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Gold Rush Barbeque Dinner Cowboy Style


The Superstition mountains to the east of Phoenix, Arizona, are home to beautiful desert vistas, state parks, hiking trails, remarkable native wildlife... and a mystery. The legend of the Lost Dutchman’s Mine is one often told around campfires, the story of German immigrant Jacob Waltz and his secret, rich gold mine in Apache lands. The concealed location of the mine was lost on Waltz’ deathbed, so the story goes, when Gold rush he only had time to sketch history out a tantalizingly crude inspired the map showing the mine’s entire party location before drawing from the his last breath. Thousands decor to the have searched for the Lost Dutchman’s Mine food since the late 1800s, but nobody has ever found it, prompting speculators to believe that gold is still out there, just waiting to be found. Lost treasure and mystery: the inspiration for countless campfire tales, and one fun family BBQ with a historical twist. FESTIVITIES BY TIKKIDO.COM AND FROG PRINCE PAPERIE SUMMER 2012

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