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Vol. LXIV March-April No. 2-3 FATHER LUKE M. MELACKRINOS, Economos FATHER PANAGIOTIS ZOUGRAS, Presbyter DEACON MATHEW KAKIS Parish Council Officers & Legal Counsel

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On the Cover:

This issue we are proud to have on the cover, our 2014 MGOBL Champions, The Cathedral of St. Paul’s Girls Basketball Team!


The Poor and Hungry By Father Luke Melackrinos “The Church, if she be authentic in her Christian witness, must grapple with the challenges of society starting from its most marginalized sector. If the Church does not teach with a loud voice that the Great Lenten Fast is about more than refraining from certain foods, then she will be failing in her duty to preach the fullness of Christ’s Gospel. The Church’s ministry must include service to the poor and downtrodden, because her role does not stop with her liturgical services but begins there. Saint John Chrysostom teaches that fasting, without accompanying good deeds, is like a ship going from port to port without cargo.” -Abbot Tryphon. The newly canonized Saint Sophrony of Essex wrote, “A man is not saved by having once shown mercy to someone, although, if he scorns someone but once, he merits eternal fire. For ‘hungered’ and ‘thirsty’ is said not of one occasion, not of one day, but of the whole life. In the same way ‘ye gave me meat’, ‘ye gave me drink’, ‘ye clothed me’, and so on, does not indicate one incident, but a constant attitude to everyone. Our Lord Jesus Christ said that He Himself accepts such mercy from His slaves (in the person of the needy.” Saint John Chrysostom, perhaps the greatest preacher of all time, told us, “Do you wish to honor the Body of the Savior? Do not despise it when it is naked. Do not honor it in church with silk vestments while outside it is naked and numb with cold. He who said, “This is my body,” and made it so by his word, is the same who said, ‘You saw me hungry and you gave me no food. As you did it not to the least of these, you did it not to me.’ Honor him then by sharing your property with the poor. For what God needs is not golden chalices but golden souls.” It is great blessing to see our Cathedral working so hard to help so many during this Great and Holy Lent. As the numbers of the poor and homeless grows at an astounding rate, never before has there been a time when the Church and her people have been faced with a need that offers us the chance to commitment and to reflection on the cultural and spiritual issues related to charity. In the face of a “contemporary culture that 4

promotes the marginalization of those who are weak, it is increasingly necessary to restore the centrality in the lives of Christians, of the encounter with the poor and their questions, especially in the context of uncertainty produced by the complexity and uncertainty of the globalized world.” -Patriarch Kiril This is not a recent political sentinment, as Christ’s Holy Church has been teaching this commitment to helping the needy since her inception. “Our church walls sparkle with gold, which also glitters upon our ceilings-while the capitals of our pillars are lavishly decorated. The holy vessels are beaten out of costly elements and precious stones. Yet Christ is dying at our doors in the person of His poor, naked and hungry” -St Jerome “At the Last Judgement I will not be asked whether I satisfactorily practiced asceticism, nor how many bows I have made before the divine altar. I will be asked whether I fed the hungry, clothed the naked, visited the sick, and the prisoner in his jail. That is all I will be asked.” -Saint Maria of Paris I am thankful for the efforts of so many to make such great offerings to help those around us who are suffering this Great and Holy Lent. We continue to offer our weekly Food Run to those who are needy in our local Hempstead community. We served at the Mary Brennan INN Soup Kitchen once already during Lent and will do so again on Holy Monday. For the seventh year in a row, our GOYAns will participate in the Midnight Run, delivering food and clothing to the needy in Manhattan. For the first time ever, inspired by a talk given to our young adults at the February Orthodoxy on Tap by Mother Maria of St. Mary of Egypt Monastery in Uganda, Anna Heliotis is leading a tremendous collection effort. This effort will benefit the orphans and nuns of the monastery in Uganda. I thank all of you for your efforts this Lent, and I pray that you realize the joy of Christ’s Resurrection at Pascha this year with the offerings you have made this Great and Holy Lent. Καλό Πάσχα και Καλή Ανάσταση!

A Prayer for Lent By Father Panagiotis Zougras I would like to begin by sharing with you The Prayer of Saint Ephraim the Syrian which is traditionally said many times throughout each day during the Great Lent and in addition to our daily prayers. O Lord and Master of my life, take from me the spirit of sloth, faintheartedness, lust of power and idle talk. Give, rather, the spirit of chastity, humility, patience and love to your servant. Yes, O Lord and King, grant me to see my own sin and not to judge my brother for you are blessed from all ages to all ages. Amen. This year during Lent, I am so proud to announce that our Youth has done so many beautiful projects to help their brothers and sisters in need. I would like to begin with our GOYAns who spent a great deal of time gathering clothing, food and toiletries to help the homeless of New York City. On April 4th they went on their annual midnight run and, with the help of our entire Cathedral of St. Paul family, they raised enough donations to help many New Yorkers in need during this Lenten period. The GOYAns also raised monetary donations in order to participate in the Justinian Work Project. I have the blessing of beginning this Holy Week with two of our exemplary GOYAns Demetri Georgopalis and Drew Vorkas. On Holy Monday and Tuesday I will be taking the 2 GOYAns the All Saints Monastery. The GOYAns will continue to build the Akathist Trail at the monastery. This is something the Nuns have been waiting to have done for a while, but once again with the help of our wonderful community, we were able to raise the monetary funds and, through the hard work of our young GOYAns this project will be completed for the Nuns. Other GOYAns from the five boroughs also went to St. Basils Academy to work on the Iron Gate surrounding their property. This teachers our youth to work hard and help others and keeps them focused on this holiest period of the year. Our JOY and HOPE programs are preparing for Pascha by dying Easter Eggs on April 4th. The children of JOY are also helping out in a major way by allocating the evening of Friday April 11th to make palm crosses for Palm Sunday and the GOYAns will be making the

palm crosses on April 7th. The JOY children will also be breaking for a night of family fun by going to the Barclays Center on March 28th to see the Brooklyn Nets vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers. At St. Paul’s Cathedral, we also want our youth to be engaged in a strong Orthodox spiritual life. On Wednesday, April 9th, we are going to host all the Nassau County GOYAns for a Pre-Sanctified Liturgy beginning at 6:30pm. A Lenten Dinner will be provided as well as a lecture that will be given by Gerontissa Maria of St. Mary of Egypt Monastery. On Good Friday, Father Luke and I will have a Good Friday Religious Retreat with the youth of St. Paul’s Cathedral from 11:30am – 2:30pm. There will also be a lenten meal provided for the children. On an athletic standpoint, I would like to thank all who worked so hard, especially our GOYA advisors Kay Georgopalis, Nicole Rousakis and Maria Vorkas, who made the Cathedral Cup a huge success for our GOYA. The winner of this year’s Cathedral Cup was the Church of the Assumption in Port Jefferson. The girls’ team of the Church of the Assumption and the boys team from Holy Trinity Church in Hicksville won first place in the volleyball tournament. I would like to close by proudly congratulating out St. Paul Cathedral Senior Girl Basketball team Sophia Halicos, Danyelle Ubertini, Delia Karamouzis, Maria Karansos, Alexis Pagonis, Demetra Menoundakos, Eleni Demas, Lena Demas and Helen Kouradakis, their Coaches Christoforos Karanasos and the Assistant Coaches Thomas Pagonis and Andrew Karamouzis, for being the 2014 M.G.O.B.L. Champions. The Senior Girls’ defeated the girls of Holy Cross, Brooklyn, in a very competitive game in which the final score was 34-30. Thank you girls for a much deserved wonderful year. The girls were honored in church on March 30th and will be given their Championship trophies at the Gurlides-Comas Awards Dinner on May 12th at Johnathan’s Restaurant. We are also very proud of our JOY athletes who are currently beginning their playoff run. I pray you all have a Blessed Easter.


The Divine Liturgy: In the World, but Not of The World

By Deacon Mathew Kakis

I beg your forgiveness, as I share these thoughts and having completed 21 months as your deacon, I ask one and all the faithful to consider the following. When the deacon intones “Evlogison Despota”, (Master, give the Blessing), the priest proclaims, “Blessed is the Kingdom of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, now and forever and to the ages of ages and the faithful respond, Amen! At that very moment we are no longer on earth but are standing before His throne in the Kingdom of Heaven, the Lord’s Kingdom. We shouldn’t be inquiring or sharing with one another about anything earthly. We are only involved with the Lord’s business. Let us remember Christ and how He reminded the Theotokos and St. Joseph after they discovered Christ “missing”. We dare to ask for His peace from above, for His Church, the salvation of the bishops, priests, deacons, all the faithful, our civil authorities, for those traveling, the captives, the sick, the suffering, those who have fallen asleep and all who labor in the Vineyard. We pray for all mankind, the unity of the faith, for our physical needs and to be spared from every wrath, danger and distress. We seek the intercession of His Mother, the Theotokos, and all the Saints, the Church Triumphant who are with us in His Kingdom. We take part in the Little Entrance as we prepare for the teaching of the day which is delivered in the Epistle and Gospel readings and continue in the Great Entrance by asking His mercy for “all of us to be remembered in His Kingdom eternally”, with our gifts that He so lovingly has provided to us as an offering of Thanksgiving so that His Body and Blood may become ours and ours one with Him and one another. Not symbolically but as a complete and absolute reality. Sanctified as such, “For the Life of the World” What an unbelievable offering? What an incomparable gift? How can we even dare to think we deserve this? As a Loving Father, whose love for His children can never be measured, He pleads for us to approach. His arms are stretched wide open from His cross telling us to come forward and receive Him and, crucified, as He asks for our forgiveness of every trespass. He asks us to become Holy Chalices, filled to overflowing and to share with our brothers and sisters wherever and whoever they may be. This occurs only in His Kingdom. We cannot receive it anywhere else or by any other means. Only then can we sing, “We have seen the True Light, we have received the Spirit of His Kingdom” as that affirmation. Now let as pause and recall that, a few moments before we interrupted our stance in His Kingdom, we are and forced to return to earth to place our offering in the collection plate. Are we paying a toll to return back to the Kingdom? I don’t wish to be ironic nor is this a matter of criticism to our dedicated trustees. I think it is just an honest misunderstanding of the liturgy and easily corrected. Is our offering necessary at this moment? Why not a tray upon lighting our candle


or at the end of the liturgy with a tray at the exit doors? Surely, He knows our every thought and intention. No one doubts that our loving stewardship is obviously necessary but at the proper time. Any excuse is moot. The Lord lacks nothing. As King David in the 50th Psalm tells us, “For if you deserved sacrifice, I would give it. You would not be pleased with whole burnt offerings. A sacrifice to God is a broken spirit, a broken and humbled heart, God will not despise.” Let us consider this and keep the sanctity of our Divine Worship. From the Parish Council President By William J. Lembo Normally I use my allotted space as a retrospective on the events at our Cathedral for the prior two months. This article is devoted to acknowledging the past and celebrating the future of our community. Our JOY advisors, Andrea Pagonis, Athena Menoudakos and Stephanie Danil, organized an outstanding Apokreatiko Glendi . Young and old and everyone in between dressed in some fabulous costumes, feasted on terrific food and danced to the lively music. A magician kept the young and young at heart mesmerized with magic tricks and treats that came in the form of fabulous raffle prizes which were donated by our youth groups and many of our organizations. Thank you everyone for a terrific celebration. It was a great two months for our GOYAns. Many participated in our annual Cathedral Cup volleyball tournament. Although we did not bring the cup back home, our young people played well and represented our parish with sportsmanship and class. Wait ‘til next year! For the Senior Girls Basketball team, “next year” was now! After several years of almost winning it all, our team won the MGOBL basketball championship in a see-saw battle with Holy Cross of Brooklyn, with the score of 34-30. Congratulations to the coaches Chris Karanasos, Andrew Karamouzis and Tom Pagonis and especially to the young ladies who had such a memorable season: Sophia Halicos, Danyelle Ubertini, Delia Karamouzis, Maria Karanasos, Alexis Pagonis, Demetra Menoudakos, Eleni Demas, Lena Demas & Helen Kouradakis. Guided by the words of our patron Saint Paul, “All things to all people” (1 Corinthians 9:19-23), our community has taken the first steps toward the potential expansion of our facility. The new addition, with some improvements to the existing building, hopes to fulfill these words of St. Paul. In the coming weeks you will hear in greater detail about the plans which will include senior- friendly amenities like an elevator and more accessible entranceways and ramps for easy access. The preliminary plans contain improvements to our gymnasium and modern classrooms for our growing education programs. The project will also

address our needs for storage space, cost-saving measures for daily operations and our annual Festival and with an overhaul to our inefficient power plant and aging parking facilities. “All things for all people� cannot be done by one person alone. It is a community effort that will require each of us to participate to our greatest capability. I hope that each of you embraces this effort with the same unanimous support that it has been given by our Parish Council. May God bless each of you.

Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Paul Minutes of Special Parish Council Meeting of Thursday, January 7, 2014 Parish Council Members Absent: Gus Drivas, Triphon Kollitides, Mike Lazarakis, Bill Lombard and Harry Monioudis. Past Presidents Absent: Andrew Andron, William Pappas, George C. Possas, George P. Possas, Joan Prieston, Peter Xanthos and Constantine Zografos. The meeting was called to order by President William Lembo at 8:09PM. Father Luke led all those in attendance in an opening prayer and for a blessed new year.Father Luke then administered the oath of office to all Parish Council members in attendance. Harry Raptakis made a motion that we set aside regular business and proceed with the election of officers of the Parish Council for the year 2014; seconded by George Papazicos. Motion carried. Harry Raptakis made a motion to nominate Michael Gurlides to preside over the election of the officers of the Parish Council; seconded by Jim Ginis. Michael Gurlides accepted; there were no other nominations. George Lavas made a motion to close nominations; seconded by George Papazicos. Motion carried. Michael Gurlides appointed Spyros Georgopalis as Secretary for the elections. Nominations were then opened for officers of the Parish Council for 2014. James Georgakis nominated William Lembo for the office of President of the Parish Council; seconded by William Kallinikos. William Lembo accepted the nomination. There were no other nominations. A motion was made by George Hadjoglou to close nominations; seconded by George Zakos.

Motion carried. The Secretary was directed to cast one ballot for the unanimous election of William Lembo to the office of President of the Parish Council. William Lembo nominated Anthony Vaccari for the office of Vice President of the Parish Council; seconded by George Lavas. Anthony Vaccari accepted the nomination. There were no other nominations. A motion was made by Jim Georgakis to close nominations; seconded by George Papazicos. Motion carried. The Secretary was directed to cast one ballot for the unanimous election of Anthony Vaccari to the office of Vice President of the Parish Council. George Lavas nominated Spyros Georgopalis for the office of Secretary of the Parish Council; seconded by William Kallinikos. Spyros Georgopalis accepted the nomination. There were no other nominations. A motion was made by George Zakos to close nominations; seconded by George Marinos. Motion carried. The Secretary was directed to cast one ballot for the unanimous election of Spyros Georgopalis to the office of Secretary of the Parish Council. Lou Patrickakos nominated George A. Vorkas for the office of Treasurer of the Parish Council; seconded by Antonia Kourepinos. George A. Vorkas accepted the nomination. There were no other nominations. A motion was made by Anthony Vaccari to close nominations; seconded by William Lembo. Motion carried. The Secretary was directed to cast one ballot for the unanimous election of George A. Vorkas to the office of Treasurer of the Parish Council. Anthony Vaccari nominated George Marinos for the office of Financial Secretary of the Parish Council; seconded by William Lembo. George Marinos accepted the nomination. Gus Kratsios nominated John Hajisava for the office of Financial Secretary of the Parish Council; seconded by George Papazicos. John Hajisava accepted the nomination. There were no other nominations. A motion was made by William Lembo to close nominations; seconded by Louis Patrickakos. Motion carried. The Secretary was directed to cast one ballot for the unanimous election of George Marinos and John Hajisava to the office of Financial Secretaries of the Parish Council. George Lavas nominated Michael Gurlides for a three year term on the Seminary Trust Fund; seconded by William Kallinikos. Michael Gurlides accepted the nomination. There were no other nominations and nominations were closed. Motion carried. Having no other open business, elections were closed. The newly elected officers of the Parish Council took their positions, with President William Lembo presiding over the remainder of the meeting. President Lembo welcomed George Pourakis and George Vasilakis, the two new members


of the Parish Council. President Lembo appointed Harry Raptakis as Legal Counsel for 2014. The President asked each member of the Parish Council to sign and return the Oath forms and the Conflict Statement to the Secretary. President Lembo distributed the 2014 Parish Council Calendar and noted a few exceptions to the regular schedule. He then distributed the 2014 Committee Assignments, for all the various committees. Festival Committee: Anthony Vaccari made a motion to approve the allocation of $15,000 for capital improvements for the 2014 Festival. The Festival Committee will determine and make purchases as the need arises; get multiple bids and will inform the Parish Council when that money is spent. The motion was seconded by Louis Yeostros. Motion carried. Boy Scout Report: Tom Flouskakos made a motion to approve an Eagle Scout project for Pantelis Marinos. The project involves the renovation of the Choir Loft, which will include repair work and painting. Pantelis will coordinate with the House Committee and the Decoration Committee. He will raise all the funds for the project through private donation, there will be no cost to the parish. The motion was seconded by Dean Mavrovitis. Motion carried. Father Luke suggested that this may be a good opportunity to have the House Committee contact Bruno to inspect all the mosaics. Also, George Lavas informed the House Committee that the speakers in the Choir Loft are not working and need to be replaced. New Business: President Lembo informed the Parish Council that a parishioner is volunteering to donate the time and labor to renovate Rooms B and D in the Lower Level. The wall that divides Rooms B and D will be removed and the cabinets will be relocated. It can then be used as one large room or when necessary, it can be divided into two smaller rooms with the installation of an accordion wall. Lou Patrickakos made a motion to purchase an accordion wall in the amount not to exceed $1,500. The motion was seconded by George Papazicos. Motion carried. A motion to adjourn at 9:00PM was made by Carol DePietto; seconded by Fran Lutfy. Motion carried. Respectfully submitted, Spyros Georgopalis Secretary, Parish Council


Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Paul Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of Thursday, January 16, 2014 Parish Council Members Absent: Elizabeth Commack, Bob Donus, Bill Lombard, Tony Pantelides and George Vorkas. Past Presidents Absent: Andy Andron, Bill Kallinikos, Bill Pappas, George P. Possas and Peter Xanthos. The meeting was called to order by President William Lembo at 8:10PM. Father Luke led all those in attendance in an opening prayer. The meeting minutes from December 12, 2013 were distributed. A motion to approve the minutes was made by Dino Zografos and seconded by John Hajisava. Motion carried. President Lembo congratulated Chairman Chris Katehis, the Entertainment Committee and the Raffle Committee for the wonderful Vasilopita Dinner Dance. Also, the President congratulated Carol DePietto and the Journal Committee for a great job. President Lembo gave a reminder of all upcoming events, including: • Sunday, January 19: Laconian Dinner Dance • Sunday, January 26: Parish Council members will take the Oath of Office in the Cathedral • February 6: Executive Committee Meeting • Sunday, February 9: Scout Sunday and Boy Scouts Blue and Gold Dinner • Thursday, February 27: Parish Council Meeting • Sunday, March 2: Apokreatiko Glendi • Saturday, March 8: Saint Paul Annual Cathedral Cup Correspondence: • President Lembo received a Thank You letter from Past-President James Georgakis for being honored at the Golden Leaves Ball. • President Lembo received a Thank You letter from Peter and Pagona Catsounis for being honored by the parish. • President Lembo received Thank You letters from Deccan Mathew and Hermea Drivas for their Christmas gifts. • President Lembo received a confirmation letter from the Chancellor Bishop Andonios from the Archdiocese ratifying the Parish Council elections. • President Lembo also received a letter from the Archdiocese regarding 2014 clergy compensation. Clergy Report: Father Luke reported the following events and activities: • Father Luke wished a Happy Nameday to all the Parish Council members who celebrated in December and now in January; which include all those named Chris, Stephen, Bill, Fran, Joan, John, Antonia and Anthony. • Father informed the Parish Council of the celebrations of Saint Anthony the Great tomorrow, Friday, January 17 and Saint Athanasios on Saturday, January 18. • Father Peter will be at the INTER-GOYA Ski Trip on Sunday, January 19. Father Milton Efthimiou

will substitute. • There is a Youth Liturgy for Sunday School on Sunday, January 26. Father Demetri Kahagias will be our third priest. • Father Peter will be attending a family sacrament in Florida on Sunday, February 2. Father Demetri Kahagias will substitute. • On the first day of Lent, Monday March 3 Saint Paul will host a Holy Unction Service at 10:00 AM which will be attended by all the Long Island clergy. Immediately followed we will host the Long Island Clergy Fellowship in the Hellenic Room. Barbara Filou will assist in the preparation of the meal for the Lenten Reception. Joan Prieston made a motion for a budget of $300 for the reception; seconded Harry Monioudis. Motion Carried. • A Romanian Priest will give the sermon this Sunday during both Liturgies and will also speak about 2 Romanian monasteries. Lou Patrickakos made a motion to have a table setup during Fellowship Hour to collect donations for the 2 monasteries; seconded by John Hajisava. Motion carried. • Father Luke reported that the plan to merge Rooms B and D in the Lower Level of the Cathedral Center is moving forward. The original proposal of $1,500 for the purchase of the accordion wall (Flex Wall) to separate the 2 rooms was too low. After some additional research the cost to will be approximately $3,000. Jim Georgakis made a motion to approve the additional $1,500 for the purchase of the accordion wall, for a total cost of $3,000. The motion was seconded by Louis Yeostros. Motion carried. • The Archdiocese has requested that Saint Paul host a Marriage Seminar in 2014 and in 2015. Breakfast and lunch must be provided to all the couples participating. Father Luke tentatively arranged the dates of Saturday, October 18, 2014 and Saturday, October 17, 2015; pending Parish Council approval. George Papazicos made a motion to host both Marriage Seminars; seconded by Lou Patrickakos. Motion carried. The budget for each event will be approved at a later date, depending on the number of participants. Youth Report: Father Panagiotis reported the following events and activities: • The 5-Bourough and Inter-GOYA Ski Trip is this weekend January 17 to January 19 at the Split Rock Resort at Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania. On Sunday, before returning home the GOYAns will attend Liturgy at the Holy Protection Monastery. • There will be a Youth Committee meeting on Thursday, January 23 to discuss the Apokreatiko Glendi, which will be held on Sunday, March 2 from 4:00PM8:00PM • JOY submitted a check in the amount of $2,050 for reimbursement of the JOY basketball fees and a check in the amount of $400 for the remainder of the Brooklyn Nets’ tickets.

• The Boy Scouts will be going ice skating on Friday, January 17. • Harris Cherpellis received an Eagle Scout Award on Saturday, January 4 at the Eagle Scout Ceremony in the Hellenic Room. • Father Panagiotis is in the process of arranging a CPR Training Certification Class for all the teachers, coaches and youth advisors. Also, Father presented an Allergy Form and suggested that children with any type of allergy or illness will have the form filled out by their doctor. The form will then be given to their coach or teacher in case of an emergency. Dr. George Pourakis has volunteered to speak to the teachers regarding allergies. Stewardship Report: President Lembo presented the following report as of December 31, 2013: Year 2013 2012 2011 Increase (decrease)

Number of Pledges 944 901 968 43

Amount Pledged Average Pledge $485,138 $513.92 $428,353 $475.42 $450,334 $465.22 $56,785 $38.50

George Marinos reported that the Stewardship Committee met last night. Some of the topics that were discussed include: • Staying on top of unfulfilled stewardship pledges. • A new trend where many Stewards have already fulfilled their pledges for 2014 in full and how to obtain more fulfilled pledges in early. • Examine what worked well in 2013 and what needs to be improved. • Continuing to present the stewardship program on the Sunday of Orthodoxy. • Work on online pledges and payments. • Fran Lutfy and John Papachristos will give a Planned Giving presentation to the Parish Council. • More communication, for example post all stewards in good standing in the Church Bulletin; along with stewardship blurbs and having more information on the website. Treasurer’s Report: Spyros Georgopalis presented the Treasurer’s Report as of December 31, 2013. Current Liquid Assets Less: Decorations Fund Less: Renaissance Fund Liabilities Net Available Funds

Revenue Expenses Surplus (Deficit) Less Proj Ren & Dec Funds (net) Net Operating Surplus (Deficit)

$377,024 ($71,669) ($24,832) $280,523 $0 $280,523 Month of Year to Date Month of Year to Date December-13 12/31/13 December-12 12/31/12 $131,395 $1,565,970 $150,881 $1,469,056 ($128,384) ($1,457,039) ($138,879) ($1,462,084) $3,011 $108,931 $12,002 $6,972 $0 $400 $11,746 $38,147 $3,011 $109,331 $23,748 $45,119

A motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report was made by Jim Ginis seconded by Dean Mavrovitis. Motion carried.


Financial Report: George Marinos and John Hajisava presented the invoices to be paid. A review and discussion ensued. A motion to pay the invoices was made by Tony Vaccari; seconded by Lou Patrickakos. Motion carried. Entertainment Committee; Chris Katehis informed the Parish Council that the Annual Vasilopita Dinner Dance was a great success. A report was presented stating that there were a total of 174 attendees and the dance made a net profit of $6,816. Chris thanked Fran Lutfy and Nicole Rousakis for chairing the reservations and Kay Georgopalis and Maria Vorkas for chairing the raffle. Journal Committee: Carol DePietto reported that the Annual Journal made a net profit of $12,000. The committee will be mailing out Journals and a Thank You letter to the commercial advertisers and the Gold and Silver page ads. Carol thanked everyone for their help and support. Festival Committee: Tony Vaccari reported that the committee has identified the layout, ordered the tents and Harry Raptakis has applied for the liquor licenses. Also, the committee has ordered 2 refrigeration units and there will be an AMEX charge of $5,400 on next month’s purchase journal. Tony informed the Parish Council that there is a need for a new fryer for loukoumades and the committee has obtained three bids. The Belshaw fryer was the most economical and matches the fryer we have now. Tony Vaccari made a motion to purchase the Belshaw fryer in the amount of $5,595; seconded by Jim Ginis. Motion carried. Technology Committee: Jim Stephens reported that the House Committee is in the process of finishing the wiring for the new phone system. The committee has setup the communication server as a test and there is a phone in the office that the committee is testing. Sunday School Committee: George Lavas reported that Father Luke has spoken to all the Sunday School students in grades 7-11about the Oratorical Festival; which will be held on Sunday, March 23, in the Hellenic Room. Church Committee: George Lavas will contact the Security Committee to help coordinate the procession on the Sunday of Orthodoxy, on March 9. Also, George requests that Parish Council members try to attend and help during the 3 Saturday of Souls services and the Friday Evening services during Lent.


Blood Drive: George Papazicos reported that there will be a Blood Drive on Tuesday, February 4 between 3:00PM and 9:00PM, in the Father Nicholas J Magoulias Cathedral Center. There will be a “Child Friendly Corner” setup for parents who come with their children. George informed the Parish Council that the winter months are a critical time and asked everyone who can to donate blood and also to try to bring others who can donate as well. By-Laws Committee: George Papazicos gave an update regarding the By-Laws. The Archdiocese has sent back some minor comments and has asked for the addition of 2 provisions; a provision on how the By-Laws can be changed and a provision on the duties of each Executive Officer. The committee has begun drafting the duties of each Executive Officer and how the By-Laws can be changed. The committee will present a copy of the draft by the next Parish Council meeting. Human Resources Committee: Lou Patrickakos requested the Parish Council to authorize the implementation of the salary actions that were approved for 2014 to take effect starting February 1. Jim Ginis made this in the form of a motion; seconded by Dean Mavrovitis. Motion carried. Old Business: • George Papazicos reported that the New Year’s Eve party was very successful. There were a total of 56 attendees. Olga Georgakis and April Mavrovitis did a great job setting up the event. George thanked Jonathan’s Restaurant and the Mavrikis’ family for a wonderful evening. • Stephen Makrinos reported that the Church Christmas Card made a net profit of $4,695. President Lembo thanked the committee for a great job. New Business: • Harry Raptakis informed the Parish Council that he has filed the Tax Exempt Forms for all the church real estate. A motion to adjourn at 9:48PM was made by Jim Georgakis; seconded by Carol DePietto. Motion carried. Respectfully submitted, Spyros Georgopalis Secretary, Parish Council

Blood Drive By Erika Hadjoglou Palmer

St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival By Carol Kerler

I wanted to write a special thank you to all of those who braced the cold weather and came to our Blood Drive on Tuesday, February 4th, 2014. We collected 41 traditional pints and 26 ALYX (double pints) for a whopping 67 total pints. This was the best outcome the Cathedral of St. Paul has had in 12 years, which is OUTSTANDING especially since there was such an emergency blood shortage. The blood we collected was a huge contribution to getting the inventory back to where it needed to be. With all of your donations, over 200 lives were saved which is truly a miracle.

The annual parish level St. John Chrysostom Festival was held on March 30 at St. Paul’s Cathedral. This nationwide festival provides students with an opportunity to learn and communicate about their Orthodox faith by presenting original speeches before a panel of three judges. New categories for poetry and essay entries were added to the Festival in 2014.

I would like to thank my diligent staff that worked so hard to make the day go as smoothly as it did: Dino Zografos, Kelly Haass and George Papazicos. With YOUR help, we look forward to breaking these records at our September Blood Drive, Tuesday, September 30th, 2014. Please make this vision a reality and let’s shoot for at least 70 pints! To achieve, this I’m going to need YOUR help. It’s never too early to start eating your spinach and red meat! Our ALYX Donors:



Our Donors:



Angela Philippides won first place in the junior division for her speech on the meaning of the phrase: “I am an Orthodox Christian living in the 21st century.” Andrew Bandini won first place in the senior division for his speech explaining what it means to be a servant of God, and how we may score “spiritual touchdowns.” John Marsh won first place for his poem on the topic: “Why are the martyrs of the Church characterized as great athletes?” John Scudero won first place for his essay on the meaning of the phrase: “I am an Orthodox Christian living the 21st century.” The students are to be commended for their insight and scholarship. Many thanks to church school director Andrea Potaris and to all of the church school teachers and families of the students for their support.


Apokreatiko Glendi


Greek Independence Parade 2014

GOYAns Prepare for the MidNight Run

Fr. Demetrios Carellas Speaks on Moses

Sunday of Orthodoxy 2014


Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Paul’s 2014 Annual Festival - Save the Date!

St. Paul’s Art Class By Joan Prieston

The dates of our 2014 Festival are Thursday, May 29, 2014 through Sunday, June 1, 2014. It is once again time for the Cathedral of Saint Paul’s Annual Greek Festival. Planning for our 2014 Festival is well underway! As always, we rely on good weather and we know that our Clergy is hard at work to make that happen. But equally important is the dedication of all our Volunteers who work hard to ensure that our Guests have a wonderful time over the four days in late May and early June. Our Guests can expect to experience Greek Culture by tasting authentic Greek Foods, Souvlaki and Greek Pastries, including our Famous Loukoumades, or by enjoying Greek Music and Dance. If American Fare is more your style, you can stop by our Chicken Fingers & Fries or Hamburgers & Hot Dogs Tents. Take a guided Church Tour of our beautiful Cathedral which is adorned by magnificent Mosaics in the true Byzantine style. We also offer Shopping in our “Agora” Marketplace or our huge Air Conditioned Flea Market. There is also a wide variety of Rides and Games for the children as well as a Beer Garden and Wine & Cheese Tent for the adults. You can also test your skill at our Ring Toss! Our Co-Chairmen, Tony Vaccari and George Zakos are working through the planning process and are anxious to hear from any and all volunteers to assist in preparations. Presents our Famous

St. Paul’s has many talented parishioers including Eleni Pitzel, a multi-talented member of our comminity. Eleni has been active in several organizations and four years ago she started an Art Class which meets every week at St. Paul’s. When she encouragted many of her friends to join her class, they hesitated and even said, “I only draw stick figures!” Wll, we’re all painting and are amazed to have discovered our own hidden talent. Eleni also has had a senior class in Mineola for five years, The Golden Age Club. Last October, she arranged for an art show at the Mineola Library and also at the Community Center there where the Golden Age Club members displayed their paintings. She has taken her St. Paul’s and the Mineola classes to Westbury Gardens where everyone enjoyed the natural beauty there. We toured the many gardens and ended our day with a wonderful picnic. She is a “master gardener” at Westbury Gardens and donates many hours there. She also has another interest, stained glass, a talent which still emerging and growing. Eleni, an active member of our Choir says, “My artistic skills are a gift from God and from that gift I give back to others.”

Please stop by or call the Cathedral Office at 516483-5700 if you would like more information on Sponsorship opportunities or know a Vendor who 110 Cathedral Avenue of Hempstead, NY 11550 (516) 483-5700 would want to Thursday, reserve aMay space in our “Agora” to reach Through the years, Eleni has had art exhibits at the 29th 6-10PM Friday, May 30th 6-11PM over 10,000 attendees. Saturday, May31st 2-11PM Sunday, June 1st 1-9PM Downtown Association in Manhattan as well as other exhibits on Long Island and New Jersey. Recently Great Food – Live Music 2014 the Golden Age Club nominated her as a community Free Admisssion Greek Foods & Delicacies person who helps others. An honor sponsored yearly Souvlaki Pit • Taverna Colossal Flea Market by the Town of North Hempstead. She will join other Loukoumades • Wine & Cheese honorees at a celebratory luncheon to be held this May. Cypriot Grill • Greek Pastry Cafe


New Rides, Games & Prizes Grecian Arts Gift Shop Giant Agora (Marketplace) with a wide variety of Vendors Greek Dance Performers Guided Church Tours

If interested in joining Eleni’s Art Class, just come down on Wednesday to the Reverend Magoulias Center at 1:00PM. You, too, may be amazed at your own hidden talent! FREE SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE & EXTRA PARKING! 14

Thursday Only All Rides One Price

Live Music Featuring Rain or Shine Plenty of Atlantic Orchestra, plus DJ Music by George Marchelos Tent Cover

GOYA By Nicole Rousakis GOYA Senior Girls’ Basketball Team win the Championship!!! Congratulations to our GOYA Senior Girls’ Basketball Team who defeated Holy Cross, Brooklyn 34-30 to win the Metropolitan Greek Orthodox Basketball League Championship!! Special thanks go to our amazing coaches, Christoforos Karanasos (Head Coach), Thomas Pagonis, Andrew Karamouzis (Assistant Coaches). Their commitment and dedication to the team and the GOYA Basketball Program is greatly appreciated! Bravo to an absolute amazing group of girls, on and off the court, you have made us all extremely proud! The team consisted of Sophia Halicos, Danyelle Ubertini, Delia Karamouzis, Maria Karanasos, Alexis Pagonis, Demetra Menoudakos, Eleni Demas, Lena Demas and Helen Kouradakis. Also, thank you to our GOYA boys teams coaches for their dedication and continuous commitment to our basketball program, Senior Boys, John Caragiorgis (Head Coach) and George Pappas (Assistant Coach) and Junior Boys, Stephanie Gurin (Head Coach), Nicholas Kenny (Assistant Coach). On March 8th, we held our 26th Annual Cathedral Cup Volleyball Tournament and we wish to thank the following parishes of Nassau and Suffolk Counties who participated in the Tournament: Cathedral of Saint Paul, Hempstead; Assumption, Port Jefferson; Holy Trinity, Hicksville; Saint Paraskevi, Greenlawn; Saint John, Blue Point; Saint Demetrios, Merrick; Saint Nicholas, West Babylon and Archangel Michael, Port Washington. Congratulations to Assumption for their 1st Place win, Holy Trinity for their 2nd place win and the Cathedral of Saint Paul for their 3rd place win. Thank you to the wonderful seminarians from Holy Cross Sampson Kasapakis and Alyssa Loutsion for their spiritual guidance during the sessions they led with all the participants of the tournament. Good sportsmanship was truly the word of the day!! Thank you to the countless volunteers who helped throughout the day since it is a huge undertaking to prepare for such an event. Harry Monioudis and George Vorkas who officiated at the score table all day long and kept the timing of the games right on target. Thank you to Barbara Filou for taking on the task of running the kitchen and to all the GOYA Moms who volunteered their time helping: Theresa Monioudis, Tina Demas, Carol Dipieto, Anastasia Deluca, Nia Drum, Andrea Pagonis and Stephanie Gurin. Also to our GOYAns, Marika Georgopalis, Grace Yeostros, Alexis Pagonis and a huge thank you to our GOYAn Gillian Demetriou for her extraordinary help in the kitchen!! Thank you to George Vorkas, Tony Pantelides and George Zakos for their help in setting up the gym and to our GOYAns Dimitri Georgopalis, Drew Vorkas and Billy Rousakis for their help in setting up and cleaning the gym before and after the tournament. A very, very special thank you to our wonderful volleyball coach Niko Kontoleon!!!! A wonderful day was had by all!!! On March 14th we held our Annual GOYA-Lenten Lock-in and this year’s theme was “IV on the GO”. The lock-in was run by counselors from the Ionian Village, who were Christopher Palamara, Markella Mallas, Katherine Palamara, Cali Pantazis, Alex Fournaciari and Phillip Constantinides. A very special thank you to Father Evagoras and Presvytera Maria Constantinides for giving us the opportunity to host such a wonderful and spiritual event. The GOYAns had such an amazing time!! On April 9th we hosted the Nassau County GOYA Pre-Sanctified Liturgy and the GOYAns from surrounding communities attended the liturgy which was followed by a lenten meal and lecture given by Sister Maria from Uganda. We are also excited to be the first community to host a National Youth Retreat “Be the Bee” on Holy Thursday. A lot of exciting things are happening. A very special congratulations and kala stefana to Vincent Minucci and his lovely fiancé Nadia on their upcoming wedding. Also, good luck to Vincent on all your future endeavors. May the Lord’s blessings be with you always. Kali Anastasi to all! 15

St. Paul’s Byzantine Choir By Nicholas George

AHEPA By Anton Skrivanek

YOUR GIFT We have come to know that it is not God’s way for everyone to become a Maria Callas or a Pavarotti. On a smaller scale, not every person has been given the ability to match a musical tone or phrase. God’s GIFTS are given in many mysterious ways, forms and degrees.

Hoping you and yours faired well through all the very inclement weather.

If you count yourself as one of God’s children who has been given a talent other than “things musical,” you are slightly off the hook as you read on today. It is those of you who have some musical experience, sing well and attend church regularly that we need to address. You are our targets today. You are the type AB negative blood of our St. Paul’s community, the rare and direly needed type. You see, our choir unlike other ministries and church organizations, cannot be filled only with hard working warm bodies. Our loft needs to be filled with hard working, warm bodies that have been given the GIFT of song. If you are a regular church goer who can sing well, understand that you are indeed very special. It is our belief that the Good Lord gave you the GIFT of song, not only so you could appear on American Idol or sing at the bouzoukia or lull your child to sleep, but so that you could also use your talent IN Christ’s Church to inspire worship and deliver mystical chills to the congregants who are listening and praying. He gave you this GIFT, not just for you to sit in the pews lipsynching hymns, but to serve in full voice as the clergy’s liturgical partner. He gives His GIFT so that our beautiful Divine Liturgy and majestic Cathedral are forever paired with beautiful and majestic song. We cannot think of a greater purpose for your talent than for you to use it to help our parishioners achieve an emotional as well as a spiritual connection to the liturgy. A choir can accomplish this each and every Sunday if it is blessed with talented singers. Consider sharing your GIFT. Let your voice be heard and used for the greater glory of God and for our St. Paul’s Community. For those of you who I said were slightly off the hook, you too can help! If you know talented singers who are members of our community, let them know how special their GIFT is. Let them know how much they are valued and needed to carry on the St. Paul’s choral tradition. St. Paul’s Choir will love you like no other organization will! For more information about our choir, contact Connie Germanakos at 516-328-0777 or Nick George at 212-505-6254.


The severe weather caused us to cancel both of our regular meetings in January. On February 10th, 2014, we enjoyed attending the Ancient Art of Cyprus power point presentation hosted by LIACA. We look forward to more similar events, either simply attending or co-hosting with other organizations. We are continuing with the early stages of reactivating the Sons of Pericles chapter that once existed here at St. Paul’s. If you are a young man between the ages of 14 to 27 or know of one who would be interested in joining the Sons chapter, please contact our chapter Vice-President, Triphon Kollitides or email us at the address below. Applications for our annual scholarships were available in the main church office.The deadline was Wednesday, April 9th, 2014. We are looking forward to our annual Easter Glendi and Byzantine Dinner, both coming in early May. We extend our sympathy to the family of our departed life member brother, William Bookas. The AHEPA ceremony was performed at the evening viewing and a eulogy was given by Br. George Lavas We also extend our sympathy to the family of our departed brother, Gus Anifantakis. The AHEPA ceremony was performed at the evening viewing and a eulogy was given by chapter President Dionysi. Dionou. If anyone is aware of news of one of our brothers falling asleep in the Lord, illness, etc. please inform one of our officers. Our chapter officers are: C. Dionysios Dionou, President: Triphon Kollitides, Vice-President, Anton Skrivanek, Secretary; Paul Sekas, Treasurer. If you wish to join AHEPA, please contact one of our officers. We also have an email address to contact us by: ahepa.chapter170@gmail. com. We wish everyone a very Happy Easter!

School of Religious Education By Joan Prieston Now that the holidays’ festivities have ended, the students of grades 7 – 11 are concentrating on the annual Archdiocesan Oratorical Festival. Chairperson Carol Kerler has presented the list of topics to the students. The Junior Division, grades 7 – 9 and the Senior Division grades 10 – 11 will select a topic in their respective division, research it and write their essay. Each year, the Archdiocese provides the topics and varies them to address the students’ interests. This program is extremely important because it enables each student to participate in a religious forum and also experience public speaking, something certainly very important if any of them wants to pursue eventual careers in law, teaching and yes, even politics! The Parish Festival will be held in the Hellenic Room on March 23. Please attend and support this important endeavor. The Sunday School’s Holiday Boutique was extremely successful this year, thanks to the generous support of our community. We exceeded our past Boutiques which have been our main fundraiser. The community’s continuous support has enabled us to be self-sustaining and solvent year after year. The proceeds from this event each year enables the Sunday School to fulfill its many obligations: • The monthly payment on our copy machine • The yearly cost for the Archdiocesan curriculum which Father Luke recommended for grades Nursery - 5 • The supplies needed to reproduce the curriculum for grades 6 – 11 • The holiday gifts for our students and other holiday gratuities • The Communion Breakfast • Graduation ceremony and celebratory luncheon • The Teachers and Staff end of year dinner held in house in the Hellenic Room • Any unexpected ancillary expenses The Tuesday Ladies contributed greatly to our Holiday Boutique every year. Because of space restriction, they had to curtail the number of persons in our program. In the past, talented ladies from our community were unable to join our group. However, recently we were able to replace two of our members by adding two new ladies and hopefully a few more in the future. Anyone who is interested is welcome to come and observe how we create our

arrangements. The door is always open! Please refer to the weekly Sunday Bulletin for our telephone numbers. Our new chairlady, Erine Pierides, will gladly answer your questions. Several persons have called to offer donations of fabrics, yarns, small Christmas trees and other items which we use continuously. One lady donated supplies from her craft store when she closed her business. We, as an organization, are extremely thankful to YOU, our wonderful community for your caring support. God Bless You All.

L.I.A.C.A By Teena Grosinski We thought Spring would never arrive this year but it finally did with its promise of renewal. L.I.A.C.A welcomed the New Year with its annual Vasilopita in January. Ines Powell, an art historian now retired from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, presented a power point program about The Ancient Art of Cyprus. Her presentation was a sampling of what the Met offers in its four galleries dedicated to Cypriot Art. In spite of inclement weather that day, approximately sixty people attended and enjoyed her lecture as well as the refreshments afterwards. Many were inspired to visit the museum to see for themselves. The annual Bake Sale in March was at the beginning of Lent. Traditional Cypriot lenten breads and other lenten baked goods were available such as eliopites, koulouri, kolokithopites and koulourakia. LIACA received many preorders knowing these baked goods often sell out. Many friends and visitors enjoyed the food of Cyprus during our annual church festival. The demand for grilled halloumi, sheftalia and loukaniko was very popular. Our following grows every year. We look forward to seeing you at the Festival.


St. Anna’s Philoptochos By Kathy Boulukos, Past President DAD Board Member, Web Coordinator Dear Philoptochos sisters, Did you know that Philoptochos women are the second largest women’s philanthropic organization in the country (second to Hadassah)? Starting from the local chapter, our beloved St. Anna’s, is one of the largest in the country: we are part of the Direct Archdiocesan District, which unites 60 sister chapters in New York state, Connecticut and Washington, DC and we are then part of our national group with over 485 chapters. We also work together on numerous ongoing programs, starting from the National level and going to our local chapters. Every two years we all meet at the National Philoptochos Conference to review the work we have done and to plan for the future. Every chapter sends two or three delegates, usually the officers, to represent their chapter. What is Philoptochos and what does it do? The word means “friend of the poor” and it is now over 65 years in existence. We thought you would like to know more about the goals and objectives of this wonderful and important organization of which we hope you are a member! All through the year various projects and programs are presented to our chapters for their implementation. Information is distributed by mail, sometimes by video and most recently, by email. The hope is that the information is then passed to the members of each chapter. One current program is to promote women’s health and a perfect example is the drive for breast cancer screening. We offered our “wear red” drive in February for that cause. We run a Literacy Program by encouraging the chapters to do “reading drives” with our children. Just recently we had two winners within our own chapter based on a book drive for children’s reading, using the Greek-American author Nick Katsouris and his “Loukoumi” books. Our own Alexander Palmer and Steven Haass were top winners! Another ongoing program is to raise awareness to the environment and guidelines are sent to the chapters suggesting ways to preserve our environment. By the way, did you know that our beloved Patriarch Bartholomew is called the “Environmental Patriarch” because of his strong beliefs on the importance of saving the environment?! Just recently, using the internet, a webinar interactive program was run discussing how to keep our children and family safe in an ever changing digital world. This use of social media and mobile technology is just one example of how Philoptochos is moving in the 21st 18

century. Did you know that under the Diocese, we have a Scholarship Fund to award monetary scholarships to Seminarians within our district? We were able to assist three of our very own such seminarians from our community with funds from that Scholarship Fund! The ongoing fundraising efforts start from the local level and continue nationally and internationally. The plight of the Greeks and Cypriot people has been key in sending money overseas by using the Greek Orthodox Churches there and their representatives to distribute the money to the people who are directly impacted. Here in America we have been able to help individuals hurt by the Sandy Storm. Within our own Metropolitan Diocese, we established the Hurricane Sandy Fund and a committee worked tirelessly to aid those families in dire need by giving them financial aid to help them in their time of need. Anonymity is always the key in all these efforts. Within our own St. Anna’s Chapter we have anonymously helped many individuals who have sought financial aid for their various needs. A screening committee reviews each case and tries to give them some assistance. Sadly, more can be done to help them, but again, this is based on certain guidelines that we must follow and that have been initiated from the Diocese and National level. By the way, did you know that National Philopotochos has a paid professional social worker, who by using her extensive background and skills, has been able to help needy individuals from around the country to solve some of their problems? Within our own chapter, did you know that we have tried to encourage women, like yourselves, to join us, not just because your membership counts in our endeavors, but because we want you to become a “Part” of this wonderful network of women? Whether you are a working woman or a homemaker or a mother always on the run with your family, we want to offer you the chance to meet others like yourself and to share common experiences. We try to present diversified programs such speakers on health, beauty or makeovers, to exercise, to even going on trips, like the Culinary Institute or the Statue of Liberty or to a monastery with the hope that you might come to one or two such programs, just for fun and have some time together and sharing this common bond of “philanthropy”. We also host a number of Church celebrations. We honored the Weeping Icon with a reception following the services. In addition, we held the Nistissimo Luncheon and a Psychosavato Breakfast in March. These are some of the receptions we present to the community, in conjunction with the religious calendar, during the year. Of course, fundraising is important to our chapter because the monies we raise are used in many ways.

Every year we run a “shopping” spree at Lord & Taylor where we get to keep $5 from each ticket we sell. Over the years, we have been able to raise over $750 each time we did this type of ticket sales. This goes into our “Make a Wish” drive and we plan to give the money the forthcoming year. We run our annual luncheons and dinners and always give a portion of the profits to various charities. This year, it went to the Wounded Warriors, St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital in Bayside and to UNICEF in Greece. Did you know that your dues are divided up as follows: out of your $30 dues, we must send $ l5 to National Philoptochos and $6 to the Diocese. This leaves our chapter with $9. Under the guidelines of the National Philoptochos, the money raised on the various levels is used for the various philanthropic commitments. This includes the Cancer Fund, the Orthodox Christian Missions, the International Orthodox Christian Charities, the Social Services, UNICEF, the Ecumenical Patriarchate, the Autism Assistance Fund and St. Michael’s Home. This list is incomplete. Check us out on the internet. National Philoptochos is on Facebook and on the national site: www.philoptochos. org. The Diocese is on www.philoptochosdistrictdiocese. org. where you can read about the activities of the diocese including a listing of all the social activities . We don’t expect you to come to all our meetings but would love to see you at one of the events. Remember, YOU make Philoptochos and without YOU we cannot move ahead into the 21st century! JOY (Junior Orthodox Youth) By Andrea Pagonis We would like to thank everyone who helped make the Apokreatiko Glendi a huge success and to all our fellow parishoners who supported this wonderful community event! We couldn’t have done it without the help of many people and organizations who came together as a community. That is what St. Paul’s is all about! As we continue on the second half of the JOY program, the children have been enjoying various activities such as painting, BINGO, chocolate night, movie night and for the first time, a NBA game at the Barclay Center. On Good Friday, we had our annual religious retreat that was enjoyed by so many children of all ages. As we complete the JOY year, we will get ready for the upcoming Olympics which will take place Memorial Day weekend at Suffolk Community College. For anyone interested, please contact Andrea Pagonis at andreapagonis@optonline. net as registration will be coming to an end shortly. We wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day!

BOY SCOUTS By Harry Monioudis Committee Chairman - Troop 568 Troop 568 will be celebrating its GALA 55th Anniversary Event on Sunday, February 8th, 2015. Invitees to this event include present troop and pack members and families, Scoutmasters, Archbishop Demetrios, current and past clergy members, Eagle Scouts from troop 568, BSA Council members, founding troop board members, Prophet Elias Award winners and political leaders. Kindly mark your calendars for this event. More information will be posted in the EPISTLE as it becomes available. We are trying to contact all past Eagle Scouts and Prophet Elias Award recipients from our troop. We ask those gentlemen to send their current contact information to or by mail to Cathedral of St. Paul, 110 Cathedral Avenue, Hempstead, NY 11570. Thank you for your help.

Sacraments Celebrated at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St. Paul JANUARY BAPTISMS Daughter of Ianni & Renee Vardouniotis Son of Jose & Theana Plaza WEDDINGS Chris Demosthenes & Charita Koutsoftas FUNERALS Martha Nikides Joan M. Theodoulou William E. Bookas Constantine A. Anifantakis Androniki Psakis Panagiotis Pavlounis

FEBRUARY BAPTISMS None WEDDINGS Panagiotis Koutsoulidakis & Sevastiani Vogiazi FUNERALS Michael Sicurelli 19

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Led by Reverend Father Elias G. Villis of The Greek Orthodox Church of Our Savior in Rye, NY & Reverend Father Luke Melackrinos of St. Paul Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Hempstead, NY

November 7-16, 2014 10 Days / 8 Nights


Your trip to the Holy Land will be an unforgettable and spiritually rewarding journey! Visit and venerate Christendom’s most sacred sites. See where Jesus spent most of his life and performed the many miracles you have read about in the Bible. You will visit the cities of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Capernaum, and Tiberias! Among the many sites and churches you will see are the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Church of St Anne, the Pool of Bethesda, the Tomb of the Virgin Mary, the Prison of Christ (Praitorion), The Church of the Holy Apostles and the Church of the Transfiguration on Mt. Tabor. Take the cable car up to the Mount of Temptation Monastery and see the rock that Jesus actually prayed by. Visit Martha & Lazarus’ tombs. Visit the Church of the Nativity and touch the spot where Christ was born! Among the other sites you will see are the Church of Tabgha (the Church of the Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes), Cana of Galilee, the Church of the Annunciation, the Garden of Agony, the Monastery of St. Gerasimos Iordanitis, the Church of St. Elisseos and the Tree of Zacchaeus. Martha & Lazarus’ Tombs. Take a boat-ride on the Sea of Galilee and experience a spiritual baptism in the River Jordan. Visit Theodosius and Mar Saba Monasteries. Enjoy a private audience with Patriarch Theophilos III (subject to his availability) and attend midnight Liturgy at the Holy Sepulcher.


RATE: Per person double occupancy $2475 & Single occupancy $3265 *Rate does not include air tax and fuel surcharge of $700. *Rates reflect a 4% check discount which does not apply if payment is made any other way. Deposit of $500 due by June 9th, 2014 or late booking fee of $50 per person will apply.

YOUR TOUR WILL INCLUDE: *Round trip nonstop transatlantic international air from JFK to Tel Aviv *First class hotel accommodations: two nights in Tiberias & six nights in Jerusalem including daily breakfast and dinner, all taxes and service fees *7 1/2 days of sightseeing in air-conditioned motor coach with English speaking guide specializing in Orthodox sites & entrance fees. *Private audience with the His Beatitude Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem (subject to confirmation) *Midnight Divine Liturgy at Church of the Holy Sepulcher *All private arrival and departure transfers with English-speaking guide Cloud Tours Inc. 31-09 Newtown Ave. Long Island City, NY 11102 Tel: 718-721-3808 Toll Free 800-223-7880 Fax: 718-795-4356 Email:


Presents our Famous

110 Cathedral Avenue Hempstead, NY 11550 (516) 483-5700

Thursday, May 29th 6-10PM Friday, May 30th 6-11PM Saturday, May31st 2-11PM Sunday, June 1st 1-9PM

Great Food – Live Music Free Admisssion


Greek Foods & Delicacies Souvlaki Pit • Taverna Colossal Flea Market Loukoumades • Wine & Cheese Cypriot Grill • Greek Pastry Cafe New Rides, Games & Prizes Grecian Arts Gift Shop Giant Agora (Marketplace) with a wide variety of Vendors Greek Dance Performers Guided Church Tours


Live Music Featuring Rain or Shine Plenty of Atlantic Orchestra, plus DJ Music by George Marchelos Tent Cover 23

Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St. Paul

N o n - P r o f i t Organization U.S. Postage PAID Hempstead, NY Permit No, 72

110 Cathedral Avenue Hempstead, NY 11550

Proudly serving the community of Saint Paul for nearly two decades, with an emphasis on personalized care, compassion, and affordability

Kallinikos Funeral Services, Inc. Towers Funeral Home, Inc. 2681 Long Beach Road, Oceanside, New York 11572

Funeral Arrangements

Our personalized funeral services are available in most communities of Nassau, Suffolk, as well as the greater New York Metropolitan Area Arrangements for out-of-state and international burials


Arrangements and consultations Irrevocable trust accounts for Medicaid Pre-planning for estate purposes

Our Funeral Home

Our Family of Directors Krissie Kallinikos

George Frangiadakis

William C. Kallinikos

Funeral and pre-need arrangements can be conducted in the privacy of your home

24 Hour Service

Telephone: 1-516 764 5191 Toll Free: 1-877 766-0425 For information and frequently asked questions, visit us at


March april 2014  

The March-April 2014 of the Epistle

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