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Fire Chief’s report rejected by Central Frontenac Council amid continuing public scrutiny

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by Craig Bakay


’ve never had an information report defeated before, I guess it’s non-information,” Mayor Frances Smith said at Central Frontenac Council’s regular meeting Tuesday night at Oso Hall in Sharbot Lake. The report in question came from Fire Chief and Director of Emergency Services Greg Robinson. Staff department heads in all townships regularly give monthly reports and they’re almost exclusively rubber-stamped by councils. But not this time. Councilor Brent Cameron asked for a recorded vote on the resolution to accept the report. He, along with Councilors Nicki Gowdy, Cindy Kelsey, Sherry Whan and Elwin Burke voted against accepting the report. Before the vote, Gowdy asked Robinson about training sessions. “Do you see a buy-in from firefighters and attendance at these sessions?” she asked. “It’s definitely a work in progress but comments I’ve had are that training is improved,” Robinson said. Cameron took issue with what he called “a lack of statistics” in Robinson’s report. “I understand the broader issues with technology (the department’s ‘Firehouse’ reporting software has been an ongoing issue),” Cameron said. “But I’d like to see even the stuff you would input to Firehouse. “For example, recruitment numbers.” “We have found a major tech issue,” Robinson said. “I have good 2018 stats now (and) I fully believe we will have stats for the next Council meeting.” “So the next fire report will have numbers in it?” said Cameron. “It will,” said Robinson. The rejection of the report comes in the context of continuing controversy over an incident that took place on July 27 and 28, when the township owned pickup truck that is used by Fire Chief Robinson’s was reported stolen in Prince Edward County. (Under the terms of his contract, Robinson uses the truck for personal as well as township business) The truck was subsequently located in Sharbot Lake where it suffered much damage in a hatchet attack by a man from Perth. It had been returned to the township office parking lot un-harmed by the

as yet unidentified truck thief. The hatchet incident led to an extensive police operation in Sharbot Lake on Sunday afternoon (July 28), involving the OPP canine and Emergency Response Units with helicopter support. A man from Perth, who has still not been identified by police, has been charged with vandalism and assault in the case. The OPP have not released any information regarding the theft itself. An unofficial petition on Change. org asking for Robinson’s resignation on the grounds that he has lost the confidence of the public has garnered 105 signatures. Magdelys Savigny and Elizabeth Rodriguez of OKAN - with Miguel de Armas The council meeting was attended by 15 or 20 people who were interested in seeing if council would address the controversy. Aside from the unprecedented rejection of the chief’s monthly report to council, by Jeff Green there was nothing related to the chief or the fire department on the agenda ithout any fanfare, Blue Skies Music Festival years. Ending the festival with the Montreal based for the open council meeting. hit a milestone in its 46th edition over the long Urban Science Brass band, which features a New A closed meeting regarding “perweekend. The festival, which takes place near the Orleans style brass jazz band supporting freestyle sonal matters about an identifiable individual, including municipal or Clarendon station, the last remaining station from hip hop, also provided a feeling that something new local board employees pursuant to the old K&P railroad, located at the crossroads is afoot on the old Blue Skies stage. The penultimate band on Sunday Night (Aug. S. 239(2) (b) of the Municipal Act of between North and Central Frontenac and Lanark 4) was the afro Cuban band OKAN, which is led Highlands, has remained stubbornly true to its nonOntario” followed the open council meeting. In addition to members of commercial hippy roots throughout the decades. But by violinist Elizabeth Rodriguez and percussionist Magdelys Savigny. Both of them came to Canada council, Clerk/Administrator Cathy it has evolved in some interesting ways Its artistic directors, including the most recent, from Cuba as part of the Jane Bunnett supergroup MacMunn and Fire Chief Robinson remained for the in camera meet- Danny Sullivan, have tapped into the burgeoning in- Maqueque, and have ventured off on their own. OKAN comes from dialect of Yoruba, a language ing, Council rose from the in camera digenous music scene over the last ten years or so, linked to the Afro-Cuban Santería religion. It means and have made conscious strides towards gender meeting without taking any action. heart and soul. parity among the featured main stage acts. Other items from Central Rodriguez and Savigny were joined by three It was not discussed in the program or announced Frontenac Council in any way during the festival, but this year, under other players, including their frequent collaborator, The boat dock at Oso Beach in new artistic director Al Rankin, gender parity among legendary keyboardist Miguel de Armas, another Sharbot Lake is to be dismantled the band leaders was reached. Of the 12 featured import from Cuba who is a newly minted Canadian and moved to Eagle Lake. bands over three nights, 5 were female led, 5 were citizen. He wowed the Blue Skies audience in 2018 In his report to Council, manager male led, and 2 were partnerships between a man with his own Cuban jazz quartet. OKAN’s rhythmic, of developmental services Andy Dil- and a woman. There were, however, many more energetic, and hypnotic set was one of the musical lon said: “Waterlines from the lake male backing musicians than female ones. highlights of the sold-out festival this year. supplying the bathrooms have been Al Rankin, who lives near Inverary, had a stint as Nonetheless, the voices, the genesis of the music, severed four times this year from the lyrical and musical core of the performances, was the artistic director of the festival a number of years motor boats. There are also neigh- as much female as male this year, for the first time, ago. He is the programmer for the Live Wire Concert bours’ waterlines near the dock that enhancing the commitment to variety that has been Series in Kingston and holds occasional house conhave also been severed. the hallmark of the music at the festival for many certs as well. “The swim program at Eagle Lake could make better use of the sections to tie their buoys to and divert boats away from the swimming area.” He said existing staff can complete the work. members on the precautions which are being taken by Brenda Martin (with files from Jeff Green) n August 6th, members of the North Frontenac to minimize the harsh effects this invasive plant is Store coming to Arden community and beyond, gathered at Clar-Mill having on local aquatic ecosystems. Many local Council held a public meeting on a proposal that would make it Hall in Plevna to partake in an education session lakes sent representatives and multiple local orgapossible for a convenience store, hosted by MALLA (Malcolm Ardoch Lakes Landown- nizations and businesses made an appearance as gas bar and take-out restaurant to ers’ Association) regarding the t Eurasian Water Mil- well, some of which provided educational booths. foil (EWT) infestation which has negatively affected Booths were provided by Kelly Stiles from Missisopen up north of Arden, many lakes in the area. Continued on page 2 Continued on page 3 The goal of the session was to inform community

You can teach on old festival some new tricks W

Drones, burlap and the EWT


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Public presentation on European Water Milfoil,

August 15, 2019 Continued from page 1

sippi Valley Conservation Authority, Makayla Parks, the

owner and operator of Highland Aerial Canada, Chole Lajoie from Watersheds Canada and Olivia from Federation of Ontario Cottage Associations. The presentation provided the highlights of the MALLA Eurasian Water Milfoil Management plan thus far and provide an environment where audience members could share their experiences. The main goal being - to gain some control over this invasive species. The MALLA project features a unique partnership. North Frontenac Township provided the initial funding in 2018 for the purchase of burlap mats, which is the latest method of controlling this invasive plant that is being deployed. In 2019, NF Township also funded a MALLA summer student with knowledge of drone operations; Ryleigh Rioux. The Above and Beyond class at Granite Ridge Education Centre is also a partner. They have provided the lake with aerial imagery of the recent infestation under the supervision of teacher Wade Leonard, who trains students in drone technologies. Two of these students are Ryleigh Rioux and Makayla Parks. The final partnership is with Professor Jessie Vermaire and grad student Patrick Beaupre from Carleton University who are well known for their studies in aquatic invasive species. Ryleigh Rioux, the MALLA summer student, provided a detailed summary of the project thus far by supplying aerial maps from the last three years. She compared 2017, 2018, and 2019 data indicating the huge expansion of the EWM colonies across Malcolm and Ardoch Lakes. “Over the last 8 months, there has been a dramatic increase in all the patch sizes, the most dramatic being the one at Ridge Lane, but there have also been significant increase in size of all the patches,” Rioux told the News in a phone interview afterwards. That’s the bad news, but while there is not any good news there is some promising news. “Last year, we laid our first sheet of burlap in the mouth of Ardoch Lake, and dozens of sheets were laid at the beginning of this summer, and the burlap has slowed the growth of the millfoil enough for the area to be safe for boating, and gives an opportunity for other treatments. There have also been good results in other lakes from the introduction of the milfoil weevil. No treatment can eradicate the EWM, but hopefully it can be contained,” she said Rioux has conducted 7 drone flights over sections of the lake so far this summer as part of the project and 7 more are planned. The drone flights are scheduled around a kind of goldilocks weather scenario (not too sunny because the images get washed out but not too much low cloud because the images can be too dark) as well as the availability of volunteers from the lake association. Because she is a licensed drone pilot, Rioux can operate the drone from one boat, and two to three other boats are also necessary so that someone can have eyes on the drone at all times. “It takes a lot of organization to do the drone flights,” she said. She has been using the Granite Ridge drones for the work

Drone photo of an area called Ridge Lane, brown patches are European Water Milfoil infestations) an area of 4270 sq. metres until now, but going forward she will be using a new drone that she just purchased, equipment that may also help her to start up her own business in the coming months.

As the drone work has been proceeding, Jessie Vermaire and Patrick Beaupre from Carleton University have been collected data from the lake. They are looking at the impact of the milfoil on aquatic life in the region and will be monitoring the impact on aquatic life. They will also be looking at the impact of the milfoil mitigation efforts on aquatic life. At the meeting in the Clar-Mil hall, the range of strategies that MALLA has selected to minimize the negative effects of milfoil on their lake system were discussed. The number one strategy is still hand pulling along shorelines,

followed by the laying of biodegradable burlap mats, educating community members, lobbying for government funding, and the expanding a weed watch program. The presentation was followed by an interactive question and answer session. Some discussion centred on the use of weed cutters both hand- held and motorized as a strategy of removal as well as the use of the Milfoil Weevil, which has had promising results in other lakes. The day came to a close with the reading of “The Story of The Starfish” which highlights the importance of making a difference as we all have the ability to make a positive change to the environment - even if it is a small one.

LETTER Fundraiser in Sydenham


n 2 August a table was set up in front of Foodland soliciting the community for donations. All funds will be

given to Diabetes Canada for The Charles H Best Research Foundation which spends all moneys received on research into this horrific disease. These donations were collected by members of the Order of the Amaranth, a fraternal organization associated with the Masonic Fraternity. All the philanthropic assets raised by this organization are forwarded to Diabetes Canada. The community of

Sydenham has outdone themselves. From nickels to $20 bills, all donations added up to a total of $458.20. Extraordinary! Your positive help of generous donations bring us closer to eliminating Diabetes which affects so many. You

are fortunate to live in a caring community that gives back when asked. Philis Vivarais, Order of the Amaranth.

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o profile the enthusiasm and skill of local growers, the Kingston District Agricultural Society is launching a new competition for the Kingston Fall Fair. The Fair board invites farmers and gardeners of all ages to enter Watch Me Grow! -- by submitting a photograph and a description of something you are proud of growing or doing on your farm or in your garden. Entries will be displayed at the Kingston Fall Fair, Sept. 12 to 15. "Are your beans or tomatoes spectacular this year?" asks Dianne Dowling, one of the organizers for the competition. "Are you building a fine herd of cattle or a great flock of chickens? In spite of the difficult weather this year, are your field crops thriving? "Did you dedicate part, or all, of your garden to pollinator-friendly flowers? Or do something else to support pollinators? "Maybe you invented or created a piece

Continued from page 1 There is no decision made at public meetings but for the project to go through a rezoning to General Commercial from Rural has been the subject of an application that came before council. Proponent Derek Matson said the proposed location is on Arden Road, just across from Price Road. “At the Kennebec Lake Association meeting, there were people applauding the proposal so I think there’s interest,” said Mayor Frances Smith. Interim Public Works Manager plans to pulverizes roads Interim Public Works Manager Steve Keeley, a retired public works manager in Tay Valley and Huntsville who was recently signed to a three-month contract, said he plans to pulverize Henderson Road (Baker Valley to Bordenwood) and Price Road in conjunction with the pulverizing of Crow Lake Road. “Price Road is really bad and I think we should pulverize it all,” he said. “The same

of equipment that makes your farming or gardening work easier, or perhaps you are adopting practices on your farm or in your garden that lowers your carbon footprint. Let us know about it." The photograph can be in black and white, or colour, but must be 4x6 in size, on photographic paper and taken by the entrant. The description needs to be 100 to 200 words in length. Judges will be looking at factors such as creativity, technical quality and enthusiasm in both the photograph and the writing. Entries will be received in two categories: junior (entrants under 18 years of age); and adults (18 and over). Cash prizes of $35, $25 and $15 will be awarded in each category. Go to <> for full details. Any questions? Contact Dianne Dowling, or 613546-0869 could be said for Henderson. This would mean the roads would become essentially gravel roads until such time as they can be re-surfaced but, he said the pulverizing would provide a good base once those projects can be undertaken and would provide a more drivable surface in the meantime. He said the Arden Road project from the hamlet to Pit Road is on hold. “I’m not sure it’s in good enough shape for micro-surfacing,” he said. He said they plan to do some paving repair on Road 509 and have a paving company

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Homeowner's/ Landlord's Rights Re. Marijuana Outdoor Plants.


ell! We Don't Have Any. I live in the village of Harrowsmith. Next to my home is a building consisting of a real estate office and 3 apartments. Two of the apartments are families with children. At the rear of the yard is a family with two young sons. Across the street in full view of the yard is a home based day care. On July 25th a new tenant arrived, bringing with him 4 full grown marijuana plants. The plants were placed in the common area directly along my north fence line. He was asked to move them. He refused. I tried to resolve the dispute informally. The time I once enjoyed in my north hosta garden gone. Seeking information from the Township of South Frontenac and the OPP website, I discovered that my only option was to watch them grow. In full view, I was taken in by the height, some up to a metre, covered in buds, soaking up the noon day sun. An e-mail I received from the Township of South Frontenac reads in part; “marijuana growth is not regulated at the municipal level”. This means that there are no bylaws in our township concerning the growth of marijuana in yards and shared spaces. If a person is growing marijuana for personal use they are allowed 4 mature plants with no height limitation. No requirement that the plants be enclosed and out of the reach of

children. No bylaw stating it is a violation if the plants can be seen by the general public or a nuisance to neighbouring properties. Landlords, I urge that you become familiar with the recreational use laws. Tenant's rights are strong. The OPP have an excellent website. Of interest. An individual 19 years or older can cultivate up to 4 plants per residence, inside or OUTSIDE. And, there is no limit to the amount of cannabis that a tenant can own where they ordinarily reside. The new Federal/Provincial laws surrounding marijuana present challenges. We must act to get a bylaw in place that assists us in maintaining a healthy environment for our children as well as ourselves. Yes, marijuana is legal. Unfortunately, there are those who are pushing the law to its limits to tread on the rights of others. Let logic prevail. I am asking that you contact elected officials. Let them know that mood altering plants grown outdoors should be enclosed...out of the reach of children...

and not offending those on neighbouring properties. E. Ann Elvins

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Watch Me Grow! -- a new feature at the Kingston Fall Fair, September 12 to 15




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Public Notice Take Notice that the Council of the Corporation of the Township of North Frontenac proposes to enact a By-law to stop up, close and sell part of the road allowance as set out and described as follows: All That Part of the Shoreline Road Allowance around Kashwakamak Lake lying in front of Lot 23, Concession 6, geographic Township of Barrie, Township of North Frontenac, County of Frontenac being Part 8 on Registered Plan 13R17173; All That Part of the Shoreline Road Allowance around Kashwakamak Lake lying in front of Lot 23, Concession 6, geographic Township of Barrie, Township of North Frontenac, County of Frontenac being Part 7 on Registered Plan 13R17173; All That Part of the Shore Road Allowance abutting Mackie Lake lying in front of Lot 24, Concession 11, geographic Township of Miller, Township of North Frontenac, County of Frontenac being Part 2 on Registered Plan 13R-22062. The proposed By-law will come before the said Council for consideration at its regular meeting on September 6, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. in the Municipal Council Chambers located at 6648 Road 506, Plevna. At that time, the Council will hear in person, any person who claims that his land will be prejudicially affected and who applies to be heard. Dated this 6th day of August, 2019 Tara Mieske Clerk/Planning Manager Township of North Frontenac 6648 Road 506 Plevna, ON. K0H 2M0 Tel (613) 479-2231 or 1-800-234-3953 Fax (613)479-2352 Email

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Request For Proposal

RFP No. 2019-12 - Snow Road Fire Hall Washroom Facilities Renovations Proposal documents and the prescribed Submission forms, which include the Minimum Requirements and Specifications, shall be obtained from the Municipal Office, 6648 Road 506, Plevna, Ontario or by email at financialsupport@ Please direct any specific inquiries to Eric Korhonen, Director of Emergency Services/Fire Chief at firechief@northfrontenac. ca or (613) 479-2231 Extension 232. Lowest or any proposal submission may not necessarily be accepted. The Township reserves the right to cancel the Request for Proposal at any time up to the notification of Award. Submissions shall be submitted to the undersigned, on the prescribed form, in a sealed package, clearly identifying the document as: “RFP No. 2019-12 Snow Road Fire Hall Washroom Facilities Renovations” on or before 2:00 PM local time on Thursday, September 5, 2019. Cheryl Robson, A.M.C.T. Chief Administrative Officer Township of North Frontenac 6648 Road 506, Plevna, Ontario  K0H 2M0



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• The Flinton Jamboree was another successful event this year. Thank you to all the volunteers for your many hours devoted to this event. The weather was perfect. The entertainment was great. The caterer was a great success. The Flinton Community Jamboree event will be looking for volunteers to organize and run Jamboree 2020 starting in October. For more information check out their Facebook page. • All are invited to an evening of painting hosted by Hunter’s Creek Golf Course on Sat, Aug. 17, 2019 beginning at 7pm (prompt) until 9pm. You will be painting under the direction of one of our community’s local artists, Debbie Reeve. For more information and to register please call 613-336-2587. • Thank you to all who made the Cloyne Showcase Art & Crafts Sale possible this year; what an amazing event! Thank you to all the artists and artisans for showcasing your beautiful creations. I can’t wait for next year’s show! • The Lions Club is celebrating their 50th Charter this Sat, Aug.17. The community is invited to an old fashioned bbq from 11am-2:30ish. Check the front of the toll road book or email to reserve your tickets. • The Dark Sky Preserve invites all to their observation pad on Hwy 506 on Aug. 31, Sept. 1 to learn about star names and meanings. Many star names have Arabic origins and because this weekend marks the beginning of the Islamic New Year, the topic seems appropriate. Also, the great red spot on Jupiter is visible all evening on the 31st. Bring your lawn chair, binoculars, and telescopes and enjoy your evening! Stay as long as you want! • Hospice Lennox & Addington is offering Palliative Care Education, preparing volunteers and informing those who wish to learn more about end-of-life issues. This course runs from 9:30am to 4pm weekdays from Sept. 17 to Oct. 15.There is no charge for this course. For more information call 613-354-3301 ext. 203.



• The Denbigh Griffith Lions 12th annual Classic Car Show & Shine happens on Sat, Aug 24th, from 10am to 2pm at the Lions Hall on HWY 41 in Griffith. There will be a great as-

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• Howdy from Henderson where comings and goings included Viola Conner, Angie Deline, Sandra Schwab-Brook, Jill Weese, and many summer folks who are enjoying sunny weather. • The Harlowe dinners continue to be yummy and serve up to a full crowd of folks who enjoy getting filled up to the brim on the swell food. We love the Harlowe dinners and always have a blast and a super-duper time there. • Don’t forget the Parham Fair- happening this Saturday and Sunday Aug. 17, 18. It’s worth the drive over to see all the agricultural exhibits and what a small town can create and maintain.

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• High school students looking to fulfill some volunteer hours, Ken Garrett Ball Park Canteen needs you! Contact Shawn Pearce at 613-453-2437. Learn the basics now and help at our tournaments Aug. 24th and Sept. 21. • Fish Fry at Trinity United church in Elginburg on Friday September 6th from 5 to 7 pm. Homemade pies for dessert. Cost is $15, youth $7, children 4 and under free. • Bob’s Breakfast: mark your calendar!, Sat, Sept. 7th. • Drivers Beware. The intersection of Round Lake Road and Latimer Road will be under construction from August 19th till 30th. You might want to choose an alternate route! • Save the Date! The Sunbury Horseshoe Club Year End Tournament will be on Sat, Sept. 7 at the Gerald Ball Recreation Park. Info Dave Fisher 613-353-2677. • Open Farms will happen on Sun, Sept. 8th from 10am. to 4pm. More details will follow but this is your chance to explore, learn and enjoy real food, real farms and real people! • As September approaches and new events are happening or events are re-starting remember I need your material by 3 pm. each Monday.

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• 2019 Soccer - Medals, Photos & Jersey's - For those players who were unable to attend the year-end game & BBQ, medals, photos and jersey returns can be done at the Tay Valley Municipal Office (217 Harper Road) anytime during regular business hours – Mon to Fri, 8:30am-4:30pm.

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sortment of vehicles on display, food, market, games, music and fun, too! All exhibitors and vendors welcome; just bring your own tables. Admission to the Show & Shine is by donation. For info, contact Jan 613 333 1748, or the hall 613 333 1423. (Rain date: August 25th) • Another season is upon us for Diners, Euchre and Meals on Wheels for the Denbigh area. Diners will start on Mon, Sept. 9th with a Roast Chicken Dinner, followed by an Octoberfest Meal on Oct. 7th. Euchre will start up again on Fri, Sept. 6th at the Denbigh Hall at 7pm, $2 admission. For those who may not know, Meals on Wheels is available in the area; contact Bev 333-9852, or Lori Cuddy at Community Services 613-336-8934/1-877-679-6636.


• Three of our local gals joined the Ompah Mystery Tour on Friday for a fun day. Four carloads of people visited a farm home with a variety of friendly animals and an artist's studio and came away with a beautiful peacock feather for a keepsake. Then there was a stop at a beautiful home which included an original 1850 house as a workshop surrounded by beautiful flower gardens where there was an opportunity

August 15, 2019 to visit the turtle in their pond and check out a goat barn with the milking platform. Driving along back roads and enjoying nature and stopping to see a restored stone house which was originally built by the ancestors of two of the ladies on the tour. The group lunched at Sylvania Restaurant at Dalhousie Lake and then enjoyed an interesting stopover at the Basketry Museum in McDonald's Corners before returning home. (submitted by Alice Gilchrist) • Just a wonderful musical morning at the Senior’s Centre last Wednesday for the ‘forget-me-nots”. The Tunes and Tea band from Cloyne sand and played ukelele for us, and there was also line dancing. They entertained us so well. Please come back, you were wonderful, 10 out of 10. • Welcome back Virgil. He has a neck brace because of a fall. Glad you are back and doing well, Virgil. • Sympathy to the Harvey family of Sharbot Lake on the death of Shirley Boismier (nee Harvey) whose father was once the Justice of the Peace and Reeve of the area. Sympathy to the Donelly family on the death of Jessie. • Maberly United Church cemetery service is set for Aug. 25 at 2pm. • Don’t forget, it is food bank Sunday (Aug.18) at churches at Elphin. • Kip and Ester were host and hostess of Coffee Break. Lots of muffins, fruit and coffee, nice to see Mary Smuckers enjoying a cup and a visit. • Sympathy to Joelle and Don on the death of Joelle’s stepmother. • Music night will be featuring the three amigos (Dieter Boehme) at the Snow Road community hall on Thurs, Aug. 24 from 7-9pm. Light refreshments at intermission. For tickets call Joelle or Don, or at the door.



• Some birthday wishes are Sherry Schronauer, Theresa Lowery, Dan Mallett, Emma Mallett, Stacie Keith, Cash Matson., Blake Summer, Matthew Stefan, Michaela Hamilton, Judy Eardley, Amber Asseltine, Robert Hawley, Sidney Drew, Duane Meeks, Joelle Parr, Lyn Uens. Randy Fox, Steve Fox, • Anniversaries are Brian and Lin Hannah, Betty and Glen Matson • The Forget-Me-Nots were here with Sandy Brown and her ukulele band, and Line Dancing. They were great. On Aug. 21st we have Dave and Marg Taylor coming to play and sing. They are good. • On Aug.16th Elvis will be here at 2pm (Dan Stoness) • On Aug. 24th "All you can eat breakfast " will be at Oso Hall. Proceeds for cancer research. 8$ for adults. • Sympathy to the family of Jessie Donnelly who passed away recently. • There will be a celebration of life for Rick Woods, on Aug.24 at the arena in Havelock Rick was a resident of Havelock who worked for that township. He is the son of Doreen Woods and the deceased father, Don Woods. He will be missed.


Linda Rush Marily Seitz

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• The mystery tour started at the community centre. A caravan of 4 cars and 12 people followed the leader to a farm on the Kingston Road. Greeted by owner Rosemary Kralik, two of her large friendly dogs, sheep, horses, donkey and a peacock. Unfortunately the herd of yak and Highland cattle were out of sight in the woods. Rosemary told us about her desire to provide a safe and happy oasis for the animals that come her way. Then folks toured her home which is filled with her lovely paintings. Then we were off to visit Margaret and Tony French on Old Brooke Road. They once had a large flock of goats from which they made and sold goat cheese. Now the flock is reduced to 3 who will live out their lives in this beautiful oasis. Lovely gardens and a greenhouse full

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August 15, 2019 of rampant squash and huge tomato vines rounded out the visit. After lunch at Sylvania Lodge in McDonald’s Corners, the tour finished up with a visit to the Basketry Museum with Ankaret Dean. She showed the different types of materials used in basketry followed by a tour of the museum which is full of useful and whimsical pieces. A lovely day spent visiting people who are happily living what they love – so inspiring. • The Aug. Birthday Bash will be on Wed, the 21st at 6pm.. Bring a pot luck dish to share and join in this feast of country cooking and neighbourly chat. Folks who have an August birthday will blow out the candles on the cake. Up-and-coming singer Isabella Kroll, who often cottages on Palmerston Lake, will entertain. Everyone is welcome to attend.


Colleen Steele 613-375-6219 Christine Teal 613-375-6525 • Sincere condolences to the family of the late Shirley Boismier formerly of Sharbot Lake also to a pillar of our community Joanne Goodfellow who was co-owners of the Goodfellow Store in Tichborne. I sure do miss her laugh! Sympathy also to Jessie Donnelly of Sharbot Lake. • Our family tree has lost two branches with the passing of Michael VanDusen earlier this summer and now his brother Jeffrey. Thinking of you to their mother Aunt Kaye and sister Sherry. • All you can eat Lions Club Breakfast on Aug. 24th in support of Pediatric Cancer research and treatment. • Congratulations to the Parham Junior Men's team on a great season! Hope to see you all next year. Also to the Parham Pee wee Team who played in their year end tournament this past weekend. Thanks so much to all the coaches and helpers who volunteer their time so freely. We couldn't do this without you! • Last week in our column we put about phone in to see if the burn ban was on before you burn your garbage … we meant your "Burnables" But please read the article that came out in the tax bills about "What was safe to Burn". There are a lot of changes and stiff fines for burning all the wrong items. Contact the Public Works at Central Frontenac Township Office. Also please be considerate of your neighbours who may have allergies or breathing issues. • Howes corn is now available. • Congratulations to Eric and Muriel Wagar who will be celebrating 60 years!! They were married by Rev. Jarvis Black at Mountain Grove on Aug. 22, 1959. It was good to have Eric back at church on Sunday. The church was packed as little Adeline (Addie), great grand daughter of the late Hubert & Adeline Lowery, was baptized. Luncheon followed. • Dont forget the Parham Fair this weekend. Be sure to check out the listing of events. • Happy Birthday: Brianna Drew, Cathy Goodfellow, Randy Kempe, Ryan Beattie, Janice Teeple, Michaela Hamilton, Amber Asselstine, Burt Hannah, Kris Stencell, Dwayne Meeks, Joelle Parr, Aaron Keefe and Abby McKinnon • Happy Anniversary to Dan & Cheryl Hole

PLEVNA Katie Ohlke


• Thank you to everyone who supported the Cloyne Showcase Art Show! Some of the proceeds of the show are supporting the Arts Programs at North Addington Education Centre and the Mazinaw Lake Swim Program! • A wonderful time was had by all who attended the St. Kilian’s church supper! • Plevna Joke of the week: Andrew “What game do anglers like to play during the summer?” Gary “Go fish!”



Karen Brawley


• Congratulations to the Sydenham Women’s Institute for recently celebrating 100 years. That’s amazing! If you are looking to join, they meet on the 2nd Monday of the month, starting September 9th, at 630 pm at the Sydenham Library. Join then for fun and laughter with the ladies. • Well the ball seasons are coming to an end, many thanks to all the coaches and volunteers who make it lots of fun for our local kids to enjoy the sport of baseball. A shout out to the Sydenham Squirt Girls 2 team who took the championship. Their hard work, dedication and team work along with amazing coaching by Steve Kellar and Brent Kehoe paid off in their favour as they ended the year with only one loss. They stood tall and refused to go down in the play offs beating out the Sydenham Squirt Girls Team 1 8-7. They then took the Taylored Memories Girls 18-10, and the Queens Jr Gaels Girls by an 8-6 score. Many thanks to Hugh and Tammy Vankoughnett for getting the local canteen up and running again, awesome to see that! Thanks for all your hard work guys!

• Despite the soggy moments during the weekend, the Sydenham Lake Canoe Club had a successful weekend for their championship, again thanks to all those who sponsored a race. Muchly appreciated. Way to go paddlers, and to the community for coming together to cheer them on. • Come help Bill & Kerry Arthur raise funds in memory of their daughter Jessie to send kids to camp Quin-Mo-Lac in Tweed for a week. A fun skeet shoot of 2 x rounds (50 targets total). BBQ, prizes, raffles and silent auction all avail for your enjoyment. You must pre-register by contacting Bill Arthur or visiting the Kingston & District Trap Skeet and Sporting Clays Club website. Come provide your support and have some fun! The event takes place on August 24th at 1250 Italia Lane, in Kingston. • Found about a month ago at the beach at the Point, a silver chain with a pendant, if you can identify the pendant it’s yours, hoping we can reunite it with its owner

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• It was a perfect day for the 24th Annual Verona Car Show. A record number of classic cars were registered. 301 beauties were on display to a huge enthusiastic crowd. The Verona Community Association wants to thank all the adult and student volunteers who helped make this event happen. Another big thank you to all the donors and sponsors for their contributions. • Verona Free Methodist Church is hosting a free BBQ and concert on Sun, Aug.18 starting at 10 am. All welcome. Jessica Wedden and Jon McLurg are the musicians. There will be games and fun for all. Bring a lawn chair. • Enjoy music at the Bedford Jam at Glendower Hall on Sun, Aug. 18 from 1-5pm. $2 donation, entertainers free. 1381 Westport Rd, Godfrey On • Join South Frontenac Community Services for their annual community luncheon at the Grace Centre, 4295 Stage Coach Road, Sydenham, on Wed, Aug. 21. Roast Beef, Salads and Desserts will be served from 12 noon to 1:30 pm. Frontenac Paramedic Wellness Clinic starts at 11:15am. Door prizes, 50-50 Draw. Transportation available. Entertainment by Jessica Wedden and Jon McLurg. To book your spot call 613-376-6477, ext. 303 • It's Garlic Festival time! Celebrate the stinky rose. There will be lots to see, eat and sample. It will be a fun day for the whole family. The festival will be open rain or shine, at the Verona Lions Centre, Verona Sand Road, Sat, Aug. 31, 9 am to 2pm. • The Frontenac Women's Chorus is welcoming new members, especially sopranos, for September. They are a choir that is dedicated to improving musicianship as they continue to build great relationships together. Please contact Patty for more audition and other information kpatty.smith@gmail. com • A safe food handling course, sponsored by the VCA, will be held on Wed, Sept. 11 from 8:30am to 4:30pm at the Verona Free Methodist Church Hall. KFL&A Public Health offers safe food handler training courses to teach food service personnel and the public how to safely prepare and store food. A one-day, instructor led course with exam is offered, those who pass are awarded a Safe Food Handler Training Certificate, which is valid for 5 years. Course outline: Keeping food safe from purchase to the plate; public health inspections and food service legislation; proper food stor-

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First Prize $50 & title of Best Butter Tart in Frontenac County

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August 15, 2019

Verona Car Show features record number of entries, many unique vehicles by Craig Bakay


he 24th annual Verona Car Show Sunday was the biggest ever, with 303 entries. When show originator Ed Asselstine did his last one before handing the reins over to John and Julie Nizman, there were 171 entries. The very next year, that rose to 270. “That was the big jump,” Asselstine said. “John brings in things like Party in a Box, the military displays, the firefighters demonstrations and the vendors in the building. “The old car people feed on the vendors. “But these are all things that make Verona special.” “The best thing about this show is that there’s something for everybody,” said Julie Nizman. One new thing this year was the addition of live music, in the form of ZC Top, who cranked out the ZZ Top tunes complete with beards and everything. “The drummer’s an old buddy of mine,” John Nizman said. “But we couldn’t have had them without Revell Ford sponsoring it.” And there certainly were a lot of vehicles, everything from sports cars, to trucks to passenger vehicles and even an old dune buggy. When asked which one he liked best, Asselstine immediately mentioned a ’51 Chevy two-door hardtop, his own. But, it didn’t take him very long to also point out a black Beaumont two-door hardtop, which he identified as a ’67. It may have started out as a ’67 resto project, but it evolved into Jack Bowes’ personal dream car. “I had one when I was 19,” Bowes said. “It was black with a red interior. “But I wrecked it.” Now some of you might remember Bowes as the guy who had a car repair shop in Glenburnie for many years. So, when he wanted to put together the ride of his youth, he was faced with a formidable challenge. You see, the Beaumont is somewhat rare. They were made by Pontiac but only sold in

Canada. They were the counterpart to the Chevy Chevelle. Regardless, there weren’t all that many of them around to begin with and putting one together wasn’t easy. “I didn’t get a car, I got a trailer load of parts,” Bowes said of his pet project. “It took me 3 1/2 years to do and I would totally do it again.” He said there are about six cars put together to make this one. One of those cars came from John McDonald, who was also at the show. “This is the first time I’ve seen it completed,” McDonald said. “Holy s...!” But Bowes took a few liberties to put together his dream car. The engine and drive train are from a 2000 GMC truck. The suspension and tires are upgrades and there are a few cosmetic additions. “And gauges,” he said. “It wouldn’t have had all these gauges but I really like looking at them.” This wasn’t his first restoration job however. In his 20s, Bowes worked on a lot of drag racers. But this one was special. “It was designed to be a retirement project,” he said. “And since I didn’t have a job, I

Continued from page 5 • age; safe food preparation temperatures and techniques; food borne illnesses and their prevention and pest control. Fee: $50 per person cash or cheque to VCA. To register Call: 613-777-8980 or Email: .

ARDEN Wanda Harrison 613-335-3186 • On Sat, Aug.10th, Arden held it’s 2nd Annual Family Fun Day, and what a successful

Jack Bowes and grandson Boyce Bowes are all smiles in Jack’s one-of-a-kind Beaumont two-door hardtop. worked on it all day, everyday. “It was a lifesaver in the winter.” And, he’s very pleased with how it all turned out. “It’s a blast to drive,” he said. “My wife

calls it ‘the Mistress.’" By the way, at their wedding, Bowes and his wife rode in the rumble seat of Asselstine’s Model A.

day it was!! Completely funded and run by volunteers this event shined a light on what can be accomplished when diverse individuals get together with one goal in mind; an event which pleases the entire community. Thanks to all of the volunteers, town crier Paddy O’Conner, parade grand marshal Dwayne Matson and Jordon Chatwin, the guy who pulled it all together and is, today, planning next year’s event. Great job by all!! • Vacation Bible School at the Arden United Church begins Mon, Aug. 12 to 16, 6-8pm with everyone welcome. • The Frontenac Blades will meet behind

the Medical Centre, Thurs, Aug. 15 at 3:30 pm. They will be holding demonstrations on the art of throwing knives and tomahawks. They are one of the many groups participating in the Rural Frontenac Community Services free BBQ at the Sharbot Lake beach. • On Thurs, Sept. 5, 12, 19 and 26 the Kennebec Recreation Committee will sponsor and new exercise program, Stretch and Strengthen, 9:30-10:30 am at the Kennebec Community Centre. Please bring your exercise mat and $2.00 for these 4 sessions. If you require any further information, please call Theresa at 613-335-2286 or e mail at

PERSONAL SUPPORT WORKER PROGRAM Community-based alternate delivery

r u o Y Earn less in W S P r! a e y a than

NORTHBROOK PSW INFORMATION SESSIONS: Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2019 Session 1

2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Session 2

6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. held at

Pine Meadow Nursing Home 124 Lloyd St., Northbrook, ON Drop in anytime during the sessions to obtain program information.

PROGRAM DATES: Oct. 22, 2019 - Jul. 24, 2020 For more information contact Rebecca Hicks, 613-332-1743, ext. 235 or 1-877-309-0317 or email: Please note: All programming is contingent on the number of registrants required to facilitate the program. Course locations, delivery and dates are subject to change. Students are responsible for costs incurred to meet placement prerequisites, travel expenses and parking fees.

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Placing of perishable exhibits 9a.m.- 3:30 p.m. Light Horse Show at front of fairgrounds 9 a.m. Judging of exhibits begins (Halls will be closed to the public until approx. 1 p.m.) 9 a.m. Judging of Livestock & 4-H Achievement Day begins on the North side of fairgrounds 10 a.m.- 4p.m. Various demonstrations/displays including Bob McVeigh Animals, Don MacKay Blacksmith & Stan Haskins with his miniature tractors 11:00 a.m. Opening Dignitary Speeches and presentations in the Light Horse Area 11:00 a.m. Poultry Judging begins at poultry barn 11a.m.- 4p.m.. Readings by Marilyn of Kingston 11a.m.- 4p.m. Face Painting & Balloons by Karen of Infinite Flair 11:30a.m.- 5p.m. Musical Entertainment on the main stage - local talent of Hermann Amberger, Fiddlers & Friends, ABC Line Dancers, Quinn Willows & McGregor Roy, and Norm, Harry & Friends 1:00 p.m. Horse Draw - rear of fairgrounds 1:00 p.m. Exhibit Halls to open (or when judging is completed) 1:30 p.m. Zucchini Races (near food booth) 2:00 p.m. Children’s Games - near poultry barn 3:00 p.m. Adult Games»near poultry barn 5:00 p.m. Exhibit Halls close


1. Eldest Person on the Grounds: $25 Gift Certificate - Maximillian’s 2. Youngest Person on the Grounds: $25 Gift Certificate - Perth Pharmasave 3. Farthest Travelled: $35 value - Napa Auto Parts 4. Longest Married Couple: $30 Gift Certificate - Sharbot Lake Country Inn 5. Most Recently Married Couple: $25 Gift Certificate - Maximillians 6. Most Points by New Exhibitor: $25 Gift Certificate - Riverguild 7. Most Overall Points in Fair: $50 Gift Certificate - Giant Tiger All transactions are “CASH ONLY” - NO ATM on site


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August 15, 2019



Jupiter and Saturn the stars of weekend show at Sky Pad (Ganymede, Europa, Io and Callisto) are also visible, as is Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, which is believed to be a giant storm. “The Red Spot is shrinking,” Nason said. “When I got into this, you could fit three Earths into it. “Now it’s only one.” He said both planets have been known since antiquity, hence their names (after Roman gods) “Saturn is easily the most impressive (as seen through a telescope) in the night sky (because of its rings),” he said. “It’s roughly twice as far away as Jupiter.

by Craig Bakay upiter and Saturn were the ‘stars’ of the show Saturday and Sunday nights (August 3 and 4) of the uguat long weekend at the Dark Skies Preserve observation pad in Fernleigh. Guy Nason, one of the Sky Pad’s astronomers-in-residence, said that at 700 million kilometres away right now, Jupiter is almost as close as it gets (it was 640,962,549 on June 12 but is usually almost 800 million kilometers away). “Jupiter and Saturn are the fifth and sixth planets in the solar system and the two largest,” he said. Along with Jupiter, its four Galilean moons


“You can see the A, B & C rings.” Other items of interest on the menu last weekend were a flyby of the International Space Station and the presence of globular cluster NGC 6235 near Jupiter. About 30 people were there at Saturday night’s peak, including visitors from Ottawa and Toronto. The sky pad is open to the public most

nights for observation. The next organized event is Aug. 31/Sept. 1 when the theme will be Star Names and Meanings. Jupiter’s Red Spot should be visible all evening on the 31st

Come Celebrate!

OBITUARY Goodfellow, Joanne Emily (nee Bowick) – “ A Heart Well Used” Selfless and strong Joanne peacefully passed away surrounded by the love of her family on Tuesday August 6, 2019 in Trenton in her 87th year. Predeceased by her husband Oswald “Bud” of 39 years, and her parents Joseph and Verna. Well loved by her brothers the late Jack (Jean), Bill (Rosemarie) and Frank (Janet). Mother Extraordinaire of Rick(Cathy), Paul(Carol), Jeff (Cindy), Cathy (Tom), Roland (Tina).   Adored grandma of 11 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. Friends will be received at Goodfellow’s Funeral Home on Saturday August 10, 2019 from 11am to 1pm. A Celebration of Life will take place in the Chapel at 1pm. Inurnment Parham Cemetery to follow. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the Parham United Church, Hinchinbrook Recreation Committee or The Parkinson’s Society. Online condolences may be placed at

Louis Zhang from Ottawa has a look through Tim Trentadue’s telescope

In Memoriam Pixley, Douglas August 18, 2017 Dad, you are missed every day. Love you Kathy, Wayne & family


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Join in NFLT’s 40th Anniversary Celebration!

View memorabilia; renew acquaintances; sing or listen along with NFLT show tunes from our many past musicals; enjoy light refreshments

To your health! Break a leg! Take a bow!

Donnelly, Jessie May (nee McDonell) Jessie passed away peacefully at Perth Community Care residence on Friday August 9th, 2019 at age 95 years. Jessie Donnelly of Sharbot Lake, was the daughter of the late John and Mary McDonell and loving wife of the late Wilbert (Wib) Donnelly. She was the dear mother of Dennis (Dawn) Donnelly of Brighton, Karen & Shawn both of Kingston. Jessie was the loving sister of Mrs James Inwood (Barbara) and Lindsay McDonell both of Perth. She was predeceased by brothers Robert (Louise), Burns (Florence) and Herrick (Madeleine). Jessie will be sadly missed by five grandchildren, Kerri, Melani, Matthew, Nicole & Trevor, three great grandchildren, many nieces, nephews, extended family and friends. Friends may pay their respects at the Blair & Son Funeral Home, 15 Gore St. West, Perth on Tuesday, August 13th, 2019 from 5:00 to 8:00 P.M. Funeral service will be held in the Chapel on Wednesday at 10:30 A.M. Interment Oconto Cemetery. In remembrance of Jessie, donations to St Andrews Anglican Church, or the Sharbot Lake Fire Department would be appreciated. For condolences or further information, visit our website at www.


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Harrowsmith & District Social & Athletic Club would like to extend our thanks & sincere appreciation to the following for their support with 2019’s Canada Day in the Park Celebration: Accounted IV Almost Home Cafe Amici Asselstine’s Hardware Athena Lodge #306 Oddfellows Harrowsmith Bell Windows & Siding BERG Elevating Repairs General Service Bermuda Limousine Services Canadian Black Belt Centres Canadian Heritage Grant Ontario Division Canadian Small Engines Cornell’s Auto Service Critter Creations by Chris Dog Grooming Dave Pigion Davy Water Well Drilling Ltd. Drug Smart Pharmacy Sydenham Dr. Paul Radford E.R. Orser Construction Five Star Fire Prevention Food Less Travelled Frito Lay Canada Frontenac Community Futures Development Corp. Frontenac Outfitters Gilmours’ on 38 Gino’s Pizza Glenvale Industrial Park, Harrowsmith & Glenvale Storage Godfrey General Store

Green Gully Farm Greenshield Pest Control Harrowsmith Business Centre Harrowsmith & District Social & Athletic Club Harrowsmith Cut & Style Harrowsmith Womens’ Institute Hartington Farm Equipment Mike Hunter J& J Auto Service Jim’s Auto Service John Johnston, Bowes & Cocks Real Estate L.D. Powersports Lennox & Addington Mutual Insurance Leonard Fuels Ltd. McBrien’s Riding Stables Memory Lane Flowers & Gifts Mesa Fresca Mom’s Restaurant Muddy Waters Restaurant Neil’s Flowers Nicole’s Gift Oddfellows – Kingston Paul & Jennifer Laird Pepsico Foods Limited Percy Snider The Performance Shed -Yamaha Phil Leonard Construction, Landscaping, Snowplowing & Sanding Pig & Olive Inc.

Pita Pit The Pizza Place Portland Community Caring Princess Elizabeth Rebekah Lodge #358 RL Classics & Godfrey Social Club Rob Kingsbury Plumbing & Heating Reid’s Foodland – Verona Revell Ford Lincoln Rivendell Golf Club St. Louis’ Bar & Grill Silverbrooke Garden Centre Simmons Plumbing & Pumps Ltd. South Frontenac Volunteer Fire Fighters Swiss Chalet (Bath Rd.) Sydenham High School – Athletic Dept. Sydenham One Stop Sydenham Rehab Well Clinic Township of South Frontenac Trousdale’s Stores – Trousdale Home Building Centre Trousdale Funeral Home Verona Community Association Verona Convenience Store/ GRECO Pizza Verona Hardware Ltd. Wylie Electric Ltd. Willows Agriservices Wilton Creek Fabrics

THANK YOU to the excellent entertainment that was provided by the following performers: Three Amigos featuring Deiter Boehme, Performances by Inspired Minds Students, Wolf Creek Carvings, Judy & Me, Bob Burtch with Wayne & Mary Abrams, & Swift Kick. To ALL VOLUNTEERS - -MANY THANKS! Your help made the day a great success. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you to all who donated at the voluntary tolls to help with the fireworks finale. This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada. Ce projet a été rendu possible en partie grâce au gouvernement du Canada.

August 15, 2019



The Classifieds Ad Rates: Classified Text ads: $10.62 + HST per insertion for 20 words & under; 20¢ each extra word. Deadline: 4 pm Monday; Ph: 613-279-3150, Fax: 613-279-3172;


Stoves, washers, dryers, freezers, dishwashers. 3 months old and up. Sold with written guarantees. Fridges $100 and up.


At the lowest prices in the area. Trade-ins accepted on new appliances. Big selection to choose from. We Sell Gas Refrigerators


For good used appliances in working order or not, but no junk please. VISA and MASTERCARD accepted. We have our own financing also. Shop at our competitors and then come see for yourself quality at low prices.

Open evenings & 7 days a week. We deliver


Open Evenings & Seven Days a Week - River Road Corbyville, Just North of Corby’s (613) 969-0287


ASSELSTINE HARDWARE, Authorized Repair Depot for: Whirlpool, Maytag, Inglis, Amana, Jenn-air, Kitchen Aid, Electrolux, Frigidaire, Samsung Appliances. Over 27 yrs experience. Call 613-374-3400


KALADAR AUTO RECYCLING. Car & truck parts. Used cars, $600 & up. We take tradeins. We buy farm equipment, tractors, loaders for parts. 11520 Hwy 41; 613-336-9899; 613885-8644 KINNEY AUTO WRECKING Station Road, Kaladar. 4x4 trucks & parts for sale. Scrap cars, stoves, fridges wanted. 613-336-9272.


TONI & JP’S FLEA MARKET, 6107 Hwy 506 at Ardoch Rd. Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Something for everyone. 613-479-0341


2006 JEEP Grand Cherokee, @ 300k, V8, cruise, power windows, locks & drivers seat, works well. Clean & well cared for. Asking $4500 will pass safety. Can be seen at 1857 Crow Lake RD 613-279-3701 CENTRAL BOILER Classic OUTDOOR FURNACES can eliminate your high heating bill. Buy NOW and save up to $550! Call today 613-539-9073. CENTRAL BOILER OUTDOOR FURNACES offer the Classic, the Maxim and the New Edge. Your local Dealer, Wood Heat Solutions, Frankford, ON, 613-398-1611; Bancroft, ON 613-332-1613. SHIPPING CONTAINERS: Seacans Storage Containers, 7ft 10ft 20ft 40ft 45ft Steel garden sheds call 613-354-8744 or online http://


FIREARMS COURSE – Sept. 6-7, and Hunter Education Course, Sept. 13-14, Tamworth. Call Bill, 613-335-2786


BLACK CAT, 10 years old, looks younger, short hair, well fed. Sharbot Lake area, Bell Line RD 613-279-2398.

AUCTION SALE Lanark Civitan Hall, Lanark, ON Saturday August 17, 2019 Auction 10a.m. ~ Viewing 9a.m.

Specialty Antique and Collectibles Auction!

Private collection of 500+ mini stoves, samples, trivets. irons. Toys and related items! Signs. Antiques, cast, diecast, high wheeled fire fighters cart, advertising, and much more!!! For listing and pictures see Terms: Cash or Good Cheque 10% buyers premium Listing subject to change. Everything sells as is. Owners/Auctioneers not responsible in case of loss or accident.

Auctioneer: Jim Beere


Call Today To Book Your Auction


HANDYMAN, WILL REPLACE SINKS, taps, toilets, any other jobs, cottage closures and carpentry. Please call Albert 613-374-2079

Call 613-264-8865

Reasonable Rates

Jim’s Painting Interior Exterior Free Estimates PAINTING - Drywall & Plaster Repair, Interior/ Exterior Painting. Call Eric at Men In White 613-200-1127. WSIB compliant, fully insured. PHOTOCOPY, FAX & LAMINATION SERVICES available at The Frontenac News, 1095 Garrett St., rear building, Sharbot Lake. Competitive prices! 8½” x 11” - Black & White 25¢ ea; Colour copies 60¢ ea. 613-279-3150. PUMP REPAIR: Licenced well technician on staff with 10 years experience. Call Mark, Verona Hardware, 6723 Main St., Verona. Ph. 613-374-2851 WATER PUMP REPAIR and Service. UV Disinfection and Filtration, Water Softeners. MOE Licensed Well Technician. Over 27 yrs experience. Asselstine Hardware 613-3743400


B’S RADICAL RIDES Towing & Recovery. James Mills owner/operator. 613-335-5050; website:


STANDING TIMBER, firewood, pine, cedar, bush lots. Free quotes, cash paid. Call 613279-2154.

Land O’Lakes Community Services

Job Posting

Co-ordinator – Community Bus Part-time – Contract Qualifications • High school diploma, some post secondary education would be an asset. • Excellent organizational skills • Excellent verbal and written communication skills • Proven experience computer skills (Microsoft office, email etc.) • Experience being in a rural setting and being part of a team Duties – Responsibilities • Develop policies and procedures for project • Work co-operatively with agency’s transportation co-ordinator • Promote service to community • Work with bus provider/company to schedule trips • Book passengers and collect fees • Solicit feedback from passengers on ways to improve services • Written monthly reports to managers will be required Please send resumé with cover letter to the attention of: Susan Andrew-Allen Director of Programs Land O’Lakes Community Services 12497A, Hwy #41, Unit 1 Northbrook, ON K0H 2G0 Closing Date: Friday, August 30, 2019 at 4pm. Only those chosen for an interview will be contacted.

Photocopy, Fax & Lamination

Available at The Frontenac News 1095 Garrett Street (rear building), Sharbot Lake Call 613-279-3150 email:

Central’s revamping of Official Plan gets underway C entral Frontenac Township kicked off the first of three open houses on the revisiting of its Official Plan (mandated by Provincial Law) last week in Sharbot Lake with an information session on Waterfront Development Policies. Subsequent open houses on Settlement Areas and Growth Management and Rural Areas and Agriculture are planned on following Wednesdays. About 50 people including staff and four members of Central Frontenac Council. “This is a complete overhaul of the Official Plan,” said Frontenac County Manager of Community Planning Megan Rueckwald, who also serves as Central Frontenac’s planner. “It will be more comprehensive and not just for waterfront areas.” One proposal is to reduce the minimum lot size to 2 acres (0.8 hectares) from the current 2.47 acres (1 hectare). “But there will be other measures introduced to deal with character and density along the waterfronts,” she said. “For example, there is work on backlanes and a 30-metre setback has been solidified. “Also there are new policies to govern lot coverage within 60 metres (200 feet) of the high water mark.” As well, there are specific sections to govern the Garrison Shores development and the fish culture station at White Lake. Rueckwald said they plan to bring a report to a Council meeting in September summarizing the feedback they receive. However, she said there is a new Provincial Policy Statement expected in October and any final changes to the Official Plan will likely wait until it comes out, in order to be consistent with the PPS and Frontenac County Official Plan. So, there’s still plenty of time to have your say. The third and final open house is scheduled for Aug. 28 at 6 p.m. in Sharbot Lake’s Oso Hall. Or you can contact Rueckwald directly at 613-548-9400 ext. 351 or mreueckwald@

Summer mini beer review I

t’s been a hot summer, and the Ontario brewing industry has responded.

My wife Martina, who knows a thing or two about the taste of beer, has developed a habit of buying one or two cans of up to dozen varieties of beer when she visits LCBO stores in large and small centres. Then, over time, we check them out and try to remember whether at least one of us liked them or not. Over the last few years the craft brewing industry has been working hard to develop summer beers. These are beers that are refreshing and full of flavour, nothing too heavy and malty. They are sometimes low in alcohol as well, making them good choices for a hot summer afternoon drink, or to accompany a summer bbq.

One of the pleasant surprises this summer is by Spearhead, an established brewery that moved to Kingston a couple of years ago. Their flagship beer is the Hawaiian Pale Ale, which is a pretty good choice at any time of the year, flavourful and not quite as hoppy as many of the Pale Ales that dominate the brewing landscape But the beer that they like to call “Summer in a Can” is their Chardonnay Summer Ale.

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Fund Development & Communications Coordinator Salary Range: $49,500 - $54,700 SFCSC provides health supports and programs for seniors, all geared to helping them remain in their homes as long as possible in life. We also provide food security for our residents that need help putting fresh and healthy food on their tables. This role helps ensure that all those needing our services are able to get the support they need. We are seeking a well-connected, energetic individual who knows and understands our rural community and is willing to do all they can to support our area residents. This is a full time (35 hours weekly), permanent position and is responsible for all fund development activities, including capital campaigns, for promotions and public relation activities, reporting and administrative support. The incumbent will work from offices located in Sydenham, ON. Duties: In conjunction with the Executive Director, develops and carries out annual plans and objectives for all Fund Development activities to meet Agency operational needs and all SFCSC promotional activities. It is expected that SFCSC will be launching a capital campaign within the year to expand the current facility. The incumbent will be responsible for the SFCSC web site, social media accounts and our monthly electronic newsletter. To receive a more detailed job description, please go to Requirements: • Knowledge and experience with both Fund Development and Public Relations are fundamental. • Experience working with volunteers is essential. • Excellent analytical, organizational and time management skills. • Ability to exercise a high level of confidentiality, tact and discretion. • Ability to create and maintain good working relationships with a variety of internal and external stakeholders. • Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills. • Familiarity with Microsoft Office programs, knowledge of fundraising software, Adobe Creative Suite and HootSuite. • The incumbent must provide their own vehicle and possess a valid driver’s licence. • A negative results Police Records Check is required. • CFRP designation beneficial. • Knowledge of Frontenac County as asset Resumes with cover letter should be submitted to SFCSC, Attn: David Townsend, Box 43, Sydenham, K0H 2T0 by August 19, 2019 or via email to david.townsend@ with Fund Development in the subject line. We thank all applicants however only those receiving an interview will be contacted.

August 15, 2019



Northern Happenings NORTHERN HAPPENINGS listings are free for community groups, and will be published for two weeks. Donations to offset the costs of publication would be appreciated. Other listings are paid or are taken from paid ads elsewhere in the paper. The News makes every effort to be accurate but events should be independently verified by readers.

Thursday August 15

NORTHBROOK - BINGO 6pm. Northbrook Lions Hall. Sponsored by the Land O’Lakes Lions. Doors open 6pm, regular games 7pm. Canteen available. Info: the Lions Toll Road book. SHARBOT LAKE - IMPROVISATIONS ON GUITAR & SITAR 7pm. Cardinal Café. with Brian Roche. Doors open 6pm. Free admission, donations welcome.

Friday August 16

ARDEN - BBQ 5pm-7pm. Arden Legion. All welcome HARLOWE - OLE TYME FIDDLERS 7:30pm. Harlowe Hall. Prizes, lunch, $6 non-members, all welcome, players, dancers, listeners and newcomers. MCDONALDS CORNERS - PIG ROAST 4:30pm6:30pm. McDonald’s Corners Agricultural Hall. Adults $15, kids $8. Fun and games for kids. Cash Bar for the big ones. A fundraiser for he Mcdonalds Corner’s Fair. Sponsored by Ottawa Valley Pork Producers Association. SHARBOT LAKE - STEAK BBQ Sharbot Lake Legion. With all the fixings. $15, licensed. 613 279-2659 SHARBOT LAKE, ON - “ELVIS” AT THE RETIREMENT HOME 2pm. Sharbot Lake Retirement Residence. Don’t forget to dig out those blue suede shoes “Elvis” (Dan Stoness) will perform and afternoon show. All welcome. TICHBORNE - NFLT TICHBORNE HALL OPEN HOUSE 7pm. Tichborne NFLT Hall. See photos and memorabilia on display from throughout the last forty years! Participate in a good old-fashioned singa-long. Renew acquaintances. All welcome

Sat Aug 17 – Sun Aug 18

PARHAM FAIR -5pm. At the Parham fairgrounds. Small town fair with a big heart. Bring the family for a weekend of farm fun and camp or cottage at one of the many local resorts. Saturday - Fair games and contests, music and horse pull, Sunday - demoltion derby.

Tuesday August 20

GODFREY - CREATIVE KIDS CLUB 9am-12pm. Cole Lake Free Methodist Church. There will be Bible story, crafts, games, and a snack. Call Kris Caird at 613 374 3138 or Jean Freeman at 613 583 3968 by August 13, 2019 to register. NORTHBROOK - EUCHRE NIGHTS 7pm. Northbrook Lions Hall. Sponsored by the Land O’Lakes Lions. There is a euchre tournament every fourth Friday beginning at the same time! Coffee, sandwiches and dessert. Prizes. Info: the Lions Toll Road book. NORTHBROOK - FOREST BATHING (SHINRINYOKU) 2pm. Land O’ Lakes Emmanuel United Church. Guided walks through woods behind Land O’Lakes United Church, 108 Addington Rd #2. All are welcome. NORTHBROOK - LOLCS ADULT DROP-IN 9am. Northbrook Lions Hall. Adult Drop In located at Lions Hall in Northbrook every Tuesday. Doors open at 9:00am and a hot, nutritious and delicious dinner served at 12 noon. Come on out and play some cards, visit or just chat with your neighbours. For more info, contact Lori Cuddy @ 613-336-8934 ext 229. SHARBOT LAKE - QUIZ NIGHT 7pm. Sharbot Lake Country Inn. Fee is $2, which goes to a community project. Prize is bragging rights only. SYDENHAM - STRATEGIC PLANNING OPEN HOUSE 7pm. South Frontenac Council Chambers. Help Council set the direction for the next 3 years by providing your input into South Frontenac’s Strategic Plan. Take survey at

Wednesday August 21

OMPAH - BIRTHDAY BASH 6pm. Ompah Hall. Celebrating everyone with a birthday this month. Potluck and Live Music. Info - Marily 613-479-2855 SYDENHAM - ANNUAL COMMUNITY LUNCHEON 12pm-1:30pm. Grace Hall. Roast Beef, Salads and Desserts. Frontenac Paramedic Wellness Clinic starts at 11:15am. Door prizes, 50-50 Draw. Transportation available. Entertainment by Jessica Wedden and Jon McLurg. To book your spot call 613-376-6477, ext. 303.

Reid’s Verona

Get Your Local Ontario Produce, Now iIn-Store

Authorized Agent For:

Thu. Aug 15 - Wed. Aug 21 Cashmere Bathroom Family Size Tissue Lean Ground Beef 6 Double Rolls $ /lb $ ea.



Lanica Pasta or Hunts Sauce



Open Mon-Thurs, Sat: 8am-8pm Fri: 8am-9pm Sun: Grocery 9am-6pm; LCBO 11am-6pm

Hwy 38 Verona (613) 374-2112 markets, games, music, and lots of fun. Entrance by donation. Help support our Lions Club. Rain date: Aug 25. Contact Jan at 613-333-1748, Hall # 613333-1423. HARLOWE - OPEN MIC 2pm-7pm. Harlowe Hall. Pot Luck supper, 5:30pm. Free event, donations welcome. Info - Marie, 613-336-2557 MCDONALDS CORNERS - DINNER AND QUARTER AUCTION 5pm-9pm. McDonald’s Corners Agricultural Hall. Dinner - 5:30: cold meats, salads, rolls, dessert, tea and coffee. Auctino to follow. Tickets, $15, advance only. Must be 19 to attend. Bring your own quarters if possible. For more info call Hills General at 613-278-2020, Jeannie Kelso, 613-278-1391, or Alice Gilchrist, 613-2781020/ SHARBOT LAKE - LIONS BREAKFAST 8am11am. Soldiers Memorial Hall (OSO Hall). All you can eat, $8, children 6-12, $4, under 6 free.In support of Pediatric Cancer treatment and research

Sunday August 25

HARLOWE - OPEN MIC 2pm. Harlowe Hall. 2-8pm. No admission fee. Potluck supper at 530pm. Donations accepted, bring your talent. All welcome. MABERLY - CEMETERY SERVICE 2am. Laidey’s Cemetery in MAberly, with Jim and Nancy Buchanan,

Rev. Jean Brown, and voluntary readers and helpers. Chairs are provided. Free-will offering supports the cemetery. Info 613-268-2854. MABERLY - MABERLY FAIR Maberly Fairgrounds. Since 1882, one day fair. Parade, horse show, contests, bird show, food, music, zucchini races and more. SHARBOT LAKE - ECUMENICAL CEMETERY SERVICE 3pm. Oconto Cemetery). Hosted by the area churches- United, Anglican, Free Methodist, Roman Catholic, Praise Church, Pentecostal. Special music is offered - with country gospel tunes. Please bring a lawn chair- to place under the shade trees. Info 613-279-3224 SHARBOT LAKE - REPAIR CAFÉ FRONTENAC 2pm-4:30pm. St. James Major Church. Don’t throw away your small appliances, clothing, bicycles, sewing machines, lamps, toys, and more. Bring them to the Repair Café. Our expert fixers will repair, instruct and advise. Bring your children. Info:

Tuesday August 27

BOLINGBROKE - CPHC DINERS LUNCH 12pm. ABC Hall. A hot nutritious meal and pleasant socializing. Reservations required. For those 50+. Cost: $10.00 Contact: Joyce Fleming at (613) 273-

Donation to Pine Meadow

Thursday August 22

NORTHBROOK - BINGO 6pm. Northbrook Lions Hall. Sponsored by the Land O’Lakes Lions. Doors open 6pm, regular games 7pm. Canteen available. Info: the Lions Toll Road book. SYDENHAM - MEETING WITH LAKE Saturday August 17 NORTHBROOK - 50TH CHARTER CELEBRATION ASSOCIATIONS 7pm. South Frontenac Council 11am-3pm. Northbrook Lions Hall. Guest speaker, Chambers. An informal Committee of the Whole Frank Hewitt. Old fashioned picnic/BBQ - geocaching, meeting with representatives from the various lake music, etc. plus “buried Treasure” contest. $20pp. associations to discuss topics such as garbage and recycling, waterfront development, health of lakes, RSVP by August 10 to OMPAH - HAM & TURKEY DINNER 5pm. Ompah fire services and private lane upgrades. See our Hall. 5-7pm. $12. Child 7-12 - $5, child under 7 - “Lake Association” page for minutes from previous annual meetings. Ino - 613 376-3027 free. Friday August 23 PERTH - WATERSHED DISCOVERY DAY 10am. Chrystal Palace. Eight regional organisations will be ARDEN - BBQ 5pm-7pm. Arden Legion. All on hand to talk about watershed issues, story time welcome for kids, presentation of Water Guardian bursary, Sat Aug 24 – Sun Aug 25 etc. MABERLY - SILVER LAKE POW WOW 11am5pm. Silver Lake Provincial Park. Annual gathering. Sunday August 18 GODFREY - BEDFORD JAM 1pm-5pm. Glendower Dance, food, crafts and history, all on display. 11-5 Hall. $2 donation, entertainers free, Info Joanne - each day. 613-374-2242, Joan - 613-374-5477 Saturday August 24 VERONA - FREE BBQ 10am. Verona Free CLOYNE - GUEST AUTHOR READING 2:30pm. Methodist Church. All welcome. Jessica Wedden Bon Echo Provincial Park. Friends of Bon Echo and Jon McLurg to perform as well. There will be Guest Author Reading. Annual general meeting at games and fun for all. Bring a lawn chair. Insurance Specialty 3pm @ Amphitheatre. DENBIGH SHOW N’ SHINE & CLASSIC Monday August 19 Group -sANNUAL Kingston NORTHBROOK - MAKE DO AND MEND 2pm- CAR SHOW 10am. Denbigh/Griffith Lions Club. At 4pm. Land O’ Lakes Emmanuel United Church. the Lion’s Hall in Griffith. Dash plaques (first 100) and People’s Choice Awards. Food, refreshments, Enjoy coffee, conversation and work that’s play.



Matson Insurance Brokers Tweed Chapter #148 Order of the Eastern Star donated $1117.00 to Margaret Palimaka, Director of Pine Meadow Nursing Home, for the purchase of Weighted Blankets

Growing To Serve You Better



Insurance Specialty Group s Kingston

Matson Insurance Brokers O/B Insurance Specialty Group

Home • Auto • Farm Business • Bonds Boats • Cottages 1021B Elizabeth St. P.O. Box 41, Sharbot Lake 613 279-2925


On your side.

Your best insurance is an insurance broker

The Treasure Trunk Second Tyme Around Clothing

12795 RD 38, Sharbot Lake

613-279-2113 New Location! Extended Hours Mon - Sat: 9am-3pm.

Fill Your Bag Every Day For $5 Under The Tent Quality New & Used Clothing at Affordable Prices! For furniture drop off, please call ahead. 279-2113 ask for Janet.

August 15, 2019



Second Arden Family Field Day expands on a similar theme. by Craig Bakay common definition of community is when a group of people with diverse characteristics, who are linked by social ties, who share common perspectives, engage in joint activities making our communities a better place to live. This is what we have going on here today, and we are proud and thankful for those who donate their time and ideas to add to the spirit of Arden.” Those are the words of Central Frontenac Town Crier Paddy O’Connor in his dedication for the opening of the second annual Arden Family Field Day Saturday at the Ball Park in Arden. And, O’Connor’s words seemed to sum up what organizer Jordan Chatwin wanted to do with this event. “Compared to last year, we wanted to expand,” Chatwin said. “We added vendors,


a parade, live music (Derek and daughter Cayleigh Matson). “I think we hit all our markers.” This year, the parade marked a return of something Arden hasn’t seen in quite awhile. While nobody could remember exactly when the last parade in Arden was, Glen Matson offered this: “Not sure when it was but Dorothy Gaylord was reeve and (Bill) Vankoughnet was the member. “They sat in this very same wagon.” “This (field day) is just for community spirit,” Chatwin said. “It’s a beautiful place, beautiful people (and) when we get together, we can do beautiful things. “No one’s getting paid and the scope of it is — the sky’s the limit

Town Crier Paddy O’Connor and Glen Matson led off the parade at the Arden Family Field Day Saturday at the ball park in Arden.


News & Public Notices REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL • Request for Proposal PW-PO2-2019 - CONSULTING ENGINEERING SERVICES OF BRIDGE & CULVERT REPLACEMENT Sealed submissions must be received by 1:00 p.m., August 21st, 2019 ATT: Neil Carbone, CAO 4432 George Street, Sydenham, ON  K0H 2T0 PW-PO2-2019- Consulting Engineering Services of Bridge & Culvert Replacement Official documents may be downloaded from the BIDDINGO.COM website or picked up: Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 4:30pm Fire Department 2490 Keeley Road Sydenham, ON K0H 2T0 SHARING THE BEACH Swimming lessons will be taking place starting July 2nd and ending August 23rd at the Sydenham Point and Gilmour Point from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. During this time, the beaches are closed to the general public, however, Sydenham’s north facing beach is open. Any swimmers in the designated swim area who are not enrolled in swimming lessons will be asked to exit the swim area until after classes are finished NOTICE OF ROAD CLOSING Take notice that the Council of the Corporation of the Township of South Frontenac proposes to pass a by-law to stop up, close and transfer ownership of a Township-owned road allowance as follows: Location: Part of Lot 23, between Concessions 8 and 9, District of Bedford Reason: The subject portion of road allowance is located at the northeast corner of 642 Burridge Road and travels to the southeast corner of 642 Burridge Road, and constitutes a length of 1,000 feet by a width of 66 feet for a total area of 66,000 feet2. It is not anticipated that there would be any impact of this road closure on any other property-owners. The proposed road closing will come before Council for consideration at the regular meeting to be held in the Council Chambers, 4432 George Street, Sydenham, on September 3, 2019 at 7:00 PM. At that time, Council will hear in person any individual who claims that his or her land would be prejudicially affected and who has applied to be heard. Any comments or concerns to the Township would be appreciated before the above noted date. Further documentation pertaining to this proposed Road Closing may be inspected at the South Frontenac Township Offices located at 4432 George Street, Sydenham. Angela Maddocks – Clerk - 613-376-3027 Ext 2222

LIVING HERE FIRE BAN LIFTED Please be advised that effective August 12”‘, 2019, the Level One burning ban in effect across the Township of South Frontenac has been lifted. Residents are reminded of the importance of complying with the burning Bylaw 2012-68 which is available on our website - or at the Township offices at 4432 George St. in Sydenham. Darcy Knott, Fire Chief — South Frontenac Fire and Rescue AT LAST - ENVIROWEB What goes in your Blue Box will STAY in your Blue Box! Easy to assemble, tie wraps included. Prevents contents from spilling out due to overfilling or wind and rain. Allows the Collectors a quick visual of the contents Available at the 2490 Keeley Road Public Services office for only $10!

UPCOMING MEETINGS • Public Services Committee Meeting – August 15th , 2019 at 8:30 am • Council Meeting – September 3rd, 2019 at 7:00 pm • Committee of the Whole – September 10th, 2019 at 7:00 pm • Special COW Meeting - Lake Association Joint Meeting – August 22, 2019 at 7:00pm STRATEGIC PLANNING Our final Open house is Tuesday August 20th in Council Chambers located at 4432 George St. in Sydenham! Help Council set the direction for the next 3 years by providing your input into South Frontenac’s Strategic Plan! If you can’t make it, please complete the online survey through the homepage of our website.


4432 George St, Box 100, Sydenham ON, KOH 2T0 613-376-3027 Ext 3350 or 1-800-559-5862

Notice of the Passing of a Development Charges By-law TAKE NOTICE that the Council of the Township of South Frontenac passed municipal-wide development charges By-law No. 2019-48 on the 6th day of August, 2019 under section 2 (1) of the Development Charges Act, 1997, S.O., 1997 c. 27, as amended; AND TAKE NOTICE that any person or organization may appeal to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal under section 14 of the Act, in respect of the development charges by-law, by filing with the Clerk of the Township of South Frontenac on or before the 24th day of September, 2019 a notice of appeal setting out the objection to the by-law and the reasons supporting the objection. The schedule of development charges imposed by the by-law, which came into effect on August 7, 2019, is as follows: SCHEDULE “B-1” Schedule Of Residential And Non-Residential Development Charges For “Hard” Services Residential Service

GET OUTDOORS SOUTH FRONTENAC CHALLENGE Send us a photo of your favourite summer activity and you will be entered into a draw for a sweet outdoor prize pack. To enter simply tag South Frontenac Township in your photo and use the hashtag #getoutdoorSF OR visit our tent at events this summer!!! Happy Summer South Frontenac!! We want to see how you enjoy the outdoors this year! FRONTENAC COUNTY PRESENTS: OPEN FARMS 2019 Real food. Real farms. Real people. Open Farms invites you to get a behind-the-scenes look at real working farms. September 8 – 10am - 4pm. Learn about raising animals ethically and growing crops sustainably. If you’re interested in sourcing more of your food from local, small scale producers, this is the event for you. Lots of family fun, food trucks, garden and green house tours, animal interaction and education, and hands-on activities. Check out for more information! And remember, these are real working farms so be prepared to get a little mud on your boots!

Other Multiples

Municipal Wide “Hard” Services: Services Related to a Highway Fire Protection Services Police and Other Facilmes Engineering Services - Studies

6,856 1,022 140 84

5,495 819 112 67

4,481 668 91 55

3,132 467 64 38

2,747 410 56 34

4.62 0.69 0.09 0.05

Total Municipal Wide “Hard” Services









Single & SemiDetached Dwelling

Non-Residential Apartments Special Apartments (per sq.ft. of Bachelor and 1 Care/Special 2 Bedrooms + Gross Floor Area) Bedroom Dwelling Units

Municipal Wide “Soft” Services: Parks & Recreation Library Services Community Based Studies Total Municipal Wide “Soft” Services

Single & SemiDetached Dwelling

Other Multiples

Apartments 2 Bedrooms +

Apartments Bachelor and 1 Bedroom

Non-Residential Special (per sq.ft. of Care/Special Gross Floor Area) Dwelling Units

991 71 219

794 57 178

648 46 143

453 32 100

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The by-law applies to all lands located within the Township of South Frontenac. A copy of the complete by-law is available for review at the Township of South Frontenac Office, 4432 George Street, Box 100, Sydenham, ON, K0H 2T0 weekdays from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM or on the municipal website at DATED at the Township of South Frontenac office, Sydenham, this 15th day of August, 2019. Angela Maddocks, Clerk Our strength is our community

4432 George Street, Box 100, Sydenham ON K0H 2T0 1-800-559-5862  Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm  •

August 15, 2019



Lumber Jack Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter

Asselstine Hardware

Windows & Doors

6826 Road 38, Verona ON 613-374-3400

25 Ton w/ Kohler 196 CC engine

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(613) 336-8416 13586 Hwy. #41 Between Northbrook & Cloyne

Home & Cottage Plans Available.

Couple illustrate what the Cloyne Showcase is about

Leane and Brian Bailey are an Ompah area couple who together are Art by Bailey. She works primarily in coloured pencils and he does pastels.

epending on the entrance to NAEC you used for this year’s Cloyne Showcase Art & Craft Sale, you may have been greeted by a pastel (chalk-based) portrait of Keith Richards. A little further in the display, there was a similar treatment of Willie Nelson. These are the work of Brian Bailey, a first-timer at the show game. Bailey and his wife, Leane, retired to the Ompah area three years ago and are


beginning to make an impression on the northern art scene. They work in pastels and coloured pencils and in fact, have been commissioned to do a mural for North Frontenac Township (to be installed at the Public Works Garage on 509 and S. Lavant Road). “We’ll be learning acyrlics for that one,” he said. “Pastels don’t stand up to the elements.” Brian has drawn for years, dating back



Take Notice that the Municipality has declared the land described below as surplus and tenders are invited for the purchase of the land and will be received until 3:00 p.m. local time on Monday, September 16, 2019, at the Municipal Office, 72 EDWARD STREET, P.O. BOX 89, FLINTON, ONTARIO K0H 1P0. The tenders will then be opened in public on the same day as soon as possible after 3:00 p.m. at the Municipal Office, 72 EDWARD STREET, P.O. BOX 89, FLINTON, ONTARIO K0H 1P0. Description of Lands: ROLL NO. 1134 060 020 36702 CON 7, PART LOT 32, GEOGRAPHIC TWP ASHBY, HARTSMERE RD; ADDINGTON HIGHLANDS DESCRIBED AS 1.83 ACRES Minimum Tender Amount: $ 13,500.00 Tenders must be submitted in the prescribed form and must be accompanied by a deposit in the form of money order or bank draft or cheque certified by a bank or trust corporation payable to the municipality and representing at least 20 per cent of the tender amount. The Municipality makes no confirmation of property line locations and sells the property without a survey. The Purchaser shall be responsible for all costs incurred or required to dispose of the real property including legal, survey, appraisal, encumbrances, advertising, improvements and administrative fees. This sale is governed by the Municipal Act, 2001 and in accordance with By-Law 047/1999. Note: H.S.T. is applicable to the transaction and is payable in addition to the tender price unless the buyer provides evidence of registration for HST and an undertaking to selfassess and indemnify the Township in a form satisfactory to the Township’s solicitor on or before completion of the sale. For further information regarding this sale and a copy of the prescribed form of tender contact: Patricia Gray – Deputy Clerk/Planning Secretary The Corporation of the Township of Addington Highlands 72 Edward Street, P.O. Box 89 Flinton, ON K0H 1P0 Telephone (613) 336-2286 Fax (613) 336-2847

to the late ’70s but somewhere along the line, he fell out of it. He’s just picked it up again since retiring. “I worked for Coca Cola for 40 years,” he said. “I went there in 1976 for a summer job and never left.” Leane was a high school teacher in Durham. They lived in Port Perry but opted for Ompah in retirement. “And yes,” he said. “I am a big Rolling Stones fan. We have a wall in our basement that’s all Rolling Stones portraits,” she said. “I did a bunch of them in 1978,” he said. The Baileys’ work is on display in the gallery at the back of the Shamrock Bakery in Plevna. And showing off the work of local artists is quite in keeping with why the Cloyne Showcase, now in its 47th year, began, said Katie Ohlke, NAEC art teacher and one of the organizers of the annual show. “It started out as a way for the night school adult students to showcase what they’d done,” she said. “And now, 15 per cent of the sales help fund the art program at the school.” And while many schools have art programs, not many get the support and emphasis NAEC gives its program. “It’s great,” she said. “The kids here are very artsy.

by Craig Bakay

“I think kids who grow up in the country here are more creative because they’re surrounded by nature.”

Continued from page 9 It is brewed partially from juice from Chardonnay grapes, and is called a beer/wine hybrid. The alcohol level is 4.3%, so it is not quite a light beer but getting there. It is kind of a perfect summer beverage, living up to the ‘summer in a can’ hype as far as I am concerned. It is fruity but not sweet, tart but not sour. I’d never heard about Yuzu, which is an Asian citrus fruit that looks like a lemon but is reported to be not quite as sour. It is used in asian and global cuisine. There is a brewery/ restaurant in Toronto called Godspeed that is devoted to a Japanese aesthetic. They brew a Saison beer that is called Yuzu, which and now Muskoka brewery has put out “All Eyes n Yuzu”, a pale ale with a slightly sweet citrusy flavour coming from the asian fruit. It has some hoppiness at the end but is more fruity than bitter. Another summer beer to remember, only available until October, according to the breweries’ website. Quick mentions - fans of hazy, grapefruity IPA beers should check out the DDH (double dry hopped) beers from Collective Arts Hazy State - 4.1% alcohol, Life in the Clouds - 6.1%, and Surround Sound - 8.2% - Finally for a light sour, Ebb and Flow (Muskoka Breweryu)

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Vol.19 No.32  

Frontenac News Vol.19 No.32 - Aug/15th

Vol.19 No.32  

Frontenac News Vol.19 No.32 - Aug/15th