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Make a 2012 Resolution to Keep a Clean


he beginning of a new year is a wonderful time to take stock of our accomplishments from the past year and chart a course for success in the coming year. If you made a New Year resolution to be more organized, you are not the only one. According to the National Association of Professional Organizers, the phrase “get organized” is one of the top 10 resolutions people make every year. If you haven’t vowed to clean up your act this year, it’s not too late - knowing where to start is the biggest challenge. Debbie Viverito, owner of Debonair Cleaning, says “getting organized in your home is complex because it involves de-cluttering, organizing and cleaning. The best way to tackle it is to focus on one aspect at a time.” Viverito gives 5 easy steps for a clean home.

Step 1: Clear the Clutter Just like everything else on your to-do list, “tidy the house” will only get done when you schedule some time for it. If you wait until the clutter is overwhelming, then it may take several days to accomplish which can leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. According to Viverito, “Clearing the clutter is the starting block to a clean home. If you don’t have the time to do spring cleaning, just spend a half an hour a day for an entire week and you’ll be amazed at how much you will accomplish. You’ll also be amazed the little effort it takes to form de-cluttering as a positive habit.”

Step 2: Get Organized Make a goal to tackle one or two things each week. Make sure you aren’t organizing clutter; the clutter should be resolved before you organize. You might choose to start with organizing your desk or your kitchen pantry. Dispose of things you no longer use. Throw away canned goods or packages that have expired, and make notes of items that might need replenishing. “If you haven’t used an item in six months, you probably don’t need it” says Viverito, “one client’s pantry had an entire shelf of old cereal to be sure she was prepared for visiting grandchildren.”

Step 3: Learn how to Speed Clean If cleaning your home from top to bottom in just an hour or two seems impossible, brace yourself - it can be done. Having your tools in a caddy that you can tote easily from room to room helps to speed up your chores. “You can actually clean a toilet in less than 2 minutes - just use disinfectant wipes, a scrub brush and toilet cleaner. A few swirls of the brush and a wipe-down are all it takes. If your house isn’t to the point of “contamination”, then a little speed-cleaning will do the trick, in between deep cleanings,” says Viverito.

Step 4: Make a Reasonable Schedule This year, resolve to develop a cleaning schedule you can stick to. “For some, that means setting aside an hour or two


every weekend for focused cleaning,” says Viverito, “for others, a daily routine works well, perhaps focusing on a different area of your home every day.” Whatever the method, enroll your spouse and kids in the effort, it makes everyone more responsible. If everyone is part of the solution, they will be mindful of contributing to the problem of undesirable sanitation. A complicated routine that requires you to arrange your schedule isn’t one you are likely to stick to.

Step 5: Save Money on Cleaning Getting organized may be in the list of top New Year Resolutions, so is “saving money”. Buy in bulk from big-lot stores like Costco - you might pay for a package of disinfectant wipes containing 4 items, the same that you would pay for 2 of the same items at the drugstore. For some, their “time is money”, and it might be more beneficial to hire a cleaning service to take care of the deep cleaning on a weekly or monthly basis. “Our clients range from busy attorneys to housewives who spend time volunteering in schools and church - whether the value of a service frees up your time at home to have more energy with family or to produce more billable hours, a cleaning service is a great solution,” says Viverito.

Article submitted by: Lynn Bergman, Frisco PR Girl

Client Article - Home Upgrades Magazine Jan/12  

Article in January 2012 Home Upgrades Magazine for Debonair Cleaning client