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The Epistle May - JUNE 2013


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Vol. LXIII May-June No. 5-6 FATHER LUKE M. MELACKRINOS, Presbyter FATHER PANAGIOTIS ZOUGRAS, Presbyter DEACON MATHEW KAKIS Parish Council Officers & Legal Advisor

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SUNDAY EPISTLE & GOSPEL READINGS May 5th Acts 1:1-8 John 1:1-17 May 12th Acts 5:12-20 John 20:19-31 May 19th Acts 6:1-7 Mark 15:43-47; 16:1-8 May 26th Acts 9:32-42 John 5:1-15 June 2nd Acts 11:19-30 John 4:5-42 June 9th Acts 16:16-34 John 9:1-38 June 16th Acts 20:16-18, 28-36 John 17:1-13 June 23rd Acts 2:1-11 John 7:37-52; 8:12 June 30th I Corinthians 4:9-16 Matthew 10:32-33; 37-38; 19:27-30 July 7th Galatians 3:23-29; 4:1-5 Matthew 4:18-23 July 14th Titus 3:8-15 Matthew 5:14-19 July 21st Romans 6:18-23 Matthew 8:5-13 Romans 10:1-10 Matthew 8:28-34; 9:1 July 28th August 4th August 11th August 18th August 25th

Romans 12:6-14 Matthew 9:1-8 Romans 15:1-7 Matthew 9:27-35 1 Corinthians 1:10-17 Matthew 14:14-22 1 Corinthians 3:9-17 Matthew 14:22-34

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The Thirst By Father Luke Melackrinos It is my great joy to write to you again as we go forth to our summers full of adventure. We wrapped up this ecclesiastical year with an uplifiting Holy Week and another great festival. I offer special thanks to Tony Vacarri and George Zakos fand all of the volunteers for their hard work for an incredible festival. Just a few days ago, we had the joy of welcoming 17 visiting priests and four nuns to our feastday vespers. This also was the day that we celebrated the leavetaking of the great feast of Pentecost. Fifty days after Pascha, we celebrate the descent of the Holy Spirit, Pentecost, the fulfillment of the Resurrectional period of the Church year. The words of Christ come to mind, “If any man thirst, let him come to me and drink,” and He said, “Out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.” The Apostle John tells us this refers to the Holy Spirit, Who was not yet given, but He was prophesying of what would happen when it was given. The Holy Spirit is available to us, if we thirst. Abundant water, cool water, fresh water. Not water from a well, but water from a living spring is available to us -- but only if we thirst. If we don’t thirst, then the water that we partake of is flat and lifeless and tepid. We must thirst. This is the key to the Christian life -- thirst. Thirst for righteousness, thirst for Christ. Then, out of your belly truly shall flow rivers of living water. Think of the image, of what this means. Continual activity, continual purity -- because water purifies, especially flowing water. It scours the ground, and cleans, takes waste away, continually flowing and purifying and cleansing. This is what happens in the heart of man -- but only if we thirst. We must thirst for that good water, the water that Christ also spoke of with the woman at the well, St. Foteini. If you thirst, then indeed, you will have living water. If you don’t thirst, if you don’t put the priorities in your life wholly towards learning of the sweetness of God,

then you won’t experience this living water. You might experience a little of it, sort of like being at the spray of a waterfall. You don’t experience the power of the water, but you feel some of the mist. This is not for us Christians. We want to feel the full force of the water. But we must thirst. It is clear that we thirst for things that are not godly, and that distract us, to that extent we don’t have this living water. And the sad thing is, it’s not something we can know obviously. Many times, when you do something wrong in life, it’s obvious that you did something wrong. Your mistake becomes apparent to you. Or even in human relationships, often times we can tell if we’ve made a mistake and sometimes we have the opportunity to correct it. But if we don’t know that we have this living water, we won’t know. It’s not something that we can know to correct because this is knowledge that is wholly beyond us. It’s wholly outside of our carnal frame of reference. So, if we miss this living water, if we don’t have water springing out of our belly, we won’t know it. To me, that is the greatest tragedy of life -- to not know the grace of God when it is presented to us. All of us, if we don’t struggle and if we don’t thirst, we won’t experience grace. I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason that some things in our faith are not explained thoroughly is that those who need the explanation would not understand it because they haven’t experienced it. Only those that truly thirst can truly understand the wisdom and the mercy and the might and the beauty of God as well as the excellence of His plan for us. All of us may have realized a small portion of that plan and have small bits of knowledge of God. May it be that with every single one of us, God is abiding in us and cleansing us. I pray that, as we begin our relaxing summer, that we thirst. Let us desire all the grace God wishes to give us. Let’s turn our back on that which is ugly, ordinary, temporal, unclean and useless and let’s turn towards our Lord and remember what he has done. Let us try to make our soul a place where the Holy Spirit wishes to live. Let us sweep it, garnish it and protect it so that the Holy Spirit would desire to stay and warm us. Let us have this water springing up within us by changing us and making us “more than conquerors.” May God help us to desire Him. Amen. 3

Thank You for a Great Ecclesiastical Year By Father Panagiotis Zougras End of the 2012-2013 Year Events for the Cathedral of St. Paul Gurlides and Comas Dinner: This year the Gurlides and Comas dinner was held at Jonathan’s Restaurant for which we would like to thank the Mavrikis family. The Gurlides award is given to a male GOYAn who best exemplifies the qualities by which Micheal Gurlides lived, leadership, love of the church, love of family, the GOYA program and the St. Paul’s Cathedral basketball team. Congratulations to the 2013 recipient Niko Vorkas. The Comas award is given to a female GOYAn who best exemplifies the ideals with which Mr. and Mrs. Comas raised their own daughters and with the fine qualities that they imparted on the St. Paul’s Cathedral youth program during their many years as GOYA advisors here at St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Congratulations to the 2013 recipient Tiffany Rousakis. Special Appreciation Awards were also given to coaches Pat O’Brien and Jim Canell for their years of service to our GOYA girls basketball team. JOY & GOYA: The GOYAns went to Great Adventure for the Year End Trip on May 18th. JOY and HOPE had their end of the year trip at Pump It Up. Lent and Holy Week Schedule: Lenten Retreat for the GOYAns of Nassau County was held at St. Markella in Wantagh on April 13th. We also had an “Overnight Lenten Lock-In Retreat” this year with the GOYAns of St. Paul’s. At this retreat the GOYAns had a Church Scavenger Hunt and the opportunity to go to confession.  The JOY Retreat was held on Great and Holy Friday at the Cathedral of St. Paul and the young ladies of the JOY program had the honor of wrapping up Jesus in the white shroud during the unveiling service.   4

During the Great and Holy Friday Night Evening Service, it was an honor to see the Sr. Boys basketball team carry the Epitaphio this year. The GOYAns and the JOY children also filled the plastic eggs with candy for the Easter Egg Hunt and made palms for Palm Sunday this year. Greek School Graduation: Congratulations to the class of 2013 Greek School Graduates: Georgios Atsidaftis, John Kenny, Anastasia Papaleontiou, Angela Phillipides, Eleni Polichronakis, Sinead Alexeas, Angelo Filippatos and Demitra Tzakas. The recipient of the Three Hierarchs Award was Demitra Tzakas. The recipients of the Philoptochos Awards were Georgios Atsidaftis, Angela Phillipides and Angelo Filippatos. The recipients of the AHEPA Awards were John Kenny and Anastasia Papaleontiou.  I would also like to thank the P.T.A., Philoptochos and A.H.E.P.A. for giving financial contributions to make these awards possible. SCOUTS: Daisies and Brownies: On May 19th the Daisies crossed over to become Brownies. Our new Brownies are Sonia Cherpelis, Zoe Diakovasilis, Alexa Hubmeier, Athena Karavousanos, Magdelena Melackrinos, Christina Papachristos, Despina Petrochilos, Christina Vasilakis and Nicoletta Zito. Boy Scouts Court of Honor: The boys who advanced from Tiger to Wolf are Niko Daniil, George Cherpelis and Demos Ciar. Peter Papangelopoulos advanced from Wolf to Bear. The three boys who advanced from Bear to 1st year Webelos are Harris Cherpelis, Ioakim Marinos and Andre Goga. The first year Webelos who moved up to second year Webelos are Stavros Cherpelis, Constantine Vasilakis and Andreas Gavalas. The Life Scouts are Andrew Gavalas and Luke Germanakos. The Star Scouts are Peter Germanakos, Lucas Demas and Harry Demiris. The First Class Scouts are Panayiote Petrochilos and Panagioti Menoundakos. The Tenderfoot Scouts are Giorgios Cosmas, Andrew Yioupis and Billy Getsios. The Scouts are Yianni Daniil, George Pittas and

Constantine Marinos. OLYMPICS: St. Paul’s Cathedral had a total of 63 participants with 39 from JOY and 24 from GOYA.   Thanks to Nicole Rousakis, Maria Vorkas, George Vorkas, Niko Konteleon and  Erika Palmer  who coached and chaperoned our GOYAns. Thanks to Andrea Pagonis, Kosta Koutsothanasis, Athena Menoundakos, Stephanie Daniil, Mike Lynch, Peter Cosmas, Carlos Jorge, Ernest Athanailos, Nicholas Tzakas, George Vasilakis, Stephen Makrinos and John Papachristos who coached and chaperoned our JOY. FESTIVAL:  The GOYA had a Lemonade, Frappe and Greek Yogurt tent at the festival. Thank you to Nicole Rousakis, Maria Vorkas, Kay Georgopalis, Kiki Flouskakos, Harriet Kutulos and Irene Papakalodoukas for volunteering their time. The JOY had an Italian Ice, Ice Cream and Candy tent at the festival. Thank you to Stephanie Daniil, Andrea Pagonis, Athena Menoundakos, Presvytera Marusia, Anna Cherpelis, Joanna Lynch, Valerie Athanailos, Soteroula Cosmas, Anna Arovenskaya and Maria Koutsouras. Thanks also to all the GOYAns and members of JOY who helped at various places around the festival as well. Special Thanks to Nicole Rousakis, Maria Vorkas, Kay Georgapalis, Maria Giannopoulos, Andrea Pagonis, Athena Menoundakos, Stephanie Daniil, Tina Vasilakis. Maria Papachristos, Mary-Ellen Kakalos, Erika Palmer, Jenny Polizotto and Presvytera Alexa for all the hard work they put into our youth programs to make them such a success this year!

The Joy of His Resurrection By Deacon Mathew Kakis Well, we finally arrived at that moment which defines our faith. He is Risen!! Truly, He is Risen! The Gospel Reading tells us that the myrrh-bearing women have come to the tomb to annoint the Master’s Body only to find the tomb empty. Where have they taken Him? Appearing as the garden caretaker, our Lord announces to Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Salome, that unbelievable news that He is not to be found among the dead. We are there too, beyond time and space to be fellow witnesses to this mindblowing event. What surprise! What confusion! Above all, what joy!! How should we react and share that news? What could we compare with it? Did you just win the biggest lottery prize ever? Did you just discover a huge gold mine in your yard? Forget about it! These things will all pass away. Nothing can compare. Our Lord is Risen and He has trampled down death for all mankind! Do we realize this? Does our heart and mind fully absorb this? Do we respond in kind? We know someone who truly did! On Pascha morning, during the Orthos, the deacon was preparing the thimiato (censor) when Father Luke runs up and asks the deacon if he, as the priest, could sense? “Be my guest”, the deacon responds. Father Luke began in the altar and exited. As the faithful witnessed, he was at least a foot off the ground exclaiming, “Christos Anesti!! Christ is Risen!” To some it seemed as if he was drinking! Hardly! He was filled to overflowing with the same experience as the Apostles felt on Pentecost. The Joy of the Resurrection filled Father Luke’s heart and soul and could not be contained. He was literally dancing and making a holy, joyfull sound heard to the top of Mt. Sinai. Those present could only respond, “Alithos Anesti, Indeed He is Risen!!!” Hallelujah!! Should we not continuously be shouting anything less? Bravo Father!! We venerate and glorify His three day Resurrection!


From the Parish Council President By William J. Lembo

The prayer and fasting of Lent and Holy Week culminated with thousands of parishioners gathered at the foot of the patio steps, overflowing into the street, their faces illuminated by the glow of the Anastasi candles, singing “Christos Anesti”. What a beautiful sight! It was a blessing to be part of this sacred celebration. Just as this represented both an ending and a beginning, so too have many of our programs celebrated the accomplishments of the previous nine months, while others prepare for their summer programs. The Father Nicholas J. Magoulias Center was packed with parents, grandparents and siblings honoring the graduates of our Greek Language School. The ceremony highlighted the accomplishments of each grade with poems, skits and recitations. It was evident from the program that our teachers and students had a very successful year. The children clearly benefitted from the enhancements to our program that included regular sessions in Greek dance and language lab. We bid farewell and say “thank you” to Ms. Areti Paraskevopoulos who is retiring after many years of service to our Greek School. Congratulations also to the winners of this year’s AHEPA scholarships: Nicholas Conte, Alexa Pascarella and Alexandra Irene Ayvas. The awards were given at the AHEPA Easter Glendi. The annual Archdiocesan Olympics were held at Suffolk Community College under very difficult weather conditions on Memorial Day Weekend. Despite the inclement weather, many of our children faired very well in the competition and were rewarded with medals. The rainy Memorial Day Weekend gave way to four beautiful days of sunshine from May 30th to June 2nd. Aided by the near perfect weather and months of diligent preparation, our chairmen, Tony Vaccari and George Zakos and hundreds of hard-working volunteers, completed one of our most rewarding festivals ever. Thank you all for a terrific festival. Not to be outdone, Harry Demiris and Jim Ginis 6

successfully chaired our Gala Sweepstakes which is also critical to balancing our annual budget. Thank you to Harry and Jim and everyone who either bought tickets or sold tickets. Congratulations to the winners of the more than 50 prizes which were drawn on the final evening of our Festival. As many of these events wind down, several programs gear up for the summer. Children ages 2 to 5 can sign up for our Summer Nursery School which runs from July 8th to July 31st. A summer basketball camp is available to youths between the ages of 10 and 17. There are two sessions, one was June 24th to June 27th and the other runs from July 8th to July 11th. Young men age 16 and up are invited to participate in the George D. Pamas Memorial Summer Basketball Program on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 8 PM until 11 PM. Teams of parishioners were formed by the end of June and a friendly but competitive tournament is held for six weeks. Golfers of all ages participated in the 15th Annual Troop 568 Golf Outing held at North Shore Towers Country Club on June 27th. Proceeds from the event provided scholarship awards for our Eagle Scouts and Gold Award recipients. I wish each of you a pleasant summer.

St. Paul’s 2013 “Famous” Greek Festival

By Tony Vaccari & George Zakos, Festival Chairmen

We cannot recall a year where we did not see a drop of rain from the moment our Festival opened until two hours after it closed. When Father Luke appointed Father Panagiotis as Chairman of the all important “Weather Committee” who knew that he would arrange for perfect weather throughout the four days? In fact for the two weekends prior and one weekend after, the weather was quite the opposite. We all know how important the weather is to ensuring a successful Festival but in reality it is the countless hours and hard work of our community that completes the story and we can report that the Cathedral of Saint Paul’s 2013 “Famous” Greek Festival was a success. The Festival Committee will be reconciling the financial results over the next several weeks waiting for invoices to come in but we can report now that we exceeded our expectations in both Festival

receipts for the four days as well as additional revenue from sponsors and vendors. Our guests enjoyed a wide variety of Greek delicacies which ranged from delicious Mezedakia & Wine in Café Plaka, to tasty Greek dishes in our Taverna in addition to our traditional Gyro & Souvlaki from our Famous Souvlaki Pit. We heard man compliments on the quality of food from Cyprus in the Cypriot Corner. We also offered American fare at the Chicken Fingers & Fries and Hamburgers & Hot Dogs Tents. Our adult guests enjoyed a Budweiser, Stella or Heineken in our Beer Garden while our younger guests stopped by for a soda or water from our Soda Truck. Saint Paul’s Famous Loukoumades was a favorite as well as a variety of Greek Pastries at our Pastry Tent and in addition to our Ice Cream & Ices and Greek Yogurt & Frappe Tents. Aside from food, we had great Rides for the kids and shopping at our Agora Marketplace. The Grecian Arts Tent offered authentic Greek Imported Gifts and the Greek Thumb - an assortment of unique plants. Many guests chose to visit our FAMOUS Flea Market which was located in our air conditioned Rev. Nicholas J. Magoulias Cathedral Center where they found many one-of-a-kind items. We were especially proud to welcome the Nuns from The All Saints Monastery on Long Island who offered a selection of soaps and lotions in their tent. Near the Church Tours entrance was our Religious Items Tent and our new Bookstore Tent, managed by Deacon Mathew, which contained a large list of spiritual texts and novels. A favorite spot, as always, was our Ring Toss Tent where our guests showed their skill at winning a variety of Greek wines and beer. A huge hit this year was our Gala Sweepstakes which offered 50 prizes including two cars and 3 trips in addition to 45 other prizes as well as $1000 “Early Bird” drawing on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. The Festival Committee wishes to express its gratitude to those who contributed their Time, Talent & Treasure by volunteering, attending or donating to help make our 2013 Festival a success! A special Thank You goes out to the many local restaurants that generously provided food donations that really offset our costs. We hope and pray that everyone supports these restaurants to show our appreciation.

Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Paul Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of Thursday, March 21, 2013 Parish Council Members Absent: Harry Demiris, Tom Flouskakos, John Heliotis, Michael Lazarakis, William Lombard, Fran Lutfy, George Marinos, Harry Monioudis, James Rigano, James Stephens and George Vorkas. Past Presidents Absent: Andrew Andron, Peter Casimates, James Georgakis, Antonia Kourepinos, William Pappas, Louis Patrickakos, George P. Possas, Peter Xanthos and Constantine Zografos. The Parish Council members attended the Great Compline in the cathedral and participated in a Forgiveness Service with Father Luke and Father Panagiotis. The meeting was called to order by President William Lembo at 8:29PM. Father Luke led all those in attendance in an opening prayer. The meeting minutes from January 17, 2013 were distributed. A motion to approve the minutes was made by James Ginis and seconded by John Hajisava. Motion carried. The meeting minutes from February 28, 2013 were distributed. A motion to approve the minutes was made by George Zakos and seconded by Evans Lizardos. Motion carried. President Lembo congratulated the Senior Boys GOYA Basketball Team for winning the championship and the Junior Girls GOYA Basketball Team for obtaining second place. The President thanked Steve Makrinos for notifying George Lavas and the President about a “Free Shred Day” in Garden City. George Lavas was able to shred a lot of old unnecessary records that were in storage. The AHEPA plaque has been taken down and will be reinstalled together with the new Father Nicholas Magoulias Cathedral Center plaque. Also, at the next Parish Council Meeting, on April 18 a professional photographer will take pictures of the Parish Council and the Executive Committee. Correspondence: • President William Lembo received a Thank You letter from the Mary Brennan Inn for sponsoring the Soup Kitchen. • President Lembo received a letter from a Pennsylvania law firm stating that the late Maryann Scotidas bequeathed the cathedral $5,000. Stewardship Report: President William Lembo stated that the February 28, 2013 report was presented at the last meeting.


Anthony Vaccari reported that the list of stewards in good standing has been updated and placed on the Bulletin Board. Father Luke will give a sermon on the meaning of stewardship on The Sunday of Orthodoxy. Once Father Luke finishes his sermon stewardship pledge cards will be given out in cathedral. There will be tables set up in the Father Magoulias Cathedral Center for parishioners to complete the stewardship cards. Hermea Drivas and members of the Stewardship Committee will be there for questions and assistance. Also, the Sunday Bulletin will contain the names of all stewards in good standing. Clergy Report: • Father Luke reported that the Nursery School is asking permission to have a Summer Camp from July 8th through July 31st . Students’ ages 4-5 will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays between 9:15AM and 11:45AM with a $180 fee for stewards and a $220 fee for non-steward. Students’ ages 2-3 will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9:15AM and 11:45AM, with a $160 fee for stewards and a $200 fee for non-stewards. A motion to approve the Summer Camp was made by George Papazicos and seconded by George Hadjoglou. Motion carried. • Also, the Nursery School would like to have a Summer Carnival on Friday, July 26th between 1PM and 4PM, in the Father Magoulias Cathedral Center. The carnival income helps offset their supplies. A motion was made to approve the Summer Carnival by Triphon Kollitides and seconded by Steve Makrinos. Motion carried. • Father Luke reported that 35 Nursery School children have already registered for the fall and they are expecting more students. Most of the enrollment is for the extended day. • Father Luke reminded everyone to try to attend the Lenten Lecture Series held every Wednesday evening after the Pre-Sanctified liturgy. • Due to the Greek Independence Day Parade on Sunday, April 7th the Youth Liturgy will be rescheduled to Sunday, April 14th . Treasurer’s Report: Anthony Vaccari presented the Treasurer’s Report as of February 28, 2013. Current Liquid Assets Less: Decorations Fund Less: Renaissance Fund Liabilities Net Available Funds

Revenue Expenses Surplus (Deficit) Less Proj Ren & Dec Funds (net) Net Operating Surplus (Deficit)


$263,479 ($72,661) ($24,432) $166,386 $0 $166,386 Month of Year to Date Month of Year to Date February-13 2/28/13 February-12 2/29/12 $210,861 $79,616 $176,926 $69,800 ($91,229) ($154,445) ($200,400) ($85,746) $22,481 ($11,613) ($15,946) $10,461 ($1,310) ($447) ($500) ($447) ($12,113) $21,171 ($16,393) $10,014

A motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report was made by James Ginis and seconded by Dean Mavrovitis. Motion carried. Anthony Vaccari presented the Financial Statement for Year Ending December 31, 2012 and thanked Jerry Makris for preparing the reports. A review and discussion ensued. The Audit Committee which consists of Dina Minucci, Stephen Gianaca and Jim Panos will meet on Monday, March 25 with George Vorkas and Anthony Vaccari to review the Financial Statement prior to the General Assembly, where it will be submitted for approval. Financial Report: Anthony Vaccari presented the invoices to be paid. A review and discussion ensued. A motion to pay the invoices was made by Michael Gurlides and seconded by Joan Prieston. Motion carried. Project Management: Anthony Vaccari reported that the committee reviewed the current project list, removed all items that were completed and added new items to the list. A report was presented with item prioritized in 3 levels and with dollar amounts. The priority levels include 1) Emergency: immediate action required; 2) Cosmetic: budgeted, but not urgent and 3) Enhancements: long term, not budgeted. All committees should submit any new projects in an email format, as presented on the report. The list will be reviewed monthly and items will be completed as funds are available. George C. Possas reported that he has received a proposal for a “Master Facilities Exterior Report” from architect Mark Baily in the amount of $4,200. The item will be added to the Project Management list, pending additional bids. Youth Report: • Father Panagiotis congratulated the Senior Boys GOYA Basketball Team and the coach John Caragiorgis for winning the championship. Also, he congratulated the Junior Girls GOYA Basketball Team and the coaches Andy Karamouzis and Chis Karanasos for obtaining second place. Father Panagiotis thanked all those who attended the games and supported our teams. • Father Panagiotis would like to purchase 2 banners to be displayed in the Father Magoulias Cathedral Center listing the years our Boys’ and Girls’ Teams have won the championship. He will give an update with prices at the next meeting. • Father Panagiotis asked to approve the Summer Basketball Camp for the last week of June and the second week of July. A motion to approve the Summer Basketball Camp was made by John Hajisava and seconded by Elizabeth Comack. Motion carried. • Father Panagiotis reported that the Cathedral Cup Tournament was held on Saturday, March 2nd.

carried. • Michael Gurlides made a motion to replace the 2 damaged entrance signs on Cathedral Avenue, for a total of $260. The motion was seconded by Elizabeth Comack. Motion carried. • Michael Gurlides made a motion to replace the 2 broken rear entrance door overhead light fixtures. The motion was seconded by Steve Makrinos. Motion carried. • Michael Gurlides made a motion to replace the damaged fixture in the bride’s room, not to exceed $125. The motion was seconded by Dean Mavrovitis. Motion carried.

A motion to adjourn at 10:51PM was made by Michael Gurlides, seconded by Carol DePietto. Motion carried. Respectfully submitted, Spyros Georgopalis Secretary, Parish Council Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Paul

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of Thursday, April 18, 2013

Festival Report: Anthony Vaccari stated that they are making good progress. The committee is working on some creative public relations; including a media web page, linked to our website, new Facebook page and a new flyer. Also, we are advertising in Saint Joseph’s Sunday Bulletin.

Parish Council Members Absent: Michael Lazarakis, William Lombard, John Papachristos and James Rigano.

Reservations Report: • Anthony Vaccari reported that the Ciar Family would like to rent the Hellenic Room for a Christening on Sunday, June 30th for approximately 120 guests. • Anthony Vaccari reported that LIACA asked permission to use the kitchen on April 13th to prepare for their Lenten Dinner on Sunday, April 14th in the Father Magoulias Cathedral Center. A motion was made by Michael Gurlides to approve the request and seconded by George Papazicos. Motion carried.

The meeting was called to order by President William Lembo at 8:01PM.Father Luke led all those in attendance in an opening prayer.The meeting minutes from March 21, 2013 were distributed. A motion to approve the minutes was made by Louis Patrickakos and seconded by George Zakos. Motion carried.

Independence Day Parade Report: Liz Comack reported that the parade is on April 7th and encouraged everyone to participate. There will be signup sheets available during Fellowship Hours. She has gotten donations towards the parade and is expecting more. George Hadjoglou has volunteered to prepare the Lenten dinner after the parade. He will need some volunteers to assist him. John Papachristos stated he will be picking up sashes. The sashes will be sold for $30 each, same the price as last year. Cemetery Plots: New Jersey Cemetery Plots- Harry Raptakis reported that the NJ Cemetery Board has responded to his letter. We have the right to sell the plots in bulk to another nonprofit organization, as long as we have a contract; we receive consent from the Board and we pay a 15% fee on the gross sales of the plots towards the Cemetery Maintenance Fund. Harry stated that another organization was in the process of selling bulk plots, for $1,000 a plot. We have approximately 580 plots and now the committee can begin to canvas the area for nonprofit organizations interested in purchasing the plots. Also, Harry will send a follow up letter asking the cemetery if they are interested in purchasing the plots.

Past Presidents Absent: Andrew Andron, Peter Casimates, Antonia Kourepinos, William Pappas, George P. Possas, and Harry Raptakis.

President Lembo stated that the community will be getting together to clean the church on Friday, April 26th . Also, as Holy Week approaches he asked that all Parish Council members maintain their best behavior and set the example. Correspondence: * President William Lembo received a letter from Pauline Alexander, the President of the Daughters of Penelope, Pasithea Chapter. The Daughters request permission to have Zumba exercise classes; as a fundraiser. Marian Panos is a licensed instructor and will donate her time to lead the classes. The classes would be open to everyone in the community. The Parish Council agreed that more information was required before a decision can be made. For example: how many classes will be held, how often, where and at what time during the day. Classes cannot interfere with other church ministries. Also, participants will have to sign waivers. Fran Lutfy will convey the concerns and bring back more information at the next Parish Council meeting. * President William Lembo received a Thank You letter from the Mary Brennan Inn for the $1,500 donation. * President Lembo received a letter from Evans Lizardos. He is resigning from the Parish Council due to personal reasons effective April 1st. Mr. Lembo expressed his thanks for Evans’ dedicated service on the council over the past years, especially on his architectural and engineering acumen. 9

Stewardship Report: President William Lembo presented the following report as of March 31, 2013:

Year Number of Pledges Amount Pledged Average Pledge 2013 636 $364,171 $572.60 2012 554 $290,955 $525.19 2011 587 $296,478 $505.07 Increase (decrease) 82 $73,216 $47.41 George Marinos thanked the Stewardship Committee and the Parish Council for promoting stewardship. He stated that stewardship has started the year off strong and we must continue, so we can end the year strong. •

• George Marinos reported that 1) the Community Outreach Subgroup will be preparing one additional stewardship mailing after Easter; 2) the Planned Giving Subgroup is still in the preliminary analysis phase but by the next meeting they should have some action items for discussion and 3) the Communications Subgroup has prepared the new Stewardship Trifold and the Ministries and Organizations Pamphlet should be ready by Palm Sunday. • The Stewardship Committee is planning a “New Family Event” on Saturday, June 15 between 2PM-4PM in the Hellenic Room; led by Jim Rigano. The event will be a “meet and greet” and will target approximately 200 families; these are new stewards that have had sacraments in the past 3 years. Invitations will be mailed after Easter. During the event the clergy will give a small presentation and members of our youth groups will be invited for follow up questions. The event will be self-funded through the Stewardship Committee; there will be soft drinks and finger food. Jim Georgakis made a motion to approve the event; seconded by George Hadjoglou. Motion carried. • President Lembo and George Marinos thanked Father Luke for the stewardship sermon on the Sunday of Orthodoxy and Carol DePietto for coming up with the concept. Clergy Report: Father Luke reported the following events and activities: • An email was sent out regarding the Cathedral Cleanup on Friday, April 26 at 7PM. • The Holy Week schedule is ready to be mailed and it has already been emailed. 10

• Bishop Andonios will be with us on Palm Sunday. • Archbishop Demetrios will be with us on Easter Day for Agape service at 11AM. • There was no check request for Father Demetri Carellas’ airfare. Donations were collected at the lecture. • Father Luke will present a proposal at the next Parish Council meeting to employ an assistant for the Nursery School. Youth Report: Father Panagiotis reported the following events and activities: • Upcoming events: April 19, GOYA Lock In; May 13, Gurlides Dinner at Jonathan’s Restaurant at 7:30PM; May 18 GOYA Great Adventure Trip and May 24-26 Archdiocese Olympics. • Father Panagiotis would like to purchase 4 vinyl 5x2 banners costing approximately $85 each. The banners will be displayed in the Father Magoulias Cathedral Center listing the years our GOYA Boys’ Senior and Junior Basketball Teams, and GOYA Girls’ Senior and Junior Basketball Teams have won the championships. John Hajisava made a motion to approve the purchase of the 4 banners; seconded by Michael Gurlides. Motion carried. • The GOYA Boys’ Senior Basketball Team will individually purchase windbreakers saying Saint Paul Champions, with their names and numbers, in the total amount of $900. Michael Gurlides made a motion for the Cathedral to pay for half the cost, $450. The motion was seconded by Bill Kallinikos. Motion carried. Church Committee: George Lavas gave out handouts regarding Holy Week, which included: a letter from Father Luke, a letter from the Church Committee, the Holy Week Roster, a Check List, an article on “Proper Church Etiquette” and a signup sheet for Holy Week/Agape Service. George Lavas thanked George Papazicos and Anthony Vaccari for their help in preparing the duty roster list. George Marinos stated that the beeswax candles from Saint Nektarios Monastery have arrived. On the suggestion and recommendation of President Lembo and the Executive Committee they would like to use and sample only the beeswax candles during Holy Week. After Holy Week we will revert back to

both candles until we run out of the white candles. George Marinos and John Hajisava conducted a cost analysis and the pricing of the beeswax candles is approximately the same as the Astron white candles. Also, Astron has notified the church that the size of the white candles we have been using has been discontinued. President Lembo stated that there were concerns with scheduling sacraments the day of the Greek Independence Day Parade. After speaking with Father Luke, in the future the church office will try to block out the Parade date and also the Festival weekend. Sunday School: George Lavas stated that at the District Level of the Oratorical Festival Andrew Monioudis received an Honorable Mention, in the Senior Division and Angela Philippides received Third Place, in the Junior Division. Luminary Candles: Steve Makrinos reported that at this time approximately 540 luminaries have been donated. He stated that he needs plenty of volunteers for set up on Holy Friday at around 4PM and asked everyone to contact him. Festival Report: Anthony Vaccari stated that everything is on track. All the permits have been ordered. The posters and flyers are ready. The flyers will be mailed out by next week. The Sacred Heart parking lot has been secured. On the back of the festival flyers there will be a map showing the parking areas. Also there will signage identifying the lots. At this time the committee needs Tent Sponsorship and it has started collecting items for the Flea Market. George Zakos suggested the purchasing of 8 bathroom hand dryers, as a festival expense and capital improvement. The hand dryers will cost $500 each. Mike Possas will donate the installation cost. The hand driers will be installed in the first floor handicapped bathroom, the 2 basement bathrooms, the 2 upstairs bathrooms and the first floor bathroom in the Cassis Building. Jim Georgakis made a motion to purchase the 8 hand driers; seconded by Jim Ginis. Motion carried. Greek School: George Hadjoglou reported registration is going well. On the first day of registration over 77 students

registered. Some of the younger classes are now offered on Mondays instead of Tuesdays. Most parents were stewards in good standing and those who were not completed pledge cards. Also, the majority of the tuition was paid in full. Outreach: Bill Kallinikos reported that Grief and Bereavement requests a project to beautify the area around the Memorial Tree. They would like to plant flowers, 3 feet on either side of the Memorial Tree. The Decorations Committee has already reviewed and approved the concept. Tony Pascarella will donate the labor. The cost of the project will be $800; a flyer will be mailed out suggesting donations to defray the cost. A parishioner has volunteered to offset the cost depending on the amount of donations received. Father Luke will review the flyer. Bill Kallinikos made a motion to complete the project; seconded by Michael Gurlides. Motion carried. House Committee: Tony Pantelides reported he will work with the caretaker Demetri to clean coils and change filters on AC units, to be ready for Holy Week. George Lavas suggested that we need to have a licensed AC contractor professionally inspect our units. Tony will meet with AC contractors for proposals and prices. Fran Lutfy reported that Parsons Roofing will examine the sloping church roof, that continues to leak and will give an update at the next meeting. Independence Day Parade Report: Liz Comack reported that the parade and the Lenten feast on April 7th went well; she thanked Louis Yeostros, Triphon Kollitides, George Hadjoglou, George Zakos and her sons Jonathan and Christopher for their help. She will give a complete financial report for the parade at the next meeting. Book Store: George Marinos and John Hajisava completed a full inventory. Deacon Mathew will work off the inventory list and additional inventories are planned for the next few months. Treasurer’s Report: George Vorkas presented the Treasurer’s Report as of March 31, 2013.


Current Liquid Assets Less: Decorations Fund Less: Renaissance Fund Liabilities Net Available Funds

Revenue Expenses Surplus (Deficit) Less Proj Ren & Dec Funds (net) Net Operating Surplus (Deficit)

• Dino Zografos reported that the Seminary Trust Fund will have their Wine Tasting fundraiser on October 22nd, at Jonathan’s Restaurant for a donation of $50 per person.

$271,995 ($73,323) ($24,632) $174,040 $0 $174,040 Month of Year to Date March-13 3/31/13 $117,715 $328,527 ($110,477) ($310,877) $17,650 $7,238 ($415) ($862) $6,376 $17,235

Month of Year to Date March-12 3/31/12 $83,687 $260,616 ($113,421) ($267,285) ($29,734) ($6,669) ($75) ($1,385) ($29,809) ($8,054)

A motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report was made by Dino Zografos and seconded by Jim Ginis. Motion carried. Financial Report: George Vorkas presented the invoices to be paid. A review and discussion ensued. A motion to pay the invoices was made by Michael Gurlides and seconded by Louis Patrickakos. Motion carried. Sweepstakes Committee: Harry Demiris reported that the tickets are ready and the tickets will be handed out to all Parish Council members this evening. This is a very important fundraiser and we need to sell as many tickets as possible. A mailing will be sent out next week. Jim Ginis will hand out individual lists to council members containing the names and contact information of people who purchased tickets from them. Reservations Report: Anthony Vaccari reported the Greek School PTA has rescheduled the Wine and Cheese for Friday, September 27th in the Father Magoulias Cathedral Center. New Business: • George Hadjoglou suggests that we need to consider creating a fundraiser to replacing the chairs and tables for the Father Magoulias Cathedral Center. The Decoration Committee will examine the request and will give an update. President Lembo agreed this is important and we should come up with a plan. • Triphon Kollitides made a motion to have the Resurrection reception after Anastasi with a budget not to exceed $300. The motion was seconded by Fran Lutfy. Motion carried. 12

A motion to adjourn at 10:19PM was made by Michael Gurlides, seconded by Carol DePietto. Motion carried. Respectfully submitted, Spyros Georgopalis Secretary, Parish Council St. Paul’s Daughters of Penelope, Pasithea Chapter #141 By Fran Lutfy, Vice President With spring, our Chapter has indeed sprung into much activity. On April 6, the Chapter held its Annual Tea Party which was masterfully chaired by Denise Rigopoulos. We wish to thank Denise and the many Sisters who made the event fun-filled and successful. On the same day, April 6, Sisters Marion Panos, Katerina Englezos and Fran Lutfy visited St. Basil’s Academy during a District visitation. It never ceases to amaze how well run and dedicated the clergy and personnel are in this wonderful facility which caters to the needs of children in troubled homes. Pasithea Chapter is now considering different ways to help St. Basil’s in its mission. On May 8, 2013, the Daughters attended the AHEPA Easter Glendi at which scholarships were awarded to some very amazing high school graduates. The recipient of the Pasithea Chapter award was Nickolas Conte. Nickolas is a driven, bright young man who has dedicated himself to many worthy causes. We wish Nickolas and all the St. Paul High School graduates of 2013 much success in all their future endeavors. June promises to be a very busy month. The following events are scheduled: *Wednesday, June 12 the Daughters Annual Honey Party was held in the Father Nicholas J. Magoulias Cathedral Center at 7:30 pm. This year prizes consisted of gift certificates, money trees and baskets and gift bags filled with ethnically-themed foods:

Greek , Italian, Mexican and many others.

St. Anna’s Philoptochos By Soteroulla Constantinou, President

*Wednesday, June 19 Elections, installations and new member initiations took place.

Christos Anesti!

*Wednesday, June 26 End of Year party. Starting in September, Pasithea will host weekly Zumba classes to be led by Marion Panos. Let’s shape up together! Class fees will be $8 per person and all proceeds will be donated to a worthy charitable endeavor. More details will follow! AHEPA By Anton Skrivanek Hoping everyone had a wonderful Easter. On Wednesday, May 8th, along with the Daughters of Penelope Pasithea Chapter, we held our annual Easter Glendi. We also awarded our annual scholarships. Congratulations to our AHEPA High School Senior winners: Nicholas Conte and Alexa Pascarella and our St. Paul High School Senior winner, Alexandra Irene Ayvas. Each winner received a certificate and a monetary reward. We again gratefully thank the Cassis family and Elaine Cassis for their ongoing support of our scholarship program and our Easter Glendi. For this year, Sunday, May 19th was designated as AHEPA Sunday to commemorate all the activities AHEPA has promoted and supported in its 91 year history. To have the community join in our celebration, we supplied and donated the loaves for an Artoplasia at the end of the second liturgy. Our District #6 AHEPA Convention was held on Saturday, June 8th. To end our year we will again be joining the Solon Society at their Jazz Festival. If anyone is aware of news of one of our brothers falling asleep in the Lord, illness, etc. please inform one of our officers. If you wish to join the AHEPA, please contact one of our officers. We also have an email address to contact us: ahepa.chapter170@ We wish everyone a wonderful summer and hope to see you in the fall.

As my first two year term comes to an end, it is befitting for me to take this opportunity to thank the entire board of St. Anna’s Philoptochos. The past two years as President, although difficult at times, have been very rewarding. It is a great honor to be able to lead such a remarkable organization. However, I could not have done it without the help and support of the amazing women on the board. As a whole, the board of St. Anna’s has been great to work with. Each and every member has been supportive in their own way. Whether it was chairing an event, being on a committee or just simply coming in early to set up or staying late to clean up during a special function, they have all worked tirelessly to ensure the success of our organization. A special thank you goes to Athena Kallinikos, immediate past president and my advisor who helped me along every step of the way. Together, the past presidents (Denise Hadjoglou, Kathy Boulukos and Toni Kourepinos) were always available to answer questions and give advice for the good of the organization. Vice Presidents Jacquie Ursini and Callie Papazicos always stood by me and were always ready to step up to the plate. Demetra Jannes assisted by Sharon Panos had the hardest job of all as treasurers. The corresponding and recording secretaries, Joanne Crokos and Mary Ebbets respectively did an amazing job getting out information to our board members and keeping a record of the minutes. To all the members on the board of St. Anna’s Philoptochos I want to say THANK YOU for all you do for this wonderful organization and for making my job as President easier. You have all exemplified what it means to be a true Philoptochos member by devoting all your time, hard work and dedication to make this organization run smoothly so that we may all fulfill our obligations to our philanthropic missions. I wish you all good health and happiness and Kalo Kalokairi. 13

Spring Happenings 2013


Greek Festival 2013


The Solon Society By C. Dionysios Dionou

magnificent mosaics and other information about the Greek Orthodox religion.

The Solon Society has had an excellent 2012-2013 season. We hosted several lectures with outstanding guest speakers. Along with AHEPA Chapter 170 held a joint celebration of Greek Independence Day with a lecture and social gathering.

On Tuesday, June 18th, the staff and teachers were honored with a sumptuous dinner in our Hellenic Room. This is but a small token of appreciation for their dedicated service during the school year.

We closed the season with our annual Jazz Dinner Dance on Sunday June 9th from 6:00 to 9:00 PM. This evening of great music, dancing and food was also a joint event with AHEPA Chapter 170. Members, their guests and friends were all welcomed. Our annual scholarship awards were given to the winners at our dinner dance. As well as the chapter AHEPAN Of The Year was given to a deserving member of Chapter 170. Our 2013-2014 season will begin in October. Our meetings, unless otherwise indicated, are on the second Thursday of the month in the Hellenic Room. We begin at 7:30 PM with a light dessert buffet, coffee and tea. Lectures begin at 8:00 PM. Everyone is welcome to join our ranks as a member. We look forward to seeing you in the fall.

School of Religious Education By Joan Prieston As the school term came quickly to an end, the students completed their religious studies and the eleventh grade anticipated their graduation. For many of the graduates, Sunday School classes started as early as Pre – Kindergarten and advanced to the conclusion of their religious studies. This year, graduation was held on Sunday, June 16th, with 19 students fulfilling the needed requirements. As always they are encouraged to return in September as graduate assistants to the teachers. We wish them well in their future endeavors. The Sunday School sponsored a tent at our annual Festival again where a variety of interesting religious articles were available. Our very capable members offered a continuous series of guided tours in our Cathedral where they explained the meaning of our 16

Wishing all an enjoyable and restful summer!

St. Paul’s Daisy Troop By Tina Vasilakis St. Paul’s Daisy Troop #1191 has had a very busy year! In addition to earning the petals needed to advance to Brownies, we have taken part in various activities. Our girls have participated in two service projects this year – making toiletry bags which were donated to the Mary Brennan Inn, and fulfilling Christmas wish letters for less fortunate children in our area. The girls earned their My Promise, My Faith Religious pins and participated in the annual Girl Scout Cookie program. Thank you to those who supported us and bought cookies! The Daisies also participated in our first overnight event at the Long Island Children’s Museum. We visited museum exhibits, watched neighboring Girl Scout troops perform in a talent show and ‘camped out’ at the museum. In May, nine Daisies completed their requirements and bridged to Brownies! Congratulations! We are always looking for new Girl Scouts! Girls who will be in Kindergarten and First Grade in September are welcome to join the Daisies – we are also looking for two moms to be our Daisy Leaders. Girls who will be in Second and Third Grade are welcome to join the Brownies. Please contact Tina Vasilakis (vasilakist@ ) or Maria Papachristos (mjpapachrist@ for more information.

Grief and Bereavement By Anna Dounelis How To Help A Friend Who Is Grieving Watching a friend grieve the loss of a loved one is hard. You may not know what to say or do. You may even fear saying the wrong thing and decide to say nothing at all. That can leave your friend feeling abandoned in his or her time of need. So, what can you say or do to show you care when a friend is grieving? Be a Good Listener - Listen to your friend. It sounds so simple but it’s actually more difficult than you think. Listening means giving your full attention to what someone else is saying without talking. It’s natural to hear what someone is saying and then want to interject your own thoughts and opinions. That is not what your friend needs. Allow your friend to share thoughts and feelings with you while resisting the urge to judge or advise. Empathizing with a friend’s grief can be difficult and may bring to surface your own fears of death. If that makes you feel uncomfortable, there are other ways you can help. Give a Hug - Physical contact can be therapeutic. Offer your friend a hug just to show you’re there for him or her. Women are generally more comfortable with this type of physical contact than men. If your friend is a man, a soft touch on his back or forearm will have the same effect. However, some people are uncomfortable with physical contact or may not be ready for it yet. If you offer a hug or gentle touch and your friend turns it down, don’t be discouraged. There are other ways you can show you care. Be There - Your friend may not feel ready to talk or want to be hugged and may choose to be alone with his or her grief for a time. If that’s the case, just being present is enough. Let your friend know that you’re there if and when needed. Offer to Help - You may not be able to say or do anything to ease your friend’s grief but you can help in practical ways. Offer to relieve your friend of some of his or her daily burdens and you’ll be giving your friend the gift of time. Be Yourself - If your friend has lost a loved one, their whole world has changed. They need to be able to count on the few things that haven’t changed, like your friendship. You may be tempted to tread

carefully around your friend by avoiding humor or certain topics but don’t change because you think it’s what your friend needs or wants. Be sensitive to your friend’s feelings but continue to be yourself and, if your friend feels up to it, continue doing the things you enjoy doing together. Keep in mind that grief may lessen over time but never goes away. A piece of your friend is forever changed but your friendship can continue to thrive. Offering your time and energy is a gift for which your friend will be forever grateful. The Grief & Bereavement Support Group meets three times each month throughout the year. Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday evenings at 7:30 PM and on the 3rd Wednesday afternoon at 2:00 PM, except during the summer months when the evening meetings are on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays. Everyone is welcome to attend.


Please join us and Experience an Enjoyable Evening of Wine Tasting with Delectable Hors D’Oeuvres TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2013—7 P.M. Jonathan’s Restaurant 3000 Jericho Turnpike, Garden City Park

To Benefit the Cathedral of St. Paul Seminary Trust Fund Limited to 100 guests

Donation: $50 per person Reservations:

Andy Andron—516 741-1201

Dino Zografos—516 742-4117


JOY, Junior Orthodox Youth By Andrea Pagonis

Mr & Mrs Club Season Finale By Ann Stephens

We are pleased to announce that we had another successful JOY year with the youth of St. Paul’s. We recently completed the year with the 35th annual Greek Archdiocesan Olympics that took place on Memorial Day weekend at Suffolk Community College. We had 39 children participate and several of them took home medals.

As summer approaches and we finally begin to enjoy some warm spring weather, the Mr. & Mrs. Club would like to thank all of their members for a very successful season. Our season finale, the spectacular Cinco de Mayo evening, was an outstanding success. To start us off in spirit of Cinco de Mayo, Father Peter gave the opening prayer in Spanish and delivered with a perfect accent! With a festively decorated Hellenic Room, Salsa music filled the air and margaritas flowed all night long! We enjoyed a delicious “make your own taco” dinner catered by Jamie Spanopoulos that was abundant enough to satisfy everyone’s appetite. Dessert was a spectacular treat, courtesy of Carol DePietto, of decadent chocolate mousse and crumb cake. Rounding things out was an irresistible combination of warm traditional churros and vanilla ice cream.

Team medals were given to: B2 kickball team (silver) boys 10,11,12 year olds: Dean Athanailos, Peter Athanailos, Georgios Cosmas, Jamie Jorge, Michael Koutsouras, Christopher Lynch, Panagiotis Petrochilos, George Pittas, Gregory Gurin (St. Paraskevi), 9/10 year old boys swimming relay (silver): Constantine Vasilakis, George Pittas, Steven Pagonis, Matthew Skubas (New Rochelle) 7/8 year old girls track relay (gold): Erin Katradis, Maria Koutsothanasis, Anastasia Menoudakos, Melina Papachristos 7/8 year old boys track relay(silver): Antonios Carris, Maximus Carris, Peter Jon Kakalos, Evan Katradis, 11/12 year old boys track relay (gold): Dean Athanailos, Panayiote Menoudakos, Christopher Lynch, Yanni Akhavan. Individual medals were awarded to: Anastasia Menoundakos (silver) girls 7/8 year old 50 yd. dash; Sophia Karras (gold) girls 9/10 year old 25m freestyle swim; Leo Vlogianitis (silver) boys 7/8 year old free throws; Dean Athanailos (silver) checkers; Panayiote Menoundakos (silver) boys 11/12 year old 50 yd. dash.

All medalists can be found on the Olympic website which is A good time was had by all and everlasting memories were made. We will begin registration during the summer so look for the next mailing and please return the registration form to the church office (Attn: JOY). We would like to thank everyone who has helped our organization and we wish you all a great summer!


Many new faces joined us this year and everyone enjoyed the evening. If you missed the event, you must mark your calendar for the next year because you won’t be disappointed! We would like to thank all of our members for their wholehearted support. Each and every person is vital to keeping this Club active. If you are not a member, consider joining us next year where you will make new friends and reconnect with old ones!

LIACA By Teena Grosinski

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon in mid-April, over 200 guests arrived at St. Paul’s Cathedral for the annual Lenten Dinner given by the Long Island American Cypriot Association (LIACA). After enjoying delicious meze, a multi-course dinner was served family style. Starting with salad then roasted potatoes, stewed stringbeans, dolmathes, spinach balls, yemista (stuffed tomatoes and zucchini) and finally shrimp and rice.  Each course was delivered to the tables along with homemade bread.  Baklava, katimeri, halva and fruit platters were among the desserts.  We received a letter two days later from a first-time guest.  She wrote in part, “It’s quite an experience to taste the elaborate course lenten meal presented by LIACA to guests and members.  Each course was delicately prepared with excellent flavor and taste.  The aroma of each food had many variations; one needed to try them all.  The people enjoyed every bit of the fantastic meal as if they lived in Cyprus.” By popular demand this year there were over 40 baskets of olive bread, kouluri and kolokithopites.  A continuous travelogue was provided by the Cyprus Tourist Office along with a colorful Travel Planner.  It is easy to be lured by the photos since there’s much to see and do in Cyprus. Your donations help us with our philanthropic work.  The Cyprus Children’s Fund was the recipient of $2000 to benefit children from broken homes who have drug addicted parents or live in northern Cyprus under Turkish rule.  Our beloved Cathedral was also the recipient of $2000.  In addition, smaller donations were made to needy individuals or families. People discovered Cypriot food at last year’s Festival and made sure to visit again bringing family and friends.  They enjoyed the foods of Cyprus such as haloumi, shefthala, loukanika and Cypriot souvla. Enjoy the summer - a time for rest, relaxation and reflection.  Looking forward to seeing you in the fall.

Sacraments Celebrated at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St. Paul

April 2013 BAPTISMS Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Kalinoglu Son and Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Mackey Son of Mr. & Mrs. Kalargiros Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Vlassis Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Moshos Son of Mr. & Mrs. Grubbs Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Kenny Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jen NO WEDDINGS CELEBRATED(LENT) FUNERALS George Potaris

May 2013 BAPTISMS Son of Mr. & Mrs. McBride Son of Mr. & Mrs. Landes Son of Mr. & Mrs. Everett Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Kasiotis WEDDINGS None FUNERALS Evelyn Bellas James T. Zubulake Gus C. Pappas Georgia P. Lentzeres Anastasios Pollatos Florence Christon Arthur Coras


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Melanie Donus, Special Education Advocate has joined our Special Education legal team.

Melanie has a 22 year hybrid background in Special Education advocacy, philanthropy, and financial services. Prior to working at the offices of Steven Morelli, Melanie juggled over 13 years of working at Deutsche Bank as a Vice President, launching her own résumé writing business, and supporting the Garden City school district via working on the Special Education PTA executive board as Co-President, serving as a parent member in CPSE/CSE meetings, and on the interview committee for Special Education staff. Melanie has also provided advocacy services to many Greek American families via the Donus family charity, The St. Nicholas Autism Foundation. Melanie has attended countless Special Education meetings with school districts and personally understands the challenges of raising a special needs child, as she is a proud mother of three children with Autism, 10 year old twins, Dimitri and Michael and 5 year old, Maxximus.

*************************************************************************** The Special Education division in the law office of Steven Morelli has one priority: Ensuring that children and adults with disabilities receive the rights that they deserve! Reaching out to us is your first step to a new beginning. Every child deserves an equal opportunity to be the best that they can be – it would be our pleasure to support you.


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