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2018 Pennsylvania LGBTQA Rights Questionnaire Front & Centre is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit promoting and expanding LGBTQA rights in Centre County, Pennsylvania. We accomplish this in part by educating our residents on issues facing the LGBTQA community and informing them of their legislators’ stances in the General Assembly. For us to promote and expand LGBTQA rights in Centre County we need to also rely on representatives outside of Centre County. You are receiving this questionnaire because you are a candidate for the House of Representatives. Below is a list of ten (10) bills currently in the Pennsylvania legislature. We would like to know how you would vote on these bills if they were reintroduced and you were elected, assuming there are no significant amendments to them. If you are unfamiliar with a particular bill, clicking on their Printer Number will open a link to it. Because bills must be approved in both the House and Senate, it is pertinent to answer on all the bills, which are presented without preference and in numerical order by House Printer Number. Please click the box under ‘Yea’ or ‘Nay’ to designate your vote and send this file back to us at the email address Thank you. Deadline: 13 October 2018 Midnight Name of Person Filing: Wendy Ullman Position of Person Filing Within Campaign: Campaign Steering Committee Member Bill Number and Description HB 196: Establish a statewide needle exchange program. HB 306: Disclose HIV status of incarcerated people to all interacting officers. HB 505/803/SB 96: Add sexual orientation, gender identity to protected classes. HB 855/1349: Increase requirements for child welfare intervention. HB 861: Preempt municipal labor mandates, including workplace anti-discrimination. HB 1107/1112: Mandate coverage of PrEP/PEP, HIV prevention/management drugs. HB 1177/SB 44: Ban conversion therapy for minors. HB 1410/SB 613: Ban employment/housing/accommodation LGBTQA discrimination. HB 1933: Deny Medicaid/CHIP transgender healthcare assistance for minors. SB 24: Allow healthcare providers to deny services based on moral/religious beliefs.

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Wendy Ullman (HD143) Front & Centre 2018 Pennsylvania LGBTQA Rights Questionnaire  

Wendy Ullman (HD143) Front & Centre 2018 Pennsylvania LGBTQA Rights Questionnaire