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CHI PSI Fraternity Summer Live in Application Deadline: May 3rd, 2010 Fun Chairs: Alex Fromm and David Fantham (425)-949-2125


Be creative here! This is how we are going to get to know you before we really know you! Name Year Phone # Email

Who do you want to live with this summer? What size of room? (2, 3 or 4)

Are you in a Dorm, Apartment, or Sorority? Which one?

Any friends, pals, cousins, or lovers who are Chi Psi’s?

Why did you choose the Lodge over other summer Housing?

Over this Summer will you be . . . Yes Working?


Going to School? Sun bathing with a Corona?

What is your favorite Will Ferrell Movie?

Hours per week

Have you ever been ruined or set free by Chi Psi “Blue Juice�? If so please elaborate in detail.

If you were a dinosaur what type would you be and why?

Let your Creative Side out! In the space provided please draw a picture, attach a photo of good times, tell a story, or leave us with anything else you would like us to know!

Chi Psi Live In Application 2010  

The Chi Psi Summer Live-In Application

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