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How did you each begin cloth diapering?

be doing that for long,” and declared that Target diapers were the best at avoiding blowouts. Eighteen months later, I remind Kelly: I got into cloth diapering because her we still don’t have blowouts and we are Lisa loaned me diapers for my baby while going strong! She is actually proud to tell on maternity leave. It only took one day, her friends that I still cloth diaper and refer and I was hooked. I did not cloth diaper people to me often. my four older children but wanted to reduce my impact on the earth. My husWhat is the leading piece of advice band wasn’t as convinced until he learned you have for parents just starting that disposable diapers can take up to 500 years to biodegrade. And I told him that their cloth diapering journey? I had gotten rid of all the disposable dia- Our best suggestion is to try many differpers in the house. He now is a supporter ent brands, because what works for one baby might not work for others. Get them of cloth diapers. used so you can test them, and then you Lisa: I always knew I would cloth diaper can invest in more diapers after finding the my kid, from the time I was a teenager. I perfect one for your baby. helped to cloth diaper my nephews and nieces, so disposables seem a little weird to me. Cloth diapers have changed a lot from 20 years ago (when my first nephews and nieces were born), but they have only gotten better and easier to use. I also like the fact that cloth diapering is easier on my baby’s bottom and that I never have to worry about running out of diapers.

Do either of you have a funny story or anecdote that illustrates your experience with cloth diapering?

What is the most challenging part of balancing family and the business? The most rewarding?

Kelly: Mostly we balance work and family pretty well. I have five children from 18 years to 18 months, so I rely on my husband and kids to help out. Most of the time things go well, but if there is a hiccup, I try to take it all in stride.

Lisa: The most rewarding is when families tell us how much we have been able to help Lisa: Not really! People often expect cloth them. We have currently been able to help diapering to be hard, but it’s not hard; it’s 11 families, with two already returning our just normal. I can tell you a great story diapers. They are so happy to be able to borabout the time we went out of town for row our diapers, they got their stash built up a week and used disposables. Every day, and they are now diaper independent. we had to wash our son’s clothes out in the bathtub, because he would get poop How do you find time for yourself? everywhere! One day, he pooped on my Lisa: Time with my family is time for myself. husband as they were leaving to meet me Occasionally, I sneak away for a pedicure, for lunch. My husband was so grossed out but that is pretty rare. that he handed me the baby and the diaper bag and turned around to go back to the Kelly: I try to find some time for myself in hotel to get cleaned up. There I was, in the the evenings after all have gone to bed. I middle of downtown Jefferson City, on a like to try to read or just watch useless TV— warm April day, trying to clean a baby up something easy to unwind from the day. on a park bench. Yuck! We were so glad to What advice do you have for get back home to real diapers!

moms starting a non-profit or business? Kelly: My sister-in-law teased me when we went to visit the family two weeks after my son was born. She said, “Oh you won’t


Network, network, network. Partners make all the difference in success!



STILL ON THE FENCE ABOUT MAKING THE SWITCH? Turn to page 14 for a comparison of reusable vs. cloth diapers.

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From the Nest - Summer 2013  

An invaluable resource for fellow parents in Southwest Missouri through offering tips and information on child rearing, finance management,...

From the Nest - Summer 2013  

An invaluable resource for fellow parents in Southwest Missouri through offering tips and information on child rearing, finance management,...