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A guide to our parks and trails The Frisco Parks & Recreation Department has a portfolio of some of the most beautiful parks you will find in the area. Frisco is home to 36 parks and open spaces all available for your use from dawn until dusk. Probably our best kept secret, is the 60 miles of hike and bike trails located throughout the city. The trail system continues to grow each year.

Administration Rick Wieland - Director of Parks: RWieland@FriscoTexas.gov Parks Planning Division Dudley Raymond - CIP & Parks Planning Manager: DRaymond@FriscoTexas.gov Park planning, construction and design of new parks and trails

This guide was created to help you navigate through our spectacular parks and trails system. It is intended to cast a spotlight on some of the unique features of our parks and trails. We hope this guide encourages you to experience the recreational opportunities each of our parks holds for you and your family. The natural world and all its sights and sounds are waiting outside your door - right here in Frisco!

Park Services Bobby Johnson - Parks Manager: BJohnson@FriscoTexas.gov Parks, trails, athletic field maintenance and safety concerns For informaton on classes and special events offered through the Parks & Recreation Department, pick up the latest edition of the Frisco Fun Activity Guide distributed three times a year. The guide is available at the Frisco Athletic Center, the Frisco Public Library, City Hall and our Administration Office, or you may view it online at FriscoFun.org.

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Within most of our parks you will find covered pavilions with picnic tables which are ideal for birthday parties, social activities, athletic functions, family reunions, company picnics and more. Parks with pavilions available for reservation include Frisco Commons, Shawnee Trail Sports Complex and Warren Sports Complex. Reservations for these park pavilions can be made up to six months in advance. All other pavilions located within our neighborhood parks are available for use on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations can be made in person at the Frisco Athletic Center, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. only. For more rental information, visit our website at FriscoFun.org.



Central Park

Warren sports Complex

(#7 on map)

Considered by some to be one of the most beautiful open space areas in Frisco, Central Park, located in the heart of the city, is the perfect spot for those looking to enjoy a leisurely Sunday afternoon. Take a stroll through the park and learn about the significance of the area. Don’t forget your camera! Central Park is filled with great spots for scenic or family photo opportunities. The park is a must see for residents and visitors.


(#35 on map)

Warren Sports Complex is a sports enthusiast’s dream! You’ll find something for everyone here, with lighted youth athletic fields for baseball, softball, soccer and football, along with lighted tennis courts, basketball courts and sand volleyball courts. The sports complex stays busy throughout the year. It is home to more than 2500 recreational games played each year through the city’s youth athletic organizations.


Frisco Commons

(#15 on map)

‘Celebrate the Spirit’

The spirit of this park shines through its beauty and the history of its creation. The park features many unique amenities making this one of our most popular locations for large gatherings and events. This park showcases a large pavilion and two smaller pavilions, a pond, the Veterans Memorial Plaza, a large wooden playground system constructed by hundreds of community volunteers, a paved concrete trail throughout the park and several interpretive trails. Each February, the park hosts our annual TrickA-Trout Kid Fish event. Hundreds of parents bring their children out to the trout filled pond for a morning or fishing and family fun.

B.F. Phillips Community Park (#5 on map)

As the newest community park in the city’s portfolio, B.F. Phillips is quickly becoming a hot spot for youth athletics. The park has undergone the completion of two phases and there are more additions to come in the future. The ranch-themed park features a youth size baseball and softball fivefield complex with shaded covering at all seating areas, soccer fields, two concession and restroom areas and a picnic pavilion with tables and a playground.


In future phases of development, Beavers Bend Hike and Bike Trail will connect into this park, allowing individuals to travel from B.F. Phillips Community Park to Beavers Bend Neighborhood Park. 7

JC Grant

Falcons Field

(#19 on map)

Space to run and space to have fun! That’s what you’ll find at Falcons Field Neighborhood Park. If you are looking for open space for an afternoon game of bocce ball or the perfect place to fly a kite, check out this park. The covered pavilion near the playground is a perfect spot for a picnic. When you are finished, enjoy the great Texas weather with a relaxing walk on the half-mile trail that winds around the perimeter of the park. Falcons Field is located in the Grayhawk subdivision next to Boals Elementary School.

If you look around our parks, you will discover some very unique art pieces that are part of Frisco’s Public Art Program. One of the most impressive pieces can be found in JC Grant Neighborhood Park (named after former Mayor of Frisco, from 1960-1965). The massive stone horse titled ‘Spirited and Faithful’ and the covered wagon are representative of the city’s history. Along with a playground and lots of open space, the park serves as the entrance to Caddo Trail located within the Chapel Creek subdivision.


(#12 on map)


Harold Bacchus Community Park (#17 on map)

Harold Bacchus Community Park is in a league of its own when it comes to youth baseball in Frisco! The park features a youth-sized lighted baseball and softball five-plex featuring the Rusty Greer/Texas Rangers Championship Field. This Field of Dreams is our very own scaled down version of Fenway Park. Players can also take a swing at a few balls at the ‘On Deck Circle.’ This baseball/softball training area is complete with automated batting cages and practice tunnels. Visit just to have fun or to practice for the season. The batting cages and tunnels are open to everyone and may also be rented. For rental information, visit our website at FriscoFun.org. Additional features of this park include: three large playground structures, concession areas, several lighted soccer and football fields and beautiful landscaping and art throughout the park.


Mike Simpson Miracle League Field at Harold Bacchus Community Park

The Miracle League of Frisco was established in 2005 with the first game played on Mike Simpson Miracle League Field in April 2006. Games are played on a custom designed field which incorporates a cushioned synthetic turf able to accommodate wheelchairs and other walking devices. This unique field provides a safe atmosphere for children with disabilities to participate and enjoy America’s pastime in its purest form. The league has also expanded to include a soccer season. For more information about the Miracle League of Frisco, visit FriscoMiracleLeague.org.


Foncine Settlement

Limestone Quarry

(#14 on map)

Nestled along Rowlett Creek in southeast Frisco, is the beautiful, natural park, Limestone Quarry. This unique park is a wonderful sight with its flowing natural grasses and native plants. Sit back, relax and enjoy the view from one of the large limestone benches located throughout the park. If you’re up for a walk, explore Taychas Trail. Parts of this one mile trail wind along Rowlett Creek and through some of the most peaceful, natural areas you will find in Frisco.

This quaint little park is located within the neighborhood of Frisco Heights. The natural colors and landscaping of the park make it an inviting place to play and spend time enjoying the outdoors. The park features a playground, picnic pavilion, and plenty of open space for outdoor activities with a soccer goal, a baseball/softball backstop and basketball courts. Visitors can also take a stroll around the half-mile trail that extends around the perimeter of the park. With one visit to this park, we know it will become your family’s new favorite afternoon getaway.


(#21 on map)


Splash Parks


The Parks & Recreation Department is continually working to make the City of Frisco a bicycle and pedestrian friendly community. The Hike and Bike Master Plan shows the potential development of a city-wide system of trails that will achieve the goal of making Frisco a leader in North Texas for providing residents with safe and efficient recreational and commuter hiking and biking trails.

Looking for a great way for the kids to cool off from the hot Texas heat? Bring them to one of our spray grounds located within the neighborhood parks of Shepherds Glen, JR Newman and Bi Centennial Park (parking is located at Frisco Commons). These splash parks are tons of fun and best of all - they’re free!

Currently, there are approximately 56 miles of hike and bike trails throughout the City of Frisco. Our network of trails consists of “on” and “off” street trails along with greenbelt trails found within our city parks. The map that follows will help you locate these trails and view the proposed connection of these points in the future.

Share the Road

The ‘Share the Road’ campaign is a joint project between the Parks & Recreation, Engineering and Public Works Departments. Bike route signs have been placed along designated streets to help guide cyclists through the city and also serve to raise awareness among motorists that cyclists may be on the road.

The splash parks are open daily Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day from 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. The parks (excluding Bi Centennial) also feature a playground and a covered pavilion with picnic tables, making them an ideal spot for a play group outing or a birthday party.



Beavers Bend Park

5011 Legacy Drive


Bobwhite Park

11711 Henderson Drive


Bi Centennial Park

9349 Sunset Drive


B.F. Phillips Community Park

3335 4th Army Memorial Drive


Cannaday Recreation Area

9800 Sean Drive


Central Park

3155 Parkwood Drive


Coyote Crossing

10530 Wilton Drive


Crescent Park

11595 Lenox Lane


Duncan Park

5700 Norfolk Lane


Fairways Green Park

1710 Buena Park Drive


Falcons Field

1911 Spirit Falls Drive


First Street Park

8541 First Street


Foncine Settlement Park

15350 Appaloosa Drive


Frisco Commons Park

8000 McKinney Road


Gallegos Park

6698 Pecan Street


Harold Bacchus Community Park

13995 FM 3537


Hummingbird Park

11605 Beeville Drive


J.C. Grant Park

9611 Wade Boulevard


J.R. Newman Park

8211 Twin Falls Drive


Limestone Quarry

6300 Maltby Drive


Mourning Dove Park

11219 Round Mountain Drive


Oakbrook Park

8001 Woodstream Drive


Old Orchard Park

2200 Old Orchard Drive


Preston Manor Park

8500 Kent Drive


Preston North Park

5400 Preston North Drive


Preston Ridge Park

10501 Red Cedar Drive


Shawnee Trail Sports Complex

6501 Hillcrest Road


Shepherds Glen Park

12012 Shepherds Hill Drive


Starwood Park

6551 Starwood Drive


Stephen’s Green Park

15579 Christopher Lane


Stewart Creek Park

4900 North 4th Army Memorial Drive


Tuscany Meadows Park

5611 Sims Way


Vivian Stark McCallum Park

9700 Snowberry Drive


Warren Sports Complex

7599 Eldorado Parkway


Youth Center Park

7775 Camellia Lane


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Griffin Parc Trail - D

• •

Located within the Griffin Parc Development, this series of public hike and bike trails provides a link from just west of Legacy Parkway to Teel Parkway.

Located along the West Rowlett Creek corridor traveling north from Isbell Elementary School to Rolater Road, this beautiful trail is one mile in length.

Trails of West Frisco Trail - G

• •

• • •

This 1.2 mile trail provides connection from the Preston Ridge Campus of Collin College, Shawnee Trail Sports Complex, Shawnee Trail Elementary School, Centennial High School, Wester Middle School, Gunstream Elementary School and Shepherds Glen Park.

• •

College Parkway Trail - C

• •

• •

Lone Star Ranch Trail - E

• • •

Located within the Trails of West Frisco development is a series of hike and bike trails which provide a link from Main Street northward along Teel Parkway to Cottonwood Creek. The trail will ultimately connect northward to Eldorado Parkway.

• •

• •

• • •

• •

Located within the Lone Star Ranch Development, this trail provides a link from the development to 4th Army Memorial Drive where the trail connects into Beavers Bend Trail. Taychas Trail - F

This trail winds around a pond and features a second playground structure alongside the trail. The trail currently extends from Beavers Bend Park to 4th Army Memorial Drive which connects to B.F. Phillips Community Park. The connection of the trail into B.F. Phillips will take place with the completion of future phases of the community park. This one mile hike and bike system is located along Stewart Creek, just to the south of Stonebrook Parkway and extends through the Chapel Creek development connecting to J.C. Grant neighborhood park.

Beaver Bend Trail - A

Caddo Trail - B

Spray Ground

Horseshoe Pits

Fishing Pier


BBQ Grills


Covered Pavilion (Rental)

Tennis Courts (Lighted)

Picnic Tables

Gaylord Parkway & Parkwood Drive

Covered Pavilion (General Use)

Ballpark Plaza

Sand Volleyball Courts

Football/Soccer Fields (Practice)

Football/Soccer Fields (Game)

Basketball Courts (Unlighted)

Basketball Courts (Llighted)

Backstops (Practice)


Ball Fields (Game)


Map Location

Parks & Amenities


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West Rowlett Creek Trail - H

This trail consists of a series of sidewalks that have been contructed along the developed areas extending from Custer Road to Preston Road. The trail will be complete once the few remaining land sections are developed.

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Trick-A-Trout Kid Fish