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TRAVEL Suggestions : Matching The Pension Using Costa Rica! Costa Rica is a prize destination for vacations (look at our additional articles), pertaining to corporate expansions (such as Hewlett Packard, apple company and others), and also real estate purchases of stunning properties, often with stunning surrounding! but is all effectively in paradise as with regards to cost of living for u.S. Pensioners ? Many considerations have to be taken into account prior to jumping right into a Costa Rican retirement. Including such products as the flexibility of the retired person to adapt to a brand new culture, the actual language, and also medical assistance required, and so forth. But NOT the smallest amount of of these factors is the current and projected buying strength of pensioners in this getaway. For the legendary advantages of c. R. , are the reduce costs associated with living, meals , utilities, real estate , medical, as well as other costs. Yet ideas want to consider the current Costa Rican living costs trends, largely focusing on inflation and also exchange rates between the United States and also Costa Rica. This involves the two power in the dollar to buy Costa Rican dollars , and that money’s power to purchase a living in c. R.. For it might seem generally there would be no point in retiring to c. R. for that presumed lower than other areas cost of living, whether it ceases substantially to be minus the case. If sociable security or even military retirement income could grow according to the inflation rate in the us , grow. Will in which U.ersus. pension keep up with the tariff of colones and the Costa Rican inflation charge ? Remember, no COLAin 2011 through the Social safety system because the inflation list used failed to show and also increase in the cost of living in the actual U.ersus. nOt one for u.S. Armed service retirements that uses in which same list. Private pensions of course fluctuate on this concern. But we will stick to these two widespread pensions in this discussion because the criteria utilized to analyze them will be much like other pensions. Remember, that list is for living costs in the United States. That showed absolutely no increase in blowing up. Is that genuine for c. R. ? For those retiring in c. R. , the government at the moment requires resistant they have a lowest life time entitlement to a pension paying a minimum of $1000 monthly. The government are require the exchange of the $1000 united states dollar to colones each month, totaling , $12,000 a year. In recent years that amount is buying less colones and colones in turn as a consequence of Costa Rican inflation, will buy less than that did within Costa Rica. The double benefit ! Inflation statistics here are taken from “” and also reflect substantial rates associated with inflation through 2004 to 2009. The interest rate of blowing up for 2010 had been 7.8%. This is the tariff of local goods , and the forex buying people goods could be the Costa Rican colones. So, whilst colones will buy less within Costa Rica over the past five years, therefore also the actual dollar will buy less colones as the CIA World Factbook shows: “ 526.68 (this year ), 573.28 (2009), 530.41 (08 ), 519.fifty three (2007), 511.3 ('06 )”

The most recent next year rate available is one all of us dollar will buy 498.300 colones! Not best for a fixed income off of the U.ersus. Government pension ! the beauty of c. R. , its men and women , the and the thought of hanging out going from the Pacific shorelines to the atlantic and carribbean offerings, is actually powerful! For those looking this retirement in the future or even presently taking pleasure in it – what options are there? We will occupy those options in the next content in this collection. retire abroad

TRAVEL Suggestions _ Matching The Pension Using Costa Rica!  

exchange of the $1000 united states dollar to colones each month, totaling , $12,000 a year.

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