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editorial. So here we go – not blog, not magazine, more of a blogmagazine – we go for blogazine. Still not fully grown and in the early stage of development, we aim for a lot more: ―We‘re not arrogant – we just believe we‘re the best band‖ – Alrite we are not quite that big in imposture as Oasis but hopefully there‘s bigger things to come. If you never aim for it, you‘ll never get there. Our maxim is being a dedicated follower of fashion (The Kinks) and because we love the whole musician name-dropping: we are very much into music, too. The following Frock& Roll online mag – is a composition of articles up until the middle of January ‘11. Full of frock, lots of roll, less sex and no drugs at all…. We just couldn‘t add it as a giveaway.

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Forever 21 comes to Vienna Admittedly there were rumors, and I didn‘t believe it at all. Vienna and Forever21 doesn‘t really fit together. But since there is a sign at the building site – it is official. Also their office address appears on several online pages already. It will open at Kärntner Straße next to Zara with 1,300m² and another branch will open at Mariahilferstraße with 4,000m². Supposed opening: March 2011 The Forever21 office-address: Kärntner Ring 12, 1010 Wien.

Now that it is official that Forever21 opens in Vienna – with two branches in fact, one at Kärtnerstraße and one at Mariahilfer – there are further rumors about Topshop and Primark coming to Vienna. Well – I don‘t really see the Topshop branch coming in the next few months- as there is still nothing new to find, no infos at all, but it was obviously mentioned at the beginning of last year and along the Forever21 store. So maybe we are lucky. Apart from UO, Topshop is certainly my favourite shop even though some people like calling it a junk shop – I am a big fan. And then there‘s the rumour about a Primark coming to Vienna, some might not be happy about that low budget store to come but I love my Primarni denims and dresses – as well as shoes which are generally cheaper than H&M shoes but actually last longer than a night. Also I have never bought better opaque tights – even though I‘ve only really been to Oxford Street‘s Primark. Anyway – here it is said that Primark targets the Viennese market (07|10|2010).


modelwatch: two down under beauties hit the world’s runways. words by Pia Birk

Fashion magazines and the catwalks all over the world have been dominated by East European, Scandinavian or American models for many many years now. But finally this year some new and exotic faces seem to be making some waves in the fashion world. On magazine covers, in editorials and campaigns and during the fashion weeks – especially two newcomer models caught my attention and their faces had just stuck with me. What those two girls do have in common is not only the fact that they come from the same small continent, but also that they are considered as being ―fashion industry ground breakers‖. A fashion industry ground breaker – well, that‘s what also Naomi Campbell once was called for being the first black model on the cover of Vogue.

Bambi Northwood-Blyth The first discovery of 2010 is 19-year-old Bambi Northwood-Blyth. With her baby doll, sensual face and strong eyebrows, she was already booked for big campaigns and editorials earlier this year – such as the editorial for Russh Magazine in March, a lot of campaigns for brands likeSchakuhachi, Mink Pink and Ksubi. She was definitely one of the most popular campaign models in Australia this season. But with 5‘7 (172 cm) Bambi was considered to be way too short to be a catwalk model. Well Bambi‗s charm let the designers forget about their standards and so her lack of runway regulation height hasn‘t hampered her walking for Chanel, Emanuel Ungaro andBalenciaga in Paris this season.

STONED Russh Magazine March/April 2010 (Photographer: Beau Grealy)


Samantha Harris Probably even the bigger taboo breaker is Samantha Harris, the girl who adorned the Vogue Australia Cover in June 2010. Samantha is only the second aboriginal model ever, who was on a Vogue cover. The cuttingedge model of the new generation, as experts call her, went overseas to work in New York and to London as well, after she was the star of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week.

Samantha entered her first model competition when she was 13 and became a national finalist. It was the same competition Abbey Lee Kershaw – one of the most booked models at the moment – won. Samantha says, her goal as a model is to work internationally and to help her family out through modeling. As her aboriginal heritage is very important to Samantha, she always dreamed about being a role model for other indigenous girls.

Vogue Australia June 2010 ( photographer: Nicole Bentley) Life for aboriginal people in Australia isn‘t quite as easy as some travel guides might tell. Because the society still segregates the Aborigines, it‘s hard for them to find jobs, and often they become alcoholics, hanging around in the streets. Their reputation in Australia isn‘t good at all. So in the chic and clean fashion world there is absolutely no space for Aborigines. Well- there was no space – until Samantha came around… Even though her appearance on the Vogue cover has been really important for aboriginal people, Vogue Australia editor Kristie Clemens insists that the decision to put Samantha on the cover was not a political statement, but it was simply the fact that she is so beautiful.

source: chic management

I am wondering if these girls might even reflect a new generation of models. As they have made their way, even though they weren‘t really up to the standards of the modeling industry. Both have their little extra something and their own, unique look- which not so long ago, fashion experts would have probably called a ‗model no go‘.


latest jewellery trend motto: the bigger the better words by Pia Birk

Less is more - isn‘t it?? Minimalism has been the basic principle of interior and fashion designers, architects, writers, musicians, painters and last but not least jewellery designers for many many years. The trend of simplicity could be expressed by exclusively using basic elements and fabrics in very particular manners. In terms of jewellery, simplicity primarily means not to mix up too many different elements or colours, to limit yourself to one piece and to keep it simple. Well the latest jewellery trends tell us another story. Every sign of sophisticated simplicity seems to be gone. Right now the motto is more likely ―the bigger the better‖ and ―the more the better‖. source:

As there simply isn‘t THE ONE necklace or THE ONE fabulous bracelet that would complete any outfit, no matter what you wear, just let your creativity run wild. For example you may mix up vintage pieces from the flea market with designer jewellery you ―borrowed‖ from your mum, or wear old diamond rings with modern pieces. If your wrists feel naked, what about wearing two or even more watches? With oversized skull, cross or claw rings you also can‘t go wrong. And as you can see a mix of gold and silver- even in the high fashion scene- isn‘t a No-Go any more.

sources: Dustin Hollywood via:, Pamela Love via


If you are looking for something even more special and if you don‘t mind being a bit limited in moving your fingers, a big armor, knuckle or vertical ring might be a wonderful accessory for you.

sources: and

Hopefully the pictures above have given you a little bit of inspiration. My advice: check out your mum‘s or granny‘s jewellery boxes or just have a look at the next flea markets. I‘m sure you‘ll be successful. And as we all know ‗diamonds (or jewellery in general) are a girl‘s best friend‘, here are some addresses, where you can find great pieces online:



Rings are a girl’s best friend. Verameat. Words by Kat Ober

So everyone always says Diamonds are a girl‘s best friend but I‘m not so sure – I‘m not a person who is into that much glitter and expensive stuff. But I only recently discovered my love for rings, lots of them! It started with one of last year‘s Christmas market, then my friend gave me a bird ring because it didn‘t fit her, bless her skinny fingers. And so my collection grew slowly and I think I‘m not the only one. The ring trend is quite a big thing at the minute and blogs like are booming! Shops like H&M, Asos, Topshop etc. are popping them out like nothing and there‘s a lot to choose from. But if anyone of you has bought the H&M deer ring (I didn‘t, the poor quality stopped me) you might now have the ring in two pieces. Well it looks nice but it lacks in quality. Here Verameat steps in – an original Ukrainian designer now based in New York, whose pieces are made of ecologically sound recycled silver and pure 14k gold. The prices are definitely above the average high street shop price but you will have a ring that doesn‘t break into pieces or turn your finger green!

sources: verameat


from spielbar tragbar to staji. Words by Kat Ober

The former manager of the popular shop Spielbar Tragbar (e.g. cheap monday) in Glockenbachviertel, Munich has launched her latest collection for STAJI. Tanja Stadler now 33, founded her first label in 2000 in Antwerp, sold it and moved back to Munich to establish the concept stores Spielbar Tragbar. This was the birth of STAJI, which aims to present a whole lifestyle.

Stadler does not focus on designing whole summer or winter collections; she designs clothes which are wearable at any season. STAJI is all about individuality and expressing yourself, being yourself. You also can‘t pigeonhole the pieces in to a certain category such as casual, smart or evening – the combination is the key. The key pieces of the collection are slinky dresses with asymmetrical shapes which are easy to combine or gather, Tanja Stadler always appreciated on the fact that you can produce the layering look with her collections and therefore create a whole different look.

Tanja Stadler concentrates on the individual as every woman is something special that is why her designs are very simplistic. She also shows that in her latest video, where the model Nina is dancing to her favourite song and thus showing her inner beauty. That is was STAJI is all about. Watch the video here.

Staji by Tanja Stadler Pestalozzistraße 19 80469 München


Moni Haworth & her birds. words by Kat Ober

Behind the photo blog Johnny‘s Birds stands a female photographer, called Moni Haworth. She shoots boys and girls who are wild at heart and seem to love get in in trouble…as well as flash the on or other bit of naked skin. Quite obviously she‘s friends with Cobrasnake – she befriended the style of photography too. This is not a bad thing though, photography like this was really missing in Europe (or England in this case) – the photos aren‘t clean cut. They seem to have that certain spark and spontaneity to them. Inspired by a lot of 90s, platforms and motorhead – and London rock&roll lifestyle – for more check out In the following, pictures of Sandy from, Billie JD Porter and Sky Ferreira.





source: all pictures by Moni Haworth


Rockstar kids’ profession: Modeling Words by Pia Birk

It is definitely no secret that musicians have a thing for models, and models for musicians. Well – even if we all know that the typical liaison between the beautiful model and the musician generally doesn‘t last long, It somehow impresses me over and over again. While lately couples like Kate Moss and Jamie

Hince (or is it still Pete Doherty??) seem to make our life a bit more interesting because of their everyday presence in the media, the whole model-musician attraction isn‘t a new phenomenon at all. And so it‘s also not uncommon, that those model-musician liaisons do have ―consequences‖. Best example is Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger, who has seven children by four different women. Those kids grow up being surrounded by the media, fashion, creativity and music - so it‘s no wonder, most of them are about to appear in the limelight sooner or later… And – as you say like mother, like daughter – there are some long-legged girls following in their mom‘s modeling footsteps. With additionally radiating their dad‘s charisma and congenial stage presence, they take the fashion world by storm and become designers‘ muses. So check out the first part of the ―rockstar royalty club‖ daughters, who were lately popping up in magazines and on runways everywhere.

Georgia May Jagger She is the youngest daughter of Rolling Stones legend and ―modelkiller‖ number 1 Mick Jagger and former model Jerry Hall. Georgia‘s two years older sister Elizabeth already made it as a model. Georgia herself has got an even more unique face. She inherited her dad‘s lips and his teeth - and this special kind of imperfection just burns into your head. No wonder she not only appeared in almost every established magazine the past months, but she also shot editorials and campaigns for Chanel, Dior and Hudson Jeans. In this year‘s December issue, she even snatches her fist Vogue Australia Cover.

source: fashion gone rouge


Zoe Kravitz The 21-year-old is an actress, singer and last but not least, she is spawn of Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet. Zoe has modeled for campaigns and in fashion magazines such as French Jalouse and Elle and 2009, she‘s been the face of Vera Wang‘s fragrance. This season she appeared for Alexander Wang‗s T Fall 2010 Campaign, photographed by Daniel

Jackson. With that piercing glance in those ads she convinced me of her capabilities. But Zoe plans to focus on acting and making music, rather than modeling. She already appeared in different movies - such as ―No Reservations‖, ―The Greatest‖ and ―Twelve‖ and fronts the band Elevator Fight.

source: fashion gone rouge

Amber Le Bon The oldest daughter of Duran Duran lead singer Simon

Le Bon and former supermodel Yasmin Le Bon, is on her way to a stand-out career. Amber was walking down her first catwalk by the age of 20- months at a Chanel show 1991 (lead by her mom Yasmin). The 21-year- old is signed with Elite Model Management in New York and Models 1 in London, the same agency, who has represented her mom for about 18 years. Amber has already worked for Moschino, River Island, Myla

Underwear and she also walked for Mark Fast at London Fashion Week. Along the way she graduated in History of Arts, Music and Photography and is now thinking about committing herself to an artistic career. sources: Models One London


Riley Keough

Danielle Riley Kenough Presley is the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley and thus, she is the oldest grandchild of the one and only king of rock ‗n‘ roll Elvis Presley. (Oh – and by the way she is former stepdaughter of Michael Jackson). Already in an early age Riley showed her inherent necessity to be in the spotlight- I mean she is aPresley. She had her runway debut at the age of 14 at a Dolce& Gabana show and one year later she graced the cover of VOGUE along with her mother and grandmother. The 21- year-old is signed with Elite-Model-Management

New York and has worked for Dior, Tommy Hilfiger, Zac Posen and Victoria Secret. Lately Rileymade more headlines for acting than for modelling, she did not only have her movie debut ―The Runaways‖ alongside Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart,but she also completed two others movies. sources:

Theodora and Alexandra Richards

sources: left- Theodora in Jalouse Magazine- March 2009 editorial photographed by Paul Schmidt | right- Alexandra in Jalouse Magazine November 2010, via

So – after Georgia May Jagger- here is the second part of the ―Rolling Stones offspring gang‖. Theodora and

Alexandra Richards - daughters of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and supermodel Patti Hanson – both had made big waves in the fashion industry. Theodora (25) modeled for Karen Walker, appeared in editorials for French VOGUE, British Elle and Glamour, as well as on the cover of Nylon and the Rolling Stone. Her younger sister Alexandra (24) also appeared in established magazines such as VOGUE, Glamour, Vanity Fair, ID and Harper‘s Bazaar. Beside Alexandra has got advertisements for Burberry, French Connection, GAP. Both girls have signed with Wilhelmina Models New York.


Daisy Lowe

sources: fashion gone rogue

I‘m pretty sure most of you have already heard of her or seen her. Well- admittedly she is better known for her famous partying habits, her relationship with producer Mark Ronson or just for being one of Britain‘s It- Girls, than she is for her work. But in fact- there is a lot more to tell about Daisy. Maybe not all of you know, that she is daughter of Bush‗s frontman Gavin Rossdale and former singer Pearl Low. Daisy herself didn‘t know, who her real dad is, until she was 14. At the age of 15, she was approached by a talent scout and signed with London modeling agency Select. In 2009, the 21- year-old left her agency and signed with NEXT Modelling Management.Daisy worked for Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, Henry Holland, Burberry,

Agent Provocateur- just to mention a few. She appeared on catwalks in New York, London, Milan. Additionally Lowe also works as a DJ and features in music videos. While heaps of girls pretend to be rock chicks, Zoe, Amber, Georgia, Daisy, Alexandra and Theodora, as well as Riley are the real ones - flesh-and-blood related to authentic rock stars. Maybe they don‘t always have the musical talent of their dads, but they share the same attention seeking- DNS, love the limelight and they also have the same charisma on stage. While going through the girls‘ portfolios I‘ve realised that most of them don‘t really fulfill the typical model requirements. I mean, when you first look at Georgia you may blame her dentist for having missed his calling. Daisy isn‘t one of the size zero girls and Riley is only 5‖7 (1.70 m), which is way too short for a model. However all the girls are signed with big agencies, they all worked for the best designers and shot fabulous campaigns and editorials. So, at this point I am wondering: Did their parent‘s name open the doors; the rest of the world can‘t crack? Well the answer is probably yes! But- to be honest - I prefer seeing those girls as edgy, charismatic, distinct looking models walking down a catwalk, than on a stage, trying to replicate their dad‘s past success in music


DRAW IN LIGHT words by Kat Ober



It is amazing how early fashion romance can take place – in case of DRAW IN LIGHT a.k.a Harry&Polly, it even started before birth at a London hospital 25 years ago. Having a very special bond since then they studied Fashion, Textiles & Business at the University of Brighton, graduating in the summer of 2008. Here they have been trained as silkscreen printers. DRAW IN LIGHT was founded in December 2009 and is now based in a design studio in East London. The name DRAW IN LIGHT pretty much says it all already – with the brand you get fantastic design printed with free-hand silk screen technics. Due to this process every piece is unique and makes the wearer an individual. And as the catwalk shows for SS2011 showed a lot of ink in water and different prints DRAW IN LIGHT hits the nail on the head and gives it a whole new grunge twist.

Their first collection Open Screen (AW2010) shows a lot of grunge elements; icy white, blue and grey, created with ink, dye and bleach - and is just so adorable, and for a change I think long dresses actually look really cool and chic. Usually this is only possible in a long skirt and shirt combination in my opinion.


The SS2011 collection called suitably Open Air is a lot lighter yet it has some 90s influence. The skirts are from below the knee-length to long, the clothes hugging and wide.



little bandits by lonely hearts. Words by Pia Birk




I started a little search on knitted cardigans, big warm scarves, trousers and extra warm tights – I stumbled upon the most amazing collection I‘ve seen for a long time. The bad news is that neither thick knits, nor some warm boots are part of that winter collection. The collection I am talking about is called Little

Bandits,it‘s the 2011 collection by the New Zealand label Lonely Hearts. Admittedly the summer dresses were not exactly what I was looking for on a 5 degrees day, but it‘s just been love at the first sight. The central theme of Little Bandits appeals to be the unique mix of softer and harder pieces. All girlish and feminine fabrics, like velvet and lace have grown up into something with more edge. Apart from that, I especially love the floral and animal prints, the camel trousers and the way some pieces bring a nice point of difference to the omnipresent lace- trend. And the combination of the neutral socks with the dark boots makes the look even perfect. Oh god- and I would kill for that hat.

The label Lonely Hearts was established in 2003 by the ex-professional snowboarder Steve Ferguson, who usually brings the street and punk influences, and by Helene Morris, whose delicate sensibilities draw from a long family history of dressmaking and an obsession with vintage lingerie. The creative couple says, that exactly this mix of hearts and minds has gone on to inspire the attention and praise of publications including Russh, Harper‘s Bazaar, i-D and Women‘s Wear Daily, with their clothes worn and adored by the likes of Florence Welch and Katy Perry.

In my opinion Lonely Hearts is definitely a brand to keep an eye on! If you would like to have further information about Lonely Hearts, just visit their website.


How to wear a midi-skirt Words by Kat Ober

Oh well I don‘t know if any of you have that problem but I do – just scavenged a long black pleated skirt for 10 quid and decided to alter it to a midi length. The styling of high waist trousers, shorts (etc.) and midi or long skirts is pretty much the same. In my opinion the longer the skirt gets, the crazier you can style it – so you don‘t end up with a super conservative look.

Sarah from the The Stylish Heart did a very good job in combining and was the trigger for me to go out and buy a long skirt, or in this case a midi skirt. Her approach is very Rock‘n'Roll with the burgundy skirt as the eye catcher and all the leather and fake fur details rounding the outfit off. What I love especially is probably the accessories or better that one accessory: The black leather belt.


A similar style can be spotted on Gem from Gemfatale , at least for the jacket – her skirt (which is actually a dress) is flecked/speckled and it clashes with the 90s kitty tee she‘s wearing. Instead of opaques and ankle boots – she sports the midi skirt with brown brogues white socks which gives it a little vintage flair.

Even more vintage-y is this combination, again a burgundy midi skirt, a light cream sleeveless blouse and brown vintage sandals.

source: Scenic World

Quite a lady-like approach and for me only interesting because of the aran knit jumper and the tie-dye pattern on the skirt, apart from that it‘s probably an outfit to go to work with and a bit too less rock to my humble mind.

Source: Hanneli


Damon baker one to watch Words by Pia Birk


Actually I never really had a particular favourite fashion photographer. Well this changed when I discovered the pictures of young British photographer Damon Baker a couple of weeks ago. I went through his portfolio over and over again and I absolutely fell in love with his work. In all his photographs there is something wild, mysterious and dark incorporated – something Damon describes as being part of his personality. So I couldn‘t help but ask him for doing a little interview with me. Despite of his early age he already made himself a name in the British fashion industry and fashion-scene insiders describe him as super talented. So better remember his name, I guess we‘ll definitely hear a lot from him in future!! But at first here is some basic information about Damon Baker: The 20- year- old is originally from Worcestershire, but he now lives and works in London. Since he started shooting two years ago, he shot for I-D, Sheer Magazine and for Fiasco Magazine. Currently he is also working with top model agencies such as Select, Models1, Storm, Premier and Next. Furthermore Damon is a popular celebrity photographer. For example he recently did shootings with Shingai from The Noisettes, Daisy Dares You, Clara Paget, Jade McSorley and Summer Rayne Oakes.

sources: 1. Clara Paget in Precipitation, Sheer Magazine #1 2. Portrait Alys Hale


Well, now I hand over to Damon talking about himself, his sources of inspiration, and his work: F&R: Damon, how would you describe yourself in just a few words? Damon Baker: Dark, Weird, Energetic and Focused

Did you always want to become a photographer or was there one defining moment when you knew you wanted to take pictures professionally? Fashion photography is me, I don‘t live for anything else but to transform my mind into pixels. What does it take to be a fantastic photographer in your opinion? It takes passion, it takes drive and it needs a fresh mind, a strong mind, no barriers. What profession would you like to attempt, if you wouldn‘t be a photographer? Creative direction or styling. Who was the most interesting/inspiring person you have worked with? Everybody I work or meet in this industry inspires me. Where does your main influence and inspiration come from? My mind. How do you decide on subjects and locations of your shoots? I figure out my ideas and start from there, the best part is drowning in model cards.


source: fashion gone rouge

In general during a session, how many pics do you take to find ―the right one‖? It varies. You can never have too many pictures of beautiful people, enjoy it. Do you have your work critiqued by someone else before you put it ―out there‖, or do you just go with what you think is right? I critique my own work and then by putting it ‗out there‘ it get‘s critiqued by others. What advice would you give young people, who are interested in pursuing a career in photography? Never give up! Ignore all the negativity! You can do what you like, have no barriers, be wild and have fun, this is your life, live it exactly how you vision it. What do you love most about your job as a photographer? Having no barriers, expressing myself and being able to be surrounded by talented creatives.

Thanks to Damon for answering my questions! If you want to know more about Damon and his work, visit his blog: or his official website:


black milk by james lillis words by Kat Ober


It might be a little bit late to discover my love for leggings and universe prints – but everything‘s wearable as long as you do it with pride. So I found this little online shop – selling everything from leggings to swimsuits. The first thing to catch my eye was the Galaxy print leggings.

But those weren‘t the only interesting pieces – for Klimt lovers a swimsuit, burnt velvet leggings, my all-time


favourite Union Jack leggings, and skeleton swimsuit and so on…

What designer James Lillis says about him starting Black Milk in 2009:

At the beginning of 2009 I walked into a little sewing shop and bought two shiny new sewing machines. It was a slightly unusual sight – a shop full of older women making patchwork quilts for their grandkids… and me. I didn‘t mind. It seemed very punk at the time. My idea was fairly simple – I would teach myself to sew, buy some beautiful stretch fabrics, and make insane leggings. Then I would find girls who would get into them. Girls who wanted leggings that could pack a little more punch than the ones on offer at your average department store. I made the leggings, found the girls, and so was born Black Milk. Things were slow initially, but the girls who bought the leggings were always really positive, which was super-encouraging for me in the early days. The turning point came when I decided that I was going to figure out a way to wrap chains around a pair of leggings. It took me a week of drawing, sketching,


scheming and failing before I finally figured out how to do it. I called them Cages, and they were a minor cult hit. From that time on, so many girls were ordering Black Milk gear that it became a full time job.

We‘ve come a long way since those early days sewing leggings at midnight on the kitchen table. We‘ve sold thousands of pairs of leggings all over the world. We‘ve been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers and blogs from the local paper to Vogue. Best of all, Black Milk has now got score a reputation as one of the most exciting designer leggings labels in the world. But a lot is still the same. I still stay up to midnight sewing. I still personally design each piece. I still get a buzz every time a girl emails me a picture and tells me how many people commented when she wore out her Black Milk leggings. shop on: BlackMilk


SIBLING LONDON Words by Kat Ober Sibling London is famous for the cool knitwear designs and also in the current collection they don‘t fail. Cool and influenced of punk, (colourful) goth and indie musicians. I love the colour mix and the bit of girly-ness – especially with the cardigans. My favourite piece is the PUNK jumper – not sure if the colours are supposed to be the colours of the German flag but it could be.




Collection 5 in motion: SIBLING C5 film by ALASDAIR McLELLAN from SIBLING LONDON on Vimeo.

Behind the label SIBLING there‘s not only one designer but three of them: Sid Bryan, Joe Bates and Cozette McCreery, based in Yorkshire, Leicester and London. Their fingerprint is ―colourful, well-made, luxury knitwear for a man bored with the grey V-neck option‖.


Models of duty Words by Pia Birk In the first place we all know models for the way they wear other people‘s clothes on catwalks, shootings or on the red carpets of the world. But what about their own style? Apart from the girls whose unique style made them fashion icons – such as Kate Moss, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Frida Gustavsson or Alice Dellal – we don‘t know much about the way models dress, when they are not working. So, who dresses like a tomboy, which girl looks like a rock-and-roll chick or which one rather prefers the elegant and more feminine look? Well to find out more about models‘ off duty looks I became a daily visitor of the blog Altamira: during the past few weeks.


Of course the girls‘ looks are inspiring and they also give us an idea about what people, who get dressed and get their hair and make-up done by other people every day, choose to wear when they don‘t have to look a certain way. But to me the most interesting aspect is another one. In my opinion it is an own personal style, that gives models faces and makes them remarkable. And isn‘t a certain recognition value essential, especially for girls who just started in the industry? I mean aren‘t there hundreds of tall and skinny girls with similar hair colour on the catwalks every day? By covering their faces with make-up and giving them the same hairstyle, designers try to reduce even the last differences – just in order to make their collections stand out even more. So you always run the risk of totally loosing track in the model world. Well I consider it as much more fun to view model pictures like these ones, instead of studying thousands of model portfolios. Or, what do you think?

1) Tali Lennox after Roberto Cavalli 2) Tilda Lindstam after DKNY 3) Abbey Lee Kershaw exiting Gucci

Admittedly most of the pics aren‘t really about ―models off work‖. I mean, if you expect to see street-style pictures of models in their daily look and without any make up, you‘ll probably be a bit disappointed. As most pics are taken backstage or after fashion shows, shootings or when the models are going to castings or Go-sees. In some pics the girls still have the show hair-style and make-up. So – maybe not 100% of them are really Off Duty! Anyway, if you want to see more photos like the ones above, here are the adresses: Altamira: Vanessa Jackman 1) Caroline Brasch Nielsen 2) Jessica Stam 3) Kasia Struss and Jac Jagaciak 4) Ruby Aldridge 5) Lindsey Wixon (via 6) Abbey Lee Kershaw


We all get dressed for bill… Words by Pia Pirk

He‘s been documenting me ever since I was a kid. And it‘s one snap, two snaps or he ignores you, which is death!‖ These words, coming out of the mouth of the most popular, influential and also most terrific person in the fashion universe – Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour – might give us a first hint of the significance the ―Bill‖ in question has got in the fashion world. The Independent (UK) added: ―When fashion fans talk about streetstyle these days, they‘re likely to drop the names of Scott Schuman, Yvan Rodic aka The Facehunter or Garance Doré . But most of them forget about a true pioneer in this field, 80-year-old photographer Bill Cunningham.‖ Well, I feel pretty bad because I have to admit I was one of those ―fashion fans‖. As streetstyle is much more appealing to me, than what‘s going on the catwalks, most the blogs I follow are streetstyle blogs. But still I didn‘t have a clue about the true streetstyle pioneer – ok I am ashamed. Bill Cunningham is a fashion photographer, working for New York Time Magazine. He has two weekly columns in the style section: ―On The Street,‖ in which he identifies fashion trends as he spots them emerging on the street; and ―Evening Hours,‖ his ongoing coverage of the social whirl of charities that benefit the cultural life of the city. The result of his work for about 50 years is far from simple picture taking—it became cultural anthropology.


Even though he has been working in the industry for such a long time, still no one really knows a thing about Bill Cunningham, the man himself. Until now. Because, in 2011 the man finally gets the credit he deserves in a new documentary called Bill Cunningham New York . Reportedly it took Filmmaker Richard Press and producer Philip Gefter years to convince Bill to be filmed. The 80 year-old lives secluded and can‘t stand any kind of attention. Using only small consumer cameras and no crew, Bill Cunningham New York has the intimacy and immediacy of a home movie. The movie shows a man, who never eats in restaurants and only gets around on a worn-out bicycle, who has lived in the same small studio in New York for 50 years – and of course a man who never goes out without his battered Nikon camera.

sources: all The contradiction of this kind of life and the extravagance of the people Bill photographed is one aspect revealed in the movie. The film‘s cast of characters ranges from Upper East Side swans, European royalty and aspiring fashionistas to street gangs, punks, downtown transvestites and even bicycle messengers- if there is something interesting about their clothes, Cunningham will snap them. The ―New York High Society‖ such as Tom Wolfe, Anna Wintour, Anette De La Renta and David Rockefeller have never before appeared in a movie but agreed because of their regard for Bill. Habitually dressed in a blue work jacket, the only thing Bill Cunningham always wanted was the independence to be able to point his camera at something whenever beauty crosses his path. With this goal he created a poignant chronicle of the intersection of New Yorks streetstyle in over 50 years—and probably a portrait of New York City itself.

Just watching the trailer made me fall in love with this likeable and dedicated artist already. I can‘t wait to see the documentary about this meritorious fashion legend. And I am a 100% sure – I won‘t forget the name Bill Cunningham in the near future.

Bill Cunningham New York - a film by Richard Press will be released at the film forum in New York on march 15th . You‘ll find more information about Bill, his work and the movie:


Streetstyle:L London

Pictures taken by Jennifer Robson |

―… I am a tad obsessed with creepers shoes. Even more so since meeting this girl and seeing how ingeniously they update the maxi trend, for a laidback, grungey style. I almost don‘t want to give away the secret that this pleated number is from Topshop, as it looks so fresh and unique paired with the old t-shirt and those perfect shoes.‖


―It‘s all in the details for their looks, his cropped pants and barrel bag, her sheer top and what I‘m guessing

are AA jodphurs (a style that rarely fails to impress).‖


―This recipe for fashion success is demonstrated a treat by this young lady from Ease the Squeeze clothing,

in her Aran knit, leather shorts, button-up shirt and sock/loafer combo. And, if you have perfect hair as she does, that helps too‖


‖Out and about today, I was struck by the extent to which there appeared to be a winter wardrobe of fake furs, trousers and boots. So it takes a lot to stand out, but this girl does it. No browns and denims for her, instead a fur of dazzling white, paired with some patterned pants and accessorised beautifully with the slow-burning shoe of the season, chelsea boots‖


I wanted to share with you a trilogy of photos. This first girl, shot last weekend, doesn‘t look like Alexa, does she? She has her own style and her own poise. But there‘s something about her which reminds me of the ubiquitous Chung. And she‘s not the first streetstyle spot I‘ve found which puts me in mind of (arguably) the country‘s current biggest fashion icon.


These other 2 photos were taken at separate times earlier in the year. So…what is it? Blatant copying? Clearly not – none of these girls are wearing an Alexa copycat outfit. A subtle interpretation? Possibly. But, I think honestly, it‘s not deliberate at all and is more likely just evidence that Alexa‘s easy, mixed up androgynous glamour is now firmly a part of our style consciousness. And, judging by these ladies that can only be a good thing…..‖


Streetsstyle: Vienna 54

Pictures taken by Kat Ober

A light jacket, jumper over pullover teamed up with brown shoes and belt. The extras in this outfit definitely are the rucksack, socks and hat.


This girls put together an actually pretty classic look but with the silver sparkling tights and the little glasses brooch,she manages to stick out.


Another very classic look but with a few accessories it sticks out like a sore thumb – obviously the red hair is one of them – but also the frilly blouse, white chunky scarf and the cross body bag.


Thoughts on the next proclaimed thing. Brother. Words by Kat Ober


So British independent music magazine NME is proclaiming to know who the 2011′s next big thing will be. Bringing back the british guitar music after the independent or shall we just rather call it indie music world has been reigned by electronic sound recently – every band that didn‘t have a have some kind of electronic influence in their first album had to have some of it in their next (e.g. The Wombats) and other bands struggled with their already-been there sound (e.g. The Klaxons) – other bands who went down the psychadelic path aka Syd Barrett weren‘t received as well. Even though – I‘m talking about MGMT‗s album Congratulations - they probaby released one of the best albums in 2011, you can‘t really go wrong with Syd and a bit of psychodelic borrowings. Or you shouldn‘t at least. sound of 2011? But now we reached 2011 – the electronic sounds might be a tad stale and pretty much ―coming out off our ears‖ – so what will 2011 bring? Let‘s look at band like The Drums, Beach Coast etc. - will they still be it? Maybe, there might be a big 90s revival though. 80s and 90s music had a huge potential and looking back, really good music was produced. Especially for the ―Schrammel music‖ and no this is not meant in a bad way – but what would indie music be without Pulp, Oasis, The Cult, Blur just to mention a few. So on one side there will be a focus on bands that like surfing and the others originate from the working class?!


Well the bands are getting younger and people are always influenced by what they are listening to, so artists like Marina & The Diamonds might state 90s/00s pop queens as their influences and obviously others will see their influence in bands like Oasis. But singing about working class doesn‘t mean you have to live in Manchester, you can be a Southerner too.

viral marketing the next big thing? One of these bands is Brother – not even heard of this band slightly before they suddenly got coverage all over the NME just in a time over a few weeks they made it on their cover. But with NME one always has to be careful considering they can destroy a band by giving them a bad review – some people still consider the mag as their bible. But the NME is fallible, too. And so is Zane Lowe. A lot of people already critise their choice of Brother as the next big thing, where did these boys in skinny jeans emerge from anyway? But having only heard a couple of songs, rash decision making might be not the right thing. So let‘s give them a chance and that‘s why I only give you my thoughts on the songs.(judgment might change)


Brother ‖Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough! It isn‘t fit for humans now.― that‘s what poet & journalist John

Betjeman wrote about Brother‘s hometown. Slough, a town in the north west of London acts as the base of Brother – not really working class like (Manchester would sound a bit better in their biography). With an attitude to rule the world, cheeky confidence and some who seems to know the important people in the business and how viral marketing works – they might actually be the future of British guitar music. Let‘s have a cuppa and see…

Darling Buds Of May A promising grit-pop cracker, that yet might be a bit too simple – we have enough of lalala‘s and uhhhh‘s - but apart from that it is intensely catchy, still I hope for more bass on the LP as this is what I feel is kind of missing in all of Brothers recordings up to now – but we will see.

New Year‘s Day Taxiride meets Blink182 meets British band – that what sums up the song for me, others compare it to Liam Gallagher, or Pete Doherty (where does this come from? I don‘t know). It is more of the songs I usually wouldn‘t listen to but it‘s good on the tube on the way to uni, work or elsewhere.

Time Machine A song that stole lyrics of Oasis ―Love is a time machine‖ from Shock of The Lightning and sounds just like a younger, reborn version – is definitely a reason to stir up emotions. Oasis aren‘t British guitar heroes/ legends for nothing. So if you copy sound and lyrics in a song – people will talk about you. If you then add a little bit of bass this track is just full of sex and hooks the listeners up. Now Brother might really have some potential and it all shows in this one song – let‘s hope the Southerners live up to the big expectations!

source: &


Doll & The Kicks tell us why to see them play. words by Kat Ober

―Very powerful, very unusual, very strong, every song is full of hooks― that‘s what Morrissey says about the band, he predestined as the next big thing. Even though I might not be the biggest Moz fan – okay I admit I own a The Smiths tee but that‘s about it – he might be right with pointing out the outstanding talent of the band. Doll & The Kicks are based Bristol, singer Doll roots lie in Liverpool. Still not signed Hanna Scanlon alias Doll tells us where she usually goes shopping clothes and gives her opinion on Brother and The


How did Doll & The Kicks come together? We were all on the Brighton music scene and went to the same places, we actually all went to the same college in different years though! I played Olivier some of my tracks and he asked if I needed a guitar player so I said yes! Then we found Chris and Matt through different friends and the rest is….. Doll and The Kicks… Being support of Morrissey must have been a quite big thing for you. Do actually all of you like his music? I‘m a big Smiths fan and Olivier and Matt are both really into his solo stuff, in fact Olivier was wearing a Morrissey t shirt yesterday! Who can you claim to be your most famous fans apart from Morrissey? Morrissey obviously…… Also Jonathan Ross has been to see us perform and played us on his radio show. Janice long also had us come into Radio 2 to do a live session. Christopher Mintz Plasse is now a good friend of ours and he has supported us for a few years….


You‘re not signed to a label is it more of an obstacle or actually easier to get your stuff out there? Well on one hand it‘s easy to get your stuff out, you can put it on the web any time you like…. But who‘s going to listen to it? Even though we have a relatively large fan base it‘s all word of mouth and it‘s much slower that way because with a label you have access….. access to people…. They can put you out there in front of so many more people who will become fans because they have the means to do so. The road we are travelling at the moment is much harder. Do you write your songs on an autobiographical basis or do you take your inspiration from other things? I mostly write about things that have happened to me or things in my life. It‘s easier for me lyrically and it means I really feel it, every time I sing, which is very important to me. You are getting compared to Siouxsie Sioux & Kate Bush, just like Marina & The Diamonds – do you count them as your musical influences and what‘s the difference to them? Souxsie Sioux and Kate Bush are two of my favourite artists of all time so yes I would say it is fair to compare us to them…certainly my vocals, although I don‘t think I sound like either there are definitely elements of both ladies in what I do. You have quite unique look. How would you describe your fashion sense, where do you shop for clothes? I FUCKING LOVE CLOTHES. Yes I do…. I walked for Pam Hogg in the last London fashion week and I nearly shit myself I was so nervous. I will literally buy clothes from anywhere thrift shops, high street, friends cast offs ….. I have a couple of expensive things, a pair of Louboutin pony skin ankle boots and an Acne leather aviator jacket, but they were gifts I can‘t afford my own designer pieces (yet!). My favourite high street stores are Topshop, Urban Outfitters and American Apparel. NME just proclaimed The Vaccines and Brother to be the future of British guitar music, what are you thinking about that? I definitely liked what I have heard of The Vaccines and Brother but I‘m not sure they are different enough to be hailed as the future of Rock Music but then the NME likes to be bombastic about their favourite bands. Why should people come and see you, sell yourself in a sentence? We play major guitar music with attitude. And we fucking love it. .

Doll&The Kicks w/ The Carls + Light Leaks 07|03|2011 at B72, Vienna doors: 08:00pm


Red Drapes about garlic & Jane. Words by Kat Ober

Yesterday the time has come and Red Drapes finally hit the stage in Rhiz, Vienna. Before arriving in Vienna they already had had an adventurous start into their Europe tour, stopping by Salzburg, Stuttgart and Innsbruck, which they claimed was their best gig so far. The band writes down all their gests in their little tour diary. Austrian band Calais and Terror Bird from the U.S. supported the latter. Before their perfomance the guys took some time for a live session on FM4 and they also chatted to us in the cold outside the venue Rhiz. Not only did Adam, Thomas, George and Brendan talk about how they got discovered by their record label via a Russian blog and gave their sight on indie music dieing out, but also informed us about their upcoming Ep.1 release party at Levee (former Bang Bang Club), Berlin on the 11th of Febuary.

How is the tour going up until now? How was Austria so far? The scenery in Austria is beautiful. We took lots of pictures of the mountains and I can‘t seem to stop taking – we stopped of in the mountains to do some acoustic filming of some tracks, but we have to check them out first before we are actually show anybody. What else have we done – we played gigs. Our first gig in Salzburg went down really well that was at Rockhouse, we played yesterday at Innsbruck – that was really good, probably the best gig we did so far at all at Weekender Club. Didn‘t get any sleep and then we drove all the way here for the session for FM4 this afternoon, which was really good.

How did you guys come together? I guess it is pretty much started with me and Adam, my name is Thomas I play the guitar, Adam plays vocals – he sings the guitar. We started out off Southhampton and knocking about looking for musicians for some time, but we found nobody that we were kind of happy with – the sound, you know what I mean, it wasn‘t them as people. But then we decided to move to London after university. We moved to London after university and found the drummer and the bassist (A/N Brendan). We found George in HMV, I believe.


And we were squatting in an old pub in Camberwell and we were rehearsing downstairs in this big old pub and got our sound together. And then we‘ve been gigging the London Scene ever since.

What are your biggest musical and non-musical influences? David Bowie, earlier on it used to be Echo & The Bunnymen, The Smiths, Joy Division, The Cure – it‘s now moving a little bit more modern now, bands like Warpaint, lots of good stuff recently – it‘s all an influence. Non-musical you say…

Anything from your bedside lamp or clock or to anything you keep in the kitchen? Anything in the kitchen? Err.. garlic? But other than that the old pub, where we started off was a big influence, just the decor as it was all run down and derelict…and fucking cold with lots of mice. And simple things like film obviously, we like David Lynch a lot. So anything we would say a bit spooky, bit sexy sometimes, I‘d say anything that‘s of interest. Nostalgia, romance…


Do you write your songs on biographical basis or do you take your inspiration from other things? It‘s really perceptive, isn‘t it. It‘s more of a perceptive point of view than a … I can‘t finish the sentence of honestly. I think it‘s more of a study of every day, I think we quite enjoy observing people and kind of writing about that, as well as personal things. Not by any means looking down on anyone, but I think sometimes it‘s nice to write about strangers and things like that. Obviously anyone can kind of interpret it in their own way, obviously there‘s personal things in there but it‘s just still quite ambiguous.

Do you mean that like you say blatantly or do you try to hide it? Like ―I shagged Jane‖ Is she here tonight? I don‘t remember that being one of our lyrics just yet, maybe in the second album. I think some of the lines can be quite soft and then the next line can be quite aggressive. Most of the tracks on the EP kind of share that relationship of the sort of stark word and then something a bit more soft about the landscape maybe. Is this were we plug the EP? Can we do that? We are releasing, it‘s actually available to purchase now on tour and we release our EP. 1 on Humming Records on the 11th of February at our Berlin show at Levee, which used to be Bang Bang Club. So we are doing a launch party there. So come down! You can pre-order them now on AMAZON, but we handmade them, we even shrink wrapped them ourselves, that‘s how dedicated we are.

Is it difficult to get notice by the British music press and what role does it play for you? Obviously the bigger labels have more money to chuck out to the magazines and stuff, so yeah it depends how the scenes are going down really cos the writers just go with what the flow is, and so if someone is a little different it is hard to get in. I would say in London it is particularly different to get headway anyway, it‘s just so much going on. It‘s really fickle as well, when we are just talking about scenes, one band is popular one minute and the next they are history. So it‘s pretty ridiculous. It‘s fickle in London.

Last year the BBC said Indie Guitar music is dead, and NME just proclaimed the future of British Guitar music, who‘s right? It‘s just hype really, with certain bands. I believe if you‘ve got a good song it will get to people. Hype can be a good thing but it can also suddenly brake. The Drums is a good example, they were extremely hyped but as soon as they lose the guitarist, everyone wants to shoot them down. So I think you have to do your own thing and if you‘re impressed that‘s great but I don‘t think you should be reading magazines every week that‘s something that really halts the process and enjoyment of it sometimes. If you are really just constantly looking and you are not in NME or something. Don‘t worry about it – everything will be alright.


What does social media and the internet play in your success as a band? That‘s what everyone uses these days, it‘s sort of taken over all of the record labels. Noone is signing anymore. It breaks barriers as well, you don‘t have to go through someone else, you get to him very instantaneous. There‘s been several little blogging sites that have written about us and really helped us out along the way. I‘d love to list them all now but there‘s now way I remember them.

We are actually listed on a blog in Russia which allowed our German label to find us in Berlin where we played last March. And we‘re pretty heavy bloggers as well, we like to write a sort of a humorous tour diary. It‘s really good to be as personal as you can be, at the end of the day if you want people to engage with your music then if you‘re just gonna be a stone of a person then obviously you can‘t really expect too much in return. Like anything the more effort you put in then you get back hopefully.

What do you think about fashion – is it a necessity or luxury? I think it helps. People wanna see an image, a lot of people would like to have a visual, relate visual to an image of a band to connect to the music, image. I think it does work together really. I wear what I wear, because i like it and I guess it sort of does go with our melancholic style of music. I think we always like to look reasonably smart, I really hope I‘m wearing something smart underneath this jacket as I say this. I think cos we sort of say that we take pride in the lyrical content etc. I think it‘s sort of like going out, when you play – you wanna make a bit of an effort. But then it works for different types of genres, Punk obviously, you could not even wear a top etc. or cut yourself on stage. I think it‘s important and we would be lying if we don‘t take care in our appearance.

Why should people come and see you? We‘re a fucking good band, that‘s why. I could say that we think we write really thoughtful music, that is melancholic but it‘s not depressive in any way, shape or form. It‘s ironically uplifting, I do think it‘s quite expansive, observational and about modern world and does offer slightly a different perspective.

Thanks a lot to Adam, Thomas, George & Brendan!


BitbyBit: Is Tropical

I kind of loved Is Topical from the very start I came across their music on myspace. Seesick

Mutiny and When-O-When been played up and down my phone. The trio from London love the band the Crystal Fighters right now and their perfect formula to write the perfect song is to ‖rip off a lot of other peoples music, but change the key and speed so nobody knows.‖. A formula that definitely works out.

What‘s the story behind the name of the band? We have a Liverpudlian friend that puts the word ‗is‘ in front of everything, like ‗is right‘ ‗is crap‘ ‗is good‘. And ‗tropical‘ is the polar opposite of our living, it‘s us escaping through a name

The best records of all times in the whole wide world? The first Coral record is amazing, all the Strokes albums are spot on, Tom Waits ‗Rain Dogs‘ & Snoop Dogg doggy style.

As a child who did you want to be like?

Gary – Jiminy Cricket, top hat, umbrella and i looked a lot like him. Dom – Macaulay Culkin. Simon – Brad Pitt


What‘s the most embarrassing record in your collection (Past and Present)? Simon – lots of Blink 182. Gary – Skatman, Ozone. Dom – Black Lace.

A book that changed us? Dom – Prometheus rising. Gary – Esio Trot, when i was young i rewrote the whole book and illustrated it. Simon – a book of tropical fish that I used to draw.

Our favourite place? Tad, a turkish restaurant we eat in twice a day.

Tad in Hackney

What influences would you say was present in your music (i.e. influences and style)? A lot of the music we hear out at night, whether live or dj‘ed. Stories people tell us. What process do you go through when you write your music (lyrics then music or vice versa etc.)? One of us will have an idea and bring it to the band, it might be a vocal or riff, then we all add to it. Vocals can be already written and just be waiting for a song. Are you seeking fame or fortune or something altogether different? Fortune would be great. We just want to travel the world and make records. It‘s good to be able to wake up at 3 in the afternoon and be out till 11 in the morning and not lose your job. How would you describe your sound in one sentence? Distorted pop melodic amalgamation of genres. What their new label says about them:

―We are very proud to announce we have a newcomer to our Kitsuné Maison. We had been following them for a while and it is now confirmed: IS TROPICAL have embraced a recording deal with Kitsuné / Cooperative Music. They are a young trio. They come from London. They perform with veiled faces. They describe their music as a bass heavy, beat driven, pop-influenced lo-fi dance music! youtube channel




BitbyBit: Everything Everything

Originated in the northern towns of Manchester, Newcastle and well Kent. Still unknown to emigrated Northerners – what Everything Everything is a band name? So it is. When was there the time bands been called The Windows or The Tables or The Chairs? This will be explained shortly. Everything

Everything don‘t want the ―The‖ band indie-tag which is easily imprinted. They said about The Courteeners that they are backward and fixated on Oasis and in return The Courteeners stated that they heard Everything Everything sound like New Order. But now let‘s concentrate on Everything Everything bit by bit.

Frock&Roll: What‘s the story behind the name of the band? Everything Everything: We chose it because it has good potential for double-meaning which we like. It‘s very positive and open-minded sounding, and it‘s easy to remember. The best records of all times in the whole wide world? Ok computer(a/n by Radiohead), Siamese dream (a/n by Smashing Pumpkins), abbey road (a/n The Beatles), Richard D James album (a/n by Aphex Twin)

As a child who did you want to be like? Kurt Russell in big trouble in little china. He lives forever I think.


What‘s the most embarrassing record in your collection (Past and Present)? I‘ve grown to really dislike Justin Timberlake‘s ‗justified‘. The Moody Blues ‗on the threshold of a dream‘ is hugely and comically dated but is great.

A book that changed us? Bear vs Shark by Chris Bachelder

Our favourite place? Hadrian‘s Wall in Cumbria/Northumberland

What influences would you say was present in your music? Radiohead, Destiny‘s Child and The Beatles.

What process do you go through when you write your music? Chords then melody then beats then words. How would you describe your sound in one sentence? The sound of possibility and potential, with shrieking. Everything Everything – Man Alive | release: 31.08.2010


Barat’s libertine memoirs. I only read a couple of books about musicians, the best one out of these was probably one about Syd Barrett, but Carl Barat‘s Threepenny Memoir is written all by himself. Seems like there wasn‘t a ghost writer involved. I have to admit, I was stuck to the book; I also have to admit that I have had a slight crush on the author. A bit of dirty rock, guitars, and drugs always get girls, and I was struck. Easily, I mean who hasn‘t got a soft spot for musicians – I have and so have a lot others. Sleeping with indie stars that is what a lot of girls want and fight for – and the lads on stage don‘t really mind. Even though this is all very fake. And even if you are a girl that sleeps with a more or less famous musician you are immediately classed as a groupie – also by the guy she sleeps with.

Carl Barat enjoyed exactly this live – with a bin bag full of coke and dirty underwear. The first page of the book made me cringe a little bit – is Carl Barat trying to be a big author by using a lot of big words? But this worry was wrong. His wording will be very laissez-fair and riveting to read as long as he doesn‘t start fawning on some of the people mentioned, then it gets tiring. Apart from his now girlfriend, none is mentioned by name – and they may be disappointed. In the book Carl Barat describes his whole musical career and what made him who he is now.


He talks about the humble beginnings when he was introduced to Peter Doherty by Peter‘s sister, whom Carl shared a flat with at university in London where he was studying Drama. From there on he takes us along the romance both share with all their ups and downs. And how he feels being blamed the one who fucked up the whole Libertines thing. Then he also gives reason why his later band Dirty Pretty Things didn‘t work, concluding that drugs destroyed both of his bands.

If you never like the music Carl made or Carl Barat himself – this isn‘t a book for you, but if you are then this is a good book to invest in.

―[...] Tuesday, Peter and I reconvene at home in Bethnal Green, suited, booted, sunglassed, acting absurdly cool, and take the Tube to Tottenham Court Road station. Sure enough, there we are, on the front cover, on display on a little news-stand opposite Astoria. So we ask for a couple of copies, give a knowing nod to the woman behind the counter and then… nothing. Peter very slowly takes the change from her hand and tries to meet her eye, and she just smiles at us and moves on to the next customer. We spent all day walking around clutching copies of the NME, cover out, and nothing happened that day, or that week, not a sausage.‖

Carl Barât‘s Threepenny Memoir: The Lives of a Libertine Fourth Estate £14.99 | € 16,50


Need to be events in Vienna Not only the blogosphere is flooded with end-of-the-year reviews, TV, radio and magazines are full of them – and doesn‘t it get a bit boring at some point?! I mean everyone knows what happened last year but not so much what will happen in 2011, although this might explain the boom of 2011 horoscopes. At least this is some kind of looking forward…. Anyway, we look forward to 2011, can‘t be worse than 2010, can it!? And in Vienna there‘s quite a lot going on! Up until May we have a few dates you really shouldn‘t miss (especially gigs!) ♥ mustn‘t be missed


♥ Sleigh Bells – Wed, 02|02|2011, 07:00pm, SZENE WIEN €17,50

♥ Red Drapes / Terror Bird / Calais – Tue, 08|02|2011, 09:00pm - RHIZ €7

Deine Jugend – Fri, 11|02|2011, 09:00pm – B72 € 11

MEN – Thu, 24|02|2011, 07:00pm – FLEX €16,40

Jamaica – Sat, 26|02|2011, 07:00pm – FLEX €17,50


♥ The Joy Formidable – Tue, 01|03|2011, 08:00pm - B72 € 12

Those Dancing Days – Fri, 04|03|2011, 08:00pm – FLEX € 14

Ben Folds – Sat, 05|03|2011, 07:00pm – MQ, Halle E € 33,90

♥ Yuck – Sun, 06|03|2011, 08:00pm – B72 € 12

♥ Doll&The Kicks – Mon, 07|03|2011, tba – B72 tba


White Lies – Tue, 08|03|2011, 07:00pm – GASOMETER €29,60

Hurts – Tue, 15|03|2011, 07:00pm – ARENA sold out

♥ Everything Everything – Sun, 20|03|2011, 07:30pm - FLEX € 14

The Low Anthem – Sun., 27|03|2011, 07:3pm – FLEX € 18

last but not least: Mode:Block - date: TBA


♥ Chapel Club – Tue, 05|04|2011, 07:30pm – FLEX € 14

Patrick Wolf – Fri, 08|04|2011 WUK €18

Anna Calvi – Tue, 07|04|2011, 07:00pm – SZENE €16,40

Dum Dum Girls – Thu, 14|04|2011, 08:00pm - FLEX €8

The Wombats – Fri, 22|04|2011, 07:00pm – GASOMETER € 27,90


♥ Metronomy – Wed, 18|05|2011, 08:00pm – CHELSEA | €15,40


DIY: Sailor Pencil Case Words by Kat Ober So what‘s needed to make your very own and unique pencil case? 

thick fabric to last


cotton thread

sewing machine or needle



decoration: iron-on

| wool | buttons| etc.

1. Cut the fabric to the right size. - tip: fold it into two layers

2. Pin the fabric to the right size, make sure the zip& make sure pens fit in.

3. Sew the zip in. tip: don‘t worry this can take time



4. Cut the loose threads off and start decorating. Try making a tassel for the zip by simply folding wool threads and tying them.

You can also put an iron-on badge on the pencil-case or some buttons.


DIY: Leopard Cross Shirt Words by Kat Ober

via As soon as I discovered the leopard cross shirt on the asos online shop – I wanted one, but it seemed just overprized, in the end it‘s only a tee with some furry fabric on top, so I created a less than 10€ instead of the 30€ version. What you need: 


paper for pattern




leopard fabric (~2€)

t-shirt (~5€)

sewing machine or needle

black thread

Cut out the pattern of the cross.


Transfer the pattern and cut the fabric.

Pin the cross on the tee and sew it on – I had a few problems with this because of the stretchy material. But it worked out in the end and it is my favourite t-shirt since.


DIY: Turban tutorial words by Kat Ober I had some left-over fabric and thought why not trying this one, a DIY leopard turban/headband. So the turban ingredients: 

two pieces of fabric (measure your head for

the length and decide yourself how big you want the turban) 

scissors to cut the fabric

a sewing machine

or needle

black thread

This tutorial is very easy and even if you have only beginners‘ knowledge of how to use a sewing machine, you should succeed.

So if you have measured your head and cut the pieces of fabric to the right size you fold the fabric to create some kind of tube.

The later inside should be the outside now you can later just simple turn it inside out.

Sew the ends of bigger piece together and don‘t worry of it not being too neat as you will cover it


up with the other piece.

After that you might want to sew folds in or you just fixate it later with the sewing machine.

If you‘ve sewn the loop together, you can continue to cover the messy bit up by putting the other bit round. I‘m pretty sure there is a better approach to it but I simply tucked them together and sewed it on.


DIY: Laptop Sleeve a la Cath Kidston Words by Sian Aneka Judd Hello there, for my first post at Frock and Roll I‘m going to do a DIY post. I‘m going to show you how I changed my plain laptop case into one inspired by Cath Kidston. I‘m a total sucker for anything pretty and feminine which I‘m sure you‘ll get to realise soon. In the Cath Kidston ―sew‖ book there‘s a page on how to decorate some cushions, and on these cushions are these really sweet little birds. I‘ve used the cut out of the bird from this book for my laptop case, because I‘m planning on making some of these cushions soon so it‘ll all match nicely together.

First of all here‘s what you‘ll need; 

A pencil.

Piece of A4 paper.

Fabric sissors.

4x buttons, preferably small ones. (I have a wierd obsession with collecting buttons so I‘ve got some spare in a tin)


Thread, a colour which will go with the fabrics you plan on using.

Sewing machine with a zig-zag stitch

Draw onto a piece of paper the outline of the image you want to sew onto your case. Here I‘ve already drawn out an outline image of a bird and cut it out just to show you what I mean.

x2 pieces of fabric, can either be the same pattern or different. I‘ve used different colours in mine. The fabric doesn‘t have to be that big, just big enough for you to cut your images out on. Bare in mind you‘ll be cutting x4 of these images. Just a little over half a meter of lace or ribbon.


Place your image onto your piece of fabric and pin them down so they‘re in place,

Then cut around the fabric out around the outline of your fabric like in the images above. Remember when it comes to cutting out two of your images out, you‘ll need to place the paper image onto the fabric the wrong way round (for instance the birds facing right on these images above, but you‘ll need to make them face left for two of the birds). This is so that both of the images can sit facing each other like in the picture below.

Position the fabric onto the laptop case where you would like them to be. Then pin them down onto the laptop case to keep them in position and stop them from moving when you‘re sewing on them.

Set the zig-zag stitch up on your machine and change the length of stitch to a small setting, on my machine for example if I had it on number 5 the zigzags were really far apart and I wanted them to be quite close together.


Going around the outline of your fabric, sew your fabric onto the laptop case like seen above. Go at a slow pace, some areas can be a bit difficult so you don‘t want to mess it up.

Get either your lace or ribbon, whatever it is you choose to use and pin in on the laptop case where you‘d like it to go.

Set your machine back to the normal stitch and change your stitch length to the normal setting. Once you‘ve done that sew along the edge of your lace or ribbon keeping very close to the edge.

My lace doesn‘t look very straight in this picture. eugh.


Now get your 4 buttons and put them in place where the eyes would go, hand sew them on. Once you‘ve done that you‘ve finished!

I did this on both sides of my laptop case. I think I‘ll be putting little wings on the birds soon I just need to find some fabric which goes with both fabrics. I shall probably be doing some more DIY posts as I do a lot of sewing and making bits and bobs. I‘ve really enjoyed doing my first post for Frock and Roll and I hope you‘ve enjoyed it too. I write my own personal fashion/lifestyle blog – feel free to drop by.



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