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Honda FC Sport - A Car Joshua Brown asks: Is this the future for both hydro greener supercar ethos?


onda summed up their creation with these few, but inspirational words: “Imagine beating your best lap time while hearing nothing but the tires rubbing the tarmac and the quiet buzz of the high-torque electric motors. Picture a true no-holds-barred supercar with all the speed, handling and sleek looks of today’s fastest sports cars, yet without the noise, heat, vibration and emissions of the internal-combustion engine.”

But what is really, really impressive is the fact that all that comes out of the exhaust is H2O.Yes that’s right people a sports car that feels, looks and runs like just like a sports car should, but at the same time emits nothing but water vapour into the atmosphere. A spokesperson for Honda, said: “We don’t think that this is the future for sports cars, and indeed all cars, we know that it is. Here at Honda we’re committed to establishing the next generation of vehicles and putting that

The FC part of its name stands for Fuel Cell as that is what the concept of the car is all about. Some believe the most impressive aspect of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell is its ability to enable motor driven cars to keep up with supercar royalty such as Lamborghini

commitment into practice. We picture all petrol stations being turned into Hydrogen stations, like the few we already have. We believe that this is the future.” The Honda FC Sport concept car was first unveiled at the world renowned Los Angeles auto show in 2008. In the auto world this magnificent machine was described as a cross between the Honda CRX – one of Honda’s existing sports cars – and the FCX Clarity which is Honda’s most impressive and popular Hydrogen Fuel cell car. Although it uses a very similar fuel cell to that in the FCX Clarity the FC Sport concept is a completely different take on a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. The FCX Clarity is aimed at families and city slickers alike with its five door user-friendly design. Whereas the FC Sport boasts an impressive array of interior gadgetry features, a low centre of gravity and impressive top speeds. It is more likened to a sports coupe. This is evident in the positioning of its three seats; one in the front and two in the back. It’s almost a tribute to the brilliant McLaren F1.

Aerial View: fighter jet style cockpit


That Runs On Water? gen fuel cells and a

The impressive design elements don’t stop there. The team at Honda’s Advanced Design Studio in Pasadena, California, have gone to town on the FC Sport’s incredible features. The canopy that stretches the length of the car opens in an upward motion, similar to that of a Harrier Jet. The low profile design is testament to the flexibility of fuel cell packaging. Designers are starting to envisage a fuel cell between the rear seats, a lithium-ion battery in

ity, therefore giving it better traction and as a result an overall better handling car.

the middle of the car, and an electric motor just ahead of the rear axle. This design is more impressive than any piston-powered sports car because the small Fuel Cell Stack allows for the car to retain a lower centre of grav-

There’s no denying that this car is a work of genius. The task the Honda team have managed to overcome is astonishing - but the question still battles its way through: will this believed future actually become a reality?

“We believe that this is the future.”

High Power: unique electric motors


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