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Old Ireland Eoghan Lyng Will you tell me where my country lies beyond this wall of tears? The saints and scholars who adorned the place have taken to their beers. The land, once filled with grass and trees, has turned into a void. Enterprisal governments at once both cool and coy. And the workers wash their socks and shoes, hoping for a kiss, And dream of ‘Tir na N­og’ and a better life than this. I watch these brave souls from afar, thinking of the past, These people and their lives are dying, how could they ever last? As the bars are filled with martyrs fighting for their cause, Where once they asked for an ego boost and a round of applause, Now they’re satisfied with another pint and Mary’s lovely smile, Before they throw their rotting corpse on the always­churning pile Of those sick and buried, from the paw prints of another life, Jimmy used to own a ‘Mistubishi’, now all he has is his wife And she’s smiling from the offset, but her eyes have seen younger days, His mother is the only one who fills his soul with praise. The rest is filled with Guinness and other brands of stout, And he’ll never really know what life is all about, While tax evasion schemes in ‘The Independent’ cry aloud, Ireland’s national anthem’s played ­ and how! The tiger’s sailed his boat away. Drink up dear friends! That’s where he’ll stay.

Eoghan Lyng is an Irish man and sometime poet. Graduating with a B.A in English and Irish, Lyng left University College Cork with his copy of 'De Profundis' with him, a copy his library desperately want returned!


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