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June 27, 2013

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Coming full circle at the 6th annual relay in Parham

Julie Druker


he 2013 North and Central Frontenac Relay for Life took place at the Parham fairgrounds on June 21 & 22. The event saw 26 teams, dressed to the nines, camping out and lapping the track all night long as they remembered and celebrated their loves ones who have survived or succumbed to the disease. Claire Macfarlane is no stranger to the relay. Claire, who now works as the unit president for the KLF&A Canadian Cancer Society, founded the Relay For Life in Parham six years ago and chaired the event in its early years before first sharing and eventually handing over the role to Lesley Merrigan. Lesley has been the force behind the relay for the last two years. She introduced Claire to the crowd at the opening ceremonies first as “a friend” and then brought her to the stage with the words, “Without Claire Mcfarlane none of this would be happening in Parham today.” Macfarlane’s role at this year’s relay was as the survivor speaker and her speech made for an emotional start to the 12-hour event, which was masterfully emceed by Jim MacPherson and Lindsay Fox. Before she spoke Macfarlane invited to the stage eight members of her own family who have survived a cancer diagnosis, and read the names of three others in the family who were not as fortunate. She began by saying as she fought back tears, “I am honoured to be here...and never thought that I would be here as a survivor.” She continued, “‘Why me?’ is the question that everyone asks when first diagnosed with cancer.” She spoke of the stressful events leading up to her diagnosis of lung cancer in October 2012, which she later found out had metastasized to her lymph nodes. Since then she has undergone numerous tests, blood transfusions and chemotherapy treatments and continues her fight. She will soon be undergoing the sixth cycle in her current chemo treatment. “It doesn’t matter what kind of cancer you have been diagnosed with; it always scares the (you know what) out of everyone. The process is a long and tiring one and the setbacks are devastating. ” She ended her speech by saying that in the end the question ends up being not “Why me?” but rather, “ Why not me?” Macfarlane was invited to carry a banner and lead the survivors in the first lap of the track. She was joined by two other survivors in her family, her daughter Tonja and her spouse Garnett England, and they were in turn followed by the entire

The “To Relaying and Beyond” team at the North and Central Frontenac Relay for Life in Parham survivor group. The event, which began on that poignant emotional high, continued well into the night and early morning, with a stellar lineup of events to keep participants entertained. Live music included local favorites Shawn McCullough and Bauder Road and kept participants’ spirits high. By early morning when the final announcement was made, participants had raised over $71,000, with donations still coming in. Lesley Merrigan has brought her fiery personality and unbridled and contagious enthusiasm to the fundraiser for the

past four years, the last two as chair of the relay. She said that this year the team fundraising has been impressive. “Right up until the event I was getting a steady flow of emails from the teams telling me where they were at as far as fundraising and they have absolutely blown me away with what they have been able to do.” Not only do the fundraising dollars prove that but also the spirit of all the participants, committee members and volunteers who took part.

Everybody is lawyering up as county feud lingers T

by Jeff Green

he ongoing enmity between Frontenac County Warden Janet Gutowski and at least four members of Frontenac County Council was played out again last week. On Wednesday, June 19, as the council’s monthly meeting was just beginning, the normally perfunctory task of accepting the minutes from the previous meeting was held up when Councilor David Jones said that “because of a legal issue with one of the items in the minutes I move that they be deferred.” The item in question was a motion from the May 15 council meeting that included an allegation of corruption on the part of the warden. That motion reads, in part: “WHEREAS Councillor Gutowski has on more than one occasion breached her Oath uttering promises and rewards in an effort to conspire with Staff to move County Councillors to vote ‘“in a biased, corrupt or in any other improper manner”. BE IT RESOLVED Councillor Gutowski has lost the trust of Council by violating her Oath of Office and Council rescinds all privileges of office immediately. FURTHER MORE, Councillor Gutowski’s peddling of political favours shall be referred to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. AND FURTHER MORE, the Township of Central Frontenac appoints a replacement Councillor to County Council as soon as possible.” The May 15 motion was moved by Jones, seconded by Dennis Doyle of Frontenac Islands, and was supported by Councilors John McDougall and Bud Clayton. Councilors John Purdon and John Inglis and Gutowski her-

self voted against it. South Frontenac Mayor Gary Davison was not at the meeting. Since Council does not have the authority to rescind privileges or ask for a replacement, the motion led only to a referral to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs. When the motion was passed on May 15, Gutowski said she would be consulting her solicitor about it, and after the June 19 meeting the four councilors confirmed that they have received a letter from a lawyer representing Gutowski. Although they did not share the specifics, the letter apparently asks for either a retraction of the motion, an apology, or both. When asked if a letter had been sent, Gutowski only smiled. For his part, South Frontenac Mayor Gary Davison, who has been a harsh critic of Gutowski in recent months, said “I feel a bit left out.”

New CAO in Central


ayor Janet Gutowski introduced Larry Donaldson, who will be assuming the role of township chief administrative officer (CAO) on July 15. Donaldson was raised in Lanark Village and has worked in the Ottawa region for most of his career. He currently lives in Stittsville with his wife and teenaged children. He served as the clerk in the City of Kanata, and was the CAO of the town of Arnprior for ten years, until October 20, 2011, when he was relieved of his duties. All indications are that Donaldson lost his job as the result of a change in the political climate in Arnprior. At the time the Mayor of Arnprior said the firing was not

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“with cause. We determined we wanted a new voice, a new start,” said Mayor David Reid. “Larry has a lot of skills, a lot of knowledge. Sometimes you need fresh blood.” David Reid had been newly elected as mayor, along with a fresh slate of councilors, one year earlier. Relieving Larry Donaldson of his duties was the first, but not the last change made by the Reid administration to the senior staff in Arnprior. Soon afterwards the town clerk, public works manager and a senior financial officer were let go. “Larry has proven his ability to not only study but to also implement a variety of municipal services including facilities operation at full-cost recovery basis, strategic plans, development agreements, labour relations, core services reviews, development charges and master plans in recreation and fire,” said Mayor Janet Gutowski

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Central Frontenac Seniors of the Year by Jeff Green ach year at this time, the Arden Glee Club makes a pilgrimage to foreign territory, the Oso Hall in Sharbot Lake. They come to entertain the Seniors of the Year from all four districts of Central Frontenac. And more often than not, it seems, the Kennebec District winner is either a Glee club member or is related to one.


TOWNSHIP OF SOUTH FRONTENAC CANADA DAY CELEBRATIONS Canada Day celebrations are planned in all four districts of South Frontenac. Come out and enjoy all the activities that are planned. See the township website for more details on these events.

CANADA DAY GARBAGE PICK UP CHANGES Residents who would normally have their Garbage picked up on Monday July 1st (Canada Day), will have their pick up rescheduled for Tuesday July 2nd. Residents are advised to follow their regular scheduled day for Garbage and Recycling pick-ups for the remainder of the week.

WELCOME PAT BARR – BEDFORD DISTRICT COUNCILLOR The Council of the Corporation of the Township of South Frontenac appointed Pat Barr as Councillor for Bedford District at a Special Council meeting held June 11th. Pat Barr took the “Oath of Office” at the beginning of the June 18th Council meeting. Contact information for Pat can be found under the 2010-2014 Council page on the township website.

Sarah Hale - Kennebec: This year, the Kennebec winner is a long-time Glee club singer, Sarah Hale. In addition to running Arden Batik for 40 years Sarah has been a long time community activist and volunteer. She wrote the Arden column for the Frontenac News for many years, has been involved with the Arden United Church as an elder and choir member, and has taught Sunday school at the Arden Community & Wesleyan Church. She has also been involved in local theatre, both at Land O’Lakes Public School and North Frontenac Little Theatre. She was instrumental in the founding of the Inroads Studio Tour and is a core member of the Arden Artisans. She has been a mentor to local artists ever since she arrived in Arden. Sarah was born in Maine, and keeps her New England accent more or less intact in spite of her years in rural Ontario, but she is from Kennebec County, Maine. When she moved to the village of Arden 40 years ago with her husband Lorne, she thought she would feel at home. And she has. Art Barker - Olden: His name is actually William John Arthur Barker, but no one calls him by any other name than Art, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Art Barker was a founding member of the Olden Fire Department in 1972, and he remains an active member of what is now the District 2 Fire and Rescue Team of the Central Frontenac Fire Department. Throughout the years he has served the fire department in many different capacities. He was a key organiser of fund-raising drives, including dances and other events, which helped the department buy equipment in its early years. In the 70s and 80s he became the fire chief for the Olden Department and he currently holds the rank of captain in the Central Frontenac department. He is also well known locally for his expertise in all forms of mechanical issues and is called upon whenever anyone in the Mountain Grove area has something that has stopped working, be it a car a truck or a tractor. The other skill that Art is known for is that of square dance caller, which he puts to use from time to time. Sally Angle - Oso: Sally is a relative newcomer to Cen-

june 27, 2013

tral Frontenac, certainly compared to the other winners this year. She arrived in Sharbot Lake only 13 years ago, but has wasted little time ever since. She can be seen often working in the flower beds at the Railway Heritage Park, or in some other part of the park. She joined the Railway Heritage Museum Committee several years ago and has served as secretary, vice-chair and is now the chair. A retired teacher, she volunteers on a daily basis at Sharbot Lake Public School. A few years ago she became involved in children’s theatre at the school, and she now works with North Frontenac Little Theatre as house manager during productions. Sally is also a member of the organising committee of the Festival of Trees. An enthusiastic music lover, Sally can be seen at performances throughout the region and beyond and she is also a member of a choir in Perth. “I feel that if I wake up every day I will fill my day with something, so it might as well be something that makes me feel good, which is family, friends, music and helping make my community a place I want to live in.” – an apt credo for the Oso Senior of the Year. Doris Campsall - Hinchinbrooke: Doris is one of those ubiquitous volunteers. Whatever the cause or the event is, if something needs to be done, Doris is the one to take it on. She has had more than one stint as the Parham columnist for the Frontenac News. She also spent eight years as a member of the Parham Fair Board, and many more as a volunteer for the fair. On the board she served as secretary-treasurer. She has been a member of the Parham United Church since she moved to Hinchinbrooke in the 1960s and over the years she has served on all the church’s boards, with a focus on Sunday school youth. She has been the president of the Parham Happy Travellers. She has also been involved with Villages Beautiful since its inception 13 years ago and is currently the organisation’s secretary. She has also been a mainstay of Villages Beau-

COUNCIL COMPENSATION REVIEW Council is forming a four citizen working group to research, evaluate and make recommendations on the method and level of council compensation for council members elected in 2014. Civic minded individuals who are interested in participating on this working group are asked to see our website for more details and instructions for applying.

FINAL TAX NOTICES REMINDER – The Final Residential, Managed Forest and Farmland tax bills – 1st instalment is due on Friday June 28, 2013. 2nd instalment due on September 30th, 2013.The final bills were issued the week of June 3, 2013. If you have not yet received your tax bill please contact the tax department at 613-376-3027 x 2200 or  Payment must be received by this office on June 28, 2013 in order to avoid any penalty fees.  Payments made by internet banking, telephone banking must be made on June 28, 2013 in order to avoid any penalty fees. Office hours are from 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. It is important that you retain your tax bill until September in order to make the second instalment payment.  No further bills/reminders will be issued.  For those properties that have a Commercial, Industrial, Multi-Residential or a combination of Commercial/Industrial/Multi-Residential and Residential and/or Farmland, these will be billed in October of 2013.

WASTE DISPOSAL SITES Operational Plan - May 1st Changes Residents are advised that changes in hours of operation, tipping fees and accepted materials came into effect May 1st, 2013. Please see the township website and view the “Waste Management Changes” document on the home page. A paper copy can be picked up at the Municipal Offices for those who cannot print a copy off the web site.

HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE SITE DAYS The Household Hazardous Waste Site at 2491 Keeley Road will be open from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm every Thursday from April 4th, 2013 to October 31st, 2013. See our website for details.


L to R Doris Campsall, Sarah Hale, Sally Angle, Art Barker, and Janet Gutowski

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tiful’s signature fund-raising event, the Festival of Trees, where she has done just about every job over the years. But Doris’ longest running volunteer commitment has been to the Cancer Society. Every April for 40 years she has gone door to door in Parham canvassing for the Cancer Society. In Parham they say the one sure sign of spring is Doris at their door, asking for money. And few, if any, say no.


Tues. - Fri. 9 AM - 6 PM Evening Appointments Available

The next Council Meeting will be on July 2nd, 2013 at 7:00 pm.

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june 27, 2013



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Central Frontenac to go with County planning services in 2014 by Jeff Green n a move that has been coming for at least two years, Central Frontenac Council decided this week to end their relationship with their contract planner, Glenn Tunnock, at the end of 2013. The switch is coming about for one reason: cost. Interim CAO John Duchene presented a report on the cost of township-generated planning work, and concluded that the township pays Tunnock about $13,000 a year on average for Official Plan and zoning bylaw review, representation at Ontario Municipal Board hearings, etc. The Frontenac County Planning department is offering to do all township-generated work for free. The township also provides planning services for individuals or corporations who apply for various permits, severances, and zoning amendments, but those are paid for by the applicant on a cost recovery basis. The county will provide those services as well starting in January. Not everyone on Council was supportive of the move to County Planning. “Our planning consultant has been with us for a long time. It ain’t broke so why are we fixing it? How long will it be until the county needs new staff and our savings will be gone? I think Glenn Tunnock’s knowledge of our township and the planning act saves us money whenever we go to the OMB [Ontario Municipal Board]. I don’t support this,� said Councilor Frances Smith. Mayor Janet Gutowski, a long time supporter of the changeover to the county, said, “I do think there is additional value to the county planning department. They have offered to attend our Committee of Adjustment meetings for free as an additional service. With respect to hours, it is really only one day a week that we need, and that can be accommodated without hiring a new planner at the county.� In a recorded vote, Mayor Gutowski, Deputy Mayor Tom Dewey, Councilors Matson,

Purdon, and Snyder supported SINCE the1970 changeover, and Councilors Smith, Wayne Millar, and Heather Fox voted against it. Councilor Guntensperger was not at the meeting. Glenn Tunnock has been Central Frontenac’s Planner of record since 1999.


open for a year as the school explores future uses for the surplus school building. Council passed a motion authorizing the clerk and mayor to sign an agreement on their behalf with the other two parties.

Site plan agreement for Agreement keeps Dean’s Superstore Parham Library in place – In a measure that will help Mike Dean’s Superstore achieve their goal of expanding for a year. to the rear of the existing building in order A pending agreement between the townDavid J. OrserDistrict School Board, ship, the Limestone andowner/operator the Kingston Frontenac Public Library (KFPL) will see the portable classroom at Hinchinbrooke Public school remain in place Orser Farm as a branch of the KFPL until July 1, 2014. EvenSeptic though theTank school itPump is attached to is ing closing at the end of Ontario this week, 1059848 Incthe board has agreed to allow the library to remain RR#1, 4490 Bellrock RD Verona, ON fax/phone: 374-2031 K0H 2W0 email:

Letter to the editor Re: NF residents reject Council: Kneading Knots


o – I did not misread the title in the Frontenac News report (NF residents reject Council proposals at public meeting). The fact is that at that meeting NF residents just rejected the Council. The mayor stood before us and extolled the virtues of his three losing propositions. Why? It is a simple case of lost creditability. It is painfully obvious he, his council and some of his senior township managers have burned any sense of creditability or public trust and now govern the township like a drifting ship of five fools and two rogue dissenters. When did this happen? Most of this smelly stuff is not secret and has been openly recorded in the Frontenac News. Only 60 people attended the public meeting. Why would theRMT people of North Frontenac Hannah Orser not bother going to the mayor’s tea party on343-363-5746 June 8? Who goes to a so-called public meeting under the mayor’s restricted counStreet, Debate is forbidden. cil6674 rules Main and protocols? verona ontario Management predetermines what council’s decisions will be. The mayor reads the motions. No discussion or comments are allowed. Keep the peace in the mayor’s sandbox at all times. Everyone will vote “yes� and the meeting is adjourned. Very democratic, don’t you think? Thanks North Frontenac for your open and creditable governance. - Leo Ladouceur

to put in new food preparation areas, council accepted a site plan agreement, which cov-

Travis Jackson

Kneading Knots

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· Three big cheers for all the participants of last weekend’s Relay for Life at the Parham fairgrounds. Donations to date total more than $71,000. Arden’s own Brainstormers, with Jeannet MacPherson as the team captain, were the top fundraisers with donations raised of $500 +. The Firefighter team also won the group Karaoke contest. Being part of this event requires much dedication but the rewards are tenfold. · Have you noticed the new business sign for Gallery on the Bay on the Arden Road. This classy sign is the perfect invitation to Judy Versavel’s beautiful studio, where there are displays of her unique jewellery, paintings and art posters. · Congratulations are extended to Sarah Hale who is District 1’s Senior of the Year. Well deserved, Sarah! · Don’t forget the various events in Arden slated for this Saturday, and the Kennebec Lake Association has planned a Canada Day flotilla for Sunday. See the Canada Day schedule on pages 7 and 8. · The Arden Legion is sponsoring their Mixed Doubles Dart Tournament July 6 at 11am. The fee is $10. There will be a breakfast 8-10:30am sponsored by the Ladies Auxiliary, all you can eat for $7 pp. · There is still time to be part of the Arden Seniors Summer Sale event. Artisans and garage sale vendors are still required for this July 20 event. All advertising will be done by the Seniors, and all you have to do is register with Barb at 335-2604, and then bring your merchandise. · Welcome back Liz Scott after a fabulous cruise, and also to Judy Eardley, who returns to Arden for the summer. · On behalf of the Kennebec Recreation Committee I would like to thank the following people for their assistance in stain-

279-2901 1-800-565-7865

C apsule C omments

with Jocelyn

ing the steps, ramps and flower barrels at the Kennebec hall as well as weeding the flower beds; Diane & Jack Nicolson, Terry & Judy Kennedy, Karen & Gord Brown, Sylvia & David Swann, Barb Kirkland, Margo Arseneau, Jay Pratt and Lorne Hiltz. Thanks as well to Crystal Nedow at the township office and to those who donated the hot dog lunch. Thanks for showing such community spirit; the hall looks great!

CLOYNE - NORTHBROOK Marie Anne Collier


· A euchre tournament will be held at Northbrook Lions Hall on Friday, June 28 at 7 p.m. Sponsored by the Golden Sunset Seniors. For more information, call 613-336-2389. · There has been a vandalism problem at the skateboard park behind the Lions Hall in North Brook. Unacceptable art and destroyed playground equipment has been reported. This must not continue, so please be aware and report this to the police. Our community is our home! · Pine Meadow Nursing Home will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary on Sunday, July 7, 1-4pm. There will be entertainment by “Ray and Friends” as well as Tea and homemade scones with strawberry jam and Devon cream served by the Land O’ Lakes Garden Club. Everyone is welcome!

DENBIGH Angela Bright


· The Denbigh Recreation Committee invites you to come and celebrate Canada Day in Denbigh, Monday, July 1. See the Canada Day schedule on page 8 · Vacation Bible School is from Tues. to Fri. July 2-5 at the Denbigh Hall, 1:30-3:30pm for 5 to 12-year-olds. Come and explore what life was like for Daniel and his friends, with cool craft projects, games and snacks. Preschool children are also invited, and just ask that a parent stay with them during the program. Call ahead to reserve a spot for your child with Nancy at 333-2204 or Angela at 333-1901. Registration will take place at 1pm on the first day of VBS. This program is sponsored by Vennachar Free Methodist Church. · The Community Food Bank will change to summer hours for July and August, open on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays only, noon to 3pm. · Yay, school is out! Wishing the children and teens a safe and happy summer! And a well deserved break for teachers, support staff and bus drivers!

GODFREY Nicki Gowdy

Canada Day to everyone! · A few caring people can make a difference. On June 14 Joyce Casement and Kris Caird held a potluck supper and auction at Piccadilly Hall. The grand total raised was $2700.50 for cancer research. Special thanks to Mark Snider for his excellent auctioneering skills and to all who participated in an enjoyable evening for a good cause. · Congratulations to Donna Embury on graduating from St. Lawrence with her Early Childhood Education diploma! Also congratulations to Gerald Embury on his recent award as Technician Guild in recognition for 15 years of service excellence from General Motors! We would also like to send Donna and Gerald best wishes on 25 years of marriage on July 2! As well Happy 50th Birthday to Donna on July 13! • Congratulations to all the students who are graduating this week!

HARLOWE Marie White · The Northbrook Old Tyme Fiddlers was a big hit Friday night. The place was a full house with many new faces and some folks all the way from Toronto and Stirling. All together there were 24 entertainers with seven fiddlers. The kitchen help was scurrying to make extra food. What a night - but everyone went home happy with a satisfyingly-full tummy, so thanks to everyone for a wonderful “hoot” of an evening. Our next fiddlers’ party happens Friday, July 19, so set that date aside for a fun time with us all. · Speaking of fun times, this Saturday night, June 29, will feature the next Harlowe dance at Harlowe Hall with “Country 4” playing their dancing tunes, hot and cold buffet lunch, and prizes. Come and twirl the night away with us. · George and I have seen lots of wildlife in the Myers Cave area with a mighty moose on the side of the road, and then at Happy Landing we saw a deer who liked the car lights and didn't want to move very quickly. · Our good friend and musical helper, Ray Whitelock, got waylaid by a rose brier, but he is doing fine now. · George and I are hosting a pancake and sausage fundraising breakfast on Wed. July 10 for the Henderson United Church at Henderson Hall from 8 to 11 a.m. We like to cook and to help out the church and community. It's a free-will offering, so please spread the word around to all our tourists and area folk. Come for a visit and some tasty breakfast.



· Happy 1st Birthday to Levi Peters! · Don’t forget to take in the Canada Day celebrations at the Bedford Hall, see the Canada day schedule on page 7. Happy

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613-335-4531 email: · Happy birthday to Carter Scott, Pat Smith, Fred Pringle, June Vilneff, Christine Green, Bev Ruttan. · The Happy Travelers Seniors Club held their June meeting on June 19 at Parham Free Methodist Church. The club was celebrating 41 years of being a club. Entertainment was


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Quinoa (pronounced Keen~wa), is the only plant food that contains all ten essential amino acids. Quinoa is actually a seed of a grain-like crop related to beets. It is cooked like rice and is a nutritionally-sound food source to add to your diet.

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The Mediterranean diet seems to be the best for a long healthy life. Imagine a pyramid with the widest bottom part listing fruits, vegetables, grains, olive oil, beans, nuts, legumes and seeds (like quinoa). The next level up contains fish and seafood. Above that is poultry, eggs, cheese and yogurt. And at the very top – the smallest part of the pyramid - meats and sweets.

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Our kidneys’ job is to filter our blood. They filter about 40 gallons of fluid every day. They hold back substances your body needs and lets the rest go out in the urine. High blood pressure or diabetes can damage the kidneys and if not controlled, can result in kidney failure. During the hot days of summer, it’s important to keep hydrated. About 90% of our body’s cooling comes from the evaporation of sweat from our skin. During heavy exertion in hot weather, we can lose two or more litres of water in an hour. Keep your water consumption up to prevent dehydration. There are many summer ailments that can make our lives miserable. It may be sunburn, allergies, poison ivy, insect bites or simple diarrhea from eating too much fruit. 0ur pharmacists are always available for advice on the best treatment.

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june 27, 2013


provided by Albert.and Patty St. Pierre, Les Whan, and Lorna Cooke who sang and played country and gospel songs. Happy birthday was sung to Pat Smith and Sandi Blair Happy anniversary was also sung to Mel & Doris Good; Archie & Marilyn Meeks, and Gordon & Marion Bertrim. Various vases of flowers were handed out as door prizes Thanks to everyone who helped in any way. · Congratulations to the Relay for Life walkers. A large amount was raised for cancer research. We are proud of all the walkers. · Sydenham Junior Ladies baseball team won 19 - 5 against Joyceville ladies at Joyceville . · A surprise birthday party was held on June 23 in honour of Sylvia Powers’ 70th birthday, planned by her husband Bill. Many friends and relatives came to wish her best wishes on her special day. Thanks to everyone that came and helped in any way . · On June 25 Sandy and Chris Scott went to Lanark to celebrate their grandson’s Grade 8 graduation - Kalieb HayesSteele Also on June 25 Judy and Duane Meeks, and grandparents went to Harrowsmith to celebrate Tanner Meeks’ grade 8 graduation. We wish both boys the best of luck · Thinking of Ken Smith (Jack), Tom Hughes, Irene Monds, Val Beechey, Harold Gray, Vera Whan, Nial Clarke, Queenie Schroader, Joyce Smith.

sisting of sandwiches, pickles, dessert and beverage) and bake sale on Wednesday, July 3, at the Henderson UCW Hall (2384 Henderson Road). This is a tasty happening, with home baking, and an opportunity to visit and get all the news. Come and bring a friend and have a few laughs with us in the country. · George and Lynda Hendrickson of Godfrey visited us recently and we got caught up on the news, and even did a little singing with George on his “Cordelia” cording apparatus. George and Allan worked together at Dupont Canada a few years back and both gentlemen are enjoying retirement. · The Land O’ Lakes Cloggers visited the New Life Girls Home, a Christian residential ministry program in the Belleville area, who had recently ministered at the Harlowe Wesleyan and Standard Church. The cloggers shared their faith and clogging skills, all which are a tribute to God. · Roberta Buchanan of Perth visited family in the area.

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· The Harrowsmith and Athletic Club's "Canada Day in the Park" will be the best one yet! Plan on spending the day with family, friends and neighbours and enjoy the many vendors, games, displays, demonstrations and live music. The parade begins at 10 a.m. then over to the park for opening ceremonies. Festivities begin at 11 a.m. and conclude with a spectacular fireworks display. New this year: Kingston Police Canine Unit Demonstration, Recycled Reptiles, Bungee Run, Obstacle Course, Helicopter Rides by Kouri's Kopters ($50 pp/Visa/MC/Debit accepted), Chicken Dinner catered by Greek Town ($12 per person/advance tickets only). There is still time to make a donation, become a vendor or volunteer your services for the day. Call Kim at 613-372-0018 or Pam, 613- 389-3180. We'll see you there! · Words to live by - Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.



· Wanda Harrison is seen getting excited about the Henderson United Church yard sale on Saturday. The church is pleased to offer a “second time around” sale again this Saturday, June 29 from 8 a.m. until noon and that is the last day of our sale for 2013. Special thanks to all contributors and purchasers · Rudy and Jessie (Gurnsey) Sajovek visited relatives and friends in the area, bringing news of their great-grandson, a baby boy who is the child of Laura and William Detlor of Napanee. Children are a gift from God. · The Henderson United Church Women (UCW) are hosting their fabulous annual Tea (which is really a luncheon con-

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PAGE 5 this event a joy to attend – there is so much work involved. I also went home with treasures from the silent auction. · Happy 40th Anniversary to Ron & Alice Gilchrist. · The Canada Day breakfast and Strawberry Social in Snow Road are on June 29 - see the schedule on page 10. · A big crowd attended the anniversary of the Elphin Presbyterian Church on Sunday. · Sympathy to Ross and Jessie Hamill on the deaths of her son and grandson. · Smile: Obstacles are what we see when we take our eyes off the goal.

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· Ask not what your community can do for you but what you can do for your community!!! This is what volunteers do and what great volunteers we have in our community. It was sure evident at our Relay for Life held on Friday night and Saturday morning - volunteers from very young ages who helped place luminaries to the youth all the way to the more mature and young at heart. All help was greatly appreciated. Thank you! Thank You!! Thank You!!! Together, 26 teams raised an outstanding $71,015,10 in the fight against Cancer!!! What a wonderful community we live in!!! · Thinking with prayers of family and friends in Southern Alberta who have had to evacuate their homes. · Happy Canada Day. Come out and join the celebrations. Check the local listings on pages 7-10. Take Pride in your Country. Wear the Colours. Fly your flag high. Take Care of Our Country · Happy Travelers Seniors from Parham celebrated the club’s 41st Anniversary on June 19. Members and their guests enjoyed a delicious potluck dinner followed by music by Albert & Pattie St. Pierre, Les Whan and Lorna Cook. Yellow roses/planters and/or plants were given out as door prizes.

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· Don’t forget Tea & Toast (above) at the Sharbot Lake United Church hall every Tuesday morning for the rest of the summer, 9 till 10:30am, $2. All welcome. · On Friday we had a beautiful birthday lunch for Donna Virgin and Olive Allen. Many more, girls. A wonderful surprise for Donna was a visit from her sister Merna from the west. · That evening we attended the Relay for Life, which is always a joy. The high school prepared the meal for the Survivors, which was wonderful. Thank you so much to everyone who makes

ATV Outdoor Ski-doo Adventure Sea-Doo New Pontoon Boats Rentals email: TRAILERS INCLUDED Located at Carson’s Complex Hwy. 7, east of Perth


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49 Gore Street East Perth, Ont. K7H 1H6 613-267-3788 Bellrock Schoolhouse Theatre

AUDITIONS for the musical “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” (Based on the play “Miracle On 34th Street”) *** Monday July 8th & Tuesday July 9th 7:00 pm at the Bellrock Hall *** Many roles available for ages 7+, both genders Able to sing and dance (bring audition material) Reh. - Sept/Oct/Nov, Perf. - Nov 22-Dec 1

Everyone Welcome

The Central Frontenac Railway Heritage Society

Harrowsmith Horse Country

Western Boots & Hats! For Men, Women & Children 4930 Hwy #38, Harrowsmith Open: Tuesday-Sunday

(613) 372-5085

The Sharbot Lake Hotel

invites you to the unveiling of The Sharbot Lake Hotel Mural at the Railway Kiosk in Sharbot Lake across from the Central Frontenac Municipal Offices

on July 1st, 2013, at 11 a.m.



Parham - Tichborne - from pg. 5 · Centenary Pastoral Charge, consisting of Maberly, Sharbot Lake and Parham United Churches held their 446th Anniversary service on Sunday at Maberly. The guest speaker was the Rev. Dr. John Young. · Sympathy to Jim Mallette and family on the loss of his sister Amber Hart. Sympathy also to the Robinson family on the loss of Johnny Robinson. · Happy Birthday to Janice Cowen, Pat Arney, Kale Dupuis, Jon Neadow, Melanie Fox-Wisteard, Darryl Barker, Christie Jones, Evelyn Bertrim, Kim Teal, Brent Kehoe, Gilbert Putnam, Lisa Ferguson, Susan Peters, Gary Thompson and Vicky Pollok · Happy Anniversary to Bruce & MaryLou Campbell, Tina & Stuart Howes. · Graduation ceremonies were held this week: Hinchinbrooke Public School and Sharbot Lake Intermediate School on Monday; Land o'Lakes Public School on Tuesday and Sharbot Lake High School on Wednesday - we wish all students the best in their future endeavours.

MABERLYBOLINGBROKE Karen Prytula 613-325-1354 · The ABC Association is holding a Community Garage & Yard Sale on Sat. June 29, 8am; donations are welcome. The Bolingbroke Seniors will also be holding a bake sale at the event. Info: Glenn Russell at 613273-2571. · The Bolingbroke Cafe at the ABC Hall, is July 5, 8pm - Terry Tufts and Kathryn Briggs. $10 at door. · The Maberly Agricultural Society’s “Pie in the Sky” & Country Market, is Saturday July 6, 8am-1pm at the Maberly Fairgrounds, There will be fresh, homemade pies for sale; a Country Market with plants, fresh vegetables, antiques and rummage sale treasures; and you can view solar objects through a high-powered telescope under the tutelage of local astronomer, Fred Barrett, Royal Astronomical Society. (Read Fred’s regular column in the Frontenac News, “What’s up in

the sky”). TO DONATE PIES: phone: Anne, 613-273-5069, Marlene, 613-268-2369, or Mary Lou 613-273-5683. To rent vendor space, phone Beryl Stott, 613-278-0041. Donations are welcome. Leftover building materials from projects at the fairgrounds lumber, steel, galvanized posts, vinyl trim and lots more - will also be for sale at bargain prices; call Walter at 613-273-5069 for information. All proceeds to the Maberly Fair.

ticipants of which 30 were kids. The largest bass caught was 4 lbs. 1 oz. Big Jim McLaughlin, guest speaker, was enjoyed by all. · June Lovesey and Cleo Bradshaw celebrated their special day at the June birthday bash. Cleo had a special reason to celebrate as Dave Young, our entertainer for the evening, sang a song that he wrote from one of Cleo’s poems. More of our summer residents have returned and three folks attended the bash for the first time. It was, as always, a wonderful community event. – submitted by Marily Seitz

SYDENHAM Anita Alton

· The 2013 Annual Garlic Field Day at Beaver Pond Estates (above) was held on Sunday. The weather participated and garlic vendors and growers were in attendance. The garlic plots at Paul and Mary Lou’s manicured property have been used to teach the growing of garlic to both home gardeners and market gardeners on an individual basis from the very start of the growing trials in 1993. The day’s program was about saving, improving and increasing your garlic planting stock. The event closed with the attendees invited to tour the 17 acres of gardens and walking trails.

OMPAH Linda Rush


· In Ompah, Canada Day celebrations will be held on Sunday with a cold plate dinner at the community centre, 5:30 to 7 p.m. and the annual fireworks display around 9:30 p.m. See the schedule on page 10 · The catch and release Bass Derby was held last weekend with a total of 80 par-

12th Annual Pine Meadow Golf Classic The 12th annual Pine Meadow Golf Tournament was held Saturday, June 22nd, 2013 at Hunter’s Creek Golf Course. The tournament is organized by the Pine Meadow Special Needs Committee, consisting of Jane Potyok, Eleanor Nowell, Laury Hitchcock, Fern Sedore, Karen McCall, Michelle Alcock and Sandi Brown. This year, the tournament was attended by sixty-eight golfers including special guest, Roy Fitzroy, a resident of Pine Meadow Nursing Home. The event raised in excess of $15,500 which will be used to purchase overhead tracks and lifts for residents’ rooms to aid the staff in lifting residents, and to fund monthly bus trips for residents. Brad Douglas, owner of Yourway Home Building Centre, donated $2500 of this total. He has been our major corporate sponsor for 10 years. Tournament Winners: First place; Mark Freeburn, Michael Wood, Travis McLuckie, Cory Andrew. Second Place: Ab Meeks, Doug Potts, Phil Brown, Herb Clark. Men’s Closest to the Pin: Phil Brown. Ladies Closest to the Pin: no winner. Ladies Longest Drive: Sandra Freeburn. Men’s Longest Drive: Don Fobert. Ladder Golf Contest: Janice Lewis, who took home a mini fridge donated by Smitty’s Appliances. Raffle Winners: The 50/50 draw was won by the Flynn family. The barbecue donated by Snider Sand and Gravel was won by Nicole Goodfellow. The Quilt donated by Treadles Quilt Group was won by Ruth Wendorf. The raffle sales brought in over $5000 and we are very grateful to the many ticket sellers, who gave of their time and enthusiasm. Thanks to all the volunteers, prize donors and our generous sponsors.

Major Corporate Sponsor - Brad Douglas, owner of Yourway Home Building Centre Extendicare Flynn family

june 27, 2013

Associate Sponsors Snider’s Sand and Gravel Treadle Quilters

Community Sponsors Bank of Montreal – Frontenac Shores Hook’s Rona Northbrook Barrington Insurance Hunter’s Creek Golf Course Bishop Lake Outdoor Centre Steve and Mary Johnston Bob Reiser Contracting Kaladar Shell/Cloyne General Brown’s Tent and Trailer Park Store Cloyne Home Hardware Lancaster Resort Countryside Carpentry Lookout Building Centre Country Traditions Frozen Loon’s Call Campground Foods Manion’s Sales and Service Medigas-Praxair Canada Inc. Helen and Osmond Foy Francis L. Manion Ltd. Mumby Septic Pumping Frontenac and Addington Northbrook Gas and Variety Trappers Northbrook Foodland

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Nowell Motors Roger’s Carpentry Ronfeld Electric Ron Nowell Construction Chris Winney/Royal Lepage Realty Smart’s Marina Smitty’s Appliances St. Andrew’s Lodge #497 Suzanne Regan/Remax Realty Stacey’s Graphics Story Lake Fabrics Welch LLP


· Sydenham is very proud to be hosting the Sydenham Triathlon again this year on Sunday July 7. There are several events involving running, cycling and swimming during the day. For a complete list of events visit · A local athlete - Madison McMahon - has been chosen to represent Team Canada at the World Dragon Boat Racing Championship in Hungary on July 23. While this is an incredible honor, the athletes have to fund their own trips. There are various fundraisers taking place in the village including a BBQ at Silverbrook in Saturday June 29 and a bottle drive on July 2. Please support this university student as she does her best to represent Canada in Hungary. · I hope to see everyone on Canada Day at The Point in Sydenham for a whole slew of fun and entertaining events to last all day long and at dusk with fireworks. · All the kids are out of school now and out in droves on foot, skateboards and bicycles. Please pay extra attention as these kids enjoy their summer holidays

VERONA Debbie Lingen


· Volunteers are the backbone of our village of Verona. They are the special people who selflessly give of their time and efforts to make our community such a great place. Many Verona residents were recipients of the 2012 Ontario Volunteer Service Awards. Five to 50-year service awards were handed out at a special ceremony in Kingston held from June 18 to June 20. Kudos to these dedicated volunteers who have made Verona into the fantastic village that it is – Vera Brown, Delphine Dowker, Joyce Harper, Darlene Nicol, Diane Vickery, Ron Bruyns, Don Coleman, Judy Conway, Marilyn Orser, Deborah Spaar, Ron Goodberry, Andrew VanHeyst, Janna Stanistreet and Don Bates. · South Frontenac Township also gave Volunteer of the Year awards on June 18 and Verona resident, Frank York was one of the honoured recipients. Frank has been involved with the Verona Cattail Festival and the Verona Lions Club for over 15 years. If something has to be built, designed, fixed or problem solved, Frank is the man everyone goes to. He is always willing and able to stand up to the task and Verona is a better place because of him. Thank you, Frank! · Harrowsmith celebrates Canada Day with a July 1 parade and a day of festivities in Centennial Park. The Verona Cattail Festival volunteers and our beloved mascot Cameron will be participating in the parade, which starts at 10 am. Then stay to enjoy the many

62nd Annual

Verona Lions Jamboree July 4, 5 & 6, Open 6:30 PM

• Games of Chance • Bingo Tent (each prize value approx. $45.00 +) • 50/50 Cash Draw • 9 Hole Mini Golf • Midway Rides & Games Famous Lions’ Jamboree Burgers & Fries

Canteen opens 6 pm

Verona Lions Centre

4504 Verona Sand Rd., Verona

Free Parking

events that will be in the park, topped off with a spectacular display of fireworks in the evening. Can't think of a better way to spend Canada Day! · It's almost here! The Lions Club Jamboree will be arriving for three evenings of great fun and games - Thursday to Saturday, July 4, 5 and 6. There will be games of chance, great Bingo prizes, famous Jamboree Burgers and fries along with a fantastic midway. Canteen opens at 6 PM, other activities start at 6:30 pm. · The Annual Portland District Firefighters’ Bass Fishing Derby is the biggest derby in South Frontenac! Sat. July 6, Free Fishing Weekend, so no licence required. Fish any back lake and weigh in at 4808 Holleford Road, Hartington Fire Hall from 9am-5pm. Top prize 14ft. Lund Boat with EZ Load Trailer. Every kid gets a prize! Get your tickets at Leonard's Fuels in Hartington or Asselstine's Hardware in Verona. · The Fourth Verona Family Fishing Day will be held on Saturday, July 13 from 9 am to 1 pm at Verona [Rock] Lake. The Verona Cattail Express will also be at this event to give rides. Prizes for all kids under 16 who catch a fish. Free BBQ with hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, and drinks for registered guests. Bring your boat or fish from the dock. No barbed hooks. For this event, Canadian residents do not require a fishing license. Please preregister with Linda Bates at 613-374-1307 before July 8 to reserve your spot! This is a free event brought to you by the Verona Community Association. Join them for another fun Family Fishing Day!

PLEVNA Katie Ohlke 613-479-2797 · On Sunday June 30 at 9am there will be dedication service for a new stained glass window at Holy Trinity Anglican Church. For the months of July and August services will be St. Johns Anglican Church in Ardoch at 9am. · The annual Strawberry Social is happening on July 3 from 11:30am – 1:30pm at the Clar-Mill Hall. A delicious way to start the summer! $10 for adults; $4 for kids 6-12; 5 & under free; fundraiser for Holy Trinity Anglican Church & Clar-Mill Community Volunteers. · Silver Lake Music Camp Orchestra & Vocal Ensemble present a free concert at River of Life Christian Fellowship on Thurs. July 4 at 7 p.m. These 25 instrumentalists and vocalists of all ages present a wonderful combination of vibrant orchestra songs, full vocal ensembles & worship music! For information, contact Rev. Klatt, 613-479-0333; all welcome. · Hey kids! Vacation Bible School will be in the village of Plevna on Thurs & Fri. July 4 & 5 at the Clar-Mill Hall, 9am-noon, for 5 to 12 year olds. Come and explore what life was like for Daniel and his friends, with cool craft projects, games and snacks. Preschool children are also invited, and just ask that a parent stay with them during the program. Call ahead to reserve a spot with Debbie at 613479-8057. Registration will take place at 8:45 a.m. on the first day of VBS. This program is sponsored by Vennachar Free Methodist Church. · Craft show and fundraiser BBQ. Saturday, July 6, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. at Clar-Mill Hall in Plevna. Featuring jewellery, fabric crafts, knits, photography, candles, cottage frames, etc.

Local businesses

provide jobs and services Support your local businesses EAGLE LAKE PROPERTY OWNERS’ ASSOCIATION

AGM Saturday, July 13, 8:30 am–Noon Parham United Church Hall 1035 Wagarville Road ELPOA SUPPORTS OUR COMMUNITY: Please bring a nonperishable item for the Food Bank Join us for lunch after the meeting!

june 27, 2013



Frontenac County Official Plan by Jeff Green Citizen chair steps down from


rontenac County is slated to have an Official Plan in place within a year. Joe Gallivan, the Manager of Sustainability Planning for the County, has been preparing the County’s first Official Plan, and he presented a draft plan to a meeting of county council last week. “I suggest that members of council read the document, call me if you have any questions, and then we can go though it at the Committee of the Whole meeting on July 3. After that we can go to public meetings,” Gallivan suggested when he tabled the document. One of the benefits of the plan, according to Gallivan, is that once it is in place, the local townships will be able to make changes to their own plans without seeking approval from the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. The Official Plans for South, Central, and North Frontenac have all been faced with delays, sometimes for years, over disagreements with the ministry over certain provisions. The county plan will have to pass muster with the ministry before it is approved, and there are certain aspects of it that may be a hard sell, according to Joe Gallivan, who knows the ministry well because he worked there before coming to work at Frontenac County. One has to do with the fact that the plan is not a detailed document.

“We did not want to duplicate the detail in the township plans. This is what I call a high level document. It is designed to complement what is already in place at the townships. The ministry is not used to that,” Gallivan said. On a more particular note, the Frontenac plan does not call for development to be focused in the built up hamlet areas, which the province prefers. “Frontenac County is different. With the exception of Sydenham, there is no sewer and water in the hamlets, and there is no reason to discourage the kind of rural development that people want. I don't know how the ministry will react to that either,” he said. While the draft was received without much comment, South Frontenac Mayor Gary Davison did take issue with some of the wording regarding a regional roads system in the county. “On page 27, in item 4.2.2 about regional roads, I see words, like 'provide, develop, explore, work' all in regards to the county doing stuff with roads. You say you want to give us direction but the townships have already given you direction that we do not want you to work on our roads. We have the capacity between us, as township road departments, to do all the work that is needed on those roads. I will be speaking against that part of the document,” Davison said.

SF Council angers Grass Drags promoter B by Jeff Green

ill Day does not appreciate how the annual grass drag racing event he hosts at his property on the Harrowsmith-Sydenham road has been characterized by South Frontenac Council. As was reported last week, Councilor John McDougall commented on a Facebook posting that was sent to council by Day’s neighbour, Mel Therrien. McDougall was concerned that Day is planning on hosting more than “a full grass drag series,” which is more than one day event per year that is permitted by the township. “He took the Facebook posting out of context,” Bill Day said of McDougall’s comments. “When I talked about a full series I was taking about our event, which is an annual memorial to my father, being a part of a series that includes events at other tracks in the region.” The sentence in question on the grass drags' Facebook page supports Bill Day’s contention. It reads: “We’re currently working on a full grass drag series, just in

Canada Day

talks with some other tracks.” Bill Day did indeed hold more than one event last year, and told the News that after some legal back and forth between his lawyer and the township over the winter, he has now paid fines to the township and said “I am only planning on holding one event this year.” Council also talked about how Day’s Facebook posting talked about “drawing in more outlaws” as if that was a reference to bikers, when Bill Day he was referring to the Outlaw class of snow machine, the most powerful machines on the market. McDougall is also concerned, however, that the track at Day’s farm will be available for “regular Wednesday evening and a Saturday or Sunday ride day” which is something that the township does not permit. Bill Day said that the track is open on those practice days by invitation only, not to the general public. He thinks that the township is actually going out of its way to target him, when there are more important issues

By Jeff Green alter Knott, a resident of Frontenac Islands who is a retired accountant, is no longer the chair of the Frontenac County committee that is conducting a comprehensive organizational review of county operations. Knott appeared before a meeting of Council last week (June 19) to provide an update of the committee’s progress. Instead he read a prepared statement that said the review should not continue at this time. “There is a much larger issue ‘hiding under the bed’, so to speak, and it is a twoheaded monster. It is the massive amount of cash held by the county, some $17 million, which I believe is at the heart of some of the stresses of this council,” he said. The two heads that Knott was referring to are the $2.4 million the county holds in ‘deferred revenue’ and $14.1 million in ‘the reserve group’. According to Walter Knott, the county has been over-taxing for years, and holding the money in reserves. “I believe that collecting excess taxes over a long period was unethical, and for me that is a major problem ... My conscience requires me to urge council to put the review on hold until the excess funds matter is settled,” he said. The reserve fund issue was the subject of a Committee of the Whole meeting on June 5, and a subsequent discussion is sched-


they could be dealing with. “They’ve agreed to one race; I’m only holding one race. But it must have been a boring Tuesday night for them, so they decided ‘let’s go ahead and bug Bill Day,” he said. Council did not take any action last week in response to the communication from Mel Therrien, but Day said the timing of their comments has had a negative impact on his negotiations with sponsors in promoting the Bill Day Memorial Grass Drags and the series that he is working on as well.

Royal Canadian Legion

Gordon Gaylord Branch # 334 Arden


Saturday July 6, 2013 4:00 - 7:00 PM


Sunday, June 30

Township Rec. Centre

5:30-7:00pm Ompah Community Centre

Admission: Adults $12.00 6-12 yrs - $5.00 Under 6 - free Sponsored by Flinton Community Club

uled for July 3. “I’m not sure that Walter Knott is aware that we are tackling the reserve issues at the same time as we take on the services review,” Frontenac Islands Mayor Dennis Doyle said, after Knott had left the meeting. “When he is informed I think he might be persuaded to return to the committee.” After hearing Walter Knott’s allegations of over-taxing and accumulating reserves, the News looked to Frontenac County’s most recent posted financial statements and those of neighbouring counties. At first blush Frontenac County’s reserve position does seem unusually robust as a ratio of annual revenue. Lennox and Addington (2012): Revenue $60 million; reserves $10 million (17%) Lanark County (2012): Revenue $67 million; reserves $16 million (23%) Hastings County (2011): Revenue $115 million; reserves $14 million (12%) Frontenac County (2011): Revenue $35 million; reserves $13.5 million (38%) It should be noted that municipalities don’t necessary calculate their reserve funds in the same way, so side by side comparisons like the one above can be misleading. For example, of the $13.5 million in Frontenac County reserves in 2011, $1.4 million is listed under “ambulance capital” which is a joint fund with the City of Kingston. Lennox and Addington, Hastings and Lanark Counties do not have joint funds with other municipalities.

OPP reportS Teen dies in Moira River


n June 23 just before 8 p.m. several male teen youths were swimming in the Moira River near the dam and the green metal bridge off Bridge Street East in the Municipality of Tweed. After jumping through the waterfall created by the dam, 17-year-old Tyler Gray of Millbridge, Ont. was sucked underwater by an extremely strong undertow. A nearby resident located the teen in the water behind an Alexander Street home. Firefighters arrived on scene and performed CPR. Gray was pronounced dead at the scene.

On Sunday, July 7 between 1:00pm and 4:00pm

Pine Meadow Nursing Home

Turkey Supper

Cold Plate Supper

Adults $10, Children $5 Everyone Welcome

county service review committee

Saturday June 29th 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary. Please join us in our courtyard for live entertainment by “Ray and Friends”.

$12.00 for adults Under 10 yrs. $6.00

Tea and homemade scones, strawberry jam and devon cream will be served by the Land O’ Lakes Garden Club.

For more information call 613-335-2737 Arden Legion #334, 5957 Arden Rd.

Everyone is welcome!

THURSDAY, JULY 4 Mastering the BBQ

Strawberries 43 Pigden Road, MADOC, ONTARIO

Phone for field conditions 613-473-2412 For pre picked orders please call ahead.

Easy Clean Picking, Good Road Access, Bring Your Own Containers

Now Open Monday-Friday 8:00am-7:00pm  Saturday 8:00am-3:00pm  Closed SUNDAY

A FREE Local Food Cooking Workshop at Oso/Soldiers Memorial Hall

7-9 pm

Come cook with Andrea Dickinson, former owner/chef of Sunsets Restaurant, food blogger, and cooking instructor. Learn to make the most of local available products and have fun learning new recipes and techniques. Pre-register: “Perfect BBQ Ribs” – step-by-step towards becoming a “Rib-meister” – prepping, spicerubbing, roasting and grilling . . . perfection takes effort! To complement this menu, a Green Bean, Feta and Almond Salad with a Sherry-Honey-Herb Vinaigrette is perfect. We’ll also get creative with locally grown herbs . . . and wrap up our evening by baking dessert on the bbq – Blueberry Pudding . . . mmmmmm! This is the second in a series of three local food cooking workshops sponsored by Sharbot Lake Farmers Market and funded by the County of Frontenac.



Lake District Realty opens new office W

hen Alison Robinson started out in the real estate business 25 years ago, she was basically helping out the family business. “I started in Real Estate as an agent for JM Coulter,” said Alison Robinson, who has been the broker-owner of Lake Distict Realty (LDR) since 1994. Back in 1987, Alison was spending most of her time taking care of her three sons. Her husband Wayne Robinson's investment business was heavily weighted to investments in real estate and he used the services of his friend Janet Coulter to handle transactions, but there was distance involved because Janet was based in Kingston. “So I got my license and started working. It was supposed to be a parttime venture,” Alison said. However, as Joel Gray, who is the business manager/realtor of LDR puts it, “Real estate is never a part-time venture." In 1994 Janet Coulter was ailing from cancer and her doctor told her to wind up her business. This left Alison with a decision. She could either join one of the large regional or international real estate companies as an agent, or get her broker's license and start her own business. And that’s how Lake District Realty came about. Since she was originally from England, Alison was familiar with its famed Lake District. “There they have five lakes and they call it a lake district, but here we have thousands of lakes, so I thought, why not call my company Lake District Realty?" The name ended up being a good one. Although LDR started out as a general service realtor, selling farm properties, lots, street side homes, etc., 85% of the company's business has always come from representing buyers and sellers of waterfront properties. In 1996 Alison was joined by her son Matthew, who was then a very young real estate agent, and with the help of

Township Of Central Frontenac JULY 1st CLOSURES The Municipal Office and all Waste Disposal Sites within the Township of Central Frontenac will be closed Canada Day, July 1st.

CANADA DAY CELEBRATIONS Canada Day, Monday July 1st, at OSO Beach, please visit our website for venue:

SERVICE DELIVERY REVIEW Service Delivery Review Meeting, at the Soldiers Memorial Hall, 1107 Garrett St. Sharbot Lake. July 16th at 4:00p.m. Please note that the meeting scheduled for July 2nd has been cancelled.

JUNE 27, 2013

by Jeff Green

one administrative assistant and in shared office space in the Simonett building, Lake District Realty enjoyed 10 years of unfettered growth. By 2008 things had changed quite a bit. Internet marketing had become a major factor in the real estate business and Joel Gray, a long-time friend of Matthew’s who had worked for 10 years at Bowes and Cocks in Harrowsmith, was available to join the growing business. The push was on to narrow the focus of LDR. “Matthew did an analysis of our business in 2007 and came to the conclusion we could do a better job by sticking exclusively to waterfront properties,” said Alison Robinson, “but I resisted. I saw us serving the community and was reluctant to say no to anybody who wanted to sell their property. But in the end I saw that he was right; sometimes it is better to do one thing very, very well, than to do many things.” In 2009, LDR became “The Wa- L-r: Martina Waddingham, Bill Anderson, Alison Robinson, Nancy Moore, Joel Gray and terfront Company”. Liz Kingsley “We know the lakes within a 45minute radius of Sharbot Lake better than anyone else. I third floor onto the Simonett building. However, three years grew up here, I know these lakes. I know the communities, ago, Wayne and Alison Robinson had purchased a small everything that people need to know when they are looking house to the south of their family home. (They live on the south side of the parking lot for the Simonett building) The for a property,” said Joel Gray. For that reason, most of the 70 or so properties that Lake house was not being used, so instead of a large renovation District Realty sells each year are located on lakes within the to the Simonett building, they decided to do a smaller renovation of the house as a new home for LDR. Land O’Lakes region. The "small" renovation turned into a full-scale gutting and Matthew Robinson left LDR in 2011. He still works in the Simonett building, but is now a vice president of the Robin- rebuilding of the house, but it all led to a brand new office for son Group. Joel Gray has stepped into a leadership role as Lake District Realty. Designer Cheryl Matson was brought business manager at LDR, and a third agent, Bill Anderson, in to help accomplish a professional office space, with the has joined the company. The administrative office work is casual feel of a beach house. The new LDR office has one added touch, making it easily done by long-time associate Martina Waddingham. The importance of high quality marketing work, online and in print, recognisable. It has Sharbot Lake’s first electronic sign. “It cost a lot of money for the sign,” said Alison Robinson, necessitates a full time marketer for the company, a role that is filled by Nancy Moore, and Liz Kingsley handles the front "but I think it is paying off already. We are seeing a huge increase in walk-in traffic ever since we moved, and the sign is desk. “Unlike other kinds of real estate agencies, we work en- part of that, as is the welcoming feel of the new office." The office has been open for a couple of months now, and tirely as a team here. All listings belong to all of us; we are all available to do what needs to be done for the buyers and the LDR staff is now ready to host a grand opening, which will take place on Friday, July 6 from 1-5pm. All are welcome sellers whom we represent,” said Alison. “When someone is selling a house, they are selling their to tour the new building and share in coffee and snacks. single biggest asset, and it’s their home. When someone is buying a home, they are making their single largest purchase. There are lots of variables to consider,” said Joel Gray. The latest evolution in the LDR story has to do with a small piece of real estate, their new office. The Robinson Group needed more space, and plans were being formed to build a




Furnace Broker 8109 Hwy 38, Godfrey ON

July 9, 2013 at 4p.m. at the Kennebec Community Centre, 5998 Arden Road, Arden, ON.

Dual Fuel Models Available

August 13, 2013 at 4p.m. at the Soldiers Memorial Hall, 1107 Garrett St. Sharbot Lake, ON.

COMMITTEE OF ADJUSTMENT July 11, 2013 at 6p.m. at the Soldiers Memorial Hall, 1107 Garrett St. Sharbot Lake.


374-2566 OR 1-888-674-2566

Dual Fuel Models Avalailable



374-2566 1-888-674-2566

SWIM PROGRAM 2013 Registrations are being received for the 2013 swim program, for further information regarding the 2013 swim program visit our website

HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE COLLEcTION DAY Residents of Central Frontenac, Saturday, July 20, 2013. 9:00a.m. to 2:00p.m. South West corner of Road 38 and Highway #7 intersection. Please visit our website for details.

LOG SALE AT OLDEN PARK WASTE SITE All logs are approximately 16 feet long. All bidders must have Commercial General Liability Insurance and Vehicle Insurance. WSIB coverage must be provided if required.

Palmerston Lake Bass Derby

The 10th Annual Palmerston Lake Catch and Release Bass Derby took place on June 22 & 23. Forty kids entered. Big Jim McLaughlin came to see the kids and hand out prizes. - submitted by Double S Marina


A site meeting will be held July 4, 2013 at 10am to view logs.

Beautiful – Affordable – Proven

Bids and appropriate documentation must be received by 4:30 pm on July 10th, 2013

Save up to 30% on your purchase.

Late bids will not be accepted. All wood must be removed by 4:30 pm on July 26th, 2013. 1084 Elizabeth Street, PO Box 89, Sharbot Lake ON K0H 2P0 613-279-2935

Visit: Contact us at: 1 800 628-7605

June 27, 2013

Cloyne Home Hardware Hwy. 41 North P.O. Box 100 Cloyne, ON K0H 1K0

THE FRONTENAC NEWS - Canada Day Schedule

Open Canada Day 8:30am - 5pm T  613 336 8836 F  613 336 9789

Can  da Day Celebrations

Toll Free: 1-877-304-4411

Sydenham - Canada Day at The Point, Mon. July 1


1:00pm Grand Parade includes Kid’s Parade. Starts at fire hall at 1 pm 1:00pm All Day Canteen 1:45-2:00 Opening ceremonies 12:00-Dusk Live Music: Still Standing, Rock Bottom, Bauder Road, Red Rose Express, Rob Carnegie, Emma and Sam McNeal and Friends from Sydenham High School 1:30pm Pony rides, face painting, water slide, air castle, antique cars, Dog Trials, Model Train Rides. Dusk Fireworks

The More You Know The Better We Look

Happy Canada Day! 1018 Smart Rd., Hwy #41 Mazinaw Lake, Cloyne ON  K0H 1K0

Steve & Pauline Smart

(613) 336-2222 Plevna





Family Restaurant S

Fully Licensed Dine In or Take Out

Groceries, Bakery, Deli & Butcher Shop Gas, Diesel, Propane, Ice, Newpapers & Magazines, Bag Tags, Road Permits, Hunting & Fishing Licenses, Lottery Centre, ATM Machine, Beer Bottle Returns, Post Office, Fishing Tackle Supplies & Worms, Shower Facilities, Wireless Internet & Public Computers & Printer Available, Fax and Copy Services, Seasonal Garden Centre, Firewood, Fireworks, BBQ and Pig Spit available for rental, Party Platters and Small Catering availabe upon request

the home of

Open 7 days a week





Mini Putt • Ice Cream Parlour • Pizzeria Family Restaurant Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Open 7 days a week E



7325 HWY 506 Plevna  613-479-2603 Bus: (613) 479-2383 Res: (613) 479-2706

Manion's Sales & Service

Dean Manion Box 80, Road 506 Proprietor Ardoch, ON K0H 1C0

Saturday June 29: Arden Artisans Garden Party & Open Studio event from 10am-5pm, featuring Joanne Pickett, potter; Sarah Hale, batik artist; and Judith Versavel, painter and jewellery artist. • Annual Strawberry Social, 1:30 - 3pm, community centre, hosted by the Kennebec Historical Society • Unveiling of new Business & Events sign, 2pm. Join the Friends of Arden as they welcome various dignitaries, business participants, and visitors to this special event. • Chicken BBQ at the Arden Legion, 5-8pm, $12 adults; under 10 years $6. For information call 613-3352737


Authorized Agent For:

Happy Canada Day

Mon-Thurs, Sat: 8am-8pm Fri: 8am-9pm Sun: Grocery 9am-6pm; LCBO 11am-6pm

from Clint, Andrea & Staff

Sydenham One Stop • Gas • Convenience Store • Hand-dipped Cones • Lottery Centre


Open Mon. July 1, 9am-5pm Hwy 38 Verona  (613) 374-2112

Master Card

Open Monday to Saturday 7 am to 10 pm

Sunday 8 am to 9 pm

Mon. July 1: Bedford Recreation Committee will be sponsoring Canada Day at Glendower Hall, 1381 Westport Rd. The Bedford Historical offices will be open from 6pm to dusk. Historical offices open for viewing and research: 6 to 9 pm. Display of old tools and farm items: 6 to 9 pm. Hot dogs and refreshments: 7 to 9 pm Fireworks at dusk During the peak of the fur trade, 100,000 pelts were being shipped to Europe each year and the Canadian beaver was in danger of extinction. Northbrook Fresh food. Friendly neighbours.

Happy Canada Day! Charlene & Kevin Van Dusen Hwy 41, Store Owners & Friedly Neighbours Northbrook, ON K0H 2G0 (T) 613 336 2647 (F) 613 336 29492

Trousdale’s Stores... Serving our community

Winter Hours in Effect Sept - July Mon -Sat 7 am to 9 pm• Sun 8 am to 8 pm

4431 William St • 376-6482 • Heating • Ventilation • Air Conditioning • Sheet Metal • Pumps • Solar

Providing Frontenac County with Home Comfort

Happy Canada Day! Tel:  (613) 376-3755  Fax: (613) 376-7641 2977 Rutledge Road, Sydenham, ON K0H 2T0

Northbrook Gas & Variety

Happy Canada Day! 12428 Hwy. 41 Northbrook, ON K0H 2G0

Tel: 613-336-1840 Fax: 613-336-9148

Thurdays to the end of July will be free cart with a green fee Thursday is Wing Night starting 5pm 1lb (8-10) Wings $9.99. 2lb - $17.99 Served with fries or Caesar salad 7359 Road 38 Verona 613-374-3404

South Frontenac Rental Centre Compact Backhoes • Mini Excavators Lawn & Garden • Log Splitters Jumping Castles • Post Augers and more...

We sell Firearms & Ammunition

Live Bait



4317 Colebrooke RD, Harrowsmith

Fresh food. Friendly neighbours


Trousdale’s Appliances Since 1991


Have a Safe and Happy Canada Day!

Fresh Roasted Fair Trade Coffee

Always a Fresh Brew Through Our Drive Thru

Great Breakfasts & Lunches

Hard & Soft Ice cream, Sundaes, Milk Shakes, Razzles, Ice Cream Floats

Open Mon-Fri: 6-9, Sat 8-7, Sun 9-6 Drive-Thru Open Daily

2779 Rutledge Rd. Sydenham, ON, K0H 2T0

Phone: 613-376-6823


THE FRONTENAC NEWS - Canada Day Schedule



• One-on-One Health Advice • Home Health Care Products • On-Site Massage and Physiotherapy Services

• Blister Packaging • Automatic Rx Refill Program • Medication Reviews • Photofinishing

We deliver prescriptions FREE to your home or office! Check out our in-store flyer for great deals on health & beauty products, herbal & vitamin supplements, and more!

4375 Mill Street • Sydenham, ON • K0H 2T0


Employment Service Visit the St. Lawrence College Employment Service Resource Centre in Sharbot Lake!

We can help you with:

• Your job search • Resumé & cover letter assistance • Training incentives • Second Career applications • And more…

Happy Canada Day

From the Employment Centre Staff Sharbot Lake Resource Centre at 1099 Garrett Street (613)545-3949 press 3 or email This Employment Ontario program is funded by the Ontario government.


Sharbot Lake, Oso Beach, July 1

7:00-10:00 am Firemen’s Pancake Breakfast 11am Unveiling of the Sharbot Lake Hotel Mural at the Railway Kiosk across from municipal offices; a project of the Central Frontenac Railway Heritage Society 12 noon Canada Day Parade (Sharbot Lake Village Elizabeth St) 12:30 pm BBQ and Strawberry Social at the Oso Beach 1:00 pm Opening Ceremonies - Oso Band Shell 1:00 Pm Kids Games, Face Painting, Jousting Ring 1:30 pm Duct Tape Card Board Boat Race Registration 2:00 pm Duct Tape Card Board Boat Race 2:00 pm Free Boat Tours of Sharbot Lake. Leaving from the Oso Beach dock every 30 minutes.


Celebrating our 10 Anniversary July 1st

All Day

1:15 pm 1:30 pm 1:40 pm 2:00 pm 3:00 pm 4:00 pm 5:00 pm 6:00 pm 7:00 pm

Firemen’s Challenge (Duct Tape Cardboard Boat Race) “Load the Boat” Please bring non-perishable food item for donation Band Shell Entertainment Sisters of the Drum Sharbot Lake Karate Demonstration Karaoke Jerry Tallon, (Children’s Entertainer) Old Habits HD Supply Albert & Patti Last Minute Decision Rudy & Saddle Up Fireworks at Dusk

Sun. June 30: Sharbot Lake Canada Day Weekend Run: Walk or run 2k, 5k or 10k. Registration at Oso beach at 9:30 am, run start 10am. $20/person or $20/family. Info: Rudy 613-279-2761 or rudyhollywood@frontenac. net. Proceeds to Oso Recreation Committee.

Kennebec Lake

Sun. June 30: the Kennebec Lake Association is

invites you to come and celebrate Canada Day with an evening full of activities. At 5pm, there will be a Potluck picnic, so bring along your favourite salad to share. The canteen will be open and the Rec Committee will be selling hamburgers, hotdogs and drinks. Following the picnic will be the flag dedication, cupcakes and music at 6pm. Children’s games get underway at 7pm, and there are contests for the Best Decorated Bike, Best Costume (adults and children) and Best Canada Day poster. At 8pm, it is Open Mic and you are invited to bring your favourite musical instrument and join in the fun. Then at 9:30pm, sit back and enjoy the fireworks!!

holding a Canada Day Boat Parade. Decorate your boat and show your Canadian spirit. The parade begins at 10:30 AM. Check the web site for updates. Rain day is Monday July 1.

Desert Lake

Foxy’s Hog N Dog Street Food At It’s Best

Open Canada Day 11am- 10pm.

Out Take ble! Availa

4:00 pm

Mon. July 1: The Denbigh Recreation Committee

Sun. June 30: Desert Lake Family Resort - fireworks at dusk – open to the public.


June 27, 2013

Long Lake

Sat. June 29: Long Lake Flotilla, leaves from the beach at 7pm


Sat. June 29: Matawatchan Cultural Centre Group presents the 131st Canada Day Picnic in Matawatchan. Wear your red & white!! 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. There’s fun for everyone!!! Speeches, Live music, Baked beans competition, Kids’ games, Face painting, Balloon animals, Miss Lovely the clown, Beer garden, Bingo, Horseshoes, Fashion show, Mind-in-time-speaker’s corner, Back on the Map-historical project & displays. Great food all day, please bring a picnic blanket or lawn chair and a nonperishable item for the Community Food Bank. For more info or to register your baked beans, please visit www. or call Victoria at 613-333-9319

Happy Canada Day! From all of us at

Open Daily 8 am - 9 pm

Ram’s Esso

At the beach, Sharbot Lake


Come In and See Us! Effective June 27th we will be open 6 days a week 11:30 to 5:30

Over 85,000 Pizzas Served, & 1100+ promo pizzas given away!

Slices, Subs, Fries & Soft Drinks Free slice for Canada Day weekend. *With this ad only, no reproductions or facsimiles. Limit one per person while quantities last.

Phone 613-279-8646

Open Canada Day 11:30 to 3:00 Come try our new menu, lots of great items. Chili Cheese fries, Rosemary & black pepper cheese fries, Buffalo blue cheese fries, Sweet Potato Fries with dipping sauce. 1/4 lb Angus burgers with Real Canadian Cheddar Cheese. 7” Premium Octoberfest Sausage with Sauerkraut & Honey Kids Favourite, 7” European Dog, 7” Cool Dog with cucumber & red onion, 7” Polish Sausage And much more 2983 Rutledge Rd. Sydenham

Open 7 Days a week on Hwy 7 & 38. Mon-Sat: 6am -9pm Sunday: 7am -9pm

Sharbot Lake, ON


Happy Canada Day!

We deliver. Sharbot Lake, ON

Open Tues-Sat: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. 613


June 27, 2013

THE FRONTENAC NEWS - Canada Day Schedule

Jean Chrétien, Canada’s 20th Prime Minister from November 4, 1993 – December 12, 2003. In his youth, he suffered an attack of Bell’s palsy, which permanently left the left side of his face partially paralyzed. Chrétien used this in his first Liberal leadership campaign, saying that he was “One politician who didn’t talk out of both sides of his mouth.”

Happy Canada Day from all the staff



RD. 38, Godfrey, ON K0H 1T0  Tel: 613-374-5604

Closed Monday July 1st

Harrowsmith Centennial Park, July 1st

10:00 am Canada Day Parade 11:00 am Opening Ceremonies & Antique Car and Decorated Bicycle Judging 11:00 am-Dusk Canteen & Concessions—Chicken Dinner catered by Greek Town on sale $12.00pp Pre purchase tickets at trailer only 100 tickets 11:30 am - 6:00 pm FREE 9 Hole MINI PUTT 11:00 am-6:00 pm New and Returning Vendors: Gifts, Jewelry, Avon, Children’s crafts, Heritage Society display, Snow Cones & Treats, Kasey’s Dog Cookies, Community Groups, Local Churches. 11:00 am - 4:00 pm NEW Recycled Reptiles visit with snakes, bearded dragon, gecko, turtle, and a water dragon in the vendor village. Show at 1:00 pm 11:30 a.m.-7:00p.m. The Amazing “RJ The Balloon Dude” 11:30a.m. Sheep Shearing Demonstration. 11:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Free Family Fun: Come early to sign up for the following eventsChildren’s games and races, Nail Driving Contest, Log Sawing Contest, Ice Cream Challenge, Horse Shoe Tournament, Children’s Scavenger Hunt, Loonie Find, Water Fun with the Fire Dept. (Remember your swimsuits!) 11:30 a.m.-Dusk Entertainment- Bring your lawn chairs & enjoy the music provided by a variety bands all day long! 12:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. NEW: Inflatables-Bungee Run, Obstacle Course and Fun air castleFree Activity 1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. NEW Helicopter rides by Kouri’s Kopters $50.00 pp 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. O.P.P. Canine Demonstration 1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. Northern Giants Strongest Man Competition 1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. BINGO Dusk Fireworks Finale!!



Verona Drug Mart

Sphinx Drugs LTD

Hany Girgis, B.Sc., Phm. Pharmacist Owner / Operator

6674 Hwy # 38, Verona, ON K0H 2W0

(613) 374-5500

Cloyne General Store Happy Canada Day! Open 7 Days a Week 7am-8pm

Gas • Diesel • Grocery • Camping, Hunting & Fishing Supplies • Movies • Confectionary etc...

14265 Hwy. 41, Cloyne 613-336-8824

Ph: (613) 372-2744 Toll Free: 1-800-561-4724 Fax: (613) 372-2287

5474 Hwy #38 Hartington ON K0H 1W0

Canada Day Celebrations - continued next page

Asselstine Hardware Happy Canada Day From Jocelyn, Nick & Staff Open 9am - 11am Monday, July 1st

Sharbot Lake Pharmacy 1036 Elizabeth St., Sharbot Lake

613-279-2901 1-800-565-7865

Happy Canada Day!

Open Canada Day 9am-3pm Hardware • Paints • Plumbing 613-374-3400 Fax 613-374-3408

6826 Road 38 Verona ON, K0H 2W0

Happy Canada Day!

clintondentistry Robert J. Clinton B.Sc., M.Sc., D.D.S., MAGD

T. (613) 376.6652

Sharbot Lake General Store

Dr. R. Tornow

Happy Canada Day!

& Associates

12357 Hwy 41 Northbrook Medical Centre

Propane & Hardware Lotto Centre

Northbrook, ON K0H 2G0

Family Dental

613-336-9555 Fax: 613-336-0178


Dr. Rainer Tornow

SHARBOT LAKE MARINA SALES & serVice of quality products

Your Full Service Hair Salon

We will be Closed Monday July 1st

Happy Canada Day 1008 Cannon Rd. Hwy 38 Sharbot Lake


Happy Canada Day! Kelly & Michelle Find us on Facebook!

4423 George St., Sydenham, ON  K0H 2T0 613-376-3562

Dr. Paul H. Radford Optometrist

Happy Canada Day! 2825 Rutledge Road, Sydenham, ON 613-376-3097

10 Bedford St. Westport, ON 613-273-3097

Trousdale Funeral Home Proudly Serving All Faiths Pre-Arranged Funeral Plans

Sydenham, ON 613-376-3022


THE FRONTENAC NEWS - Canada Day Schedule

Load the Boat for the Food Bank on Canada Day! By Sharon Mathews ith Canada Day approaching fast, please don’t forget to put aside a few food items for the Food Bank. Sharbot Lake Marina will be in the parade and at the Sharbot Lake beach, along with Food Bank volunteers, to take your generous donations throughout the Canada Day festivities on July 1st. Drop off any non-perishable food items you’d like; everything gets distributed. If you’re looking for suggestions on what to donate, items like soup, cans of stew, peanut butter, jam, dried pasta and sauce, and canned tuna or salmon are great for donation. And remember, we serve a wide geographic area ranging from Arden to Crow Lake and Godfrey to Ompah. If you live here, you don’t have to be hungry. Your community is here to help, just like neighbours have always helped neighbours. Whether you are a family, a single parent, senior, or a single person struggling to get by in these very tough economic times, help is there for you. To find out more about how to get a food basket, please call Northern Frontenac Community Services (NFCS) at 613 279-3355. The North Frontenac Food Bank is an independent charitable organization operating separately from NFCS, but NFCS generously serves as the point of contact for the Food Bank. When you call them looking for assistance, they will ensure that a food bank volunteer will call you back. Don’t forget us as we “Load the Boat” this July 1. See you there.


Canada Day 2012 in Harrowsmith

Can  da Day continued...

McDonalds Corners

Saturday June 29, fireworks at Sylvania Lodge at dusk. Public welcome


Sun. June 30: A Cold Plate Dinner at the Ompah

Community Centre from 5:30 to 7pm, cost of $10. Sun. June 30: Fireworks: The fireworks display will begin around 9:30pm. Folks gather by the gravel pit across from Double S Sports Marina for a spectacular show. Sponsored by the North Frontenac Township and Fire Departments.

Snow Road

Sat. June 29: Canada Day Breakfast & bake sale at

the Snow Road Snowmobile Club, 1106 Gemmills Rd, from 8am till noon. Pancakes are available. Sat. June 29: Strawberry Social at Snow Road Community Centre from 6 till 8 pm, with cake, strawberries and ice cream. All are welcome.


Mon. July 1: Second annual Bruce Burt Tractor Parade. Meet at 12:00 noon at the Wilton Cemetery loop (Fisk Road, behind 204 Simmons Road). Our slow moving parade begins at 12:30pm, travels through the hamlet on Simmons Road, loops around Wilton Tack and ends at the Wilton Playground, inviting spectators to join us there for an old fashioned potluck picnic lunch. The Wilton Community Association will provide free Canada Day birthday cake. Rain date: Saturday, July 6, 2013 same times. Info: (613) 386-3673 Joe Shuster, a Canadian-American comic book artist, best known for co-creating the DC Comics character Superman, with writer Jerry Siegel, first published in Action Comics #1 (June 1938).

The Hardy Inn Rooms, Restaurant & Pub

Happy Canada Day!

Your Hosts Polly & Mike St. John 14276 Highway 41 Cloyne ON K0H 1K0

Laura Secord is known for having walked 20 miles out of American-occupied territory in 1813 to warn British forces of an impending American attack. Her contribution to the war was little known during her lifetime.

Happy Canada Day!

Custom Cover Ups Custom Sewing

Open Canada Day!

North Point Square, Hwy 41 & Bosley Rd. 1 km N. of Northbrook 336-9336

Canada By Colleen Steele Canada borders the U.S. of A. Up to the Artic Ocean and Hudson Bay Across to the Oceans the Atlantic and Pacific I think Canada is so terrific


Chorus: And it’s from the east you travel to the west I think Canada is the best As you travel from the mountains to the valleys low You can enjoy these in the sun or snow Hiking up the hills into the vales Or skiing down the icy trails. Chorus The prairies stretch for miles on end Every place greets you like

The lakes and the rivers can be such fun Splashing in the water in the hot, hot sun or skating along when they are solid ice Or fishing with family when the weather is nice Chorus Come and visit our beautiful Country And you will soon agree with me That Canada is a great place to call Home No matter how far you may roam

Nowell Motors Ltd. 14165 Hwy. 41 N, Cloyne ON  K0H 1K0

Complete Automotive Service MTO Vehicle Safety Inspections Computerized Engine Diagnostics Towing & Wheel Alignments


Kaladar Shell

General Store, Post Office, Fishing & Hunting Licenses, Hardware

Summer Hours: 5am - Midnight 7 Days a Week

Happy Canada Day! country style 10201 Hwy 41, Kaladar Tel: 613-336-8679  Fax: 613-336-0055

Happy Canada Day!


Buy a house now and receive a $5000 Discount or Cash Back

Includes Stainless Steel Fridge, Stove, Dishwasher and Microwave. Put down a deposit and take home a 51” TV

“More home for a lot less money” 4193 Maple Drive Lane, Verona Ontario


Bishop Lake Outdoor Centre We pay the HST on All Fishing Rods, Reels & Combos Canada Day Weekend Only The Yearwoods 13621 Hwy 41, Cloyne ON

a long lost friend Around every corner you may go Someone always greets you with a friendly Hello

Bence Motor Salesstyle LTD. country

Custom Built Homes... Happy Canada Day

June 27, 2013



113021 Hwy 7 PO Box 40 Kaladar, ON K0H 1Z0 Bus: 613 336-2626 Fax: 613 336-9777

Peak Performer

Tracy Hook Owner/Operator

Happy Canada Day!

Hook’s 13586 Hwy. 41 Cloyne, ON K0H 1K0 Tel: (613) 336-8416 Fax: (613) 336-0184

T 613 479 5579 F 613 479 2699

Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 5:30pm. Celebrate Canada Day with a Bang! Sat.: 7:30am - 4pm Sun.: 9am - 12noon With our great selection of fireworks! Closed Monday, July 1

Lookout Home Hardware Building Centre Box 52, 7617 Hwy. 509 Plevna, Ontario, K0H 2M0

june 27, 2013



Bidding farewell to Sharbot Lake Public School I

n a special school closing ceremony at Sharbot Lake Public School put on by current staff and students on June 20, former students and staff had a chance to bid farewell to the school that holds many cherished memories for them. The current school was built in 1930 and replaced the former one-room school house, which had been erected in 1887 further down the hill from the present site. The public school is slated to close in the upcoming school year when students and staff will be moved to Granite Ridge Education Centre, the new school currently under construction in Sharbot Lake. The closing ceremony included addresses by Trustee Anne Goodfellow, current and former school council representatives Sarah Sauve and Cheryl Allen, SLPS grade 5/6 teacher Stephanie Leeder and former staff member Pam Woods. Each spoke of what the school has meant to them over the years and remembered SLPS as a small rural school with a big family feel. Each class at the school made a special presentation that included numerous songs and readings and Mrs. Harding wrapped up the presentations with a slide show commemorating the history of the school

in photos from both its former and recent days. School Principal David Allison saved for the end a special presentation- the opening of a school time capsule that was left at the school and meant to be opened in 2020. The cap-

Strawberry Moon Festival M arcie Asselstine started bringing her heritage into her job at the Ontario Early Years Centre in Sharbot Lake almost 10 years ago by running Aboriginal themed playgroups for young children and their parents. For the past 7 years she has been running a program for the kindergarten and grade 1 students in surrounding schools. She goes into Hinchinbrooke, Land O’Lakes. Sharbot Lake, and Clarendon Central Public Schools and St. James Major Catholic School once a month to spend a classroom period telling stories and passing on traditional knowledge. And each year at the end of the school year, the program has ended with a gathering of all the children in one place, St. James Church Hall, for a Strawberry Moon Festival. This year 120 children, the largest ever group, from all five schools, crammed into the hall for the festival. They were treated to a performance by the Strong Women’s Drum Circle, White Wolf Drummers (Josh St. Pierre and Reuben Timmerman) a craft corner run by Lily Davis, bannock and berries courtesy of Mary-Ann and Anne Marie Wilson, home-baked corn bread, story telling by Danka Brewer in a tepee on the grounds, and a closing round dance behind the hall. “I asked one little girl if she was having fun,” said Marcie Asselstine at the end of the morning-long event. “and she just put her hands on her hips and looked straight up at me and said ‘Of course I am Marcie, it’s the Strawberry Moon Festival, don’t you know.” The Strawberry Moon Festival coincides with the summer solstice and National Aboriginal Day and always makes for a fitting end to the year-long program which is funded by the United Church mission support grant, the Anglican Church healing fund, and the Ontario Ministry of Child and Youth Services. Photo courtesy of Danka Brewer.

by Jeff Green

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sule included many artifacts from 1999, the year that it was created. Following the ceremony guests were invited to peruse a number of old and treasured school artifacts that were set up in a special “memory room” and visitors had a chance to leaf through and marvel at the fascinating collection of old notebooks and other school memorabilia kept by former teachers from as far back as the early 1900's. While many were sad that the small school will be closing its doors for good in the upcoming school year, many expressed their confidence that the move to the new school in Sharbot Lake will make for an exciting change for both staff and students. The special ceremony represented the final chapter at SLPS, the small rural school perched high on a hill overlooking Sharbot Lake, which will long be fondly remembered by the hundreds of students and staff who passed through its doors in its 126-year history.

Let us plumb it right the first time

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by Julie Druker

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For more information or to register contact the Sharbot Lake Resource Centre at 1099 Garrett Street (613)545-3949 press 3 or email This Employment Ontario program is funded by the Ontario government.

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7617 Hwy. 509 Plevna ON

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Closed Monday July 1st

Happy Canada Day!

Wheelchair accessible.

Northern Happenings Northern Happenings listings are free for community groups, and will be published for two weeks. Other listings are paid or are taken from paid ads elsewhere in the paper. The News makes every effort to be accurate but details of events should be independently verified by readers.

Donations to offset the cost of publication would be appreciated. Thursday June 27 CENTRAL FRONTENAC MINOR SOFTBALL, 6:30pm Sydenham @ Parham; East Storrington @ Mtn Grove; Nadeau Realty @ Sharbot Lk; 8:30pm Central Frontenac @ Sharbot Lk SYDENHAM - ALZHEIMER SUPPORT GROUP 7-9pm, Grace Centre; info: 613-5443078.

Friday June 28 NORTHBROOK - EUCHRE TOURNAMENT, Lions Hall 7pm; sponsors: Golden Sunset Seniors; info 613-336-2389.

Saturday, June 29 (See also the Canada Day schedule on pages 7-10 for more events) BOLINGBROKE - COMMUNITY YARD SALE, Bake Sale, etc. ABC Hall, sponsored by ABC Association; 613-273-2571 CLOYNE MAZINAW PROPERTY OWNERS ASSN. AGM, Barrie Hall, 10am; current & future members welcome; refreshments (pls. bring own mug). FARMERS’ MARKETS – Local farmers’ markets held every Saturday, 9am-1pm at: McDonalds Corners MERA schoolhouse; Sharbot Lake Oso beach; Verona Lions Club. Fresh produce, crafts, baked goods & more. HARLOWE DANCE, 8pm, w/ Country Band, community centre, $8, lunch, prizes, info: Marie 613-336-2557 HENDERSON - YARD SALE, community centre, 8am-noon, sponsored by United Church SHARBOT LAKE – YARD & BAKE SALE & BBQ, Pentecostal Church starts 9am; benefit for church SHARBOT LAKE – YARD & BAKE SALE, St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, 8am to 1pm

Sunday June 30 (See also the Canada Day schedule on pages 7-10 for more events) BEDFORD OPEN MIC & JAM, 1-5pm, Bedford Hall 1381 Westport Rd, Bluegrass, Country, Gospel & more, $2, 613-374-2614 FLINTON - THROUGH THE ROOF - 6:30pm, open mic, all welcome

Monday, July 1 – CANADA DAY See Canada Day schedule on pages 7-10

Tuesday July 2 PLEVNA – GOLDEN FRIENDSHIP CLUB MEETING, 2pm, after Haystack Lunch at Flinton, call Edith, 613-479-2089

Tues – Fri July 2-5 DENBIGH - VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL, community hall, for 5 - 12yrs, 1:30-3:30pm, Bible stories, crafts, games, snacks; reserve: Nancy 333-2204, Angela 333-1901; sponsor: Vennachar Free Methodist Church.

Wednesday July 3 CENTRAL FRONTENAC MINOR SOFTBALL, 6:30pm Mtn Grove @ Parham; Parham @ Sharbot Lk; 8:30pm Seeley’s Bay @ Parham CLOYNE - FAMILY NATURE DAY, 10am-3pm, Barrie Hall, games, crafts, live reptiles, nature hike; suggested donation $2pp. www. HENDERSON - BAKE SALE & TEA, UCW

Hall, 11:30am, tea includes sandwiches, pickles, desserts, beverage, $6, all welcome. PLEVNA - STRAWBERRY SOCIAL 11:30am, Clar-Mill Hall, 11:30am-1:30pm; $10; $4 6-12; 5 & under free; fundraiser for Holy Trinity Anglican Church & Clar-Mill Community Volunteers. SHARBOT LAKE - ALZHEIMER’S LEARNING SERIES; 10am-noon, United Church hall, free, pre-registration required: 544-3078; SNOW ROAD – FOOT CARE CLINIC, community hall, appointment 613-279-3151.

Thursday July 4 CENTRAL FRONTENAC MINOR SOFTBALL, 6:30pm Parham @ Mtn Grove; Verona @ Parham; Hunt’s Pharmacy @ Sharbot Lk; 8:30pm Play It Again Sports @ Parham; Larochelle Drywall @ Sharbot Lk CLOYNE: SENIORS SOFTBALL, Thursdays 9am, ball field, all skills welcome. Don 3362452; Lauder 336-2998 PLEVNA - SILVER LAKE MUSIC CAMP ORCHESTRA & VOCAL ENSEMBLE free concert, River of Life Christian Fellowship, 7pm; info. 613-479-0333 SHARBOT LAKE - LOCAL FOOD COOKING WORKSHOP, free, w/ Andrea Dickinson: “Perfect BBQ Ribs”, 7-9pm, Oso Hall. VERONA - FAMILY NATURE DAY, 10am-3pm, McMullen Park, games, crafts, live reptiles, nature hike; suggested donation $2pp.

Thurs & Fri July 4 & 5 PLEVNA - VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL, ClarMill Hall, 9am-noon, for 5 - 12 yrs, preschoolers welcome with caregiver; Bible stories, crafts, games, snacks; reserve: Debbie 4798057; registration Thursday 8:45am; sponsor: Vennachar Free Methodist Church.

Thurs – Sat. July 4, 5 & 6 VERONA LIONS JAMBOREE, 6:30pm; Games of Chance; Bingo; Mini Golf; Midway Rides & Games, Lions Centre

Friday July 5 BOLINGBROKE CAFE, ABC Hall, w/ Terry Tufts and Kathryn Briggs, 8pm, $10 at door. CLOYNE - FREE FRIDAY FLICKS, “Quartet”, 7pm, United Church

Saturday July 6 BON ECHO PARK - TRADITIONAL TEACHINGS by members of Ardoch First Nation, 7pm, Children’s Program area FLINTON - TURKEY SUPPER - Rec. Centre, 4-7pm; $12, 6-12yrs $5, under 6 free; sponsor: Flinton Community Club. PORTLAND DISTRICT FIREFIGHTERS’ BASS FISHING DERBY, no licence needed, fish any lake, weigh-in Hartington Fire Hall 9-5, prizes, tickets at Leonard’s Fuels or Asselstine’s Hardware. PLEVNA - CRAFT SHOW & FUNDRAISER BBQ, 9am-3pm, Clar-Mill Hall, jewelry, fabric crafts, knits, photography, candles, cottage frames, etc. SHARBOT LAKE LEGION - Breakfast 7-10am; Dance 8pm with Ann Banks & Redneck Blvd. SHARBOT LAKE - BUZZ COLLINS HYPNOSIS SHOW, 7:30pm, St. James Major Catholic Church hall, fundraiser for Northern Frontenac Community Services; $20, info: 279-2244 or 613-279-3151

Sunday, July 7 ENTERPRISE COUNTRY JAMBOREE, Enterprise Hall 1pm w/ Dallas Arney & Family. Also Youth Competition; $8 sponsors: Newburgh-Camden Lions; 379-9972, 530-5859.

Family Nature Days uinte Conservation is getting ready to launch an all-new summer program. Q Family Nature Days will be kicking off July 3 in Cloyne and will be offered in eight different locations throughout the Quinte Conservation watershed. “We are very excited for this summer’s new Family Nature Days. It will give us an opportunity to educate

people on the importance of preserving our natural surroundings,” says Maya Navrot, Conservation Education Coordinator. “Family Nature Days will offer eight municipalities within our watershed an opportunity to learn more about our organization and what we do to protect species and water,” adds Navrot.

JUNE 27, 2013


Authorized Agent For:

Happy Canada Day Open Canada Day 9am-5pm.

Open Mon-Thurs, Sat: 8am-8pm Fri: 8am-9pm Sun: Grocery 9am-6pm; LCBO 11am-6pm

Hwy 38 Verona (613) 374-2112 PINE MEADOW NURSING HOME, Northbrook, 20th Anniversary, 1-4pm, music by “Ray and Friends”; Tea & scones by Land O’ Lakes Garden Club; all welcome! SHARBOT LAKE LEGION - Breakfast 7-10am; SYDENHAM TRIATHLON & DUATHLON events start 8:30am, for more info visit

Tuesday July 9 SYDENHAM – FOOT CARE CLINIC, Grace Centre 1-4pm. For appointment call Bob: 613376-6477; 1-800-763-9610 VERONA – FOOT CARE CLINIC, medical centre 9am-noon. For appointment call Bob: 613-376-6477

Wednesday July 10 HENDERSON - PANCAKE & SAUSAGE BREAKFAST, community hall, 8-11am, free-will offering in aid of Henderson United Church. Info 613-336-2467 SNOW ROAD – COMMUNITY POTLUCK SUPPER, community centre, 5:30pm, all welcome

Thursday July 11 BON ECHO PROVINCIAL PARK, David Archibald, singer, entertainer, for the whole family; 7pm. Amphitheatre, park entry fee covered by Friends of Bon Echo ½ hour before show. LAND O’ LAKES GARDEN CLUB, 7pm, Pine View Free Methodist Church Cloyne. “Garden-bones”: how to use trees & shrubs in landscapes

Regular Happenings AA & AL-ANON 41 GROUP - Cloyne Hall. Wednesdays 8 pm. All welcome 336-9221. AA MEETINGS - SHARBOT LAKE, every Monday, 8:30 pm, United Church C.E. Bldg. AL-ANON: Hope & help for families of alcoholics, 12 weekly meetings in greater Kingston area. Please call 384-2134 for meeting information. We care. ARDEN - Community hall: LINE DANCING Mondays 9:30-10:30am; FIT & FUN exercise class, Tuesdays 9-10am (April 10 - late June), TAI CHI Wednesdays, beginners class 9:15am, advanced 10:15am. Sponsor: Kennebec Rec. Committee; info 613-335-2845 BABY TALK DROP-INS, Sharbot Lake, Child Centre, 2nd Wed, 10:30 – 11:30 am. Sydenham, 3rd Thursday, 9 – 11 am. Advice & information on infant & child care. 549-1154, 1-800-267-7875. BINGO ■ Flinton, Mondays, Rec Centre, doors open 6pm ■Kaladar: Community Centre, Tuesdays, 7pm, doors open 6:15 pm ■Northbrook: Thursdays, Lions Club, 7pm, doors open 6 pm, sponsor: Land O’Lakes Lions ■Parham: Fridays, IOOF Hall, early-bird: 6:45 pm, sponsor: Mayflower Lodge. CANCER PATIENTS requiring rides to treatments: call 613-384-2361 or 1-866-877-0309 CLOTHING /BOUTIQUE – NORTHBROOK, in former United Church next to cemetery – Thurs & Sat, 10am-2pm CLOTHING – HARTINGTON, COMMUNITY CARING, Princess Ann Community Centre, Mon 9-12, Tues 9-4, and Fri 9-12 CLOTHING - TREASURE TRUNK, Sharbot Lake, 1171 Cannon Rd. “New & Second Tyme Around Clothing” Donations welcome. 2792113. CLOTHING – VERONA, “Style Revival”, free clothing, Free Methodist Church, Wed & Thurs, 10am-1pm CLOYNE – YOGA; every Tuesday 5pm, Barrie Hall; sponsor: Land O’Lakes Emmanuel United Church; suggested donation $5. COMMUNITY DROP-IN – Sharbot Lake Every Wednesday, 10am – 2pm, St. Andrew’s Anglican Church. All welcome! 279-3151. EUCHRE (NOTE to groups - please con-

Families will experience nature activities and games, crafts, a live reptile show and a guided nature hike. “Our summer education staff are currently planning activities for the Nature Days and they are really excited,” says Navrot. This is the first year that Quinte Conservation will host Family Nature Days and if successful, the program could return next year. Everyone is welcome to attend Family

tact us and let us know if your Euchre parties are still active): ■ARDEN community hall Tuesdays 7pm; ■ HARROWSMITH S&A Hall, 7pm every Monday except 2nd Monday of month, proceeds to Diabetes Association. ■MABERLY Wednesdays starting March 13, $3 ■NORTHBROOK, Tuesdays 7pm, $3, Lions Hall ■PARHAM Mondays IOOF hall, 7pm. ■PLEVNA, Clar-Mill Hall, Mondays 7:30pm $4 sponsored by Holy Trinity Church FLINTON – ADULT COMMUNITY DROPIN, Tuesdays, Rec Centre, 9am-3pm, homecooked style noon meals, all welcome, info: LOLCS, Pam 336-8934 x 229 GOLDEN SUNSET CLUB meets 1st Monday of month, Northbrook Lions Hall, noon. Info: 336-2570. Join us for potluck LAND O’LAKES FOOD BANK needs food & cash donations and community involvement. Contact Land o’Lakes Community Services, 613-336-8934 LENNOX & ADDINGTON RESOURCES FOR CHILDREN/EARLY YEARS PLAYGROUPS & DROP-INS - Tamworth Playgroup: Mondays 9:30 am-noon, Sheffield Arena; Northbrook Drop-In: Wednesdays 10:00 am-1:00 pm, Lions Hall; Flinton DropIn: Thursdays 10:00 am-1:00pm, Township Hall; Info: 613-336-8934 ext. 257. LENNOX & ADDINGTON STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL, local volunteer agency identifies & supports environmental, education, woodlot management, wildlife habitat, watershed issues and projects in L&A. All welcome. 5315723 MEALS ON WHEELS. Serving the North Lennox & Addington area, a hot nutritious meal will be delivered to your door every Thursday at noon, cost: $6; 336-8934 or 333-5216. MERA: McDonalds Corners Elphin Recreation & Arts at the Schoolhouse: Quilting, Fibrearts, Weaving & more NORTH FRONTENAC FOOD BANK needs food & cash donations. Drop box at Sharbot Lake Freshmart, or mail donations to: NF Food Bank, c/o NFCS, Box 250, Sharbot Lake, K0H2P0. 613-279-3151 ONTARIO EARLY YEARS PLAYGROUPS (9:30am-11:30am): Monday- Harrowsmith, Sharbot Lake Playgroups; Tuesday – Verona, Perth Road Playgroups; Wed.- Sharbot Lake BABY GROUP birth-18month; Wed.2nd & 4th Plevna Playgroup; Wed.- 1st & 3rd Sydenham BABY GROUP birth-18months; Thurs.- Storrington Playgroup PARKINSON SOCIETY MEETINGS, first Tuesday of month, Ongwanada, 191 Portsmouth Ave. Kingston, info 613-379-2012. PLEVNA CRAFT LADIES – every Thursday, Clar-Mill Hall, 10-4, all welcome, call Lois 613479-2562 PLEVNA - FITNESS CLASS, Clar-Mill Hall, every Tuesday 6:30pm, $2; 613-479-2447 SMOKE-FREE FOR GOOD. Support group. Mondays 7 pm, KFL&A Health Unit, 221 Portsmouth, Kingston. 531-U WIN. SNOW ROAD – CRAFTS, community hall, Thursdays 10am-noon; Ann 278-1585, Linda 279-2784 SNOW ROAD – MOMS & TOTS GROUP, Tuesdays 10am-noon, community hall, Beth 278-2200 SNOW ROAD - MORNING COFFEE/TEA, community hall, drop in 10am-12 noon on Fridays SYDENHAM - FUN DARTS, every Tuesday, 7 pm, Royal Canadian Legion. Mixed teams, $2 per person. All welcome TAMWORTH LEGION – Shuffleboard Sundays 2 pm $2pp; Tuesday Night Darts - 8 pm $2pp; Thursday Night League Darts $2pp; Seniors’ bridge & euchre Fridays1:30pm

Nature Days. All locations will run from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. and a donation of $2 a person is suggested. The first Nature Day schedule is July 3 at Barrie Community Hall in Cloyne, July 4 at McMullen Park in Verona, July 5 at Macaulay Mountain in Picton and July 6 at the O’Hara Mill Homestead in Madoc. More information on Family Nature Days can be found at www.

JUNE 27, 2013

Kashwakamak Lake Sustainability Planning T he Kashwakamak Lake Association (KLA) began the initial phase of a Lake Sustainability Planning process in 2010. Over the course of the winter and spring of 2011, the committee sought feedback from the community and local businesses through two surveys. The key purpose of the surveys was to find out what people and local businesses value about the lake community and what their issues are. These results were presented at last summer’s AGM to a very interested crowd and are posted on the KLA website, Over this past fall, winter and spring the Lake Planning Committee was hard a work preparing a draft Kashwakamak Lake State of the Lake Report. It will be presented to members of the Lake Association at the July 13 AGM. A Summary of the report is now available on the KLA’s website, Sustainability/Research Results. Link: http://www.

research-results. Following the AGM, the full report will be posted to the website and limited number of printed copies will be made available at the Cloyne Library as well as the North Frontenac Township office. The Lake Sustainability Planning process has several steps to it. With the presentation of the State of the Lake report, the first step will be completed. The next step is the Analysis Phase where the committee reaches out to the community for feedback and input. This is an extremely important aspect of this work as it engages the community in setting a future vision. This is done by getting feedback on the draft state of the lake report, analyzing and summarizing the research information and visioning with the community. Without this step, a Lake Sustainability Plan is just a plan made up with a hand full of people in a room. Add to Kashwakamak Lake’s Social History - Bring your old photos for Scanning

and in other locations across North America on occasion, but mostly he stays closer to home these days, performing at casinos and other locations in Eastern Ontario. He got his start as a radio host 25 years ago in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and has been a radio host and stage hypnotist ever since. Six years ago, he relocated to Kingston from Calgary, and quickly became established at CKWS radio. The Buzz Collins show is based around the participation of up to 10 audience members, who volunteer to share the stage and, ultimately, provide light-hearted entertainment. Will Baird, the event's co-ordinator for

Local scouters honoured

by Mark Schjerning

Scouter Dalmas has been involved for over 30 years in scouting and has been the Group Commissioner for the South Frontenac Group for the past 20 years, where he is responsible for recruiting, selecting and training volunteer leaders. He is also reL-r: Bill Racz and Harold Dalmas receiving their awards from Jim sponsible for encouragPeverley, Voyageur Council Commissioner. ing a positive attitude wo local scouters were honoured at an for growth, enabling the group to offer more awards ceremony that took place on youth the opportunity to take part in scoutJune 16 and coincided with the final day of a ing. Bill Racz has been involved in the scouttwo-weekend training session for volunteers held at the Scouts Canada Camp located on ing movement for over 35 years. Scouter Racz currently acts as the Group CommisOtter Lake in South Frontenac Township. Harold Dalmas received the Silver Acorn sioner for Bayridge, organizes the annual Award and Bill Racz was presented with the Apple Day Fundraiser, held in October, and Bar to the Silver Acorn. There are a number is the Deputy Area Commissioner, responof awards in Scouting and the Silver Acorn is sible for Property. He also serves as the one of the more prestigious that is awarded for Warden for the Loyalist Area Camp at Otter Lake. He was presented with the Bar to the especially distinguished service to Scouting.


The great NAEC dance-off!


r. Hill, Ms. Cuthill and Ms. Buck took their students to the Secondary side to participate in a dance-off on June 11 at NAEC. This was the culmination of a project by Mrs. Walker's Grade 10 Physical Education class, which counts for 15% of the students' final mark. Deanna Allen, Jessica Chatson, Racheal Dorion, Tara Pringle, Taylor Salmond, Haily Whitelock and Cayley Wilson led the Elementary classes in dancing. The Grade 10 students were completing an assignment which measured their leadership qualities, ability to work with peers, communication skills, and engagement in a different type of fitness activity (other than sports). The students had to learn the steps of the dance themselves, and then teach them to the El-

by Sue MacGregor

As part of the Lake Sustainability Committee’s efforts to gather social history of the lake and its’ residents, (which includes old photographs and documents as well as your stories), the KLA is creating a Social History Gallery which will be housed on the KLA website, The Social History of the lake is included as a section in the written report but it is a “living” section that will grow and be added to as people collect and share their stories, old photos and documents. New also on the KLA website will be an interactive map of the lake that shows where the history has been gathered to date. People can also bring their old photos and lake documents to the AGM for scanning so they can be added to the social history section of the website. Plan to join us at the KLA Annual General Meeting on July 13 at the Northbrook Lions Hall from 9:30 to 11:30 am. All are welcome!

Comedy hypnosis show in Sharbot Lake W

hat’s better than a morning buzz? An evening Buzz. Well known Kingston radio show host Buzz Collins does more than entertain fans of The Morning buzz on CKWS radio. He also has a night job, as a comedy hypnotist. The Buzz Collins show is billed as the “only form of live entertainment where members of the audience have the opportunity to become the real stars of the show! Taking others to the side of their mind that unleashes the impossible, the outrageous and the amazing is what Buzz does best.” Buzz Collins was trained as a hypnotist in Las Vegas, and he still performs there



by Jeff Green

Fort Henry, said the show is “absolutely a visitor favourite.” The Buzz Collins show is being presented as a fund-raiser by Northern Frontenac Community Services (NFCS) Proceeds will support its programs and services. The show takes place on Saturday Night, July 6, starting at 7:30 at St. James Major Catholic Church Hall in Sharbot Lake. Tickets are $20. They are available at the Adult (613-2793151) - and Children’s (613-279-2244) Services buildings of NFCS during regular business hours or at St. James Church before the show. Doors open at 7pm. Come one, come all, and prepare to be entertained. Silver Acorn, which is awarded to a scouter who continues to provide particularly distinguished service to scouting. He received the Silver Acorn award in 2008. The award ceremony took place at the conclusion of a Wood Badge 2 Course. This training session attracted leaders from the Ottawa area, as well as Brockville, Petawawa and Kingston. The session offered more detailed training for volunteer leaders who worked with youth in Beaver Colonies (aged 5-7), Cub Packs (ages 8-10) and Scout Troops (ages 11-14).

SF Committee of the Whole - June 25, 2013

by Wilma Kenny Roads Department to Continue New Salt Mix: Public Works Manager Mark Segsworth reported that his department plans to continue adding magnesium chloride to the winter road sand this coming winter. This additive lowers the temperature of ice formation on roads, cuts the amount of required road salt by 50%, and stays on the road longer than the traditional salt and sand mix. It also greatly reduces ‘scatter’, or the amount (30%) of road salt that is wasted by bouncing off the road during application. Last winter was the first time this mix was used, and Segsworth said more time was needed to fully assess the results. Councillor Robinson asked what other municipalities are using this mix: Segsworth said it is a recent introduction, and so far, Prescott/Russell is the only other Eastern Ontario municipality trying it. Mayor Davison asked what the negative effects of this particular chemical might be: “Is it safe? Green?” Segsworth replied that Environment Canada has declared road salt a problem material, and this mix greatly reduces the amount of road salt. Arterial Road Snow Plowing to be Tendered: Segsworth reported that the Public Services Committee recommended that rather than extending the arterial plowing contracts for one year, they should be retendered for five years. Council had few objections to a cost escalation clause with fuel price indexing, or asking that bid prices reflect whether or not the Township would be expected to house the vehicles. However, there was general disagreement with setting a requirement that equipment be no more than ten years old. Segsworth said this had been proposed as a means of ensuring greater equipment reliability. New Ventilation System for Glendower The Public Works Department has accepted the tender of Climate Works Heating & Cooling in the amount of $51,276 + HST to supply and install a ventilation system at Glendower Hall. This will be paid out of the recreation capital budget.

Photocopy, Printing, Fax, Laminating & Design Services

by Valerie Allan

ementary students. T h e Grade 10 students had to work with their Elementary peers over the course of a couple of weeks, involving two or three sessions to practice the dance. After the Elementary students had learned the dance, the teachers decided it would be fun to have an entire gym full of students dancing. The judges of the dance-off were Mrs. Salmond and Ms. Allan. They had a hard time deciding which class was the most engaged and energetic, as everyone seemed to be having a good time, particularly when doing the do-si-do. They declared all three classes winners. Both students and teachers really enjoyed the exercise. Principal Angela Salmond said, "It is always good to see our teachers working together, and this was a particularly enjoyable event because the students were working together, too."

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1095 Garrett Street (rear building), Sharbot Lake * Black & White Copies: – 15¢ ea, 8¢ ea for 26+ * Colour Copies – 65¢ ea; 25¢ ea for 50+

Competitive Prices - Volume Discounts. Call us for a quote! *Letter size paper. Legal and Tabloid sizes also available. Premium charged for specialty papers.

Our Design Services Include: Booklets, Brochures, Business Cards, Flyers, Posters, Invitations.

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june 27, 2013


Kathleen Anna McFie 1913 – 2013 The family of the late Kathleen McFie would like to thank friends, neighbours and family for cards, online condolences, food and flowers. Special thanks to St. Elizabeth staff for their kindness to Mom, and to Dr. Dempsey and Carolyn for their help and support. Thanks to the Venerable Bill Clarke for his special service. Your kindness will always be remembered. Sincerely, Faye Asselstine

LAMONT, DALE A. The family of the late Dale A. Lamont wish to express their deep appreciation to those who have offered such kindness, support and messages of sympathy and comfort in our bereavement. Thanks for the flowers and food sent and the donations made to the Cancer Society and St. Elizabeth Nursing in Dale’s memory. Thank you to the Ontario Provincial Police, David Goodfellow and staff of Goodfellow's Funeral Home, Father Ed Dallow for the beautiful service performed. Dr. Hammad and staff at KGH cancer clinic for taking care of Dale during his illness, the kindness, compassionate and professionalism shown is so much appreciated. Special thanks to St. Elizabeth Nurses Melanie Lalonde and Amy Harry, PSW Maria Plante for allowing Dale to remain home, your kindness, and everything you did is very much appreciated. Thanks to all our families and close friends who were always there helping us through our loss. A special thanks to Kim Gould for helping us so much. Ashley Brash for singing, it was so beautiful. Tom Ritchie, Dale’s good friend for the beautiful tribute to him. Jim and Sharon Ruckstuhl for always being there for us. Karen Steele for everything you did.. Geraldine Mahoney for her continuous kindness and support, a truly amazing person. Heather Mills for always being there with us in our time of need. Many thanks to the pallbearers Robert Gould, Steven Gould, Murray Strong, Tom Ritchie, Jake Evans and Bob Hollywood. Thanks to Gord Wright for playing Dale’s favorite songs on the bagpipes. The Royal Canadian Legion Br. 425 for the beautiful service and for providing the lunch. Words cannot express how thankful we are, and how we are blessed to have so many friends and family who love us so much. Dale was much loved and will be greatly missed forever. THE LAMONT FAMILY HELEN, HAYLEY AND KATHY. FUNERAL SERVICES

Maschke Funeral Home Northbrook

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Gertrude Ann Stein

Congratulations to Jordon Hitchcock O’Connor on his graduation from Maple Grove Public School, Lanark. All the best for your coming years in high school. Love from Nan Theresa, Step-grampa William and Gramma Badour.

Peacefully entered into rest in the presence of family at Hospice House, Bancroft, Ontario, on May 18, 2013, in her 75th year. Born at Morewood, Ontario, on December 4th, 1938, she was the fourth child in the family of Carl and Esther Platz. She grew up in Vennachar, the daughter of a farmer and school teacher. Gertrude married Verner Stein in 1955, and together they raised five children on the family farm; Heather, Jane, Judith, Sally and Gary. Her “tonics” as she called them, were her ten beautiful grandchildren; Nathan, Colin, Meredith, Heidi, Katie, Morgan, Emily, Olivia, Daniel and Joseph, each of whom she was very proud of. Always in tune with nature, she tended and grew large vegetable and flower gardens. It was her passion. She attended her beloved St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Denbigh for nearly 60 years where she served as a Sunday School teacher, church secretary and member of the LCW. She also sat on the board of the Denbigh Agricultural Fair. Gertrude lived a simple life in a place she loved. She delighted in her sewing customers, as meeting new people and finding out where they came from was one of her favourite interests. She was a source of ancestry information and often shared her knowledge with many families. The funeral service was held on Monday, May 20 at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Denbigh with Pastors Adam Snook and Mike Schroeder officiating. Gertrude will be greatly missed. She was a blessing to us all. IN MEMORIAM

Newton In loving memory of our devoted father, Edge, who passed away June 30th, 1988. It’s been twenty-five years, but memories keep you near. Love always, Nadine, Howard and family.

A Promise for You “.. There I will wait to see what the LORD says and how he will answer my complaint.” Habakkuk 2: 1

Memory Lane Flowers & Gifts 4400 George St. Sydenham (613) 376-6309 1-800-275-1581 Specializing in funeral tributes

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Please come and help Norman McIntosh celebrate his 80th birthday on July 6th at Parham F. M. Church Hall from 1-4 p.m.

Happy 1st Birthday Landon!

THANK YOU Mountain Grove United Church would like to add an additional thank you to Timber Run Golf Course for their contribution to our recent silent auction. OBITUARY

ROBINSON, John Derwood Peacefully at his home with his loving wife Pearl by his side on Sunday June 23, 2013 in his 77th year. Dear father of Chris (Rob), Paul (Wendy) and Jill Overvelde, (Paul). Sadly missed by grandchildren Amanda, (Jordan), Mitchell, Alexandra and Bridget. Great grandfather of Olivia, Gracie and Madalyn. Dear brother of the late Carl (Mazel), Ford (Danalda), Russ, Charles (Cathy), Bernie (Irene), Wayne (Alison), Bill (Denise) and Sharon DesRoche (Mike). Brother-in-law to the late Roy Gordon and late Ted (Thelma) Gordon, Elda Garrett (late Ralph), Wilma Kearns (late Clair), Ethel Kane (late Don), Ruth Bedford (late George), Janet Johnston (Cliff). John will be missed by many nieces and nephews. Arrangements in care of Goodfellow’s Funeral Home Parham. The family will receive friends at the Funeral Home on Wednesday June 26, from 7 – 9 pm and Thursday June 27, 2013 from 11 am until 12:45 pm. Celebration of life will be held at 1 pm. Following the celebration at the Funeral Home there will be a luncheon at the Sharbot Lake Country Inn. In lieu of flowers, donations to Sharbot Lake District 3 Fire Department would be appreciated by the family. Online condolences at

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Emalee Riddell


Happy 50 th Wedding Anniversary to Bill and Bev Snider June 29, 2013

Lots of love Mommy & Daddy xo

Serving the area for over 100 years.

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Mallory Cowdy

Congratulations to Mallory Cowdy on graduating from Grade 12 and to Emalee Riddell on your Grade 8 Graduation!! We are all so proud of you both!! Lots of love from your Family.

June 26th

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Floods and Washouts W

by Gray Merriam eather variability is increasing. There are two major causes. First, there is more heat energy in our lower atmosphere. Second, that increase in energy causes increased evaporation of water. That puts more water into the atmosphere and that water carries all the energy that caused it to evaporate. More water and more energy in the atmosphere means more energy-filled rain storms. The variability that we are seeing is much greater than variability in weather of the previous several decades. Engineers are beavering along with outdated handbooks and formulas based on those previous lower variability decades. At the same time, beavers have been multiplying and their engineering has not accounted for the more severe rainstorms that we now see and will continue to see. Hundred-year floodplain maps are now outdated. If you have structures on the 100year floodplain, plan on being threatened and probably flooded much more often, possibly at 20 or even 10-year intervals rather than 100-year. If the culvert under your road is too small for the heavy rainstorms, prepare for a washout. Don't let the beavers stack up a huge volume of water above the culvert and expect increased costs to bring culverts and bridges up to higher flow capacities.

Help Track Algae Blooms

What is that green slime in front of your dock? Are you noticing more algae blooms and an increased growth of aquatic plants on your waterbody? Whether you are noticing changes or not, the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) wants to hear about it! The RVCA has created a survey for lake and river users that asks questions about algae and aquatic plants on their waterbody. Algae and aquatic plants play an important ecological role in lakes and rivers and they should be present in your water body. But too much of a good thing can be very bad! The survey should take 15-20 minutes to complete and can be completed at or visit for more details. For a paper copy, please contact Kaitlin Brady at 1-800-267-3504 ext. 1195 or


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FOR SALE 147 ACRES – VACANT LAND, with tractor shed, basic stackwall cabin, ponds, trails, lots of wildlife, very private, Buck Bay Rd., Godfrey; fantastic recreational property or future site for a new home. Call Christine Jennings, sales representative, Bowes and Cocks Limited Brokerage. 613-453-7063; www. 1979 18 FT. WILDERNESS CAMPER / TRAILER – sleeps 4 or 5, everything works. Good condition. $3,500 o.b.o. 613-336-8354 2000 BOAT PACKAGE: 12ft. aluminum LEGEND, swivel seats, floorboards, rod holders, 9.9MH Mercury outboard, gas tank, Karavan trailer, spare tire, life vests. $2900 cash. Call 613-335-4559. 2000 DODGE DAKOTA, club cab, radio, automatic, 2 wheel drive, 267,000km; not certified, $1000. Phone 613-375-6142 CANADA DAY - HANGING PLANTS, Canadian flags, Redneck wine glasses, 20lb. propane tank refills buy 10 get one free. Only at Verona Hardware, 6723 Main Street Verona Phone 613-374-2851. CENTRAL BOILER OUTDOOR FURNACES Things are heating up! 2013 Sale!! Save up to $1300 on selected models. Call for more information. Your local Dealer, Wood Heat Solutions, Frankford, ON, 613-398-1611; Bancroft, ON 613-332-1613 NICOLE’S GIFTS - Check out our selection of Canadian made items for the home. Open Canada Day 9am-3pm. Only at Nicole’s Gifts, 6709 Main St. Verona Phone 613-374-2323 VERONA HARDWARE, 6723 Main Street Verona. Open Canada Day Monday July 1, 9am-3pm. Phone 613-374-2851. Happy Canada Day.

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Calling all soccer players!

by Lynette Whan he Central Frontenac Soccer Association will hold their final inperson registration on Monday, July 1 at Oso Beach in Sharbot Lake during Canada Day celebrations. Registration forms will be available that day, or email to have the form emailed to you. Fees are $30 per child for the season and include a year-end award. We are looking for any new or experienced players to fill our league. This will be the last registration, so please come and sign up! The Central Frontenac Soccer Association is a youth organization for girls and boys ages 3 – 17 (as of July 1, 2013) serving Central Frontenac and the surrounding area. Games are played weekday evenings beginning the last week in July through to September 21. This season, games will be held in Parham at Hinchinbrooke Public School fields due to the construction of the new school in Sharbot Lake. Soccer is an excellent sport for all ages and promotes team play and physical fitness. New players will learn the game and rules of soccer from coaches and referees while more experienced players can further develop their skills. We are a recreational league and skill development, practice, and game play is the main goal of the organization. With our final registration on July 1, the committee will begin to put teams together based on age divisions and previous experience. Game schedules will then be created, so if you have registered your child, you can expect the coach or someone from the committee to contact you within the next few weeks with more information. We are still looking for coaches and volunteers. If you are worried that you don’t have the skills to coach a team, we will be holding a coaching clinic that will teach you all the basics. An Assistant Coach is also an option; this involves subbing players from the sidelines and filling in for the coach should they be unavailable to attend a game. Coaching is a fun way to get involved with your kids and the community. Volunteering for a coach or assistant position = one free child registration. Contact or call 613-279-2366 for more information. NEW - The CFSA now has a Facebook Group. On the group site you can get the registration form and updates. We have a website now too. Please check us out at


Career Opportunity


is accepting resumés for the positions of cashier and inside sales person. A knowledge of lumber, building materials and hardware would be an asset but not a must. All resumés must be faxed to 613-336-0184 or e-mailed to

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HUNTING & FISHING FIREARMS & HUNTER ED COURSES. Harrowsmith: Firearms Course – July 19 and 20, Hunter Education Course – August 9 and 10. Wild Turkey license examinations. Call Bill at 613-335-2786 HUNTER SAFETY AND FIREARMS COURSES. Turkey Examinations. Please call for course dates and details. Call Richard 613-336-9875.

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Sydenham Bulldogs T

submitted by Karl Hammer he TIMFL (Thousand Islands Minor Football League) held its championships this past weekend at LaSalle High School. There were three divisions. The Bulldog teams from Sydenham competed against teams from Gananoque, LaSalle, Frontenac. The Bulldogs 1 team won the Atom division championship vs Falcons 21 - 7. This was the third year in a row that the Bulldogs reached the final game having to face the Falcons in each of these games. Sydenham won 2 of the 3 times. Coach Karl Hammer says that in all his years coaching football, regardless of the age level, this team this year had the most eager and disciplined kids that he's ever coached. Each week they worked hard to prepare for their next challenge and enjoyed the process of learning the game of football. PEE WEE - by Brock Palmer The two Sydenham teams in the Peewee division met for a third Bulldog Bash of the season, this time for all of the marbles in the title game. Following some heavy hitting, the Bulldogs 1 team managed to pull out a victory by the score of 21 - 0, capping off an undefeated season. All three matchups between these clubs were decided by only a few plays, as each team sported dynamic offences, stingy defences, and exceptional special teams. This team has elite player leadership and discipline for a group of grade 5 and 6 athletes. Their ability to prepare themselves mentally and execute physically is beyond their years. This game was certainly a matchup that all of the kids wanted. It's tough to go out there and push around your friends, but both sides came out hard and tough, throwing some big blocks and making fantastic tackles. I am most proud of the sportmanship these young athletes display. They spend an hour hitting each other, then shake hands


june 27, 2013

Above: the PeeWee team. At right, the Atom Bulldogs: Back (coaches) Derek Joynt, Karl Hammer, Alex Westwater, Jim McNeely, Zach Kennedy, Blair Veldman. Middle: Ben O`Meara, Jack Hammer, Chad Branscombe, Warren Amey, Seth Bryan, Grady Westwater, Gavin Goodfellow, Hailey McNeely, Barret Joynt. Front: Nic Kott, Owen Deyo, Rein Olvet, Rhett Senior, Jacob Snider, Brody Badour, Bryson Gilpin, Mason Mcdonald. Very Front: Brahma the "Bulldog" and Keiren McNeely and pat pads with a smile on their face. They truly appreciate each other as rivals and teammates. The committment to team speaks to the dedication of all

the Bulldog players and their parents, who together as one group, gave each other a well deserved standing ovation and a bow following the final whistle of the season.

Preserving nature in perpetuity by Julie Druker n a meadow located near the village of Bellrock just west of Verona, a group of 30 nature enthusiasts gathered on June 23 to celebrate the first purchase of property by the Land Conservancy of Kingston Frontenac Lennox & Addington. The charitable organization was formed in 2004 and its aim is to “safeguard the land, water quality and the flora and fauna in the region of KFL&A” by acquiring lands either through purchase or by donation. It recently purchased the 30 hectare (72 acre) property from long time Bellrock resident and renowned Canadian artist, Kim Ondaatje. This is the organization’s first ever land purchase and so the celebration marked a big landmark for the organization. The land has been named the Depot Creek Nature Reserve and boasts woodlands, wetlands, meadows, a meandering creek, numerous ponds, walking trails and an undisturbed shore line. It was chosen for acquisition since it is a property that has been well cared for, protected and preserved over the 40 plus years plus that Ondaatje has owned it. The conservancy was also looking for a property where people could visit. “Most of the properties we have acquired are not suitable to host visitors so we were looking for a property that not only met our usual requirements but also was one that people could come see, explore and enjoy”, said Vice President of the organization, Mary-Alice Snetsinger. In a recent Bio-blitz that was held on the property by the Kingston Field Naturalists on June 14 & 15, over 400 species were identified, including numerous species at risk. President of the Land Conservancy, Vicki Schmolka, opened up the ceremony and welcomed guests to the event to celebrate “something very magical, important, fundamental and precious, which is the protection of this property... This is all about protecting this habitat forever.” Ann Robertson, who heads up the land stewardship arm of the organization, also spoke about the preparation of the reserve by many of the organization’s volunteers, who have


built a privy on site. At the ceremony Kim Ondaatje was presented with a wooden trail marker that will designate one of the walking trails on the reserve, which has been named in her honour. Asked what motivated her to make the land available for purchase, Ondaatje said, “This land has been my number one project since I stopped painting in 1973 and it has been a live painting that I have been working on for 40-odd years. I have planted Front row, r-l Kim Ondaatje, Peter Miliken, Mary-Alice Snetsinger and Vicki Schmolka thousands of trees and done vance and all visitors are asked to respect requests forbideverything to keep every kind of chemical off of it and have ding pets and fire building on the premises. Visitors are also let it go ‘au natural’ in every way, so I'm very happy to know asked to remember to close and latch all of the gates on the that it is going to be preserved this way forever.” property so that cattle grazing in the vicinity do not get loose. Peter Milliken, former speaker of the House of Commons, Guests are also asked to leave no trace behind after visiting. was also in attendance and was presented with a gift for his For more information visit role in heading up the fundraising campaign for the acquisition. The Land Conservancy of KFL&A is a volunteer organization with an 11-member board of directors and approximately 100 members. All funds they raise go towards land protection and land stewardship. To date they own five properties totaling 121 hectares (300 acres). Along with Depot Creek their properties include the Arthur Nature Reserve, Meyer Woods, Salmon and Snake Islands and a conservation easement near Westport. Visitors are welcome to explore the Depot Creek Nature Reserve, which is located on First Lake Road just north of Bellrock. There is a parking lot at the property entrance with signage. The Land Conservancy asks that large groups call in ad-

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to Smitty’s Appliances

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Adair Place Retirement Residence

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Students at Land o'Lakes Public School raised over $200 and donated to the Mountain Grove Fire Department. In trhe photo above: Principal Emily Yanch, Grade 4 Students Morgan Cowdy, Charlotte Hilder, Keeley Cox, Cheyenne Thibault and Central Frontenac Fire District 2 Captain Jamie Riddell BUSINESS CARD SIZE

t rn No Bu d, ey! oo n W Mo

Where Independent & Active Living is Promoted & Encouraged

Offering • Choice of Accommodations • Respite Care • 24-Hour Supervision • Assistance with Personal Care and Medications, if required • Weekly Laundry and Cleaning • Home-Cooked Meals

LOLPS students raise money for fire department

462 Adair Rd., Tamworth (613) 379-5700 Smitty’s Appliances has donated a new $500.00 freezer to Meals on Wheels at Denbigh hall. Thanks to all the people in Denbigh area who buy from Smitty’s appliances. Shown in picture from left, Smitty himself and his helper Art (Tryan) and Terry Grant from Meals on Wheels thanking Smitty. Please phone Smitty for your appliance needs. 613-969-0287 or 613-391-8057 on call 24 hours.Free interest.

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june 27, 2013


Outdoors in the Land O’ Lakes - Beware of Wild Parsnip! (Editor's Note: We are reprinting this colsun and wash the exposed skin thoroughly umn by Lorraine in order to alert readers to with soap and cold water. If done immedithe dangers of this plant) ately following contact, the skin will likely he leaves and sap of Wild Parsnip can not suffer burns. cause severe burns. Be extremely careful The best way to control Wild Parsnip is of this biennial plant, which grows along our early detection and eradication. If there roadsides and in other undisturbed areas. It are not many plants, a very effective methlooks very much like a tall Queen Anne’s Lace od of control is to cut the entire root just but the flowers are yellow rather than white. below ground level with a sharp shovel Wild Parsnip (Pastinaca sativa) grows about or spade. Cutting below ground level pre2-5 feet tall and is a member of the Carrot famvents re-sprouting. In some soil types in ily the same as dill, celery and caraway. This wet conditions, you may be able to pull the plant has a long, thick taproot that is edible. plants out by hand as long as your arms The elimination of roadside spraying has and hands are covered. assisted in the spread of this weed, which has Note: Use extreme caution and ensure Closeup of the foliage now spread over most of North America. Wild that all exposed skin is covered (gloves Parsnip is tolerant of a wide range of conditions and soils; and a long sleeved shirt). Burning does not seem to impact however, it does not like shade and prefers sunny areas. the plants themselves – they quickly regenerate. However, in The greatest concern is for people who gather wild flow- the darkened soil following a burn, Wild Parsnip rosettes are ers or those who use grass trimmers or other vegetation- easy to recognize and can be controlled by hand digging. clearing devices along roadsides. There’s a good chance Note also that biennial plants do not flower until their secthey may not realize how dangerous this plant can be. After ond year so the first-year plants can only be recognized by contact with sap from the leaves or stem, it takes about 2 their leaves. days for a rash to appear. The sap reacts in sunlight, causIn 2011, newspaper articles reported the death of a 70ing the skin to turn a purplish colour with boils filled with clear year-old man from Portland, Ont. who had come in contact liquid forming underneath, as with a second-degree burn. It with Wild Parsnip and suffered severe burns to his hands is extremely painful but not itchy. Scars from the burns and and arms – so severe that he was admitted to hospital, the purple discolouration could persist for years and you may where he died. In the past few years, he had suffered poor have a hypersensitivity to ultraviolet light for a long time to health and was in and out of hospital. Since this person had come. If the weed comes into contact with the eyes, tempo- a weakened immune system, it would seem that the burns rary or permanent blindness can result, though this doesn’t from Wild Parsnip may have contributed to his death. appear to have happened to anyone in our area yet. In 2012 a reader reported that her daughter had suffered If skin does come into contact with the sap, public health such severe burns to her hand from the plant that she reofficials advise people to immediately seek shelter from the quired emergency surgery, and three months later still had


Pine Meadow Golf Classic raises $15,500 Gravel, valued at $500, and a gorgeous hand-made quilt donated by the local quilting group Treadles, valued at $900. There was also a 50/50 draw, and a game of “ladder golf” in which the lucky winner took home a bar fridge donated by Smitty’s. This year’s tourney was made even more special by the participation of the Flynn family, (in photo) 12 members in all, who took part as a way to celebrate their 50 years at Lake Kashwakamak and who donated more than $500 to By Julie Druker he 12th annual Pine Meadow Charity Golf Tournament took place on June 22 at Hunter’s Creek Golf Club on Hwy 506 near Cloyne. This year’s tournament, as in previous years, was generously sponsored by numerous businesses and organizations in the community and raised a record $15,500. The funds are used to support the Pine Meadow Nursing Home and to help purchase items for the home that cannot be included in their regular budget. Items purchased by funds raised over the tournament’s 12 year history have included a defibrillator, mobile shelving units, towel and blanket warmers, solo electric beds, concrete walkways in the garden area, a picnic shelter, SARA and other overhead lifts, Hi-low beds, and more. This year 70 golfers took part and goodies up for grabs included a Sterling propane barbeque donated by Snider’s Sand and


the cause. Laury Hitchcock, who is part of the Pine Meadow Special Needs Committee and takes care of sponsorship for the tournament, said that the money raised this year will be used to help with monthly excursions as well as acquiring new overhead tracks and lifts.

Land O’Lakes Real Estate

By Lorraine Julien

only 20% use of her hand. Wild Parsnip grows profusely all along Road 38 from Kingston to Sharbot Lake, along parts of Highway 7 and other roads as well. If you think you have this weed growing on your property but you’re not absolutely sure, there is a lot of information on the Internet or you could contact your local weed inspector. They’re listed in the municipal pages of your telephone book. The accompanying photos are courtesy of Roy Lingen and are posted on the Verona Community Association’s website at parsnips.shtml

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2 Bedroom Cottage on Sharbot Lake - $139,900 Reduced

This cottage is located on the water right in the village. A short walk to shops, restaurants, beach/playground. Boat and fish from your dock, sit on the deck and admire the view or have lunch in your screened in porch. A good base for snow mobiling in the winter. Priced to sell.

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rice New P

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1049 Little Pond Rd. Cloyne Wonderful family home or a picturesque place to retire. Peaceful setting on Tawny Lake, Cloyne, with lovely perennial gardens. This ranch bungalow offers spacious family room, living and dining rooms, 3+1 bedrooms, an abundance of storage, and two high-efficiency fireplace-stoves, sunroom and deck overlooking the waterfront and attached greenhouse and garage. Located on a quiet tree-lined road within walking distance to library, school, stores and more. $239,900 MLS 13604870

- $519, 900.00

Welcome to Whispering Pines; a 2000 sq. ft. executive cottage build to the highest of standards on a breathtaking peninsula. Enjoy 270 degrees of topnotch w/f for swimming & boating. The interior features grand octagon ceilings & an outstanding great room with stone fireplace. Truly a one-of-a-kind offering to be enjoyed year-round for fine entertaining.



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Making room for the past at Cloyne’s Pioneer Museum


n a grand opening celebration on June 22, history buffs from near and far packed the recent addition to Cloyne’s Pioneer Museum to help celebrate the official ribbon cutting ceremony there. Guests were invited into the museum’s recently completed 1400 square foot addition, which now houses its extensive tool collection along with a number of other recent acquisitions. They include a late 1800s black-



da un 42 S n -pe 190

by Julie Druker

smith’s forge that came from the Vennachar area; a small 100-year-old Findlay stove; and an old safe that belonged to Barrie Township council years ago and was used by Ralph Thompson, a long-time clerk/treasurer there. Guests leisurely perused the displays in the new space, which boasts overhead track lighting, new pine floors and an extensive photo/art picture gallery. The numerous archival

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(L to R) Emcee Mike Duchane, Ian Brummel, Red Emond and Marg Axford at the grand opening of the new addition to the Pioneer Museum and Archives in Cloyne on June 22 prints and photos in the gallery will be regularly changed on an ongoing basis. The space also contains a new display from the Denbigh area. Marg Axford, curator and archivist of the museum, said that the addition will help to properly display its wealth of treasures. “The space has really enhanced our existing collection by providing the additional space needed to show it properly. People have been commenting on how they are now noticing items that have been here but that they have never noticed before.” she said. Axford said that the new space will also be used to hold different types of programming at the museum in the form of presentations, workshops and seminars, and she believes that the historical society’s board meetings will also be held there in the future. On hand to bring the authentic sounds of the past to visitors’ ears and hearts were members of the Pickled Chicken String Band, whose repertoire of old-time northern area string tunes added the perfect aural dimension to the celebrations. The event was emceed by young, enthusiastic historian Mike Duchane. Red Emond, the newly appointed president of the Cloyne and District Historical Society, spoke at the event and thanked the Ontario Trillium Foundation, whose $39,000 grant assisted with the cost of the expansion. He also read two letters of congratulations, one from the Ontario Trillium Foundation and a second from Michael Chan, Ontario Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport. Emond also thanked Carolyn McCulloch, who was president of the historical society for six years. Emond said that he hopes that the new space will encourage young folks to “come out and delve into their historic past and see what pioneers and settlers of the past contributed to the area.” The expansion project was in the works for a year, and Ian Brummel, who headed up the project, also spoke, thanking all who were involved in making it come to fruition. Long-time member of the historical society, Georgina Hughes, was invited to do the official ribbon cutting after the addresses, and guests were then invited to explore and enjoy the new addition, its displays, the music and a BBQ.

Bon Echo Art Gallery

By Derek Maggs Aboriginal artist A.J.VanDrie will exhibit and sell his work in the Colin Edwards Memorial Art Gallery in Bon Echo Provincial Park from June 27 to July 18. Raised in the Northumberland Hills by his adopted family, he was encouraged to explore his Chippewa and Irish heritage and found artistic influence from artists across cultures. VanDrie is a painter inspired by the energy in nature. Local artist Katie Ohlke will A.J. VanDrie: The Great Osprey also be displaying her work in the gallery. Ms. Ohlke, like Mr. VanDrie, has a passion to create art fuelled by her love of the outdoors. She is a Digital Arts teacher at Cloyne’s North Addington Education Centre. To see her work visit stoneridgeart.wix. com/home

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