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FRINGE INDIE October/November 09

Prepare to get surprised...

Fringe Indie Team Editor In Chief & Art Director: Flavia Martina ( Fashion Columnist: M. Candela D’Urzo Beauty Columnist: M. Jimena Perez Music Columnist: Denise Maciel Roulier Cinema Columnist: Carolina Romano NY Official Correspondent: Audrey Allure Milan Official Correspondent: Adriana Escarini Contributors in this issue: Amanda Cristina Aberasturi Michelle Winter S.E. Cohn

Published by: Flavia Martina FRINGE INDIE MAGAZINE Cover shot production: Alex Ha Cell: (314) 596-8465



Prepare to get surprised...

contributors in this issue: S.E. Cohn Columnist S.E. Cohn is an American writer living in self-imposed exile in Brazil until both he and America ind a better way to get along. His work has appeared in weekly newspapers and online magazines. He is currently working on a book of short stories.

AUDREY ALLURE New York Correspondent Audrey Allure is currentrly studying Fashion Merchandising & Publishing as a freshman at LIM College. She is pasionate about fashion and art and the overall creative side of the world. She will show you the inside glimpse of the New York fashion life and events from a New Yorker’s point of view.

ADRIANA ESCARINI Milan Correspondent Adriana Escarini is a sports journalist graduated from Deportea Class of 2002. She loves taking photographs and will show you the current events in Europe specially in Milan, Italy.

MICHELLE WINTER Contributor Michelle Winter is studying Journalism at Sunderland University, UK. She gives a funny and acid view of daily life issues relating every people in the world.

AMANDA Music Contributor Amanda is a 7th form student from Auckland in New Zealand. She enjoys playing hockey and music in her spare time, and is considering studying jazz performance at university next year. Asides from performing and attending concerts, Amanda enjoys blogging at and photographing bands.

Letter from the Editor It’s amazing everything that happens in only two months. It received a lot of congratulations on the anniversary issue and increasingly reaching proposals to expand the magazine. In this issue we offer something new: the possibility of buying a paper version via Internet but unfortunately is only for USA and Canada at the moment. In this issue we introduce the fantastic photographer Alex Ha, his aesthetic is amazing, lots of color, shine and lots of light. Also spied Yvan Rodic’s blog and talk with Idílica a new band that will shake up Argentina. Don´t forget to see the BAF Week special and all the other articles we have prepared for you. Enjoy! {Flavia Martina} Editor in Chief

-What are your favorite subjects to photograph? I have always said my favorite subject is me, who doesn’t like seeing themselves, talk about narcissism. Just kidding, I really enjoy shooting people who are on either end of the normal. Normal just doesn’t do it for me anymore.

Do you have any formal training in the art of photography? None, I was taken up the wing of my father who loves photography. It was something I learned in my childhood.

-What inspired your interest in photography? Emotions, either side of me invoking the viewer or something evokes me to photograph it. -What continues to inspire you? Everyday life honestly, I think everything can be taken into account as an inspiration. Today I had tea before class, I stained my notebook, it left a ring and I saw a few idea just from that little event.

{By: Flavia M.}

New York Updates Official Correspondent:

Audrey Allure

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New York Updates

Photograph O

n September 19, hundreds of people gathered on a beautiful day at South Street Seaport for another Newmindspace event. All attendants just needed a camera in order to participate. The main focus of this gathering was to enjoy the moment of taking pictures. People can take photos of practically anything – the sky, the water, the docks, the people, etc., as long as photos were being taken. Wearing costumes were optional, although it just made things a lot more interesting. (If you didn’t want to be the one behind the camera, what better reason is there to get all dressed up and have your own paparazzi moment?) It didn’t matter what type of camera you used either; it was just a fun time for people to meet, bond, and doing something new together. For more pictures, check out their Facebook Event Page (Newmindspace Presents: Photograph): event.php?eid=119073191886&index=1 For further reading:

Photo by: Brian De La Cruz

Photos by: Thomas Art

New York Updates

Toni Francesc Fashion Show


orking at New York Fashion Week definitely paid off in more ways than one. Not only am I getting paid for handing out the wonderful Daily magazines, being introduced to the wonderful samples at the sponsored booths, walking around in the same room as all of these talented editors, photographers, stylists, etc.; I was able to attend one of the shows this year. My friend had an extra invite, but she couldn’t go because she chose to attend the Baby Phat show instead. So she gave it to me. It was a press invite, so I was in the same area as all the photographers. I met a couple of photographers prior to the show and one of them helped me get an amazing view in the front – I was practically front row. A little embarrassed, I took photos with my mere amateur digital camera when the others were snapping away with their professional cameras. Nonetheless, it was an amazing experience with such beautiful designs. There were lots of draping, earthy tones, and it was obvious it was inspired by nature. I haven’t heard of Toni Francesc before but he’s really talented and he produced a fabulous collection.

New York Updates

Ultimate Refresh


MFAO’s single, “La La La”, is the inspiration behind the future ultimate music collaboration created by Black Eyed Peas’ Will.I.Am and Pepsi. According to Pepsi’s press release, Pepsi is “inviting music fans across the country to join in their effort to create a unique music collaboration for the ‘Ultimate Refresh’ of the new single ‘La La La’ by electro hip hop duo LMFAO. Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas is joining Pepsi and LMFAO to produce a user-generated video and music track that will be available to consumers in December 2009.” All users have to do is log onto, select one of four musical talents, vocals, melody, chords or percussion, record a video, submit it and edit it, etc. Further instructions are posted on the website. This is a creative way for users to interact with music and enjoy it in an innovating way. They are able to use the digital mixing player thanks to Pepsi, and make their own version of a cool song. So check it out now, and maybe you’ll end up being in the final mix!

New York Updates

Cafeteria I

’m not talking about your average high school one. I’m referring to a popular spot in New York. Cafeteria provides great customer service as well as their quality food. Their mac-and-cheese is far superior to the one you might be familiar with. They also serve a variety of burgers, sandwiches, salads, etc. The breakfast is exquisite as well. The great atmosphere, the plating of the food – it’s hard to believe such a place is so affordable. You can check them out online at :

MILAN Updates Official Correspondent: ADRIANA ESCARINI

Milan Updates

A journey through the Biennale of Venecia 2009 Make Worlds With the concept of an artwork can be seen as a way to make a world and that only through this art pluridad language emerges, born the 53rd International Art Exhibition Venice: Fare Mondi, Making Words, Sozdavanje Svetovi, Facer of lumi is the name which contains the project. At the show, directed by Daniel Birnbaum, which involved 77 countries with over 90 artists d and ending 22 November, emphasizes the desire to use elements of past and present to make them useful in the future and thus motivate new beginnings. A process that hides worlds where worlds meet. A vision with which the artists invited are freed from the cultural boundaries of the country of origin without becoming a monotonous universe, but a force that becomes a new language of expression that allows duplication and differences in countless variations. Birnbaum, Swedish, 46, is according to the classification of the Art Review number 13 of the most powerful art and believes that the work is not essentially, is what provokes in the viewer. The Biennale is mainly concentrated in two locations: Venice Venezia Giardini and Arsenale. We point out the pavilions and artists must be absolutely Fringe as seen and enjoyed: At Venezia Giardini “The Collectors” First time in the history of the national flag shows that two work together, in this case of Denmark and the Northern Countries (Norway, Finland and Sweden). The duo Elmgreen & Dragset (Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset) is responsible for curing the work which brings together 24 artists who received a special mention from the jury. In a theatrical setting and narrative have been two abandoned houses that show the lifestyle of their former owners. A mansion is intended for a family, provocatively called “A Family”, which was strongly influenced by a maniacal attitude order and insect collection, porcelain, books, art, and when you stop this immediately feel that the components have left with anger and disappointment. As for the other property in which a certain “Mr B”, which floats in the pool where suicide income, spaces are open and light in the house all is strongly shown. While neighbors had sought in collecting an order that did not have, “Mr B” lies in the gay art collecting things a way of expressing their identity, which ultimately has pigeonholed taking it to fulfill a suicide. ‘Rise and Fall’, ‘Provenance’ and ‘Disorient “ The flag of the Netherlands, the Indonesian artist Fiona Tay presented their projects ( “Disorient” was made for the sample) in which using LCD displays 700 years of travel influenced by Marco Polo and “pictures” of people living: all posted as pictures in a museum. At Venice Arsenale “Threshould”, “Death and Row” and “Resistance” In the Chilean flag, local artist Ivan Navarro, shows works in 3 different stands, from 13 gates aluminum containing neon lights, moving to a video that accompanies a bicycle pulling a chair that lights up when one is pedaling to end in a ladder (which looks much like a vertical tunnel) illuminated with the word “bed” to infinity.

“Eleven Heavy Things” The American Miranda July shows a series of fun interactive sculptures in the Giardino delle Vergine. Works by the artist which will be completed when each participant to perform shows and circulated the videos and pictures made with them.

The special mention of Fringe “Making (Perfect) World” PAK Sheung Chuen. This Hong Kong-winning artist exhibits at a house opposite the Venice Arsenale headquarters. His sample is divided into four sectors which complement each other. In “Travel Without A Visual Experience” the artist takes photos made on a trip to Malasya performing them blindly. To generate the same experience puts the viewer in a dark room, so when you enter the same individuals are “forced” to make pictures with the feeling of doing without using sight.

Milan Updates The trio from Venice prepares for a remixes of greatest hits cd coming out in October and the new cd in 2010.

Seduced by No Seduction

amuse, but make people think of their surroundings, the global crisis is not just finance, it is also social and cultural relations and touches the affections of people, not just the wallet. Who makes music and is able - What do you want to con- to speak to people through this medium can not be indifferent. vey in your music? From a purely artistic standpoint, we seek to live our soul - What you can tell us about electronic rock with a dimen- the single and best album - Since releasing the first sion that we love and intrigue. of remixes of 2009 coming single Copyrighted in In projecting a sense and me- out in October? 2008, how do you think aning, we attach great impor- This just seemed the way to changed and evolved the tance to the texts and a certain complete a project begun in Fecommitment and accountability bruary with the free download band’s music? Copyrighted was for us the first regarding the role that we must of a single each month from our electronic experience, who was have as the production of cultu- site (which still can be downborn nearly a game when we re in general. In fact we are not loaded) and also promote the were in the rehearsal room. interested only in entertain and participation of DJ friends and From the first demo in 2005, No Seduction have always set self-produced music with free download and inspiration to perform songs containing texts with meaning. The singer and guitarist Rocco speaks of change and growth of the group and next projects. The band is completed with Marco on bass and Robert on drums.

Putting it in the live we realized that the instruments sued on stage and surprised the public that did not expect such an ending in a rock concert. Our evolution is not yet complete.

remixers from all over Italy. The E.P. has singles, b-sides and a selection of remixes; out simultaneously with our first official video “Spend money, stay cool,” obviously self-produced. The purpose is to deliver it to more people without limiting the Italian territory, but seeking to gain visibility in Europe. After all we are interested mostly promoting our work, which we consider today’s primary.

people, situations and goals with some material as the CD has not had any.

tion, human relations and virtual realities very different from each other. From our small provincial town we also have the ability to - What artist would you reach and be reached from the like to remix your songs sounds and different ideas from and what you would like to around the world. These pomake a song? tentials should be designed and I answer with a real possibility synthesized in the most concise: and a more dreamy. While some short texts, fast, with verses and time in contact with Nano Re- choruses that are recorded in the cords and with Spiller, we would head. like a remix of his. If we think big Surely we will continue with the I can tell Soulwax or Justice. It practice of free download, loo- Why the choice of free could be a song on the new ma- king to take him to a higher ledownload through their site terial and collaborations with A vel. girl & a gun, as sleep would be We are strongly convinced that featuring James Murphy and the network will be increasingly LCD Soundystem’s. the primary means of dissemination not only of music but of ideas, - The inspiration for Non Selifestyles and relationships. Auto duction 2010? produced for a band like ours the The new productions are a higchoice is almost mandatory. Gave her evolution of the experience us the sharing free mode to reach this year, made of contamina-

No Seduction, according to Enrico Veronese (music critic) In a paraphrase of LCD Soundystem’s “Losing my edge” (one of the influences they declare most), No Seduction didn’t sell guitars to buy computers: this Venice-based power trio juxtaposed either, to join rockish and electronics audiences. Started in early 2K years as a garage band, the guys surfed and discovered newest issues and styles, learned how to use softwares too: the result by now is kinda political fidget rock, still evolving in a form of “mobile disco” to cover all the possible venues (NS also programmed gigs in a social centre). A really 2010 band! And James Murphy, on September 4th, was there…

We Bring You The Rocking Sounds on Myspace



( h t t p : / / w w w. m y s p a c e . com/wolfandcub)

( h t t p : / / w w w. m y s p a c e . com/liladowns)

This group of Australia has a selection of songs defined as rock-electronicindie. All tracks are excellent and worth being heard. FIM Choices: -Hearts -Thousand Cuts (with a bit more rocker sound).

For lovers of folk can not miss this singer who provides material in Spanish and English. With a deep privileged voice conveys adrenaline in her songs. FIM Choice: -Little Man

By: Denise Maciel Roulier


Daniel Merriweather (Love & War): This genial Australian-born artist was Gossip (Music for discovered by produ- Men): cer Mark Ronson who was commissioned to The band from Portsponsor this young land led by Beth musical career that Ditto shines with began with the relea- new CD “Music for se of this album. Da- Men” with a few niel with his seductive Cindy Lauper style voice and soul so en- shouts. She melts gaging that gets you the microphone goose bumps, but and enchant their this singer has a life followers. “Music story rather obscu- for Men” is a good re and complicated. album to have fun Merriweather promi- making an exit afses to be the future ter weekend, or why of the soul, with that not? For fun during voice is likely to suc- the week. Excellent ceed. For lovers of punk voice and a soul and anyone who lot of attitude that’s has wanted to hear what I like to listen something new that to those who have really is good, this not heard “Gossip” must be your primary this is a good time. choice.


George Harrison (Let it roll): Eight years after the death of this brilliant musician who was part of the most important rock quartet, published “Let it roll,� an album that compiles some of the great successes of this renowned artist . While the remastering of the Beatles discography can be a great addition to this disc as it burst intensity several issues there are many songs that were left out and I think most fans considered a must have, it is equally understandable that all the excellent music in this author would not enter on a single disc and may even have come too loaded, but the album leaves you wanting to hear some more classics. I think with this album gets it, even if it was best that he gets it when he still lived. Lastly, we recommend it is always good and revel in this case there is no better way than with this record. Enjoy!.

By: Amanda

A Taste of New Zealand Music S

itting amidst my eclectic mess of a room can be likened to browsing my music collection. Asides from international acts, there are so many bands and EPs from New Zealand that my previous excitement to share something has transformed into dread – where would I even begin?! One article would not suffice in anyone’s neverending quest to share, exchange and attain music to broaden their leg-tapping horizons, so for now I’ve decided to begin with bands I’ve had a more three-dimensional experience with: ones I’ve seen live, of course!


nbeknownst to me at the time, my affair with the raucously harmonious Cut Off Your Hands began in 2007 when a boy acquainted me with their EP, a year after their formation and release of said EP. Formally named Shaky Hands (the name change to the title of their first EP was prompted by similarities to a band from Portland, Oregon), the Auckland band have now been based in London for two years; playing up on their chaotic, yet well-rehearsed live energy on tours with the likes of We Are Scientists and Bloc Party. Dubbed as power-pop post-punk rock with their unsubtle, witty lyrics, the crowd favourite tends to be the much-aired track, Oh Girl. However, my personal top three are, hands-down, Expectations, Closed Eyes and Still Fond – which comprised their closing songs at their last show, much to my photo-snapping, fan-girl glee in the front row. With their sound ranging from infectious pop love songs to snappy, bass-driven tunes such as Takes Slowly Over, it’s no surprise that even the NZ Herald hailed You & I (debut album released late 2008) as the “most enjoyable and fun New Zealand album since the Mint Chicks’ Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!”.


hich leads placidly to my saccharine love for the band, Mint Chicks. The thenquartet featuring the Nielson brothers Kody and Ruban, along with drummer Paul Roper and bassist Michael Logie met and formed in high school in 2001. Most frequent descriptions of the band’s genre have been power-pop or noise rock, the Mint Chicks are notorious for their catchy hooks and experimental elements as well as their dynamic live shows. Releasing two EPs and three albums under the acclaimed New Zealand independent record label, Flying Nun, the Mint Chicks have also supporting credits for international acts such as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Death From Above 1979 and The White Stripes under their belt. Their second album, Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! has been their most successful commercial stint so far, winning five awards at the 2007 NZ Music Awards before their relocation to Portland, Oregon, minus bassist Logie. While songs such as I Don’t Want To Grow Old and Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! have become cemented in party playlists, other highlights include the audibly crazy yet lyrically subtle 2010, If My Arm Was A Mic Stand, Would You Hold My Hand?, and the oxymoronically depressing sound of the beautiful Life Will Get Better Some Day.

By: Denise Maciel

IdĂ­lica IdĂ­lica is a band of southern Buenos Aires, more precisely from the iconic Republic of Wilde. From there and for the world, IdĂ­lica composes their songs imbued with existentialism and fantastic events that pass through the ether and brains. Musically, the band is influenced by the Alternative Rock, Psychedelic dyes, Guitars Noise, coupled with the strength of a true power trio. They are currently in the process of mastering their second EP, will be launched in April 2009, in a official way.

- Under what conditions did the band started? De Void:The band grew out of an artistic need that I suffered then. In 2006, when he began Idyllic, came from a group with a different conception, a style too eclectic and I started to feel like a corset, say. Idyllic is a band that prioritizes the rock song format, within that culture feeds on other musical styles such as psychedelic, the postpunk, some dance beats and lyrical content differently, say that the message behind the music and not glossing over either. I think time these events determined the existence of the band. - I understand you suffered several lineup changes, do you struggled to adapt? De Void: It is always difficult to keep in time with the same people. Today, I am the only original member of Idyllic, Smosh is already a long time and their contribution is essential and Bubba recently joined. But relations inevitably wear out, especially those in which there is no personal empathy between the members, that happened in some isolated cases and there were other changes that were strictly

musical. I always had in my head what musicians in styles of playing that I would like to bring their talents to the band. Today, fortunately the situation is less than ideal. Smosh: All human group is very difficult to maintain unhealthy mental condition, I remember at one point in the process of recording our second EP, we tried like 5 drummers, some friends gave a great hand, others pretty crazy route rock, what is important, as is the music, rock, and being in a band is having a relationship, which today, and we shoot rays of love all around! jaja! - I know you shared shows with several recognized bands, what do you think you got from the experience? De Void: The shows with popular bands are usually positive for people who know your proposal. From the emotive, sharing the stage with Massacre and Juana La Loca was very nice, I’ve seen a lot of bands since I was a teenager. The date surprised me most was the Hostess: we agreed to play with them after we saw them play live, his shows are playing a lot with the pop star’s pose and inflamed fans. His audience greeted us magnificently, despite coming from a very different style. It was a divine date. With Massacre happened to us equally, that show was unforgettable. - At the time of writing, what inspires you? De Void: I personally do not believe much on inspiration as a process sublime work with ideas, phrases, or thoughts that I might take many months to mature into deeds. I take it as a very complex process, because I am my most ruthless critic. My requirement is to be a great composer or work to be, and I would not skid on ideas I am not convinced. Usually, I think my inspiration is more inventive. I do not usually write about things of mine or people around me. I do not like to expose myself so much. For me, writing is a mystery. It mixes the surreal with existentialism. Smosh: Like my colleague, I do not think that something will magically go down and exit music is something you have to work with great intensity, the songs are born from an idea, are a form of expression, art. - Which of your tracks could be a hit? De Void: The songs are needs to channel and if we think that, we diminish the importance of music. The matter of the hit has more to do with business with the office of musician and minstrel, so completely beyond me. Hopefully someday it will be all my songs, it would give me the opportunity to continue composing more and that people fall in love with Idyllic as we are. Smosh: I think the word is very ambiguous Hit really Idyllic soundscapes created for people who have a quest, like us. - Do you have any record proposal? De Void: No, and not the idea either, for the moment. We need many live shows and showing the art in many places before we launch into that. We release two EPs for the time being totally independent, Karma in a car without checking (2007) and Procession (2009) although we are not bound forever to be independent. If someone wants to invest in this project is greeted with open arms. - How would your ideal show, What would imagine that it, where would it be? De Void: I’d like to play in Tokyo and in Coachella, California. My dream would be to do many concerts here in Works. I’ve seen shows there and always memorable to me was that magic rock above. I would also like to make a Pink Floyd concert in Pompeii type, but rather psychedelic in Wilde, opposite the station. It would be nice. Smosh: I love to play in some cave in London, why not at the legendary Cavern Club, where they began the 4 fantastic! (See the beatles) and here, I would do a minimally works with the entire stage full of marshals ringing stickball, or in a cabaret, why not?

- Do you have a demo? Karma in a car without checking (2007) Procession beat (2009) - With respect to their shows, many people do you carry?. Has there been a change (for good) in the public about the beginning? De Void: Fortunately, people are beginning to identify with the proposal and we see a change in the interest it generates. Little by little, we’re making a name in South Zone and also in Rosario where we travel to play often. I think it’s important to start by close neighbors know us but still much as he says AC / DC “It’sa long way to the top if you want to rock and roll” - Lastly, a desire for this year? De Void: To strengthen the intensity of live shows and more people gather to continue to Idyllic. The rest comes from gifts and would be welcomed. Smosh: Achieve indecency of Republic Wilde. Idilica/42763728194

By: Denise Maciel

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The Beatles

Following the 40th anniversary of the breakup of the band that revolutionized rock and a large pool of young and not so young now, McCartney, Starr and the widows of Lennon and Harrison were used by a large mass of sound engineers remaster the complete works of the Beatles. Cleaning up and improving the sound quality pieces were recovered as important as the 4 major artists felt at that moment in the study, while differences between certainties and did what they knew best, music. Although not spoken yet to pass the Blu-Ray discs, the quality and dedication with which he cleaned up the sound has shown impressive improvements, but in the technological age in which we live is really what some engineers said “only going to pass the CDs to their iPods or mp3. Speaking more on the breakup of the band itself, have been run over the years rumors (many) about the “why?�, Most linked to the figure of Yoko Onno and strength she gave John. While that may generate differences in the bond of the 4 from Liverpool was not the reason for the separation and this year reading an article from one of my favorite magazines could confirm suspicions that I have had very little about why they separated (it should be clear that I grew up listening to the Beatles), I always thought that as many bands economic factors have altered the structure and summarizing a little all that wonderful note says, was right. That was one of many factors in addition to already worn (not musically, because there were Beatles for much longer), there were many differences between them, differences that could not handle. Still to this day left us a great legacy of music, a magnificent jewel, thanks to new technology today we can see as if we were in the studio with them.

Photographer: Victoria Leites Models: Lucila Godoy - Lucho Jacob para Civiles Vestry: Miuki Madelaire -Rezaduro Make Up: Virgina Taboada Styling: Ramiro Gimenez Links:

Buenos Aires Fashion Week Photographs by:








S/S Jewellery Must-Have Designs By: Cristina Alberasturi. For orders and inquiry: To view products:

sea dreams- necklace( metal star fish, suede ribbons, glass beads)

star fish fantasy -ring ( metal star fish, glass beads, torquosie)

ethereal bracelet ( glass leaves, glass beads, swarovski crystals, fresh water pearls)

black wrap ( onyx, swarovski, hematite)


Yvan Rodic: A Photo Journal If you ever heard about the blog: “Face Hunter�, Yvan Rodic is its creator. Photographer and lover of fashion and new trends captivates the cyber world with a new blog, more personal, where he shows, through his own photographs, his travels around the world.

By: {Flavia M.}

By: Flavia M.

Fashionology - When did Fashionology started and what were your aspirations back then? I’m studying art science in the Netherlands and wanted to specialize into fashion, because I want to work for a magazine. I started my blog this February so that I could gain some experience. My goal was writing about fashion museums/exhibitions, fashion weeks and showing my style to my readers. Since I started I always wanted to do more than blogging. I noticed that the jewelry I liked was too expensive or just wasn’t for sale in stores so I got the idea to make my own jewelry and sell it to my readers and later on eBay. Right now it is a big success, I am selling lots of jewelry and receive many positive reactions, which so amazing! I never expected it to become such a success. - How is your creative process? I watch people on the street, at magazines and of course at fashion bloggers, next I write down my ideas and start searching for the supplies at European markets, distributors and the Internet. I make all my jewelry myself except for the silver rings. I am planning on designing my own rings in the future though. After I have made the jewelry I make pictures with my camera and put them on eBay for sale.

days! Right now they’re back in stock again! - What design is the one you sold the most? The Bird Skull Necklace, Silver Knuckle Rings, Harness Necklaces and the Spiked Bracelets. - Which icon would you love to wear your creations? Fashion bloggers for sure! In my opinion there has been a change in the fashion world, because fashion trends start more and more with fashion bloggers. Bloggers have gain lots of power in the fashion world. - What pieces do you recommend for the new season? I would definitely say large rings, like knuckle rings & armor rings and body jewelry like chains on the shoulders, hands & harness necklaces. - Where can we find your art work? (because the pieces that you make should be considered art). Thank you for the compliment, but right now the only places where you can find my jewelry are on my blog: and on eBay.

- The style of the line is very defined, who are your references? My references are my blog readers, fashion bloggers and style icons like Erin Wasson and Alexa Chung, but I also use myself as a reference of course. I have lots of ideas, which I want to realize and make for my buyers because there is a need but no demand yet, I want to become that demand for a reasonable price. - What is your favorite piece in the collection? My favorite piece is definitely the Bird Skull Necklace! It is very Pamela Love inspired but way cheaper. The first time I was selling the bird skull necklaces they were sold out in two

Images by: Rachel D

Anniversary DOM: A year ago opened this bar in Quilmes Buenos Aires Argentina, modern and stylish. The event was hosted by Ale Lacroix (MTV VJ Argentina) and Matias Camisani (Model and husband of model Dolores Barreiro) who were responsible for dressing the night of pure and incredible sound. Leaving to the music and good company made possible a magical night that left us waiting for another anniversary and, meanwhile, continue to enjoy good music. Cheers. For many more anniversaries!.


More Lives Than You Will Ever Know By: S.E. Cohn

There is a woman out there who I love dearly. I have said it out loud before, but only when I am close to the floor. It is much easier to squash such a thing when it’s that low. Well, see, I love her now a whole lot. I didn’t really before. I mean, I did, but well, I was stupid. I would fuck around a lot. I thought different pussy was always gonna be different. But it always ends up the same. Usually mad at me. So, as the story goes, I got her sister pregnant. Did I mention she had--not her sister, but Eilene--has had two abortions for me? Simply because I asked her to, and she loved me. But I didn’t really love her, even though I do, but not really at the time. So, ya, I fuck around and I started doing it with her sister. And like I said, her sister gets pregnant. I guess I got one hell of a seed. Christ. Anyhow, I decided the right thing to do would be to tell Eilene. I brought out the Teacher’s whiskey, and I had her sit with me on the floor. We had a few drinks. Maybe six or so. She started telling me that we should probably stop drinking like this. I asked her if she would like to move up to the table. But that wasn’t what she meant. She continued on about how we were killing ourselves or something, and what the hell was on my mind? Just then I remembered this phrase from our little Portuguese phrase book--we used to try to learn one phrase a night. It was under the emergency section. “Nao ha antidoto para essa vemeno.” So, I said it. My face got sweaty. I guess I panicked. What that means is “there no antidote for this poison.” She slapped my leg like I was playing around. “I love that one! Like, why would anyone ever need that phrase? I’ll drink to that,” she exclaimed. But that wasn’t what I was trying to say. So then I came clean. I told her how I fuck around and got her sister pregnant. She stood up and over me looking horribly massive and powerful. Then she said with a clenched, low voice, “Well, kill it like you killed mine.” I don’t know where she is now. I’ve been stuck to the floor for a few days. It is easy to squash such a thing when it’s that low.

By: Michelle Winter

Power to the People!

While reading PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives by Frank Warren, which is a book compiled of secrets sent to Warren by anonymous people, I came across one entry which intrigued me. It was written on the thin legs on a photograph of a model from a magazine:‘I envy the will power of anorexics’ I stopped and looked at the page for a few minutes and wondered how many other readers across the world shared her secret. The entry also inspired me to conduct my own experiment; how do anorexics do it? There is so much documented about anorexia and gossip magazines criticize models and actresses for being too skeletal, but I wanted to know what goes on behind closed doors. Is will power enough to keep anorexics going? My column this issue is my introduction to the experiment, during which I will attempt to lose weight using tactics from pro anorexia forums and do-

cument my journey in the upcoming issue of FRINGE INDIE. This will be a learning curve for myself as I have never visited any of those forums but have heard about their negative effects in various television programmes. Such forums are a place where people suffering from anorexia and other eating disorders can support each other and detail what they go through to lose weight. I will be documenting the diets forum members follow and what tricks they use to stay thin. Although I will not actually make myself anorexic, from this experiment I expect to tell FRINGE INDIE readers the dangers of using these forums and documenting why losing weight quickly is not advisable. Until the next time‌

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