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May 15, 2014

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Museum planned for Hartington

South Frontenac Council May 13 by Wilma Kenny


Aboriginal astronomer Frank Dempsey (far right) with members of the North Frontenac Economic Task Force and local night sky enthusiasts at the North Frontenac Star Gazing Pad near Plevna on May 10.

An Aboriginal interpretation of the dark skies near Plevna by Julie Druker


small but enthusiastic group of star gazers gathered at the North Frontenac Star Gazing Pad near Plevna on May 10 to learn about how Aboriginal Canadians interpret the dark skies. Avid astronomer Frank Dempsey made a special trip from Pickering to inform star gazers on the subject. Dempsey, who is a professional meteorologist and has a master’s degree in astronomy, focused his talk on constellation mythology and sky lore as seen by different First Nations across Canada. Dempsey is Ojibway and a member of the Dokis First Nation, which is located near the French River. He has been researching a First Nations perspective on astronomy and has written numerous articles on the subject. Main line astronomy is normally based on Greek origins with many constellations named for Greek gods and goddesses, but Dempsey said that the Greek mythological sky lore often involves myths based around emotional violence and jealousy. “Native mythology tends to be more oriented towards geographical and climatological perspectives with many different regional variations depending on if you are looking at native people living on the west coast, the great plains, the great lakes or the south western desert of the United States. Each group will have slight variations on similar constellation mythology based on their local climate, the animals they rely on for sustenance and their specific agricultural practices,” he said. Citing for example the different Aboriginal interpretations of the constellation known as the Great Bear or the Big Dipper, Dempsey explained four different variations on the legends relating to it. The first tells of the spring bear hunt; a second is the legend of the fisher in the Ojibway culture and tells of the birds of summer being locked up as a result. A third interpretation is the Navajo legend that tells of the male and female figures that revolve around the fixed fire star represented by the star Polaris. Similarly in Alabama and other areas of the Southern US, the Big Dipper or Great Bear constellation is thought of as the great canoe and by others as a caribou or elk being pursued by three hunters. Dempsey cited the constellation Corona Borealis, “a very interesting little ring of stars” that he said is “well named by

the Greeks since its formation resembles a corona, which in Greek means crown.” Dempsey explained that in certain North American Aboriginal mythologies the constellation represents a sweat lodge; in others a hole in the sky; and in still others it is the spider man or spider woman’s lodge since the grouping can be likened to a web. He cited the constellation Scorpius in the southern sky, also well named by the Greeks but for the Navajo it represents the first big man and how the scorpion’s tail is interpreted as the tracks of a rabbit. Similarly the constellation Sagittarius, named in Greek for the archer, is named a bear in the Navajo and Pawnee mythologies. Dempsey explained that some native cultures have welldocumented sky mythologies due to the fact that either priests or archeologists from as long as 200 years ago recorded these mythologies. Dempsey said that for him personally an Aboriginal interpretation of the skies offers a more natural way to see the sky. “It can be much more relevant to the people that live here as compared to a Greek interpretation.” At the star pad Dempsey set up his Schmidt-Cassegraine telescope, a compact and light weight telescope that is powerful but easy to transport. As the night sky began to darken he first focused his lens on Jupiter, one of the first lights to appear in the north-western sky and guests had a chance to get a close up look at the huge planet, its two dark bands and its four moons. Dempsey said the weather for the event was ideal. “We’re in the east side now of a high pressure ridge, which means the clouds are disappearing and though there is a bit of a wind, which is not ideal, it helps keep dew from forming on the lenses.” Dempsey was invited to the star pad to speak by Guy Nason, a member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and an avid astronomer who was consulted on the building of the pad and who owns his own observatory on Kashwakamak Lake. Dempsey is an old friend of Nason’s and when the latter was asked by Betty Hunter to suggest someone to give an Aboriginal interpretation of the skies above Plevna, Dempsey came to mind first.

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All-candidates meetings: Arden, May 26 Kennebec Hall 7 pm Verona, June 2, Lions Hall 7 pm

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ouncillor John McDougall brought a recommendation from the Portland and South Frontenac Recreation Committees, that: “The Township of South Frontenac proceed with the necessary steps to turn the old stone school at Hartington into a museum, under the management of the Portland District and Area Heritage Society and the supervision of the facilities manager and the CAO of the Township.” The report went on to list eight ‘next steps,’ beginning with confirmation of the structural integrity of the building. Deputy Mayor Vandewal said he would support the proposal only if the museum were to represent the whole township. McDougal noted that one of the ‘next steps’ stipulated that there be discussions with other SF heritage organizations to ensure that the new Township of South Frontenac Museum reflects all four districts in its displays. There was general agreement that it would not be desirable or practical to have four separate museums in the Township. Councillor Barr spoke for the Bedford Historical Society, saying that some were in agreement with a museum at Hartington, while others were not. Stowe asked whether the stone schoolhouse was big enough for a museum, or whether an addition might be necessary. At this point the meeting was briefly opened to the public: speaking for the members of the Portland Heritage Society, many of whom were present, the Chair said they fully intend to include the whole Township in the project. Fran Willis spoke of a group meeting several years ago to discuss a Sydenham museum, but nothing came of it. (Neither Loughborough nor Storrington has an active historical society, though the Sydenham Womens’ Institute has maintained some written history in their Tweedsmuir Histories.) Council agreed that the groupd contnue to follow the steps they have laid out, which incliuds ensring the buildings viabilitya ndn seeking funding, among other things. Hydro One Requests Garlon Approval Further to their presentation to Council on January 28, which was favourably received, Hydro One has asked for formal approval to use Garlon RTU as part of its vegetation management program. In their letter, Hydro One states: “Our technicians plan their work to accommodate timing, restrictions and buffers associated with sensitive species and habitat, organic farming operations, apiaries, and the concerns of local citizens.” Public Works Manager Segsworth said that Hydro One has seemed to take their vegetation control work seriously, and follow the precautions associated with the use of herbicides. Councillor Naish asked whether the Township should consider using Garlon on the roadsides. Segsworth said the Township had stopped using herbicides several years ago, with the exception of controlling two dangerous plants: wild parsnip and poison ivy. Otherwise, brush cutting and mowing has kept roadsides clear. Sale of Municipal Land: Inverary resident Doug Amy has requested to buy a 100-acre parcel of township land (west half of lot 14, concession 9, Bedford), in order to have access to his abutting property. After a brief discussion, Council agreed they would be willing to dispose of this property: staff will provide more information on the process necessary to accomplish this.

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may 15, 2014


Local campaign slowly getting underway; and what is Hudak up to? by Jeff Green


hile local election campaigns have been slow to ramp up, Kathleen Wynne and Tim Hudak have already set up a polarizing debate that each hopes will lead to their own success. Wynne went first. She put out a left-leaning budget, fully expecting to campaign on it, and then began the campaign by scuffling with the federal government over her proposed pension plan. Her plan is to establish herself as the one politician standing in the way of Conservative governments in both Toronto and Ottawa, an attempt not only to tie Tim Hudak to Stephen Harper, but also to wrestle votes from the NDP. It is only a matter of time before she begins saying that Ontarians who vote NDP will only be helping Tim Hudak win the election. What did Hudak do? He decided to play Wynne’s game, in spades. In what will likely be the one key manoeuvre in the campaign, he aligned himself not only with the Federal Tories but with the much maligned Michael Harris record in Ontario, by announcing he plans to cut 100,000 civil servants, mostly from the education sector, in his first two years of office. The move is risky; he might have won the campaign by continuing to attack the Liberal record and offering small c platitudes about fiscal responsibility. If this job cuts promise works for him, however, he will have won the campaign on his own terms and will be leading a new Hudak revolution in Queen’s Park. If it fails, and anything short of a major-

sored by the Friends of Arden. The second ity for the Conservatives will be a failure, it is on Monday, June 2, 7pm at the Lions Hall will be seen as a colossal blunder, not on the on Sand Road in Verona. It is co-sponsored scale of the Pierre Karl Peladeau disaster for by the Verona Lions Club. the PQ in Quebec last month, but devastatAll registered candidates are invited. We ing nonetheless have invited Conservative Party candidate Notes on the local campaign – There Randy Hillier, Green Party candidate Cam was some fallout from the editorial in last Mather, Liberal Party candidate Bill Macweek’s Frontenac News, “Is there a ConserDonald, and NDP candidate Dave Parkhill. vative candidate in LFL&A?” Some readers According to the Elections Ontario website, wondered whether MPP Hillier was running as an independent this time around. He is not. Randy Hillier remains in the Conservative Party Caucus and was present at the Conservative Party campaign launch two by Jeff Green weeks ago evin Farrel, the Global Informations As to my claim that by being on the outs Systems (GIS) specialist for Frontenac with party leader Hudak he would have no County, attended the annual Urban and chance of serving in cabinet should the Conservatives form a government, Randy Hillier Regional Information Systems Associationsaid, “That is not a given, by any means. A lot Ontario (URISA) meeting that was held in of factors go into making up a cabinet. There Guelph in late April. It was fitting that he was there because are geographic and other factors, the size of the caucus, whether the government is a mi- the interactive mapping system that he built,, led to Frontenac County nority or a majority - a lot can happen.” Hillier also said that the assertion that his winning the URISA gold award in the categostanding in his party makes him vulnerable ry of Best Public Sector GIS this year. Since its launch Frontenacmaps has been to the charge that he can only oppose and in a continual state of improvement, with not propose is off the mark because he put forward more motions and private member’s new, easy to apply layers being added over bills than any other MPP over the last two time. This past March, the launch of the mobile version of Frontenacmaps brought the and a half years of Liberal minority rule. The Frontenac News will be holding service to users on the go, whether driving, all-candidates meetings for the Lanark hiking, or skiing in the increasingly InternetFrontenac Lennox and Addington riding. The connected county. The mapping includes first is set for the Kennebec Hall in Arden at aerial imagery that was generated in 2008, 7:00 pm on Monday, May 26. It is co-spon- but by the end of this year imagery gathered in 2013 will be in place. According to a Frontenac County press release, Frontenacmaps is well used for township and county operations. “GIS is used every day by the county to create efficiencies for Frontenac Paramedic Services, planning, economic development and emergency management and by the townships to support the needs of planning, building, recreation and public works,” the release said. Frontenac County Warden, Bud Clayton, said, “The county’s investment in GIS

as of Tuesday, May 13 only Dave Parkhill and Bill McDonald are officially registered. Cam Mather and Randy Hillier have been named by their parties and appear on their respective party websites as candidates in this riding. They can register as late as next Thursday, May 22, 21 days before voting day. We know of no other candidates who are intending to run.

County wins GIS award K


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is proving valuable across our region, both for private citizens and in our township and county operations. We are proud to have one of the most sophisticated and accessible GIS systems in rural Ontario.” In addition to the gold award for the county, North Frontenac IT technician Evan Sepa presented some of the specific applications that North Frontenac has put the base mapping to for its staff and the public, through “We are very well developed in the area of online mapping and continue to grow with a number of plans to implement this effective and easy-to-use platform for distributing public information,” said Sepa. The website includes a road works and road conditions map, a map of public facilities and resources. At the connected gis. extension to the township site a number of popular features are available, including: a cemetery viewer – where it is possible to search for cemetery plots, the deceased, and retrieve photos of headstones; an AFN Land Claim Map – which shows the areas in North Frontenac included in the Draft Algonquin Land Claim Descriptive Plan; and the Wireless Services Map – showing the towers across North Frontenac and those which provide wireless services. North Frontenac also has a wall-sized map of the township available at the township office for $8.


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Workshop & Annual General Meeting May 24, 2014

Evan Sepa at URISA-Ontario conference in Guelph Join us for a morning woods walk and talk on “Common Sense Woodlot Management”. Whether you want to use your property for recreation, wildlife habitat or revenue generation, this is your opportunity to get your questions answered by the experts on site. Forest technician Steve Pitt and Eric Thompson, Executive Director of the OWA will be our presenters, and the Kingston Field Naturalists will be on hand to discuss wildlife issues. The site of this event is a 200 acre property between Round and Loughborough Lakes which has a variety of ecosystems including wetlands, shorelines, meadows and natural reforested areas. Coffee and registration begins at 9:00 am and the walk begins at 10:00 followed by a chili lunch (including vegetarian chili) for $5. Please pre-register for the lunch by email ( or phone Dave Sexsmith at 613-373-9334. Everyone is welcome and those who become new members on that day enter a draw for prizes of incredible value! Plan to attend and enjoy a morning in the outdoors with “the tree people”. The day will conclude with a short business meeting with Eric Thompson as guest speaker. Directions: Go east from the flashing lights in Inverary to Round Lake Road: turn left. Follow Round Lake Road to Upper Round Lake Road: sharp left turn. Follow Upper Round Lake Road to Lake Road: turn left. Follow Lake Road to Kauffman Lane: Follow Kauffman Lane to its end.

Frontenac Mortgage Investment Corporation (Frontenac) hereby announces that the Board of Directors has established a record date of April 22, 2014. This date establishes the list of shareholders eligible to receive notice of and vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM will be held at The Museum of History (formerly The Museum of Civilization), 100 Laurier St., Gatineau, QC on June 21, 2014 at approximately 5:00 p.m.

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The Frontenac News welcomes articles and letters, but we cannot publish all the submissions 1970 we receive. All submissions mustSINCE include the author’s name and phone number for verification. We reserve the right to edit submissions for brevity, clarity, and taste. Please limit letters to 300 words or less; articles to 500 words or less.

Frontenac corridor plan a first step

SINCE 1970

by Jeff Green


couple of years ago, the public works managers (PWM) from all four Frontenac townships came together to discuss common issues, and they found a lot to talk about. They decided that since they faced the same issues regarding road and bridge maintenance and waste management, they might be able to put out joint tenders of requests for proposals for services ranging from road line painting to engineering for their waste sites. Neighbouring municipalities have some roads that are owned and managed by their county and some that are owned and managed by the local townships. While the Frontenac PWMs see no advantage in having more than one roads department working in the same municipality, they also know that other counties are able to apply for provincial and federal grants for their county roads, and the local townships in those counties can also apply for grants for their township-owned roads. However, in Frontenac County, since there are no county roads, only the local townships can apply for grants, putting Frontenac at a disadvantage. In response, the Frontenac public works managers have developed the concept of the Frontenac Corridor, made up of roads that at one time were owned and maintained by the province and were subsequently downloaded to the Frontenac townships. They have made representations to Ontario officials and politicians, saying they are planning on treating these roads as a single system, paid for by the local townships, but managed as a single entity for the purpose of grants. “We are hoping that the province will treat David these roads J. as Orser county roads, and let us apply owner/operator for grants for those roads in the way a county would while still being eligible for grants for ourOrser own roadsFarm as individual townships,” said Mark Segsworth, the public worksSeptic manager Tank for South Pump Frontenacing Town1059848 ship. “We don’t want toOntario change Inc anything on theRR#1, ground, only to become eligible for more 4490 Bellrock RD funding.” Verona, ON fax/phone: 374-2031 To that end the public works managers K0H 2W0 email: went as a group to Frontenac County to ask for funding for a Frontenac Corridor roads improvement plan for Road 38 in South and Central Frontenac, Road 509 in North and Central Frontenac, Road 506 in North Frontenac, Road 96 on Wolfe Island and Road 96 on Howe Island. That study, prepared by Wills and Associates, was presented to Central and South Frontenac Council this week, and will go to

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Frontenac County next week. The study does not reveal anything earthshattering about the conditions of the roads, according to both Mike Richardson, the public works manager of Central Frontenac, and Mark Segsworth of South Frontenac. “This is mainly about grants,” Richardson told Central Frontenac Council on Tuesday (May 13). “To a certain extent it forces us to plan together, and it might lead to joint tenders but there is no mechanism for that at this point.” The Wills study provides a detailed breakdown of each section of road, each bridge and each culvert in the entire system, including the cost of repair or replacement, and it prioritizes all required work in the system over the long term. Road 38, the busiest in the system, is in relatively good shape in Central Frontenac, since it was rebuilt in 2006, but in South Frontenac it has deteriorated since it was resurfaced in 1997 and needs several million dollars of work to be able to handle the amount of traffic it carries each day. The South Frontenac Public Works Department will be proposing the second fiveyear road improvement plan to the new South Frontenac Council early in 2015, and Road 38 will have a prominent role in that plan, Mark Segsworth said. While the exercise of developing what looks on paper like a county roads plan has been completed, and there is a hope that this will help secure grants in the future, there are no plans to change the way the individual township roads departments operate in Frontenac County “I have maintained all along that the most efficient way to manage roads is as a single tier, one department working on all the roads in their jurisdiction so there is no duplication. All of the roads, culverts, bridges, etc. are well maintained by the township departments,” said Mark Segsworth. Segsworth was more reticent however, over the idea of a single roads department operating in one united Frontenac township, which would also be a single tier system. “That idea is best left to the politicians,” he said.

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Letters to the editor Why won't Hillier stand up for farmers?


our editorial about Randy Hillier (May 8, 2014) pointed out that he prides himself on putting his constituents above his party. This makes me wonder why he follows the party line when it comes to solar energy and the Green Energy Act. Many farmers in Mr. Hillier's riding have solar installations on their property and get much needed income for producing green energy. The Tory party blames green energy for rising electricity rates and yet Mr. Hillier knows that electricity from solar only accounts for approximately 3% of our total output and has a miniscule over-all effect on electricity prices. In the future, refurbishing existing nuclear plants and building new ones will lead to dramatic price increases, much larger than the recent ones because nuclear provides over 50% of our electricity and nuclear costs are rising while solar costs have fallen sharply. If Mr. Hillier

and the Tories form the next provincial government and carry out their promise to scrap the solar energy program, it will mean that farmers will be deprived of a good source of revenue. Why doesn't Mr. Hillier stand up for the farmers in his riding? They have shown that they are willing to invest in solar panels. Even though the price the province pays for electricity produced by solar has gone down, the cost of the panels has also gone down and farmers can still get a good return even with the lower rates. In my opinion, if Mr. Hillier is really more beholden to his constituents than to his party, then he should stand up to Mr. Hudak again so that farmers in his riding don't lose an important revenue source which will help them stay on the farm and continue to feed us. Wolfe Erlichman

What can you do with $7.93?


he provincial government believes that you can feed a resident in a nursing home three meals and two snacks a day if they give you $7.93 per day! All you grocery shoppers need to try this challenge. Maybe you could do it one day, but how about every day? Don't forget you need to address the Ministry of Long-Term Care guidelines: follow Canada's Food Guide, address special dietary needs and have variety in the meal planning schedule that rotates over a three week cycle. By the time you leave the fresh produce aisle, you have used a lot of your government allowance. Don't forget dairy for maintaining strong bones and fibre...we need fibre. Vegetarians might have some coins left after they select their protein foods. It will be a search in the meat department to find something "tender" and appealing for dinner. I visit family and friends in various nursing homes and it is the same funding...same issue. Residents are not going hungry, but

quality could be better. They certainly don't get steak on this budget. Our political representatives now and future need to address this issue. Maybe they could raise the rate to match the prison system. You should ask them about this discrepancy when you see any of them on the campaign trail. If you are a caregiver, senior or a baby-boomer like me, we need to fix the problem sooner than later. - Brenda Martin

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· After a long cold spring the trilliums have burst into bloom along with the wee black beasties (aka blackflies). I saw another sign of spring along the Canonto Road. Two folks were out with garbage bags cleaning up the roadsides. Thanks to Bill and Maureen Pentney and all the other folks who help to clean up after those who thoughtlessly toss their garbage out the window. If you are out for a walk why not take a garbage bag along and help to keep our community beautiful. · Many folks enjoyed the Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast which returned to Ompah after a long absence. The Ompah firefighters cooked the pancakes, served and cleaned the tables (thanks Gregory Ross). Kathy Young did her usual lovely job of decorating the tables with pots of bright spring pansies and pussy willows. Thanks to Leta Kirkwood and Sally Spingle for organizing the event. · The May Birthday Bash will be held on Wednesday, May 21 at 5:30pm. All are welcome. Just bring a loonie or toonie to help pay for the hall and a potluck dish to share. Be prepared for great country cooking.

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School the same day, and at Emily Fennell’s CD release party on May 30 at the Ambassador Hotel in Kingston at 7:30pm. · Remember to register for SFCS 6th Annual 50+ Family and Friends Golf Tournament. It takes place in Friday May 30 at Rivendell Golf Course in Verona - cost is $80/person ( $65 if you are a Rivendell member) and that cost includes golf, dinner, prizes and a cart. Call SFCS at 376-6477 to book or for more information. · Harrowsmith Free Methodist Church is holding a Community Fun Day on Saturday May 31 from 9am - 2pm. This will feature a draw for a free bike, free BBQ, garage sale, bake sale and children's games and activities. · The Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre will have an Open House on Sunday May 25, 10am-3pm, with guided hikes and paddles, games & activities. All are welcome; for information visit


· Be sure and come out to the Sydenham Legion on Thursday night( May 15) for the last Wing Night of the season. A great way to kick start the long weekend - the unofficial start of summer! Wings (and deep-fried pickles) are served from 5pm -8pm and everyone is welcome. · The Elginburg Public School Choir will be singing for the residents at Fairmount Home on Friday May 16 at 1:45pm in the lobby. The choir will also be singing at Glenburnie Public

· May 15 – Perth Historical Society presents a lecture called “World War II and the Development and Role of the Radar” by James (Jim) Sands, who was involved in the development of radar and its application in the Battle of Britain and ultimately, success by the Allies in the war. The lecture begins at 7:30 pm at the Royal Canadian Legion, 26 Beckwith St. E. in Perth. “Toonie" fee; info: Ellen Dean at 613-2648362 or visit · A new series, "The Slice of Life", will kick off on May 23 at 7pm at the ABC Hall (3166 County Rd. 36) with a presentation by Wendy Briggs-Jude of Bluebird Acres on "Nature In Our Area". Wendy will be speaking about (accompanied by photos) the insects, reptiles and amphibians, mammals, and birds in the area. A good will offering to support the upkeep of the hall will be appreciated. Doors open at 7 pm; refreshments will be available for purchase during social hour. Presentation starts at 8 pm; discussion following at 9 pm. · Come out to the ABC Hall Monday evenings at 7 pm for fun and games (board games, card game, scrabble, etc.). Bring a favourite game if you like. For more info contact Janice 273-2965. · May 28 – Euchre at the Maberly Hall in support of the Maberly Agricultural Society and the Maberly Fair. 7 pm, Cost is $3 per person and includes light refreshments and prizes. · An exhibition of art in nature is opening Saturday, May 24 at Fieldwork, 2501 Old Brooke Rd., 2 – 4 pm. Artists work in the field every spring putting in their crop of sculptural artworks. The art germinates and spreads into the forest. This year attractions are a barn that glows at night, a humansized nest, and a giant sized knot, which represents the conundrums humans find themselves in. Artists from Toronto, Ottawa, & Quebec will talk briefly about their works beginning at 2:30pm. The site is free. For more info check out · Tay Valley’s Soccer program celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year and a special fun-night is planned for the

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Some people made a New Year’s resolution to quite smoking. It’s May now and if you are still having g problems quitting, what follows might be a motivator. lf you stop smoking today.... In 24 hours: Your circulation improves and the carbon monoxide in your blood declines. Your heart rate drops. In 48 hours: Your senses of taste and smell improve. (And you and your clothes smell better as well!) Within 1 week: Your breathing gets easier; your skin tone and pallor improve and your sinuses become clearer. Within 1 month: Oxygen is delivered to your lungs more efficiently. This makes exercising easier; your smoker’s cough decreases; your energy levels rise and you start sleeping better. Within 1 year: Your risk of developing illnesses like pneumonia, flu, colds, peptic ulcers, coronary heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis is lowered. Within 5 years: Your risk of lung, mouth and esophageal cancer is significantly lower and your risk of heart attack continues to decline. Within 10 years: Your heart attack risk is nearly the same as a person who has never smoked and within 15 years your lung cancer risk has dropped to that of a non-smoker as well. Makes you think, doesn’t it? For information on products available to help you quit smoking, talk to our pharmacists.

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may 15, 2014 season opener on Monday, May 26 at 5:30 pm with special activities and treats for the kids. Participants will meet their coaches, and time permitting a short game will follow. Glen Tay Public School · Volunteer firemen are required for South Sherbrooke Fire Station. Individuals must have lots of energy, be enthusiastic, dedicated and committed. Applications are available at the Tay Valley Township office, 217 Harper Rd. and the Fire Department Administration Office, 14 Sherbrooke St. in Perth. For a job description go to

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· The mammoth yard sale for the Cloyne & District Historical Society is Sat. May 17 at the Barrie Hall in Cloyne. It starts at 9am and gently used donations are welcome. For pickup call Carolyn 613-336-6858. · Also Sat. May 17 is the annual Yard & Bake Sale for Land O’Lakes Community Services 8am–3pm at their building on Hwy 41 in Northbrook. Come on out and support the Christmas Hamper Program. Bring your Canadian Tire money and they’ll accept it for payment or donation. · Pineview Free Methodist Church in Cloyne is hosting a Mother/Daughter Potluck Banquet on May 22 at 5:30pm. The guest speaker will be Linda Adams, director of the New Life Girls Home. All ladies are invited to a wonderful evening; please bring a favorite dish - hors d'oeuvres, salad, main dish or dessert; also please bring a donation of food or hygiene items for the girls at the New Life Home. The church would like all ladies to know that they can come even if they are not a mother or do not have their mothers with them because, "You are a daughter of your parents...but mainly a beloved daughter of our Heavenly King!" · The Land O’ Lakes Garden Club Annual Plant Sale is on Sat May 24 at the Barrie Hall, from 9am until sold out, plants go fast, so come early. · The Land o'Lakes Quilters Guild will be having a Trunk Show on Tuesday May 27 from 10 am to 1 pm, with three members of the Lanark Quilters Guild sharing their creations. The quilters meet at Pineview Free Methodist Church in Cloyne (lower level). Everyone is invited to join them for the Trunk Show! Stay after the show and enjoy a light lunch and a social. · Also on Tuesday May 27 the Conservationists of Frontenac Addington will hold their meeting at the Barrie Hall in Cloyne at 7pm. The guest speaker will be Sara Sproule of NAEC, who will give a presentation on the outdoor education program. All are welcome.

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· Congratulations to Cindy & Kevin Ryder on the birth of baby boy Parker on May 7 at 7am, weighing 8lb. 14oz. Proud grandparents are Blaine & Kathleen Ryder and Sherry & Robyn Young. · On May 6 approximately 15 people attended Keenagers at the Snow Road Community Center. Peter Hannah and Mark supplied the music; Brenda Orchard had some jokes

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and Rev. Ken Gorham held the worship service. There was also coffee and squares for everyone. The next Keenagers is Tuesday June 3 from 2 to 3pm and everyone is invited. · Get well wishes to Bud Frechette, Peter Hannah, Norman Crain and Cynda McAdoo. · Olive Allen spent some great days in Kingston with Patsy Steele. · Pat Cross from Oshawa, a very good friend of Olive and family, passed away last Tuesday. · Don’t forget the Yard & Bake Sale on Friday May 16 at Elphin Presbyterian Church, 2 till 7pm, proceeds to the church. · Wednesday May 21 at 10am is Coffee Hour & Conversation at Elphin for all three churches. · June 1st is Anniversary Sunday at Snow Road Church. Also church next week will be at Snow Road at 9:30 am. · Smile: Action makes more fortunes than caution.



· The local coffee shop featured a lot of musicians at their recent monthly event. It was great to see Bill White, Lionel Grimard and many others playing. · Pine Meadow Nursing Home welcomed the Rev. Vernon Scott, who led the funeral service for the late Leo Arney. Leo had taught Vernon his first guitar chords a few years ago now and Rev. Scott played many spiritual tunes at the funeral. The UCW and community hosted a funeral lunch following the burial. · Also Pine Meadow welcomes Mallory (York) Wionzek back from maternity leave. · Deepest sympathy to the family and friends of the late Dorothy Proctor, who will be remembered with fondness for her support to the community, churches and to so many of us. She lives on in the lives of those she touched and inspired and we thank God for giving her to us for so many years. · Henderson United are hosting their annual Yard Sale on Sat. June 7 and are seeking your gently used items to be brought to the Henderson Hall for processing from May 26 to May 31. Sorry we don't have any pick ups and very little storage this year and will count on folks to bring their items in with thanks. Due to limited space we do not have room for any large items or appliances. The church is so appreciative

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of everyone's help in the past. For more info please contact 336-2467 or 336-2347. The black flies are back with a vengeance- Jean


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613-372-0018 · There will be a Turkey Dinner, May 18 from 4:30-6pm at the Golden Links Hall. Cost is $13. Sponsored by the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs. Call Brenda at 372-2410 for details. · On May 20, also at the Golden Links Hall, there will be a Cash Bingo. Early bird begins at 7pm. Books are $7-15. Call Brenda for information at 372-2410. · A Youth Dance will be held on May 23 from 7-9:30pm for ages 9-15 at the Golden Links Hall. Cost is $6. Call Sharon 539-6676 or Wayne 352-2533. · The Harrowsmith Women’s Institute will be meeting on Tuesday, May 27 at 7pm, at St. Paul’s United Church. Our guest speaker will be a volunteer from Hospice Kingston. This is also our annual plant exchange. All ladies in the community are invited to attend. For more information call Karen at 613-372-0501. · Words to live by: Sometimes what you're looking for comes when you're not looking.

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· The entire village was saddened by the loss of Dorothy Proctor last week. This wonderful lady was the backbone of our community and it was through her persistence the Friends of Arden group began. She never lost faith that Arden would be restored to the flourishing hamlet of the past that she and her family had enjoyed. We’ll keep on trying, Dorothy. God Bless you. · The Kennebec Fire Fighters had a 26 team dart tournament May 10 for their Relay for Life squad. An amazing $1600 + was raised for the cause. Thank you to the dart players, to those who bid on prizes/baking and anyone who was involved with the unexpected donations that turned up Saturday morning. Thanks to the amazing community. · That evening the Arden Legion Monday night dart banquet was held at the branch. The beautiful catered meal

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email: · Mayflower lodge #297 is sponsoring a Music Night on May 17 from 7 - 9 pm at the Oddfellows Hall; by donation, proTRAILERS INCLUDED ceeds to camp Trillium for kids with cancer. Located at Carson’s Complex Hwy. 7, east of Perth · Don't forget to drop by the Parham Ball Field on Friday night and Saturday to support the Parham Fair Board in their tournament and cheer on the locals!! There are nine teams participating so thanks to all taking part and helping to keep our local fair going. · Land O' Lakes Public School Parent Council is holding a Fun Fair at the school on Thurs May 22, 5 – 8pm. There will be live music and plenty of games and activities for all ages including a bouncy castle, horse cart rides, balloon animals and face painting; BBQ, canteen, bake table and silent auction. A number of demonstrations will be held. Proceeds support student activities and new equipment at the school. · Are you getting your stuff ready for the Annual Flea Market NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING at Parham Ball Field on Sunday May 25 from 10 - 2 - bring your own table and set up to see all your goodies....The RecCounty of Frontenac reation Committee will have their canteen open. Draft Trails Concept Plan · Villages Beautiful Parham would like someone to take over the grass cutting and flower planting in Parham. Contact DoThe County of Frontenac will hold a Public Meeting to ris Campsall 613-375-6206. receive public input regarding the Draft Frontenac Trails · Happy Birthday to Jen MacPherson, Heather Beattie, JanConcept Plan: ice Peters, Heather Gillespie, William Lowery, Jared & Logan Whan and Nicole Shorts. Monday, May 26th, 6:30pm - 8:30pm · The minor ball season is starting this week - your child (if Verona Lions Hall, 4505 Verona Sands Road they registered) should be hearing from coaches soon if they For more information, contact Anne Marie Young: haven't already. 613-548-9400 ext 330 or · Congratulations to Natasha & Sam Lafaso on the birth of their sweet daughter Stella Grace. Great granddaughter for Bill & Pat Lowery. · Thinking of you to Gordon Hole, Bill Lowery, Ann Goodfellow and Stirling Hamilton. · Sympathy to the family of the late Don Babcock. Don was a former fire chief shortly after the Hinchinbrooke Fire Department was first formed. · Don't the villages look great after the amazing job volunteers did picking up the litter and garbage along the roads. Thank you so much for a job well done. From all reports there wasn't nearly as many bags of garbage as last year and I think Tim Sharbot Lake Horton's and Pepsi are the favorite drink of travelers in this area. But remember to Spring truly arrives with the Sharbot Lake Farmers take your garbage home Market’s annual Plant Sale and opening day! Seeds, and dispose of properly. seedlings, and bulbs will be available as well as our · Also on May 31 a BBQ, ƌĞŐƵůĂƌǀĂƌŝĞƚLJŽĨĨĂƌŵĨƌĞƐŚƉƌŽĚƵĐĞ͕ůŽĐĂůĐƌĂŌƐ͕ yard sale, bake sale will be and more. The Summer Market will run Victoria Day held at Parham Post OfWeekend through Thanksgiving, 9 am – 1 pm at the fice, sponsored by Parham Sharbot Lake Beach. Come join us! Happy Travelers Seniors, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.


SATURDAY, MAY 17 OPENING DAY & PLANT SALE 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Beach

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Arden - continued from page 5 was well attended and over $2000 was returned to the players in the form of prizes and rewards. Darts will continue on Monday throughout the summer and the league will resume, probably in mid-October. · The Victoria Day weekend begins Sat. May 17 with the Arden & Community Wesleyan Church’s annual yard sale. Come out to the church at 10 am and get those bargains. · That evening, at dusk, the Kennebec Recreation Committee hosts the Annual Victoria Day fireworks display at the Rec. Park. Volunteers will meet you at the gate to direct traffic. They will also have a “free will donation” jar to help offset the costs. The canteen will be open and the Kennebec Fire Fighters will assist in lighting the firecrackers. Rain date for this event will be Sunday May 18. · Tuesday May 20 will be the last Kennebec Diners of the 2014 spring season. Homemade chicken pot pie, mashed potatoes and green beans with Strawberry Mousse for dessert is on the menu. Give me a call to reserve your seat for the noon meal at the Kennebec Community Centre. This is always a great get together. Bid farewell for the summer to the NFCS gals and the caterers Paul and Aimee Gosse . · On Saturday May 24, the United Church is hosting their one and only of the year “Eggs as you like Them”. This free will offering breakkie is so well attended that you should show up early to get a seat. Breakfast is served from 8 to 10:30 am. Bring extra money for the Silent Auction. · The scheduled Trivia night for May 24 is cancelled at this time. A future date and time will be announced later in the year. · The Rec Committee is very pleased to announce “ Story time for Children” Wednesday evenings. The group will meet at the Community Centre at 6:30pm with stories, crafts, games and much more. For more information please call Connie at 335-2958.

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MOUNTAIN GROVE Marilyn Meeks 613-335-4531 email: · The Land O' Lakes Public School Parent Council is holding a Fun Fair at the school on Thursday, May 22 from 5 - 8pm. There will be live music by Mitch Barker, Feral 5, the GREC HS band and the LOLPS Glee Club. Plenty of games and activities for all ages including a bouncy castle, horse cart rides, balloon animals and face painting. If you are hungry, there will be a BBQ, canteen and bake table. A number of demonstrations will be held. Many items will be available through a silent auction. Proceeds go to support student activities and new equipment at the school. · Sympathy to the family of Dorothy Proctor who recently passed away .She was well known in the Arden area and was a great lady. · Thinking of Val Beechey, Carol Patterson, Harold Gray, Mardi Brown, Doris Forbes, Nancy Valyear, Joanne Robertson, Laurielle Chabeaux, Vera Steele, Harold and Doreen Warren. · Happy birthday to Roger Scott, Heather Beattie, Roger Fisher, Jean Moore, Marjorie Willett · Happy May anniversaries to Jack and Pat Alexander, William and Theresa Lowery, Glen and Mary Stinson, Ernest and Suzanne Barr. · On May 9, many retired Duponters, including my husband, met at the Curling Club in Gananoque for a social evening which included a hot meal. A great time of renewing old memories. · On Mother's Day, May 11, Rev Eric Barr replaced our student minister, Darin McKinnon, who is currently on vacation. His sermon was "Scars can Heal". John Purdon presented each mother with a lovely flower. · On May 10, many friends and relatives gathered to share their memories of Ford Robinson. He was well respected and liked; at one time he was the owner of the dairy in Parham. Many years ago my three sons worked with Ford at the dairy. · On May 24 the United Church Stewards

Sale of land for Tax Arrears By Public Tender MUNICIPAL ACT, 2001

SALE OF LAND BY PUBLIC TENDER THE CORPORATION OF THE TOWNSHIP OF ADDINGTON HIGHLANDS TAKE NOTICE that tenders are invited for the purchase of the land(s) described below and will be received until 3:00 p.m. local time on June 6th, 2014 Tenders will be opened at 3:05 p.m. Local Time on June 6th, 2014. Description of Lands:

may 15, 2014

will host their breakfast at 8am in Arden at the community hall; cost is a free will donation. · On May 31, 10am -1pm, the Parham Happy Travelers seniors will hold a yard sale, bake sale and a BBQ beside the post office. · Happy belated Mother's Day to all mums and grandmothers. A big thank you to my children for cards, flowers and meals. We remembered also our precious mothers who have passed. · Saying: Room in the heart makes room in the house!

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· The Victoria Day weekend is here and Verona is coming alive with flowers. Thank you to all the businesses that have stocked up on colourful annuals, perennials and hanging baskets. Everything we need to create our gardens is right here in Verona. · Verona Lions Club will hold their annual fundraiser, a Roadside Toll, on Friday May 16, 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday May 17, 10 am to 4 pm on Road 38 at the Revell Ford Used Car Lot. Help support the Lions Club and the many worthwhile community events and activities that they support. · The next Cattail Festival meeting is Tuesday, May 20 at the Verona Lions Club, 7 pm. There will be lots to discuss and decide. Everyone is welcome. · Join Frontenac County for breakfast as they present "Let’s Continue Working toward a Sustainable Future for the Frontenacs." Thursday, May 22 from 7 am to 10 am at the Verona Lions Hall. If you’re interested in the future of the Frontenacs, RSVP early

(limited space) to Angelique Tamblyn, 613548-9400, x 301 or · Verona Pentecostal Assembly is holding a “ Family Bash” weekend from Friday May 23 to Sunday May 25. Friday night starts with a Teen Basketball Challenge at 6 pm for kids aged 12 to 18. Sign up is required. On Saturday there will be a Craft Extravaganza for kids aged 5 to 12. Fun start at 11 am. Saturday night is Movie Night with “Lego the Movie” at 6 pm. Sunday features Country Gospel Bluegrass Music with Crimson River playing at 10 am. In the evening there will be a Gospel Concert with The Old Hims and John Reid and the Eagle Band. This weekend of fun is a fundraiser for cancer research. Free will offering. · The Grand Opening of Revell Ford Lincoln Millenium Facility in Verona will take place Wednesday, May 28. A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony will take place at 2 p.m. · Join South Frontenac Community Services for their 6th Annual 50+ Family & Friends Golf Tournament at Rivendell Golf Course on Friday May 30. Shotgun start 1:30pm. $80 per person/$65 for Rivendell Members. Cost includes dinner, prizes and cart. All proceeds will benefit Senior Programs & Services at Southern Frontenac Community Services. Registrations are due May 21st and are available at: the Rural VISIONS Centre, 4419 George St, Sydenham. · There will be a bus trip to a Toronto Blue Jays Game on Saturday June 28. $65 for coach bus includes ticket to game (100 level seats- Outfield above Jays Bull Pen.) All proceeds from the trip go towards the Verona Minor Ball Association. For more information or to reserve your seat(s) please call Nicki at 613-374-5708

Snow Road Snowmobile Club by Ruth Wark e would like to thank everyone who supported our many breakfasts, dinners and other events over the past season. Thank you to our many dedicated volunteers who give so generously of their time and give donations to ensure we have a successful season. We are especially thankful for all the many, many people who come from far and wide and supported our three annual charity fundraiser breakfasts that wind up our season. This year thanks to all your help we raised a total of $1,096 for Alzheimer's; $1,079 for Cancer Relay for Life; and $1137 for Melanoma; for a total of $3,313, which included your donations. Thank you once again to everyone. Don't forget our Canada Day Breakfast on June 28. In addition to our regular breakfast fare we will be holding a bake sale & yard sale. This will be an excellent opportunity


to get some of these great tasting goodies for the holiday week-end. if you have any items you would like to donate to our yard sale please contact one of our volunteers for pick up. Special thanks to Lake 88, EMC; Lanark Era and Frontenac News for all of your great advertising of our events without your very special help and support we would not have the great crowds to support our efforts. Snow Road Club is searching for some additional volunteers for executive positions to assist in many of our activities. If you would like to help out in any capacity or would like some information, please contact Ruth Wark, President, 613-278-0477 or email rmwark@storm. Remember, everyone is welcome to all of our events; you don't have to be a snowmobiler. We are not just a snowmobile club but a community organization.

PT LT 11 Con 8 Kaladar PT 1, 2 29R5618 S/T K2618 Addington Highlands Minimum Tender Amount: $6,468.55* PT LT 11 Con 7 Kaladar, PT 1 29R7095; S/T LA216024; Addington Highlands Minimum Tender Amount $5,363.16* 9 Stein Road, Addington Highlands PT LT 17 Con 9 PT1 29R3524; Addington Highlands Minimum Tender Amount: $4,904.70* PT LT 11 Range A West of Addington Road, Abinger As In LA68082; Addington Highlands Minimum Tender Amount $18,435.67* PT LT7 Con 15 Abinger PT 4 29R1963 Except PT 11 29R6047; S/T Execution 07-0000079, If Enforceable; Addington Highlands Minimum Tender Amount $5,906.49* PT LT 11 Con 10 Kaladar As In LA45700 S of PT 12 EXPROP PL 1085 Except K551 & LA 19163 & PT 1 29R9359; Township of Addington Highlands Minimum Tender Amount: $7,406.53* *Plus HST if Applicable.

Tenders must be submitted in the prescribed form and must be accompanied by a deposit in the form of a money order, a bank draft or cheque certified by a bank or trust corporation payable to the municipality and representing at least 20 per cent of the tender amount. Except as follows, the municipality makes no representation regarding the title to or any other matters relating to the land to be sold. Responsibility for ascertaining these matters rests with the potential purchasers. This sale is governed by the Municipal Act, 2001 and the Municipal Tax Sales Rules made under that Act. The successful purchaser will be required to pay the amount tendered plus accumulated taxes and the relevant land transfer tax. The municipality has no obligation to provide vacant possession to the successful purchaser. For further information regarding this sale and a copy of the prescribed form of tender contact: MR. JACK PAUHL-Clerk Treasurer The Corporation of the Township of Addington Highlands 72 Edward Street P.O. Box 89 Flinton, Ontario K0H 1P0 613-336-2286  613-336-2847 Fax

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may 15, 2014



"Defend Our Climate" gathering in Sharbot Lake O

n May 10 a small group of local residents concerned about the issue of climate change gathered outside the United Church in Sharbot Lake to make their concerns known. Their efforts coincided with those of 10,000 other Canadians who staged a number of similar protests across the country to oppose current federal government objectives and plans, most notably the building of oil pipelines, with the hopes that the government will instead chose cleaner energy alternatives. The protest titled Defend Our Climate was organized by, an organization dedicated to campaigning about a number of issues with the aim to “defend our democracy and hold governments accountable to the values of a majority of Canadians.” The non-partisan organization has over 300,000 members across the country. By holding gatherings and through on-line surveys the organization has set its sights on strengthening Canada’s democracy by “doing our part to stop runaway climate change, and building a fair economy that reverses the trend of growing inequality.” The Sharbot Lake event was organized by Phil Somers of Sydenham, who is also running as a federal Liberal candidate for the 2015 election. Somers is a member of Leadnow. He found out about the event on line and was approached to hold an event in Sharbot Lake. Somers said he has always been concerned about climate change and global warming and that he is a huge supporter of green energy alternatives. “Even though I don't think that we can totally get rid

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· Clarendon Central Public School students raised $459.50 for their school trip at the ATV wash! They also hosted a delicious spaghetti supper last Friday. Great work! · Happy belated 95th birthday to Helen Thompson, originally of the Plevna area, who celebrated with her family last week. · On Friday May 23 the Clar-Mill Volunteer Firefighters will be holding their bingo fundraiser from 7-9pm at the Clar-Mill hall. Cash prizes. · Sat. may 24 - Jack’s JAM is happening at Clar-Mill Hall at 2 p.m. Bring a favorite dish for the potluck and come and enjoy the music! All welcome! · River of Life Christian Fellowship will celebrate their second church anniversary on Sunday, May 25 at 10:30 am. Guest speaker will be Rev. Dr. Peter Rigby, Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church, Central Canada District. There will be ministry in music by Wayne and Mary Abrams and the Worship Team, Ron Lemke, Jack and Lois Weber, and Ken and Freya Gibson. Lunch and Refreshments following this service. All are welcome; for information call Rev. Raymond Klatt, 613-479-0333 · Recently, there have been a few incidents of theft in the area, please remember to lock your doors at night and when you are away. · The bears are awake! Remind your kids about bear safety.

of pipelines since the alternative of transporting oil by train or truck is a much more dangerous alternative, I still would like to see oil industry revenues be used for green energy projects. Ultimately I'd like to see us get rid of fossil fuel dependency and begin using electric cars and buses and other alternate energy sources.” Somers cited other projects that he would like to see - more solar panels on homes and buildings and more wind energy projects. Somers said that clean energy is the way to go but the amount of electricity currently being produced by green energy in Ontario is extremely low and he would like to see that change. L-r Kristine Martin, Carol Pepper, Ken Fisher, Bob Legett, Phil Somers, Susan McLenSharbot Lake resident, Ken Fish- aghan and Karen Hawley er, said he felt over the last 40 years the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Comprehensive that things were getting better but has recently woken up to the fact that “disaster is fast ap- Economic and Trade Agreement with Europe, which she said proaching”. He explained, “It's important that we show up are “sabotaging our well being as Canadians as well as our here today and show the younger people that they should be economy and resources. A political change needs to happen as concerned as we are. If we were not standing here then and people have to start caring and getting involved.” Pepper we would be on the sidelines watching everything slide into cited her concerns over Bill C-18, which she said threatens the rights of plant breeders who want control over their seeds disaster and oblivion”. Asked to specify what he means Fisher responded, “Califor- and what they are allowed to grow. “There are a lot of risks nia is pretty much drying up. They have no water this year and that go along with only being allowed to plant certain seeds are now going to shut down and burn orchards because there and crops, not to mention the problems and health concerns is no water there”. Bringing the issue closer to home Fisher that come along with genetically modified crops, like pestisaid, “ We have a government here that is ramming through cides, herbicides, and food shortages." Though the Sharbot Lake event was smaller than others pipelines east and west and overriding the rights of Aboriginal communities and others for the sake of being in the pocket of in larger centers, those who attended were no doubt pleased the oil companies. Fossil fuels need to stay in the ground and to be able to voice their objections about the Harper government's stand on climate change along with their own pershifting to renewable energy is our only way out.” Sharbot Lake resident, Carol Pepper, who has worked sonal concerns on a number of current issues. For more inwith the local farmers' group Hands on Harvest, said she formation about the campaigns that Leadnow is running visit felt that the big issues for her are the trade agreements like

Mellissa Fung inspires at Afghan fundraiser by Madeliene Tarasick ast weekend, a sold-out crowd enjoyed the 11th annual fund-raising event hosted by Canadians for Women in Afghanistan, raising $20,000 to support educational programs for girls, women and families in Afghanistan. The gala was held at the Senior Officers’ Mess at Fort Frontenac and guests included military personnel and representatives from Foreign Affairs Canada. The affair featured a sit-down Afghan dinner, silent and live auctions, and the sale of Afghan goods. Former CBC correspondent Ms. Fung is the author of “Under an Afghan Sky”, the account which chronicled her 28 days in captivity after being kidnapped in Afghanistan in 2008. Her address at the gala focused on her return to Afghanistan in May of last year, when she returned to reclaim her experience of Afghanistan and determine the progress for Afghans over the past 13 years. She accompanied CW4W president, Madeliene Tarasick, and treasurer, Marg Stewart, to visit the many sites where the organization’s programs are flourishing. This visit was featured in the documentary “Return to Afghanistan”, broadcast on The National last November. Ms. Fung spoke of her great desire to return and report on the plight and the progress of Afghans, especially since her pre-


vious assignment for CBC was overshadowed by her ordeal. “No journalist wants the story to be about the journalist – the story was meant to be about the suffering of the Afghans I visited in refugee camps, but the story ended up being about me.” Ms. Fung’s great faith in the future for Afghans was affirmed as well as her conviction that the international community must continue its support of Afghanistan and also recognize at what cost, “Canadians must recognize not only the great gains made but also the sacrifices made to achieve those gains. We need to make sure they were not made in vain and carry on our support.” Canadians for Women in Afghanistan is the Kingston chapter of the registered, non-religious, non-political volunteer organization and registered charity. Its main focus in the education of girls, women and families in Afghanistan including supporting schools, libraries, an orphanage, literacy programs and teacher training. For more information, see

Plevna Joke of the Week: Becca "How do chickens stay healthy?" Jason "Eggercise!"

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Fairy tale fun at Success by Six in Harrowsmith I n an effort to reach out to parents and their young children in their catchment area, staff of Northern Frontenac Community Services (NFCS) celebrated the United Way's Success by Six week by organizing a special event at the Harrowsmith Free Methodist Church on May 7. The Success by Six campaign promotes the idea of making moments matter between young parents and their children by encouraging healthy, fun and creative interaction between them. NFCS staff, who have received grants from the United Way in the past, organized the event, which was called "Fun with Fairy Tales". Volunteers Katie Scott, Shelly Sayle-Udall (from Pathways), Zoe Ferland and NFCS staff member Max McLean charmed children by coming dressed as popular fairy tale characters. They were decked out respectively as Snow White, Pooh Bear from Winnie the Pooh, Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Captain Hook from Peter Pan.

Grace Centre art exhibit & artist talks S

outhern Frontenac Community Services Corporation (SFCSC) and the Grace Arts Committee are pleased to announce an art exhibition featuring a retrospective of work from local artists Sally Chupick and Bonnie Brooks at the Grace Centre from May 16 - July 30. A reception and artist talks will take place on Saturday, May 31 from 1 - 2:30 p.m. The work of the two artists will be showcased in Grace Hall and will be available for sale. Sally Chupick will show a retrospective of works at Grace Hall in Sydenham. Oil paintings and watercolours show Sally’s direct response to life and landscape. Sally lives in Elginburg. In 2011 she opened her studio gallery, The Gallery at the Porch Door, during spring and summer months. The gallery hours are 1 – 5 p.m. Wednesday to Friday, and weekends by chance or appointment, from May 1 - Aug. 31. Sally also shows her work in Kingston at the Agnes Etherington art rental and sales gallery, and at Kingston Frameworks. She is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists. For more information go to: Bonnie Brooks will display a variety of subject matter and techniques completed in the last several years. She is currently working on different surfaces with acrylics, inks and watercolours. Bonnie is a member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour. She displays her work at Gallery Raymond, Kingston, Quinns of Tweed, Side Street Gallery, Wellington and White Flag Gallery, Brockville. For more information visit:

may 15, 2014 by Julie Druker

The volunteers interacted with children at a number of different stations set up in the room. Children had a chance to make their own hooks with Captain Hook, enjoyed a tea party with Belle, made gingerbread men with Pooh and made apple prints with Snow White. Local musician Glenda Nicol came in to entertain the children with live music and staff also read fairy tales to the assembled group. Maribeth Scott, who is the manager of NFCS, said she decided to hold the event in Harrowsmith this year to give an opportunity to young families in the south part of their catchment area. Staff also offered free transportation to families from the north who wished to attend. Children and their families enjoyed the event and many youngsters came dressed as some of their own favorite fairy tale characters, which made for a very colorful and cute event for all. Belle, Snow White and Captain Hook at the Success by Six event

NAEC Frisky Friday:

North Addington Education Centre students and staff pull together as a team at their annual “Frisky Friday” Team Day, organized by the Students’ Council. -- Photo by Emma Pero

Board Members Wanted

Family and Children’s Services is looking to recruit new members of the Board of Directors. The role of a Board Member is critical to the work we do. The Board of Directors provides high-level leadership and governance for the Agency by providing oversight of the Agency’s operations, performance and outcomes. The Agency strives to have a broad mix of skills, experience and demographic characteristics on the Board. At this time we have identified the need for Board Members who fit one or more of the following criteria: t Residents of Frontenac, Lennox and Addington outside of Kingston t Experience in law enforcement, corrections and victim services t Experience in the education sector – elementary, high school, college or university t Experience in Board of Director governance practices t Visible minorities t Fluency in French All applications are welcome – you may still apply even if you do not meet these criteria.

Find Out More

Go online to get more information or to apply

Applications must be received by Friday, May 30, 2014

Board - Frontenac News.indd 1

09/05/2014 1:18:31 PM

may 15, 2014



Liberal candidate Bill MacDonald opens new campaign headquarters in Perth B by Julie Druker

ill MacDonald, Liberal candidate for the provincial riding of Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington, celebrated the opening of his campaign office at 88 Gore Street East in downtown Perth on May 12. Numerous members from both the provincial and federal Liberal associations as well as other candidates and Liberal supporters from across the riding gathered for the celebration. MacDonald is a resident of Central Frontenac and served for 18 years in political office, as a three-time mayor of Central Frontenac, as a Reeve and as Frontenac County warden. He also owns and operates his own forestry, firewood and tree cutting service in Central Frontenac. He said, “It's absolutely essential that we push the Liberal program forward. I'm a grandfather and I am not doing this for me. We cannot allow the Conservatives to take power and experience again what Mike Harris did back then when I was Mayor of Central Frontenac. Hudak's planned lay off of 100,000 workers will lead to an additional 775,000 layoffs and the fact is that Hudak's announcement last week has turned floods of people toward the Liberal party. The Liberal story, on the other hand is a positive story and that is what

Melodia Monday to perform benefit concert in Sydenham A

we have to push.” MacDonald spoke of the importance of building the Ontario Pension Plan. “The Ontario Pension Plan is doable and it is something that we need and the only way that it is going to happen is if we elect a Liberal government. For the first time in a long time I am getting all kinds of indications that this riding can go Liberal but I need and want your help and support to make that hapBill MacDonald cuts the ribbon with the help of Perth Mayor John Fenik pen.” Regarding specific issues, MacDonald said that he supservice Centre for residents in the riding. Martin said he has ports lowering electricity costs and he thinks it can be done another team in Napanee and that he and his team will be by removing the delivery charge from hydro bills. making appearances all across the riding. “That charge should be treated like any other infrastructure Following the speeches MacDonald said that he is running cost. We do need the new infrastructure but we do not get a again for a number of reasons, including the fact that he is bill when a new highway or a new subway needs building. In not satisfied with the representation that local residents are the same way we should not be getting billed for new elecreceiving in the riding. “We have not had a provincial repretricity infrastructure that needs to be upgraded. We should sentative from Frontenac County as it sits today since 1962 be able to find an alternative way and time frame to absorb with Jack Simonett and when it comes to satisfying voters the costs and perhaps put that cost on the general coffers of and working for projects within the community we have nothe province so that we can relieve the heavy costs, espebody working for us.” cially those being experienced by low-income residents who MacDonald pointed to the fact that there are no long-term are forced to choose whether or not they heat their homes care facilities in Frontenac County while there are nine in or put food on the table.” Lanark and four in Lennox and Addington. Perth Mayor John Fenik also spoke at the event and said he was present to support Bill and welcome him to what he thinks will be MacDonald's “new constituency office.” Fenik said he felt that MacDonald is getting a great response from Perth residents, whom he described as “some of the most progressive, forward thinking and brightest people around Real Estate Brokerage and who can see through Hudak's destruction of the econPO Box 285 omy and the 100,000 planned lay offs.” Fenik pointed to a Sharbot Lake, ON K0H 2P0 613279-2657 picture of Kathleen Wynn hanging in the new office and said she possesses the “honesty and energy to carry the day along with Bill at Queen's Park, which is exactly what we need to move this province forward.” Broker of Record MacDonald's campaign manager, Roger Martin, who is also president of the LFLA Provincial Liberal Riding AssoFax - (613) 279-2657 ciation, said that he picked Perth for the location of the camEmail – paign office because it is central in the riding; it is a location that is very visible and easy to access and is also a major

capella choir, Melodia Monday, will perform a benefit concert on Sunday May 25, 3 p.m. at the Grace Centre in Sydenham. The concert will feature a wide variety of exciting spirituals and wonderful harmonies. Cost is $15 per person. Tickets are available at the Rural VISIONS Centre - 4419 George Street, Sydenham, ON K0H 2T0; 613-3766477. All net proceeds support Southern Frontenac Community Services’ Enhancement Campaign. Melodia Monday was formed in September of 2002. The choir originally consisted of 11 singers, and they rehearsed around the kitchen table of a country home north of Gananoque. Early repertoire consisted of madrigals and some sacred music like “O Magnum Mysterium” by Victoria. Over the years the choir has become larger and performs a wider repertoire. Concerts now feature jazz, spirituals and folk songs in addition to traditional classical choral music. Melodia Monday endeavours to feature Canadian composers and arrangers. One of the tenors in the group, David Adams, has arranged a number of pieces for the choir including the sea chanty “Spanish Ladies” and the folk song “Donkey Riding”. Melodia Monday has also performed several pieces arranged by Mark Sirett, musical director of the Cantabile Choirs of Kingston. In its early years, Melodia Monday performed without a conductor. The number of singers was small enough that ProAlliance Realty, Brokerage one of the members could guide the choir while singing. As Direct Line: 613.336.1737 numbers increased, such conducting became impractical, so Toll Free: 1-866-969-0998 in 2008 Melodia Monday recruited Carol Ramer to conduct Email: the choir. Under Carol’s leadership membership grew again, with singers joining the choir from Brockville, Maitland and Kingston. The choir now has more than 20 members from as 12309 Hwy 41, far west as Newburgh and as far east as Maitland. Northbrook, ON K0H 2G0 During Carol’s tenure as conductor, Melodia Monday took part in the Kiwanis Music Festival in Kingston where the choir won the Shelagh Mark Montagano Sales Representative Leach prize for SATB Brokerage “The Polar Bear Guy” Limited choirs. Melodia Monday Direct: (613) 279-2886 also performed at the final Cell: (613) 532-9405 concert for the Gananoque Concert Association in April of 2009. Sharbot Lake Village Cottage/Home - $399,000 In June 2010, Carol retired as conductor of Melodia Monday and one of the founding members of the group, Doug Routledge, took on the role. In April 2013, the choir performed the final concert in the Gananoque Concert Association series. The programme for that concert included “Breathe on Us”, a work commissioned by Melodia Monday from Dr. Beautiful open Mark Sirett, musical direcconcept cottage/ tor of the Cantabile Choirs home located on of Kingston. Melodia Monday is dethe water in the lighted to have been asked Village of Sharbot to perform at the Grace Lake within walkCentre in Sydenham The ing distance of repertoire for the concert stores, Bank, will include a mix of classical pieces, spirituals, jazz Pharmacy, and folk songs. The women Schools. Excellent water for swimming. Attractively landscaped of Melodia Monday will be grounds. Relax or dine in the large sun porch which is nicely featured singing “Garden integrated into the home. Use as a cottage and move in on Song”, a piece with music retirement. Only 90 mins. to Ottawa and 45 to Kingston. by Jennifer Bennett and lyrics by Wilma Kenny of 40 Main Street, Westport, Ontario  613-273-3187 Sydenham.

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Frontenac County Council parks Bon Echo Art Gallery $3.5 million O

may 15, 2014 by Derek Maggs

by Jeff Green

ne of the concrete accomplishments of the four years of controversy that has been Frontenac County Council, has been finding $3.5 million that had been sitting dormant in various reserve funds that the county set up over its 15- year history. Last week, Council met as a Committee of the Whole to discuss where those monies should go. The discussion was organised around a report prepared by Director of Corporate Services, Marian Vanbruinessen, which included a sort of shopping list of long-term initiatives for Council’s consideration. The list, VanBruinessen said, came from proposals and ideas that have come from members of council and council committees over the last three years. It totalled over $6 million. The list was not well received by South Frontenac Mayor Gary Davison. “Here we go again. Now we have over $6 million in spending when all we have is three and a half million in the kitty. We are being dragged down another path here,” he said. “Those are not proposed spending envelopes,” said Vanbruinessen, “they are only opportunities identified by Council.” When the committee went through the list they cut the $6.4 million to $3.3 million. Those proposals include: $1.5 million for seniors’ initiatives (housing and transportation); $500,000 for Economic Development; $380,000 for infrastructure replacement; $340,000 for potential cost sharing for capital projects in the City of Kingston; $380,000 for the Frontenac Renovates project (assistance to low income homeowners); $30,000 for land acquisition for the K&P trail;

and $100,000 for Community Improvement Plans. “This is only a first discussion about reserves, as far as I am concerned,” said Councilor John Inglis from North Frontenac. “I think this should come back to the Committee of the Whole for further debate in the context of a discussion about all of our reserve funds”. For her part, Central Frontenac Mayor Janet Gutowski did not want to spend more time debating the reserve funds. “I think we can bring this to Council for debate and approval when we meet later in May. This is only a plan for future spending, not a commitment to future spending,” she said. Frontenac Islands Mayor Dennis Doyle, who had previously proposed that the $3.5 million be distributed among the four member townships, thought there should be more debate. “I also point out that Councilor Jones (also from Frontenac Islands) is not here today and he will have something to say about where to allocate this money,” he said. Jones had earlier said that the county reserve funds were made up of “squirrelled away” funds that should be returned to ratepayers. One of the major sources of the surplus money that created the $3.5 million pool of money was budget surpluses that occur most years. The county did not have a mechanism for dealing with those funds in its first 15 years. As of this year, however, budget surplus are being applied directly to subsequent county budgets, to offset taxation.

Dark Skies - continued form page 1 For those who missed the event but would like to learn more, Dempsey has written a number of articles on topics of Aboriginal sky lore including the Big Dipper sky group, the constellation Orion and more. Some articles can be found online and in the Journal of the Royal Astrological Society. Dempsey said he plans to write more about the Milky Way and other constellations. He said that the easiest way to find out information about Aboriginal sky lore is to Google Aboriginal astronomy. The North Frontenac Star Gazing Pad opened in August, 2013 and came about through efforts of the North Frontenac Economic Development Task Force under the direction of Chair Betty Hunter. It was developed with federal gas tax money from the County of Frontenac, who stipulated it be

used for Eco-tourism projects. Chair Betty Hunter was in attendance at the event and said she is pleased with the turn out at a number of events that have taken place so far. The Star Gazing Pad is located at 5816 Road 506. Upcoming events are: June 21 - Summer Solstice; July 5th - Asteroids; Ceres and Vesta close together (10 arc minutes - Interesting lunar feature the Straight Wall is visible). August 3 - Saturn/ Mars/ Moon in straight line. Lunar Straight Wall visible; September 13 - Watch moon rise at 10pm; October 18 - Uranus challenge: Seventh planet theoretically visible with the unaided eye. For more information, visit northfrontenac. com

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Painting by Carla Mediema azinaw Lake with its 100 metre Rock cliff has drawn artists to its shores for hundreds of years. From the First Peoples who inscribed their pictographs at water level, to the Group of Seven in the 1920s and to the artists who still come to contemplate and paint, the magnificent Mazinaw Rock continues to inspire. From May 17 to July 3 the Colin Edwards Memorial Art Gallery, located in Greystones Gift and Book Shop at Bon Echo Park, will display and offer for the sale the work of Cloyne resident Carla Miedema and Chris Perry from Amherstview. Until June 19 the gift shop and gallery are open Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 11 – 4 and daily from 10:30 – 6 beginning June 21. Carla Miedema: “Nature is the inspiration for my art. Wetlands and Bon Echo Park are a focus of many of my expressionist paintings. I work mainly using acrylic and mixed media incorporating elements of nature including grasses, bark, lichen, and other found objects. Although some of my work is realistic, such as my portraits and pen and ink drawings of wildflowers, many of my paintings are becoming more abstract. I love working with colour and various media, and being challenged to create a novel, interesting piece of art work with what I find in nature.” Carla’s studio is at 1074 Little Pond Road in Cloyne, Chris Perry: “My art is detailed and realistic in an effort to capture nature as I see it. Usually I begin my paintings with a detailed


Painting by Chris Perry pencil drawing. Difficult images can take a few days to complete as well as several attempts before I am satisfied with the animal’s likeness. Once the drawing is done, I apply several layers of watercolour paint. My favourite subjects are waterfowl and raptors, but I love to paint them all. Most of the birds I paint live close by, just outside Kingston. The most extraordinary creatures are all around us. Hopefully my art will remind viewers of the beauty we have right in front of us and help us to preserve them and their habitat before it is too late.” chrisphoto04@ One of the goals of the Friends of Bon Echo Provincial Park is to preserve this significant heritage. The 19th annual Bon Echo Art Exhibition and Sale will be held July 25, 26, 27. Over 40 juried artists will showcase their original artwork on the theme of Canadian Nature, Wildlife and Countryside. The festive 3 day exhibition also incorporates children’s activities, live music, Sciensational Sssnakes!! and great food.

Canadiana Crossword Name That Towno By Bernice Rosella and James Kilner 1

ACROSS 1 Engrossed 5 Suburb, for short 9 Oner 12 Egyptian Queen, for short 13 State 14 Badger, so to speak 15 About stars 17 Place in Newfoundland 19 Island 20 Middays 21 Joiner's cry 23 Korean city 25 Capital or human follower 26 Opaque gemstone 28 Trumpet selection 31 Vinyl recording, for short 32 Untrue 34 Credit rating 35 Aced 38 Eastern leader 39 Real estate listing svce. 40 Place in Nova Scotia 42 Painful infections 44 Ghastly pale 46 Baby carriage 47 Place in Manitoba 49 Hauling 52 Man's given name 53 Swedish furniture maker 55 Resonate 56 RN’s forte? 57 Receptors 58 ____ Contendere DOWN 1 Cdn. military unit 2 Capone and Waxman 3 Minute 4 Body part 5 Bundle














32 36 40




18 20















28 33















49 54

6 Ultraviolet, for short 7 Rebel, for short 8 Place in Saskatchewan 9 African nation 10 WW2 Normandy battlefield 11 Senses of self 16 Detached 18 Cause to turn tail 21 Venus de _____ 22 Popular sports network, abbr. 23 Place in British Columbia 24 Actress _____ Lancaster 27 Duo



55 58

29 Shroud 30 Spunk 33 Place in Ontario 36 Racial 37 Three, in Hanover 39 Place in Ontario 41 Release 43 Containing oats 44 Assist a wrongdoer 45 Market 46 Pesetas, abbr. 48 Scene of Mohawk uprising 50 Gretzky milieu, for short 51 Sticky stuff 54 Hosp. hot spot

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may 15, 2014


Land O’ Lakes Community Services - a gem in our community B

eing inquisitive often gets me into places I would otherwise never have gone into before. Like a cat, I like things that sparkle - like gems. And I found one in our community. In the winter of 2005 I asked a friend what she does with her time, and she gave me a lowdown of all the things she and her husband are involved in. Both volunteer quite a bit for different organizations. One of the organizations was the “Land O’ Lakes Community Services”, and I asked her what it was all about. Instead of telling me, she invited me to join the board of directors to find out myself, so I did and boy did I ever get an eyeful. Land O’ Lakes Community Services is not just one entity, it’s made up of several entities, like the facets of a gem, all serving the general public, all shining on their own. It’s not a government-run agency as people believe; it is a corporation depending upon grants, funds and the like to help run its various programs. So here is a quick review of Land O’ Lakes Community Services: 1) Young Adult Protective Services is run by only one person who gives her time, patience, talents and love to each and every one of her clients, making sure that their lives are as full as “us normal” people. Money is short in this program, so fundraisers are needed to help provide outings for these clients to enjoy life to the fullest. On March 29, there was a spaghetti dinner that over $700. This money allowed our clients the trip of a life-time to go to Toronto this summer to the Ripley’s Believe it or not Aquarium. Last year’s money raised was spent on the Intergenerational trip to “Famous People Player’s” theatre to watch a play called “ADHD- Awesome Dreams High Drama”. 2) Land O’ Lakes Women’s Program- aka Rural Women’s Program - aka Domestic Abuse Counseling. This is a very unique program; our counselors travel vast amounts of kilometers all over a huge area to help women and fami-

Tichborne man fined, ordered to remove illegal hunt camp MNR release - A Tichborne resident has pleaded guilty to constructing a building on Crown land without the required permits. David Raymond was fined $3,000 and received a court order to vacate and rehabilitate the site to its natural state. The court heard that between August 15, 2013 and September 15, 2013, Raymond completed an addition to an existing illegal hunting camp on Crown land along the Morrow Road in Palmerston Township, north of Kingston. The hunting camp originated as a trailer that Raymond expanded annually. He later removed the trailer and built in its place a permanent building. Justice of the Peace Richard C. P. Sculthorpe heard the case in Kingston on April 29, 2014. The public is reminded that any work or construction on Crown land that alters the land in any way from its original state requires a work permit from the Ministry of Natural Resources.

lies of domestic abuse, which is real and happens daily. The counselors who put their lives on the line to help these families need a great deal of support, not only financially, but with major pats on the back for what they do. 3) The Community Support for Seniors Program is a huge program that provides Meals on Wheels, Medical Transportation, Diner’s Club, Adult Drop-In, Caregiver Support, Social Recreation, & Educational Programs. Getting older often requires more help than one expects. Land O’ Lakes Community Services Support for Senior Program is one of the best ways I know of to help with this difficult and often confusing transition. Several years ago, before I joined the Board of Directors of Land O’ Lakes, I was introduced to this program through an elderly disabled lady I was asked to take care of. She loved attending Adult Drop-In on Tuesday mornings, and then staying for Diners' Club. Every one cares for one another, shares with one another, and sometimes tears with one another. This program meets at the Flinton Recreation Hall every Tuesday morning. Come early to work on some crafty item, play a game, or participate in exercising those tired muscles. Followed by a great meal. You will never walk away feeling not at home. 4) Then there are various programs that Land O’ Lakes works on throughout the year, like having qualified volunteers work on your income taxes and the Christmas Basket Program. Next weekend, Saturday, May 17, 8 am - 3 pm at the Community Services parking lot in Northbrook will be a Yard & Bake Sale to help raise funds for this program. Donations will be accepted the week of the yard sale at Land O’ Lakes Community Services. This sale will accept Canadian Tire money!! What better way to use up that bit of money stored in your drawer, glove compartment or shoe box!! 5) Did you know that Land O' Lakes OWNS Pine Meadow Nursing Home? Yep it's true - owns and operates another diamond in our community. Pine Meadow, as you know, is undergoing a large addition to upgrade its standing from

LOLCS support group for bereaved mothers T

by Anja Cameron he support group for mothers who have lost children has started. We’re off to a positive start - I already filled a page with notes on things I’ve learned! When you attend the group, there is no pressure or any expectations. You are free to just listen and not share unless you would like to. In a relaxed atmosphere and with confidentiality assured, you can’t help but connect with someone who is walking the same road! I encourage anyone who is struggling but hesitating to give us a try! You don’t have to give, but you will definitely get!!! The meeting times have changed and the group now meets on Thursdays from 6-7:30pm at Land O’Lakes Community Services, 12497 Hwy #41, Northbrook. For more info contact Pam Lemke, 613-336-8934 ext.229

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by Sonja Alcock

a "B" facility to an "A" facility - and Land O' Lakes owns it all!! Okay you can pick up your jaw off the table now. Here's how it happened. Years ago one of the members of Land O' Lakes Community Services was concerned about not having a home in our area for our many seniors to go to, so she formed a committee to see what can be done. She was told that a nursing home could not be built in our area, and we so grateful that she didn't listen to the powers that be at that time. That is when Land O' Lakes Community Services took it upon itself to set up a fund raising committee, a building committee and every other committee it needed to get the job done. And well Pine Meadow is the result of that determination. Another fact that I bet you didn't know - Pine Meadow Management Committee is not a board, but a sitting committee that reports to Land O' Lakes Community Services Board of Directors!! Without Land O' Lakes Community Services there would not be a Pine Meadow Nursing Home! Okay I'll let you drop you jaw on the table a little longer!! 6) Volunteering is a fact of life. These programs would not run without the volunteers who give their talents, time, and energy to help others in their community. One of the ways to volunteer and get to know more about Land O’ Lakes Community Services is to sit on the board of directors. Please contact the office if you are interested in knowing more of what a great agency this is in our community by calling 6133368934 or just drop by and have a chat; or you can come out to the Annual General Meeting on June 17 at the Lions Hall in Northbrook. Our guest speaker will be Derek Maschke, giving advice on the final transition of our lives and how easy it would be on our families if we had things prepared in advance. Hope to see you all out, just to fulfill that curious side of you. You never know what new and great things are out there unless you just take the chance to find out.

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may 15, 2014



Betty Lue Raymond

BABCOCK, Donald Leslie

Raymond, Betty Lue - Suddenly at home on Monday, April 28, 2014 in her 56th year. Beloved wife of Timothy Barker of Mountain Grove. Daughter of the late Kenneth and Viola Raymond; sister of the late Henry Raymond. Sister of Shirley Timmerman (Ian Cameron) and Mark (Debbie Woods). Will be missed by many nieces and nephews and the extended Barker family. Family and friends paid their respects at Goodfellows Funeral Home Thursday, April 30, 2014 and the funeral was Friday, May 1, 2014. Cremation has taken place with buriel to follow at a later date. Friends desiring may contribute in Betty's memory to the Diabetes Association.

1930-2014 After a short battle with cancer, Donald passed peacefully at home surrounded by the love of his family, in his 85th year on Friday, May 9, 2014. Predeceased by his loving wife Inez (nee Turpin). Sadly missed by his children, Roger (Betty), Janice (Bob), Judy (Garry), Joe (Kathy) and Hazel (Peter). Also will be sadly missed by his 15 grandchildren, 20 great grandchildren, and 2 great great grandchildren. Cremation has taken place. A graveside service will be held on Monday, May 19, 2014, 1:30pm at the Parham Cemetery. In lieu of flowers donations to the Eastern Ontario Combine (of Racing Pigeon Clubs) would be appreciated by the family.

COX, Jessie (nee Wood) Peacefully, with her family by her side at the L&A County General Hospital in Napanee on Friday, May 9, 2014 in her 95th year. Beloved wife of the late Harold Cox. Dear mother of Lillian Hasler (the late Fred) of Perth, Bill (Kathleen) Cox of Flinton, Joyce (Percy) Parks of Kaladar, Maureen (Bruce) Paddick of Tweed. Pre-deceased by her son Jack and her daughter Geraldine Reid. Survived by her son-inlaw Art Reid of Campbellford. Her memories will always be cherished in the hearts of her many grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren. She will be sadly missed by her brother Tom Wood of Trenton. Pre-deceased by her sisters Gladys Lessard, Rose Lessard and Grace Barrett. Fondly remembered by her nieces, nephews, extended family and friends. The family received friends at the MILESTONE FUNERAL CENTER, 11928 Hwy 41, Northbrook, Ont. K0H 2G0 (613-336-6873) on Monday from 5-8pm and Tuesday from 10-11am. The Funeral Service was in the Chapel on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 11:00am. Interment at Flinton Cemetery. Friends desiring may contribute in her memory to the Pine Meadow Nursing Home. Online condolences available to the family at

Milestone Funeral Center


Happy 40th Birthday Rhonda Watkins

Thank You ~ Lively The wife and family of Murray Lively would like to thank all the neighbours on Masonville Road,Verona for all the snow-shovelling and other acts of kindness and also for the food and beautiful baskets of flowers.

May 21st, 2014 Eyes of brown, and hair the same, Rhonda my darlin',You're one sweet dame! When I see you smile, it brightens my day, Words can't express, what I want to say A really great Mom, and so full of cheer Happy Birthday Rhonda, Let's have AAAAHHHH Beer Love, Charlie, Amy and Daddy!!

ARRANGMENTS ENTRUSTED TO LIMESTONE CREMATION SERVICE 200-184 Wellington Street Kingston, Ontario (613) 507-5727

Tom Hughes



(nee Pike) Peacefully at Perth & District Hospital, Monday, May 5, in her 95th year. Loving mother to Paul Raham, (Janet), Judith Versavel and Nancy Raham/ Hougham (deceased). Cherished grandmother to Matthew, John (Jennifer), great-grandmother to Luke, Judah, Asher, Alexander and Isabella. Loving stepmother to Ethelwyn and Al Rempel (James and Jane), June Dale (Erica and Andrea), Gordon Proctor (Mae, Dominique and David). Predeceased by brother Donald Pike (Shirley) and Robert Pike. Missed by sister Helen Praskey, her nieces and nephews, and all her extended family of friends in the Arden community whom she so dearly loved. Dorothy was a member of the Arden United Church where she played the organ until her 90th year. She sang in the Glee Club from its inception in 1994 and was the inspiration and founder of Friends of Arden. Her joy was her family, friends, and life in Arden on Big Clear Lake. In keeping with her wishes, cremation has taken place. A Celebration of Dorothy’s life will take place Saturday, May 31, at 11:30 am at the Arden United Church. Reception and refreshments to follow at the Kennebec Community Centre in Arden. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.




Please join Tom and his family on Saturday, June 14th at their home on Big Clear Lake in Arden as they celebrate Tom's 85th birthday. It is an open house, drop-in event running from 1pm to 4pm. Refreshments will be served. Best Wishes only please.

Thank You ~ Lively A heartfelt “Thank You” to all the members of Rivendell Golf Club who generously covered all the costs for the Celebration of the life of Murray Lively, for Jim Lansdell who made the lovely wooden cremation box and said it was his honor and for Rev.Oscar Simpson for officiating. It is very gratifying to know how well-liked Murray was. Thank you again. Shirley and Family.

Fiddlehead Risotto di Pomodoro 1/2 Ib. of Fiddleheads 1 cup brown rice 1 cup salsa sauce or homemade pasta sauce is always great if possible 3 tablespoon of olive oil 1/4 tsp salt 1/4 tsp pepper 1/4 cup parmesan cheese- plus more for serving. 1/4 cup mozzarella cheese 1/4 cup of red kidney beans 1/4 cup of chick peas


Remove the brown papery sheath from the fiddleheads and rinse them several times until the water looks clear. Cut off the Thank You ~ Flieler black ends. I would like to express my thanks to Bring to boil 1 quart of water- with 1 tsp the church women, my sons, and their salt. Add the fiddleheads, making sure they wives, for hosting my 80th Birthday are totally submerged, otherwise they will turn black. Cook fiddleheads until al dente. party. Thanks to all my friends and famDrain and run under cold water so they reily for coming, also for the lovely gifts, main al dente, set aside. flowers, cards & phone calls. Cook the rice as directed by the package. Joan Flieler Drain and run cold water on rice to keep it Name That Towno 3can17j from sticking. Keep warm. Combine the fiddleheads, rice and salsa all together over a IN MEMORIAM hot stove. Add the salt and pepper to taste. Add the red kidney beans and chick peas. Finally, Always on our minds but not least, add the cheeses. Always in our hearts Absolutely delicious! Yields 4 servings We sure miss you. submitted by NorCliff Farms Inc., a company Herb Moyst in Port Colborne that specializes in wild harvested fiddleheads. Visitpuzzle March 13, 1976 Answer to today’s

Millie Moyst May 22, 2006


April 22, 2006 Love, the family and friends

A Promise for You

Milestone Funeral Center Derek Maschke Northbrook Chapel Funeral Director 11928 Hwy. 41 613-336-6873 Northbrook, ON K0H 2G0

"Let everyone who is thirsty come. Let anyone who wishes take the water of life as a gift." Revelation 22:17


Trousdale Funeral home Proudly serving all faiths Pre-Arranged Funeral Plans

Sydenham, On 613-376-3022

Serving the area for over 100 years.

David Goodfellow Owner/Managing Director

Parham, Ontario


Teal In loving memory of my Mom, Isabelle Teal Who left us May 15, 2010. Beside your grave we often stand With our hearts so sad and sore Silent till the sweet words come , "Not lost just gone before" God knows how much We miss you He counts the tears We shed, And whispers, "She only sleeps, She is not dead" So I'll be brave, Mom, And pray to God each day, And when He calls me home to you Your smile will guide the way. Missed and so dearly loved, Jim, Debbie & family









































































































































Memory Lane Flowers & Gifts 4400 George St. Sydenham (613) 376-6309 1-800-275-1581 Specializing in funeral tributes

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may 15, 2014

Boost children’s speech & language development with books by Susan Ramsay, Early Literacy Specialist, HFL&A, 613-354-6318 x 32

The Classifieds Ad Rates: Classified Text ads: $8.85 + HST per insertion for 20 words & under; 20¢ each extra word. Deadline: 4 pm Monday; Ph: 613-279-3150, Fx: 613-279-3172;


Stoves, washers, dryers, freezers, dishwashers. 3 months old and up. Sold with written guarantees. Fridges $100 and up.


At the lowest prices in the area. Trade-ins accepted on new appliances. Big selection to choose from. We Sell Gas Refrigerators


For good used appliances in working order or not, but no junk please. VISA and MASTERCARD accepted. We have our own financing also. Shop at our competitors and then come see for yourself quality at low prices.

Open evenings & 7 days a week. We deliver


Open Evenings & Seven Days a Week - River Road Corbyville, Just North of Corby’s (613) 969-0287

AUTOMOTIVE KALADAR AUTO RECYCLING. We sell cars for under $1990 safetied & E-tested, low kilometres. We have good winter tires. We take trade-ins. 11520 Hwy 41; 613-336-9899; 613885-8644 KINNEY AUTO WRECKING Station Road, Kaladar. 4x4 trucks & parts for sale. Scrap cars, stoves, fridges wanted. 613-336-9272.

EMBROIDERY & ENGRAVING UPPER FRONTENAC GRAPHICS – Custom Embroidery, Imprinting, Trophies, Awards & Engraving. Caps, jackets, golf shirts, hoodies, teamwear & more. 613-539-6340; dwedden@;

FLEA MARKET JP & TONI’S FLEA MARKET, 6107 Hwy 506 at Ardoch Road. Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun and holiday Mondays, 613-479-0341

FOR RENT 1 BEDROOM APT. 6km north of Sydenham on lake, smoke/pet-free, $850 inclusive. Nature Lover’s Paradise; 613-376-9815, leave message 1 BEDROOM HOUSE, available in Arden, $500 plus utilities; 1st & last, references required; available June 1st; 905-961-2513 1 BEDROOM IN 4-PLEX in Kaladar; 1st & last, references. Available June 1st, $475 plus hydro, 416-554-9746 COMMERCIAL OFFICE SPACE located on Hwy. 7 just east of the Junction of Hwy 38 and Hwy. 7. For further information, contact Ram at 613-279-2827 NEW 1200 SQ.FT. APARTMENT, 2 bedrooms, w/ high efficiency appliances, $750 + utilities. Plenty of parking. No pets, no smoking. Sharbot Lake, inquire @ 613-279-2085 STORAGE UNITS for rent in Mountain Grove. Bob Hawley, 613-335-3878

FOR SALE BARNOVA STUDIO for landscapes, original art, also photographs of Ontario, Maritimes, Yellowstone, Florida, Nature and much more, 613-336-8691 CENTRAL BOILER OUTDOOR FURNACES 2014 Winter Rebate. Save up to $700.Call for more information. Your local Dealer, Wood Heat Solutions, Frankford, ON, 613-398-1611; Bancroft, ON 613-332-1613.

DOUG’S ANTENNA SALES & SERVICE Shaw Satellite TV SALE - Offer extended until May 31 FREE HDPVR and HD receiver rental for 2 years, with Free Installation. No Contract. No Credit Check. Call us at 613-374-3305 for details. We are your full service dealer for both BELL TV and SHAW DIRECT Satellite.

GARAGE/YARD SALES AVON AND CRAFT SALE, Saturday and Sunday May 17 and 18, 2014 at 5990 Arden Road, in beautiful downtown Arden. from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for further info please call 613335-2940, 613-335-5453 or 613-336-8877 ESTATE SALE. Large multi-family, 10220 Hwy 509, Ompah, May 17th, 8am-noon. Lawn tractors, lawn mowers, chain saws, antiques.


GARAGE/YARD SALES ESTATE YARD SALE. May 16, 17, 18, 19. Rain date May 23, 24, 25, 26. All contents of estate must go. 2583 Harlowe Road, Harlowe. Coffee tables, Lazy boy rocker, etc. Kitchen goods, misc. outdoor equipment; floor & table lamps; misc. hutches, small tables. Good prices & clean items. Offers? GARAGE SALE: Something for everyone! Hartington, Boyce Rd. to 4927 Quarry Rd. Sat. May 17, 8 a.m. to noon HOLIDAY WEEKENDS May 16, 17, 18, 19 and 23, 24, 25, 26; 8-8 daily. Items too numerous to list. Worth the scenic drive. Road 38 to Crow Lake Rd. to Badour Rd. Follow signs. Rain or shine. MOVING SALE: Sat. May 17 & Sun May 18, 9am-3pm, 1042 Smart Rd; 6km north of Cloyne. Furniture, kitchen wares, puzzles, tools, clothing, auto body equipment, etc. MULTI-FAMILY GARAGE SALE indoors at Oso Hall, Sat. May 17th - 8:30 to 2:30, something for everyone. SPYGLASS COVE, 1016 Schoolhouse Rd. Clarendon, Hwy 509. Open Tues – Sat. 8am7pm. open Victoria Day Monday. New selection of CDs and movies; baby furniture; camping items; knick knacks; fishing lures; toys; etc. YARD SALE- May 18th, 9am to 3pm, 11391 Hwy 38, Parham. Something for everyone

HUNTING & FISHING FIREARMS & HUNTER ED COURSES. Tamworth: Firearms Course – June 6 & 7; Hunter Education Course – June 13 & 14. Wild Turkey license examinations. Call Bill at 613335-2786 HUNTER SAFETY AND FIREARMS COURSES. Turkey Examinations. Please call for course dates and details. Call Richard 613-336-9875.

MUSIC LESSONS TOM’S MUSIC STUDIO is now accepting students for drums, guitar, bass guitar, piano, beginner banjo and theory; repairs to all stringed instruments. Tom 613-539-4659

SERVICES DRYWALL AND PLASTER REPAIRS. Professionally trained. Drywall installation, old fashioned quality, three coat hand finishing. Free estimates. Call Rick at 613-375-8201. FRIDGES, STOVES, WASHERS, DRYERS, anything metal, free pickup, call 613-375-6377 KEVIN’S HANDYMAN SERVICE. Lawn Maintenance, Trees Cut, Woodsplitting, Snow Removal, Winter Roof Cleaning, Junk Pick-up & Disposal, Minor Building Repairs. Call Kevin 9am - 5pm, Monday-Friday. Please Leave a Message, 613-279-1901; 613-453-5896 PET SITTING in Mountain Grove. Going away? Let us help. Dogs, Cats, etc. Spacious, individual accommodations. Long walks. By appointment only. Laura Mills 613-335-3658. Evenings are best or leave a message. PHOTOCOPY, FAX & LAMINATION SERVICES available at The Frontenac News, the Annex (rear building), 1095 Garrett St., Sharbot Lake. Competitive prices! 8½“ x 11” - Black & White, 1-10 copies: 15¢ ea; 11-25 copies: 10¢ ea; 26-100 copies 8¢ ea. Colour copies 65¢ each. Taxes extra. Call 613-2793150 for information. ROB’S WINDOW CLEANING. We clean the windowpanes, screens, tracks and casings of your windows. Call today for a quote. 613-2439661

Eagle Lake Drywall Boarding, Taping, Painting

Non-Smoking Company


TOWING B’S RADICAL RIDES Towing & Recovery. James Mills owner/operator. 613-335-5050

WANTED TO BUY ELECTRIC STOVE in good condition – call 279-3268 STANDING TIMBER, firewood, pine, cedar, bush lots. Free quotes, cash paid. Call 613279-2154.

“Peek-a-boo!” Blonde, feathery hair stood and swayed like a field of wheat on Ben’s tiny head as I read the words from his book. I hadn’t meant to say ‘peek’ so powerfully, but Ben’s saucer-sized eyes had been riveted to the large, lift-the-flap pictures. Though Ben was only four months old, he loved books. Ben and I read together a lot when he was little even though at that time I knew little about research linking book sharing to children’s speech, language and literacy development. I hadn’t realized how reading simple text slowly and expressively could help babies isolate the sounds of language. Nor had I clearly understood that, by playfully pointing to and labelling pictures, I could encourage babies to imitate sounds even before they could talk. As a toddler and preschooler, Ben gravitated to stories with rhythm and rhyme, and was especially content if he could see my facial expressions as we read together. Joanne Morrissey, parent support worker with Early Expressions Preschool Speech and Language, tells us that “In addition to being a great way to connect with your child, sharing books with your child is one of the most effective ways to teach them about sounds, how sounds make words and how words form sentences and stories.” According to Morrissey one in every ten children has a significant speech or language problem. Book sharing can be a powerful tool that helps children focus on either articulation or structure of language. Books with rhyme and alliteration, such as “Silly Sally” by Audrey Wood, help children hear similarities and differences at the ending or beginning of words. Books such as “Barnyard Dance” by Sandra Boynton or “Hand, Hand Fingers Thumb” by Al Perkins help children hear rhythm and syllables in words. Articulation of specific speech sounds develops as children mature. The first sounds infants make are vowel sounds, followed by vowels in combination with consonants such as m and b. It’s no surprise that ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ are often babies’ first words. Other speech sounds emerge much later. Fouryear-olds can produce almost all speech sounds correctly, but r, th, ch, j are typically still difficult. Speech pathologists rely

BBD&E Station 14 Sherbrooke St. E Perth, Ontario

on books tremendously in their work with children who have either articulation or language processing challenges. They may share “Leo the Late Bloomer” by Kraus with children who need practice hearing and forming ‘l’ sounds or “Four Fur Feet” by Margaret Wise Brown for the children working on ‘f’ sounds. Books such as “Brown Bear Brown Bear” by Bill Martin Jr. can be used to emphasize specific speech sounds, or to highlight how words (adjectives and nouns) are combined. May is Better Hearing and Speech Month. Preschool Speech and Language programs across Ontario have a wealth of information about children’s speech and language development. If you have questions or concerns about your toddler’s or preschooler’s speech, language milestones, or are simply curious to know more, check out Ontario Preschool Speech and Language Programs’ website at topics/earlychildhood/speechlanguage/index.aspx or call Early Expressions 613-5463854 or 1-800-267-7875, ext. 1184.

Trent Severn at MERA T

he second concert in Music At MERA’s Sunday Schoolhouse concert series, on May 25 at 2:00 pm at MERA Schoolhouse in McDonald’s Corners, will feature Trent Severn. Not the waterway system in Southern Ontario, but Trent Severn – the Canadiana band whose songs are fueled by the folklore of Ontario; whose lyrics pay tribute to Canadian legends. Trent Severn is a trio of musical veterans from Stratford, Ontario comprised of indie songster Emm Gryner, singer/songwriter Dayna Manning and violin whiz Laura C. Bates. There is no lead singer in Trent Severn. There is no backup band. You’ll hear a guitar or banjo (Manning), a bass and stomp box (Gryner), and a fiddle and floor percussion (Bates). Clad in flannel, they engage audiences with their three part harmonies, honed musicianship and sincere story telling. Advance tickets for the concert are $22, available at 613-485-6434 or online at

Fire Department Administration 14 Sherbrooke St. E. Perth, ON K7H 1A2 Office: 613-267-2596

South Sherbrooke Station 22110 Highway 7 Maberly, Ontario

SEEKING VOLUNTEERS The South Sherbrooke Station of the Drummond North Elmsley Tay Valley Fire Rescue is seeking high energy, enthusiastic, dedicated and committed individuals for the position of volunteer fire fighter for the South Sherbrooke Station. Successful candidates will be assigned to work under supervision of officers to combat fires, perform rescue work, administer 1st Aid/CPR, conduct public education programs, inspect buildings for fire hazards and operate and maintain fire fighting apparatus, equipment and fire station. To be eligible for consideration you must: • be educated to Grade 12 graduation or document equivalent • be legally entitled to work in Canada; • be capable of handling intense and sustained physical effort to perform all tasks assigned; • obtain a criminal record check (the record check must be obtained before an applicant will be considered); • participate in and successfully complete all assigned examinations and tests, including written, oral and physical tests before assignment to active duty; • must be between the ages of 18 – 65 • be willing to have a driver’s abstract completed by the fire department Applicants will be given priority due to living and employment location with respect to the Fire Station. Applications are available at the Tay Valley Township Office, located at 217 Harper Road and the Fire Department Administration Office, located at 14 Sherbrooke St. East in Perth. Applications must be returned to the Fire Department Administration Office and will be received until Thursday, May 29th, 2014, addressed to Fire Chief Greg Saunders. The Drummond North Elmsley Tay Valley Fire Rescue is an equal opportunity employer. For further information contact the Fire Department Administration at 613-267-2596.



Check Out Our Great Selection of BBQs Starting at


Victoria Day Weekend



T-Bone Steaks $ .77/lb


Lookout Home Hardware Building Centre 7617 Hwy. 509 Plevna

T 613 479 5579 F 613 479 2699

Northern Happenings Northern Happenings listings are free for community groups, and will be published for two weeks. Other listings are paid or are taken from paid ads elsewhere in the paper. The News makes every effort to be accurate but details of events should be independently verified by readers.

Thursdays May 15 SNOW ROAD - LINE DANCING 7-8.30pm, community centre.

Friday May 16 ARDEN LEGION 4-7pm, hot dogs & hamburgers ELPHIN – YARD & BAKE SALE. Presbyterian Church 2-7pm, proceeds to church FRONTENAC FARMERS MARKET, 3–7pm in Harrowsmith, junction of K&P Trail & Road 38 HARLOWE - OLD TYME FIDDLERS, 7:30pm, community hall, $6 non-members, $5 members, entertainers $2, lunch, prizes. All welcome 613-336-2557 NORTHBROOK - OPEN MIC & POTLUCK Lions hall 7pm, $6, entertainers $2, all welcome; info, Lionel 613-336-8142 PERTH ROAD YARD SALE & FLEA MARKET, Sunday school hall noon-6pm, 3531690, proceeds to United Church SHARBOT LAKE – EUCHRE, noon, Anglican Church hall, $5 includes lunch, proceeds to the church, all welcome SHARBOT LAKE – DINNER at the Legion. 5:30–7pm Pork Chops SNOW ROAD COMMUNITY CENTRE; Coffee Morning 10am-noon; Beginners Bridge 2pm

Saturday May 17 ARDEN - CHURCH YARD SALE, 10am-4pm, Arden & Community Wesleyan Church ARDEN LEGION – Mixed Darts Doubles $5pp, 10am registration; starts 11am, lunch avail.; Ladies Auxiliary bake sale ARDEN - VICTORIA DAY FIREWORKS at the Rec. Park. sponsored by Kennebec Rec. Committee, dusk, donations for fireworks welcome. Rain date May 18. CLOYNE - MAMMOTH YARD SALE, Barrie Hall, 9am, gently used donations welcome, for pickup call Carolyn 613 336-6858, proceeds to Cloyne & District Historical Society FARMERS’ MARKETS – Local farmers’ markets held every Saturday, 9am-1pm at: McDonalds Corners MERA schoolhouse; Sharbot Lake Oso beach; Verona - Prince Charles PS. All markets feature local fresh produce, crafts, baked goods & much more. NORTHBROOK - LAND O’LAKES COMMUNITY SERVICES Yard & Bake Sale 8am–3pm, Hwy 41 proceeds to Christmas Hamper Program; Canadian Tire money accepted for payment or donation. PARHAM – MUSIC NIGHT w/ Mitch Barker and many good entertainers, 7pm IOOF hall, admission by donation; proceeds to Camp Trillium for children with cancer; sponsored by Mayflower Lodge. SHARBOT LAKE - GARAGE SALE by Frontenac Masonic Lodge, 14177 Road 38; proceeds to Sharbot Lake Food Bank SHARBOT LAKE PENTECOSTAL CHURCH yard, bake sale & BBQ, 8am, proceeds to church

Sunday May 18 BEDFORD OPEN MIC & JAM, 1-5pm, Bedford Hall 1381 Westport Rd, Bluegrass, Country, Gospel & more, $2, 613-374-2614 HARROWSMITH - TURKEY DINNER Golden Links Hall, 4:30-6pm; $13; Brenda 372-2410; sponsors: Odd Fellows & Rebekahs

Monday May 19 BOLINGBROKE - GAMES NIGHT, ABC Hall, Mondays 7pm; welcome to bring new games; Janice (273-2965). SHARBOT LAKE PENTECOSTAL CHURCH yard, bake sale & BBQ, 8am, proceeds to church SNOW ROAD - SENIORS EXERCISE 1011am, community centre.

Mon. Tues & Wed. May 19 -21

may 15, 2014

FLINTON - RUMMAGE & BAKE SALE, Township Rec Centre, Mon 5- 8:30pm; Tues. 9am-8pm; Wed. 9am-1pm; sponsor: Flinton Community Club.

Tuesday May 20 HARROWSMITH - CASH BINGO Golden Links Hall, early bird 7pm; Brenda 372-2410; sponsors: Odd Fellows & Rebekahs KENNEBEC DINERS, noon, Arden community hall, for those 50+, $10, reservations required: 613-279-3151 PLEVNA – FOOT CARE CLINIC, Clar-Mill Hall, appointment: 613-279-3151. VERONA - CATTAIL FESTIVAL MEETING, Lions Club, 7 pm, all welcome.

Wednesday May 21 BEDFORD DINERS, noon, community hall, for those 50+. $10, reservations requ’d: 613279-3151 INVERARY DINERS, noon, United Church, for 55+yrs, $11. Reservations required 613376-6477 OMPAH - BIRTHDAY BASH & COMMUNITY POTLUCK, 5:30pm, community hall, games after, all welcome

Thursday May 22 CLOYNE - MOTHER & DAUGHTER POTLUCK BANQUET, Pineview Free Methodist Church, refreshments 5pm, dinner 6pm, guest speaker Linda Adams, New Life Girl’s Home. GRANITE RIDGE EDUCATION CENTRE, Sharbot Lake, new school dedication ceremony 10-11am HARROWSMITH DINERS, noon, Free Methodist Church, for 55+yrs, $11. Reservations required 613-376-6477 MOUNTAIN GROVE - FUN FAIR, Land O’ Lakes Public School, 5-8pm; music (Mitch Barker, Feral 5, GREC HS band, LOLPS Glee club), games, activities, BBQ, demonstrations, all welcome SNOW ROAD - LINE DANCING 7-8.30pm, community centre. VERONA - COUNTY SUSTAINABILITY BREAKFAST, free, Lions Hall, 7–10am, for anyone interested in the future of the Frontenacs, RSVP 613-548-9400 x 301; atamblyn@

Friday May 23 BOLINGBROKE - “NATURE IN OUR AREA” presentation by Wendy Briggs-Jude from Bluebird acres, 7pm, part of a new evening series called “A Slice of Life”, ABC hall, good will offering for hall maintenance appreciated. HARROWSMITH - YOUTH DANCE Golden Links Hall, 7pm for ages 9 - 15; $6; Sharon 539-6676, Wayne 352-2533; sponsors: Odd Fellows & Rebekahs PLEVNA – BINGO FUNDRAISER for ClarMill volunteer firefighters, 7-9pm, cash prizes, Clar-Mill hall

Friday - Sunday May 23 - 25 VERONA - “FAMILY BASH” WEEKEND, Pentecostal Assembly; Friday Teen Basketball Challenge 6pm for ages 12-18, sign up required; Sat. 11am Craft Extravaganza for ages 5-12, Movie Night 6pm “Lego the Movie”; Sunday Crimson River at 10am, 6pm Gospel Concert with Old Hims and John Reid & the Eagle Band. All proceeds from the weekend go to cancer research. Free will offering.

Saturday May 24 ARDEN - “EGGS AS YOU LIKE THEM” breakfast & silent auction, 8-10:30am, community hall; sponsor: United Church Stewards LAND O’ LAKES GARDEN CLUB, Annual Plant Sale at Barrie Hall, Cloyne, 9am until sold out, plants go fast, come early. MABERLY - FIELDWORK free outdoor art gallery season opening & artists’ talks, 2-4pm, 2501 Old Brooke PLEVNA - JACK’S JAM, Clar-Mill hall, 2-9pm; potluck supper 5:30pm; all welcome and all musicians, singers, dancers welcome to participate; sponsors: Clar-Mill Community Volunteers


AAA Grade or Higher

Leadbetter Cowboy Burgers $ .99


/3lb box

3 Days Only - May 16-18

Authorized Agent For:


Mon-Fri: 8am - 8pm All Week Special - May 15-21 Sat: 8am - 6pm Heinz Ketchup $ .97 Sun: Grocery 9am-6pm; Miracle Whip LCBO 11am-6pm Each Bicks Pickles


Hwy 38 Verona (613) 374-2112 guided hikes and paddles, games & activities, all welcome; ENTERPRISE - GOSPEL SING Free Methodist Church 6:30pm w/ the Frizzells; Vernon Scott & Friends; the Chajkowskis, fellowship to follow. MCDONALDS CORNERS - TRENT SEVERN BAND, 2pm, MERA Schoolhouse, advance tickets $22, 613-485-6434 or ticketsplease. ca. PARHAM – FLEA MARKET 10am-2pm, sponsored by Rec. Committee PLEVNA - RIVER OF LIFE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP celebrates 2nd church anniversary 10:30am; speaker: Rev. Dr. Peter Rigby, Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church, Central Canada District; lunch following service, all welcome; 479-0333 SYDENHAM - MELODIA MONDAY BENEFIT CONCERT A capella choir, $15, 3pm, Grace Centre, proceeds to SFCS, 613-376-6477. VERONA - GOSPEL CONCERT, 6pm, Pentecostal Church w/ Old Hims and John Reid &The Eagle Band, free, all welcome; info 613374-2976.

Monday May 26 ARDEN - ALL-CANDIDATES MEETING, Kennebec Hall 7pm, co-sponsored by the Friends of Arden and the Frontenac News. SHARBOT LAKE – FOOT CARE CLINIC, seniors’ centre, appointment: 613-279-3151.

Tuesday May 27 CONSERVATIONISTS OF FRONTENAC ADDINGTON meeting, Barrie Hall, Cloyne 7pm, guest speaker Sara Sproule, NAEC, on outdoor education program, all welcome HARROWSMITH WOMEN’S INSTITUTE meeting & plant exchange 7pm, St. Paul’s United Church, guest speaker from Hospice Kingston, all ladies welcome; info: Karen 613372-0501. LAND O’LAKES QUILTERS Trunk Show 10am-1pm, Pineview Free Methodist Church, Cloyne (lower level); members of Lanark Quilters Guild will be sharing their creations, refreshments, all welcome; info: lolquilt@gmail. com SHARBOT LAKE - CASH BINGO, Oso hall, doors open 5:30pm; sponsored by NFCS; info: Child Centre 613-279-2244

Wednesday May 28 RURAL WOMEN’S GROUP, 1:30-3pm, Rural VISIONS Centre, 4419 George St.; free transportation avail: 613-376-6477; 1-800-7639610, all women welcome SHARBOT LAKE DINERS, noon, for those 50+, $10, reservations requ’d: 613-279-3151

Thursday May 29 SYDENHAM - ALZHEIMER SUPPORT GROUP 7-9pm, Grace Centre; info: 613-5443078

Regular Happenings AA & AL-ANON 41 GROUP - Cloyne Hall. Wednesdays 8 pm. All welcome 336-9221. AA MEETINGS - SHARBOT LAKE, every Monday, 8:30 pm, United Church C.E. Bldg. AL-ANON: Hope & help for families of alcoholics, 12 weekly meetings in greater Kingston area. Please call 384-2134 for meeting information. We care. ARDEN - Community hall: LINE DANCING Mondays 9:30-10:30am; FIT & FUN exercise class, Tuesdays 9-10am (April 10 - late June), TAI CHI Wednesdays, beginners class 9:15am, advanced 10:15am. Sponsor: Kennebec Rec. Committee; info 613-335-2845 ARDEN LEGION: Sunday Darts 1pm; Wed & Fri Darts 7pm; Wed Cribbage 2pm; Thurs Euchre 7:30pm. BABY TALK DROP-INS, Sharbot Lake, Child Centre, 2nd Wed, 10:30 – 11:30 am. Sydenham, 3rd Thursday, 9 – 11 am. Advice & information on infant & child care. 549-1154, 1-800-267-7875. BINGO ■ Flinton, Mondays, Rec Centre, doors open 6pm ■Kaladar: Community Centre, Tuesdays, 7pm, doors open 6:15 pm ■Northbrook: Thursdays, Lions Club, 7pm, doors open 6 pm, sponsor: Land O’Lakes Lions ■Parham: Fridays, IOOF Hall, early-bird: 6:45 pm, sponsor: Mayflower Lodge. BOLINGBROKE EXERCISE CLASSES FOR

SENIORS, ABC Hall, Mondays 10-11am. Info: Joyce 273-4832. BOLINGBROKE - GAMES NIGHT, ABC Hall, Mondays 7pm; welcome to bring new games; Janice (273-2965). BOLINGBROKE - MUSICIAN’S CIRCLE (musicians only) Thursday evenings, 7pm ABC Hall, all ages are welcome, Matthew Churchill (273-9005) CANCER PATIENTS requiring rides to treatments: call 613-384-2361 or 1-866-877-0309 CLOTHING /BOUTIQUE – NORTHBROOK, in former United Church next to cemetery. Winter Hours - Thurs. & Sat. 10 am - 2 pm CLOTHING – HARTINGTON, COMMUNITY CARING, Princess Ann Community Centre, Mon 9-12, Tues 9-4, and Fri 9-12 CLOTHING - TREASURE TRUNK, Sharbot Lake, 1171 Cannon Rd. “New & Second Tyme Around Clothing” Donations welcome. 2792113. CLOTHING – VERONA, “Style Revival”, free clothing, Free Methodist Church, Wed & Thurs, 10am-1pm COMMUNITY DROP-IN – Sharbot Lake Every Wednesday, 10am – 2pm, St. Andrew’s Anglican Church. All welcome! 279-3151. DENBIGH CRAFT GROUP meets 2nd & 4th Wed. of month, 1pm, community hall, free, all welcome, info: Pam at LOLCS, 336-8934 ext. 229. FLINTON – ADULT COMMUNITY DROPIN, Tuesdays, Rec Centre, 9am-3pm, homecooked style noon meals, all welcome, info: LOLCS, Pam 336-8934 x 229 GOLDEN SUNSET CLUB meets 1st Monday of month, Northbrook Lions Hall, noon. Info: 336-2570. Join us for potluck HARROWSMITH - TUESDAY LUNCHES, St. Paul’s United Church, 11:30-1pm, $5, soup, sandwich, beverage, dessert LAND O’LAKES FOOD BANK needs food & cash donations and community involvement. Contact Land o’Lakes Community Services, 613-336-8934 LAND O’LAKES SENIORS meet every second Wed. at Mountain Grove community hall; potluck, noon-2:30. All seniors welcome LENNOX & ADDINGTON RESOURCES FOR CHILDREN/EARLY YEARS PLAYGROUPS & DROP-INS - Tamworth Playgroup: Mondays 9:30 am-noon, Sheffield Arena; Northbrook Drop-In: Wednesdays 10am-1pm, Lions Hall;  Flinton Drop-In: Thursdays 10am-1pm, Township Hall;  Info: 613-336-8934 ext. 257. LENNOX & ADDINGTON STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL, local volunteer agency identifies & supports environmental, education, woodlot management, wildlife habitat, watershed issues and projects in L&A. All welcome. 5315723 MEALS ON WHEELS. Serving the North Lennox & Addington area, a hot nutritious meal will be delivered to your door every Thursday at noon, cost: $6; 613-336-8934 or 613-3335216. MERA: McDonalds Corners Elphin Recreation & Arts at the Schoolhouse: Quilting, Fibrearts, Weaving & more NORTH FRONTENAC FOOD BANK: food & cash donations needed; 613-532-8855, PO Box 151, Sharbot Lake, K0H 2P0 NORTHBROOK – CRAFT & SOCIAL GROUP FOR WOMEN, Wednesdays, Land O’ Lakes Community Services, 9:30-11:30am. Free. Info: Jeannie, 613-336-8934 or 1-877679-6636 OMPAH - DROP-IN MORNING COFFEE CLUB, Community Centre, every Wednesday 9 – 11 am. All welcome OMPAH – FITNESS, Community Centre, 9-10am, M, T, Th, F. $2/session or $12/month All welcome ONTARIO EARLY YEARS PLAYGROUPS Mon - Harrowsmith & Sharbot Lake 9:30-11:30am; Tues - Snow Road, Verona & Perth Road 9:30-11:30am; Wed. Healthy Beginnings Prenatal/Baby Group 10-noon; ThursStorrington 9:30-11:30am PARHAM - COFFEE TIME, free drop in, Tuesdays 10-11.30am at Free Methodist Church, all welcome

may 15, 2014



Living Well with Chronic Disease L

NAEC news

by Valerie Allan NAEC students have been showing their crafty side with an assortment of creative activities. Ms. Buck’s Grade 5/6 class made bird bottles. They have been learning about habitats in Science, and they made bird houses out of clay to extend their learning. The clay was fired in the school’s kiln, and then the students used a variety of glazes to further enhance their bird bottles. Even though each student received the same basic instructions, the finished results were as varied and creative as the students. Mrs. Fuller’s Grade 1/2 class (in photo above) made tiles for Mother’s Day. They used stencils to paint designs on their tiles, and then finished with some clear glaze.

They were sworn to secrecy, so that it would be a surprise for Mom. The class also made Mother’s Day cards, and made their own gift wrap to wrap the tiles. Ms. Buck’s Grade Bryce Runions with his owl 5/6 class and Mr. bird bottle Pelow’s Restart class made fused glass suncatchers as Mother’s Day presents. These highly colourful little tiles used special glass, which is designed to melt and fuse together at the same temperature. Then a hole was drilled in the tiles, and suction cups with hooks were attached, so the tiles can be displayed in a sunny window.

K&P Snow Trails Association by Ruth Wark


e would like to thank all of our many landowners for the generous use of their property for an OFSC snowmobile trail this past season. Thank you to the many snowmobilers who bought permits to help pay for the cost of trail operations your support is greatly appreciated. The public is reminded that an OFSC snowmobile trail on private land is prohibited for any other users or persons for all other seasons, without the specific prior permission from the landowner. Please respect private property. Do not abuse our landowner relations and cause the closure of trails. Special thanks to all the volunteers who

donated their services to assist in providing great trails and a successful season of snowmobiling. Without their many, many hours of dedicated work before, during and after the season, it would not be possible to have the great trail network that exists in this area. Although winter is over, snowmobiling is a year-round business, so many volunteers will start immediately to plan and prepare for next winter. We have some executive positions available. If you are interested in helping out in any capacity or would like some information, please contact Ruth Wark, Secretary 613-278-0477 or email

and O’Lakes Community Services, in conjunction with Kingston Community Health Centre and Stanford University, is holding educational workshops in Northbrook on "Living Well With Chronic Disease". This free, six-week workshop will help participants gain information and skills to actively achieve their best health and wellness while managing one or more ongoing conditions like arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, kidney disease, depression, lung disease, and others. They are learning how to deal with the emotional, physical, and social

aspects of living with a chronic condition. They will better understand how to manage symptoms, medications and side-effects; while improving communication with health care team members. They will learn about healthy lifestyles, managing stress, make action plans and set goals. The facilitators, Nancy Willis and Pam Lemke, received their training with Stanford University, and have been certified to deliver the program. If you missed this workshop, others will be offered in the future. For more information, call Pam Lemke @ 613-336-8934 ext. 229.

TOWNSHIP OF SOUTH FRONTENAC VICTORIA DAY - CHANGES TO GARBAGE PICKUP Only residents with regular garbage pickup on Monday, May 19th will be affected. Monday’s garbage will be picked up on Tuesday, May 20th. The pickup days for all other residents remain the same. The Loughborough Waste Disposal Site will be closed on Monday, May 19th.

NEW SUMMER OFFICE HOURS! Effective Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 our Municipal office hours will change to Summer hours until Friday, September 5th. Our new hours will be from: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm (Monday to Friday).

ARE YOU ON THE VOTERS LIST? To prepare for the October 27th Election, make sure that you are on the Voter’s List. Please see or see our website under ‘Town Hall/Elections/Voter Information’ or call the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation at 1-866-296-6722 to confirm and/or update your information.

COMPLIANCE AUDIT COMMITTEE Council is seeking three impartial citizens to serve as members of the Compliance Audit Committee. The role of this committee is to review complaints that candidates in the upcoming Municipal election may have contravened campaign finance rules. Letters of interest are to be submitted to the Clerk, by Wednesday, June 4, 2014. Please see our website under ‘Elections’ for more details.

2014 PRIVATE LANE UPGRADING ASSISTANCE PROGRAM The Township will pay up to 50% of the cost for Private Lane Upgrades that will improve access for Emergency Vehicles. Applications will be received until June 13, 2014 and can be found on the website under ‘Roads and Parking’.

HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE DEPOT - HOURS Now open every Thursday from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm. See our website under ‘Living Here/ Solid Waste/Recycling’ for more information or call 613-376-3900 X4330.

REGISTRATION DATES FOR SWIM & DAY CAMP The following dates are scheduled for swim and day camp registration as follows: McMullen Beach (Verona) Registration Location - McMullen Beach Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 - 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Saturday, May 31st, 2014 - 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The Point (Sydenham) Registration Location – Council Chambers - Sydenham Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 - 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Registration Location - Community Room - Sydenham Library Saturday, May 24th, 2014 - 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Gilmour Point (Battersea) Registration Location - Storrington Centre - Sunbury Wednesday, June 4th, 2014 - 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Saturday, June 14th, 2014 - 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Registrations are also accepted at the Municipal Office during regular business hours.

COUNCIL MEETING The next Council Meeting will be on May 20th, 2014 at 7:00 pm. The next Committee of the Whole Meeting will be on May 27th, 2014 at 7:00 pm. 4432 George Street, Box 100, Sydenham ON K0H 2T0 1-800-559-5862




may 15, 2014

Garden Centre Now Open! Asselstine Open Holiday Monday 9am - 3pm Hardware Annuals • Vegetables Herbs Hanging pots • Ornamental grasses

6826 Road 38, Verona ON 613-374-3400 Open 7 Days a Week

Weekend Specials - May 17-19

Contractor wheelbarrow

Garbage Can 80L

Reg. $129.99

Reg. 14.99



Mon-Thu: 8am-6pm Fri: 8am-8pm. Sat: 8am-5pm. Sun: 9am-4pm





Those who Ostaco.


(613) 336-8416 13586 Hwy 41 Between Northbrook & Cloyne

Open Sundays from 10 - 2

Beautiful shapes for special places.

Roads, halls and kissing bridges - Central Frontenac Council May 13 5th Lake/Wagarville Road project underway large road project linking Central Frontenac and Stone Mills Township will be getting underway in the coming weeks. Cruickshank Construction has been awarded a tender at a cost of $1.83 million. This portion of the multi-year project includes the rehabilitation of Wagarville Road from Parham west to McLean Road. The project also includes a bridge project that was completed last year at a cost of $434,000. A further section of road is slated to be rebuilt in 2015. The engineering contract for that section was awarded this week as well, to Jewell Engineering at a cost of $32,500. The budget for engineering for the project was $120,000. “Did we get lucky here?” Councilor John Purdon asked Public Works Manager Mike Richardson. “Nobody gets that lucky,” Richardson answered, before explaining that the contract with Jewell leaves room for a number of required permits and studies to be undertaken, which will likely eat up most of the original $120,000 budget. The multi-year project is being funded by two granting programs from the provincial government. The grants are unusual because they cover 95% of project costs, whereas most granting programs cover 2/3 of the costs. “I’d like to point out that this is a major upgrade. Until now those roads have been tar and chip rods; there is now going to be an asphalt road all the way from Parham to the township boundary, a major upgrade,” said Mayor Janet Gutowski. Slow start to 2014 building season: “I hesitate to make comparisons on a single month basis, but at this point in the year it is clear that the first part of 2014 has been slow in terms of construction permits,” said Chief Building Official Jeremy Neven. On April, the department sold just over $1,000 in permits for $81,000 worth of construction. In 2013, permits for $1.3 million in construction were issued, and even in 2012, one of


by Jeff Green

the slower years in recent memory, permits for $750,000 in construction value were sold. The year to date statistics are not much better. Permits for $344,000 in construction have been sold since January 1, as opposed to $1.75 million for the same period in 2013, and $1 million in 2012. “I have talked to building officials in other townships and they are seeing the same thing,” Neven added. “The weather has not been ideal,” said Councilor Tom Dewey. “The cost of lumber is certainly part of it, too,” said Councilor Jeff Matson.

Septic reinspection targets Sharbot Lake: The township has contracted the Mis-

sissippi/Rideau septic office to offer voluntary septic inspections in the village of Sharbot Lake in 2014. Residents with septic systems and those with holding tank systems will have the opportunity to have their systems tested. A council committee continues to consider Artist's impression of Arden footbridge, by John Duchene the merits and logistics of a mandatory inspection program for the future. The Friends of Arden will be receiving a $9,300 grant from Friends of Arden – New footbridge and spawning bed Frontenac County and will be fundraising for the rest of the work in Kennebec Park $15,000 they need for this year’s work. They also will be Terry Kennedy appeared before Council on behalf of the looking at how to raise the necessary funds for the new footFriends of Arden. He described the latest project that the bridge, which they hope will become a signature project for group is undertaking, a two-phased improvement to Arden Arden. Park. The first phase, to be undertaken this year, involved Council expressed universal support for the initiatives, putting in a Walleye spawning bed in the section of the Salm- with the only concern being the possibility that the bridge on River that runs through the park, and the second, more could become a “hangout”. ambitious project is a major rebuilding of the foot bridge over The location is quite open, and we will work on some lightthe river in the park. The new foot bridge will not be quite as ing for it as well,” Kennedy said. “We are certainly hoping for fancy as an artist’s concep- a kissing bridge, not a carving bridge.” tion of a fully covered bridge New hall rental prices adopted: In spite of last minute that was done by Ardenite objections, Council approved a new set of policies for townJohn Duchene, but accord- ship halls, including new rental prices. Councilor Purdon ing to Terry Kennedy it will asked that the price for the basement of the Olden Hall be hopefully include two half lowered from $45 to $30 so rental of the entire facility would gazebos. be $75, and other councilors were concerned that the offer “It will be what is called of a discount to “service clubs” such as the Lions club and a kissing bridge, not that I Legions, was too vague. In the end the bylaw was approved would know anything about without changes and will come into effect immediately. that,” he said.

$10.00 BBQ Tank Refill with the purchase of $20.00 or more before tax, Friday to Monday only.

Verona Hardware Ltd. 6723 Main St. Verona 613-374-2851

Monday-Thursday 9am - 8pm Friday 9am - 4pm

May Long Weekend Hours: Friday 8-6, Saturday 8-5, Sunday 9-3, Monday 9-3

Located on Hwy 506 at Lancaster’s Resort Call or email and book an appointment today!



Mini Solar Pathway Light Plastic construction (2129484)




EZ Read Decorative Rain Gauge (8181810)


54-In. 14-Tine Bow Rake Fiberglass handle (0785394)


17.6-Lb. Essentials Umbrella Base Sandstone color. (8557688)


Gift Certificates Available

Opening May 12



Dee Lancaster, RMT 613-336-3131



24-In. Indoor/ Outdoor Push Broom (5213574)



47-In. Round Point Shovel fiberglass handle (0435966)



500 Watt 2-In-1 Halogen Tripod Work Light Converts to portable light (5136551)

While Quantities Last.

Good to Go Chip Wagon

Corner of Clement & Rd 38, Sharbot Lake

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Frontenac News Vol.14 No.19 - May 15/14