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A Year of Peace and Redemption By Father Luke Melackrinos

them. We are called as Christians to stand up for what is right, and to protect the values of our beautiful, inherited faith.

I chose the title of this article based on one of the petitions from the service of the Cutting of the Vasilopita. At the Cathedral of St. Paul we began the year 2013 in such a beautiful way with the celebration of the Divine Liturgy of St. Basil.

Also, if we are to make this year a year of redemption, we have to be prepared to work for that as well. We will not be redeemed if we aren’t willing to sacrifice the routines that make us so comfortable in the vain pursuits of this world. Rather, we are called to be citizens of Paradise (as we hear in the Memorial Service). Thankfully, we are approaching the time the Church Fathers call “The School of Repentance” that is, Great and Holy Lent.

In the Divine Liturgy of St. Basil (a slightly different version of the Divine Liturgy that is celebrated on special occasions such as the Saint’s Nameday, the Sundays of Lent and other holidays), immediately after the Consecration of the Holy Gifts there is a lengthy but beautiful prayer attributed to St. Basil that reminds us at the beginning of the year about the mission of all Christians and certainly for our beautiful Cathedral. Fill their cupboards with every good thing. Preserve their marriages in peace and harmony, raise the infants, guide the young, support the aged, encourage the faint-hearted, reunite the separated. Lead back those who are in error and join them to your holy, catholic and apostolic Church. Free those who are held captive by unclean spirits. Sail with those who sail, travel with those who travel by land and by air. Defend the widows, protect the orphans, free the captives and heal the sick. While this is indeed a daunting mission statement for us, I can say without exaggeration and in all sincerity that this is what I have experienced here at the Cathedral of St. Paul. Thankfully, as I look back and remember the amazing circumstances, I rejoice at the great blessing of being assigned to, as Mr. Michael Gurlides refers to it, “the greatest community, not only in the country, but in the world!” What was initially supposed to be only an assignment where I would stay for a year, has become an opportunity to become part of a wonderful family, not just a community. 2013 marks ten years that we have served the Lord together. There have been sad times and joyous one. I know that we did not always agree to things and, certainly that is understandable as this community has a great history of priestly ministry with sustained longevity and traditions. We have not only persevered but we have excelled. We have not only survived but thrived. We have a bright future together and Marusia, Eleni, Magda, Mia and I all thank God that we are with you. And we pray that this blessing continues for years to come. So now as we launch into another year for the glory of God, the words of the of the prayers of the Vasilopita Cutting Service ring in my ears and one of the most beautiful prayers asks the Lord to bless the New Year and to make it a year of peace and redemption. While we certainly need the help of God to make this year a year of peace and redemption, we cannot be passive about it. We have to work for peace, but at the same time be ready to fight for what is right. Being a peacemaker is not the same as being someone who allows injustice to happen in front

Before we enter this great period of fasting and prayer we will have the great blessing of hosting a fundraiser for All Saints Greek Orthodox Monastery in Calverton here at our beloved Cathedral. The fundraising dinner will take place on March 12th at 7:00 p.m. The speaker that evening will be Archimandrite Father Maximos from the Monastery of the Holy Cross in Setauket. He will share thoughts on the monastic life with us. Not only will we benefit All Saints Monastery, but our souls will receive great benefit from the education and spiritual enrichment that evening. This Lent will be a special time for us as well because our own Deacon Mathew Kakis is organizing a series of lectures to be hosted by our parish on Wednesdays in Great Lent. The lecture series will take place in conjunction with a pot-luck dinner. The reason for the dinner is that when we come for Pre-Sanctified Liturgy (which will be 6:30 every Wednesday evening), we should fast from at least noon on to receive the precious Body and Blood of our Lord, God and Savior, Jesus Christ. One of the speakers will be Father Demetrios Carellas who will continue his series on Orthodox Spirituality as the Medicine for our Wounded Souls. He will be with us on April 3, 2013. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the newest addition to our Cathedral, an electronic carillon bell system. This was generously given to our Cathedral by the donations from parishioners in memory of our beloved Father Nicholas J. Magoulias. We rang the bells for the first time on the night of the Memorial Christmas Tree service. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate time or place. This also happened to be night that Kay Pamas announced her retirement from the Grief and Bereavement Group which she and Father Nick established. We will miss Kay’s hard work, but we know that she will continue to contribute while still guiding it under the more than capable leadership of Anna Dounelis. I also would like to take a moment to thank Bob Donus and a great crew of volunteers who made the Vasilopita Dance so amazing. While I was not able to attend personally due to the 40 Day Memorial of my father-in-law in Maryland. I heard nothing but rave reviews of an excellent event. Later this year, the annual dance will be held in-house as we will be having the Golden Leaves Ball at a outside venue this year. I pray we have a great 2013, an uplifting renewal in the Great and Holy Lent, a powerful Holy Week and a glorious Resurrection in the celebration of our Lord’s Pascha.


Philanthropia By Fr. Peter Zougras I hope and pray everyone has had a very Blessed Christmas and are enjoying the beginning of the New Year with family and friends. In the spirit of Christmas our youth organizations have been very committed in giving back to their community. The JOY children collected children’s coats and donated them to the Mary Brennan Inn. The GOYAns collected Christmas toys, clothing, cleaning supplies and food in which they hand delivered to the Martin Luther King Center in Long Beach for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. The GOYAns also provided a hot dinner to people in a building who went weeks with no electricity. The GOYAns also went to “Build A Bear” and made bears in which will be hand delivered to a children the Ronald McDonald House. Each bear will also come with a handwritten card signed by the GOYAns. The Scouts have also been collecting canned food in order to help feed the needy. As we have just celebrated the feast day of the three Hierarchs the youth truly did the good works St. John Chrysostom was speaking of when he said “Feeding the hungry is a greater work than raising the dead”. Our youth organizations also had many fun and exciting events such as GOYA having a family Christmas Night in NYC. The GOYAns along with their families went to see the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular and then we walked over to see the Rockefeller Center Tree. The GOYAns than went over to the new Barclay Center to watch a Brooklyn NETS game. Eight of our kids were chosen to go onto the court and high five the players as they entered the court. The GOYA finished off the month with the Inter GOYA Ski Trip in which they had the opportunity to form friendships and bond with other Orthodox children from other Long Island parishes. The kids had a fun filled day on Blue Mountain skiing, snowboarding and tubing. The JOY and Hope children had a joint Christmas Party as well as a chocolate night in which they made desserts out of melted chocolate. The JOY children then went on a bowling trip to the Garden City bowling alley. The JOY children will also be going to Madison Square Garden to St. John’s University vs. South Florida on February 20th. The following Scouts, Constantine Vasilakis, Stavros Cherpelis, Nicholas Stamatelatos, and Panagiotis Papangelopoulos completed their religious studies program and received their merit badges in church on Scout Sunday and afterwards the scouts had the Blue/Gold luncheon to honor the elevation of our scouts. The Boy Scouts also went to New Rochelle in order to go to a Rock climbing wall in order to obtain another merit badge. It was also a blessing to see how many of our youth attended the church Vasilopita Dance at Chataeu Briand. The dance was a huge success and everyone had a great time. This amazing function would not have been possible without the hard work of Bob Donus, Mary Bassias, Nicole Rousakis, Kay Georgopalis and Maria Vorkas. I would also like to congratulate Maria Karanasos and Penny Charidemou for receiving the Three Hierarchs Award. They achieved this award due to the fact that they obtained a grade of 100% on the Greek Regents taken on June of 2012. They were presented this award by Archbishop Demetrios at a ceremony held at the Cathedral of New York City on February 2, 2013.


Kali Tesarakosti By Deacon Mathew Kakis In the twinkling of an eye, we have celebrated the New Year, Epiphany and the Feast of the Three Hierarchs and returned to a worshipping cycle that will soon bring us to Great Lent, Pascha and then to Pentecost. This year the whole cycle is delayed more than usual as Pascha falls on May 5th, while the Western Churches celebrate the Lord’s Resurrection on March 31. As a quick review, the Orthodox Pascha falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox also known as the first day of Spring , but according to the Julian calendar which is 13 days behind the Gregorian calendar. The vernal equinox, therefore is April 3rd. The why and wherefores need volumes to explain, so I humbly request you accept this short explanation. The West uses the same formula but uses March 21st as the day for the first day of Spring. What is to our advantage is the extra time available to study and prepare for the Feast of Feasts. To assist in this matter, we are pleased to offer the following five publications in your bookstore: (1) “Great Lent, A Journey to Pascha”, by Alexander Schmemann. This classic work examines the meaning of The Presanctified Gifts, The Prayer of St. Ephraim the Syrian, The Canon of St. Andrew of Crete and other neglected or misunderstood treasures of Lenten Worship. Reg. price $18. Now available for $15. (2) “The Lenten Spring” by Thomas Hopko. The Church welcomes the Lenten Spring with a spirit of exultation. The tone of the church services is one of brightness and light. Fr. Hopkos 40 meditations are replete with scriptural and liturgical passages from the Lenten Services, the spiritual wisdom of ancient saints and Fathers, as well as the teaching of modern guides to the Christian life. Reg. $18. Avail. for $12. (3) “On Pascha” by Melito of Sardis. A unique collection of material from the mid 2nd century to the early 3rd century pointing to the parallel between the Jewish practice of Passover and it’s early Christian observance. Reg. price, $15.00, available now for $12. (4) “Great Week and Pascha in the Greek Orthodox Church” by Fr. Alkiviades Calivas. Fr. Calivas, a liturgical professor and former dean of Holy Cross elegantly describes the theological themes for each day, clarifies the liturgical practices and provides rubrics for their proper celebration. Reg $16./Avail.$12. (5) “The Year of Grace of the Lord” by Fr. Lev Gillet. Although this is an invaluable guide to the scriptural reading and praqyers of the entire year, the entire Lenten and Pascal cycle occupies approximately half of this exceptional commentary. List Price $22., Avail for $15. We also have five books for our younger faithful: “Christ is Risen” in soft and hard cover, @ $12. And $20. and the following in soft cover, “Entrance of the Lord”, “Great and Holy Friday” Great and Holy Saturday and “Ascension of Our Lord” all for just $5. Please stop by and enrich your personal Orthodox Library.

From the Parish Council President By William J. Lembo It is an honor and a privilege to be the new President of the Cathedral of St. Paul. I look forward to a wonderful term and know that, with the help of every parishioner, we will keep our Cathedral the great place that it is. I wish to thank my predecessor, Jim Georgakis, for his guidance and leadership for the last two years. It is so true that behind every great man there is an equally wonderful woman. I am sure that Jim’s wife Olga is happy to have him “back”. Thank you, Olga, for supporting Jim’s work for our Cathedral for the last two years. Jim’s steady hand guided our community as we said goodbye to our beloved Father Nick. He was instrumental in bringing Father Peter here after Father Andreas left for his new Bridgeport ministry and Jim was instrumental in supporting the renovation of the Cassis building. For all these things and much more, thank you, Jim. I am sure the transition from “Mr. President” back to Papou will be smooth, especially with your granddaughter Amanda’s help. We extend our condolences to Presvytera Marusia, Father Luke, Eleni, Magda and Mia on the passing of Presvytera’s father, the Very Reverend Gregory Podhurec, in December. Eternal be his memory. Thanks to Bob Donus and his remarkable committee (Mary Bassias, Nicole Rousakis, Triphon Kollitides, John Papachristos and Marina Heliotis). We started the New Year with a fantastic Vasilopita Dinner/Dance at the Chateau Briand. Parishioners of every age danced to the selections of DJ George Marchelos and enjoyed a fabulous evening of great food and camaraderie. Thanks also to Kay Georgopalis and Maria Vorkas for their innovative raffle prizes. Thank you to the many parishioners whose generous donations enabled us to have raffle prizes at the dinner/dance like none before. Another extraordinary effort by Liz Comack and her committee produced our 63rd Annual Church Journal. The journal requires many hours and expert coordination to bring it to fruition. We thank everyone who contributed to making our journal a success. While we are on the subject of successful periodicals, please take a moment to review the inside cover of this month’s Epistle for the names of those responsible for keeping us current on the events in our community. Their work in turning out this bi-monthly masterpiece often goes unnoticed. On behalf of the community that looks forward to every edition, we thank you. In the coming months, I look forward to working with each of you. Perhaps I will see you at our Apokreatiko Glendi, our Annual Festival or our Golf Outing. Certainly we will worship together in Church and pray for a great year for our Cathedral. Take every opportunity to support your community with your time, talent and treasure. As someone once said, when you labor for your Church the work is hard, the hours are long and the pay is low, but the rewards are eternal. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Paul Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of Thursday, September 19, 2012 The meeting was called to order by President Jim Georgakis at 8:03PM. Father Luke led us in the opening prayer. The previous meeting minutes from August 23, 2012 were distributed by George Vorkas. Motion to approve made by George Zakos, seconded by Dean Mavrovitis. Motion carried. Correspondence: President Jim Georgakis read the following correspondence. + Request from AHEPA, requesting the use of the Cathedral Center for October 14th, from 2pm to 9pm, for their annual Spaghetti Dinner. The kitchen will be utilized. There will be no fee charged for the use of the room. Bill Lembo made a motion to approve, seconded by John Hajisava. There was discussion, followed by motion being carried. + Request from AHEPA, requesting the use of the Hellenic Room for October 29th, from 7:30pm to 10pm for a lecture. The lecture is a being co-sponsored by the Laconians, Solon Society and AHEPA. There will be no admission charged. There will be no fee charged for the room use. Bill Lembo made a motion to approve, seconded by George K. Lavas. There was discussion, followed by the motion being carried. Stewardship Report: Year 2012 2011 2010 Increase (decrease)

Number of Pledges 790 829 825 (39)

Amount Pledged Average Pledge $391,031 $494.98 $397,647 $479.67 $386,539 $468.53 ($6,616) $15.31

President Georgakis presented the following report as of August 31, 2012: George Marinos spoke on behalf of the Stewardship Committee and he gave a report on the efforts to increase Stewardship. There will be an upcoming mailing, and George Marinos had done an analysis showing of the families that have yet to pledge. There will be a strategy for follow-up done very soon. Clergy Report: Father Luke reported on the following items regarding our Cathedral. + Father Luke spoke and handed out a sermon regarding St. Gregory the Great, discussing the natures of Christ. + The Upcoming Choir Conference on October 20-21, which originally had no cost involved with it, now has a luncheon on Saturday. Michael Gurlides made a motion to approve an amount not to exceed $1000 for the luncheon. Seconded by Gus Kratsios. After discussion, motion carried. + The current mixer utilized to make prosforo and loukoumades needs to be reconditioned. Spyro Georgopalis had received a quote for the rebuilding in the amount of $1000. George K Lavas made a motion to approve, seconded by Fran Lutfy. There was discussion, followed by the motion being carried.





+ +

The work will be done in time for the Fall Festival. Requested the Mary Brennan Inn fundraising dates set as October 8, December 3, February 20 and April 28. The targeted amount to be raised is $1500 for each date. Michael Gurlides made a motion to approve, seconded by Bill Lembo. Motion carried. Request from Vincent Minucci, Associate Director of the Archdiocese Youth Ministry, asking for the Cathedral of St. Paul to host the YAL conference on October 18-20, 2013. The YAL is requesting the use of the entire facility. Motion made by John Hajisava, seconded by Lou Patrickakos. There was discussion followed by motion carried. Date need to be cleared with the Cathedral office, as well as no cost being involved needs to be confirmed. A request was made to apply the donations made to the Cathedral of St. Paul in memory of Rev. Nicholas J. Magoulias toward the purchase and installation of an electronic bell system. The proposed system will would be installed in the current bell tower and would be controlled by a remote control in the altar. The cost of the system including installation is expected to be approximately $20,740. Tony Vaccari reported that the remaining balance which was set aside in memory of Father Nick would be sufficient to cover the cost. Harry Raptakis made a motion to approve the amount of $20,740, seconded by Michael Gurlides. There was discussion, followed by motion being carried. Recognition Sunday is October 28th. On October 30th, Tuesday, we will be hosting All Saints Monastery in the Cathedral Center.

Youth Report: Father Panayiotis reported on the following items regarding our Youth. + JOY program commences on September 21st. + Requested $3000 to cover entry fees for three JOY Soccer teams. Bill Kallinikos made a motion to approve two payments of $1500. Michael Gurlides seconded. After discussion, motion carried. It was clarified that the GOYA and JOY do try to collect a small entry fee to help defray this cost. + Requested the placement of a Coat Drive box in the Cathedral Center for the JOY. John Hajisava made a motion to approve, seconded by Fran Lutfy. After discussion, motion carried. JOY will look into donating the coats locally. + October 26th JOY will have their annual Costume party. + The District Archdiocese JOY will be having a Fellowship Fundraiser for St. Basil’s Academy, whereas there will be mixed basketball teams. Event will be held at St. Nicholas, Flushing. + GOYA had their first meeting on September 16th and experienced one of their largest turnouts. + The District Archdiocese GOYA will be going to Holiday Hill Retreat on September 22nd. + The first GOYA dance will be October 12 from 730pm1130pm at St. Nicholas, Babylon. + There will be a Parathosi workshop, single day event,


held on November 10 at St. Nicholas, Flushing. + There is a basketball night scheduled for November 4th, at a Brooklyn Net game. This event is being held in conjunction with St. Constantine & Helen, Brooklyn. There will be no cost to the Cathedral for this function, as it will be handled as a cash exchange. 50 tickets will be purchased at a total amount of $1500. This amount will need to be forwarded to the Brooklyn Nets. The amount will be replaced as the tickets are sold within our community. George Vorkas made a motion to approve $1500, seconded by John Hajisava. Motion carried. + We are in the process of revitalizing YAL, and there will be an upcoming conference. + Father Panagiotis is now the District Inter-GOYA Youth Director. + Lou Yeostros reported on behalf of the Boy Scouts and updated on the following activities: o Annual Souvlaki sale went very well. o The Scouts will be going to St. Basil’s Academy on Columbus Day Weekend o Fishing Trip, Friday, September 28th in Freeport Treasurer’s Report: Tony Vaccari presented the following report as of August 31, 2012: Current Liquid Assets Less: Decorations Fund Less: Renaissance Fund Liabilities Net Available Funds

Revenue Expenses Surplus (Deficit) Less Proj Ren & Dec Funds (net) Net Operating Surplus (Deficit)

$315,752 ($96,922) ($18,532) $200,298 $0 $200,298

Month of Year to Date Month of Year to Date August 2012 8/31/12 August 2011 8/31/11 $43,999 $1,073,151 $65,443 $1,059,423 ($128,080) ($1,010,268) ($82,076) ($990,147) ($84,081) $62,883 ($16,633) $69,276 $1,110 $7,763 ($844) $60,890 ($82,971) $70,646 ($17,477) $130,166

Jim Ginis made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Andy Andron. There was discussion followed by motion being carried. Civil Practices Committee Report: Harry Raptakis gave a report on recent changes to the Caretaker’s housing resolution concerning the use of 100 Cathedral. This resolution had been emailed to the Parish Council for review prior to this meeting. Harry Raptakis made a motion to approve various changes to the resolution, seconded by Lou Patrickakos. There was discussion followed by motion being carried. A copy of the final resolution is available from Harry Raptakis. Technology Committee Report: Jim Stephens brought up recent abuses of the new copier, resulting in it breaking down frequently. Jim is looking implementing stricter measures via the code usage to minimize unnecessary use. Jim Stephens raised a concern regarding our Stewardship PC, which is now seriously outdated and cannot keep up with software changes. Jim made a motion to approve a new PC, not to exceed $750. Seconded by Michael Gurlides. After

discussion, motion carried. Cemetery Committee Report: Harry Raptakis advised that there had been concerns raised by Parishioners regarding the upkeep of the plots at the Pinelawn Cemetery. There are watering (sprinkler) issues, a request for a bench and general maintenance. Harry has discussed these concerns with Pinelawn and they will do their best to address, though it appears we will need to monitor and follow up on them. Harry also continues to research the sale of the cemetery plots in New Jersey. An update will be made at a future Parish Council meeting. Entertainment Committee Report: Bob Donus gave a report on behalf of the Entertainment Committee. The research for the annual Cathedral of St. Paul Community Dance, to be held on January 13, 2013, continues. Bob reported that he is in discussions with Jericho Terrace and Coral House. An update will be provided at a future Parish Council meeting. Fellowship Committee Report: John Hajisava gave a report on behalf of the Fellowship Committee. John reported that the location of the bake sales in the kitchen is not efficient. John made a motion to relocate all future bake sales into the Cathedral Center, seconded by Jim Ginis. A discussion followed with motion being carried. This motion will be discussed with the Sunday School before it is initiated. House Committee Report: George Hadjoglou reported on behalf of the House Committee. George reported that the previous amount requested for the stained glass window repair in the Cathedral was sufficient. A check will need to be cut as soon as possible for the windows to be completed by Thanksgiving. John Papachristos reported on the Cassis Educational Building renovation. John reported the following in terms of the finances of the renovation, showing savings.

storage currently. This will be done in conjunction with the House Committee and Caretaker. The budget for the Greek School will be presented at the next Parish Council meeting. George advised that a Greek Dance classes schedule will be distributed as soon as possible. Background checks are continuing with all new individuals involved with our children. It was also stressed that the caretakers must maintain the building. Sunday School Committee Report: George K. Lavas reported on behalf of the Sunday School. Over 200 atudents are registered for the 2012-13 school year. On October 21, 2013, there is a scheduled Emergency Evacuation test scheduled. The Sunday School office needs a new air conditioner. George also reported that the Sunday School is donating $5000 to the renovation of the Cassis Education Building. Reservations Committee Report: Bill Lembo reported on a request for the use of the gym by Sacred Heart Academy for the months of October through November from 3pm to 5pm. There was also a donation made by SHA to our Cathedral. Bill made a motion to approve the use, seconded by Tony Vaccari. There was discussion, followed by motion being carried. The motion is contingent on the insurance certificate. Nominations Committee Report: Tony Vaccari discussed the slate of 12 that will be running for the 10 Parish Council positions. There are 10 existing Parish Council members up for re-election. Tony will discuss the slate in detail at the next Parish Council meeting. Financial Report: George Marinos presented the invoices to be paid. Discussion ensued, with a motion to pay the invoices made by Michael Gurlides, seconded by Jim Ginis. Motion carried.

John Papachristos made a motion to approve Phase III, not to exceed $10K. This will include the exterior Cassis Educational Building repairs. George Hadjoglou seconded the motion. There was discussion, followed by the motion being carried. It was recommended that John Papachristos review all the numbers with Tony Vaccari.

Old Business: • George Marinos reminded all on the upcoming Cathedral of St. Paul Golf Outing, being held at the Garden City Country Club, Thursday, September 20th. George urged all Parish Council members to participate in some fashion in the event and to reach out to others for sponsorship. • Fran Lutfy reminded all on the upcoming Cathedral Fall Festival on September 30th and urged all to attend and, if possible, come help as well. • George Possas advised that the Renaissance Committee needs to start looking into installing the donation plaque. • Harry Raptakis requested that a proper procedure be implemented for the purchase of books for the book store.

Greek School Committee Report: George Hadjoglou reported on behalf of the Greek School. There are 186 students registered in the Greek School this year. Because of lack of space with classrooms, George is suggesting that Conference Room A be cleaned out for use as it is used for

New Business: • Liz Comack advised everyone that preparations for this year’s Annual Journal have started and to help support the Cathedral by taking out ads and by soliciting our local businesses.

$24350 Phase I budgeted $17150 Phase I actual

$34430 Phase II budgeted $30620 Phase II actual thus far, though not complete


Triphon Kollitides reported that the AHEPA had donated $1,000 to the Cassis Educational Building renovation.

A motion to adjourn at 11:04PM was made by Michael Gurlides, seconded by John Hajisava. Motion carried. Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Paul Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of Thursday, October 18, 2012 The meeting was called to order by President Jim Georgakis at 8:07PM. Father Panagiotis led us in the opening prayer. The previous meeting minutes from September 13, 2012 were distributed by George Vorkas. Motion to approve was made by Dino Zografos, seconded by John Hajisava. Motion carried. President Georgakis reminded everyone of the upcoming General Assembly meeting on November 4th. President Georgakis congratulated Father Luke on his been appointed to the Archdiocesan Council. Correspondence: President Jim Georgakis read the following correspondence. + Letter from the Archdiocese advising our Stewardship allocation for 2013. + Letter from the Mary Brennan Inn thanking us for our $1500 donation. + Letter from the Nassau-Suffolk Clergy Fellowship for membership fees for Father Luke and Father Panagiotis at $125 each. Motion made by Lou Patrickakos to approve payment, seconded by Andy Andron. Motion carried. + Letter from Sacred Heart thanking us for the use of the parking field on September 21. Stewardship Report: President Georgakis presented the following report as of September 30, 2012: Year 2012 2011 2010 Increase (decrease)

Number of Pledges 823 886 897 (63)

Amount Pledged Average Pledge $404,556 $491.56 $424,097 $478.66 $413,894 $461.42 ($19,541) $12.90

George Marinos spoke on behalf of the Stewardship Committee, and he gave a report on the efforts to increase Stewardship. George discussed the following regarding the Stewardship Committees analyses and actions: + Sacraments have increased this year. + Revising the Stewardship Form + November 18 is Stewardship Sunday + Refreshing the Ministries tri-fold pamphlet + Analyzing the gap between last year and this year + Discussed reaching out to parishioners regarding Stewardship and who should make the contact; at this time it was decided that it should be the Clergy. Clergy Report: There was no Clergy report for this meeting.


Youth Report: Father Panagiotis reported on the following items regarding our Youth. GOYA + Asked that the Parish cover the fees for four GOYA basketball teams at $950 each. We actually had a $100 credit per team from last year so the amended amount is now $850 each x four times, totaling $3400. Michael Gurlides made a motion to approve. Seconded by Fran Lutfy, motion carried. + Update on the Summer Basketball Program which is sponsored by the American Hellenic Education Association via George Michelis. We are requesting a check to the organization in the amount of $7000 for the expenses associated with the program which is normal procedure as in past years. After reviewing, the Association will then give a donation back to the Cathedral. + October 10th, the GOYA Executive Committee met with Bishop Andonios + November 10, there will be a Parathosi Workshop for our youth at St. Nicholas , Flushing. + January 5, 2013, will be the Brooklyn Net game outing. Father urged all to come and support our Youth. JOY + October 26, will be the Annual Costume Party. + November 2, is the Annual Coat Drive + November 9, is a retreat whereas All Saints Monastery is coming to talk to the youth + December 16, is movie night BOY SCOUTS + Fishing Trip on October 20 + October 25, Father will be working with the Scouts on their religious badges BIDDY Basket Ball + Practices on Saturday mornings YAL + Meets the last Thursday of every month + November 8, there will be a get together at “Your Mother’s House” + In December, there will be a Bowlathon for charity + In January, there will be a volleyball fundraiser + YAL has been active in reaching out to the local colleges Treasurer’s Report: Tony Vaccari presented the following report as of September 30, 2012: Current Liquid Assets Less: Decorations Fund Less: Renaissance Fund Liabilities Net Available Funds

Revenue Expenses Surplus (Deficit) Less Proj Ren & Dec Funds (net) Net Operating Surplus (Deficit)

$344,230 ($96,922) ($21,732) $225,576 $0 $225,576 Month of Sept Year to Date Month of Sept Year to Date 2012 9/30/12 2011 9/30/11 $124,309 $1,197,461 $92,489 $1,147,854 ($95,575) ($1,105,843) ($88,995) ($1,074,549) $28,734 $91,618 $3,494 $73,305 ($3,200) $4,563 ($6,755) $50,835 $25,534 $96,181 ($3,261) $124,140

Tony also discussed a new procedure that is being analyzed, whereas a purchasing manager would be appointed to monitor all purchases into the Cathedral. Tony made a motion to approve this new procedure. Seconded by Jim Ginis, motion carried. Tony also reviewed the budget. There was a discussion regarding all of the line items. Tony made a motion to accept the budget, seconded by John Hajisava. Motion carried. Tony advised that he will review the Nursery School budget numbers and advise his findings at a future Parish Council meeting. Golf Outing Report: George Marinos reported on behalf of the Golf Committee. At the recent Golf Outing, we had over 47 golfers at the Garden City Country Club and with many more who attended the dinner. The net proceeds from the event will be approximately $13,600. President Georgakis thanked the Golf Committee for their hard work for this event. Greek School Report: Spyro Georgopalis spoke on behalf of the Greek School PTA. Spyro advised that the Greek School PTA held a successful first annual Cigar Dinner in conjunction with the Annual Wine & Cheese event. The PTA will be donating $5000 to the renovation of the Cassis Educational Center. The PTA had already paid $3500 for the Security Cameras which were installed earlier this year. Elaine Cassis and Fran Lutfy were honored at the Wine & Cheese / Cigar Night. President Georgakis thanked the chairs of the event, Kay Georgopalis, Tina Vassilikis and Spyro Georgopalis for their hard work. House Committee Report: Tony Pantelides spoke on behalf of the House Committee. Tony advised that the chimney at 2 Kensington will need cleaning, as well as some repairs. Tony had received three bids, with $505 being the cheapest. Tony made a motion to approve the amount not to exceed $505 for the work. Seconded by Joan Prieston, motion carried. Gus Kratsios will review the bids as well. There also needs to be work done to the backsplash of the kitchen and additional repairs to the area surrounding the fireplace. After reviewing three bids, Tony made a motion to approve an amount not to exceed $700. Seconded by John Hajisava, motion carried. Tony thanked Kosta Kautsotchannasis for all his hard work done in connection with the electrical work at 2 Kensington. A letter of thanks will be sent by the Cathedral office. There was a reminder that all work to be done on the Cathedral grounds must be accompanied by a Certificate of Insurance and reviewed by our legal counsel. Entertainment Committee Report: Bob Donus gave a report on behalf of the Entertainment Committee. The Annual Cathedral of St. Paul Community Dance will be held on January 13, 2013 from 2pm to 7pm at Chateau Briand. Bob Donus thanked Father Luke for all his hard work for the event. The cost of the event will be $60 per person, with the ticket price being $75 per person / $35 for children. There will also be a Vasilopita cutting for all the organizations in the Cathedral. Bob Donus made a motion to approve the cost of the event with a $500 retainer

to be sent as soon as possible. Seconded by John Hajisava, motion carried. Technology Committee Report: Jim Stephens gave a report on behalf of the Technology Committee. Jim advised that he is evaluating the Archdiocesan software and he will give a report at a future Parish Council Meeting. Jim also advised that the Stewardship computer was recently replaced. Nursery School Report: Joan Prieston gave a report on behalf of the Nursery School. Joan discussed two proposals for next year: + Current Details: 2 year old program meets 1 day a week, 3 year old program meets 3 days a week and the 4 year old program meets 4 days a week. They meet from 9am to 11:55am. + Proposed Extension: Adding a second session per day, from 12pm to 2pm for the 3 & 4 year olds. There will be a 5 minute gap. This change had already been discussed by Father Luke and Harry Raptakis. Seconded by John Hajisava. The following are the present costs associated: 3 year old program: $260 for Stewards / $300 for non Stewards Change associated with the proposed extension Additional $160 for Stewards / $200 for non Steward

4 year old program: $345 for Stewards / $385 for non Stewards Change associated with the proposed extension: Additional $220 for Stewards / $240 for non Stewards There was discussion, followed by motion being carried. It was added that this motion is subject to review by legal counsel. + Joan made a motion for approval for the Nursery School to hold a Carnival. This Carnival will help defray the costs of school supplies. Seconded by John Hajisava, motion carried. + Joan discussed giving a raise in salary to one of the teachers in the program. This will be discussed in Committee and brought back at a future Parish Council meeting.

Nominations Committee Report: Tony Vaccari presented the following slate for the Parish Council: Liz Comack, Carol DiPieto, Bob Donus, Spyro Georgopalis, Chris Katechis, Bill Lembo, Bill Lombard, Harry Monioudis, Jim Stephens, George Vorkas, Lou Yeostros and Nick Yiannos. Additionally, Penny Makris will chair the Board of Elections; other members will be Maria Arnidis, Anastasia Milonas, Georgia Tembelis and Faith Drapan. The Board of Auditors will be: Gina Minucci, Jim Panos and Steve Gianaca.


Financial Report: George Marinos presented the invoices to be paid. Discussion ensued with a motion to pay the invoices made by John Hajisava, seconded by Bob Donus. Old Business: • Liz Comack requested that everyone who wants to participate in the “Over the Top” journal ad submit their name(s) as soon as possible. Liz also reminded everyone on the Parish Council to turn in their journal ad(s). • Fran Lutfy gave a report concerning our Cathedral office staff. An adjustment to the church policy was discussed, requiring a six month wait period for employees going on the insurance. • Fran Lutfy advised that the Fall Festival was successful, and the approximate net donation will be $3000. A good time was had by all at the event. • Spyro Georgopalis, Tony Pantelides and George Vorkas gave a report on the 2012 Festival. The CoChairs thanked all of those who helped with the event. The Festival will be netting approximately $90K for this year. The Co-Chairs advised that while we all have a good time at our Festival, there is so much room for improvement and they will do their best to help the next chair people. New Business: • John Hajisava gave a report on Recognition Sunday. John advised that Recognition Sunday will be held on October 28th. There will be a continental breakfast served and there will also be an occasion cake. • George Hadjoglou gave a report on Mommy and Me and advised that the program is growing and needs to be evaluated in terms of space. This will be discussed with the Planning and House Committees as to the proper usage of space at the basement level. • George K. Lavas gave a report as to the status of the cleaning of the Archive safe. In the report, George made recommendations as to the disposal of various items. George made a motion to approve the recommendations in his report. Michael Gurlides seconded, motion carried. Records earlier than five years will be disposed, unless otherwise noted. George also discussed the purchase of a dehumidifier and how to shred the old paperwork in the safe. An update will be given at a future Parish Council meeting. • George K. Lavas advised that the external plaque for Father Nicholas J. Magoulias has arrived and will be reviewed by the House Committee for installation. • George K. Lavas advised that after the company that is installing the new bell system reviewed the condition of the bell tower, there needs to be a very good cleaning. There was a bid for the work submitted, but through the hard work of Lee Raptakis,the services will be donated. George made a motion to approve the work to be done. Seconded by Michael Gurlides, motion carried. • Lou Patrickakos requested that the Cathedral telephone recording needs to be updated as soon as possible.


A motion to adjourn at 11:33PM was made by John Hajisava, seconded by Fran Lutfy. Motion carried. Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Paul Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of Thursday, November 15, 2012 The meeting was called to order by President Jim Georgakis at 8:20PM. Father Luke led us in the opening prayer. The previous meeting minutes from October 18, 2012 were not distributed. Motion to approve will be made at a future Parish Council meeting. General Assembly President Georgakis advised the Parish Council that the rescheduled General Assembly Meeting will be held in the Cathedral, after the second Divine Liturgy on Sunday, November 18. There was discussion as to the logistics regarding holding the General Assembly in the Cathedral. Because of Hurricane Sandy, the original General Assembly could not be held in accordance with the notification letter that went out to the parishioners. Father Luke spoke to Bishop Andonios regarding the rescheduling, and discussed the fact that we could not get a reschedule letter out to our Parishioners, though emails did go out. Bishop Andonios advised that due to the circumstances, we were okay to proceed. Hurricane Sandy President Georgakis updated the Parish Council about the recent damage done to the Cathedral grounds. There was damage to 2 Kensington Court with a tree through the roof. There was also roof damage to 100 Cathedral Avenue as well as roof damage to 110 Cathedral. There was fence and sprinkler damage throughout the grounds. Fran Lutfy is working with our property insurance carrier, taking the necessary steps towards repair and with estimates will follow. Fran will give updates via email. We are also going to investigate Governor Cuomo’s signing of a bill that lowered deductibles. Stewardship Report: President Georgakis presented the following report as of October 31, 2012:

Year 2012 2011 2010 Increase (decrease)

Number of Pledges 860 919 937 (59)

Amount Pledged Average Pledge $417,981 $486.02 $437,577 $476.14 $427,194 $455.92 ($19,596) $9.88

George Marinos spoke on behalf of the Stewardship Committee and he gave a report on the efforts to increase Stewardship. George discussed the following regarding the Stewardship Committees analyses and action to be taken: + The Committee has done a year to year analysis + There was also an analysis as to the handling of sacraments and how we were booking Stewards. This represented approximately 20 Stewards. + Father Panagiotis has been reaching out to Stewards who are currently not in good standing from the Greek School

+ 60 Sunday Church School families are not Stewards. This will be looked into by the Clergy. + All Organizations should invite George Marinos or Tony Vaccari to speak on behalf of Stewardship + Parishioner Spotlight is continuing + This Sunday, November 18, is Stewardship Sunday + Hermea Drivas is working on sending a new mailing out the week of November 19 + John Hajisava suggested that we enable Stewards to use their credit cards to make payments. Clergy Report: Father Luke reported on the following items regarding our Cathedral. + Spoke on Stewardship and how it is all of our responsibilities + Nursery School, extended program details. For 3, 4, and 5 year olds, they can attend a 3 day week program on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There will be a gap between sessions. This program will start in the fall of 2013. The current program is from 9am to 11:55am. We are adding 12:00pm to 2pm. Parents have requested additional school hours. Joan Prieston made a motion to accept the Nursery School extended program. Seconded by Tony Vaccari, motion carried. + Monastery Fundraiser details. Once the Sunday School Christmas Boutique finishes, it was suggested that we sell Monastery items after Liturgy. Michael Gurlides made a motion to accept the Monastery Fundraiser. Seconded by Andy Andron, motion carried. + Philoptochos will be selling wreathes after Liturgy on December 9th and 16th. + Holiday Spirit Drive will be continuing this year. There is a letter sent to our parishioners requesting $40 donation which will help purchase food items which will be packaged by GOYAns and brought to needy families. This will be done on December 20th. The Mavrikis family helps drive this worthy cause. Motion made by George Hadjoglou to approve the Holiday Spirit Drive. Seconded by John Hajisava, motion carried. + Tuesday, 12/4, the Cathedral will be hosting the Parish Council Candidates seminar from 7pm-9pm. Harry Raptakis made a motion to approve an amount not to exceed $100 for food and beverages for the seminar. Seconded by Mike Gurlides, motion carried. + Sunday, 12/23, there will be one Liturgy, with the Christmas program, which, for the first time, will be a combined program with the Sunday and Greek Schools. + Sunday, 12/30, there will be one Liturgy, no Sunday School + Sunday, 1/6/13, there will be two Liturgies for Epiphany, with Sunday School in session. + The new Bell System should be installed before Christmas. The remainder of the payments must be made in January. George K Lavas suggested that we send a letter to Lee Raptakis and the contractors who volunteered to help him and thanking them for donating their services in eliminating pigeons and the cleaning

out of the Bell Tower in advance of the installation. The Cathedral office will handle. + Updated the Parish Council that Mike Lazarakis has been ill, we all wish him a speedy recovery.

Youth Report: Father Panagiotis reported on the following items regarding our Youth. + JOY B1, B2(2), G1 and G2 basketball programs have all started practicing. + GOYA, Annual Cancer Care event had to be cancelled as Geico could not sponsor the event due to the events of Hurricane Sandy. + GOYA will be performing missionary work in Long Beach and Island Park to help where they can. + On 12/1, GOYA will be attending the Camp St. Paul reunion in Rye, NY + On 12/7, GOYA will be doing additional missionary work. + On 12/8, there will be a GOYA Advent Retreat at St. John’s Church in Blue Point + On 12/10, everyone is invited to the GOYA event at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular + On 12/17, GOYA Christmas Party + On 1/5, GOYA will be attending the Brooklyn Net games: all are urged to come and support. + GOYA Basketball games start this week. + The Scouts will be working towards their religious awards right after the Thanksgiving break. + We are now hosting our Biddy Program, which will help younger children learn basketball. Treasurer’s Report: Tony Vaccari presented the following report as of October 31, 2012: Current Liquid Assets Less: Decorations Fund Less: Renaissance Fund Liabilities Net Available Funds

Revenue Expenses Surplus (Deficit) Less Proj Ren & Dec Funds (net) Net Operating Surplus (Deficit)

$265,495 ($94,878) ($21,772) $148,845 $0 $148,845

Month of Year to Date Month of Year to Date October 2012 10/31/12 October 2011 10/31/11 $54,419 $1,251,880 $98,997 $1,254,433 ($129,728) ($1,235,571) ($113,896) ($1,193,219) ($75,309) $16,309 ($14,899) $61,214 $2,044 $6,607 ($375) $19,796 ($73,265) $22,916 ($15,274) $81,010

Tony also distributed an in-depth pie chart showing our expenses to date. Jim Ginis made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by John Hajisava. There was discussion, followed by the motion being carried. President Georgakis, advised, effective immediately, that Gus Kratsios has been appointed to the newly created position of Purchasing Manager. All purchases will be approved by Gus Kratsios going forward. Additionally, Lou Patrickakos will be working with the Human Resource Committee to review our overhead. Jim Stephens will also be looking into how to curb technology spending and how to save money in the


future. There will be no Capital Expenditures going forward until further notice. Tony Vaccari challenged the Parish Council to create fresh new fund raisers to generate additional income for the Cathedral. Nominations Committee Report: Tony Vaccari presented the proposed slate of 12 candidates that will be running for the 10 open Parish Council positions. Ballots will be accepted on November 25th and December 2nd during the hours of 10am to 1:00pm. Election Day will be December 9th and ballots will be accepted during the hours of 10:00am to 3:00pm on that day. The proposed slate is as follows: Liz Comack, Carol DePietto, Bob Donus, Spyro Georgopalis, Chris Katehis, William Lembo, William Lombard, Harry Monioudis, James Stephens, George Vorkas, Louis Yeostros and Nicholas Yannios. The Parish Assembly is also being rescheduled to November 18th at which time this proposed slate will be presented and approved. Tony Vaccari made a motion to approve the change in dates and times of the election this year and the change in date of the Parish Assembly. Seconded by John Hajisava, motion carried. Sunday School Committee Report: George K. Lavas reported on behalf of the Sunday School. George urged all to come out and support the Sunday School with the Boutique and Raffle. $5000 will be donated by the Sunday School for the Cassis Educational Center renovation; the check will be presented at the December Parish Council Meeting. House Committee Report: George Hadjoglou reported on behalf of the House Committee. George reported that the work on the stained glass windows has been delayed because of the events of Hurricane Sandy. Harry Raptakis inquired if the funds for repair of the stained glass windows should come out of Decorations instead of the general fund. Technology Committee Report: Nick Yiannos spoke on behalf of the Technology Committee. Nick advised that the computer room has been running very hot due to the air conditioning not working properly. The server also appears to have “maxed” out. He is checking to see if any data was lost. The Committee will give an update at a future Parish Council meeting. Entertainment Committee Report: Bob Donus gave a report on behalf of the Entertainment Committee. The Annual Cathedral of St. Paul Community Dance will be held on January 13, 2013 from 2pm to 7pm at the Chateau Briand. The mailing went out Financial Report: George Marinos presented the invoices to be paid. Discussion ensued, with a motion to pay the invoices made by Michael Gurlides, seconded by Andy Andron. There was one vote opposed, motion carried.


Old Business: • George Hadjoglou requested that a report on the Book Store be given at a future Parish Council meeting. • George Lavas advised that one donation box will be placed by the Pangari during the week. George Vorkas will be working with the Church Committee on a procedure for the placement of the donation boxes. Harry Raptakis asked that we look into installing a “drop” safe in the Pangari (as it was originally designed) • John Hajisava thanked all the Parish Council spouses and others who assisted with the very successful Recognition Sunday. New Business: • Bill Lombard suggested that we look into placing a donation basket in the Cathedral Center during Fellowship Hours for a free-will donation. This is currently being done by other churches. • George K. Lavas advised that the Bulletin will be larger than normal this coming Sunday sincce it will contain two weeks of information. Some articles may be deleted and moved to a later date. • Steve Makrinos will be handling the Annual Parish Christmas Card • At the next meeting, December 13, will be our Annual Parish Council Christmas Party. Our Choir will sing Christmas carols and the spouses of our Parish Council members and other guests will be in attendance. A motion to adjourn at 10:33PM was made by Michael Gurlides, seconded by Dean Mavrovitis. Motion carried.

Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Paul Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of Thursday, December 13, 2012 The meeting was called to order by President Jim Georgakis at 8:14 PM. Father Luke led us in the opening prayer. The meeting minutes from October 15, 2012 were distributed. Motion to approve made by George Hadjoglou, seconded by Jim Ginis. Motion Carried. The meeting minutes from November 18, 2012 were distributed. Motion to approve made by Dean Mavrovitis, seconded by Joan Prieston. Motion Carried. Message from the President President Georgakis thanked Father Luke and Father Panagiotis for all their help and support over the past two years. Jim also thanked each individual member of the Executive Committee as well as the entire Parish Council for their continued dedication to our Parish. Jim also recognized and thanked his wife, Olga who was with him every step of the way. Correspondence: President Jim Georgakis read the following correspondence. + Letter from the Michael Lembo and George Papazicos of the Pamas League donating $1000 for new covers for the icon stands.

Stewardship Report: President Georgakis presented the following report as of November 30, 2012: Year 2012 2011 2010 Increase (decrease)

Number of Pledges 880 950 953 (70)

Amount Pledged Average Pledge $423,741 $481.52 $446,302 $469.79 $431,639 $452.93 ($22,561) $11.73

President Georgakis presented the following report as of November 30, 2012: Clergy Report: Father Luke reported on the following items regarding our Cathedral. + Father Luke thanked President Georgakis for all his hard work and dedication the past two years + Thanked the Parish Council for all of their support + Thanked on, behalf of Presvytera Marusia, all those who gave condolences and offered support on the recent loss of Presvytera’s father, Father Gregory. + Blessed to have Father Panagiotis and Presvytera Alexa as part of our Parish. + Reviewed some of the Parish statistics comparing our Cathedral to local churches in the area. + Advised that the digital carillon bell system, is being installed and will be operational by Christmas Eve. This system was installed using the donations in memory of Father Nicholas Magoulias. + December 23rd there will be one liturgy and there will be a combined Christmas Program between the Sunday School and Greek Schools. + December 30th, there will be no Sunday School and one liturgy. + January 13th, our Annual Community Dance will be held. This dance will also be our annual Vasilopita cutting for each organization. The event will be held at Chateau Briand. + Provided an update on the expanding Nursery School and thanked Tara Brennan for her continued leadership. + Advised there is an annual toy drive and urged all to support by donating new unwrapped toys. + Advised we are having our annual Holiday Spirit Drive for donations to help feed needy families. Youth Report: Father Panagiotis reported on the following items regarding our Youth. + Thanked Father Luke and Presvytera Marusia for their continued support. + Thanked the Parish for entrusting him with our youth. + Scout Update o Has been providing religious award instructions every Thursday for merit badges o January 4th and 18th there will be a trip to New Rochelle, NY for scouts to achieve their rock climbing merit badge + JOY Update o Thanked the advisors, Stephanie Daniel, Athena Menoudakos and Andrea Pagonis for all their hard work in coordinating the JOY program.

o There will be a coat drive this year. o JOY B1, B2(2), G1 and G2 basketball programs have all started their seasons + GOYA Update o Thanked the advisors, Kay Georgopalis, Nicole Rousakis and Maria Vorkas for all their hard work in working with our youth. o GOYA provided missionary work in Long Beach and Island Park to help where they could. There was a bus donated by Niko Konteleon, who also helped organize the work. o On 12/1, GOYA attended the Camp St. Paul reunion event in Rye, NY o On 12/8, there was a GOYA Advent Retreat at St. John, Blue Point. o On 12/10, we attended the Annual Radio City Christmas Spectacular trip. o On 12/17, the GOYA Christmas Party will be held. o On 1/5, we will attend the Brooklyn Net game; all are urged to support. o GOYA Basketball games started this week o January 25-27 will be the annual Ski Trip. + We are now hosting our Biddy Program, which will help younger children learn basketball. Thanked John Caragiorgis for all his hard work. + YAL Update o Thanked Maria Giannopoulos for her hard work in organizing. o Meet last Thursday of every month o January 5th there will be a volleyball tournament with proceeds to go to charity. Treasurer’s Report: Bill Lembo reported on behalf of Tony Vaccari and presented the following report as of Nov. 30, 2012: Current Liquid Assets Less: Decorations Fund Less: Renaissance Fund Liabilities Net Available Funds

Revenue Expenses Surplus (Deficit) Less Proj Ren & Dec Funds (net) Net Operating Surplus (Deficit)

$245,300 ($87,704) ($21,852) $135,744 $0 $135,744

Month of Nov Year to Date Month of Nov Year to Date 2012 11/30/12 11 11/30/11 $67,845 $1,319,725 $80,661 $1,335,099 ($87,634) ($1,323,205) ($100,510) ($1,295,984) ($19,789) ($3,480) ($19,849) $39,115 $7,094 $13,701 $3,225 $23,521 ($12,695) $10,221 ($16,624) $62,636

Dino Zografos made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by John Hajisava. Motion carried. Nominations Committee Report: George Papazicos reported on behalf of Tony Vaccari and advised the final results of the Parish Council elections. William Lembo, Elizabeth Comack, William Lombard, George Vorkas, Bob Donus, Harry Monioudis, Spyros Georgopalis, Louis Yeostros, Carol DePietto, and James Stephens were elected to the Parish Council. George thanked the Election Committee for all of their hard work.


Our Children and the Amazing Christmas Icon Presentation Directed by Virginia Pourakis


The Vasilopita Cutting in our Cathedral and Annual Dance


Festival Committee Report: Spyro Georgopalis, Tony Pantelides and George Vorkas gave a report on the annual festival. They thanked all those involved and welcomed the opportunity to work with the new festival committee for this important fundraiser to our Parish. House Committee Report: President Georgakis gave a brief update on the damages incurred to the cathedral by Hurricane Sandy. Jim thanked Fran Lutfy for all of her hard work in working with the insurance companies so we can make all of our repairs. George Hadjoglou gave a report on behalf of the House Committee. George reported that the first phase repair work on the stained glass windows has been completed. There is some additional work to be done and these repairs will be discussed at a future Parish Council meeting. Entertainment Committee Report: Bob Donus gave a report on behalf of the Entertainment Committee. The Annual Cathedral of St. Paul Community Dance will be held on January 13, 2013 from 2pm to 7pm at the Chateau Briand; Donation for adults is $75 and for children $30. Bob thanked Kay Georgopalis and Maria Vorkas for their hard work in organizing the raffle for that evening. Journal Committee Report: Liz Comack gave a report on behalf of the Journal Committee. She urged everyone to turn in their sponsorship as the deadline was fast approaching. Liz also advised that John Hajisava has volunteered to help with Journal collections this year.

“We can keep guard over the whole world by keeping guard over the atmosphere of heaven within us; for if we lose the Kingdom of Heaven, we will save neither ourselves nor others. He who has the Kingdom of God within himself will imperceptibly pass it on to others.  People will be attracted to the peace and warmth in us; they will want to hear us, and the atmosphere of heaven will gradually pass on to them.  It is not even necessary to speak to people about this. The atmosphere heaven will radiate from us even when we keep silent, or talk about ordinary things.  It will radiate from us even though we may not be aware of it.” Excerpt taken from the book: Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives, by: Elder Thaddeus of Serbia.

Financial Report: Spyro Georgopalis presented the invoices to be paid. Motion to pay the invoices was made by George Zakos, seconded by Harry Raptakis. Motion carried. Old Business: • There was no old business presented. New Business: • On behalf of the Sunday School, Andrea Potaris presented a check for $5000 to the Cathedral, to assist defray the expenses of the repairs to the Cassis Educational Building. • Sotiroula Constantinou presented a check for $1000 to the Cathedral, on behalf of LIACA. • Theodore Lakis presented a check for $1500 to the Cathedral, on behalf of the Association Laconian. George Papazicos thanked President Georgakis for his hard work as President of the Parish Council for the past two years and he recognized all of the various challenges that President Georgakis encountered during his term. George also thanked Olga Georgakis for all her sacrifices and support. A motion to adjourn at 8:58 PM was made by Jim Ginis, seconded by John Hajisava. Motion carried.President Georgakis invited the Choir to come and sing Christmas Carols to the Parish Council and invited guests. Respectfully submitted, George A. Vorkas Secretary, Parish Council

Sunday April 14, 2013 3:00 P.M. Cathedral of St. Paul Hempstead, NY

Family Style Lenten Dinner Traditional Nistissima Desserts Baskets of eliopites, kolokithopites Koulouri available for sale If you would like to donate a dessert Or drink please call Georgia Zaphiris At 516-374-1893 FFFFor information please contact Soteroula 516-783-9036 or *Admission is free* Reservations are preferred


Sacraments Celebrated at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St. Paul November 2012 BAPTISMS Son of Mr. & Mrs. Scacchi Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. MacLean Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Grigoraki Son of Mr. & Mrs. Hosdale Sons of Mr. & Mrs. Kourtides-Nelson Daughters of Mr. & Mrs. Koufos Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Andrews-Sales Son of Mr. & Mrs. Papadopoulos WEDDINGS Haralambos Saltas & Niki Paloubis Kevin Dolgos & Christa Kadletz Thomas Tsamis & Kathleen McMahon FUNERALS Dimitra Richardson Mary P. Dennis Rebecca Costas Mary Smiros Anna Pitsicalis Mamdoh Yaakob DECEMBER 2012 BAPTISMS Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Scouroudis Son of Mr. & Mrs. Rigalos Son of Mr. & Mrs. Bonetti Son of Mr. & Mrs. Castro WEDDINGS Dimitrios Sapountzis & Jaqueline Caravanos Dimitrios Vardakas & Amanda Wengen Mina Avlonitis & Brittany Gammarato Konstantinos Dimitratos & Spyridoula Kefalinos Michael Bowersox & Deandra Joannon FUNERALS Panagiotis Vassiliadis Stephen Pamas

School of Religious Education By Joan Prieston The Christmas spirit was evident among the students as they celebrated the holiday at our annual Christmas party. The tables were laden with a variety of favorite goodies and enjoyed by all. A special thank you to Georgia Gilas who has been donating the refreshments for well over 40 years! Georgia, your thoughtfulness and your generosity have been appreciated throughout the many years. Of course, a special visit from Santa Claus was enjoyed by all, especially by our very young students of the primary grades. All the students participated in the traditional Christmas Pageant which was enjoyed by the parishioners seated in the Cathedral. Many students of the Sunday School and the Greek School had special and important parts in the portrayal of the birth of our Savior. Holiday songs were sung by our students, with many songs in Greek, much to the delight of everyone. The program was very successful because of the untiring efforts of Virginia Pourakis, one of our teachers and Maria Vennis, one of our Greek School teachers. When the classes resumed in January, the students of Grades 7 – 11 were encouraged to participate in the Annual Parish Oratorical Festival by Chairperson Carol Kerler who has been at the helm of this important project for many years. Of course, parental influence is extremely important to emphasize the value of participating in this type of program. The suggested topics were presented to the Junior and Senior Division students who will research their chosen topic and write an essay to be presented at our Parish Oratorical Festival to be held at St. Paul’s Cathedral in March. This venture is not only an opportunity to learn about their chosen topic but it is also important for the students to experience public speaking which could be important in their future endeavors. Good luck to all the participants!

Daughters of Penelope, Pasithea Chapter 141 By Pauline Alexander, President Greetings to all! We extend good wishes and hope that your holidays were joyful and full of good cheer. Our joint Christmas party with Ahepa was a success and with the good food provided by Jamie Spanopoulos, everyone had a good time. Monies raised from our raffle were given to Father Luke to distribute to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. We have a long way to go to help so many families in need.

JANUARY 2013 BAPTISMS Son of Mr. & Mrs. DelVecchio Son of Mr. & Mrs. Melecio

We have scheduled our Annual Tea Party for Saturday, April 6th. This is a fundraiser for our chapter and is open to the community. We will be posting our flyer with the details so please look for our flyer and join us.


In addition, we have our annual Honey Party fundraiser, and again, this is open to our community and their friends. We have scheduled it for May 8th. Look for our flyer, as the time draws near, for more details. We will also post reminders in the church bulletin.

Olga Coulacas Evdokia Stefanakos


St. Anna’s Philoptochos By Soteroulla Constantinou, President We would like to extend our good wishes for the New Year to you and your families and hope you have a blessed year filled with good health, happiness and prosperity. Our Christmas Luncheon, which was held on December 9, 2012, was well attended. Part of the proceeds from the luncheon went towards the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund. Our Christmas Wreath and Bake Sale were also a huge success. The wreaths were beautiful and fresh as were the grave blankets which were special ordered in advance for our parishioners. The homemade Greek pastries were delectable and the Vasilopites, which were ordered from Ayia Skepi Monastery, also were delicious and all were sold out! I would also like to take this opportunity to inform you of some special upcoming events. March 15 marks the 53rd Anniversary of the Tearing Icon of the Lamenting Mother of God. There will be a reception in the Cathedral Center following evening Vespers. Then, on March 16, we also invite you to a light reception after church services. March 23, the 3rd Saturday of Souls, St. Anna’s will be hosting a Psychosavato Brunch in memory of our deceased members. Join us for a bagel breakfast in the Father Nicholas Magoulias Fellowship Center. March 25 we will be hosting a Nistissimo Luncheon celebrating the Evangelismos tis Theotokou. We will be serving a tasty Lenten lunch. April 23 we will be hosting a Lenten Dinner. Join us for a delicious Lenten meal where all proceeds will go to Hellenic College & Holy Cross Seminary. Our Easter Bake Sale will be on April 30 and May 1 (Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week). We will be offering Easter Bread and Greek egg dye as well as homemade baked goods. If you are able to assist us in baking, please contact Chairladies Kathy Boulukos at 868-4092 or Agatha Lizardos at 627-4053. May 16 Keep the date open for our Annual Spring Dinner to be held at The Inn at New Hyde Park. Invitations will follow. June 28 and 29 marks the Feast Day of Sts. Peter and Paul. Receptions will follow both Vespers and church services. We hope that you will continue to support St. Anna’s Philoptochos. This past year, with your support, we were able to help many people including those that were affected by the devastating Hurricane Sandy that hit our area in October. We came to the aid of families in financial need while going through hard times or in need for assistance with medical bills. We gave funds in support of non-profit institutions such as the Center for Philanthropy which is the new home for National Philoptochos as well as $7,000.00 to St. Michael’s Home for the Aged, $1100.00 to St. Basil Academy and $3,000.00 to our beloved Cathedral of St. Paul. We donated to our own Greek School, supported the weekly Food Run and donated to many other charitable organizations. Please urge your family and friends to join this wonderful organization as well and to help us to fulfill our philanthropic mission to help the poor, the hungry, the elderly and all those in need. Remember that men can join as associate members. Our dues are only $30.00 per year.


JOY (Junior Orthodox Youth)

We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! We had a lot of fun and also exciting activities for the children thus far.  The first week in 2013, started off with a tie dye night followed by making prosforo the second week.  We then moved on to our fun chocolate night which was enjoyed by all.   As the basketball season continues, we have four teams participating in the JOY Archdiocese League where the finals will conclude in April. We always welcome new members and, if interested, please contact one of the JOY advisers.

AHEPA Constantine Cassis Chapter #170 By Anton Skrivanek A very Happy New Year to all. Due to the impact of Super Storm Sandy, our October 29, joint speaking engagement and our annual Thanksgiving Dinner scheduled for November 8, were both cancelled. On Wednesday, December 12, 2012, cohosting with the Daughters of Penelope, Pasithea Chapter # 141, we held our annual Christmas Party. We held a raffle which is always fun for all. We also held a special 50/50 raffle with the proceeds directed for Sandy Relief for St. Paul’s community members in need. In being the driving force, we greatly commend the Daughters for putting together a very elegant and fun-filled event. If anyone is aware of news of one of our brothers - falling asleep in the Lord, illness, etc. please inform one of our officers. If you wish to join the AHEPA, please contact one of our officers. We also have an email address to contact us by:

The Solon Society by C. Dionysios Dionou The Solon Society opened its 2012-2013 season with an outstanding lecture by Prof. Peter Balkanian. Prof. Balkanian is an authority on the Armenian genocide and Armenian diaspora. He is also well known poet. Due to the hurricane and snow storm, we had to cancel the November meeting as well as the Christmas and January meeting. We began the new season in February. It saddens me to inform our friends that we have lost three of our members within a month’s time. Dr. Demetra Richardson, Mary Smiros and Mamdoh Yaakob. All will be missed since they were loyal Solon Society members. May their souls find rest, peace and eternal happiness. We pray that their loved ones find peace and may their memories be eternal! Our meetings are, unless otherwise indicated, on the second Thursday of the month. We begin at 7:30 PM in the Hellenic Room with coffee, tea and assorted desserts. Lectures begin around 8:00 PM. We wish all of our members and friends a very healthy and prosperous new year!

Grief and Bereavement By Anna Dounelis Facing a New Year

When we are grieving, it is hard enough to live each day as it comes. It can be daunting to face a whole new year stretching out in front of us. We may be afraid of what it might bring. We may worry whether or not we can handle any more challenges. Our current experience of emptiness and loneliness may make us reluctant to face a new year. We might say to ourselves, “I used to be so busy. I used to feel so needed, so useful. Now it seems there’s nothing but empty space and empty time.” On-schedule delivery of another year might deliver more of the same. It’s bad enough to wake in the morning not sure what we’ll do with the day. Now, what will we do with a whole year? Longing to recover the past can sometimes make us resistance to accepting the New Year. The past was where we were comfortable, where we felt good and safe. We may fear the New Year won’t hold anything different for us. We pine for the person we miss and the precious past we shared. We think about how it was and wish we were back there. Approach of the New Year may mean different things for different mourners. Whether we welcome, dread or ignore New Year’s probably depends on where we are in our grief process. The question is not whether, but how grief will show up and how we’ll work with it. If our loss was recent, sudden or unexpected, we will most likely still feel in shock. We may feel like we’re living a bad dream or living another person’s life and may be trying desperately to get back to our “old” life. The “New Year” matters little. If we have worked with our grief over time, we may look to this New Year with interest, and wonder what it will hold for us. We find comfort in knowing we did all we could. We were enriched by our love and now know deeper compassion for all who suffer. Tips to help face the New Year: • Begin by getting needed rest, both physical and mental. • Seek spiritual support from your priest. • Get the emotional support you need at a support group or by talking with friends and family. The Saint Paul’s Grief & Bereavement Support Group meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday evenings of each month at 7:30 PM. All are welcome to attend.

22nd Annual Golf Outing – September 20, 2012 By Harry Demiris, Bill Lembo, George Marinos (Golf Outing Chairs) Thank you to all who participated and contributed to the Cathedral’s 2012 golf outing at the Garden City Country Club on September 20. We had a great day of fellowship and fun for a great cause. We were blessed with a beautiful day – Thank you Fathers Luke and Panagiotis! This was our fourth year in using one of the local country clubs as a venue and it met all our expectations. We had over fifty golfers registered for the day and a number of friends attend the cocktail hour and dinner. Everyone had a great time at brunch, on the course and at dinner. A special thanks to the GCCC for providing us with a great course and accommodations, to all our sponsors and to everyone that donated their time and prizes: Bee Hive Builders; Bill Lembo; Bob Donus; Carol DePieto; Catherine Marinos; Dean Mavrovitis; Eclaro IT Staffing - Mark Papalexis; Evans & Helen Lizardos; FPM Group; Friends For The Election Of Dean Skelos; Garden City Country Club; George D. Pamas Memorial Basketball Program; George Papazicos; Grace Wine & Spirits - Costas Rigas; Gus Kratsios; Harry Demiris; Hempstead Golf and Country Club; Hon. Peter Skelos; In memory of James Spanopoulos - Sponsored by NCYAA Travel baseball; James Rigano; Jamie Spanopoulos; Jim Georgakis; John & Maria Papachristos; Michael and Christine Kulakis; Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dion; Nick Eliopoulos; Poly-Flex Corp.; Rigano LLC; Stephen & Angelica Makrinos; TD Bank, Garden City - Kathleen Petronis; The Committee to Reelect Justice Peter Skelos; The Demiris Family; The Kallinikos Family; The Vaccari Family; The Vorkas Family; Thomas W. Pappas, M.D. - St. Francis Cardiovascular Physicians. Here are the day’s skill winners by category First Low Gross: Harry Demiris - 80 Second Low Gross: Jim Reilly - 81 First Place Net: George Pappas - 72 Second Place Net: G. Levitt – 73 Longest Drive: Harry Demiris Closest to Pin Hole #2: James Pantelidis Closest to Pin Hole #5: Tony Vaccari Closest to Pin Hole #14: George Pourakis We look forward to seeing you at the next golf outing. Stay tuned for information on the date and venue. Let’s all help make it a grand event by coming out and supporting this key fund raising event for the Cathedral!

Article from: BereavementSupport/GriefandBereavement/ FacingtheNewYearWhenYouAreBereaved.aspx


Saint Paul’s Hosts DAD Church Musicians! By Anna Dounelis Last fall, the Cathedral of Saint Paul hosted the 28th Annual Conference of the Direct Archdiocesan District Federation of Greek Church Musicians during the weekend of October2 0th-21st. Senior and youth choir members, directors, chanters and organists from twelve DAD parishes participated in the weekend’s activities. The church musicians appreciated the warm welcome and support they received from Saint Paul’s clergy, choir members, parish council and parishioners. It was an exciting weekend for all, especially for our Saint Paul’s Choir Members! The Chairman of the National Forum of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians, Maria Keritsis, came from Virginia to attend the Conference as did Past Chairman and Keynote Speaker Dr. Vicki Pappas who traveled from Indiana. Deacon Mathew conducted one of the Saturday workshops for youth members and Father Luke and Deacon Mathew were special guests at the Saturday evening Annual Banquet. On Sunday, Bishop Sevastianos of Zela presided at a Hierarchical Divine Liturgy along with Father Luke, Father Panagiotis and Deacon Mathew. Dr. Efstratios Demertzis directed both Saint Paul’s Byzantine Chant Group and the Conference Senior Choir of over 50 members. Archangel Michael’s Youth Choir Director Georgia Kaufman conducted the Conference Youth Choir of 30 members and our Organist Adrienne Borbely accompanied both. The service was, as one parishioner described, ‘like being in heaven and listening to angels praising God!’

Stella Thymius, Federation Choir Member of the Year, with Deacon Mathew and Fr. Panagiotis

Among the award winners recognized following the Liturgy were two of our own exceptional Saint Paul’s choir members! The Archbishop Iakovos Distinguished Service Award was presented to Choir Director / Protopsaltis Strati Demertzis in recognition of his 50 years as chanter and 46 years as choir director! The DAD Federation’s Choir Member of the Year Medal was awarded to Choir Treasurer Stella Thymius, member of both the Choir and the Byzantine Chant Group! Congratulations Stella and Strati!!

Front Row: Federation President Anna Dounelis, Dr. Strati Demertzis, Fr. Panagiotis Back Row: Fr. Luke, Bishop Sevastianos, and Deacon Mathew


St. Paul’s Nursery School By Tara Brennan, Director

St. Paul’s nursery school program is an educational program with three distinct levels for ages two, three and a four year old pre kindergarten class. Each class has a certified teacher and assistant. Our program offers a child-centered program designed to guide children in their physical, intellectual and emotional growth in a nurturing Christian environment. We provide skills to be developed during the school year which include but are not limited to language development and literacy, mathematical and scientific thinking, physical development, art/music, indoor/outdoor play. This is an English taught curriculum that has been designed to prepare your child for kindergarten. We offer a half day program and now have added an extension day program for those looking for a full classroom day setting. Our focus is to have the children become confident, responsible and independent learners in our Greek Orthodox Christian faith, culture and community. Registration for the 2013-2014 school year has begun and will be ongoing until the classes are at capacity. We also offer a summer program for the month of July and will begin registration in April. For further information please contact Tara Brennan 917-573-6377. Registration forms can be found in the Church office. Μεγάλη Σαρακοστή: Μια μακρά και κοπιαστική πορεία προς το Πάσχα Το Πάσχα δεν είναι για μας τους Ορθοδόξους Χριστιανούς μια εκκλησιαστική εορτή όπως οι άλλες, αλλά είναι αναμφίβολα η εορτή των εορτών και η πανήγυρις των πανηγύρεων. Αποτελεί το επίκεντρο, αλλά και το επιστέγασμα ολοκλήρου του εκκλησιαστικού μας έτους και ταυτοχρόνως νοηματοδοτεί ολόκληρη τη ζωή της Εκκλησίας μας. Κάθε Κυριακή είναι για την Αγία Ορθόδοξη Εκκλησία μας Ανάσταση και κάθε Θεία Λειτουργία, όποτε κι αν αυτή τελείται, είναι ένα αναστάσιμο γεγονός. Κι ενώ οι υπόλοιπες Δεσποτικές και Θεομητορικές εορτές του εκκλησιαστικού μας έτους αποδίδονται σε οκτώ το πολύ ημέρες, το Πάσχα αποδίδεται στις σαράντα ημέρες. Ολόκληρη η μετά το Πάσχα εβδομάδα, η εβδομάδα της Διακαινησίμου όπως λέγεται, λογίζεται ως μία ημέρα, ενώ για σαράντα ημέρες ψάλλεται σε όλες τις εκκλησιαστικές ακολουθίες ο νικητήριος παιάνας «Χριστός Ανέστη» και οι Ορθόδοξοι Χριστιανοί ζουν την παγκόσμια χαρά, που εξανέτειλε από τον Πανάγιο Τάφο του Κυρίου, την παγκόσμια χαρά για την νίκη της ζωής επί του θανάτου. Για να μπορέσει κανείς να ζήσει πραγματικά τα μεγάλα σωτηριολογικά γεγονότα της Μεγάλης Εβδομάδος και του Πάσχα, το Πάθος και τον σταυρικό θάνατο, την ταφή και την εις Άδου κάθοδο, κυρίως όμως την τριήμερη λαμπροφόρο Ανάσταση του Κυρίου, πρέπει να κάνει τον ανάλογη πνευματική προετοιμασία. Έτσι λοιπόν η Εκκλησία μας για δέκα ολόκληρες εβδομάδες μας προετοιμάζει σταδιακά για το Πάσχα. Οι τρεις πρώτες εβδομάδες (από την Κυριακή του Τελώνου και του Φαρισαίου μέχρι την Κυριακή της Τυρινής) είναι προπαρασκευαστικές για τη Μεγάλη Σαρακοστή, οι επόμενες έξι εβδομάδες (από την Καθαρά Δευτέρα μέχρι την Παρασκευή προ των Βαΐων) αποτελούν τη Μεγάλη Σαρακοστή και η τελευταία εβδομάδα είναι φυσικά η Μεγάλη Εβδομάδα, ή Εβδομάδα των Παθών, που αποτελεί το αποκορύφωμα της νηστείας και της εν γίνει προετοιμασίας μας για το Πάσχα. Η Μεγάλη Σαρακοστή ως εκ τούτου είναι μια μακρά και κοπιαστική πορεία προς το Πάσχα. Ο Ορθόδοξος Χριστιανός διέρχεται δια της στενής και τεθλιμμένης οδού της Μεγάλης Σαρακοστής, για να μπορέσει να εισέλθει στην παγκόσμια χαρά της Αναστάσεως του Κυρίου. Η Μεγάλη Σαρακοστή είναι η κατ› εξοχήν περίοδος νηστείας, εγκράτειας, μετανοίας, κατανύξεως, εντατικής προσευχής και εντατικού πνευματικού αγώνα. Είναι η μεγαλύτερη σε διάρκεια, αλλά και η αυστηρότερη περίοδος νηστείας του εκκλησιαστικού μας έτους. Κατ› αυτήν επιτρέπεται η κατάλυση οίνου και ελαίου μόνο κατά τα Σάββατα και τις Κυριακές. Ταυτοχρόνως η Ορθόδοξη Εκκλησία μας μας υποβοηθεί στην εντονότερη προσευχή και στον εντατικότερο πνευματικό αγώνα μέσα από τις ιδιαίτερες λατρευτικές Ακολουθίες της περιόδου αυτής, που αποτελούν έναν πραγματικό λειτουργικό θησαυρό. Η λειτουργική ατμόσφαιρα της Μεγάλης Σαρακοστής είναι εντελώς διαφορετική από τη λειτουργική ατμόσφαιρα του υπόλοιπου έτους. Οι Ακολουθίες είναι μακρές και κατανυκτικές, κυριαρχούν δε σε αυτές τα πολλά «διαβάσματα» (ψαλμοί, αναγνώσματα, ευχές), η λιτότητα και η αρχαιοπρέπεια. Η σημαντικότερη διαφορά της Μεγάλης Σαρακοστής από το υπόλοιπο εκκλησιαστικό έτος είναι η απαγόρευση της τελέσεως της θείας Λειτουργίας εκτός Σαββάτου και Κυριακής. Αντί της κανονικής Θείας Λειτουργίας τελείται κατά τις καθημερινές της Μεγάλης Σαρακοστής (κυρίως τις Τετάρτες και τις Παρασκευές) η Θεία Λειτουργία των Προηγιασμένων Τιμίων Δώρων, ο οποία αποτελεί χωρίς αμφιβολία την καρδιά της Μεγάλης Σαρακοστής. Η νηστεία, η εντονότερη προσευχή και η κατά το δυνατόν συμμετοχή στις κατανυκτικές Ακολουθίες της περιόδου της Μεγάλης Σαρακοστής μας υποβοηθούν να εντείνουμε όσο μπορούμε περισσότερο τον πνευματικό μας αγώνα, που δεν είναι αγώνας μόνο της Μεγάλης Σαρακοστής, αλλά αγώνας ολόκληρης μας της ζωής και αποσκοπεί στην καταπολέμηση των παθών, των αδυναμιών και των ελαττωμάτων μας και στην καλλιέργεια των χριστιανικών αρετών, στην κάθαρση της ψυχής από ό,τι αμαυρώνει τη στολή της, για να μπορέσει να βρει χώρο μέσα μας η χάρη του Θεού και να ενεργήσει. Ο πνευματικός αγώνας όμως, για να φέρει πραγματικά αποτελέσματα, πρέπει να θεμελιωθεί πάνω στη βάση της ταπεινώσεως και να στολιστεί με τους καρπούς της μετανοίας. Αυτές τις δύο αλήθειες μας προβάλλει η Εκκλησία μας προτού ακόμη ξεκινήσουμε το ταξίδι και τον εντατικό πνευματικό αγώνα της Μεγάλης Σαρακοστής, μέσα από τα ευαγγελικά αναγνώσματα και τα θαυμάσια τροπάρια των πρώτων εβδομάδων του Τριωδίου, των εβδομάδων προπαρασκευής για τη Μεγάλη Σαρακοστή. Έτσι με την παραβολή του Τελώνου και του Φαρισαίου με την οποία αρχίζει η περίοδος του Τριωδίου, η Εκκλησία μας, μας υπενθυμίζει ενόψει της ενάρξεως της Μεγάλης Σαρακοστής μια μεγάλη αλήθεια: Καμιά αρετή και κανένα καλό έργο, άρα ούτε και η νηστεία μας ούτε και ο λοιπός πνευματικός μας αγώνας δεν έχουν αξία, αν δεν συνοδεύονται από την ταπείνωση, αν δεν θεμελιώνονται πάνω στην ταπείνωση, γιατί σε τελευταία ανάλυση δεν μας σώζουν ούτε οι αρετές μας ούτε τα καλά μας έργα, αλλά ο βαθμός της ταπεινώσεως και της μετανοίας μας. Η ταπείνωση και η μετάνοια ελκύουν όντως τη Χάρη του Θεού. Με την παραβολή του Ασώτου εξάλλου, που αναγιγνώσκεται τη δεύτερη Κυριακή του Τριωδίου, η Εκκλησία μας, μας υπενθυμίζει μια άλλη μεγάλη αλήθεια: Η αγάπη του Θεού είναι τόσο μεγάλη, που καμιά αμαρτία, όσο μεγάλη κι αν είναι, δεν μπορεί να την εμποδίσει, φτάνει όμως να υπάρξει αληθινή μετάνοια. Ο Θεός περιμένει από εμάς να κάνουμε το πρώτο βήμα της μετανοίας για να κάνει Εκείνος όλα τα υπόλοιπα βήματα. Του Πρωτοπρεσβυτέρου Μιχαήλ Βοσκού Από το περιοδικό «Παράκληση» της Ιεράς Μητροπόλεως Λεμεσού, Κύπρος Μεταφέρθηκε στο διαδίκτυο από NOCTOC


Here are our Stewards in Good Standing as of February 22, 2013. This list includes everyone who has submitted a Commitment Card for 2013 and has completed all pledges for prior years. Please contact the Cathedral Office if we have inadvertently omitted your name and please forgive us. We will be publishing a list of those we have omitted in the next issue of the Epistle. As of 2/25/13 there are 449 Stewards in good standing with a pledged amount of $268,627. Mr Peter Adamakos Mrs Esther Alatsitis Mrs Mary Alchas Mr & Mrs Fred Aleferies Mrs Helen Alicakos Drs Elias/Tjoyia Aliprandis Mrs Jean Almer Mr & Mrs Constantin Anagnostopoulos Mr & Mrs Constantin A Anagnostopoulos Mr & Mrs Kenneth Anderson Jr Mr & Mrs George Andreopoulos Dr & Mrs Stephen Andreopoulos Mr & Mrs Andrew Andron Mrs Irene Angelides Mr & Mrs Edward Angelo Mr & Mrs Haralambos Angelos Mrs Venus Anthony Mrs Emily Antunovic-Nunez Mrs Tess Apostolakes Mr & Mrs Jim Apostolides Mrs Fotini Argyropoulos Mr & Mrs Nicholas Arnadopoulos Mrs Katherine Bais Ms Evelyn Bellas Mrs Illeana Bellas Mr & Mrs George Bici Mrs Joanne Blekas Mr William Bookas Mrs Elizabeth Bossis Mr Constantine A Boutis Mrs Maria Boutis Mrs Mary Bouzoukas Mr & Mrs John Bura Mr & Mrs Nicholas Buterakos Mrs Helen Cacavas Mrs Julie Cachules Mrs Jude S Carpel Mr & Mrs Demetrios Carris Mr & Mrs Peter Casimates Miss Elaine Cassimatis Mrs Carol Cassis C Catalano/V Georgopou Mr & Mrs Peter Catsounis Mr & Mrs Xenophon Caviris Mr & Mrs Christie Chakiry Mr & Mrs George Chironis Mrs Andrian Chriss Mr & Mrs Athanasis Christou Eva Chrysanthopoulos Mrs Mary Chryssos Ms Sandy Cidis Mr & Mrs Peter Cleopa Mrs Elizabeth Comack P & C Commander Mr Christopher S Composto Mrs Chrys Conrady Mr & Mrs Nicholas Constandy Mr & Mrs John Constantinou


Mr & Mrs Thomas Conte Mr & Mrs Edward J Conti Mr & Mrs John Corcacas Mrs Catherine Cosmas Mr & Mrs Peter G Cosmas Octavia Costea Mr & Mrs John A Crokos Mr & Mrs Louis Dafniotis Mr & Mrs Frank D’Andraia Mr & Mrs Stelios Daniil Mr & Mrs Thomas DeGruccio Mrs Agnes Delaportas Mr & Mrs Billy Demas Dr & Mrs Efstratios Demertzis Mr & Mrs Demetrios Demetrakis Mr & Mrs Demetris Demetriou Miss Denise Demetropoulos Mr & Mrs Harry C Demiris Jr Mr & Mrs Andreas Demosthenous Mr Andrew Dennis Mr & Mrs William J DePietto Mr & Mrs Peter M Dion Mr & Mrs Andrew Donus Mr Bob Donus Mr Athan T Dorotheos Mr & Mrs Theologos Dorotheos Mrs Chris Doundoulakis Mr & Mrs Harris Dounelis Ms Anna P Doyamis Mr & Mrs George Drapan Mr Gus Drapan Mr & Mrs C G Drivas Mrs Nora Dumas Mr & Mrs George B Efthimiou Mr & Mrs Thomas G Efthimiou Mr & Mrs Nicholas Eliopoulos Mr Paul C Emanuel Mr Anthony Englezos Mrs Katerina Englezos Mr & Mrs Robert Esposito Mrs Dora Evans Mr George Evans Mr & Mrs Andrew Everett Mr & Mrs Michael Farrell Mrs Joanne Feldman Mr & Mrs Rick Femminella Mr & Mrs Thomas Flouskakos Mrs Urania Fondoklis Mr & Mrs George Frangiadakis Mr John M Frangos Mr & Mrs Robert Frezza Ms Cynthia Geones Mr & Mrs James Georgakis Mr & Mrs Michael Georgakis Dr & Mrs Efstathios Georgatos Mr Achilles A Georgiou Miss Maria E Georgiou Mr & Mrs Spyro Georgopalis Mr & Mrs Tom A Giannopoulos Mrs Georgia Gilas Mr & Mrs James Ginis Mr & Mrs Frank Giugliano Mr & Mrs Michael Gounarides Mrs Georgina Grande Mr & Mrs John Gregov Mr & Mrs Andrew Grigoriou

Mrs Teena Grosinski Mr & Mrs Jonathan Grubbs Mr & Mrs Michael P Gurlides Mrs Katherine Hadjiyane Mr & Mrs George T Hadjoglou Mr John Hajisava Sophia Halaris/D Vera Mr & Mrs Theodoros Halicos Mr & Mrs Elias Halvatzis Mr Omar Hassan Mrs Antonia Hastalis Irene Hatzikostantinou Mr & Mrs John D Heliotis Mr & Mrs Michael Hernandez Mr & Mrs George Himonidis Mr & Mrs Gerald Holder Mrs Harriet Isaris Mrs Anne P Jacobsen Mr & Mrs Peter E Jannes Mrs Thecla Johnides Mr & Mrs Ioannis Kaimis Mr & Mrs Michael Kakoyiannis Mr & Mrs Peter Kalamaras Mr & Mrs Christos Kalargiros Mr & Mrs Chris Kalinoglu Mr & Mrs William C Kallinikos Mr Efthimios Kalogeratos Mr & Mrs Mike Kalos Mrs Sophia Kalovelonis Miss Barbara Kalpakis Mrs Helene Kanellis Mr & Mrs Panayiotis Kaniklis Dr & Mrs Stratos Kantounis Mr & Mrs Constantine Kapsouras Miss Joanne Karadenes Mrs Pearl Karadenes Miss Maris Karasz Mr & Mrs Alex Karavousanos Mr & Mrs Stanley Karayean Mr & Mrs Kostas Kardiasmenos Mr & Mrs Peter J Karikas Mrs Stella Karounos Mr & Mrs Nicholas Karoutsos Mr & Mrs Christos Katehis Mr Gregory Katras Mr & Mrs Nicolaos Katsiadakis Mr Louis & Dr Barbara Katsos, Esq Mrs Bess Kenary Mr Yiannis Kepertis Miss Carol Kerler Mrs Mary E Keros Mrs Stella Kitsakos Mrs Froso Klarides Mr Steven Kocoris Mr & Mrs Peter Kollias Mr & Mrs Triphon Kollitides Mr & Mrs Nicholas Kontoleon Mr & Mrs George Kordalis Mr & Mrs Andrew J Koukos Mr & Mrs Gregory T Koukos Mr & Mrs Nicholas Koumos Mr & Mrs Stephen J Kourepinos Mrs Maria Koutsouris Mr & Mrs Gus C Kratsios Mr & Mrs Ted Krum Mr & Mrs James Kurkemelis

Dr & Mrs Paul Kymissis Mr & Mrs George J Kyriakidis Mr & Mrs Dennis Labriola Mr & Mrs George Laliotis Mr & Mrs Zachary T Lambrinon Mrs Sophia Landes Mr George K Lavas Mr & Mrs Michael Lazarakis Mr & Mrs William J Lembo Mr & Mrs John A Leondis Mr & Mrs Gus Likos Drs N Liogkas/K Demertzis Miss Maria M Livanos Mrs Agatha Lizardos Mr & Mrs Evans J Lizardos Mr & Mrs William Lombard Mr & Mrs Ioanis Lountzis Miss Dorothy Louzis Mr & Mrs George Lucas Mr & Mrs Gus Lucas Miss Lucia M Lucas Mr & Mrs John C Lutfy Mr & Mrs Vassilios Lykos Mr & Mrs Peter Lynch Mr & Mrs Ryan Mackay Mr & Mrs Spiro Macris Pres Marilyn Magoulias Mrs Helen Mahares Mr & Mrs Stephen Makrinos Mrs Gerda Malakassis Mr & Mrs Harry Malaxos Mr & Mrs Emanuel Mamakos Mrs Margaret Manakides Mrs Maria A Manchisi Mrs Athena Margaritis Mr & Mrs George Marinos Mr & Mrs Anthony Marinucci Dr Charles S Maris Dr & Mrs Peter J G Maris Evan Markou/D Lenzi Mr Leonard P Marks Mr & Mrs Robert W Marsh Mr & Mrs Christopher Mastorakis Mr & Mrs Marius Mavricos Mr & Mrs Manny Mavrikakis Mr & Mrs John Mavrikis Mr & Mrs Dean Mavrovitis Miss Katie Mavrovitis Dr & Mrs Michael J McGuire Fr & Pres Luke Melackrinos Mr & Mrs Lorenzo Melecio Mr & Mrs Peter Menoudakos Jr Mr & Mrs Mathew Mermigousis Mr Michael I Michael Mrs Venetia Michael Mr Constantine Z Michael Mr & Mrs Andreas Michaelides Ms Pery D Michalakis Mr & Mrs Peter F Michielini Mr & Mrs James Michos Mr Michael Mihalos Mrs Christalo Miller Mr & Mrs Saverio Minucci Mrs Bertha Mitchell Mrs Tsampica Mitchell Mr & Mrs Panagangelos Monias


Mr & Mrs Harry Monioudis Mr & Mrs Peter Montauredes Mr & Mrs Sergio Montemarano Mrs Mary Mormanis Mr & Mrs John N Mortsakis Mr & Mrs Lazarous Moustakalis C Nanavrakis/J Pumo Miss Christina Nappi Mr & Mrs James Narlis Mr John Narlis Mr & Mrs Costas Naslas Mrs Renee Neave Mr & Mrs Justin Neri Mr & Mrs Mark G Nicholis Mr & Mrs George J Nickas Mrs Crystine Nicolaides Mr & Mrs Evan K Notskas Mr & Mrs Patrick O’Brien Mr & Mrs James P O’Keefe Jr Mr & Mrs Nicholas Olotka Mrs Cleopatra Pagiavlas Mr & Mrs Konstantinos Pagonis Mr & Mrs Sotiris Paleocostas Mr & Mrs Steven Pallogudis Mrs Katherine Pamas Mr & Mrs Dimitrios Pamboukes Mrs Penelope Panagakos Ms Evelyn Panagakos Lamia Mr & Mrs Anthony N Pantelides Mr & Mrs John Papachristos Mr & Mrs Haralambos Papadopoulos Mr & Mrs Nicholas Papain Mr & Mrs Ioannis Papanagnostou Mrs Barbara Papaspyros Mr & Mrs George Papazicos Mrs Barbara Pappas Mr & Mrs George W Pappas Mr George & Miss Helen Pappas Mr & Mrs Gus C Pappas Mr & Mrs Nicholas Pappas Mr & Mrs William Pappas Mr & Mrs Ed Partridge Mr & Mrs Tony Pascarella Miss Jennifer Patrickakos Mr & Mrs Louis S Patrickakos Mr & Mrs Thomas Pavlides Mr & Mrs Peter Pavlounis Mr & Mrs George Paxos Mr & Mrs Terry Perperis Mr & Mrs George Petrides Mr & Mrs Minas Petrochilos Mr & Mrs Thomas Philippides Mr Fred Pitsicalis Mrs Eleni Pitzel Mr James G Plackis Mr & Mrs Michael Polichronakis Mr & Mrs Paul Polios Mrs Beatrice Polizois Mr & Mrs Jeffrey Polizotto Mr & Mrs William Poll Mr Aristidis Pontickio Miss Mary Pontisakos Mr Thomas G Posporelis Mr Constantine Possas Mr & Mrs George P Possas Mr & Mrs George C Possas


Miss Dina Potaris Mr & Mrs George A Pourakis Mr & Mrs William Presti Mr & Mrs Deems E Prieston Mrs Joan Prieston Mrs Stella Procops Mr & Mrs Constantine Psaltis Mr & Mrs Kimon Psihudakis Mrs Effie Psilakis Mr & Mrs Harry Raptakis Mrs Christina Reddington Mr & Mrs James P Rigano Mr & Mrs Costas Rigas Mrs Martha Rizzo Mr & Mrs Ernest J Roberts Mrs Grace Rosalbo Mr & Mrs William T Roulis Mr & Mrs Peter Rousakis Mr & Mrs Michael Saclaridis Mr Lefteri Sagos Mr & Mrs John Saledas Mrs Stella Sassos Mrs Olympia Sbilis Mr & Mrs Paul Shanab Mr & Mrs Donald Shields Mr & Mrs Chris Sikalis Mr Basil Skelos The Hon & Mrs Peter B Skelos Mr & Mrs Harry P Skiadas Mr Anton M Skrivanek Mr & Mrs Robert C Snyder Mr Vasilios Sofillas Mr Michael Spanopoulos Mrs Xan Spanopoulos Mr & Mrs Joseph P Spica Miss Stephanie Spica Mrs Jo-Ann Spiritis Mr & Mrs Constantine Stamidis Miss Denisa Stamoulis Mr Anastasios Stampolis Mr & Mrs George A Stasinos Miss Anthea M Stavroulakis Mr & Mrs James E Stephens Dr & Mrs George Stergiopoulos Mrs Barbara J Stevens Mr & Mrs Warren Stevens Ms Elaine Sutton Ms Melissa Sutton Mr & Mrs Constantine Tastanis Mr & Mrs Konstantinos Theodoropoulos Mr & Mrs Stanley Theodorous Mr & Mrs John Theologitis Mrs Stella Thymius Mrs Fanny Tombros Mr & Mrs Larry N Toyas Mr George J Trias Miss Nikki Tsairis Mr & Mrs Victor Tsantilas Mr Spyridon Tsoukalas Mr & Mrs Xenophon Tsouprakos Mr & Mrs Dimitrios Tzakas Mr & Mrs Genaro Urueta Mr & Mrs Anthony P Vaccari Mr Thucydides Vagelos Mr & Mrs Nicholas Vaream Mr & Mrs Gus Vasilakis

Mr & Mrs Panagiotis Vasilakos Mrs Dora Vasiliades Mr & Mrs Robert Vassalotti Mr & Mrs Steve C Vassilakis Mrs Evelyn Vassolas Mr & Mrs John Vavalis Mr & Mrs Tom Vazouras Mrs Athena Vendikos Mr & Mrs John P Vennis Mr & Mrs Gary Verderosa Ms Eugenia Verdis Mr & Mrs James Versocki Mr & Mrs Mark Vieira Mr & Mrs Nicholas C Vlachos Mr & Mrs Theodore Vlachos Mr & Mr Anastasios Vlahakis Mr & Mrs Christopher S Vlahakis Mr & Mrs James Vlamis Mr & Mrs Theodoros Vlamis Mrs Joyce Vlogianitis Mr & Mrs Louis Vlogianitis Mr & Mrs Peter Vlogianitis Mr & Mrs George A Vorkas Mr & Mrs Andrew P Vrahnas Mr & Mrs Christos Vretzakis Mr & Mrs Chris Vrionedes Dr Sandra F White Mrs Ethel Wiley Mr & Mrs Peter Xanthos Mrs Parthena Yaakob Mr & Mrs Louis C Yeostros Mr & Mrs Constantine Yiachos Mr & Mrs John Yiorkatzi Mr & Mrs Leonidas Yioupis Mr & Mrs Apostolos Zaferiou Mr & Mrs George Zakos Mr & Mrs Steven Zanone Mr & Mrs Constantinos Zaphiris Mr & Mrs Constantine Zografos Mr & Mrs Nicholas C Zografos Mr & Mrs Dionisios Zougras Fr & Pres Panagiotis Zougras Mr & Mrs James T Zubulake


invites you to our


Honoring our Philoptochos Members of 50 Years or More!

Sunday, March 10, 2013 @ 1:00 PM COSTUME PARTY – DJ – DINNER

Terrace on the Park

111 th Street and 52 nd Avenue, Queens, New York 11368

Saturday, March 9, 2013 Luncheon Co-Chairs

Athena Economou



CHILDREN 5-18: $10

Stella Fiorentino



To benef it H U R R I C A N E S A N DY R E L I E F E F F O R TS

pink/orange CORAL

gold leaf


Call for Reservations:

and the


Maria Papachristos 917-628-8513 Tina Vasilakis


Honore esChair Stella Capiris



Please identify and honor those members that have 50 years or more in the Philoptochos

Jennifer Constantin


pink/orange CORAL

gold leaf pink/orange CORAL

gold leaf

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Benefit Dinner Spiritual Talk offered by

V.Rev. Archimandrite Maximos, abbot of the Holy Cross Monastery

TUESDAY, MARCH 12, 2013 H7PM graciously held by:




Advance Ticket Reservation Appreciated Fotini Pettei: (516)993-6189


Interested in Advertising with us? Please call the Church Office for more information. 516-483-5700

Peter J.G. Maris, Jr., M.D

Ophthalmology and Ophthalmologic Surgery

Tel: 516-481-1570 Fax: 516-481-1786


Plaza 230 230 Hilton Avenue Suite 118 Hempstead, NY 11550

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Event Furnishings Lighting Draping Runways Illuminated Tables/Bars Red Carpet Performers

• • • • • • •

Artists DJ’s Models Decor Design Centerpieces Event Consulting Audio Visual Services


Special Consideration Pricing for ClubofGuests Special Consideration Pricing for Stewards of Newark the Cathedral St. Paul 27

Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St. Paul

N o n - P r o f i t Organization U.S. Postage PAID Hempstead, NY Permit No, 72

110 Cathedral Avenue Hempstead, NY 11550

Proudly serving the community of Saint Paul for nearly two decades, with an emphasis on personalized care, compassion, and affordability

Kallinikos Funeral Services, Inc. Towers Funeral Home, Inc. 2681 Long Beach Road, Oceanside, New York 11572

Funeral Arrangements

Our personalized funeral services are available in most communities of Nassau, Suffolk, as well as the greater New York Metropolitan Area Arrangements for out-of-state and international burials


Arrangements and consultations Irrevocable trust accounts for Medicaid Pre-planning for estate purposes

Our Funeral Home

Our Family of Directors Krissie Kallinikos

George Frangiadakis

William C. Kallinikos

Funeral and pre-need arrangements can be conducted in the privacy of your home

24 Hour Service

Telephone: 1-516 764 5191 Toll Free: 1-877 766-0425 For information and frequently asked questions, visit us at


January-February 2013 Epistle  

The January-February issue of the Epistle

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