16, 2020



Asselstine Hardware

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6826 Road 38, Verona ON 613-374-3400 Open 7 Days a Week

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Crokicurl postponed due to weekend downpour by Craig Bakay


here are several differences between curling and crokicurl, one of those being that these days, most curling is done indoors. But, relatively new sport that it is, corkicurl is still played outdoors and as such is at the mercy of the weather. But it won’t always be, said organizer Rudy Hollywood, who plans to keep Saturday crokicurl going at the ballfield parking lot in Sharbot Lake whenever the weather cooperates. “This (the rainstorm) will just be an extra flooding,” Hollywood said. “Not the worst thing that could happen.” Hollywood said the rec committee just bought a new liner for the rink and new rocks, so he’s been looking forward to trying them out. “The new rocks are concrete and steel and as such they have to be stored outside or they’ll melt the rink,” he said. “We bought a freezer to store them in and we’ll be putting a combination lock on it so people can play whenever they want.” He put a caveat on that by saying “people over 10 or with adult supervision.” The

rocks themselves weight about 20 pounds and are tough for children to handle. “There are sticks that can be used to shove them,” he said. He said the game was “fairly successful” last year and they’ve grade the rink for this year. “We’re planning on having a registered tournament on Heritage Weekend this year,” he said. “We even have push sticks so you don’t have to get down,” said Joan Hollywood. “We’d just like to have people come out and have fun. “Anything to get people out and moving.” “You don’t have to play a whole game,” Rudy said. “We often have subs.” Come to think of it, there is one other major difference between curling and crokicurl. “The only problem is we don’t have a facility where the losers can buy the winners a drink,” he said. “But we’re working on having the canteen only. “Hot chocolate is still a drink.”

High school teachers, along with some occasional teachers and supporting elementary teachers from Granite Ridge Education Centre walked a picket line from 8 a.m. to noon last Wednesday in front of the school in Sharbot Lake.

Teachers picket GREC to protest larger class sizes, e-learning mandates by Craig Bakay


Saturday’s downpours weren’t conducive to outdoor crokicurl but organizers said they plan to get games in at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Saturdays throughout the winter.

  do you know what we offer our Patients at

Sharbot Lake Dental

igh School teachers from Granite Ridge Education Centre, along with occasional teachers and at least one elementary teacher (in support) were on the picket line last Wednesday (Jan. 8), joining many of their contemporaries across the province. The picket line ran from 8 a.m. to noon. The main issues at the local school are class size and e-learning, said Shawn Lavender, District President, OSSTF Limestone District 27. To that end, he said the teachers produced a pamphlet outlining what they believe will be the result of changes to the Provincial education system. “We wanted to put a community face on what cuts would mean here,” he said. Class size changes would increase the number of students in a class to 25 (for one teacher) from the current 22. The pamphlet said that the class size changes would mean decreases of 11 sec-

tions (classes) from last year along with six school to community classes; a projected loss of two more teachers (12 classes no offered), a reduction in elective courses (arts, technology), fewer options per period for students (especially senior students), less support for students (resource classes and student service personnel), fewer options and pathways for all students. In terms of electronic learning, the teachers are concerned that many of the students won’t have reliable access to stable, high-speed internet, especially at home. And, they’re also concerned that the average class size for e-learning is 35:1 with some as high as 55:1. The pamphlet also points out that elearning requires high levels of self-discipline to be successful and not all students can learn this way. “Every person on this line is doing this for the future of every student in the province,” Lavender said.

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