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June 14, 2012

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Sticker shock puts Ompah build on life support $7

by Jeff Green

34,443. With most, but not all of the costs for the fire station portion of a proposed fire station/ambulance base at Ompah factored in, that is what North Frontenac ratepayers will be saddled with paying if North Frontenac Council gives the goahead. The project is being planned in conjunction with Frontenac County, which is responsible for the ambulance base portion. The base is slated to cost the county $380,085. The total cost of the project sits at just over $1.14 million, and under an agreement the two parties will split costs according to the square footage of the portion of the building they will use. The ambulance portion is 1,500 square feet and the fire hall portion is 2,750 square feet and the township is thus committed to covering 65% of the overall cost of the construction. North Frontenac Council has made a financial commitment of $550,000 for the project, and that includes borrowing $150,000 from township reserve funds as well as a $50,000 contribution from fundraising efforts by the Ompah firefighters themselves. Frontenac County staff have been managing the project, and a project manager was hired to oversee everything from the request for proposal process through to final construction. Four bids were received for the project, and a panel that included Fire Chief Steve Riddell and Chief Building Official George Gorrie from North Frontenac selected the second lowest one, from TaskForce Construction for $963,600. The TaskForce bid was the easy winner on overall points, having a much higher ranking for the building design than the lowest bidder Bel-Con, whose bid came in at $918,880. The overall cost swells to $1.14 million when project management ($59,972) and 5% contingency ($48,180) and other minor costs are added in. And the $1.14 million price does not include hydro hook up or telecommunications infrastructure costs or the cost of the environmental assessment that is currently underway. Cognisant of the fact that the bids were all well above the budget for the project, the Project Manager Patrick Thompson proposed a couple of scenarios that would lower costs. These include cutting down the size of the building by 400 square feet, which would save North Frontenac about $39,000, and cutting the fire hall portion of the building to 2,500 square feet and the ambulance base to 1360 square feet. A second possibility would be to eliminate all of the features of the building that are tied to living up to the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards. This would save $115,000 on the project as a whole and $69,000 for North Frontenac. Building to LEED standards is a requirement that Frontenac County Council has endorsed for all building projects it undertakes. It is a commitment County Council made as part of its Integrated Community Sustainability Plan several years ago. In her report to North Frontenac Council, township CAO Cheryl Robson put forward a scenario that incorporated the cuts that Patrick Thompson had put forward. She came to a proposed cost for the township of $604,543, which is only $54,543 over the $550,000 threshold that North Frontenac Council had approved. “The county is not going to drop LEED,” said Councilor Wayne Good. “I have no idea whether we can convince County Council to drop the LEED requirements,” said Mayor Clayton, “but if we go to the next county meeting and ask for that, at least we are moving the project forward. Or we could stop the project today.” “My recommendation is that we stick with LEED; it brings lower maintenance costs in the long run. And we look at the $724,000 number and go with it or dump it,” said Councilor John Inglis. “It’s hard to know what I can recommend,” said Cheryl Robson. “This information only came to us on Friday. County

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Gray Merriam, vice president of the Friends of the Salmon River at Crooked Creek with John and Angharad Holmes

Friends of the Salmon celebrate our rivers R

by Julie Druker

ivers are the life blood of our watersheds and it was with that in mind that the Friends of the Salmon River (FSR) organized a number of events on June 10 in celebration of the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s Canadian Rivers Day. The day’s events included multiple kayak/canoe picnic trips along the river and many of the lakes it feeds, as well as two hikes - one up Bear Naked Ridge near Arden, which offered hikers a panoramic view of both the Salmon River and Clare River watersheds, and a second hike starting from where the Salmon begins as a trickle in the woods near Cloyne and proceeding on into the Mazinaw Lake watershed. For the creative types hoping to capture the river’s beauty there were rendezvous points for painters and photographers at four separate locations on the river’s shore. I spoke with Gray Merriam, vice president of the FSR, who said that one aim of the planned events was to get people in closer touch with the land. A second aim was to instill in visitors the notion that the watershed feeds both area lakes and the Salmon River and that what occurs in it determines the quality of everything staff have not had a chance to look at it either.” A motion was proposed that would have had North Frontenac Council ask Frontenac County Council to drop the LEED requirements for the new building and to have the county direct Patrick Thompson, and Chief of Paramedic Services Paul Charbonneau to attend the North Frontenac Council meeting on June 25 to talk about next steps for the project. In a recorded vote, the motion was defeated. Mayor Clayton, and Councilors Hunter and Inglis (both of Palmerston ward) voted in favour, and Deputy Mayor Perry and Councilors Martin, Watkins, and Good voted against. No one knew what to do next. “Personally, I would like to wait a couple of weeks before killing it,” said John Inglis. “We fought for years to get the ambulance service we have,” said Betty Hunter. “Because we are worrying so much about the fire hall, we are looking at losing the ambulance service.” In the end council made a non-decision. They simply re-

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Continued on page 2 ceived the cost estimate report from Patrick Thompson for information. When Frontenac County Council meets on June 20, the report will be included in the agenda package. Frontenac County Council has given their staff the go-ahead to proceed with the project, but it cannot proceed until North Frontenac Council gives its approval. That could happen on June 25, but where four votes will come from on North Frontenac Council for a $734,443 fire hall in Ompah is anyone’s guess.

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downstream from it. “It’s very easy to wreck what is downstream by what you do upstream,” Merriam explained when I met up with his group at the Kennebec Lake boat launch near Arden on Sunday. “But unfortunately most of the economic and political power resides downstream on these watersheds and consequently there is far more attention paid to the downstream parts of them. In practical terms if you are going to fix a problem in a system you want to do so as far upstream as you can.” The Salmon River watershed is roughly 80 km. long and begins on the Precambrian shield about 200 meters south of Mazinaw Lake. It drains south and empties into the Bay of Quinte in Shannonville. Merriam led the Sunday group whose focus was on the Salmon River’s feeder creeks – the creeks that enter the Salmon upstream from Kennebec Lake at the top end of the watershed. Beginning at the Kennebec Lake boat launch, Merriam and his crew first headed out to a section of Crooked Creek located just off North Road between Arden and Mountain Grove. Crooked Creek is a main feeder of Cox

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june 14, 2012

Seniors of the Year celebrated in Central Frontenac by Jeff Green


ne of the rituals of life in Central Frontenac is the arrival of the Arden Glee Club at the Oso Hall on a sunny June afternoon to perform for the four Seniors of the Year and their families and friends. On Tuesday afternoon, June 12 the weather was not exactly sunny, but the recipients were as deserving as ever and the Glee Club’s performance was well received, as always. The recipients of this year’s Seniors of the Year awards are Marg DesRoche (Oso district), Verna Cowdy (Olden), Leigh Scott (Kennebec) and Herbert Clow (Hinchinbrooke) Marg DesRoche – Oso For Marg DesRoche, volunteering is second nature. Although Marg’s Shoe Store was her family business, Marg always made sure that no one in her community, which extended well into the region surrounding Sharbot Lake, went without shoes on their or their children’s feet for lack of money. Marg has also been a fixture here at the Frontenac News for many years, as one of our long serving volunteers. Even though she was being feted on Tuesday, that did not mean she tried to shirk her ongoing volunteer proofreading duties here at the News. She was here as always, bringing in the proofreading at 8 p.m. before getting her supper (if there are mistakes in this article, don’t blame Marg; she didn’t get to read it). Marg is also a key co-ordinating volunteer for the foot clinics run by Northern Frontenac Community Services. She is also an elder at St. James Major Catholic Church and has served in many capacities at the church for years as well. Although she has a gentle, co-operative nature, many have learned that when it comes to one of her volunteer causes, Marg is hard to resist. There was a time when I was offered a free ticket to one of the sold-out summer dinners at St. James by a friend. “Why aren’t you going?” I asked my friend. “I’ve had that day booked for a family reunion for months,” they said. “So why did you buy a ticket to the dinner?” I asked. “Well, I


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couldn’t exactly say no to Marg, could I?” they replied. Verna Cowdy – Olden Verna Cowdy was raised in Kennebec Township, on a farm that used to be known as the “old farm over the hill”. It has recently gained fame because local musician Gordon Wright has written a song about it, called “On the Backside of the Ridge”. When Verna grew up she settled in Mountain Grove, where she raised 5 children (2 boys and 3 girls). She is now the grandmother of 16, and counting. If that wasn’t enough, she Central Frontenac’s seniors of the year, L-r, Margaret DesRoche, Verna Cowdy, Mayor Janet has helped other local families with their children. She Gutowski, Leigh Scott and Herbert Clow has cared for at least six other children over the years, becoming a surrogate grand- dren. Leigh worked for Kennebec Township in the early ’60s, ma to them as well. earning 65 cents an hour, and then moved on to H.J MacShe has helped to maintain the Mountain Grove ceme- farlane Construction. Although he traveled for work, Arden tery, cenotaph and the pioneer monument. She has been has always been Leigh Scott’s home, and he served on the a volunteer on the Recreation Committee as well, and her Kennebec Fire Department for over 25 years, at one time church. She is famous locally for the donuts she brings to taking on the deputy chief position. social functions, fundraising suppers, etc. Tom Dewey, who made the presentation to Leigh, talked Since her husband died a few years ago, Verna has slowed also about some of the extraordinary lengths Leigh has gone down somewhat but she remains active in her church and to to support his neighbours, including taking a neighborthe seniors club. ing family in, supporting then financially, and driving them Although Velma has always preferred to remain under the wherever they had to go, even as far as Winnipeg when it radar, she has become a little more visible by virtue of re- became necessary. ceiving this award. Leigh has also driven to Tamworth to pick up donated hay Herbert Clow – Hinchinbrooke and brought the bales to a local farmer who had no means If you see a welded candle holder, wall lamp hanger, servi- of feeding his horses, and regularly drives for a local disette holder, quilt rack or lawn ornament just about anywhere abled individual who has no means of getting groceries for in the Oak Flats/Piccadilly area, chances are it was made by himself. Herb Clow, and chances are it was donated to some cause “These are only some of the incidents I am aware of and or another or just given away. I’m sure there are many more,” said Dewey in presenting the Herb Clow was born and raised in Hinchinbrooke. He at- award to Leigh Scott. tended Oak Flats School and later Cole Lake Free Methodist Church. After marrying local girl Joyce Snider, they raised five children and worked the family farm on Clow Road with - continued from page 1 Herb’s father and later with one of their sons. Herb developed welding skills and ended up getting welding work in and Kennebec Lakes and the Salmon. Kingston, Brockville, Port Hope and Maitland. According to Merriam, what is particularly special about Before getting into welding as a retirement pursuit, Herb this section of Crooked Creek is that five years ago the FSR was always the kind of neighbour who set up work bees for set up a base station here for Quinte Conservation to carry neighbours in need, and organized wood cutting and other out bottom fauna surveys. He explained, “They (Quinte Conwork parties on many occasions. servation) wanted a station where there was very little or no Councillor Bill Snyder, who presented the award to Herb human influence on bottom fauna so that they could have a Clow, described him as “a good Central Frontenac citizen, a base line comparison for other stations set up all through the good neighbour, and a good friend.” rest of their watershed area. Bottom fauna is incredibly senLeigh Scott – Kennebec sitive to changing water quality and water flow.” The station A lifelong Arden resident, Leigh Scott and Lois, his wife has been sampled twice a year for the last five years and is of 56 years, have raised six children and have 15 grandchil- used as a base line for comparison to other samples. Merriam had good news about the current state of the Salmon River Watershed. “Right now it’s in good shape or above. The watershed has no hot spots or any outstanding problems. The only possibility is that in a few places we could still do some more corrections to what has been done to the

Friends of the Salmon

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june 14, 2012



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to recycle, not bullied into it. It’s small wonder that there continues to be a backlash. Among other solutions that I brought forward that were rejected was the crushing of glass, and shredding of brush at the waste sites to be used for dump cover (Tay Valley, Stone Mills & Perth). Glass has not been accepted at municipal recycling centres for many years and is collected and then dumped into the waste site. A simple U shaped cement block structure (Stone Mills) will allow the bucket of a front end loader to safely pulverize glass on site. Yard waste, brush and lumber must now be transported by the CF taxpayer to the Hinchinbrooke waste transfer site on Rd. 38, where it is burned. An industrial quality shredder, rotated around the various landfill sites can shred most of that saving both the environment and needless aggravation for ratepayers. More importantly both of these materials can then be used to augment the tons of sand that are hauled and dumped on each of the landfills monthly. Our neighbouring townships all face the same waste management hurdles that we do, including addressing the 600lb. gorilla in the room that is municipal composting; but they have each adopted innovative solutions that are first and foremost user friendly, while CF Township limps forward taking tentative baby steps and waving its big stick. - Patrick Maloney

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onte Drouillard’s letter contained two inaccuracies: the dog that killed twomonth-old Aidan McGrew in SC was actually a Golden Retriever mix, and Makayla Darnell of OH was only three days old. - Chantel Winney

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by Jeff Green

he most recent data released by Statistics Canada from the 2011 census shows that not only are fewer people living in Frontenac County and neighbouring municipalities, but also that the median age of the population is getting higher, in some cases dramatically so. The oldest jurisdiction is North Frontenac, where the median age of permanent residents rose to 57.6 in 2011, up from 54.9 in 2006. That puts North Frontenac’s population at 17 years older than the provincial average, which is 40.4 years old. Statisticians use the median to measure ageing – what that means is that 50% of the population is older than the median and 50% is younger. The youngest population in Frontenac County can be found in South Frontenac, at a median age of 44.7, but in South Frontenac that number has jumped by almost 3 years since 2006, when it was 41.9. The median age in Central Frontenac is now 50.1, up dramatically from 46 in 2006, and the median in Frontenac Islands is 50.5 years old, up from 49.1. The posted data on the Stats Canada for Frontenac County includes the City of Kingston. By using the data provided and making our own calculations, we came up with a median age for Frontenac County residents of 47. Among neighbouring municipalities, the median age in Addington Highlands is now 52.3, up from 50.1 in 2006; Tay Valley has jumped to 51 from 45.8 in 2006, and in Lanark Highlands the number is now 48.8, up from 45.6 in 2006. As a whole, the Province of Ontario has seen the average age of its permanent residents rise by 1.4 years since the 2006 census, when the median was 39 years old. Nationally, the median age is now 40.6, up from 39.5 in 2006.

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Re: “Garbage, What’s a township to do?” (June 7 editorial)

was an inaugural member of the Central Frontenac Township Waste Management Committee from May, 2007 - March 2011 when I resigned in frustration and disgust. The committee was active in 2007 and 2008 when it produced a 19 point list of recommendations that was presented to the Council of the day on Jan 24, 2008, and then relegated to a shelf somewhere. The committee was mothballed in late 2008 and resurrected in 2010. In March 2011 the committee was turned into a free survey panel for paid consultant Golder & Associates at which point myself and another member resigned. While it is true that CF has an unacceptably low rate of recycling and that clear bags appear to be the only way to ensure necessary compliance, the switch to the clear bag policy could have been handled much better. While a member of the committee I lobbied hard but unsuccessfully to have the township emulate the policies of several of our neighbouring townships (North Frontenac, Tay Valley, Addington Highlands) and encourage compliance by allowing a free bag of waste in exchange for a full container of recycling materials. I also lobbied unsuccessfully to have all existing bag tags accepted when affixed to a generic clear bag, regardless of the time frame. The point which seems to have been lost on other committee members, the CF Public Works Department and the CF Council is that ratepayers should be encouraged

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The Frontenac County numbers are in line with projections for what the entire population of Canada will look like in 2051, so while the country as a whole has almost 40 years to prepare for the implications of this kind of ageing, Frontenac County is facing them today. Another figure that analysts look at is the percentage of the population aged 65 and over. Projections, based on current trends, see the national percentage, which is now 13.2%, rising to 21% by 2026 and 26.4% by 2051. In South Frontenac, 14% of the population were 65 or older in 2011; in Central Frontenac 22.8% were seniors; and in North Frontenac, 32.6% of the population - almost 1 in 3 - had already reached the age of 65 last year. There are two ways to address population ageing on a societal level: through an increased birth rate or immigraion, neither of which would seem to be viable strategies for rural municipalities. The only way to handle the reality of an ageing population would be to bump up levels of service for seniors and develop strategies for keeping seniors healthy and active.

Friends of the Salmon - con’t from 2 shorelines. In most cases people who tend to be excessive neatniks are doing things like mowing their grass right down to the edge of water and things of that sort, which are not good for the shoreline,” he said. The FSR have been addressing this problem and so far has completed one shoreline improvement project in Tamworth. A second project is currently underway, in which the FSR are handing out seedling trees and shrubs and holding workshops to show people how to improve their shorelines by planting trees and shrubs along it. One couple, John and Angharad Holmes, who accompanied Merriam on his tour of the Salmon’s feeder creeks, are avid FSR supporters and have a summer property on Hungry Lake. Anyone who missed the special events can visit the Friends of the Salmon River website at to find out more about the Salmon River, its watersheds and upcoming events and workshops.

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· St. Paul’s United Church on Highway 38 in Harrowsmith is holding their annual Strawberry & Turkey Social on Saturday, June 23 from 4:30-6:30. They will be serving turkey, salads, buns, condiments, fresh strawberries and cake. Adults $12; children $6; take-out is available. · St. Paul’s United Church Sunday School invites everyone to their Sunday school picnic, which will be held on June 24 at 11am at Desert Lake Family Resort. There will be an outdoor kid-friendly worship service followed by a potluck picnic lunch, traditional picnic games and swimming. They would especially like to see their PA Adventure Day friends again. Please note that children must be accompanied by an adult for this event. · Harrowsmith & District Social & Athletic Club is gearing up for another Great Canada Day at Centennial Park on July 1. They are reaching out again to Harrowsmith and area for volunteers. There are many different areas throughout the

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· Helen Forsey will read choice excerpts from her two recently published books on Thursday, June 14, at Ompah Community Library. Come and meet our local author. Light refreshments. · The June Community Potluck & Birthday Bash will be held Tuesday, June 19 at 6 p.m. at Ompah Community Centre. Bring a potluck dish. Dave Young will entertain before dessert. Come to celebrate June birthdays and share a meal together. A small donation ($2) would help cover expenses. · The Ompah Community is saddened at the news of the death of Ernie Mabo. Ernie was a much-loved member of the community, and a treasure trove of information about the natural history of the area. Condolences to his family, especially his wife Alma. · The Ompah-Plevna United Churches hope to get updated with a web site and are seeking someone who might voluntarily set one up for them. Rev. Jean has slow speed dial up, which isn't the best for web site functioning and set up. If this appeals to you, please give Rev. Jean a call. She's listed under the Henderson news column. Thanks.

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· Great to see Terry and Sharon Mercer back home for a few days. · Let's remember Dad this Sunday on Father's Day, and also honour our departed and our God at the annual Henderson United Church cemetery service on site under the shade tree at the cemetery at 2 p.m. Rain location is Henderson United Church. All are welcome. Morning worship is cancelled for that day only. · Deepest sympathy to the family of the late Clyde Bowering, who died in a car accident on Henderson Road this past week. Special thanks to our many First Responders who jumped in to help, and to stop the traffic flow for the necessary six hours of clean up and investigation. · The teddy bears are prowling and having picnics in our area - so keep alert for them. Also lots of small sized deer are emerging to the roadsides to escape the mosquitoes road kill abounds. · The Henderson United Church yard sale on June 23 is shaping up well - just give Allan Gurnsey a call for pickup of items within a 25-mile radius of Henderson. The road up to Harlowe boundary is now fully tuned up, so thanks for the township response and also to those who

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· The Perth Historical Society is hosting a tour of Bowes Mill and museum on June 20, in Tay Valley Township. You don’t need to be a member to attend the tour. For directions on how to get there go to: html. For more information call 264-0094. Admission is only $2. Bowes Mill is located on the Tay River. · Tay Valley Township apologizes for confusion caused by the change of times and location of baseball this season. Baseball is now being held only at Glen Tay School at 6:30 pm on Tuesdays for T-ball and Juniors, and Wednesdays for Seniors. Registration is still open through the township office. This change reflects declining registration in Maberly, Fallbrook and Stanleyville. Hopefully next year baseball can return to the three communities. For more information contact Tay Valley at 267-5353 or baseball coordinator Connie Willows 267-4208. · Tay Valley’s soccer program started up last month. Thank you to all the volunteers who have taken time out of their busy lives to make this program happen. Just look at our upcoming soccer stars, they are so cute


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· The Legion’s 2nd Open Mic and Jam session was held June 9, and was very successful. The audience had a great time, and thank you to the local musicians who played so well together · On Friday June 15 a karaoke will be held starting at 8 p.m.- come and sing along. · Saturday June 16, the Legion will host the annual dart players’ banquet, starting with fun darts at 1 pm. Potluck dinner is from 5 to 7pm, followed by awards and a DJ dance. Please call Joan for more information at 613-335-2015. The public is invited to the dance at $5 a person


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Many people take fish oil capsules daily for better heart health. They take them for their omega-3 fatty acid content. One of the side effects for some people is a fishy aftertaste. This can be avoided by storing the capsules in the freezer. It won’t affect their action but wiII eliminate that fishiness afterwards. Now more than ever, pharmacists can work with you and your doctor to make sure you’re as healthy as you can be. Talk to your pharmacist today.


called in response to my last week's letter to the paper. The consensus is that folks want good roads, realize our tax base is too low to afford the road repairs, and a 50% tax increase would be outrageously impossible. Also thanks to the many who think I should run anyway for township council - I don't think my husband could stand the pressures of it all!

Jennifer Clow

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Jean Campbell 613-374-5718 · Correction - My sincere apologies for my typing mistake in the last issue concerning the name Art Clow. Sorry for my mistake. Best wishes, Art Clow! · Sympathy to the families of the late Donald McGregor, June 4, and Theda McGregor of Deep River, June 6. · Bill Lansdell of Verona came up the lucky winner again picking the winning horse in the Triple Crown race draw last Saturday. Congratulations, Bill. · Tip this week - To clean the dishwasher, every second load, use baking soda instead of detergent. Dishes will be clean and bright with no film.

day where you can offer your time for the day or an hour or two. The success of Canada Day at the Park depends upon volunteers. For more information or to volunteer, please call Kim Gow at 613-372-0018 or Dan Bell at 613-372-1910. · Sydenham High School will be hosting basketball and volleyball camps this summer. The basketball camp runs from July 2-6 and is for any students entering grade 4-6 as of Sept. 2012, while the Vball camp runs from July 9-13 and is for any students entering grade 6-9 as of Sept. 2012. Cost is $120 for each camp and there are still spots available. Contact the high school for more info. at 613-376-3612.

june 14, 2012

june 14, 2012


· On Saturday June 16 from 10 am to 5 pm there will be an art show entitled "Art Among The Ruins" in Newburgh, Ontario. It will be held at the ruins of the 19th century mill at 27 Earl Street - our Arden artists, Sara Hale, Judith Versavel and John Duchene will be part of it. Admission is free, music and a BBQ are planned. · On Saturday June 23 the Kennebec Recreation Commitee is planning a walk-a-thon to raise funds for local events, like the fireworks, Halloween and the Easter egg hunt, just to name a few. Start time is 9 a.m.- you can get a pledge sheet by phoning Diane at 613-335 2845. It is not a long walk, but is a very scenic one along Arden garden trails to the High Falls bridge and back · There will be an open doubles dart tournament Saturday June 30. Registration is 10am to 10:45; play starts at 11am. There will be a breakfast supplied and the public is welcome · June 30 is the annual Arden Garden Party with Sara Hale, Joanne Pickett and Judith Versavel. Wear your prettiest hat to win a prize. On the same day from 1 to 3 pm, the historical society is planning a strawberry social - they are the last door at the community center. · Youth recreational softball has started - check the schedule and come out and support the youngsters. You might find it very interesting

DENBIGH Alice Madigan


An old Irish Father’s Day Blessing to you all… “May the Father of us all bless our oul’ fellas, wherever They might be. At home in dear old Ireland, or across the shining sea. In heaven with the angels, or on earth still with us. May God be good to the dear old Dad, the one we love so much.” Happy Father’s Day!

CLOYNE / NORTHBROOK Marie Anne Collier


The Cloyne Pioneer Museum will be opening for the season on Sat. June 23. The festivities will run from 11am to 2pm, and there will be a BBQ, cake and live music by popular performers. The opening will also be the kickoff of a campaign to raise funds for an addition to the museum. The historical society has worked hard over the years to build up the museum into the great tourist attraction that it is, so come out and support your local museum.



search in Ottawa. (Editor’s note: Our apologies to Glen and Karen Paterson for writing last week that they had attended the graduation of their granddaughter. Pearl had sent in the correct information, but we typed it up wrong). · On Saturday, my sister and I attended a beautiful baby shower in Northbrook for my granddaughter Holly, who lives in Ottawa. Approximately 25 people attended the party, where everything was decked out in pink. The little princess, Lillian Marie, should be here in about six weeks. Many thanks to Jess and Peggy. · The grand opening of the Snow Road Snowmobile club will be Saturday, June 23, 1 to 3 p.m. Ribbon cutting at 1:30. Everyone welcome. Refreshments provided. · A few ladies from Mississippi attended the Abrams Family Reunion concert at Pine Grove Church at Seeley’s Bay. It was the original group from the 70s: Mary & Wayne Abrams, Wayne’s brother and sister-in-law David & Connie Abrams; sister Pam Abrams-Bauder; and pianist Ken Harnden. A wonderful concert. It was packed to the rafters. · Smile – thinking well is wise; planning well is wiser; doing well is best of all!


613-335-4531 email: · Sympathy to the family of Peter Hayes. He had been ill for a while. Sympathy also to the family of Donald McGregor, husband of the late Barbara (Sproule). He will be missed by his loving family. · Happy birthday to Ronda Noble, Nancy McDonald, Judy Meeks, Robert Stacey, Betty Matson, Noreen Baese, Dan Scott, Roger Tryon, Bill Charleton, June St. Pierre, Joanne Brownrigg, Sandi Blair, Tom Hughes, Mary Ann Freeman, Jack Deline, Susan Peters, Kaitlin Hannah. · Sydenham Girls Baseball team defeated Joyceville at Sydenham June 7. It was a great game & great teamwork. · Happy Anniversary to Harold & Doreen Warren, Pat & Jack Alexander. · Tonight, June 14 a fundraising roast beef dinner will be held at Circle Square Ranch with entertainment by "Clearview", 6:30pm, $12. · Emily Delyea and Jillian Sproule are planning to get their long hair cut for cancer at the Relay for Life on June 15. We congratulate these girls. · Rev Barbara will be conducting the worship service at Pine Meadow Nursing Home on June 12 at Northbrook. · We are sorry to hear about the bad car accident on the Henderson road. Our sympathy to this family.

Pearl Killingbeck 613-278-2127 Glen and Karen Paterson from Snow Road have just returned from Ottawa where they attended the graduation of their daughter, Allison Sheratt, when she received had PHD in Biochemistry. Congratulations, Allison, and all the best in your future. Allison has taken a position in National Re-

Enhance your quality of life with our services: t Complete Hearing Assessments t Hearing Aid Evaluations t Fitting and Service of the latest Hearing Aids t Custom Earmolds (noise protection, swimmers, musicians) t Assistive Listening Devices t Hearing Aid Cleaning and Minor Repairs t Assistance with Manufacturers’ Warranties t Loaner Hearing Aids

319 Victoria Street North, Tweed Northbrook Clinic, Lions Hall, Hwy #41 613 478-0022 Toll Free: 1 855 478-0022

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Land O’Lakes Veterinary Services Summer Hours: Tuesdays 10am - 4pm Thursdays 9am - 3pm (613) 336-1608 12497A Highway 41, Unit 2 Northbrook, ON K0H 2G0

· Thinking of Martin Hoogsteen, Bob Conner, Ted Robertson, Alberta Peters, Aileen Wagar, Doris Forbes, Keith Page, Ken Smith, Sylvia Powers, Harold Gray. · On June 30 the historical society will be holding a strawberry social at Arden community hall from 1-3pm, $5 /person. · Turtles work so hard in building a spot for their eggs only to have other animals eat them. I feel sorry for them · Many travelled to Harlowe to enjoy the delicious roast beef dinner that was sponsored by the Odd fellows. What great cooks they have there. Remember Dad this Sunday as this is his special day


Katie Ohlke


· This Saturday, June 16 the Dragonfly Summer Solstice Festival is happening from 10am to 2pm. Fun for the whole family and all events and food are free! That’s right! Free BBQ hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks, cotton candy, popcorn, face painting, fish pond, races, games, prizes. The festival is sponsored by North Frontenac Township and Clar-Mill Community Volunteers. · On Tuesday, June 19, the Clar-Mill Community Volunteers will meet at the Clar-Mill Community Hall in Plevna at their new time 7:30 p.m. Everyone is welcome. · There will be a Bingo on June 22 at the Clar-Mill Hall from 7pm to 9pm. Sponsored by the North Frontenac Vol-

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DRAEAWCH ATSTORE* For a limited time receive one contest ballot for each Perk you redeem. Draw date July 6, 2012 One barbecue will be offered at each participating location. Can not be combined with any other offer. See contest details in-store. *Participating locations only

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Plevna - from pg. 5 unteer Fire Department. · Walk away the pounds every Tuesday night from 6:30 to 7:30 at the Clar-Mill Hall. Everyone is welcome! It costs $1 to cover hall rental fee. Just bring a good pair of running shoes and water to drink. If you have weights and a yoga mat, you may want to bring them as well. · Summer is officially here!! The LCBO is back to their summer hours in Plevna! Monday to Thursday 10-6, Friday 10-8, Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 12-4 · On Friday June 22, Plevna United Church will host an open-mike music jam from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM at the church with Lionel Grimard and Rev. Jean Brown cohosting. Sacred and secular music is welcome and light refreshments will happen along with a free-will offering for the church. This is a first for the church and it is hoped that a lot of the talented area folks will offer their music. · Ralph and Carol McInnes will be leading a musical morning church service on Sunday, July 1 at Ompah at 9:30 a.m. and in Plevna at 11:15 a.m. · The Ompah-Plevna United Churches are seeking someone who might wish to voluntarily set up a website for them. Rev. Jean has slow speed dial up, which isn't the best for web site functioning. If this appeals to you please give Rev. Jean a call- she's listed under the Henderson news column. · Plevna Joke of the Week: Marlene “What does Cinderella wear to the beach?” Larry “Glass flippers!”

SYDENHAM Anita Alton 613-376-6333 · The final Friday Nights Lights Football will take place this week at the Point. The three games will feature all Sydenham teams from Myte to Senior playing each other. Games start at 6pm; canteen will be open. Come out, enjoy and support our foot-

ball players. · Do you have an old printer, computer or camera that no longer works or is just outdated? If so, bring it in to Fairmount Home in Glenburnie the last weekend in June as they try to raise funds for their new auditorium renovations. Call the home for further information. · Take advantage of living in beautiful Sydenham by joining the Sydenham Lake Canoe Club. A great opportunity to get some exercise and see the village from the water! There are programs for the very young right up to the very young at heart. Go to for more info. · With sun out in full force, it hardly seems the appropriate time to be thinking of hockey. However, the Frontenac Fury Girls wants you to do just that. They are seriously in search of Atom Players. If your daughter is in the right age group (8-9) and enjoys hockey, please go to for a complete list of contacts and more information.

PARHAM-TICHBORNE Colleen Steele 613-375-6219 Christine Teal 613-375-6525 · Relay is here - make sure you come to the Parham Ball Field on Friday night - bring a chair and blanket and enjoy the show. The canteen is available after 7 p.m. to those in attendance for a nominal fee, with proceeds to go towards our tally for this year's Relay for Life. Bring a little extra cash as there is a silent auction table with lots of great stuff! Be sure to stay for the emotional luminary ceremony to honour those who have fought and won cancer, and to remember those we have lost. Check out all the teams - all 26 of them! - their creative costumes, decorated tents and join in the celebration to fight Cancer. You don't have to be on a team to come and enjoy this evening - but I guarantee that you will want to be a part of this great event in this great community that we live in....together we can make cancer history! · Don't forget the School of Rock concert being held on Saturday, June 16 at the IOOF

FORM 6 Municipal Act, 2001


Hall in Parham; then the Celebration of Lyn McCullough's life on June 17 at RKY Camp. · What an awesome job done on the baseball field in Parham. The grass is all cut and the track is freshly graded - perfect timing for the Relay for Life. We appreciate it! · Thinking of you to Velma McIntosh; also to Vi Hole and Wayne Bullock. · Don't forget to vote for Wendy Parliament for the Teacher of the Year at awards · Condolences to the family of Theda McGregor (née Benn), Roy Benn's sister, who passed away recently. · Happy belated birthday to Sandra Clow & Howard Warner. · I have a reader who needs our help – “I need to find a solution to grackles or black birds that have been invading our deck, patio doors and vehicle. They have been arriving with white poop in their beaks and dropping it on the roof of the car and pooping on the side of the car. We haven’t seen any this week but I’m wondering what is attracting them. We have never had this problem before. Maybe one of your readers of your column could solve the problem and tell me what I can do to deter them from coming around. Thank you. If you can help, I would be happy to hear from you! · Hats off to the organizers of the Womanless Beauty Pageant held on Saturday night at Oso Hall in Sharbot Lake. Thanks to the "men" who took part - what a hoot they were. Great job with the costume changes - the extra "props" were priceless! Congratulations to Owen Tryon who was crowned "Belle of the Ballfield" and to Derek Melkman, the "Princess at the Plate". Both graciously donated their winnings back to the association - so we truly appreciate that. All money raised will go to the Central Frontenac Minor Softball Association. Joey Dupuis won the sexy legs competition and received a gift basket. Special mention to the 4th judge who was drawn out of the tickets sold; Sherrill Hannah was the lucky winner who joined Fran Smith, Lisa Hamilton and me, Christine Teal, as judges. There was special VIP seating as well, complete with shrimp and complimentary drinks - tickets were sold on this privilege and Bob Teal won and picked Sherry Whan to join him

would like to welcome the Community

The tenders will then be opened in public on the same day as soon as possible after 3:00 p.m. at the Township Office, 1084 Elizabeth Street, Sharbot Lake.

on June 15th, 2012 at the Parham Fairgrounds

Description of Lands: Roll No. 10 39 080 020 10550 0000; Clarendon Rd., Clarendon Station; PIN 36229-0173(LT) Part Lot 28 Concession 4 OSO as in FR704621; Central Frontenac. File 10-01 Minimum Tender Amount: $13,815.39 Roll No. 10 39 080 040 21915 0000; 1124 Burke Settlement Rd., Sharbot Lake; PIN 36228-0110(LT) Part Lot 23 Concession 2 OSO designated Part 3 Plan 13R11164; Central Frontenac. File 10-04 Minimum Tender Amount: $5,202.49

to help us

Roll No. 10 39 080 020 06330 0000; PIN 36229-0214(LT) Part Lot 27 Concession 3 OSO as in FR537352; Central Frontenac. File 10-10 Minimum Tender Amount: $7,051.14

Roll No. 10 39 010 010 00510 0000; PIN 36164-0243(LT) Part Lot 8 Concession 5 Kennebec designated Part 45 Plan 13R117 T/W FR553849; Central Frontenac. File 10-14 Minimum Tender Amount: $6,845.46

Tenders must be submitted in the prescribed form and must be accompanied by a deposit in the form of a money order or of a bank draft or cheque certified by a bank or trust corporation payable to the municipality and representing at least 20 per cent of the tender amount. Except as follows, the municipality makes no representation regarding the title to or any other matters relating to the lands to be sold. Responsibility for ascertaining these matters rests with the potential purchasers. This sale is governed by the Municipal Act, 2001 and the Municipal Tax Sales Rules made under that Act. The successful purchaser will be required to pay the amount tendered plus accumulated taxes and the relevant land transfer tax. The municipality has no obligation to provide vacant possession to the successful purchaser. Note: HST may be payable by successful purchaser. For further information regarding this sale and a copy of the prescribed form of tender visit, or if no internet available contact: J. Michael McGovern Treasurer The Corporation of the Township of Central Frontenac1084 Elizabeth Street, P.O. Box 89Sharbot Lake, Ontario K0H 2P0 613-279-2935 ext 224

for front row seating! Randy Kempe was MC (aka Bob Blahblahblah). Definitely an event that had the crowd laughing from start to finish - great job "Guys"! Can't wait to see who joins up for next year's....there is going to be a next year's...right? · Teams are still needed for the June 23 3-pitch tournament being held at Parham Ball field with proceeds also going to CFMSA. If you are interested in registering a team, please call Tammy Dupuis at 613-3757327. Also, donations are being accepted for the bingo board where tickets will be sold. · Central Frontenac Fire Department Station #4 is having a Steak Dinner on Saturday, June 23 from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Parham United Church. The cost is $15 per person. · Happy Birthday to Nelson Hannah, Julia Goodfellow, Penny Cota, Patsy Quinn, John Morrow, Ben Lusk, Penny Ellsworth, Jason Lowery, Alicia Cota, Donna Ducharme, Denise Nedow and Phillip Smith. · Kathy Lowery-King received a wonderful surprise last week as she was the recipient of a prestigious award in Muskoka surrounded by family and close friends. Kathy who retires this month, was the winner of the Orv Watson Award from the Ontario Association of Counselling & Attendance Services. The recipient must be nominated and is up against others throughout all of Ontario. This is the 2nd year in a row that someone from the Limestone District School Board has received this award. Kathy had no idea about this or that her family and close friend would be attending the ceremony until the presentation! Great work Kathy and enjoy your retirement!!! · June 21 - 23 there will be an informative and entertaining intercultural re-enactment of life during the War of 1812 with heritage programming & scheduled activities, “Living Our History – Together”. This is a project of Northern Connections Adult Learning Centres, featuring the Pioneer Gathering and Shabot Obaadjiwan Algonquin First Nation. There will be drumming, Hawk & Knife throw, tea boil, era clothing, wife sale, spinning, fur trade & trapping, era cooking, flintlock muskets, face painting, tepees & wigwams. For information, contact the Northern Connections Adult Learning Center, 613-279-2499.

The Relay For Life Committee

Take Notice that tenders are invited for the purchase of the lands described below and will be received until 3:00 p.m. local time on 28 June 2012, at the Central Frontenac Township Office, 1084 Elizabeth Street, P.O. Box 89, Sharbot Lake, Ontario K0H 2P0.

Roll No. 10 39 020 010 15700 0000; 29200 Highway 7, Sharbot Lake; PIN 36168-0080(LT) Part Lots 17 and 18 Concession 8 Kennebec as in FR372296; Central Frontenac. File 10-13 Minimum Tender Amount: $52,315.40

june 14, 2012

6:45pm 9:45pm 6:30am

Entertainment: Karate Demo, School of Rock OPENING CEREMONIES Entertainment: Picket Fences, Still Dangerous LUMINARY CEREMONY Entertainment: Bauder Road, The Cellar Hounds, The Skat Cats, HD Supply, Karaoke, Cloggers FIGHT BACK CEREMONY, FINAL LAP & CLOSING

Survivors can participate in the Victory Lap by registering online or by contacting Penny Cota 613-375-6343

Luminaries in honour of Friends & Family are available for sale at local retailers or the night of the event.

3 Local teens will be cutting their hair, donating it to A Child’s Voice Foundation, Angel Hair for Kids.

Canteen available through the night.

june 14, 2012

VERONA Debbie Lingen


· Celebrate Father’s Day with the whole family at McMullen Beach this Sunday! The Music in the Park concert will be held on Sunday, June 17. Enjoy the Celtic and folk music of Chris Murphy and Brian Flynn. Bring your lawn chairs and prepare for a great afternoon of entertainment. Refreshments will be available. McMullen Beach. 2 to 4 p.m. (In case of heavy rain, the concert will be held at the Verona Lions Hall.) · Bellrock Community Center is hosting a performance by Plastic Paddy. They are a lively group of four, headed up by Gerry Andre, playing the fiddle, banjo, accordion, and guitar. They play everything from “Abba to Annie Laurie” with the emphasis on Celtic, country, and East Coast music. Admission is free-will offering. Snacks available at the concert. Friday, June 22 at 7 p.m. · The Portland District & Area Heritage Society presents its 10th Annual Old-Fashioned Strawberry Social (homemade shortcake biscuits made from a heritage recipe, with real whipped cream and luscious strawberries) on Saturday, June 23, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Lions Hall. $6 for adults, $3 for kids under 12; beverages included. · Many new volunteers have stepped up to the plate and offered their services to the Verona Cattail Festival, which will be held August 10 to 12. However the festival needs more volunteers. Even if you have only a few hours of volunteer time to offer, you are most welcome. There are spots for adult and student volunteers. Come out, volunteer and have a lot of fun at the festival. For further information, contact Wayne Conway. 613374-3807. Volunteers are also welcome to attend the Verona Cattail Festival meeting on Tuesday, June 19 at the Verona Lions Club Hall, 7 to 9 p.m. You don't want to miss this meeting. Final touches are being added to make this festival the best ever! · The Verona Cattail Festival has an amazing Cattail "Vendors Village" Marketplace lined up. Vendors will be selling everything from log furniture, kiln-fused glass pendants, hand-painted gourds, tie-dyed clothing to local market produce, sauces ’n’ stuff and gourmet jams. So much to see, you never know what you might find, but you can be assured it will be fun looking. There are still a few spots left for vendors; however, they are going fast. To book a spot and get the early bird rate, contact Linda Bates 613-374-1307, e-mail at



Lake Kashwakamak surveys completed W

hat is Sustainability? Sustainability means that future generations have access to the same opportunities and quality of life that we do. It’s a balancing act between the economy, community and nature. Last summer the Kashwakamak Lake Association (KLA) approved the initial phase of a Lake Sustainability Planning process. The Kashwakamak Lake Sustainability Planning committee moved ahead to the next step in the process and sought feedback from the community through a survey. The key purpose of the survey was to find out what people value about the lake community and what their issues are. The survey ran from late summer to the end of 2011 and we received 170 responses. The committee was very happy with the number of responses, but found that there were only two businesses that responded to the survey. As in other lake sustainability planning processes, the committee sees businesses as an essential part of the community and we wanted to ensure their feedback and views are included. After some discussion with community business leaders, the committee formed a list of businesses to interview. In total we interviewed over 30 business owners by telephone in order to understand why they value the Kashwakamak lake community and what their concerns are. One message was very clear from talking with so many business owners – the need for perma-

nent residents, cottagers, and visitors to be customers for their business. Several owners cited concerns that people are going to larger centers to shop, which doesn’t help the local community. They make a good point. Several studies have shown that money spent at businesses where the ownership is local have a large impact on the wealth of the community. One study states that money earned by a local business owner is spent within the community two more times. For example, when a local construction company gets paid for a renovation on a cottage, the business owner typically buys the renovation material from locally owned building supply stores. The money earned by the building supply stores not only pays for employees, but also pays municipal taxes, which helps share the municipal tax load on residents. If the employees of the building supply stores then buy their groceries locally, the grocery store provides jobs, pays taxes and a local service for the community. In short, supporting local business is important for all of us. The Lake Sustainability Planning process has several steps to it. The first step is research and surveys. This is an important aspect of this work as it engages the community in discussing their concerns and what they care about. Without this step, a Lake Sustainability Plan is just a plan made up with a hand full of people in a room. The committee will be sharing the results

Northbrook Adult Drop-In D

oes anyone enjoy great conversation? Fantastic food? Many adults in our community enjoy the socialization, nutritious and delicious meals that they receive at the weekly Adult Drop In at the Lions Hall in Northbrook. The meals are planned and prepared by volunteer “chefs” from our community. Each meal is prepared with the utmost care and culinary skill. These homecooked style meals are the BEST value in town. For a small fee, you will get salad, roll, meat, potatoes, veggies, desert, plus tea or coffee. The morning socialization and noon meal is held every Tuesday from 9am-3pm.. After a fabulous feast, please stay and enjoy a friendly game of “Hand and Foot”. Players are willing to teach the game to those interested. Please come out and support this valuable service in our community. For information, call Pam at Land O’ Lakes Community Services, 613-336-8934, ext. 229.

River of Life holds dedication service W e held the Dedication Service of River of Life Christian Fellowship on Sunday, June 10 at 3 p.m. The church was packed with 200 people present. People came from Kingston, Trenton, Belleville, Harrowsmith, Barry's Bay, Eganville, Palmer Rapids, White Lake, Perth, Tamworth, Niagara Falls, Pembroke, Harlowe, Madoc, Killaloe, Tweed, Kanata, and many other places to celebrate with us. Ministry in Music was provided by The Proverbs of Westport. Our special speaker was the Rev. Donald Hodgins, superintendent of the Wesleyan Church, Central Canada District. Greetings were brought by the Rev. Herb

Eco Schools P

rince Charles Public School in Verona has received an Eco Schools Silver designation for 2011 - 2012 and North Addington Education Centre in Cloyne has received Bronze certification. Ten other schools in the Limestone District School Board received bronze or silver certification this year. To become a certified EcoSchool, the school must show achievement in energy conservation, waste minimization, ecological literacy and school ground greening. In order to attain the certifications the schools maintained recycling programs, participated in earth Hour and Earth Day, and developed curriculum around environmental issues. EcoSchools is a voluntary program led by teachers and volunteers at schools across Ontario.

Windows & Doors

Vanessen, chairman of the Evangelism and Church Growth Board of the Wesleyan Church, Central Canada District and also by the Honourable Bud Clayton, mayor of the township of North Frontenac. Rev. Raymond Klatt gave a report as to how River of Life Christian Fellowship started, etc. Mr. Ronald Lemke also gave a report, gave thanks and acknowledged the many people who had an important part of building the church. Mrs. Helen Ripley played the new key board, piano. The worship team, Ron Lemke, Ken and Freya Gibson, led in the worship hymns and choruses. The offering will be applied against the principal of the mortgage of River of Life Christian Fellowship. C




Central Frontenac Railway Heritage Society

Meeting Annual General th

June 26 , 2012. 7 p.m.

Call Bill Machan 613-336-0689

by Rev. Raymond Klatt

A delicious luncheon was served and Mrs. Elaine Gunsinger made a large scrumptious cake for the occasion. This was a great highlight for the people of Plevna and surrounding area for a new evangelical church to be built for the Glory of God. Services will be held every Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

Summer Camps at Sydenham Basketball & Volleyball Camps Sydenham High School

Basketball Camp July 2-6, 9am – 3:30pm for students entering Grades 4-6 as of Sept. 2012

Volleyball Camp July 9-13, 9am – 3:30pm for students entering Grades 6-9 as of Sept. 2012

Anglican Church Hall, Sharbot Lake

Cost: $120 for each camp

Members and general public welcome

Please call 376-3612 for details or pick up a registration form at Sydenham High School

Call 279-2777 for information

• Lowest Prices • Highest Quality • Best Service

- Kashwakamak Lake Association

of the survey in person at several points throughout the summer. The full details of the community and business surveys will be presented first at the KLA Annual General Meeting on July 14 at the Harlowe Town Hall from 9:30 to 11:30 am. Please join us! Information:

Xplornet Communications Inc NOTICE OF PROPOSED COMMUNICATIONS TOWER Please be advised that in order to improve High Speed Internet coverage and service within the area of Central Frontenac. Xplornet Communications Inc., is proposing a 45m communications tower. The proposed site is located at LT 8 CON 12 HINCHINBROOKE; CENTRAL FRONTENAC

Strawberries 43 Pigden Road, MADOC, ONTARIO Phone for field conditions


For pre picked orders please call ahead.

Easy Clean Picking, Good Road Access, Bring Your Own Containers

Raspberries Coming Soon! Monday-Friday 8:00am-7:00pm Saturday 8:00am-3:00pm Closed SUNDAY

NOT TO SCALE Should you have any questions or comments regarding the proposal, please provide them in writing citing Wilkinson by July 19th, 2012 to: Nic Parker Xplornet Communications Inc. 74 Andover Drive London, ON, N6J 3X2 Fax: 866-678-7124  Email:



JUNE 14, 2012

Clifford Rines performs at the jam in Verona (L-r) Jim MacPherson, Logan Murray, Dave Limber, Renee Richard and Neil Kitagawa on stage for the Evening of Blues fundraiser for the Central Frontenac Railway Heritage Society

Blues grooves for Central Frontenac Railway Society T he Center Stage Cafe's four-member house band, the Strat Cats, were joined on-stage at the Sharbot Lake High School on June 8 by a talented ensemble of blues players for a fundraiser for the Central Frontenac Railway Heritage Society. Logan Murray, (harmonica/vocals/guitar), Renee Richard (lead and back-ups vocals), and Neil Kitagawa on saxophone joined the Strat Cats, Dave Limber (drums), Terry Reynolds (lead guitar), Jim MacPherson (vocals/rhythm guitar), and Gary Giller (vocals/bass) for an evening of all blues that proved as educational as it was entertaining. The Strat Cats opened the evening and former teacher Giller traced the origins of this popular genre of music, which began in the Southern United States and transformed the modern music scene. The group opened the evening with the Robert Johnson classic   “Crossroads� and played  a number of

Tuning up for the Frontenac Old Time Music Championships S by Julie Druker

by Julie Druker

well known popular blues staples including Willie Dixon's “Hoochie Coochie Man�, Johnny Winter's “I'm Good�, and Stevie Ray Vaughn’s “Life by the Drop�. Murray and his entourage did a great job of filling out the sound on stage and took over the limelight for the second set of the evening, with Murray delivering a number of his own blues originals. Renee Richard also had a chance to shine later in the evening and belted out “Hell on Heels�, demonstrating her natural talent and pitch-perfect, powerful vocals while Neil colored many of the classics with his soulful sax stylings. The Center Stage Cafe strives to give local amateur musicians a chance to strut their   stuff on stage, as well as to give local groups and organizations a means to harness that talent by translating it into fundraising dollars for a variety of local projects currently being undertaken in the community.



ince taking over the reins of the “The event is really all about encouragFrontenac Old Time Music Champion- ing youngsters to learn to play, perform and ships (FOTMC) in October 2011, Cliff and compete so by holding it after the school Mary Rines of Enterprise have made a year has begun we are hoping to attract couple of interesting changes. The popu- those who otherwise may have been off dolar event was founded by Roy and Joan ing different things during the summer holiShepherd, who still run the regular Sunday days�, Cliff said. open mike jams at the Bedford Hall, and it Lastly, the couple are hoping to raise attracts players and singers of all ages from enough money this year to support not just far afield to compete in a variety of classes one but two local area schools and their over two days. music programs. In the past the champiThe Rines' first change was holding an onships have donated all of their proceeds additional fundraiser, which took place to one single school in the area. “We'd reat the Verona Lions Hall on June 10. The ally love to be able to support two schools event attracted over 70 talented players this year, one from the Limestone District and listeners to enjoy an afternoon of clas- School Board and one from the Algonquin sic old country tunes. Along with the $5 cov- Lakeshore School Board and this fundraiser charge, guests could purchase t-shirts, er today is one more way that will help us to hats and tote bags with the FOTMC logo. be able to do that this year�, Cliff said. There was also a draw for a CanadianCliff is also a musician himself and he made Seagull Performance acoustic guitar took to the Lions Hall stage to sing a couple that was to be autographed by its maker, of his favorite oldies. Judging by his passion Robert Godin. for both the music and the event it looks Another change is the Rines' decision as though the Frontenac Old Time Music to hold the competition in September, on Championships are in very able hands. For the 22nd and 23rd, instead of earlier in the more information visit the website at www. summer months. The change was made in, email clifthe hopes of attracting more young players or call Cliff or Mary at INSIGHT DESIGNS to the championships. 613-358-5370.


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JUNE 14, 2012


Showing off their softer, sexy sides for CF minor soft ball W

Talent show at Pine Meadow by Mallory Wionzek


Contestant Jeff Matson

ton and Sherry Hanna judged each entry in a total of five categories, which included casual wear, lingerie, fancy evening dress and the swim suit competition. Throughout the evening the contestants answered a number of racy, skilltesting questions offered up by the judges, which caused much laughter and entertainment for those who came out

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The following dates are scheduled for swim and day camp registration as follows: Gilmour Point & Davidson Beach Registration Location – Storrington Centre – Sunbury Saturday, June 16th, 2012 – 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

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by Julie Druker

to have a few good belly laughs while supporting minor ball in the community. Randy Kempe was a masterful emcee and was all aglow in an orange suit. He managed to play the straight man while the seven contestants tried to rattle his cage. The event, which was followed by a lively dance, included a bar run by members of the Oso Recreation Committee, who kindly donated all of the bar proceeds to the cause. The pageant, which was organized by Tammy Dupuis, was the brainchild of her husband Joe Dupuis, who not only entered as a contestant but took away the gift basket prize for the sexiest legs of the evening. Included in the night's entertainment was a draw for VIP seating, and free beverages. While the competition was fierce, the first prize of $100 for the title "Belle of the Ball Field", was awarded to Owen Tryon. The second prize of $50 that came with the title "Princess of the Plate" was won by Derek Melkman. Both gents donated their winnings back to the cause and by the end of the evening over $500 was raised to help support Central Frontenac Minor Ball. The event was an overwhelming success and will likely not be the last time that supporters of kids' minor soft ball in Central Frontenac have a chance to ham and gam it up.

hat they lacked in grace and courtesy they far made up for in courage and camp. On Saturday June 9, seven male contestants strutted their stuff on stage at the Oso Hall for the first ever Womanless Beauty Pageant. The event, a strictly adults-only fundraiser for the Central Frontenac Minor Ball Association, got off to a raucous start as the curtain was raised a few feet off the floor to reveal the mostly hairy and muscular gams of the male contestants, who opened the event vying for first prize in the Sexiest Legs contest. Four judges, Christine Teal, Frances Smith, Lisa Hamil-

n May 31, Pine Meadow celebrated its third annual Talent Show. This year showed a wide variety of talents from the residents, staff, and even a few family members joined in the fun. We had a lovely 98-year-old lady and her daughter serenade us, we saw some great dance moves to a favourite Elvis song, and we heard some clever jokes by our favourite joke-telling resident. Our judges were volunteers from the community, as well as one of our residents. They had a very tough decision this year, as Pine Meadow truly is filled with many talents. Our big winners were Wesley Bell and Bonnie George, who two-stepped to “Can I have this dance for the rest of my life”. It was a great success, the audience and participants thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and we cannot wait to see what next year’s Talent Show brings!




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june 14, 2012



Limestone Creamery – 45 years in the making and so close you can almost taste it by Jeff Green

Olivia and Kathy Groenewegen


armers are, by necessity, a patient lot. There are so many factors - the health and temperament of the animals, the amount of rain, the price of grain and electricity, changes in markets, etc. that are out of their control. Anyone who can survive the long hours and uncertain pay of farming has got to develop a pretty good ability to wait for things to happen. However, I could sense a hint of frustration from Kathy Groenewegen as she explained late last month how the small milk processing plant and dairy store her family has been dreaming about for so long are almost ready. A few niggling details remain, including one piece of equipment that

Two silvers, a bronze and three 4ths - SHS track team runs with the fastest in the province T By Jeff Green

seems to be taking forever to arrive. “My husband Francis says they must be sending it from China, on a slow boat, but all I know is it isn’t here yet, although we did order it over a year ago.” The Groenewegens, Kathy and Francis and their children Patrick and Olivia, are very close to opening a dairy that goes well beyond the 100 mile food cycle concept. They will be selling pasteurized milk, cream, butter and yoghurt within sight of the pasture land where their 32 Jersey and Holstein milk cows and the rest of the herd spend much of their time. In 1967, Kathy’s parent’s Gerry and Lilliane Groome bought the farm, which is located in Storrington District of South Frontenac not far north of Elginburg on Sydenham Road. Gerry and Lilliane grew up in downtown Montreal and although Gerry had a good job with Bell, he wanted to farm. So after he took a number of agricultural courses at McDonald College, the entire family headed off to South Frontenac, to a piece of Class A farmland within a short distance of the city of Kingston. In 1989 Kathy and her then new husband Francis Groenewegen, who came from a dairy farming family from Harrowsmith, took over the farm. The path that led the Groenewegens to opening Limestone Creamery really started to gather steam in 1998, when they made the decision to transition the farm to a certified organic operation. That took four years but since then the milk has been pooled with milk from about 100 other organic milk farms in the province and sold under the Organic Meadow label. Their efforts at organic farming have enabled them to feed their cattle without having to bring anything in from off the property. They produce all they need to fertilise the pasture and hay fields on site, and while the cattle are 90% grass fed, all the grain they require is grown on the farm as well. The next step began to take shape a couple of years ago. With assistance from the Ontario Ministry of Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), the Frontenac CFDC, National Farmers Union Local 316 and other partners, Limestone Creamery became one of a small number of pilot projects under the OMAFRA "Project Origin" label. Of the five pilots, Limestone Creamery is one of only two that will be selling locally produced milk on site. The other three are cheese making operations. Last October construction began on the building that holds not only the shop, but also a shiny new state of the art small scale milk processing plant, complete with a pasteurisation and homogenisation unit, cleaning and testing capabilities, a stainless steel electric butter churn, loading dock, storage tanks and more. A water recycling system has been built in to minimise both water needs and runoff from the operation. Crews have been working for months getting all the equipment in place, while the animals in the field across the fence have carried on their daily pattern, unconcerned with the jumble of activity that has taken place. “We wouldn’t have been able to try this if we weren’t located so close to Kingston,” said Kathie, "but there are lots of people who commute to work every day on this road, so we think we will have a good demand for our products.” The Groenewegens' son Patrick has taken courses in pasteurisation and cream grading and he will manage the plant, while daughter Olivia, a recent agriculture graduate from Guelph, will manage the store. Francis and Kathy will continue to run the farm and oversee the entire operation, as

he fastest of the Sydenham High School track athletes finished their 2012 season at the Ontario Federation of Secondary School Athletic Association’s (OFSAA) track meet last week. They competed against midget, junior and senior level athletes from every corner of the vast province. Two SHS athletes won silver medals at the meet: Hayden Peters in the Senior Boys 400 metres hurdles in a time of 53.95 seconds, over 2 seconds faster than his winning time at the Eastern Ontario meet; and Nicole Armstrong in the Junior girls 800 metre race, in a time of 2:17:57, just .34 seconds off the winning pace. Armstrong also bettered her EOSSAA time of 2:17:81. Wade Embury also medalled in his best event, the Senior Boys 400 metre dash, finishing third in a time of 48.19 seconds, which was over 1 second faster than his EOSSA winning time. There were three 4th place finishers from SHS at OFSAA as well. Garrett FraserMorris was 4th in the Senior 100 metre ambulatory in a time of 13.31 seconds, a 1/2 second faster than he managed a week earlier to win at EOSSA. Brodie Latimer finished 4th in the Midget men’s 100 metre hurdles in BOLTON LAKES a time of 14.12 seconds (he posted 14.69 seconds in Bolton Lakes - Affordable w/f wilderness winning the EOSSAA race). retreat! Very private, off-grid 25’ x 33’ log Nicole Armstrong was 4th cabin. This 2.5 acre property enjoys 456’ of in the Junior girls 400 mew/f; canoe, kayak or small water craft. tre race to go along with her ~ $179,000 ~ silver medal in the 800. Her 400 metre time was 58.79 seconds.

they have for 23 years. In addition to their own milk, which will be sold for $2.99 a litre, the creamery will have a number of locally sourced, organic products available, including Slickers Ice Cream from Prince Edward County, honey and maple syrup, their own beef and pork, and more. Milk will also be available for delivery locally and across Kingston, and in Sydenham at Trousdale’s Foodland and Desert Lake Gardens, Local Family Farms in Verona and Kudrinkos in Westport, and at locations in the City of Kingston. "There are so many benefits to selling directly: to preserve the family farm, to preserve farmland, to rebuild the local food system and contribute to food security,” said Kathie Groenewegen. “We are just itching to open the doors and welcome people in to our creamery.” Sometime soon, hopefully by the end of this month, Limestone Creamery will be able to open its doors and it’s a safe bet that Frontenac County and Kingston residents alike will beat a path to it It is destined to be another major piece in the ongoing establishment of local food initiatives that are becoming a major force in the region.

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They came, they saw .. and it was a great big secret!

North Frontenac participates in “First Impressions Community Exchange” By Jeff Green esidents of areas of North Frontenac will soon have a chance to see their community through the eyes of first-time visitors as part of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) “First Impressions Community Exchange.” In May, a group of community representatives from the village of Lyndhurst, Ontario paid an unannounced visit to Ompah and Plevna to get an outsider’s perspective of those communities. The exchange helps communities to see themselves the way tourists, prospective businesses, relocating families, and nonlocal shoppers might see them. Their first impressions of a community have a strong influence on visitors’ decisions to relocate to or shop in the community. “After you’ve lived in one place for a while, you sometimes take for granted the things that attract people to your community,” said project co-ordinator Wendy Higgins, a consultant who lives near Ardoch. “Or you may be unaware of aspects of your community that may be unappealing in the eyes of outsiders. The exchange gives a community an objective assessment of its strengths and weaknesses and gives participants a chance to gather ideas from other areas dealing with similar community development issues.”


Results of the First Impressions Community Exchange will be presented at a public meeting on June 21 at the Clar-Mill Hall, 6598 Buckshot Road. The evening will begin with a meet and greet at 6:30 pm. The presentation by the Lyndhurst residents is scheduled to begin around 7:00 pm, followed by refreshments and an opportunity to talk to them about what was presented. “We want to invite as many people as possible to come and see what Lyndhurst business owners, entrepreneurs, and interested citizens think about our area,” said Higgins. She hopes for a good turnout, especially since 52 people attended a presentation in Lyndhurst last week by community representatives from Ompah/Plevna, who had paid a similar secret visit to Lyndhurst in early May. The North Frontenac team; Betty Hunter, Ron Higgins, Paul Thiel, Corey Klatt, Lana Gunsinger, and Wendy Higgins gave their presentation to the packed Lyndhurst church hall on June 6. “I think they knew what we were going to say regarding some areas, but we had some surprises in store for them too,” said Higgins. When the North Frontenac representatives initially visited Lyndhurst to get their

‘First Impression’, they each had a cover story. Some said they were looking to retire in the community, some hoping to open a business, some looking to raise a family, etc. Lana Gunsinger certainly enjoyed her visit to Lyndhurst. “I love this town. I think it has great potential. I could really feel that the people of Lyndhurst are proud of their town and their people. So welcoming and friendly! Very impressed. I will be back for the renowned September Turkey Fair with my children,” she said in her notes. On June 21, North Frontenac residents will find out what the Lyndhurst team experienced when they paid their own secret visit to Ompah and Plevna. The program won’t end there, however. “There will be work to do afterwards,” said Wendy Higgins. “We will look at what we can do in 72 hours, 3 months, and 2 years to better receive our visitors; to make their First Impression perfect; to bring them back again and to share with others. The team will continue to participate, but so will the population at large, the municipality and business owners; to set objectives and then to reach the goals.” For further information about the exchange, contact Wendy Higgins 613-479-5509.

Learning Together through Aboriginal Stories by Susan Ramsay, Early Literacy Specialist HFL&A;

Never criticize a man until you've walked a mile in his moccasins.” (Native American proverb) At Come Walk in My Moccasins events for early learning and childcare professionals, Spiritual Elder and Healer David Jock explained to mainstream educators how Seven Grandfather Teachings can enrich children’s learning regardless of their cultural heritage. Wisdom, love, respect, bravery, honesty, humility, and truth underpin all First Nations

teachings. These teachings are ones that we also recognize as transformative in children’s freedom from bullying, and ones that lead to positive learning experiences. The events held at both Katarokwi Native Friendship Centre in Kingston and at Tahatikonhsotontie Head Start in Tydendinaga were led by Aboriginal leaders who offered participants an historical perspective of Aboriginal people in Canada as well as practical ideas for incorporating Aboriginal culture into preschool and primary school-age programs. Aboriginal teachings, traditionally shared through oral storytelling, have now found

their way into many engaging children’s books. However, some portrayals of stories lack sensitivity. We need to use care when selecting children’s books to ensure the stories we share with children represent history in an accurate, unbiased way. Picture books, especially, need to be previewed for illustrations and wording that use disrespectful stereotypes. Karen Lewis, librarian with Kanhiote - Tyendinaga Territory Public Library, suggests that finding excellent Aboriginal stories to share with children can begin by visiting This website has tips for selecting Aboriginal book and lists good books, categorized by topics and ages. She suggests that anyone unfamiliar with Aboriginal books can also look for books written by wellrespected authors, such as Joseph Bruchac, Joseph McLellan, Chief Jake Swamp, and

june 14, 2012

Cloyne Pioneer museum - 40th anniversary of historical society

by Jeff Green he organization that has single-handedly preserved the rich history of the past along the Highway 41 corridor, from the Aboriginal past to the logging, mining and settlement history right through to the development of the tourist industry and life on the lakes, is turning 40 this year. The Pioneer Cub was established in 1972, and has been preserving the stories of community elders in print and through artefacts ever since. Now incorporated as the Cloyne and District Historical Society and based at the Pioneer museum, some of the long line of former directors of the organization will be on hand on June 21 to mark the opening of the museum for the 2012 season, and to kick off the fund raising campaign for a 1,400 square foot addition to the building that will be built to accommodate the ever expanding collection of historical material from local sources. Festivities will get underway at 11:30 on Saturday June 21. In addition to tours of the collection, musical performers will be on hand to perform in the pavilion in the park on the site in Cloyne near the library and the Barrie Hall (across the road from North Addington Education Centre). Joe Grant, formerly of Tanglefoot, will perform, as will Eleanor Duncan and Gary Ferguson. There will also be a special performance by Dallas Arney. Opening ceremonies are slated for 1:00, followed by cake. The event will wrap up at 2:30 and the museum, and the fund raising campaign, will then be officially open for 2012.


Jan Bordeau Waboose. “The First Strawberries” by Joseph Bruchac is one children’s book recommended by many. It’s a Cherokee story that tells how anger can be turned into forgiveness and why strawberries continue to be a constant reminder of friendship and respect. “How Chipmunk Got His Stripes” by Joseph Bruchac and his son, James, is a story about a big, overly-confident bear that needs to learn humility, and a little brown squirrel that needs to learn wisdom. Versions of this story have been told in the traditions of Cherokee, Mohawk and Iroquois. The Township of Central Frontenac will be How the Chipmunk Got His administering the Red Cross Swim Kids/Preschool Stripes will be featured at the programs as well as the Lifesaving Society program Strawberry Moon Festival in for 2012. Sharbot Lake on June 19. Anyone interested in attendWe are hoping that time will allow the instructors to ing may call 613-279-2244 visit the schools in Central Frontenac. Registrations for details. for both sessions will be accepted at the Municipal “Did You Hear the Wind Office, in Sharbot Lake until June 22, 2012. Sing Your Name?” by Sandra De Coteau Orie, is a Registration Fee: $45.00 per child. A late stunningly illustrated Oneida registration fee of $20.00 per child will be applied celebration of spring. Simple if registering after June 22, 2012. text guides the reader to imagine seeing, smelling, Bronze Medallion/Senior resuscitation & Bronze feeling and hearing the arCross Registration - $90.00 includes manual. rival of spring. Refunds will only take place 2 days after the lessons Local authors Jane Chartrand and Dionne Nolan have started. have received four nomiFor registration form please contact: nations for awards including the Governor Generals Township of Central Frontenac Award for their new book “I P.O. Box 89, 1084 Elizabeth Street Want to be in the Show”. Sharbot Lake, ON K0H 2P0 This modern day story, set in 613-279-2935 x243 Kingston, tells about a First Nations boy who dreams of Or visit website playing in the NHL, in spite of physical challenges. June is celebrated in CanNOTE: All children must be 4 years of age as of the ada as National Aboriginal first day of lessons to participate in the program. History Month for good reason. First Nations, Métis and SWIM SCHEDULE Inuit people have an enviable (Monday to Friday unless otherwise noted) depth of culture that can be enriching to all Canadians. JUly 3 - July 20   July 25 - Aug. 10 We have been invited to hear   (No classes July 2) (No classes Aug. 6) and read their stories, to learn AM Long Lake Sharbot Lake from their teachings -- to begin a humble and inspired PM Clear Lake Eagle Lake walk in their moccasins.


You are invited to attend the

Grand Opening Ceremony of the

Wolfe Island Ambulance Accommodation Project 108 Hwy #95, Wolfe Island

Friday June 22 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. Refreshments and tours of the facilities will be available after the ceremony


june 14, 2012



Gallivan makes County Official Plan road trip "I’ve been everywhere man, I’ve been everywhere, crossed the desert spare man, I’ve breathed the mountain air man, travel I’ve had my share man, I’ve been everywhere". oe Gallivan wasn’t quite singing this old Hank Snow tune this week, and I can safely say from my own considerable experience that attending council meetings does not bring quite the same amount of exhilaration as spare deserts, mountain air, or Winslow or Wichita for that matter. Still, Mr. Gallivan traveled up to Harlowe on Monday to North Frontenac Council, headed to Sharbot Lake on Tuesday afternoon for Central Frontenac and ended his day in Sydenham at a South Frontenac meeting. The reason? He was bringing a document that will form the basis for a Frontenac County Official Plan and he wanted to make sure that local councils were comfortable with the idea of a county-wide Official Plan as a complement to the already existing plans they all have in place. “It should be the intention of a County Plan to set the con-


SFCS golf tourney doubles field, sponsorship by Julie Druker

text for planning in the county as a whole and to help provide direction for regional planning issues. It will not be the intention of a County Plan to interfere with those planning matters that are considered to be the responsibility of the townships,” Gallivan wrote in the document he presented to each of the councils. One of the main arguments in favour of a County Official Plan is that once it is in place, township Official Plans will no longer require approval from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Currently, North, Central and South Frontenac are in the midst of five-year renewal processes for their own Official Plans and in all three cases the ministry and the townships are at a standstill over the issue of whether new building lots can be created on private lanes. While Gallivan said the private lane development issue will not be solved by a County Plan since it is already front and centre in the current stalemate between the townships and the ministry, but “once a County Plan is approved by the province, the county becomes the approval authority for its constituent municipalities … this is a significant step forward for Frontenac County as it will allow for planning decisions to

by Jeff Green

be made locally with a clear understanding of the impacts of the decisions on the rural landscape of the Frontenacs.” Gallivan asked the advice of each council he met with about the timing of public meetings, which are being set up in August. While there was a polite reception to his basic document from the council members, a couple of members of North Frontenac Council made reference to the fact that there is a lack of trust between the township and the county. The way the county's integrated sustainability plan has been implemented has been the source of some of that mistrust, making them nervous about the impact of a County Official Plan. “I can say this,” Gallivan said, “at least at the county you have two representatives at the table. With the Ministry of Municipal Affairs you have no say whatsoever. I know this because I used to work at the ministry myself. The Frontenac County Official Plan is slated for completion in early 2014 for submission to the province, before the end of the current term of council. For information, go to and click on the Official Plan icon on the lower right hand side of the page.

HINTON DODGE’S R0011441142_0607



t a time when some annual fundraising golf tournaments have been losing ground, the Southern Frontenac Community Services Annual 50+ Family and Friends Tourney has gained considerable momentum. Now in its fourth year, the event was begun by its co-chair and longtime SFCS volunteer, David Linton, and it has doubled both in field and sponsorship, which is something that Linton is more than pleased about. In a recent email Linton sent to me, he wrote, “I am ecstatic and very emotional on this evening before the tournament. To have so many businesses in the community come forward to sponsor this event is heart rending. To have so many golfers, and non-golfers sign up to support this endeavor....well, I can't describe what I am feeling. This is such an enormous example of support for SFCS, and all that they do for our community.” Linton says this year’s exceptional turn out and community support is a direct result of the efforts of the tourney’s co-chair, Junior Hartwick of Harrowsmith, who has been volunteering as a driver for the SFCS for the last eight years. Junior has lived in the community for 69 years and is a long-time member of the Rivendell Golf Club. He spoke to me at hole #1 about his involvement as he was just finalizing some last-minute details prior to Saturday's tee off. “I know a lot of people in the area and I was more than willing to help out and do some fundraising to help support this year’s event,” he said. The tournament rallied over 35 groups of golfers, 140 participants in total, who teed off at Rivendell at the scramble shotgun start. They raised close to $8000 to help fund the various services that Southern Frontenac Community Services offers to residents in the community. Over 20 volunteers from the SFCS were also on hand to help out for the event. This year was the first time the event has been held at Rivendell Golf Club in Verona. Jim Lansdell, the club’s general manager, said he and his team were more than happy to offer their services to this important community organization. “The work that the SFCS does in the community is just fantastic. The fact that they are able to reach so many different people in the community - seniors, adults and children is just amazing. This is just one way that we as a club can help them out.” Anyone who missed the tournament but who would still like to donate to the SFCS can do so at or by calling 1-800-763-9610 or 1-613-376-6477.

Sand & Gravel 1-800-456-0979

1-613-268-2059 Maberly, Ontario K0H 2B0

The Septic Specialist

• Fill &Topsoil • Septic Systems (Including Tertiary Systems) • Excavation Equipment • Basements • Ponds • Road Building • Load Deliveries (Large & Small) • Snow Plowing • Cottage Road Maintenance 22358 Hwy. #7, RR #3 Maberly, ON K0H 2B0

Junior Hartwick (centre) and a group of golfers at tee-off time



#1 selling van in Canada!






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Check us out on the web at …

1 Mile East of Perth on Highway 7


All payments include fees and taxes, plus lic. Payments based on 96 month term at 4.99%. Eg., $23,815 ammortized over 96 months yields a payment of $139 bi-weekly with interest charges of $5,154 OAC.

PAGE 14 10


This Summer Let Us Help Keep Your Cool. Air Conditioners, Fans & Watertoys for the Lake or Pool Wheelchair accessible. Lookout Home Hardware Building Centre 7617 Hwy. 509 Plevna

T 613 479 5579 F 613 479 2699

Northern Happenings Northern Happenings listings are free for community groups, and will be published for two weeks. Other listings are paid or are taken from paid ads elsewhere in the paper. The News makes every effort to be accurate but events and their details should be independently verified by readers.

WESTPORT HERITAGE FESTIVAL 9am–4 pm, music, vendors, petting zoo, cllowns

PURDON CONSERVATION AREA – Pink Showy Ladyslipper Orchids bloom mid-June to early July, accessible boardwalk; info, directions; 613-259-2421

BEDFORD OPEN MIKE & JAM, 1-5pm, Bedford Hall 1381 Westport Road, Bluegrass, Country, Gospel and more, $2, info: 613-3742614 CENTENARY PASTORAL CHARGE 125th Anniversary, Sharbot Lake United Church, 11am, speaker Rev. Dr. Ron Smeaton, luncheon, all welcome, info 613-279-2245 HARLOWE WESLEYAN & STANDARD CHURCH - Father’s Day musical praise, 11am with Pastor Bill & Mina Rice HENDERSON UNITED CHURCH annual Cemetery service, 2pm; PARHAM FREE METHODIST CHURCH, 11am, special singing by Les Brown, all welcome VERONA - MUSIC IN THE PARK, free concert 2-4pm, McMullen Park; Celtic & Folk music of Chris Murphy & Brian Flynn. Sponsor: Verona Community Association. Refreshments available, bring lawn chair, rain location: Lions Hall.

Friday June 15 ARDEN - KARAOKE at Legion, 8pm, all welcome. LIONS CHARITY GOLF TOURNAMENT by Sydenham & District Lions, Rivendell Golf Club, shotgun start 8:30am, scramble format, $75/person includes luncheon & prize table, register: Jim Kelly 376-3515 NORTHBROOK - NEW OLE TYME FIDDLERS, 7:30pm, Lions Hall, $6 non-members, $5 members, entertainers $2, lunch, prizes. All welcome. SHARBOT LAKE – EUCHRE, noon, Anglican Church hall, $5 includes lunch, all welcome RELAY FOR LIFE, Canadian Cancer Society fundraiser, 7pm-7am, held at Parham ball field, music by School of Rock, Picket Fences, Still Dangerous, Bauder Road, Cellar Hounds & more, luminary ceremony; canteen, info: Christine Teal, 613-375-6525 or visit convio. and go to the Sharbot Lake site

Saturday June 16 ARDEN LEGION, DJ dance, $5pp, info, Joan 613-335-2015, public welcome FARMERS’ MARKETS – Local farmers markets held Saturdays, 9am-1pm at: McDonalds Corners (MERA schoolhouse); Sharbot Lake (Oso beach); Verona (Lions Club) MOUNTAIN GROVE - STEAK / HAMBURGER SUPPER, community hall, sittings 5 & 6 pm, steak $13; hamburger $8 child $5; under 5 free; reserve 335-5715; 335-2700; sponsor: United Church PARHAM - FAMILY FUN DAY & BBQ FUNDRAISER, Eastern Cowboy Horseback Adventures; proceeds to Sheba’s Haven (Palliative Dog) Rescue, 11am–3pm, music, pony rides, kids’ activities, & more, rain or shine; free admission; activities by donation., 613-375-6467. PARHAM - HINCHINBROOKE SCHOOL OF ROCK Concert, w/ District 9, also HD Supply, Oddfellows Hall, 7pm. PLEVNA - DRAGONFLY SUMMER SOLSTICE FESTIVAL, Clar-Mill Hall, 10am-2pm; FREE hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks, cotton candy, popcorn, face painting, fish pond, races, games, prizes. Sponsors: North Frontenac Township & Clar-Mill Community Volunteers.

Sunday June 17

Monday June 18 CLOYNE & DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY tour of local historical sites, Skootamatta Lake Rd., Mazinaw, Vennachar, Denbigh, Plevna areas; lunch in Griffith; $25; reserve 613-336-6858 PLEVNA – FOOT CARE CLINIC, Clar-Mill Hall, appointment: 613-279-3151.

Tuesday June 19 FLINTON – URCA HOUSING AGM, 3496 Flinton Rd., BBQ & potluck 5:30pm, meeting 6pm, all welcome OMPAH COMMUNITY POTLUCK & BIRTHDAY BASH, celebrate June birthdays & share a meal, 6pm, community center, entertainment by Dave Young, $2 donation for expenses appreciated PLEVNA - CLAR-MILL COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS, meeting, Clar-Mill hall, 7:30pm (please note new time), all welcome SHARBOT LAKE - STRAWBERRY MOON FESTIVAL, 10-noon, St. James Major Hall, traditional food, drumming, storytelling, for children birth- 6 years. Registration required: Child Centre at 613-279-2244. VERONA - “GROWING A HEALTHIER ME IN RELATIONSHIPS”, sponsored by KC3 Community Counselling Centre, 10am-noon, medical centre, free, register: Manijeh 613549-7850 x 3215 VERONA CATTAIL FESTIVAL MEETING, Lions Club Hall, 7-9pm; new volunteers welcome, info: Wayne 613-374-3807.


Thursday June 21 CLOYNE: CO-ED SENIOR SOFTBALL, Thursdays 3pm, ball field, all skills welcome.

Open Mon-Thurs, Sat: 8am-8pm Fri: 8am-9pm Sun: Grocery 9am-6pm; LCBO 11am-6pm

Hwy 38 Verona (613) 374-2112 Don 336-2452; Lauder 336-2998 MCDONALDS CORNERS - Carolyn Mark & Tuxedo concert, guest Jenny Whiteley, MERA Schoolhouse, 8pm, $20 at door or pay what you can; 613-268-2376; PLEVNA - FIRST IMPRESSIONS COMMUNITY EXCHANGE presentation by Lyndhurst team about their impressions of Plevna & Ompah, Clar-Mill Hall, 6:30pm, refreshments, public is invited. SHARBOT LAKE - CENTRAL FRONTENAC MINOR SOFTBALL Squirt games, 6:30pm (ages 10 - under 12)

Church, info: 613-336-2467 PARHAM - ODDFELLOWS (MAYFLOWER #297) 120th BIRTHDAY, IOOF hall, music, BBQ, strawberries & ice cream; starts 1pm PARHAM - STEAK BBQ DINNER by Central Frontenac Fire Dept. Station #4, United Church, 5-7pm; $15pp SNOW ROAD SNOWMOBILE CLUB - Open House to celebrate newly renovated facility, 1-3pm, 1106 Gemmills Road VERONA - STRAWBERRY SOCIAL by Portland District & Area Heritage Society, Lions Hall, 11am-3pm; $6; $3 under 12.

Thurs – Sat, June 21, 22 & 23

PALMERSTON LAKE BASS DERBY, Featured Guest. “Big” Jim McLaughlin, under 16 yrs free, $40 includes Sat night dinner. Contact; 1-866-661-4949.

SHARBOT LAKE – “LIVING OUR HISTORY – TOGETHER” Celebration of Algonquin & Settler contributions to the protection of Canada’s borders during the War of 1812 sponsors: Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nation, Northern Connections Adult Learning Centres, The Pioneer Gathering 613-279-2499, or 613-3352565

Friday June 22 ALZHEIMER’S WORKSHOP, free, for family & friends of individuals with dementia, “Making the most of your time together”, 10-2:30, Waterford Retirement Home, 471 Cataraqui Woods Dr. Kingston; presented by Alzheimer’s Society, register Amy 544-3078 x. 202 BELLROCK – CONCERT by “PLASTIC PADDY”, Celtic, country, East Coast music, community hall, 7pm, free-will offering, proceeds to hall. HARROWSMITH - YOUTH DANCE, for ages 9-15, Golden Links hall, 7-10pm, $6 sponsored by Odd Fellows & Rebekahs, Sharon 372-1274; Wayne 358-2533 PLEVNA – BINGO FUNDRAISER for ClarMill volunteer firefighters, 7-9pm, cash prizes, Clar-Mill hall PLEVNA - OPEN-MIKE MUSIC JAM, United Church, 7-9:30pm, sacred & secular music welcome; hosts: Lionel Grimard, Rev. Jean Brown. Light refreshments, free-will offering for the church. Info: 613-336-2516 SHARBOT LAKE – YOUTH DANCE, for grades 5-9, Oso Hall, $6; 6-9pm, sponsor: Northern Frontenac Community Services

Saturday June 23 ARDEN - WALK-A-THON fundraiser for local events by Kennebec Rec Commitee, 9am, pledge sheets: Diane 335-2845, walk to High Falls bridge CLOYNE PIONEER MUSEUM OPENING, 11am –2pm, BBQ and live music. Cloyne Museum/Barrie Community Hall HARLOWE DANCE, w/ Country 4 Band, community centre, $8, 8pm, air-conditioned, lunch, prizes, all welcome. HARROWSMITH - STRAWBERRY & TURKEY SOCIAL, St. Paul’s United Church, 4:306:30pm, $12; children $6. HENDERSON - GIGANTIC YARD SALE, 8am-1pm, community hall, sponsor: United

s ’ lla

Wednesday June 20 CENTRAL FRONTENAC MINOR SOFTBALL, 8:30pm, Sharbot Lake ball park, Sharbot Lake Bantams vs. Amherstview GRIFFITH – PARAMEDICS WELLNESS CLINIC, 11am-1pm, all welcome, Lions Hall; hosted by Northern Lights Seniors; meeting 1pm; music by the Stanleys, non-members welcome with food bank item.

Authorized Agent For:

Have your steaks cut to your liking by our professional butchers


Thursday June 14 CIRCLE SQUARE RANCH - DINNER & MUSIC FUNDRAISER, w/ Clearview Country Gospel, 6:30pm; $12, $6 12yrs & under; 4 & under free, proceeds send children to camp LAND O’ LAKES GARDEN CLUB Pine View Free Methodist Church, Cloyne, 7pm OMPAH – HELEN FORSEY reading from her books “The Caboose at the Cape” and “Eugene Forsey, Canada’s Maverick Sage”, Community Library, 7-8pm, refreshments, all welcome SHARBOT LAKE - CENTRAL FRONTENAC MINOR SOFTBALL Squirt games, 6:30pm (ages 10 - under 12)

Sat & Sun June 16 & 17 ODESSA CAR SHOW, antique cars, trucks, tractors, crafts, flea market, fairgrounds, 613386-7091, in support of University Hospitals Kingston Foundation

JUNE 14, 2012

y Baker afé and

Sat. & Sun. June 23 & 24

Sunday June 24 CRAWFORD’S CEMETERY Decoration Service, 2pm, info: Elaine 613-278-2385 DESERT LAKE - SUNDAY SCHOOL PICNIC for St. Paul’s United Church, Harrowsmith, at Desert Lake Resort; kid-friendly outdoor service 11am, potluck lunch, games, all welcome. ELPHIN PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 166th Anniversary, 11am, guest minister Rev. Bob Hill, luncheon following, all welcome; info: Elaine 613-278-2385

Monday June 25 SHARBOT LAKE – FOOT CARE CLINIC, seniors’ centre, appointment: 613-279-3151

Tuesday June 26 CENTRAL FRONTENAC RAILWAY HERITAGE SOCIETY, Annual General Meeting, 7pm, public welcome; info: 613-279-2777. LAND O’LAKES QUILTERS meet 9am, Pineview Free Methodist Church, Cloyne (lower level). new quilters welcome; info: lolqinfo@

Wednesday June 27 RURAL WOMEN’S GROUP, 2-4pm, Southern Frontenac Community Services, 4419 George St.; free transportation avail: 613-376-6477; 1-800-763-9610, all women welcome SNOW ROAD – FOOT CARE CLINIC, community hall, appointment 613-279-3151.

Thursday June 28 SHARBOT LAKE – FAMILY MOVIE “The Lorax”, Oso Hall 7pm, free, donations welcome; under 12 must be accompanied by adult, info: Child Centre 613-279-2244 SYDENHAM - ALZHEIMER SUPPORT GROUP 7-9pm, Rural VISONS Centre; info: 613-544-3078

Regular Happenings GOLDEN SUNSET CLUB meets 1st Monday of month, Northbrook Lions Hall, noon. Info: 336-2570. Join us for potluck MERA: McDonalds Corners Elphin Recreation & Arts at the Schoolhouse: Quilting 2782943 ; Fibrearts: 278-1203  ; Spinning Group 278-1203

Come Try Our New Summer Menu F resh Baked Goods D aily Open 7 Days a Week, 6am

-8pm Café - 4946 RD. 38 , Harrowsmith 613-3 72-0007 Bakery - 4937 RD. 38, Harrowsmith 61 3-372-5883

Northern Lights Seniors host Paramedic Wellness Clinic O

n Wednesday June 20 the Northern Lights Seniors will be hosting the Renfrew County Paramedics’ Wellness Clinic at the Lions Hall in Griffith from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The clinic is totally free and is not only for those from Renfrew County; everyone is welcome to attend. The clinic has been attended by people from the Denbigh, Vennachar, Harwood Lake, Matawatchan and Griffith areas, to name a few. The paramedics check blood

pressure, pulse, respiration, oxygen saturation, temperature, blood glucose levels and answer questions or concerns from patients. They also work with other community health members. The paramedics are using their time between emergency calls to hold community clinics to provide information and do basic medical assessments in order to help alleviate the need for emergency calls. The intent of the clinics is to help the community

to be healthier. For more information call the Renfrew County Paramedics at 613-7357288. After the clinic, the seniors will hold a brief meeting at 1 pm and after the meeting the group will be entertained by the musical stylings of Susan & Scott Stanley. As always, non-members are welcome with an item for the food bank

Local businesses support the community. Support your local businesses

JUNE 14, 2012



A brief history of Snow Road Snowmobile Club I n 1976 a group of local snowmobilers established the Snow Road Snowmobile Club to organize a network of trails that would link to the neighbouring communities of Ompah, Silver Lake, Sharbot Lake and Robertson Lake. This involved engaging landowners for permission to route trails through their properties or to use concession roads that were unmaintained during the winter season, as well as snow banks along plowed roads. Members met at the home of Ken and Margaret Millar for several years and then purchased vacant property from Dale Gemmill. With many hours of donated labour and generous donations from members of the community, a clubhouse was built in 1978. It was a small building heated with a wood stove and it had no indoor plumbing. It quickly became a hub of activity with fundraising dinners, birthday and anniversary parties and regular potluck dinners. Over the years, with the help of grants and private contributions and fundraising efforts, the club was able to build an access for disabled persons, install indoor plumbing, replace the wood stove with propane heat for safety and connect telephone service. In 1998 the club acquired a large propane stove just in time for its grand initiation as a shelter during the Ice Storm. With the donations of a huge generator to provide power, and large amounts of food, etc. from the Canadian Forces as well as businesses and private individuals, the clubhouse became the community centre where friends and neighbours could meet to enjoy a hot meal and share updates on progress by hydro workers rebuilding the lines, volunteer firemen keeping the elderly or shut-ins supplied with food and water, and the army clearing the downed trees. For over two weeks, club and community volunteers made this a welcoming shelter for residents of Lanark Highlands and North Frontenac. The clubhouse is still a designated shelter for the Township of Lanark Highlands. In April 2011 the club obtained a $60,000 grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to supplement club funds of $23,700 in order to upgrade and expand our building. It is now 2100 square feet. This essentially became a complete overhaul involving total gutting of the structure as the original floor joists were unsafe. Again, local businesses and community members and snowmobilers generously donated skills, labour and materials. Some of these volunteers had helped to build the

original clubhouse. A complete new floor with radiant heat was installed; the kitchen area was expanded; washroom facilities were revamped and the open space was enlarged. Costs escalated as unforeseen expenses such as installation of a new range hood to meet current safety guidelines were required along with an upgrade to the septic system to meet increased capacity. The clubhouse reopened for the 2011/2012 season and held regular fundraising events to rebuild their finances. Club members hosted three fundraising breakfasts for local chari-

ties: Relay for Life, Alzheimer’s Society and Melanoma. The clubhouse continues to be very much an activity centre enjoyed by snowmobilers and non-snowmobilers alike all year. Sledders enjoy access 24/7 during the winter season. The clubhouse is also available for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas parties, family reunions, and as a training facility. The grand re-opening of the Snow Road Snowmobile club will be Sat. June 23, 1 to 3 p.m. with the ribbon cutting at 1:30. Everyone is welcome and there will be refreshments.

Get your tickets now for gala concert of the year T by Jeff Green

he Alzheimer’s Society and Central Frontenac Housing Corporation are teaming up to present a gala concert with a live and silent auction at St. James Major Catholic Church in Sharbot Lake. The concert portion of the evening will feature Oh Susanna, a renowned Canadian recording artist whose latest CD, her 6th recording, is called "Soon the Birds". Performing most often in her adopted home town of Toronto, Oh Susanna, AKA Susie Ungerleider, is also a frequent visitor to Sharbot Lake. Her husband, drummer Cam Giroux, is the son of Marcel and Pam Giroux. Cam was known in his high school days at Sharbot Lake as a musician and rabble rouser. Although she has performed at the Blue Skies, Stewart Park and Elphin Roots festivals and in Ottawa on many occasions, Oh Susanna has never headlined a show in Sharbot Lake before, so this will be welcome homecoming

of sorts. The evening will also include a live auction by well-known auctioneer Garry Drew as well as a silent auction, a raffle, several door prizes and, of course, refreshments. Wine and cheese will be served before the auction and during the intermission as well. Tickets are on sale now for $20, and are available in advance by calling 613-279-2233. $20 covers admission and refreshments and includes eligibility to participate in the auctions as well. Although the event is not scheduled until October 12, don’t wait and find yourself disappointed when the social event of the season comes rolling around after the summer heat has become a foggy memory. For information about Oh Susanna go to her web site – or check her Youtube channel – Ohsusannamusic.


SEPTIC SERVICE LTD. Pumping of septic & holding tanks Licenced by M.O.E. since 1972

(613) 379-2192


MicroFIT & Off-Grid Systems Since 2005 24719 Hwy. 7, Sharbot Lake, ON, K0H 2P0 613-279-1076 or 866-976-3749 e-mail: Electrical Contractor ESA Lic. 7006273


Gray Brothers Construction


HUGH GRAY 613-335-5366


Serving Sharbot Lake & Area Pumps & Pressure Systems, Cottage Winterizing, Faucets & Fixtures, Water Treatment, Industrial Steamer & More.

Luke Smith  613-336-0196  613-279-2092

Let us plumb it right the first time

Licensed Plumbers Water treatment & purification System Pumps and Pressure Systems

(613) - 374 - 3662

WELL DRILLING (613) 524-2079 Fax: (613)524-2081  1-800-465-4927 51 Industrial RD, Perth, Ontario K7H 3P2

(613) 267-1752 Fax: (613) 267-1959  1-866-699-1799 1525 John Counter BLVD, Kingston, ON K7M 3L5

(613) 544-3335 Fax: (613) 544-3304  1-877-544-3335

Rotary Drilling Pressure Grouting Wilf Hall & Sons

McDonalds Corners


Sharbot Lake Lawn Service & Home Maintenance

Established 1994

Free Estimates • Fully insured

Also Serving Verona & Arden Areas COTTAGE Security Checks! Plus     

Grass cutting Trimming Leaf raking Hedge trimming YES, we do windows

    

Spring & Fall cleanup Deck painting Flower beds, Rototilling Snow plowing & Roofs Docks (In & Out)

Wayne & Jodi


Employment Service Resumé Writing | Job Search Strategies | Job Postings

Smart Serve© Responsible Alcohol Beverage Service Training Program


Head Office: 5552 Rue Ste. Catherine, St-Isidore, ON K0C 2B0

by Alice Gilchrist

613-278-2933 1-888-878-2969

Wednesday, June 20  3-6 pm - $35 per person This workshop is for anyone who will be working in areas where alcohol is sold and served under the Liquor Sales License or Special Occasion Permit.

Fall Protection Wednesday, July 4  3-6 pm - $35 per person The Basics of Fall Protection workshop provides the basic knowledge required for construction personnel to work safely in areas exposed to fall hazards. Participants will learn to recognize fall hazards, and identify and apply fall protection controls.

Your job is out there. We’ll help you find it. New Work: Reroofing Asphalt • Cedar • Sheet Metal In Copper • Soffit • Siding Home Maintenance • Repairs Call Sam at 613-335-4301 Arden, ON 27 Years’ Experience

For more information or to register contact the Sharbot Lake Resource Centre at 1099 Garrett Street (613)545-3949 press 3 or email This Employment Ontario program is funded by the Ontario government.



june 14, 2012


celebration of life


Albert Raymond


Happy 11th Birthday

In loving memory of my dear husband, Albert, June 11, 2001

The family of the late Lyn McCullough would like you to join them for a Celebration of his Life, to be held at the RKY Camp in Parham Sunday, June 17 from 4 to 8pm. Bring your fiddles and guitars and enjoy a barbeque, music and memories.

Loving you and missing you always Love, wife Mary and family

Layfield Husband Ron, August 10, 1988 Son Duane, June 13, 2007 Memories are treasures no one can steal Death is a heartache no one can heal

Loved by wife & mother Janet and family OBITUARY

REINECKE, Hilda Hilda passed away peacefully, in Perth hospital, surrounded by the love of her family, on Saturday, June 9, 2012. Hilda Reinecke, of Maberly, in her 83rd year. Mrs. Reinecke was the dear daughter of the late August and Alma Catharine Spille, and the loving wife of the late Walter Albert Reinecke, who predeceased her in 2011. Cherished mother to Juergen (Heike), of Maberly, Guenter (Rosita), and Elke (Christopher) Poppe, all of Germany. Oma will be terribly missed by her 10 grandchildren; Ilona, Percy, Micah, Marcel, Michaela, Thorsten, Tanya, Sara, Moritz, and Max and her 10 great-grandchildren; Teagan, Keeley, Marcus, Travis, William, Eragon, Heiko, Maria, Felix, and Luis. Hilda was also predeceased by her treasured daughter, Anke, in 1968, as well as her brother, Werner. She will be fondly and lovingly remembered by her brothers; Helmut (Lisa), and Richard (Hilda), all of Germany. Hilda found great joy and peace while in the presence of her family and in nature, she expended timeless energy caring for her family, who always were her first priority. Visitation at the O’Dacre Family Funeral Home, 15 Victoria Street, Perth, on Thursday, June 14, from the hours of 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, followed by a service in the O’Dacre Family Chapel, at 12:00 p.m. Interment, at Crawford Cemetery. To honour Hilda and her wishes, donations to the Great War Memorial Hospital Foundation, would be appreciated. Mrs. Reinecke’s funeral arrangements have been entrusted to the care of the O’Dacre Family Funeral Home, Perth  613-267-3082.


Maschke Funeral Home Northbrook



In loving memory of wonderful parents, Roy and Elizabeth Kennedy. Sadly missed by Frona and Francis.


In loving memory of a dear mother, grandmother and great grandmother, Willerene who passed away June 17, 1977 and


In loving memory of a dear husband, father and grandfather, Stanley, who passed away on June 17, 2005.

When days are sad and lonely, And everything goes wrong, We seem to hear you whisper “Cheer up and carry on”. Each time we see your picture, You seem to smile and say, “Don’t cry, we’re in God’s hands, We’ll meet again someday”. Always loved and remembered by Ellamae, Kenneth, Sandra, Roseanne and their children and grandchildren. OBITUARY

MABO, Ernest Charles Ernie passed away peacefully, at Rosebridge Manor, Jasper, on Saturday, June 09, 2012. Ernest Charles Mabo, in his 87th year. He will be sadly missed by Alma, his loving wife of 66 years. Cherished father of his five sons; Keith (Elaine), Mick (Yvonne), David (Saralyn), Don (Debbie), and Terry. Pop will be greatly missed by his grandchildren; Randy, Gerry, Lesley, Chris, Tanya, Amanda, Nick and Joel, and by his great-grandchildren; Aaron, Samantha, Tyler, Cassie, Julenea, Madison, Ben, and T. J. Ernie will be sadly missed by his sister Florence Fisher of Lavant. Following Dad’s wishes, cremation has taken place with a graveside service to be held at Ompah United Cemetery, at 1:00 p.m., on Saturday, June 16th, 2012. In remembrance, donations to the Alzheimer’s Society of Lanark County, would be appreciated. Mr Mabo’s funeral arrangements have been entrusted to the care of the O’Dacre Family Funeral Home, Perth 613-267-3082

(613) 336-6873 1-888-336-3725


Trousdale Funeral home Proudly serving all faiths Pre-Arranged Funeral Plans

Sydenham, On 613-376-3022

Serving the area for over 100 years.

David Goodfellow Owner/Managing Director

Parham, Ontario


Madison Cowdy June 19/12 All our love Dad, Mom, Morgan & Macy CARD OF THANKS

Thank You – Harvey The family of the late Mildred Mae Harvey would like to thank relatives and friends for the many cards, condolences, phone calls and food. A special thank you to Dr. Kennedy & staff at Providence Care in Kingston. Your kindness and excellent care to our mother meant so much to us. Thank you to Rev. Patsy Henry for the lovely service and to Gilbert Whan for the music; to the United Church women for the lovely luncheon; and to Goodfellow’s Funeral Home for all their help to us. Your kindness will always be remembered. God bless you all. Shirley, Gerald, Robert, Douglas and families

A Promise for You “Jesus then told them a parable on the need for them to always pray and not lose heart” Luke 18: 1 IN memoriam In memory of

Lendon Vinkle who passed away June 14, 2011 This day is remembered and quietly kept No words are needed, we will never forget For those we love don’t go away They walk beside us every day. Unseen and unheard but always near So missed and loved and always dear.

Sadly missed by niece Sylvia Cota

Eastern Cowboy Family Fun Day fundraiser S

heba’s Haven (Palliative Dog) Rescue is holding a fundraising event at Eastern Cowboy Horseback Adventures. The 3rd Annual Family Fun Day and BBQ will be held on Saturday, June 16 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. There will be live modern country and classic rock music by Rock Bottom. Pony rides and photos, kids’ activity corral, family dress-up photos, clown, face painting, lassoing, cookie decorating, silent auction, Chinese auction, animal welfare groups, refreshments. Rain or shine. Free admission and parking. Activities by freewill donation. Eastern Cowboy is located at 1398A Cronk Road, Parham, www., 613-375-6467.


By Sara Carpenter

ould there be a better season for Father’s Day? Maybe it’s not official, but Sunday is going to be full-on summer. Time for beaches, baseball and barbecue; time to kick back, relax and unwind. If there’s barbecue going on at your place this weekend and you want to kick it up a notch from burgers and dogs, here’s a roast than any dad would love. You can do it in the oven while you sip cool drinks on the deck, or do it on the barbie to keep the heat outside. No matter who’s doing the cooking, the citrus- and fennel-spiked marinade will make this pork roast juicy and mouth-wateringly good. Nowadays, pork is pretty lean, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good, because lean pork is lower in saturated fat, but bad if you’re a meat lover. Fat-marbled meats baste themselves from within as they cook, but without fat’s protection, leaner cuts can become dry. Two things work in pork’s favour in this recipe: the marinade, which carries flavor right into the meat, and the fact that pork doesn’t have to be cooked to death any more to be safe, at least according to the USDA. Cooking to 145°F with three minutes’ standing time is as safe as cooking to 160°F, says the agency. Canada hasn’t yet adopted the lower temperature, but many grateful cooks already have. On the side, we have orzo, a miniature pasta that can emulate risotto without the bother. Unlike risotto, which is a creamy rice dish that requires special rice and needs a lot of tending, orzo is as easy to make as spaghetti. It tastes very neutral, so it takes well to a variety of flavours. I’ve chosen asparagus and roasted red pepper, but you could use any favourite cooked vegetable and it would be delicious. I do find fresh herbs bring it to life, so try to throw in some parsley or chives at the end for a taste of the garden.

SAVOURY ROAST PORK WITH ORZO Makes 4 servings 8-24 hours before serving: Trim fat from a 1.2 kg (2 1/2 lb.) boneless pork loin roast. Place in a large sealable plastic bag. In a food processor or blender, combine 2 tbsp. fennel seeds, crushed; 2 tbsp. balsamic vinegar; 1 tbsp. grated zest from 1 orange; 2 tbsp. orange juice; 1/4 tsp. salt; 1/4 tsp. pepper, 4 cloves garlic, rough chopped; blend until combined. Add 1/4 c. olive oil; process until smooth. Add the marinade to the pork, squishing the bag to cover all surfaces. Seal, place in a pan to catch any drips, and refrigerate until cooking time, turning once or twice. To roast: Preheat oven to 325°F. Drain the pork, discarding the marinade. Place the roast in a small roasting pan or on a rimmed baking sheet to fit. Bake for 1 to 1 1/2 hours, or until a meat thermometer inserted in the thickest part of the roast reads 145°F (or 160°F if you prefer – see above). Remove from the oven, cover with foil and let rest for 15 minutes. Slice and serve with orzo on the side. (To prepare on the barbecue, prepare a ring of medium-low-heat coals. Place a drip pan under the pork. Roast using indirect heat; the timing will be about the same.) Orzo: Meanwhile, grill the vegetables for the orzo. Heat the grill to medium-high. Quarter lengthwise and remove the stem and seeds from 1 sweet red pepper. Toss the pepper and 8 fat stalks asparagus with olive oil to coat; season with salt and pepper. Grill for 5 or 6 minutes or until tender, turning as needed; transfer to a plate to cool. When cool enough to handle, chop vegetables into smallish pieces and set aside. Shortly before serving, add 300 g orzo to a big pot of boiling, salted water. Reduce heat to medium-high; cook for about 8 minutes, or until al dente (barely tender). Drain in a fine sieve, reserving a little of the cooking water. Chop a handful of flat leaf parsley, stems removed (or other favourite fresh herbs). Return the cooked orzo to the cooking pot, along with the parsley; 2 tbsp. soft butter; grated zest of a lemon; 2 tbsp. Parmesan cheese and chopped grilled vegetables. Stir gently until mixed, adding a splash of cooking water if it seems too dry.


june 14, 2012

Railway crossings need repairs -

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Central Frontenac Council, June 12


by Julie Druker

ouncil was made aware of improvements that need to be undertaken at the Eagle Lake and Crow Lake railway crossings after Canadian Pacific railway staff deemed both unsafe. The concerns raised by CPR staff at the Eagle Lake crossing were about unsafe sight lines and CP staff suggested that rock removal and brushing were both required at that site. Central Frontenac Public Works Manager Mike Richardson also suggested paving 80 feet of Eagle Lake Road where it crosses the tracks, which he said would go a long way in reducing future maintenance there. CP staff also recommended arms with flashing lights at the Crow Lake Road crossing since they would improve visibility and alleviate the need for more costly rock removal to improve sight lines there. Council passed a motion approving immediate improvements at the Crow Lake crossing and accepted the remainder of the report for information. Positive meeting of County's public works managers A recent meeting on June 6 of public works managers from the Frontenac townships was deemed by Richardson to have been a positive experience that led to positive discussions regarding areas of common interest and the many possible advantages of working together. “We were able to come up with some possible scenarios of how we might better be able to work together in areas of roads, waste sites and purchases as well as on long term projects and issues like education and policy”, Richardson said. Activity Report Richardson reported that his staff have put down calcium on 50% of the township's roads to control dust. An alternate product called magnesium chloride which is less corrosive and which is deemed to be 59% more effective had been suggested by Councilor Jeff Matson at an earlier council meeting. The substance has been tested by road staff on a 12 kilometre stretch of the Bell Line Road. The results are pending. Arden Road Construction All of the sub-base work has been complet-

NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND OTHERS All claims against the Estate of Ida Pearl Lyons, late of the Township of North Frontenac, who died on or about May 10, 2012 must be filed with the undersigned personal representative on or before July 24, 2012. Thereafter the undersigned will distribute the assets of the said estate having regard only to the claims then filed. Leonard Gordon Lyons Executor, by his solicitor Leonard G. Bryan, Barrister and Solicitor Box 669, Tweed, Ontario K0K 3J0

TOWNSHIP OF CENTRAL FRONTENAC Sharbot Lake, ON. K0H 2P0 Tel. 613-279-2935 Fax 613-279-2422



Jun 26 Cancelled.

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URCA Housing

Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 (rain date June 26)

Pot Luck supper at 5:30. BBQ hamburgs and hot dogs supplied. Meeting at 6:00. All interested parties welcome. Location: 3496 Flinton Road

Jul 10 4:00p.m. – Council Meeting 5998 Arden Road, Arden Ontario Aug 14 4:00p.m. – Council Meeting 1107 Garrett St., Sharbot Lake Ontario Aug 28 Cancelled Sep 11 4:00p.m. – Council Meeting 1107 Garrett St., Sharbot Lake Ontario Sep 25 4:00p.m. – Council Meeting 1025 Oak Flats Raod, Piccadilly The public is welcome at all meetings

Committee of Adjustment Meetings July 19th, August 9th, September 13th 6:00p.m, Oso Community Hall 1107 Garrett St., Sharbot Lake Ontario

ed on the Arden Road and treatment to the surface will begin when Crains' Construction completes current work at Seeley's bay Elizabeth Street Richardson reported that the second stage of the archeological study required for improvements and storm sewer reconstruction on Elizabeth Street in Sharbot Lake is currently underway. Street Lights on Hwy. 509 discussed: Council had an in depth discussion regarding a request from a resident that two lights be installed on Hwy. 509, one at Hwy. 7 and the second at Ardoch Road. Council debated the issue and the cost, which has not been budgeted for. A preliminary motion approving the immediate installation of one light at Ardoch Road at an estimated cost of $3600, with staff being directed to contact MTO about installing a second light on Hwy 7, was defeated. Mayor Gutowski then suggested a motion requesting to install a light at Ardoch Road for 2013 and to contact the MTO about the installation of a light at Hwy 7. Councilor Frances Smith was opposed to the delay, saying, "In the meantime accidents could happen there in the next year". In the end council passed a motion to defer the final motion until staff had a chance to review the budget numbers. Boat ramp repairs Council passed a motion to repair the boat ramps at Kennebec and Clear Lakes at an estimated cost of $10,000 each.

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TOWNSHIP OF ADDINGTON HIGHLANDS Tracy Park Skate Park Groundskeeper The Corporation of the Township of Addington Highlands seeks one individual to fill the position of “Groundskeeper” for the Tracy Park - Skate Park, located in Northbrook, Ontario from June to September, 2012. Tenders must be received at the Township office, Flinton, ON, on or before 16:00 on June 26, 2012. Interested parties must submit a contract agreement on the appropriate form, available at the Township Office in Flinton, to the address below and must be legally permitted to work in Canada. Information gathered relative to this position is done so in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will only be used for candidate selection purposes. All applicants are thanked for their interest in applying for this position but only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. The Corporation of the Township of Addington Highlands P. O. Box 89, 72 Edward Street, Flinton, ON K0H 1P0 T: 613-336-2286  F: 613-336-2847



Orchids blooming at Purdon Conservation area T

he Showy Lady’s Slipper orchids are blooming at Purdon Conservation Area. Plan your trip now; the orchids flower for only three weeks, from mid-June to early July. The site is owned and operated by Mississippi Valley Conservation (MVC). The conservation authority owns 410 hectares of conservation area lands within the Mississippi River watershed. Conservation Areas play an important role providing a publicly accessible, inexpensive venue for outdoor recreation and nature appreciation while

june 14, 2012

the plants and wildlife and tell the Purdon story. The orchid colony exists today thanks to the care and cultivation of Mr. Joe Purdon—the conservation area is a truly amazing legacy of this local stewardship pioneer. If you would like to support the upkeep of the conservation area, why not Adopt an Orchid? For $50, your name or that of a loved one will be

protecting areas of natural significance. At Purdon visitors can stroll along an accessible boardwalk for an up-close view of the flowers. The Ted Mosquin Highland Trail is a more challenging 1.3 km route alongside Purdon Lake and into the woodland that surrounds the orchid colony. Interpretive signs that lead you through the site identify

commemorated on a cedar plaque affixed to an “Orchid Tree” on the site. This unique wetland habitat is located north of the village of Lanark off County Road 8. The boardwalk, lower parking lot and washrooms are wheelchair accessible. Bus tours are welcome. Admission is by donation and the site is open dawn to dusk. Visit the MVC website at for regular Bloom Updates. For more information about MVC conservation areas or the Adopt an Orchid program, contact Suzanne McFarlane at 613-259-2421 ext. 225 or

Father’s Day Father & Child Look-A-Like Contest

Father Rick Boswell, daughter Alexandra

Father Dustin Cowdy, son Remington

Father Lonnie Cowdy, son Dawson

Father Martin Cowdy, son Dustin

Father Claude Fox, son Steve

Father Ryan Harpell, daughter Sophie Shelley-Harpell

Father Roger Huneault (right), son Roland

Father Joe Mallett, son Ryder

Father Jason McCullough, son Gavin

Father Jamie McCullough, daughter Olive

Father Scott Meldrum, daughter Aurora

Father Robert Price, son Blake

Father Jamie Riddell, son Aiden

Father Joshua Rising, son Riddic

Father Avery Rosenblath, son Denver

And the winners are:

Congratulations to Ryan Harpell and his daughter Sophie Shelley-Harpell, and Jamie Riddell and his son Aiden. Each father and child pair wins a $25 gift certificate to a restaurant of their choice. Thanks to everyone for all the great photos. It was a really tough decision and if you think we made the wrong choices you’re right.


june 14, 2012


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june 14, 2012

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local distributor

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Accessible with support person

Big changes proposed for South Frontenac Waste system Committee of the Whole June 12 -


by Wilma Kenny

ublic Works Manager Mark Segsworth and Guy Laporte of AECOM brought a draft review of waste disposal site operations for Council’s consideration, prior to seeking public input. The report listed three primary options: 1) Status Quo - maintain current levels of service, continue to export South Storrington’s waste, and as disposal sites fill and are closed, export the waste. Landfill capacity would be used up after 17 years, and the estimated 20-year cost is $16.6 million. 2) Export Option: close all landfill sites at once, and commence exporting. Estimated 20-year cost is $20 million. 3) Recommended Option (as described below), which would provide landfill capacity until 2032. The estimated 20-year cost is $9.5 million. This recommended options include closing the Green Bay and Bradshaw sites in Bedford District and decreasing operating costs by landfilling Storrington’s waste in South Frontenac rather than transporting it to a transfer station in Kingston. As well, public disposal of waste would be limited to one day per week, and disposal options would be reduced. Weigh scales would also be installed so that tipping fees can be based on weight, and more efficient filling, compacting and covering procedures are proposed for the waste sites. Secondary recommendations include: more public information and promotion of recycling, in order to minimize the considerable

amount of recyclable material still going into landfill, better fencing and security at landfill sites, and studies to document the types and origins of waste coming into landfills. After discussion, Council received the report, which will now go out for public input before being brought back to Council for final approval and implementation. Response to MOE re Portland Waste Site Mark Segsworth, in discussion with the Public Services Committee, brought to Council three recommended actions for addressing surface and ground water issues at the Portland waste disposal site: water level management, partial capping, and closing the site to the public and diverting all public use of the site to alternate township sites. “Approximately 20% of the waste coming into the Portland site is from (township) collec-

by Jeff Green o Crivellaro had a return engagement at Central Frontenac Council this week. A 14-year resident of the township, Crivellaro appeared before council last month. On that occasion she made comments about township employees Mike Richardson and Kyle Labette that led Mayor Gutowski to warn her that there may be legal consequences to what she was saying. This time, Crivellaro read from a prepared statement, levelling a number of attacks on the way the township waste sites are managed, the way roadsides are brushed, and at the way Mayor Gutowski has responded to her concerns.


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“I have made complaints; the policies and procedures of our dumps are putting our employees at risk; certain employees at our dumps are putting fellow employees and the public at risk; the terrible mess of the clearing of the brush at the sides of roads; the lack of clearing of brush that is blocking views at important intersections in various villages in our township; the bathrooms at Sharbot Lake beach being locked on the May 24 weekend; the raft not being in the water; bathrooms without doors, the list goes on …” Among her allegations was one that there has been drinking on the job at township waste sites. As far as Mayor Gutowski is concerned, Crivellaro accused her of turning a “blind

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n Fri. June 8 OPP officers were dispatched to the scene of a fatal single vehicle collision on Henderson Road at about 3:51 p.m. The accident occured approximately one and a half kilometres north of Highway 7 in the township of Central Frontenac. A vehicle owned and driven by Clyde Bowering, aged 81 years, of New York State, was traveling north on Henderson Road when the vehicle entered the west ditch and struck a rock face. Mr Bowering was pronounced dead at the scene. His wife, the front seat passenger, was taken to hospital for observation. She was subsequently released. Mr and Mrs Bowering were the only people in the car.

Ranbir and Rupinder Kaillon (Ram & Rimpy) of Sharbot Lake are proud to announce the graduation of their daughter, Mehar Kaillon, from the University of Ottawa on May 22nd 2012. Convocation ceremony was held on June 4, 2012 at the National Arts Centre, Ottawa.

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Mehar graduated with an Honours Degree in the discipline of Health Sciences. Mehar now intends to further climb the academic ladder by pursuing a Post-Graduate / Doctoral Degree within the Scientific field of study.

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eye to the fact that there are people in job positions that they shouldn’t be in.” She also said that instead of taking complaints from the public seriously, Gutowski turns on those who complain. “You repeatedly said that your employees were working on ‘an act of faith’. Basically you give them a job and you trust them to do it. When people complain, you point the finger at the complainers. That seems to be a big part of the problem,” Crivellaro said. She concluded her remarks by addressing council as a whole, accusing them of complacency. “I would like anyone here on council, who feels that perhaps, they have not earned their paycheque, or that their services might be more valued elsewhere, to make that move now,” she said. When Jo Crivellaro was finished speaking, Council voted to receive her presentation, without comment.

Fatal collision in CF

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Mayor Davison called a brief meeting of council, in which CAO Wayne Orr and the Mayor were authorized to enter into a new contract with Percy Snider for the administration and grounds maintenance of the Sydenham Cemetery for the period June 13, 2012 - April 2013. This contract will offer the same financial terms as the previous one, but will require prompt installation of all outstanding corner posts, maintenance of improved records, including mapping, and a 90-day notice provision should the contractor choose to withdraw from the contract. The Cemetery Board will be responsible to ensure these new provisions are adhered to, and will draw up a proposal for an alternate service model for the Sydenham cemetery, to be tendered prior to the expiry of the present contract.

Central Frontenac resident blasts silent council

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tion vehicles,” noted Segsworth: “All the rest is from the public at large.” These courses of action will be presented to the Ministry of the Environment later this month. Township Signs Council chose, with some recommended changes, designs for new signs to be posted at all 39 road entrances to South Frontenac Township. Lake Association ‘Gathering’ Deputy Mayor McDougall suggested that Council invite representatives from local lake associations to meet with council, perhaps in August, to discuss areas of mutual concern, such as waste disposal, 2012 budget, lane assistance recent Official Plan amendments, and burning regulations, etc. Special Meeting of Council Following the Committee of the Whole,

Bhagwant and Daljit ( G/Dad and G/Mum ), Dad & Mom, Nishan, Jass, Sukhi, Sunny, Amrit, Rishi, Gian and Boris too ! :) Mehar  Kaillon  B.Sc (Hon)

Vol.12 No.23  

Frontenac News Vol.12 No.23 - Jun 24/12