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Frohne launches eClip Saint Petersburg-Florida, United States of America, June 18, 2012 Frohne eClip was honored Golden A' Design Award for innovation, ergonomics, functionality, and technology. Golden A' Design Award - Frohne eClip Frohne introduced the eClip to the international market during June 2012, which allows people to use a paper clip USB flash drive for many uses. eClip was honored with IDA Award and Golden A' Design Award. eClip protects your personal data, intellectual property, employer data, customer data, and trade secrets with security software. eClip features a gold memory connector that is scratch resistant, extreme weather resistant, dust resistant, shock resistant, water resistant, alcohol resistant, and electromagnetic resistant. eClip is also compatible with Mac and PC and is RoHS, FCC, CE certified. eClip functions like a regular paperclip to organize your receipts, bills, money, or other paper items. eClip is ergonomically designed to be situated in a pocket, necklace, or in a binder folder. "eClip is Frohne's most advanced USB flash drive with enhanced features that made Frohne a global icon", said Derrick Frohne, Frohne CEO. "eClip is a versatile paper clip USB flash drive for college students, researchers, engineers, scientists, graphic designers, software designers, teachers, and other professionals at an affordable price." eClip is available through Frohne Store ( and other Frohne authorized distributors and retailers. eClip has a suggested retail price of 107.99 in the United States and 86 Euros in Europe. "Frohne welcomes international distributors and retailers of any size company big or small to have an opportunity to do business together on a global level", said Derrick Frohne, Frohne Founder & CEO. Frohne re-invented the USB flash drive appearance and functionality in Year 2011 and will continue to make technology better with unique consumer electronics designs. About FrohneFrohne was founded in Saint Petersburg-Florida, USA in 2011. Frohne designs and distributes consumer electronics. Relevant WebsiteMore info could be found at

Frohne launches eClip  

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