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Hey, on the other side


Hey, on the other side A plasticine story about friendship and compassion written by IGOR FARBAZHEVICH illustrated by NADIA KOVALIOVA

bly, a lonely star lives on the Potherobar side - thinks Little Fox, while

standing on the bank of the river.

and d a e r b f o l l o r a ittle Fox takes the other side of e decides to expliforanyone needs his help. the river, see


On his way Little Fox meets a curious crow: - Where are you going, Little Fox? asks the crow. - I wonder who lives there, on the other side. answers Little Fox.

- A big dragon lives there. Don`t you hear its howls? says the crow - Maybe it just needs some help? believes Little Fox - It just waits until someone like you will come, so it can have a nice little dinner! frightens the crow and flies away

- I still want to see what is this dragon like thinks Little Fox.

He takes a boat and starts his journey.

L ittle Fox feels scary, as he is alone in the middle of the river. He remembers what crow told him about the dragon, which frightens his imagination.

Finally, Little Fox approaches the other side of the river and sees a wooden fence.

- Who is there? asks “the dragon� - It is me, Little Fox. I just wanted to know if someone needs my help? replies Little Fox - I do not need any helpers! strictly answers the owner of the fence

- but where is the dragon? - I am the Dragon. It is my name. - Do you live alone? - Alone. - Don`t you feel lonely? - I feel. But what can I do? I am guarding this house since I was a small puppy. - Don`t you want to ride a boat with me? - What for? - To see the world. - World is always the same everywhere. All of us are attached to one or another thing. - I am not attached to anything! I can play everywhere I want! - But could you ever run away from your home and never come back? - I could run away, but probably I would come back. - You see, you are attached to your home. Someone is attached to friends or work. I am, unfortunately, attached to my loneliness.

Consequently, Dragon and Little Fox take a boat trip. - You know, from now on, I will visit you every day! But you also need to come to our side at least once. It is always warm and cosy in our house. We always have cookies and strawberry jam says Little Fox. He was very happy and proud to have a new friend - the Dragon.

Hey, on the other side  
Hey, on the other side  

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