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WWW.K12TECHREPAIRS.COM Find us at School technology repair done right: •Local •Fast •Dependable •Customizable *K-12 Tech is a full life cycle service company. Repairs, Buy Back, White Glove, Sales, eRecycling available.
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Accidental Damage Protection

K-12 Tech offers accidental damage protection, or ADP, which covers device repairs for an agreed upon period of time such as 1-4 years. Plans are customized to fit each school's individual needs.

How can we fit your needs? Read on to see which scenario your school might fit into.

I need accidental damage protection for the entire life cycle of my newly purchased devices. With K-12 Tech's ADP coverage, we can underwrite a repair contract that best fits your school's needs

I need accidental damage protection for my devices that parents can opt-in and pay for themselves. K-12 Tech's newly remodeled, easy-to-use 'parent portal' creates a seamless experience for parents to cover their child's device. No work on the part of the school and no hassle for parents.

I need repairs done on an as-needed basis. K-12 Tech offers a la carte repairs as well as tailored contracts that allow your school to pay per repair rather. than one upfront cost.

What makes our services better?

K-12 Tech's regional network of repair centers is designed with schools in mind.:

No deductible Unlimited claims

Unmatched turnaround time Quality repairs guaranteed

Local pick up/drop off available in

Easy to use customer portal

Newly revamped parent portal

Best customer service from

Access to our entire suite of

8+ states people who care about your school's needs services that make managing your one-to-one easy

Director of

ASP Certifications

Get those warranty repairs done your school! How? K-12 Tech is AS Acer®, Lenovo®, and Apple®. This means that we can perform your in-warranty repairs at no cost to your school as the cost of these repairs is billed directly to the OEM through which the warranty is held.

*K-12 Tech can now process Apple warr through a third-party affiliate company. K-12 Tech is the only company that offers ASP repairs with all of the above OEMs.

K-12 Tech is currently working toward ASP certification for HP to provide our schools with more support for all their devices by the end of the year.

*Our repair services are offered both locally and via mail-in services. If your school district is in one of our 9+ states or a neighboring territory, then your school is eligible to be put on our weekly route, picking up and dropping off devices for repair on a weekly basis. Map of territories included on page 5 or contact us today to find out which type of service your school is eligible for.

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Local Repairs

It doesn't get any easier than this!


Enter broken device into our brand new device tracking software

Place device in provided K-12 Tech tub STEP 2


Our driver picks up tub on scheduled day and time each week


Devices are returned fully repaired and ready to get back in students' hands

It's easy to submit a new device for repair and it's picked up so quickly! I am especially impressed with the turnaround for repaired devices. Everything I've submitted has been fixed as economically as possible and everything works perfectly when it comes back. So glad I found out about K-12 Tech!

Sarah, Tech Specialist

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Enter broken device into our brand new repair tracking software STEP 1 Mail In Repairs Print provided shipping label and ship device(s) STEP 2 Keep track of your devices and repairs with our repair tracking software STEP 3 Devices are returned fully repaired and ready to get back in students' hands STEP 4 An easy option for schools outside of our local territories Repaired and returned to your door faster than the competition! How? Our regional network of repair depots means we have access to bulk parts ordering and more techs. More parts + more technicians = faster repairs done right. Page 4

Parts, Devices and Accessories

Buying from us means you receive your orders quickly, receive friendly, always available customer service and our partnerships allow us to sell to you at the most competitive prices you'll find.

Contact us today to speak to a sales representative about placing your order.

Our platform is the only one that allows schools to receive bulk pricing directly from our site..

Authorized reseller of:

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*+Brenthaven, Gumdrop and Maxcases

Buy Back Services

K-12 Tech buys devices at the end of their life cycle. Receive the most for your tech.

Receive cash or credit towards repairs for your old devices.

Our simple, straight forward purchase criteria is transparent, so you know exactly the amount you will get for your tech. Devices are bought simply as either 'working/not broken' or 'not working/broken.'

Want to keep more money in your technology budget? Receive a cash value as well as a credit value on any buyback quote from K-12 Tech Credit can be used toward: repairs, white glove services, parts, cases or accessories.

Plus, if you ' re located in one of our 9+ states or a neighboring district, we'll come pick it up!

Get a quote today by filling our our buyback form on our website at www.k12techrepairs.com

Click Services>Device Buyback

Our buyback team looks forward to working with you!

Here's what one happy customer had to say about working with K-12 Tech for their buy backs:

As a note, if the only issue with the device is locks/enrollment, we will provide a list of serial numbers to the school. If able to remove from console, then those devices will qualify for a "working" grade.

Devices do not need to be unlocked prior to pickup.

Normal order is received, logged, graded, sent to school, spot check after removed, payment.

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K12 Tech Repairs was great to work with. We put all our chromebooks in one room and they came out and took care of the rest! We got top dollar for our buyback devices and saved countless man hours. Highly recommended.

Buy Back Criteria

1Working/Not Broken

Completely Functional

No cracks

Minimal dust under screen

No dead spots on touch LCD

Minimal dead pixels/LCD spots

Minimal light diffusion/shadowing

All ports functional

All buttons functional

Secure hinges

Fully functional camera

Fully functional trackpad Scratches shorter than 1" No more than 3 scratches

2Not Working/Broken

Not completely functional

Major damage/cracks

Device is MDM/DEP or activation locked

Broken/not working buttons

Broken/not working ports

Broken/not working screen Damaged hinge Lines through LCD Excessive dead pixels

Heavy shadowing/light diffusion

Scratches longer than 1" More than 3 scratches

with cash or credit toward any of our products or services

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White Glove Services

The goal of white glove services is to make it easy for schools and students to get up and running with their new devices as quickly and smoothly as possible, so that they can start using them right away to enhance their learning experience.

Here's how it works:

1) Purchase your devices and have them sent to one of K-12 Tech's repair depots.

2) Your devices are unboxed, tested, enrolled into your school's domain, asset tagged, charged to at least 80%.*

3) Devices are delivered ready to go to your school along with a list of serial numbers for your convenience.

*If cases are also purchased, then these will be installed as well. Reach out today and get quoted on these services for your school district at www.k12techrepairs.com or 800-630-4955.

Page 8 eRecycling Doyouhaveelectronicspiledupinastorageroom thatyou'reunsurehowtogetridof?Contactus todaytoscheduleaneRecyclingpickup.

Map of Locations

Helping the community by being a part of the community

With our local presence, we can offer plans tailored to your school district. Every school has different needs and it is our goal to fit those needs and serve our schools and the communities around them.

Local services currently available in: Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri., Florida, Lousiana and Utah For a comprehensive list of territories included, contact a sales staff member: email: info@k12techrepairs com phone: 800-630-4955

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Repair Tracking Software

Asset Management Repair Tracking Bulk Data Management Cloud Based Detailed Reporting Mass Assignment
Tech partners with RepairWatch to provide
to use customer
for our customers to easily track repair
free of charge
our customers.
this provided portal include:
an easy
status, pay invoices,
history. This
is provided
to all of
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K-12 Tech takes its role in the education realm seriously with the knowledge that the quality of our services directly affects teachers' abilities to run their classrooms. Our mission and goal is to make one-to-one easy so as to support education in K-12 school systems and keep one-to-one devices in student hands.

Our Mission
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