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Final learning Portfolio Design Studio I By Kenza Abourraja Instructor: Jerry W.Lum Fall 2013

INTRODUCTION The Arch 101 final project is a capstone collaborative one in which each student challenges, and demonstrates their design creativity, knowledge, and skills developed over the course to collectively envision, plan, design and manage to build a temporary design outside of the Architecture department.





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Pathway formed by the two trees. Mostly flat area Has the potential to have framed views. Major views include residential area and the hills in the East. Has access to the Western winds well. At noon time, the sun is in the south which hit our design and create beautiful shadows. Easily accessible.



DESIGN CONCEPTS  APPROACHES We named our team FUJIN which mean following the wind because our main premise in our design is the manipulation of the wind. We wanted to not only be able to perceive the wind with our eyes, but also feel it enveloping us. As we used the flexibility properties of the PVC pipe to create the dome.

By Xuiting

It took us a while to find the right materials that are best working for our project because our design provides a lot of curves and crosses. We have chosen PVP pipe to act as our frame as not only it is flexible enough to form the curves we want it to have, but also white, which can be seen more interesting and flashing.

We had also to think about how to stabilize our design as its was placed in area that has a lot of wind coming from the West and made of a material that is not heavy to stop it from moving. So we decided to

take advantage of the two trees presence in our area and tied the structure to it, that way the construction will be grounded when the wind becomes too strong.

MATERIALS PVC pipe  Bamboo  Rope  Couplings  Screws  Fabric 



After we have done 75% of our structures, We started thinking of how to connect each Cross section. We voted between using ropes, Or screwing it together. In the end of the day We decided on ropes because it lends the Structure less industrial feel.

SAMPLES We designed several kites before we decide which one we are going to stick with.



Tetsunori Kawana’s work

We were inspired by many works of Tetsunori Kawana. The way he shaped movement using Bamboo as a flexible material stirred us to utilize Bamboo to frame our own kites. Another architect who inspired us was Santiago. His creations involved using tensioning wand tessellating. He uses on his designes tension in curves and multiple vertical columns to uphold structural integrity.

Santiago’s design

REFLECTION Designing and building a project from a small scale to a real project was definitely challenging for me. It was a very good experience for me to work with other classmates and form a collaborative effort to make this project work as it should be. I learned that it is really important to embrace each element that the instructor is teaching us because everything is gain meaning though time, as I learned a lot from my teammates . Our group did a lot of effort to get out only the best of us to archive this project with success.

Final portfolio arch 101