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Cottage on Buck Lake goes up in flames

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by Jeff Green


urnt Point Lane on Buck Lake lived up to its name last Sunday afternoon, when a cottage went up in flames and was a total loss. South Frontenac Fire Crews from 5 stations rushed to the site after receiving the call at 2:45pm. They found “the cottage was fully involved and collapsing into itself” said Fire Chief Darcy Knott. The cottage was unoccupied at the time of the fire although people had been there that morning and the previous evening. Crews immediately began to focus on a brush fire that had developed as the result of the structure, and soon had split into two teams. One team worked on containing the 8 acre brush fire that had developed while the other team made sure that the cottage fire was fully out. Crews from stations 4-8 answered the call. The station 4 and 8 crews stood down rela-

tively quickly but the station 5,6, and 7 crews remained on the scene for several hours, not leaving until after 8pm. It was the first structure fire in the township since Chief Knott assumed leadership of the department on May 1 and he was impressed by the way the crews handled the situation. “The crews did a fantastic job and their commitment to the municipality and the fire department is very strong. It gave me a sense of pride and a little bit of peace to see how well everyone handled the fire,” he said, adding that the terrain made containing the brush fire a difficult task. Because the cottage was completely destroyed, Knott said that the there is no way to determine the cause of the fire. It has been listed as of undetermined cause and no further investigation will be undertaken.

OPP Officer opens up about PTSD


by Jeff Green

s part of the promotional campaign for third annual First Responders for PTSD fundraising golf tournament next month, a delegation came to Frontenac County Council on Wednesday morning (May 16). Frontenac Paramedic Services is helping to organise the event, and in addition to raising awareness the tournament raises money for K for Paws. K for Paws trains service dogs to help people dealing with various conditions, including autism, people with mobility issues, and people dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) The delegation included Elizabeth Bailey, founder and Executive Director of K for Paws, and Juliane Porritt, an OPP officer from the Napanee detachment. Porritt has a personal experience with PTSD that she had never spoken about in public before. Because the Frontenac News goes to press for the week on Tuesday night, before the county meeting takes place we made arrangements to talk to Officer Porritt over the phone on Tuesday night, giving her a chance to tell her story once before appearing in public. The following article is based on that interview. Juliane joined the OPP in 2010. She was 39, and had worked in social services for 19 years before joining the OPP. She also had a home life. With her partner she had had 5 children, two older children from her first marriage and three from his. Her social services background was very useful in her work with the Napanee detachment as police deal with many of the same issues as social workers face and she thrived with the department. She also volunteered for Northern Ontario placements in small fly in communities where the OPP and local nurses are the only first responders. She went up north for two week stints about twice a year. She has faced trauma throughout her 8 years on the force. "Over six years I had dealt with lots of incidents, car accidents, deaths, violence, I

have witnesses many horrific things with the OPP,” she said. But nothing had the impact on her that a single incident in April of 2016 did during one of her northern postings, while she was on the night shift “We received a call about a child who had been assaulted by a sniffer [glue or gas sniffer] but you learn quickly in policing that calls rarely turn out to be about what you expect them to be about.” This call also took an unexpected turn When she got to the location of the incident she heard a young child, a 6 or 7 year old, screaming. She found a boy who was wrapped in a blanket, and when they pulled off the blanket they could see that he had third degree burns on 40% of his body and there was strong smell of gasoline. He had been doused in gasoline and set on fire. They brought the boy to the nursing station and stayed with him for three hours until the ORNGE helicopter arrived to take the boy to

Juliane Porritt. Photo cbc the hospital. “He was awake the entire time,” Juliane recalls. She later found at that the boy is alive and


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has made a recovery from his injuries. From a policing standpoint, the call had been a success, Juliane received a 23310 for it, which is a positive note on her file for an exemplary job under pressure. Aside from being a bit teary and not being able to get rid of the smell of gasoline, she thought she was fine, until she got home a few days later. The first thing that happened was she forgot to fill her own vehicle with gas and had to walk home, “which is something I had never done” she recalls. Then it all came apart. “On my first day back on shift, I was working on the 401, and I went to a gas station to fill my cruiser. As soon as I started to fill the tank I went into a complete panic attack. They sent me home right away.” It’s been about two years since then, time that included a long break from work, and a couple of two week stints in Toronto for intensive sessions at the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health (CAMH) doing ‘wraparound’ therapy with s pyschologist, a psychiatrist and an occupational health therapist. That therapy, along with a lot of family support, help from the OPP, a dog named Thunder who was at one point the only reason she left the house because he needed to be walked, all made a difference. Julian has also had to learn to recognise and respond to specific stresses and deal with anger and fear, and it took trip after trip to the ghas station before she could do something as simple as fill up her car. All of these ups and downs have led her to the point where she is able to share her story. “This is something I will live with for the rest of my life, it won’t go away, that’s much I know,” she said. She also said that her journey with PTSD

has had some work benefits. “I think I am more empathetic to people with mental health issues. I realise you don’t always have control over your behaviour.” She also keeps volunteering to go up north twice a year, and on her own time she made contact with the boy who suffered the burns on that April day two years ago, and has visited him at his grandmothers house. One of her motivations for going public with her story is to help the public to understand that the public “does not need a scare factor when facing people with PTSD and other mental conditions. With treatment and support, we contribute just like everyone else,” she said, Her connection to K for Paws and the golf tournament came from a meeting Elizabeth Baily. That meeting led to Juliane offering to adopt and train a yellow lab, Scout, to be a service dog. Scout comes to work with her a couple of times a week and will stay with her until he is ready to be trained. “It costs $20,000 to train a service dog and they are provided to people who need them for free so K for Paws needs all the fundraised dollars they can get,” she said.

Fifth candidate in LFK election


ohn Macewen of Verona is running as an independent candidate for MPP in Lanark Frontenac Kingston (LFK) Macewen, is an issue-based candidate. He is running in order to bring public attention to, what he says, is a refusal by local building officials to enforce regulations. According to Macewan, enforcing regulations would eliminate the risk of radon contamination in homes throughout the riding. Macewen is also a vocal opponent of MPP Randy Hillier,

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Mischief plea R

Court report by Jeff Green

events that took place on the day Mr. Day visited. The Crown asked Judge Griffin for a suspended sentence and an 18 month period of probation. The defence noted that they could have taken the case to trial because there were “triable issues” to the crown’s case but that Mr. Day wanted to deal with the matter with no further delay. The defence asked for a 12 month period of probation. Judge Griffin took the middle path and imposed a 15 month probationary period. He also ordered Mr. Day to remain, at all times, more than 100 metres

ichard Day pleaded guilty to a replacement charge of mischief after his original charge of committing an indecent act was withdrawn. The charge stemmed from an incident that took place in the Missisippi/Snow Road area. Day attended at a residence to discuss the repair of a generator. While he was there he made graphic suggestive comments towards one of the residents, a woman whose first name is Erica. A couple of the comments were read out in court by crown counsel as part of the account of the facts of the case. Before sentencing, Erica made a victim impact statement. She said that ever since the incident she has found it difficult to leave the house for fear Mr. Day may be watching. She said she is now taking antidepressants and unable to live the kind of life she came to the area to live. She traces the onset of her problems to the

away from the victim. Driving offences deferred. Robert Moody, charged with driving with blood alcohol over 80 mg/100ml of blood and impaired driving, will return on June 18. Paul Sullivan, facing an ‘over 80’ charge, will return on July 16. Dwight Vanalstine, who faces 5 driving related charges, including driving while disqualified and driving with open liquor in a vehicle, is seeking legal aide and will return on June 18. Randall Kirckwood, is facing an ‘over 80’ and an open

liquor charge. He will return on June 18. Other ongoing cases. Mallary Kehoe faces 9 charges including: theft of a vehicle, break and enter, possession of stolen property, failure to comply with court ordered conditions, failure to appear in court, and 4 counts of driving while under suspension. She will also appear on June 18. Gypsey Villas and Jessica Villas are both facing 2 counts of fraud over $5,000 and will also return on June 18.

‘Star’ for a day by Jeff Green


anark Frontenac Kingston NDP candidate Ramsey Hart received some unexpected media exposure last week when he was identified by Progressive Conservative Party Leader Doug Ford as an NDP star candidate and said that his candidacy demonstrates that the NDP is beholding to “downtown Toronto” leftists. Ford noted that Hart worked at Mining Watch Canada for six years before moving to Perth and taking on the Executive Director role at the Table, a community food program, and called him an “extremist environmentalist”. At Mining Watch, Hart wrote articles about the “Ring of Fire” mining project. The project has been taking longer to come to fruition than politicians, of all stripes, would like. In his articles, Hart posed questions about some of the financial assumptions within the project, which requires that a highway be built in order to bring the ore south from its location northwest of James Bay. Hart also wrote about indigenous and environmental issues related to the project. Although none of the delays the project has faced have been associated with Hart’s articles, Ford said that Hart’s nomination demonstrates that, if elected, the NDP cannot be trusted to move the project forward. “He spent his whole career, his whole career, trying to close down mines. Who does that? Who targets people working at the mines?” said Ford.

May 17, 2018

Council urged to support postal banking services by Craig Bakay


ostal banking would be one way of providing more services to rural postal areas, protecting rural postal outlets and providing banking outlets to communities who don’t have banks, Diane Mitchell, national campaign coordinator for the Canadian Union of Postal Workers told North Frontenac Council at its regular meeting last Friday in Plevna. “Banks are closing in rural municipalities,” she said. “We had banking at the Post Office until 1967.” In January of 2014, Canada Post began a program which planned for the removal of door-to-door mail deliver from all residential addresses across Canada, she said. “Between then and the 2015 federal election, 830,000 addresses lost home delivery,” she said.

She said that CUPW has received broad support for expanded services at postal outlets including postal banking, senior check-in service, electric charging station and internet services. “It has been noted that 29 per cent of Canadians would ‘probably or most definitely’ use a postal bank,” she said. “One hundred and eighty-three of 201 countries have financial services through a postal bank and 1 billion people hold a chequing account in a post office.”

She said CUPW is asking rural municipalities to send letters of support for postal banking to Minister Carla Qualtrough. She also drew Council’s attention to a report, The Way Forward, that was created by The Standing Committee on

Government Operations following hearings in 22 communities. While the 185 page report made 45 recommendations,

Mitchell noted four they’d like to see adopted: • Continue the moratorium on community mailbox conversions and develop a plan to reinstated door-to-door delivery for communities that were converted after Aug. 3 2015 • Canada Post review the impact on efficiency of delivery before implementing strategies such as local processing vs centralized processing • Canada Post examine ways to provide more services and Continued on page 3 meet service level commitments in all types of communities using its existing retail network • Canada Post explore location-specific opportunities for post offices to act as a July 27, 1943 - May 20, 2015 community hub and respond to the local needs of its surYour life was a blessing, rounding community. Your memory a treasure,

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May 17, 2018



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Revisions to North Frontenac Zoning Bylaw N orth Frontenac’s updated Zoning Bylaw has gone to the solicitor for comments and a ‘final’ draft should be provided to Council June 15, planner Tracy Zander told Council at its regular meeting last Friday in Plevna. From there, a public open house is scheduled for July 13 and a statutory public meeting and passing of the bylaw is expected sometime in August. “We’ve been working with the feedback we received at the last open house,” she said. “We received 20 comments or so. “Next we’ll be focusing on revisions to general provisions and definitions. “I think we’ll bring you a document that’s very spe-

cial to your needs in North Frontenac.” Zander said hobby farms will be receiving a lot of attention, with the minimum lots size being reduced to five acres from 10. However, a new setback from water will be 150 metres instead of the current 30 metres. There will be new rules governing barn sizes and outbuildings. She said there has also been a lot of interest in keeping chickens. Another area of interest has been outdoor furnaces but Zander suggested that might be better served in a separate bylaw. They also plan to meet with logging companies to get their feedback. Residents are encouraged

Wildfire in CF C entral Frontenac Fire & Rescue (CFFR) called in Ministry Natural Resources water bombers and a helicopter fire crew to assist with a large wild fire May 14, 2018. At 1725hrs CFFR received a call from a resident reporting their power out and they could smell smoke in the area. CFFR located a large wild fire in a remote area between Mclean Road and Fox Road. Due to the size of the fire, remote location and the fire

threatening a large area of pine and cedar, CFFR requested assistance from MNRF. Due to the aggressive attack by CFFR Firefighters the fire was stopped before getting deep into the coniferous trees. The fire was declared under control at 2020hrs. CFFR returned to the scene this morning to extinguish remaining hot spots. The cause of the fire was due to a tree falling on power lines and igniting.

Continued from page 2 And on the PC twitter page, Hart was dubbed a “star” candidate.

When contacted, Hart seemed rather amused by the star candidate assertion, given that the riding is

not exactly an NDP stronghold. In the federal election two years ago, a popular candidate, Perth Mayor John Fenick, finished third with 14% of the vote in Lanark Frontenac Kingston. As to his connection with

SINCE 1970 to contact Clerk/Planning manager Tara Mieske if they have additional comments. Local governments will have more control over planning and appeals with the passage of Bill 139, the Building Better Communities and Conserving Watersheds Act, County of Frontenac community planner Megan Rueckwald told Council. For one thing, the Local

6674 Main Street, Verona Ontario, K0H 2W0


here really isn’t much South Frontenac can control at Johnston's Point until contracts are signed, Township lawyer Tony Fleming told Council on Tuesday night in Sydenham. Fleming said that until a draft plan of condominium is signed (ie, a legal contract), the Township has no authority to enforce conditions. Once said draft plan is signed, the Township can then assure that conditions set out in the plan are fulfilled to its satisfaction before sending its comments to the County, who then assumes responsibility for approving the final plan. “So, in terms of enforcement, we’re in some kind of legal limbo,” said Coun. Alan Revill. “The Township has no authority to enter onto the property or the ability to enforce conditions that will ultimately be included in the condominium agreement or the site plan agreement right now,” Fleming said. “The developer must still comply with Species at Risk legisla-

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policy and/or an applicable official plan. In matters of non-decision or refusal, the onus is on the applicant to demonstrate how their proposal would be consistent and how existing official plan policies and zoning bylaw provisions fall short. Plastic worms Dep. Mayor Fred Perry wants to see containers at boat launches for broken

SF lawyer on Johnston's Point

“downtown Toronto” leftists, Hart admitted to being Toronto raised “I did grow up near Toronto but haven’t lived there since I was a teenager. I’ve lived in Chiropractic & Wellness Southwest• Chiropractic Care • Sigma Instruments • Acupuncture ern Ontario, New Bruns- • Custom Made Orthotics • Graston Technique • SpiderTech Taping wick, Otta14253 Road 38, Sharbot Lake, Ontario 613-583-8998 wa.”

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Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) replaces the Ontario Municipal Board and will restrict appeal grounds for official plans and zoning bylaws to only matters of consistency and/or conformity with provincial and/or municipal policies/plans. The onus is on the appellant to set out reasons why a Council decision is inconsistent or does not conform with provincial

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tion, for example, and if any act on site affects habitat for such species, the MNRF has enforcement duties (but) we are not aware of any activity that has been alleged to breach this legislation.” Fleming said they are aware that residents have expressed concerns that within 30 metres of the water branches may have been trimmed and dead wood or other debris may have been removed. Council passed a resolution directing staff to return with a draft plan of condominium for passage at the June 5 meeting. Fermoy Hall The fate of Fermoy Hall is still up in the air. Council seemed in agreement that it is a building of historical significance but what to do with the $76,906 set aside for renovations and/or restoration is still in question. Councillor Ross Sutherland suggested the hall could be part of a larger initiative of eco-

plastic worms. Coun. Gerry Martin argued that such containers and corresponding signage should be conservation authority or lake association initiatives. “My guess is that Canonto Lake would like one for its boat launch,” said Coun. Denis Bedard. Council decided it was worth a try on as a “trial project.”

by Craig Bakay

The problem, he said is nomic development involving that you have a sidewalk, a bus trips from Kingston. “There are people coming trail and a roadway coming through Kingston that have together and accommodatnever seen a beaver dam or ing the needs of each has a school built in the 1800s,” proven difficult, especially considering the area is very he said. Council agreed that resto- busy do to the grocery and ration would be preferable to hardware stores. “What looks good on parenovations and instructed staff to take a small portion of per doesn’t always work out the funds to get some advice so well in real life,” he said. Segsworth said that they as to how much restoration do think they have a workwould cost. “If you really want to take a able plan now but warned bus ride past Fermoy Hall, be Council that the project will at my place at 6 a.m.,” joked be over budget. He said it was unlikely the Mayor Ron Vandewal. “I’m by there five days a week (in project will be finished by his capacity as school bus this weekend but expected things should be done by the driver).” Public Works Manager middle of next week. Mark Segsworth did a mea culpa on the Bedford Road work in Sydenham. “I want you to know that we’ve made a mistake and I’m not looking anywhere but in the mir13775 Hwy 41, Cloyne ON ror,” he said. Corner of 41 and 506  613-336-2038

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• Comings and goings included Debbie and Morgan Scott of Napanee, Roberta and Norman Buchanan of Perth, Barbara and Fred Akey of Hartington, plus lots of folks attending the church breakfast. • The Henderson United Church breakfast was over the top - and Ed Schlievert really rocked the French toast - it was some tasty. They made regular pancakes and also some with bananas cooked right into them - yummy.

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• Community Garden: Great outreach opportunity in our area! Help is needed with the community gardens in Inverary. If interested, please contact Christine Lavallee at or stop by The Cookery. • Annual Yard sale and Indoor Flea Market. One day only. Fri. May 18, 8am - 6pm Inside and Outside the Perth Road Village Sunday School Hall • Youth Event: Rivers Presbytery Youth Group Nature Hike, May 19th 11:30am-4:30pm, Battersea United Church (Lunch Included). A free event for youth age 10 and over. Please bring suitable footwear. • A fish fry will be held at Trinity United Church in Elginburg on Fri. May 25, 2018 from 5 – 7 pm. Adults: $15, Youth : $6. Children 4 and under: • Live Wire Music Series Youth Showcase presents its first Youth Showcase with the support of the Kingston Arts Council. These highly talented musicians between the ages of 15 and 20 are performing in a wide range of musical genres at the Octave Theatre (on Dalton near the 401 and Sir John A. McDonald) on Sat. May 26, 2018 @ 7:30pm. The line-up features six outstanding youth acts from Kingston, Sydenham and Sharbot Lake: Jessica Wedden, Kieran L’Abbe, Noah Pedersen, Oscar Evans Electric Jazz Quartet, Rosevi Mo-

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lina, and Sub Zero Paradise. Tickets are: $10 adult and $5 student, available at Brian’s Record Option and online at • Ken Garrett Memorial Park. Tournament weekend May 26th. Volunteers needed in the canteen – any high school students needing to fulfill volunteer hours are welcome! Email Shawn Pearce at • David Francey, the multi Juno Award winning singer and songwriter, is also an accomplished visual artist who is on a cross Canada art tour. He will be stopping in Inverary on Sat. June 2 and Sun. June 3 at The Rankin Gallery, 3248 Round Lake Road. David will be selling his original acrylics and prints and also releasing his brand new cd The Broken Heart of Everything. The gallery will be open from 6-9 pm on Saturday June 2 and 1-4 pm on Sunday. Free admission. For more information call 613 353-6650 or email alrankin@

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• Parks Canada has passed another significant milestone for the project to replace the Bobs Lake Dam at Bolingbroke as the construction contract has been awarded to Ross and Anglin Ltd.Construction could start as early as June.

MISSISSIPPI Pearl Killingbeck


• The first presentation of the Central and North Frontenac S.A.L.T. (Seniors and Law Enforcement Together) Committee will be take place on Friday, May 18th at the Snow Road Community Centre. It is hoped interested people from the surrounding areas will come to listen and join the discussion while enjoying the usual Friday morning coffee and treats Coffee is on at 10 and the presentation will start around 10:30. • The Spring Fling special dinner was great with about 35 people attending. The food was great as always. 6 people stayed after dinner and played cards. Rick Morey was the only birthday person. The next social dinner is June 13th. • The Ruckuzz band is performing, on Thurs. May 31, from 7-9pm at the Community Centre. Dont miss it. • Esther and Kip were host and hostess of coffee break on Friday morning. A nice array of goodies and coffee. Nice to see Janet Mrenica from Elphin and Ottawa out enjoying a cup. • May birthdays: Brandy Amrstong, Grayson McMunn (4 years old – aka Bob the Builder) Dylan Clement, Iven Hermer, my great grand-children Jaylene and Rheanna, Molly Hartin and Rick Morey, and Elizabeth Stuckbrothers (on Mother’s Day) • Hope all the mothers had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Lots of roses and chocolates, family time and phone calls. • There will be a plant/seed sale and swap at the Ompah Community Centre on June 2 from 9am-noon. Pack up your excess perennials and seeds and bring them to trade or sell. • The Elph Inn Express will be opening on Fri. May 18th. Entertainment on Sundays from 10-4pm. Come and hang out and enjoy the food, music, and atmosphere. • Elphin Presbyterian Church Yard and Bake sale at Elphin Church Hall on Fri. May 18 from 2-6:30pm. Proceeds to the church.

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As we get older, our senses of taste and smell decline. If this is a problem for you, try a small amount of strongly flavoured food at the beginning of a meal. This may stimulate the taste buds as well as the flow of saliva and could increase interest of the food to follow. Getting enough calcium in your diet is important for all ages. One food that may not be number one on your list is sardines. They are quite high in calcium supplying 370mg per ounce. When you eat sardines, you are actually eating the whole fish skeleton. By comparison, one cup of milk contains 250mg. They also have a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids which are good for the heart. Many people have trouble swallowing tablets and capsules. There are many ways to help. Here’s one of them. Place the tablet or capsule in your mouth with some water. Bend your head forward, looking at the floor. Allow the medication to float to the top of the water in the mouth then swallow. (Note: some tablets disintegrate quickly so you might taste some of the drug). Our skin ages in two ways. One is chronological aging which is an inherited tendency to age. The other is photo-aging or solar-induced aging which results from sun-exposure. You can’t do much about the first type but you can slow down the second type of aging with proper use of sunscreens, using proper clothing in the sun and avoiding sun activities between 11am and 4pm when sun is most intense.

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May 17, 2018



• Happy Mother's Day! Thank you very much to everyone for your best wishes, cards, flowers, etc. and those who came to visit me at Providence Care. It meant a lot to me. We are currently at Sharbot Lake Retirement and Retreat. Our new phone number is 613-279-3209. Thank you to Andrew and staff for the warm welcome. • I believe these birthdays didn't get put in last week so Happy Birthday to Tammy Dupuis, Florence Hymens, Arthur Barker, Katie Tryon, Marcella Sully, Jason Bernard, Louis Parr-Ashley, Matthew Barr, Paul Scott, Fred Hawley, Graham Hart, Emerald Fox, Kevin Merrigan and Maddie Tryon. • For this week, some birthdays are Blake Hawley, Evelyn Gray, Kourtnie Rochefort, Mackenzie Rose, Christian Matson, Mike Hawley, Heather Beattie, Sarah McCallum, Betty Fransworth, Sharon Price, William Lowery, Hunter Mallett, May Walton, Roy Beechy, Herb Clow, Archie Meeks and Maurice Woodcock. • Happy Anniversary to Marty & Kelly Cowdy, Betty & Keith Gaylord, Barry & Sheila Cathrope, Donna & Earl Brown and William & Theresa Lowery. • Mountain Grove Fun Fair is Thurs. May 17, 5-8pm at Mountain Grove Public School. Come out for a fun family night. • Thoughts and prayers for Marty Cowdy, Shirley Noonan, Madeline Burke, Vi Hole; and also for Archie Meeks who just went back into KGH. • The Grade 6,7,8 classes  of Land O’Lakes Public School in Mountain Grove are hosting a Bingo fundraiser on Thurs. May 31 to raise funds for the their year end trip. "Life doesn't require that we be the best, only that we try our best."


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• Many mothers were feted at the annual Mother’s Day Breakfast. Bright spring flowers decorated the hall, thanks to Kathy Young. Delicious food was prepared and cooked by the Ompah Community Centre and the Ompah Fire Fighters. One of the youngest at the breakfast was heard to say, “Yummy. Yummy. Yummy.” • June 2nd, the Ompah Community Centre is hosting the 4th annual Fire Extinguisher Day from 10 to 12. The Perth Fire Extinguisher Service will give your equipment the ‘once over’ to ensure it is in good shape. Don’t get caught without protection. • Also on June 2 a Plant and Seed Sale and Swap will be held at the Ompah Hall. Pack up your excess perennials and seeds to trade or sell to other gardeners. I know I have perennials that need dividing.

PARHAM-TICHBORNE Colleen Steele 613-375-6219 Christine Teal 613-375-6525 • Don't forget the Parham Anglican Church's spaghetti supper on Sat. May 26 at the Parham Fire Hall. • Hope all Mom's had a great day on Sunday. • It's great to see activity at the Ball Field once again. Good Luck to all our teams Kudos to those who have taken on the task of coaching teams. This Thurs. (yes tonight!) there are 2 games at the Parham Ball Field - 6:30 the Peewees play and at 830 the Bantams take the field. • Congratulations to Chase Matson's team for winning the B division and to Missy Thompson's team for winning the A division. Both teams graciously donated their money back to the kids. Thank you to all 8 teams for participating - it was a

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OPENING DAY & PLANT SALE at the Beach 9 am - 1 pm New vendors and new products! Local products within 100 km of Sharbot Lake:

• perennials • baking • fair trade organic coffee, tea • breakfast snacks • woodworking • Jewellry, Art, and Crochet • tie dye clothing • preserves • maple syrup • stained glass • fine woodturnings • shiatsu massage • Frozen naturally grown produce in season, grass fed & heritage beef, pastured pork, goat... and more!

We look forward to seeing you all again!

May 17, 2018



great day. • The humming birds are back at our feeders. • If you are out side anywhere, check for those nasty ticks. They are increasing every year. • Don't forget to start purging for the Annual Flea Market at the Parham Ball field from 10am-2pm on Sunday May 27th. • May 28th is the next Seniors Diner at Parham with cheesy chicken and broccoli divan, mashed potatoes, and cheesecake treats being on the menu. Be sure to make your reservations. This will be the last one until the Fall. • The Lions Club will be holding their next Breakfast on May 26 with the proceeds going to the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guide. • Thinking of you to Mary Howes • Happy Birthday to: Jan MacPherson, Heather Beattie, Janice Peters, Heather Gillespie, William Lowery, Jared & Logan Whan, Nicole Shorts, Jax Lofaso and happy anniversary to Natasha & Sam LoFaso..


Karen Brawley


• Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Victoria Day Weekend, and welcome back to the cottagers and campers that will be in the area! Be safe everyone. A little historical tidbit on why we celebrate Victoria Day, it always falls on the last Monday preceding May 25th to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Birthday. • Got any questions about the upcoming Provincial Election on June 7th? Contact Elections Canada at en.html • Regularly scheduled garbage collection for Mon. May 21st will be picked up on Tues. May 22nd. There are NO other changes to the garbage collection schedule. There are NO changes to recycling collection over this holiday. Green Bay WDS will be open Fri. May 18th from 8:30am-4:30pm then begin its Summer Hours: Sundays - 12:30pm-4:30pm Fridays - 8:30am-12:30pm The Loughborough WDS will be closed on Mon. May 21st. • Start the Car!! There’s a huge community wide-yard sale on May 26th in Stone Mills, 65 + Locations from 8am-3pm. The Stone Mills 4th Annual De Clutter sale, for info www. • New Leaf Link celebrating 10 years in operation! Please drop in on Thurs. June 7, 11am-2pm at Harrowsmith Free Methodist Church 3876 Harrowsmith Road. Admission is a goodwill offering in support of New Leaf Link. This year’s theme is fancy hats.

verona Debbie Lingen


• Verona Lions Club will hold their annual fundraiser, a Roadside Toll, on Fri. May 18, 10 am to 6 pm and Sat. May 19, 10 am to 4 pm on Road 38 at the Revell Ford Used Car Lot. Help support the Lions Club and the many worthwhile community events and activities that they support. • Verona Free Methodist are holding a yard sale on Sat. May 26th. The proceeds will go to the Community Care Team to meet the needs of the community. • The PCPS SAC Community yard sale has been rescheduled to Sat. May 26 at Prince Charles Public School from 8am-2pm. They are seeking Frontenac area residents that would like to participate as well. Table rental for the day is only $10 and a table is provided! They are also accepting donated items. Please contact Ali at, to register, donate or ask questions. • This summer, Main Street in Verona will showcase the gardening skills of dozens of volunteer gardeners in the Annual “Adopt-a-Barrel” flower growing competition. The Verona Community Association (VCA) has provided over 30 flower barrels lining Main Street, located in front of businesses, private homes and public spaces. Each of these barrels will be “adopted” by individuals or groups who will apply their gardening skills while competing for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and

5th place cash prizes of $300, $200, $100 and two $50. T. If you would like to adopt a barrel, please contact Tabitha at 613-929-5569. For complete details of the contest log onto

ARDEN Wanda Harrison


• LOLPS is having their Annual Fun Fair tonight from 5-8pm, at the school. • What a busy day it will be in Arden on May 19. The Arden Legion will be holding a 4 team Dart tournament with a $40/team cost. Registration is at 10am with the tournament beginning at 10:30. For more info please call the Legion at 335-2737 or Mal at 335-3664. • The 1st Annual Pike Fishing Derby will hold weigh-ins at the Kennebec Community Centre 2-7 pm. Tickets ($10) and info is available by calling 613-453-9918 or 343-363-7769. • That evening, at dusk, the Kennebec Rec Committee will hold their annual fireworks display, at the Rec Park (behind the Post Office). There will be a “free will donation” collected at the gates, and the canteen will be open for business selling popcorn, cold & hot beverages and lots of candy. . Bring the family and enjoy an evening out. • On Sun. May 20 the Wesleyan Church will host an evening of praise and worship with guests Mark and Sharon Alton. The evening of song begins at 6:30pm at the church. • On Sat.June 2, the Mountain Grove United Church Stewards will be holding the annual BBQ dinner of Steak or Hamburg. There will be a sitting at 5pm and one at 6pm. Make your reservations with Helen at 335-2700 or Judy at 2795673. Everyone is welcome. • Thinking of fellow journalist Marilyn and her hubby Archie, now residing at the Sharbot Lake Retirement Home. Give them a call cause I’m sure they’d love to talk to you.

CLOYNE - Northbrook Nancy Skipper

• The Parent Advisory Council is presenting their 2nd Annual Fun Fair at N.A.E.C. this Thur. May 17, 2018 from 5-8pm. Come out and support the students! • The yard sales have arrived! This Sat. May 19th check out the Land O’Lakes Community Services yard sale in front of their offices. After visiting the Community Services sale, pop next door to Fritz’s Car Wash for the to the Land O’Lakes Lions yard sale beginning at 8am The Cloyne & District Historical society will be holding their sale beginning at 9am at the Barrie Hall. The Catholic Church will be holding their yard sale at the rectory. • The Mazinaw Lakeside Resort is having a Campfire Sing a Long this Saturday evening from 7-10pm. • The Kaladar Hotel is never to be seen again. Join the CDHS to celebrate the sights and sounds of this historic landmark, so well- known as a gathering place for generations. This event is for everybody starting at 1pm in the Barrie Hall in Cloyne on May 21, 2018. • The Land O'Lakes Garden Club will be having their annual Plant Sale on Saturday May 26th at the Barrie Hall in Cloyne starting at 9am sharp. .

• The NAEC Parent Advisory Council is hosting the Flinton 3 Pitch Baseball Tournament on Sat. June 2, 2018 with a $200 entry fee. For team entry please contact Chelsea Robson at 613-336-1513. • The Lions are hosting an evening of dancing to great music with the “Ghost Riders” on Sat. June 2, 2018 beginning at 7:30pm $10 cover charge. • The Land O’Lakes Rescue Petting Farm has free organic fertilizer available. They will load it on your trailer or you can bag yourself for the month of May. Please call ahead and set an appointment for pick up. 613 336-0330.



• It's finally here! This evening (May 17th) is the 2nd annual Family Fun Fair hosted by the Parent Council of North Addington Education Centre, from 5-8pm. • A heads up from the New Apostolic Church to let you know there will be no Youth & Family Time at the gym for the next two weeks. • Tthere will be a Ladies Health & Fitness event at Vennachar Free Methodist Church with Melissa Flint, a personal trainer who has been in the industry for 15 years. The day starts at 10am and goes to 1pm, with lunch included. There is no charge for this event and there will be a couple of free prize draws. Wear comfy clothes and bring along a water bottle. RSVP with Angela, 613 333 1901 or bright.a@gmail. com, by May 22nd. • The Land O'Lakes Garden Club will be having their annual plant Sale on Sat. May 26th at the Barrie Hall in Cloyne starting at 9am sharp. •  On Sat. May 26th, there will be a Plant Sale & Craft Market at the Matawatchan Hall, from 11am-1pm, with maple syrup, crafts, gift wares, soaps, Nu 2 U vendors, a selection of plants, and more.  There will also be morning coffee and sweets followed by a soup and sandwich lunch..

GODFREY Stefan Duerst


• Join the 'Dinner and Dance ' Bedford Social Fundraiser at Bedford Hall, 1381 Westport Rd. on May 26th, from 6-11pm. Jeff Code and Silver Wings are playing their catchy country tunes! Adults $15, children $8. This is a non alcohol event. • The Godfrey township road crew is busy these days with re-surfacing Westport Rd. btw. Buck Bay Rd. and Garreth Rd. Please slow down and drive safely.

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May 17, 2018

PUBLIC NOTICE OF PESTICIDE USE FOR ROADSIDE WEED CONTROL The County of Lennox & Addington and three of its four Lower Tier Municipalities (The Town of Greater Napanee, Loyalist Township and the Township of Stone Mills) have engaged the services of Wagar & Corput Weed Control Inc. for the application of pesticide to control vegetation at all guiderail locations, and control noxious weeds along the following rural roadsides: County of Lennox & Addington Roads: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29 and 41. Town of Greater Napanee Roads: Goodyear Rd, Woodcock St, Oliver Sideroad, Bridge St W, Golf Course Ln, Switzerville Rd, Old Hamburg Rd, Oke Rd, Little Creek Rd, Big Creek Rd, Perry Rd, Chambers Rd, Ridge Rd, Storey St, Galt St, Huyck St, Benns Point Rd, Hambly Rd, Fitchett Rd, Abrams Rd, Hickory Ln, Townline Rd, South Shore Rd, Third Concession Rd, Ruuths Ln, Staples Ln, Road 1, Armstrong Ln, Bathurst St, Wellington St, Apsley Dr. Loyalist Township Roads: Brandon Rd, Sharpe Rd, Violet Rd, Shibley Rd, Townline Rd, Big Creek Rd, Withers Rd, McIntyre Rd, Ham Rd, Doyle Rd, Rees Rd, Irish Rd, Lucas Rd, Wing Rd, Chatterson Rd, Caton Rd, Clark Rd, Fairbanks St, Shane St Township of Stone Mills Roads: Bethel Rd, Goodyear Rd, Lake Rd (from Butternut Rd to Blue Heron St) The Contractor will be using the following pesticide: Clearview Herbicide, active ingredients Aminopyralid, present as potassium salt, Metsulfuron -methyl, (Reg. #29752) under the Pest Control Products Act (Canada), (Guiderail and Roadside). Gateway Adjuvant, active ingredients Paraffinic Oil, Alkoxylated alcohol non-ionic surfactants emulsifiable concentrate, (Reg. #31470) under the Pest Control Products Act (Canada), (Guiderail and Roadside). Credit Xtreme Herbicide, active ingredients Glyphosate, present as isopropylamine and potassium salt, (Reg. #29888) under the Pest Control Products Act (Canada), (Guiderail). Arsenal Powerline Herbicide active ingredients Imazapyr, present as the isopropylamine salt, (Reg. #30203) under the Pest Control Products Act (Canada), (Guiderail)

Commencing on May 28, 2018 (weather permitting) to June 28, 2018. The following areas will NOT be sprayed:  Roadside areas mowed and maintained as a lawn by property owners.  Minimum 10 metre buffer from source water and freshwater habitat.  Locations requested not to be sprayed by adjacent landowners. If landowners do not want the road allowance in front of their property to be sprayed they must register their request and post "NO SPRAYING" signs at the start and finish of their property. Registration forms are available at the County of Lennox & Addington offices and will require the landowner to enter into an agreement to manage all noxious weeds on the subject frontage.

For further information contact (collect calls will be accepted): Wagar & Corput Weed Control Inc., 613-938-2117 or The County of Lennox & Addington 613-354-4883 Further Information regarding weed control is available on the County website:


May 17, 2018


Township vehicle tour a hit with young families

by Catherine Reynolds oop Sandhu is a police officer with a golden touch. Watching with a smile as hundreds of children pour into the South Frontenac Public Works Yard in Sydenham for a rare chance to peer inside sophisticated equipment, Const.. Sandhu talks with pride about the special event he helped create last year dubbed Touch the Truck. “It’s a combined effort between emergency services and the public works department,” explains Const. Sandhu, Media Relations Officer with South Frontenac OPP. “Representatives include the Frontenac paramedic and police services and South Frontenac Township Fire & Rescue and public works department; roughly 20 vehicles are on display.” Standing beside Public Works Manager Mark Segsworth on May 10, Const. Sandhu credits the event’s success to Segsworth and his team who expanded the activity to include a charity barbecue. “Everyone here is a volunteer, they’re on their own time,” says Segsworth proudly, gesturing to the men and women cooking food and manning township equipment. “We’re trying to put the public back into public works.” Watching as dozens of children and families touch a fire truck, ambulance, police vehicles, boat, ATV and construction equipment, Segsworth notes with a grin, “It’s fantastic.” Const. Sandhu echoes that sentiment. “It’s good for us to get introduced to the community and for the community to get to know us,” he explains. According to the men, an awareness campaign by emergency services was combined with a spring open house by the public works department two years ago. The end result was a popular evening in support of the United Way Success by Six Campaign. “It’s pretty cool how much they have here,” says Megan Leavitt as she watches her children play in the cab of a


Township Of Central Frontenac PUBLIC INFORMATION SESSION


COMMITTEE OF ADJUSTMENT June 14, 2018 at 6 p.m. the Soldiers Memorial Hall, 1107 Garrett St. Sharbot Lake, ON.

COUNCIL MEETING Regular Council Meeting May 22, 2018 at 4 p.m. at the Olden Community Hall, 1522 Mountain Grove Road, Mountain Grove, ON. Regular Council Meeting June 12, 2018 at 4 p.m. at the Soldiers Memorial Hall, 1107 Garrett St. Sharbot Lake, ON. 1084 Elizabeth Street, PO Box 89, Sharbot Lake ON K0H 2P0 613-279-2935

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for everything and it’s good to know about other community resources. That’s the direction policing is going. To get people the help they need.”

nt p l sta u til in te 0 h . ba 0 t re $15 30 e to Jun

NOTICE – The public information session scheduled for 7:00pm on May 23rd, 2018 at the Soldiers Memorial Hall has been CANCELLED until further notice.

township snowplow. “This gives the kids an opportunity to touch the vehicles and see what’s inside,” adds Nicole Renaud of Sydenham. “They’re not as afraid.” Pleased with the evening, Const. Sandhu admits this special event will be one of his last acts as the detachment’s Media Relations Officer, a role he has held for the past four years and ends this June. “I’m going to miss all of the contacts I’ve made in the community,” he says fondly. “But it’s not like I’m going anywhere. I’m still with the detachment. I’m just in a different role.” Reflecting on his achievements over the past four years, Const. Sandhu says he’s proud of his accomplishments with community mobilization, a push by police to be more involved in the community and connect people with the right resources. “It’s been great meeting everyone,” he says kindly. “Police aren’t the answer Clara and Owne Vowles of

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Land O’Lakes Community Services Receptionist Land O’Lakes Community Services is accepting applications for a full-time, permanent receptionist. The salary range is from $14.00 - $15.00 per hour. Qualifications: • Experience in rural office setting • Excellent computer skills (Microsoft Office) • Experience in Website maintenance would be an asset • Ability to work effectively as part of a team • Excellent communication skills (Customer Service) • Secondary School Diploma • Successful Criminal Reference Check


Applications will be received until 4:00 pm May 25, 2018 Send to: Susan Andrew-Allen, Confidential Director of Programs 12497A, Hwy. #41, Unit 1 Northbrook, ON K0H 1K0 Or by email to

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Lemon pie, and maybe spirits, in Battersea


he night should have been dark and stormy, but it was neither. We had come, the six of us, to an ancient, reputedly haunted, definitely rambling stone structure that some say began its life as a fort. I arrived barely in time to sip my welcoming drink, before Jeff ushered us in to our assigned tables, though the noise level suggested that many of our fellow diners had been clustered around the bar for a while already, perhaps anxious about what might come to pass in the course of the evening. This had all started several weeks earlier, one morning when Cam and I had gone for breakfast at the Holiday Country Manor in Battersea We noticed that their coming events board listed the opportunity to “Dine with your Spirits”. Thinking that it sounded like a wine or perhaps Scotch tasting event, we asked. “That’s been sold out for ages, but we’re

Card of Thanks Thank you ~ Massey

I want to tell you how wonderful and kind all my friends, neighbours and families have been to me as I am leaving on May 15, and leaving them all behind. But I hope to be back to see them or them come to see me, often. They are the greatest friends anyone could hope for and it has been an honour to have known them. Your help has always been there for me. I love each and every one of you. It was a blessing to live in Mississippi. God bless you all. Ann Massey

OBITUARY Denison; Frances “Marguerite” (nee Woodcock) - Passed away peacefully at Westgate Lodge on January 28, 2018 in her 101st year. Predeceased by loving husband, Ronald, of sixty years. Devoted mother to Ronald (Odette) of Kingston, Donald (Helen) of Edmonton, Helen (Jim) Stafford of Napanee, Jean (Doug) Sedore of Flinton, Verna (Gary) Morrow of Kingston. Lovingly remembered by 15 grandchildren, 24 great grandchildren and 5 great, great grandchildren. She is also survived by her beloved sister Bernetta Mundell. Marguerite will be missed by her friends, nieces and nephews. Blessed with a long, healthy and enriched life she and Ronnie, after raising their five children, travelled extensively within North America and relished many retirement years spent wintering in Lakeland, Florida. Apparent to all who knew her, she enjoyed gardening, fashion, flashy cars and playing cards with family and friends. Her family wishes to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the dedicated, compassionate caregivers at Westgate Lodge in Belleville. Celebration of Life will be held at the Napanee Lions Hall on Saturday, May 26, 2018 at 2pm. As expressions of sympathy, donations may be made to The Salvation Army in her memory. On-line condolences and donations at BioCremation has taken place.


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planning to have one more before summer,” Jeff said. Then he explained that the evening included a three-course meal, and the presence of a local woman who is a medium, and who could bring some people messages from the spirits of departed friends or relatives. “I don’t know what to believe,’ said Jeff, “but some of the things she said were quite amazingly accurate according to the people she was bringing the messages to.” Jeff and Core have an ornate picture frame hanging on one bare stone wall. They don’t actually say it’s there to accommodate the hotel ghost when she chooses to appear, but neither do they deny it. And they know her name. ‘Charlotte’, I think they said. Once I had my fortune told by an old woman who grabbed my hand in a marketplace in Marrakesh, but it was altogether predictable: “Ooh, la, la! Amour, beaucoup d’amour!” She was laughing, but as if we were sharing the joke, as she snatched my money. I had never encountered a medium and was immedi-

OBITUARY PERO, Carol Elizabeth

(neé Jeffrey) -1946 - 2018 On May 9th, at the age of 71, Carol Pero of Verona, Ontario passed away after a courageous battle with cancer to spend eternity with her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Beloved wife and best friend of Bruce Pero for 47 years. Loving mother to Jackie Hasler (Shane) of Harrowsmith, Ontario and Scott Pero (Amy) of Lake Orion, Michigan. Cherished Nanny of Cameron, Ella, Tess, Peyton, Danika, Cole and Adia. Carol is survived by her 7 siblings, many nieces and nephews and other family and friends. Predeceased by her parents George and Helen. Family would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the staff at the Kingston Cancer Clinic and the Palliative Care Team. The family will receive friends at VERONA PENTECOSTAL ASSEMBLY, 6829 Hwy #38, Verona, on Monday May 14th from 1-3 and 6-8pm and on Tuesday, May 15th from 10-11am. A celebration of Carol’s life will take place on Tuesday, May 15th at 11am at Verona Pentecostal Assembly, followed by the interment of the urn at the Harrowsmith Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to University Hospitals Kingston Foundation (UHKF) - Cancer. In The Care Of TROUSDALE FUNERAL HOME 4374 Mill St., Box 264, Sydenham, ON K0H 2T0

May 17, 2018 by Wlma Kenny

ately curious, as were two other couples we spoke to. Cam insisted he would come along but only for a good meal. When everyone was seated, we saw that the only men in the room were the three at our table: all the rest were women. Everyone seemed a bit tense and very excited: the noise level was so high it was hard to hear the person beside you. While we were eating our salad, a young woman came in and introduced herself as Jeni Juranics from Elginburg, and briefly explained what a medium was and how she had come to understand that she was able to connect with spirits and bring messages from some of them to their living friends and relatives. This was different, she said, from a clairvoyant, who could see things as they happened in the past, future, or a distant place. She said she would be back, once we had finished our meal. After the salad we were served our choice of beef bourguignon, stuffed chicken or vegetarian (all superb), followed by lemon meringue pie — real lemon pie, made with fresh lemons. While we were finishing our pie, Jeni came

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• The Annual Yard Sale and Indoor Flea Market, for one day only, inside the Perth

IN MEMORIAM Always on our minds Always in our hearts We sure miss you. Herb Moyst March 13, 1976 Millie Moyst May 22, 2006 Clarence Bigalow April 22, 2006 Love, the family and friends

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in, and the room hushed. She closed her eyes, then began tentatively to describe a person whose spirit was trying to reach her. Looking around, she asked if anyone knew who it might be. As her descriptions became more detailed, someone in the room would identify a person they recognized. One was an acquaintance, sending a message to his wife, neighbour of the person in the room. Slowly, as one left, others came into the medium’s mind. Always, there was a message, often bringing comfort or advice. Once, to the medium’s surprise and amusement, a cat contacted her former owner. Sometimes there was laughter, sometimes tears. The evening came to a close around nine; the medium looked exhausted. Only a few of

the thirty people in the room had received messages: no one at our table recognized any of the spirits that were described. However, as we stood around outside afterward, we all agreed that the evening had been interesting, and we were glad we had been there.

Road Sunday School Hall, on Fri. May 18 from 8am-6pm. Please call 353-1690 to donate items or for item pick up. • Dance to the music of Country Artist Dieter Boehme and the Shotgun Band at the Golden Links Hall, May 19 from 7:30-11pm. A light lunch will be provided. Tickets are $12 pp. For information call 372-2410 • Harrowsmith Free Methodist Church is having a Commmunity Fun Day, May 25, from 9am-2pm. Free BBQ, huge garage sale and bake sale. Free Kids Zone and door prizes. All proceeds will go back to the community. • The Odd Fellows and Rebekahs are sponsoring a Turkey Dinner at the Golden Links Hall, May 20 from 4:30-6pm. For details please call 372-2410. • A Bull Head Fish Fry will be held at the Golden Links Hall, May 26 from 4:30-6pm. Cost is $15. Call 372-2410 for details. • The Sydenham Women's Institute invites you to their Spring Sale, from 8am-2pm on May 26 at the Grace Centre. Come browse the many vendors, bake and plant tables. Lunch of chilli or soup and bun for $5. Tea, coffee and a muffin will also be available for sale. • The Harrowsmith S and A Club are hosting a Community Yard Sale and free BBQ, May 26 from 8am-2pm. All are welcome. Learn about the Club's services, social events and athletic support offered to the community.. To book a table please call Pam 372-1578. • The 4th Annual Family Fun Run to support the Frontenac Fury Girls Hockey Association will take place June 10 at Centennial Park. This 1K/5K fun run/walk is open to everyone. A BBQ will follow. For information call Karen 376-3254.

Full cremation package as low as $1609.25* Compare & save today:


*lncludes cremation fee, arranging and co-ordination, preparing and filing permits/forms, local transfer of deceased and shelter facilities. vehicle transportation, cremation container, municipal registration fee, coroner fee, all applicable taxes.

Kingston-Cataraqui Cremation Services by Arbor Memorial

556 O'Connor Drive Kingston, ON Arbor Memorial Inc.


May 17, 2018


The Classifieds Ad Rates: Classified Text ads: $9.74 + HST per insertion for 20 words & under; 20¢ each extra word. Deadline: 4 pm Monday; Ph: 613-279-3150, Fax: 613-279-3172;


Stoves, washers, dryers, freezers, dishwashers. 3 months old and up. Sold with written guarantees. Fridges $100 and up.


At the lowest prices in the area. Trade-ins accepted on new appliances. Big selection to choose from. We Sell Gas Refrigerators


For good used appliances in working order or not, but no junk please. VISA and MASTERCARD accepted. We have our own financing also. Shop at our competitors and then come see for yourself quality at low prices.

Open evenings & 7 days a week. We deliver


Open Evenings & Seven Days a Week - River Road Corbyville, Just North of Corby’s (613) 969-0287


APPLIANCE REPAIR, Call Mark, Verona Hardware, 6723 Main St., Verona. Ph. 613374-2851


KALADAR AUTO RECYCLING. Winter tires & rims for most vehicles. Used cars available, $600 & up. We take trade-ins. Call us for car & truck parts, we have more than 400 vehicles. 11520 Hwy 41; 613-336-9899; 613-885-8644 KINNEY AUTO WRECKING Station Road, Kaladar. 4x4 trucks & parts for sale. Scrap cars, stoves, fridges wanted. 613-336-9272.


SALE OF ORIGINAL ART, photographs, landscapes, nature, greeting cards, birds, butterflies, sunsets & more. 10am-4pm this weekend, May 19-20. 613-336-8691


TONI & JP’S FLEA MARKET, 6107 Hwy 506 at Ardoch Rd. Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Something for everyone. 613-4790341


CENTRAL BOILER Classic OUTDOOR FURNACES can eliminate your high heating bill. Buy NOW and save up to $550! Call today 613-539-9073. CENTRAL BOILER OUTDOOR FURNACES offer the Classic, the Maxim and the New Edge. Your local Dealer, Wood Heat Solutions, Frankford, ON, 613-398-1611; Bancroft, ON 613-332-1613. CUB CADET lawn tractor $1500; other workshop tools OBO. 613-374-1262 FRESH BULLHEADS, $1.50/lb live weight. Norris Bait & Tackle, 8877 Hwy. 42, Westport. 613-273-6462 NEW HOLLAND 513 manure spreader, good condition. 2”x8”x16’ dry elm plank, stored inside. Stackable washer and dryer. 613-3582046 .


SHIPPING CONTAINERS: Seacans Storage Containers, 7ft 10ft 20ft 40ft 45ft Steel garden sheds call 613-354-8744 or online http://


1 BEDROOM in 4-plex in Kaladar. Call 416554-9746


GARAGE SALE: Monday May 21 starting 8am 12910 RD 38 Sharbot Lake. Furniture including Duncan Fife table and 6 chairs, Tablesaw, Books, glassware, MYOTT Staffordshire set of dishes, childs set of crystal dishes, numbered dishes, clothes and many other items. rain or shine. HUGE 4 DAY NEIGHBOURHOOD SALE, May 18-21 daily. Antiques, collectibles, contents from cottage sold; 14’ alum. Boat/trailer, 8HP Merc. Something for everyone. RD 38, Crow Lake RD to Badour RD, follow signs, rain or shine. MAY 19TH opens at 9am, miscellaneous items for sale. 4204 Holmes Road, Inverary (off Perth Road) SPYGLASS COVE, 1016 Schoolhouse Road, Clarendon, Hwy. 509. Open the entire Victoria weekend, including Monday. Open Tuesday to Saturday, 8am – 7pm, open Sunday 2pm – 6pm. THE TWO LINDAS are back with a third participant in our indoor yard sale at 1060 Village Woods Drive, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, May 19th, 20th and 21st, from 10am until 4pm, featuring furniture, tools, sporting goods, and mucho more.


FISHING LODGE on Crotch Lake, seeking Full Time Cook (experience preferred); Full & parttime house keeper/waitresses. 613-279-2530. FULL TIME SATELLITE TV INSTALLERS required for fast growing company. Installer must supply own vehicle, valid driver's license, tools, ladders, consumables, vehicle insurance, etc. Potential for income between $50,000 to $80,000 yearly + Bonuses. Evening and weekend shifts required. For more information please send a resume to: Admin@scheelcommunications. com or fax to 613-623-9992. No experience necessary; all training will be supplied.

The Township is seeking tenders from qualified Contractor / Firm(s), for the following:

REQUEST FOR TENDER RFT No. 2018-07 – Gravel Road Resurfacing Contractor/Firm(s) must have current WSIB and appropriate liability insurance coverage as indicated by the Request for Tender documents.

Has immediate openings for

Tender documents and the prescribed Submission forms, which include the Minimum Requirements and Specifications, shall be obtained from the Municipal Office, 6648 Road 506, Plevna, Ontario or by email at financialsupport@

Cooks, Kitchen Staff & Servers, Cashiers, Deli Servers And Gas Attendants.

Please direct any specific inquiries to Darwyn Sproule, P. Eng. Public Works Manager publicworks@northfrontenac. ca or (613) 479-2231 Extension 230.





Please contact Bill at 613-464-2155 or e-mail

Frontenac Vacant Land Condominium Corp. #70 Box 145, Arden ON K0H 1B0

Formerly known as Garrison Shores near Arden, ON invites tenders for the following:

Request for Tender #18-01 To clean shower room, outhouse and port-o-potty at the beach on the south side of the lake 1 day per week Closing date is May 24, 2018 For more information call W. Harrison 613-335-3186


FIREARMS COURSE – June 1 & 2, and Hunter Education Course, June 8 & 9, Tamworth. Call Bill, 613-335-2786 HUNTER SAFETY COURSE. ABC Hall, Bolingbroke, May 26,27. Call Glenn to register, 613-273-2571 or email gmrussell635@gmail. com

SERVICES Drywall Service Boarding, Taping, Painting & Texture Spray (Free Estimates)

Ardoch Ontario  613-479-8005 ANYTHING METAL FREE PICKUP: fridges, stoves, washers, dryers, ‘anything metal’ & electronics. Call 613-375-6377, leave message. CLEANING SERVICE Affordable and reliable with 15 years experience. Available for residential and cottage cleaning, Full or half days. Call Barb, 613-893-1317


B’S RADICAL RIDES Towing & Recovery. James Mills owner/operator. 613-335-5050; website:


SEEKING OLD WOODEN decoys; interested in buying, photographing & learning about their origins; and also old wooden carvings. Free appraisals, confidential, no hassles. 613-3766723 cell 613-888-9540 STANDING TIMBER, firewood, pine, cedar, bush lots. Free quotes, cash paid. Call 613279-2154.


RETIRED, Responsible, woman seeks longterm, affordable smallish home/winterized cottage to rent in Sharbot Lake area. Waterfront and woodstove/fireplace preferred, but not necessary. 613-876-8340, chookburke@

Support your local businesses Township of Addington Highlands Request for Quotation

Renovations, Carpentry, Repairs, Painting & Roofing Paul Gosse 613-335-4822 HANDYMAN, WILL REPLACE SINKS, taps, toilets, drywalling, any other jobs, cottage closures and carpentry. Please call Albert 613374-2079 PET SITTING SERVICES AVAILABLE. All you need to know at www.petsittinginmountaingrove. com Phone Laura Mills at 613-335-3658 or Text 613-583-3658 PHOTOCOPY, FAX & LAMINATION SERVICES available at The Frontenac News, 1095 Garrett St., rear building, Sharbot Lake. Competitive prices! 8½” x 11” - Black & White 25¢ ea; Colour copies 60¢ ea. 613-279-3150.

Addington Highlands Community Centre - Denbigh The Corporation of the Township of Addington Highlands solicits quotations from contractors for the construction of a new kitchen at the Addington Highlands Community Centre – Denbigh at 31 Central Street, Denbigh, ON. A mandatory site visit will be held on May 30th, 2018 and Tender Forms are available at the Township Office at 72 Edward St. Flinton, ON. Completed Tender Forms are to be received in the Township office, Flinton ON, on or before 4:00 p.m. June 27, 2018. For further information contact Ken Buxton, Facilities Manager at (613) 3362286

Election Day is June 7, 2018. Polls are open from 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. ET / 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. CT. To vote in this election, you must be: • 18 years of age or older on June 7, 2018; and • a Canadian citizen; and • a resident of Ontario. To find out where you vote, visit, check your Voter Information Card or call us at 1.888.668.8683 (TTY: 1.888.292.2312). Each voting location will have magnifiers, Braille ballot templates and other tools to help you vote. Don’t forget to bring your ID and Voter Information Card when you go to vote.

Lowest or any tender submission may not necessarily be accepted. The Township reserves the right to cancel the Request for Tender at any time up to the notification of Award. Submissions shall be submitted to the undersigned, on the prescribed form, in a sealed package, clearly identifying the document as: “RFT No. 2018-07 – Gravel Road Resurfacing” on or before 2:00 PM local time on Wednesday, June 6, 2018 Cheryl Robson, A.M.C.T. Chief Administrative Officer Township of North Frontenac 6648 Road 506 Plevna, ON K0H 2M0

For more information, visit, email us at or call 1.888.668.8683 (TTY: 1.888.292.2312). Disponible en français




George St, Sydenham

613-376-3441 613-376-6666

Get Ready

r e m m u S

NORTHERN HAPPENINGS listings are free for community groups, and will be published for two weeks. Donations to offset the costs of publication would be appreciated. Other listings are paid or are taken from paid ads elsewhere in the paper. The News makes every effort to be accurate but events should be independently verified by readers.

Thursday May 17 CLOYNE - 2ND ANNUAL FUN FAIR 5pm-8pm. North Addington Education Centre. Bouncy obstacle courses, Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo, face painting, tattoos, cake & pie auction, a silent auction and more! MOUNTAIN GROVE - ANNUAL FUN FAIR 5pm8pm. Land O’ Lakes Public School. Paw Patrol, Celtic dancers, cloggers, games, baking and silent auctions, Firefighters BBQ with poutine. Info - Kathy Barr 613-335-5500 SNOW ROAD STATION - MUSIC NIGHT WITH RUCKUZZ 7pm-9pm. Snow Road Hall. $12 at the door SYDENHAM - ESTATE PLANNING 3pm-4:30pm. Sydenham Public Library. RBC estate planner Glenn Alford will speak. Presented by Southern Frontenac Community Services. Free event, Contact Sandra Whaley 613-376-6477 ext. 308 SYDENHAM - LYME DISEASE - FREE EDUCATION SESSION 1pm-2:30pm. Sydenham Public Library. Mary Southall from KFL&A Health Unit will speak about Lyme disease prevention and treatment. Presented by Southern Frontenac Community Services. Info SAndy - 613-376-6477 ext. 308 SYDENHAM - SELF-HYPNOSIS FOR RELAXATION WORKSHOP 1:30pm-3pm. Grace Hall. Cost is $10 per person, per session payable at the door or free with a Southern Frontenac Community Services Membership $30.00. Transportation is available! Call 613.376.6477x 303 or Reception. Visit http:// to register online

Friday May 18

Saturday May 19

ARDEN - 1ST ANNUAL PIKE FISHING DERBY 2pm-7pm. Kennebec Hall. $10 pp, tickets available at SFRC (Harrowsmith) Asselstine and Verona Hardware stores, Two Eagles (Parham and Sharbot Lake) Amazing Dollar Store and North Fronenac Bait and Tackle (Sharbot Lake) Proceeds to Arden Kids Club ARDEN - DART TOURNAMENT 10am. Arden Legion. 4 person team tounament $40 per team. Info Malcom Sanoson 613-335-3665 or the Legion at 613-335-2737 ARDEN - PIKE FISHING DERBY 9am. Kennebec Hall. Weigh in from 2-7pm. Registration $10. Prizes for kids and adults. Ingo 613-453-9918 or 343-3637769. Proceeds to Kennebec Rec Kids Klub BATTERSEA -  FOOD, FAITH AND FITNESS FUN   11:30am-4:30pm. Battersea United Church. Are you 10 or older?  4 Rivers Presbytery May Youth Group includes lunch and a hike on hte nature child beside the church. RSVP Deb Flemer at 613-3531661 or CLOYNE - MAMMOTH YARD SALE 9am. Barrie Hall. Presented By Cloyne and District Historical Society GRIFFITHS - HAM SUPPER 5pm-7pm. St. Andrew’s United Church. Ham, scalloped potatoes, vegetables & pies Adults $15 Children  6-12  $7 5 + under free. HARROWSMITH - DIETER BOEHME AND SHOTGUN 7:30pm-11pm. Golden Links Hall. $12, Light Lunch info 613-372-2410 NORTHBROOK - CHARITY YARD SALE 8am. Land O’ Lakes Community Services. Al proceeds to Christmas hampers. Also sale at Fritz’s car washt across the parking lot. PLEVNA - JACK’S JAM 1pm-5:30pm. Clar-Mill Hall. All welcome. Please stay for the Pot Luck at 5:30 SHARBOT LAKE - YARD AND BAKE SALE 9am. St. James Major Church. The sale of sales for the long weekend

Sunday May 20

ARDEN - EVENING OF PRAISE AND WORSHIP 6:30pm. Arden Weslayan Church. Guests Mark & Sharon Alton. See You There HARROWSMITH - TURKEY DINNER 4:30pm-6pm. Golden Links Hall. PLEVNA - MORTGAGE BURNING SERVICE 3pm. River Of Life Christian Fellowship, 7064 Road 506. All Welcome   For Info.  Please contact Rev. Raymond Klatt 623-479-0333.

ELPHIN - YARD AND BAKE SALE 2pm-6:30pm. Elphin Presbyterian Church. Proceeds to the the church. Info - Barb 613-278-2112 HARLOWE - OLE TYME FIDDLERS 7:30pm. Harlowe Hall. Prizes, lunch, $6 non-members, all welcome, players, dancers, listeners and newcomers PERTH ROAD - YARD SALE AND INDOOR FLEA MARKET 8am-6pm. Perth Road United Church. Annual event, inside the Perth Road Sunday School Hall, on Friday. Please call 353-1690 to donate items or for item pick up. SHARBOT LAKE - FRIDAY NIGHT SUPPER 3pm. Sharbot Lake Legion. Join us for cards and visiting, followed by BBQ Chicken at 5:30. Licensed SNOW ROAD STATION - SALT AT COFFEE BREAK 10am-12pm. Snow Road Hall. Seniors and Law Enforcement Together, presentations of interest to Sentiors presented by the Frontenac OPP detachment. Joining with Coffee Break. Coffee at 10, SALT starts at 10:30

CLOYNE - HISTORY OF THE KALADAR HOTEL 1pm. Barrie Hall. Celebrate the sights and sounds of this historic landmark, so well- known as a gathering place for generations. Presentd by Cloyne and District Historical Society. Also monthly meeting. PARHAM - NORTHERN DINERS 12pm. Parham United Church. Cheesy Chicken and Brocolli Divan, cheesecake dessert. Reservations 613-279-3151 SHARBOT LAKE, ON - YARD AND BAKE SALE AND BBQ 8am. Sharbot Lake Pentecostal Church. Something for everyone

Sat May 19 – Tue May 8

Tuesday May 22

SHARBOT LAKE, ON - YARD AND BAKE SALE AND BBQ 8am. Sharbot Lake Pentecostal Church. Something for everyone

Day of the Pig is on


BBQs, Patio Coolers


Northern Happenings

stripped down Day of the Pig is set for Sunday at the Seed to Sausage retail store on Road 38 (12821) south of Sharbot Lake. After moving the popular event to the Sharbot Lake beach, expanding it and charging a $20 admission, Seed to Sausage owner Mike Mckenzie found himself too busy with other projects, in particular a new opportunity at a new high end mall in Newmarket, to turn his attention to organizing the annual event. In March he decided to cancel, but he re-

Monday May 21

BOLINGBROKE - CPHC DINERS LUNCH 12pm. ABC Hall. A hot nutritious meal and pleasant socializing. Reservations required. For those 50+. Cost: $10.00 cently had a change of heart “A few weeks ago I realized that people mighjt be expecting something to be going on, so we are back on, I have no expectations about it, it will just be a party for everyone who stops by.” This year there will be roast suckling pig, the store will be stocked, the Foley Mountain Playboys, Big Rig Brewery will be on hand with a selection of their best beers on tap, and their will be other entertainers. It runs from 11-4 on Sunday, May 19. There is no admission fee.

May 17, 2018

On Sale Now! Contact: Joyce Fleming at (613) 273-4832

Thursday May 24

HARROWSMITH - DINERS CLUB 12pm-2pm. Harrowsmith Golden Links Hall. Grace Hall. Wonderful meal followed by entertainment. A chance to meet new friends $11. Contact, Joanne - 613-3766647 - Transportation may be arranged for those who need it. SHARBOT LAKE - FARMER THE BAND 7pm-9pm. Cardinal Café. 1st night of summer Thursday music series. No cover charge, suggested donation to band ($5 or more) licensed.

Fri May 25 – Fri May 11

BATTERSEA - SALT TALK 11:30am-1:30pm. Battersea United Church. Seniors will receive some valuable information on how to prepare for local or natural disaster emergencies, and enjoy a hot free lunch, Call to pre-register at 613-376-6477

Friday May 25 HARTINGTON - CONCERT 7pm. Portland Community Church. Linda (Slater) King and the Warrens with accordion player Bill Broekema. Free will offering, light refreshments to follow. Fundraiser for the church SHARBOT LAKE - FRIDAY NIGHT SUPPER 3pm. Sharbot Lake Legion. Join us for cards and visiting, followed by Roast Pork at 5:30. Licensed

Saturday May 26

CLOYNE - ANNUAL PLANT SALE 9am. Barrie Hall. The Cuddy family in Harlowe have been most generous and are growing tomato, herb and other veggie plants for us in their greenhouse. Pesticide free. Also perennials for sale. CLOYNE - LADIES HEALTH AND FITNESS EVENT 10am-1pm. Vennachar Free Methodist Church. Free event, with Personal Trainter Melissa Flint, lunch inlcuded. Wear comfy clothes. RSVP Angela, 613 333 1901 or, by May 22 DENBIGH - PLANT SALE AND CRAFT MARKET 11am-1pm. Griffith & Matawatchan Lion’s Club. with maple syrup, crafts, gift wares, soaps, Nu 2 U vendors, a selection of plants, and more. refreshments GODFREY - DINNER AND DANCE 6pm-11pm. Bedford Hall. Bedford Social fundraiser. Jeff Code and Silver Wings. $15, children $8. A non alcohol event. HARLOWE - OPEN MIC 2pm-7pm. Harlowe Hall. Pot Luck supper, 5:30pm. Free event, donations welcome. Info - Marie, 613-336-2557 HARROWSMITH - BULL HEAD FISH FRY 4:30am6pm. Harrowsmith Golden Links Hall. $15 sponsored by the Odd Fellows & Rebekahs info call 372-2410 HARROWSMITH - COMMUNITY FUN DAY 9am12pm. Harrowsmith Free Methodist Church. Free BBQ, huge Garage Sale, Bake Sale, Free Kids Zone and a Door Prize Draw.  All proceeds go to our CommunityAssistance Program. HARROWSMITH - COMMUNITY YARD SALE AND OPEN HOUSE 8am-2pm. Harrowsmith Social & Athletic Club. To book your table, please call Pam at (613)372-1578.  Free BBQ. All are welcome. Learn about the services, social events & athletic support the  Club has to offer. INVERARY - TOURNAMENT WEEKEND 10am. Ken Garrett Memorial Park. Volunteers needed, email Shawn Pearce at youth.activities@hotmail. com

PARHAM - SPAGHETTI DINNER 5pm-7pm. Parham Firehall. $10, children 6-12 - $5, 5 and under free PARHAM - SPAGHETTI SUPPER 5pm-7pm. Parham Firehall. This supper got stormed out in our last big snow storm- so it’s been re-scheduled. The proceeds go toward a much needed oil tank for the Parham Anglican  church. PERTH - BE SEPTIC SAVVY 9am-12pm. Perth Civitan Club. Expert panel on local septic reinspection successes and challenges. $5. includes refreshments RSVP SHARBOT LAKE - ALL YOU CAN EAT BREAKFAST 8am-11am. Soldiers Memorial Hall (OSO Hall). $7, children 6- 12- $3, under 6-free Benefit for Lions Foundation of Canada, Dog Guides - Full breakfast,. SHARBOT LAKE, ON - CRAFT AND BAKE SALE 9am-4pm. Sharbot Lake Retirement Residence. BBQ from 10am-11am. Want to book a table? call 613-279-7799. Sharbot Lake Pharmacy will be on hand to receive expired medications for disposal. SYDENHAM ANNUAL SPRING BAZAAR,BAKE,PLANT SALE 9am-2pm. Grace Hall. Lunch 5.00 chilli/soup with bun. Tea/coffee/ muffin also sold. Presented by Sydenham Women’s Institute SYDENHAM - WILDERNESS NAVIGATION USING MAP AND COMPASS - LEVEL I 9am-4pm. Frontenac Provincial Park. Workshops on skills of reading and interpreting topographic maps in order to safely plot a course through the wilderness. Book your spot early! $25.00 (plus GST and Park fee). Meet at the Park Office. VERONA - BARDS AND BROADS 7:30pm. Trinity United Church. Songs from the modern troubaddoria tradition - stories, places, maids in distress and odes - guest bard David Archibald, including guest musicians Leslie Saunders, Janet Drew, and Nancy Mabee. Admission by donation ($10+ suggested) +  additional food bank donations collected VERONA - COMMUNITY YARD SALE 8am-2pm. Prince Charles Public School. Table rental $10. Info - VERONA - GIANT YARD AND BAKE SALE 9am2pm. Verona Free Methodist Church. 6804 Main Street, something for everyone. Presented by the Community Care team

Sunday May 27

GODFREY - BEDFORD JAM 1pm-5pm. Bedford Hall. Open mic, $2 admission, entertainers free. Info - Joanne 374-2242, Joan 374-5477 HARROWSMITH - COMPASSION CAMPAIGN DONATION 10am. Harrowsmith Free Methodist Church. Presentation of funds raised for “First Response Bags” Porgam and program description by founder Doug Vanderhorden. All welcome PARHAM - ANNUAL FLEA MARKET 10am-2pm. Parham Ball Field. SYDENHAM - WILDERNESS NAVIGATION USING MAP AND COMPASS - LEVEL II 9am-4pm. Frontenac Provincial Park. This one day workshop is designed to give participants time to build on the knowledge acquired during the Level 1 course. $25.00 (plus GST and Park fee). Time: 09h00 to 16h00. Meet at the Park Office.

Monday May 28

PARHAM - DINERS CLUB 12pm. Parham United Church. Senior’s lunch presented by Rural Frontenac Community Services. Cheesy chicken. Last diners of the season. Reservations 613-279-3151

Book launch for author Shauna Mathison


ove You to the Moon is Shauna Mathison’s first book of poetry for children, and it reflects her exploration of the universal aspects of children that can be hidden when the differences between us become the focus. She has written 5 books, the first ones were in the junior fiction/fantasy genre, and after ths book of poetry she is working on her first adult novel. Her last two books, including Love You to the Moon, have been published by Pemmicon Press, a Metis press out of Winnipeg.

“Love you to the Moon is for an about children. It’s one long poem that is more impressionistic than anything else Shauna has written, looking into a diversity of family makeups and fosering acceptance of difference. It is illustrated by her as well. She will be holding a book launch at the Cardinal Cafe on Saturday, May 26 from 1-4pm, which will include a number of readings from her new work.


May 17, 2018


Kingston Area Seed System Initiative by Craig Bakay


e’re on a mission and the word is spreading,” said Nancy Roantree of the Kingston Area Seed System Initiative (KASSI), who, along with fellow mission specialist Dianne Dowling, was at the opening of the Frontenac Farmers Market in Verona Saturday. Their ‘mission’ is essentially to collect seeds and share them through a local network. “We’re here to encourage people to consider seed saving,” said Dowling. “It’s a growing, self-sustaining movement.” To that end, they have a multi-facetted approach ranging from workshops, lectures and seminars, to an annual seed swap (Seedy Saturday in March, which has had to move to a larger venue every couple of years) to community gardens to having farmers grow plants specifically for seed.

“We have three local seed companies we’re involved with (Bear Root Gardens in Verona, The Mountain Grove Seed Company and Kitchen Table Seed House on Wolfe Island) but we’d like to have more,” Dowling said. “We’d like to encourage farmers to set aside some land to grow seeds for a small stipend.” “To me, clean, open-pollenated, nonpesticide, tastier plants that you can harvest is a worthwhile project,” said Roantree. The first Seedy Saturday was held on Wolfe Island in 2008. KASSI itself began in 2011as an incorporated not-for-profit but the original movement began in the 1960s as large corporations started taking over small regional seed companies. Often that meant that seeds that were naturally selected by our ancestors for more than12,000 years were being pat-

ented by corporations. KASSI estimates that 10 corporations control 67 per cent of global proprietary seed. And corporations generally conduct research (often by co-opting public institutions) that support their commercial interests, rather than the interests of the public. “By growing open-pollenated heirloom varieties and conserving their seed, we serve as responsible stewards of our seed heritage,” said Dowling. For more information or to become involved, visit their website at

Dianne Dowling and Nancy Roantree were at the Frontenac Farmers Market opening to drum up support for the Kingston Area Seed System Initiative. The seeds they’re packaging up here are dwarf french marigolds.



MUNICIPAL SERVICES – MAY 16, 2018 - 2:00 PM We apologize in advance for the temporary disruption of services on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 from 2:00 pm until closing. The disruption will allow for the replacement of some equipment. Your patience during this process is appreciated.

BALL HOCKEY PLAYERS WANTED! Registration is available at Please register ASAP if you plan on playing this season. Only $85 for 8 weeks of fun. *If we reach 150 registrations the Arena with support @KFLAHealthyKids we will hold a draw to cover the costs of 25 kids. #Poweroffandplay

TEMPORARY CLOSURE OF TOWNSHIP OFFICES All Township offices and garages will be closed on Thursday, May 24, 2018 from 12:00 noon until 1:30 pm for a Staff Recognition luncheon. TEMPORARY ROAD CLOSURE - BEDFORD ROAD CONSTRUCTION In the interest of public safety for the completion of the underground works for the Bedford Road Project, a full road closure each day from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm will be required. This will be in effect from May 22, 2018 to June 1, 2018. Detours along Alton Road, Walker Road and Church Street will be visibly signed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact David Holliday at 613-376-3027 Ext 3333 OUR RECREATION DEPARTMENT HAS MOVED! The South Frontenac Recreation Department is now located at our 2490 Keeley Road site. Contact information and phone numbers remain the same. See “Things To Do” for more information about registration.

Open for Business ATTENTION VENDORS – SIGN UP FOR NOTIFICATION OF TENDERS AND RFP’S Check out the new feature on our website – Town Hall/Tenders, sign up for email notifications when tenders and request for proposals are issued or amended.

LIVING HERE MAY LONG WEEKEND – CHANGES TO GARBAGE COLLECTION Regularly scheduled garbage collection for Monday, May 21 will be picked up on Tuesday May 22. There are NO other changes to the garbage collection schedule. The Green Bay Waste Disposal Site will be open Friday, May 18 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm then begins its summer hours of Sundays 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm and Fridays, 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. The Loughborough Waste Disposal Site will be closed on Monday May 21. WISHING YOU ALL A SAFE AND FUN START TO A WONDERFUL SUMMER AND PLEASE REMEMBER TO RECYCLE. PRIVATE LANE UPGRADING ASSISTANCE PROGRAM The deadline for applications for the 2018 Private Lane Assistance Program is June 8, 2018. Application forms and details available on the Township website – see Living Here/Road and Parking/Public Road/Private Lane Standards. HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE DEPOT – SUMMER HOURS The depot will be open EVERY Thursday from 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm until Thanksgiving. Please remember that accepted items are hazardous materials, small electronics and bale wrap only. A full listing of accepted materials may be found on our website under Living Here/Solid Waste/Recycling/Household Hazardous Waste.


SWIM & DAY CAMP REGISTRATION On-line registration now available. In person registration can also be done at that time at the NEW location for Recreation – 2490 Keeley Road. Keep an eye on our website for further information


& Day Camp

Offered at the Point and Gilmour Beach

SESSION ONE (1)*: July 3 to July 13, 2018

(No programs on July 2 - Civic Holiday)

SESSION TWO (2): July 16 to July 27, 2018 SESSION THREE (3)*: July 30 to August 10, 2018

(No programs on August 6 - Civic Holiday)

SESSION FOUR (4): August 13 - August 24, 2018 Cost: $240/Sessions 2&4, *$216/Sessions 1&3 Fees are based on 8 hour days - 8:00 am to 4:00 pm for earlier drop off times and later pick up times, check with the Site Coordinator. An additional $5.00 for every 15 minutes will be charged for any time beyond the 8 hours.

Swim Lessons

Offered at the Point, Gilmour Beach and ** McMullen Beach.

Level 1 - 11:30 am to 12:00 pm Level 2 - 11:00 am to 11:30 am Level 3 - 10:30 am to 11:00 am Level 4 - 10:00 am to 10:30 am Levels 5 and 6 - 9:45 am to 10:30 am Levels 7/8/9/10 - 9:00 am to 9:45 am Costs: $53.00 for two week session Bronze Cross & Bronze Medallion Courses - 7:00 am to 9:00 am. (Only offered at The Point) Costs: $120.00 (does not include manual) ** Swim Lessons at McMullen Beach may be cancelled or relocated to The Point if enrollment is low. Please register early and contact the Camp Coordinator for more information. campcoordinator@

Registration for Township Swim and Day Camp will be available April 30, 2018. The link for registration will be available on our website on Things to Do - Swim and Daycamps page. Register early to secure your spot.

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Our fun, learn-to-swim program for children ages five and older. This 10-level program helps swimmers develop the five main swimming strokes - front crawl, back crawl, elementary back stroke, breast stroke, and sidestroke - which supports learning how to be safe in, on, and around the water.

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Garden Centre

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Open 7 Days a Week

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Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm Sat: 8am-5pm. Sun: 9am-4pm

Mon. - Fri. 7 - 5, Sat. 8 - 5, Sun. 9 - 2

Foster parents needed, especially for teens W

by Jeff Green

ver the weekend of May 12 and 13, the OPP, Frontenac Detachment received several complaints of Break and Enters that occurred to five (5) separate cottages on laneways around Thirty Island Lake which is located on the east side of Highway 38 south of Westport Road in South Frontenac Township. Sometime on May 11, culprit(s) entered sheds and cottages and stole several

(613) 336-8416 13586 Hwy. #41 Between Northbrook & Cloyne

Home & Cottage Plans Available.

A gift to the township

“The open house in Sydenham will be a low-key, drop in event. We’ll have lots of people there, including some foster families, to answer questions and pass on information and their own stories. We are only looking for a beginning with people who come out. There is no rush since we are looking to establish long term relationships with foster families,” she said. Steve Woodman, Executive Director of FACSFLA, said “opening a home and heart to a child or youth that [people] do not know is a big request. It isn’t for everyone. But some of the people hearing or reading about this would find their lives profoundly enriched by the experience of being a foster parent, of providing a stable loving environment for those who so desperately need it.” FACSLFA has developed a website for prospective foster families, which spells out the 5 steps to becoming a foster parent. The first step is to contact the agency, which can be done by calling Tarra at 613545-3227 ext. 5610 or to come out to the open house on May 29. Cathy Owen of Red Dragon Studio presents Mayor Ron Higgins with one of her watercolours, Open houses have been held in North Frontenac Bygone Days, “a gift to the Township to say thank you,” she said. Photo/Craig Napanee and Kingston, and this first one Bakay in Sydenham will also produce an opportunity for community members to visit the new FACSLFA office, which is being shared with the Maltby Centre (formerly Pathways for Children and Youth). “Many people who read about this will not be interested, or in the right circumstances to become a foster parent, but we are hoping that they might know someone who is and will pass the information along to them,” said John Suart.

Break-ins on 13 Island Lake


Windows & Doors

6826 Road 38, Verona ON 613-374-3400

Now Open

hile the staff at FACSFLA (Family and Children’s Services of Frontenac Addington) have been working hard for many years to provide the kinds of resources and supports that families in crisis need in order to keep children in the family home wherever possible, the fall back plan of placement in a foster home remains an important option for about 200 children in Kingston, Frontenac Lennox and Addington. Establishing and maintaining Foster families is always a challenge. To meet that challenge FACSFLA is going to be holding a drop in event at their new Sydenham office on Tuesday May 29 from 7-9pm. The office is in the former medical centre at 2876 Campbell Road, across from the ambulance station. “Our catchment area is all of Kingston Frontenac and Lennox and Addington,” said John Suart of the FACSFLA communications department, “which is a large geographic area, the size of Prince Edward Island, so we need to reach out to the communities to try and build up as big and diverse a pool of potential foster families as we can to be able to serve the very specific needs of the children in our care. The number of children in foster care continues to decline, and the need for placement is greatest among the teenage population.” Becoming a Foster Parent is a major commitment, and Tarra Williamson, the foster family recruitment lead for the agency, stresses that the first step is for interested people to learn about what is involved in fostering.

May 17, 2018

items including trailers, and boats on trailers. Estimated loss of property and damage is approximately $25,000. The police are continuing to investigate these thefts and are seeking assistance from the public. If anyone has any information they are being asked to contact the Frontenac OPP Detachment at 1-888310-1122.

Golf Club By popular demand

Wing Night


for the season. Join us at 5 pm Thursdays Call us for a tee time at 613 374 3404 or book online through our website at 7359 Rd. 38 Verona.



Accepted Waste Materials From the House: •  Arts and crafts supplies •  Metal Polish •  Drain opener •  Oven cleaner •  Household cleaners •  Photo Chemicals

•  Roofing Tar •  Spot remover •  Floor Cleaner / Polish •  Expired Prescriptions •  Batteries •  Unbroken Fluorescent bulbs / tubes

From the Garage: •  Antifreeze and Radiator fluid •  Gasoline / Diesel Fuel •  Motor Oil •  Brake / Transmission Fluid •  Paint Stripper •  Car Batteries

•  Paint Thinner / solvents •  Car wax / Polish •  Paint •  Carburetor Cleaners / Degreasers •  Spray Paint / Stains / Varnish •  Wood Preservative

From your Lawn and Garden: •  Coal Tar Based driveway sealer •  Pool Chemicals •  Pesticides •  Rust Preventative •  Herbicides / Weed Killers •  Sealants

Not Accepted: •  Waste from Commercial •  Businesses •  Explosives •  Ammunition or flares

•  Freon Tanks •  PCB Waste •  Tires •  Electronics

Saturday July 14, 2018 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. INTERSECTION OF ROAD 38 AND HWY #7 SHARBOT LAKE RESIDENT DOCUMENTATION REQUIRED • Driver’s License • Central Frontenac • Tax Bill

No.18 Vol.19  

Frontenac News No.18 Vol.19 - May 17/18

No.18 Vol.19  

Frontenac News No.18 Vol.19 - May 17/18