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Alejandro Annichรกrico Closet fiesta mobile fuerza bruta idioma romance & MORE


Editor-In-Chief: Flavia Martina Fashion: María Candela D’urzo Beauty: María Jimena Perez.

CoverShot Photographer: Alejandro Annichárico Contact: www.myspace.com/scrambizzare www.flickr.com/photos/photobizzare

Entertainment: +Music: Dolly M. Roulier. +Cinema: Carolina Romano. Enviromental: Flavia Martina. Photography & Imaging: Flavia Martina.


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OUR CONTRIBUTORS + IN THIS Hello Fringe Indie Readers! I’m Audrey [Allure], your New York correspondent writer. I live a fast paced life in New York City while studying Fashion Merchandising & Publishing as a freshman at LIM College – a private college for the Business of Fashion. I love anything related to fashion and art and the overall creative side of the world. Besides fashion, I love music – mostly alternative rock and indie beats. I attend concerts whenever I can as well as any events from art gallery exhibitions, fashion celebrations, to wacky ones (public pillow fights, etc.) I also love playing tennis; it’s what keeps me in shape. I was the tennis captain in high school, and I am still continuing in this sport on my free time. What I hope to bring to this magazine is the inside glimpse of the New York fashion life from a New Yorker’s point of view, and anything interesting people might want to know about happening here in the Big Apple.

Name: Adriana Residence: Milano Sign: Pisces About me: read (authors like Jonathan Safran Foer, saint euxupery, Garcia Marquez and Richard Yates) music (from Queen to Phantom Planet, Etta James and Ben Lee, TV On The Radio and The Like) travel (London and Valencia by Now my favorite cities) write and paint. Addictions: chocolate, cinema, PWP, muffins and California Bakery sweets, vanilla coffee from Starbucks’s Soho in London and love to take photos. Title: sports journalist graduated from Deportea Class of 2002. Things I don’t quit: my family, my friends, my independence and dreaming.

+ CORRESPONDENTS ISSUE Name: Barry Wright, III Website: http://www.3stylelife.com Studies: Mathematics – Duke University Interests: Fashion, design, education, marketing, mathematics, electronic music. Vision: Temporary modifications and designs which tell an evocative story. I am most interested in the concept of microdesign; garments which can be changed in many ways by the consumer, and designs which can be reversed, undone, or redone with ease. I want to provide the tools and knowledge for the wearer to incorporate their own creativity into their clothing.

Name: Michelle Winter - I am a second year student studying BA (Hons) Journalism at Sunderland University, UK - My interests are fashion, music (my ipod is always with me!), art and traveling - The vision for my section of FRINGE is to let readers know what is going on in England, what I have been up to and what I think about certain issues (this issue I discuss social networking sites and last issue I looked at thrift shopping) - FRINGE INDIE is a fantastic magazine that you all treasure dearly, because I know I do!

ALSO: We are pleased to incorporate Jim Ru & Florencia de Graaff to this issue.

Letter from the Editor In this issue we go back to our roots to introduce you to “The Photographer”. This time we show Alejandro Annichárico, a talented photographer from Bogota, Colombia. We also present Closet, an indie band from Buenos Aires and a new local store called Idioma Romance. We still continue with the sections of Makeup, Myspace and all that happened in Milan and New York. See you in two months with more scoop.

{Flavia Martina} Editor in Chief


Alejandro Annichรกrico

The Photographer

What are your favorite subjects to photograph?

The degree of intimacy and human cruelty, innocence and “naive� has a vital role in my photography that fits in a surreal and abstract, taking into account the pure, simple, everyday life. Hence my dream characters, as I call them.

Do you have any formal training in the art of photography?

I trained as a publicist. However, all my life I have been very close to art as a means of expression. Photography began in a very empirical and natural way (which I feel very lucky) and I always link it to anything, including of course my education.

What inspired your interest in photography?

One of my greatest inspirations were the family albums, nostalgia all soaked in these images, where I can just see my parents years ago, to realize that the memories and emotions can be frozen and revived in a growing feeling that you dare to look back each time. It is magical.

What continues to inspire you?

Everyday life, all human actions t my house, that does not appear sm tivates me and invites me to conti them in sensations.

that I see every day when leaving maller than irrelevant ... just moinue capturing images and save

{By: Flavia Martina}

New York Updates {Official Correspondent: Audrey Allure}

Music in Subway Stations By Audrey Allure

A majority of us take the subway to get to wherever we need to go everyday. You may even hear or see someone performing at the subway station. What you may not know is that those performers actually had to audition in order to perform in that designated area. The MTA have a program called MUNY (Music Under New York), which strives to reflect and bring the culture & diversity of New York City’s people through music. They seek musicians from all types of cultures. Some performances that you have witnessed were music by Chinese percussion instruments, a Flamenco guitar, steel drums, a Senegalese kora, or even some dancers. This program has been going on since 1985. Currently, over 100 musicians participate in MUNY performing about 150 times a week at 25 different set locations throughout the transit system. For more info, you can visit: http://www.mta.info/mta/aft/muny/.

www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc

{By: Audrey Allure}

Fuerza Bruta Fuerza Bruta was a remarkable 360 degrees experience. Above you, you see flying acrobats soaring around the room. In front, people are walking on a treadmill-like walkway, suddenly crashing into a wall of confetti consisting of paper and styrofoam. The performers may even ask a few members of the audience to dance and stand with them while a block of confetti crashes down onto them on a separate part of the show. Fuerza Bruta constantly changes the room for different acts to perform; the audience is asked to move several times in order to give room for either props or the moving stage. The most popular act of the show, also mentioned on America’s Next Top Model, is when the performers slide and thump on a plastic sheet filled with water above the audience. What many people don’t know is that the sheet actually starts up high, and gradually lowers until it’s about 1 inch above the heads of the audience. You are allowed to even feel the sheet as the performers swim across and do water acrobatic stunts. Towards the end of the show, you are free to dance with water pouring down from the ceiling – the DJ is spinning loud music while adding even more water with the hose in his hands. Overall, it was a thrilling show and it didn’t matter where you stood because everything happened all around you. It is a 70 minute standing performance, and for more information check out their website at: http://www.fuerzabrutanyc.com.

mILAN Updates {Official Correspondent: Adriana Escarini}

FringeIndieTV http://www.youtube.com/FringeIndieTV http://www.youtube.com/FringeIndieTV http://www.youtube.com/FringeIndieTV http://www.youtube.com/FringeIndieTV http://www.youtube.com/FringeIndieTV http://www.youtube.com/FringeIndieTV http://www.youtube.com/FringeIndieTV http://www.youtube.com/FringeIndieTV http://www.youtube.com/FringeIndieTV http://www.youtube.com/FringeIndieTV http://www.youtube.com/FringeIndieTV http://www.youtube.com/FringeIndieTV http://www.youtube.com/FringeIndieTV http://www.youtube.com/FringeIndieTV http://www.youtube.com/FringeIndieTV http://www.youtube.com/FringeIndieTV http://www.youtube.com/FringeIndieTV http://www.youtube.com/FringeIndieTV http://www.youtube.com/FringeIndieTV http://www.youtube.com/FringeIndieTV

From April 21-27, over 400 events in the twentieth edition of Design Week.

24 hours at Fuori Salone in Milan Fringe Indie spent a day in one of the most important weeks of design in Italy.

{By: Adriana Escarini}

Fiesta Mobile In the irst event held in a department of the belle époque Studio of Rita Favetti located in an elegant palazzo on Via Montebello 14, Milano, where the ‘Fiesta Mobile’ was held inspired by the book Fiesta by the Ernest Hemingway. A French bohemian atmosphere, a jazz band at admission for the reception and a free open bar, surrounded by works of young designers from across Italy. A couple of ideas that gave a touch of class where a souvenir book and a quiz to see how much we knew about Hemingway.

We love some things in particular: Pepitosa collars, bird houses by Dot Design and custom brooches by BlackPio.

Puma Easy Rider Cocktail Party!

After running we moved to Tortona where Rodeo Magazine presented the Puma Cocktail Party. In the console dj Marcelo Burlon (Pink is Punk). Large windows and couches were covered with shoes that honor the theme. Income with super selection and great fun.

Designers in block With love from the UK ... Designers in block came from England to perform a show in a very special gallery: A repaired house in the Barrio Isola that now specializes in art demonstrations. Scottish music live with a bit of Kilt, grafiti from outsiders artists, and a cinema with short ilms!. But without a doubt what we most enjoyed was the Intimate Karaoke by Arabeschi di Latte, a group of Italian women that since 2001 is responsible for mixing food, design and communication. We have resisted the move, the parties and the number of people. Now we have to rest and recharge the batteries. The summer will bring us more things to see.

CASTING We are in the search of: - Cool Hunter Photographers (anywhere in the world). -Columnists (to write about any form of art). -Special online columnists (to write for our official blog frequently). -Editorial Photographers to contrubute for Fashion Productions. If you are interested send an email to contact@fringemagazine.tk

www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc www.fringemagazine.co.cc

By: Dolly Maciel Roulier

Music Morrissey (Years of Refusal): A record that remains is the novelty of the new formerly of The Smiths, Morrissey who is winning with that lovely voice. While this record has going on sale in February could not stop mentioning it. That British accent and seductive tone in his voice left me petrified. It is really a good album and I think the fans of this amazing musician, the true fans that come with it since its inception in The Smiths, will appreciate this new release. To enjoy and delight! .. Score: 4

Wilco (The album): Wilco is an alternative band from Chicago that started in’94. Their music is great, with much feeling. The new album of the band maintains that essence but they need to bring a bit more of a feeling that soaked us in previous LPs. Also take my praise and I suppose that those of their followers, too!. I recommend listening to this band really is very good. Score: 4

Reviews Incubus (Monuments and Melodies): After a while without news (since 2006 with no new record) we know that this June 16, 2009 gain on sale a double-disc, greatest hits mix and a b-side. It seems that they have produced only three new songs including songs titled ‘Black Heart Inertia’ and ‘Midnight Swim’, despite the critical pre-launch may be a good album only if you select all the songs correctly that we want to hear, but will be another band to fall into the temptation of a greatest hits. Hopefully enlighten us a bit !.....

Placebo (Battle for the sun): After nearly a decade without Steve Hewitt on drums, the band led by Brian Molko launches new album, produced by Dave Bottrill, who is the mastermind behind multitool and mixed by Alan Molded who has worked with My Bloody Valentine, Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, among others. This London band still retains its style and we are pleased to hear the new album is a very good, although I preferred the former ones. Anyway ... recommended! ..

{By: Dolly Maciel Roulier}

Oasis in Buenos Aires O

n 03/05 in front of a large crowd in the River Plate stadium, the British band of the Gallagher brothers who seem to be giving their “last” recital, said goodbye to their fans. While we know Liam and Noel do not have a good relationship, and that is a primary factor, in the time the action was already under way and when Noel sang “Don’t Look Back In Anger” Liam had left the scene, it gave much to think and actually saw how bad their relationship is.


ut of all the discord bet-

ween them, the show was great with some of their signature songs: “Rock & roll star”, “Lyla,” “Shock of the Lightning,” “Cigarettes and Alcohol”, “Meaning of Soul” “Waiting for the raoture” and “I’m outta time”, among others, and ended with a cover of the Beatles “The eggman”. A truly enchanting performance of Oasis. They took my heart, my applause, my praise. While being the “last” show some tracks were missing (not performed because they were not even included in the tour) and I think we all left thirsty

for more. Anyway, the show was impressive, but we all expected a bit more.


he support bands were Estelares (stunning, magical and divine action of the band), Mole (very good new band of Soda Stereo’s Charly Alberti) and Los Tipitos (was very long and it seemed as if they had wanted to steal the whole show).


ell I would close the topic and begin to pray that this is not the last show of this British band and more to come! .. Please!.

We Bring You The Rocking Sounds on Myspace



( h t t p : / / w w w. m y s p a c e . com/beirro)

( h t t p : / / w w w. m y s p a c e . com/superflashbandmix)

Veteran of the under circuit in Buenos Aires. His music is pure rock with a mix of funk. Best tracks: - Abismo. - Rio.

Argentinean duo formed by George Rock and Dana Pop. Their music is a mix of electronic pop and rock perfect for a night of pure dance. Best tracks: - Johnny Crack - Under Remix.

EMILY WELLS: ( h t t p : / / w w w. m y s p a c e . com/emilywells) She says: “I love rap music and Vivaldi”. Her music is a great mixture of classics and electronic. All the tracks are worth listening but we choose: - Mt Washington. - Juicy.

LES MARIE ANTONINETTES: (www.myspace.com/lesmarieantoinettes) From Paris this band blow us away. Only one track that won us, a perfect rock balad named: Q.

Members: Ramiro Gimenez Voice and guitar, Demian Scalona, guitar.

CLOSET - Under what circumstances arose Closet? Closet, emerged with the plot to experiment with new rhythms, styles and lyrics; The year was 2006 when we started with a friend who plays drums, I remarked that he knew a bass player, we contact him and began testing some of my songs, in a hall of Palermo, then joined a guitarist, buddy of mine from college, and everything began to take color, then a few months of work come the night of the debut in the unione & benevolenza, then playing in all corners of the under circuit in Buenos Aires, and by little consolidate band to form Closet. While this was the initial formation of the band, then came big changes in Closet and went through a transition phase where its members were modified. Until today.

Basically at the time we get together each had its particular taste but coincided in many respects, listening to bands from NYC or Uk or Europe many indie artists, European cinema, and great writers, like Oscar Wilde, Herman Hesse, JK Chesterton, JL Borges , Dostoyevsky, Truman Capote, Julio Cortazar. The filmmakers also left us as their own, Alfred Hitchcock, Martin Scorsese, Dario Argento, Peter Greenaway, Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, Frank Miller, Ingmar Bergman, Emir Kusturika, Francis Ford Coppola and the bands that gave us both fire are: Interpol , Joy Division, Velvet undergruond, Sigus ross, Radiohead, Juno Reactor, Portishead, The Strokes, The Doors, Siouxie and the Banshees, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Muse, Placebo, Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss, The editors, mars volta.Arcade FIRE, we like the most new ones or not as - What musical influences Justice, M83, Crystal Castles, Blod Red were you based on? Shoes and many others .. For us the influences come from various points of art, we believe that the band is - And how would you describe an musical integrity, aesthetic and artis- the sound that had some time tic content of each of these influences, ago and now have, Have you reflected in some way in Closet, whether changed a bit? in letters, pictures, melodies everything The sound that we had some time ago that relates to a creative composition for I see it as a story of Walt Disney, now the band.. some of the issues that you’d change

the intent, and did more apocalyptic, I think it came out of Closet rigid structure, which began to initiate travel much more risky when it comes to sounds, and I carry on taking other trips, other speed. Times of change helped to find other adventures. - Your Shows: How are they?, How would you describe the atmosphere that is created there? The shows for us are innovative ceremonies, where we try to create a climate, we give importance to the lighting, the backline, with audiovisual and imprints of allusive imagery that generates the feeling of a space where anything is possible, we try to introduce an object which represents the prosecution or the speed, when we go to feel we are playing out hunting wolves .. - If get to play somewhere in paradise, what would it be? If we had the opportunity to play in a real paradise for us would be very big, playing in space, under the sea, Russia, Berlin, Africa, Tokyo. - Is there any record label that is tracking you guys? Yes, there is one group that publishes American indies bands from around the world that chose us by listening to Mi Avi贸n at myspace. http://www. myspace.com/closetset

- What is the most striking proposal you had? Once we were offered to make music for a film about dwarf giraffes that was never filmed. - And the largest project undertaken so far? Burn an album is definitely the most important we made so far. - What is your highest aspiration for the future? The highest aspiration we can have as a band is to transcend time as a group of friends who made good tracks, and that the songs can make them go to anyone who heard or simply raise awareness. - And a desire / project to reach this year? Further recording tracks and progress, give more and communicate everyone Closet’s music.


ind CLOSET at:

http://www.myspace.com/closetset http://www.purevolume.com/closetset http://closetrockband.blogspot.com/ http://www.fotolog.com/closetrockband Contact: closetrockband@gmail.com {Dolly M. Roulier}

fiesta su


{By: Jim Ru}

Oil Region Indie Music and Art Festival The third annual Oil Region Indie Music and Art Festival will take place Saturday, June 13 from 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Seneca Street in Oil City, PA. It will be held in conjunction with the irst of the Oil City Business Association’s Summer Saturday Street Fair events. Food and craft vendors will set up along Seneca Street.

Performers this year include Newmen, Remora Deign, The Old Hats, Well-Strung, Joy Ike, Two Ton Flower, Nathaniel Custer, Mitchell Littler, Susette Jolley, Justin Parsons, Brian Stoltenburg, Brooke Annibale, and Secretly Plotting Your Burial.

Independent musicians from up and down western Pennsylvania will perform original work on two stages: soloists in Pipeline Alley between the National Transit Building and the Annex; and bands on Seneca Street in front of Classy Catering.

There will be hands-on art projects, including pottery wheels, stained glass demos, and reiki massage.

Musical styles range from folk to rock to bluegrass to “metal without the metal.”

Admission is free.

Audience participation is encouraged.

Visitors are also encouraged to bring their own instruments and set up in locations along the street or in the historic National Indie musicians strive to keep an Transit Building. original style, according to Jero- The 20 National Transit Art Stume Wincek of The Old Hats, who dios will be open to the public is helping to plan the festival. during the festival.

{By Florencia de Graaff}

Body Art in The use of the human body as material for works of art starts in the twentieth century with the beginning of conceptual art. Soledad Sanchez Goldar’s happening “Body for sale or chicken pox effect”- which is presented in ArteBA09 with Galería Animal- make us relect on the existence of limits in art. Soledad Sanchez Goldar presents a happening in which sells body parts by tattooing herself a small red circle similar to the ones used in galleries to indicate that a piece was sold. With this controversial act she plans to shoot on the art market, money and power. Sanchez Goldar shows us in this performance that a person with money has power over another and is able to force someone to make a painful and permanent mark on their skin. The self-injuries and self-mutilation in the art contain a message. When an artist works with their body breaks rules challenging the scope of bias and censorship as an ideological subversion. In today´s society the body is an object of consumption and auction; body image functions as depositary of political desire. But, how does it come to the artistic level? Allan Kaprow –American painter- poses that the artist, rather than speaking with words, can talk with the body by making it a free territory and using it to open to the world because “the line between art and life should be kept as luid, and perhaps indistinct, as possible”. Many artists who dedicated their work to body art argue that art must escape all questioning and push the limits set by society. In the twentieth century art extends to take ownership of the human body as a support for ar-

tistic expression. Between 1919 and 1921 Man Ray made a series of photographs of Marcel Duchamp where he appears with his head shaved as a peak or transvestite, embodying his alter ego, Rose Selavy. This idea was reined and body art´s intention is to transform the artist’s body in an attempt to derive the transformation of his personality and his environment. With the advent of conceptual art in the hands of Duchamp, the artwork was dematerialized. To release the works of submission of the market and leave behind the exhibits in galleries and museums, artists began to experiment with these new materials. The body becomes the feedstock appellant. In 1960 Yves Klein presented his “Blue period anthropometry assembly” in which, instead of using live models to copy, he painted women with blue paint and made them run all over a canvas. Piero Manzoni also used the body as an artistic material. In 1961 he presents “Live sculptures”: naked women with his signature placed somewhere in their body. This signature gave them a certiicate of authenticity along with the inscription “to certify that this X has been signed with my hand and, therefore, from this moment is a real and true work of art”. If the work was signed in red it indicated that the whole body was a work of art and would be so until its death. If the signature was in yellow, only the body part signed was a work of art but, if the signature was green it imposed a limitation: the body would be a work of art as long as it stayed in a speciic position –for example, the body is a work of art while sleeping or sit-. But if signed in mauve it meant the same as in red but, in this case, the title had been secured by payment. In the early seventies body art becomes more aggressive because the idea was to seek the limits of the body through the rituals associated

with life and death. Artists defy the own body transforming it into a tool of resistance and pain. For example, Chris Burden was shot in the arm inside a gallery in 1971 and, on another occasion, he remained forty-three hours seated on a stool until he collapsed. Gina Pane said “to live one´s own body also means discovering one´s own weakness, the tragic and relentless servitude of their limitations, their wear and precarious means knowing that the ghosts are merely a re!lections of myths created by society that cannot accept, without reacting, the language of the body”. Pane´s injuries express a social and political commitment. On one occasion she climbed a metal frame bristling with pins that stuck in her feet and hands to denounce the war in Vietnam. Another artist dedicated to body art is Marina Abramovic who in 1975 brushed her hair with a metal comb hurting her face and damaging her hair while repeating “art must be beautiful, the artist must be beautiful”. Abramovic, in another of her performances, she offered her body to the viewers and provided them with a variety of instruments that could in!lict pain and even death -between them was a loaded gun-. One of the spectators thought of shooting her but others, horri!ied, wanted to prevent it. Regardless of whether the shooting took place or not, Abramovic´s performance was a success because it highlighted the daily violence and the fact that we are responsible for our actions: every moment is an opportunity to make decisions in which depends not only our life but, also, the lives of others. When analyzing the evolution of body art, we can say that the nineties really began in 1987 when the body recovers it´s force in the history of art in the hands on the collective Gran Fury who reacts against apathy and disinterest of the U.S. government on AIDS. This group of artists criticized the

apocalyptic and retrograde speech of Ronald Reagan in reference to patients who had fallen into a “scourge of God” with silhouettes of human body with lacerations caused by this disease. Another example of this decade is the French artist Orlan who, between 1990 and 1994, underwent seven plastic surgeries to change her face and body transforming herself into several models of art history. She copied the chin of Botticelli’s Venus, Diana’s nose, Mona Lisa´s forehead, the mouth of Boucher´s Europe and the eyes of Gérôme’s Psyque. For her, this performance was not only a physical change because the injuries were performed under local anesthesia and transmitted via internet and she could share her pain with the world. This pain symbolized how women are able to attack their self and how body is treated as a subject willing to be abused. Orlan remained smiling while being dis!igured in the operating table suggesting a triumph over male violence: she wasn´t being abused by a man but by herself. Today the body is no longer just a physical territory but an area where values can be changed. The notion that people can make changes in their body due to the pressure from the cosmetics industry, fashion and consumerism exacerbated the desire of women and men to transgress the majority rules. The body becomes a transit, a behavior that seeks to challenge the rules through performances and appearances. We have an artistic expression that explores how advances in medicine and technology affect us and, also, compels us to ask ourselves whether we are prepared to accept that our identity includes our corpo-

These artists, like Sanchez Goldar, seem to scream: the body is mine and not of the state, religion or society. reality.

Man Ray Wikimedia Commons

MAN RAY PIERO MANZONI Piero Manzoni http://www.pieromanzoni.org/



Sammy Brodsky The Blogger of The Moment

Photos taken from her personal collection.

You can find her blog at: http://xalamodex.blogspot.com

À La Mode - When did you realize you liked fashion, and how was it? I have been interested in fashion since well, before I could remember. I wouldn’t let my mom dress me for school in the mornings. I would insist on putting together crazy outfits consisting of my ballet tutu’s and stripped shirts from the gap. My classmate’s thought I was so strange but I felt like a rock star. - When you created your blog, Did you had in mind what you were going to express on it? Well, I used to have clippings of editorials from magazines and cut out different tops and pants and shoes and glued them together as a new outfit on a page in my “fashion diary”(which was really just a journal full of blank pages that I glued pictures to). I also would right down my thoughts on the latest trends from that season. It got to the point where it was so unorganized that I decided to make my own blog. And it was the best decision I ever made. Now I can communicate with people who are interested in the same field as I am. I love getting feedback on my outfits and other opinions on what I have to say about a trend or editorial shoot. It’s

dorky but getting comments makes my day! - To know you a little bit more, who are your fashion references and icons? Fashion between the 20’s through early 60’s, really inspire me. I think the change in style and trends between those periods is remarkable and yet at the same time, it’s just an ongoing cycle of recreating and revamping said trends from the past. I do my best to incorporate all of the different trade marks from those eras in every outfit I put together. But If I had to pick one Fashion Icon id have to say Coco Chanel. She was the first women to incorporate comfort into fashion for women. Yet still be glamorous and chic and the same time. - Are you interested in working in the fashion industry? YES ABSOLUTELY!!!! Eventually I would like to have my own store full of vintage clothing and obscure designers and maybe some cool jewelry and vintage knickknacks. Hopefully, one day I would LOVE to even right for a magazine and report on fashion week. Those are my ideal jobs!

- Do you follow trends or try to build them yourself? Well to an extent I follow the trends but I get bored really easily, especially when a trend becomes to mainstream (i.e. the headband over the hair). But I think it is important to elaborate on said trends. I would never just copy what I see in a photo. I view a trend as something to inspire you to elaborate on, create your own version it. I mean, Fashion is a form of expression of each individual person so therefore I think everyone should create their own trends. As long as you think you look good that’s all that matters. - In the photographs that are displayed on your blog you wear stylish vintage clothing. What seems to be the pros and cons of adopting this look? The major con actually is finding the clothes. Usually vintage and thrift stores are a hit or miss. One day I can walk out of a thrift shop with 15 new pieces, however sometimes I can’t seem to find anything I like. The pros though, are when you find that gem, that top or shoe or bag you have been looking for forever. It’s hidden in the middle of a store that when you first walk into you don’t expect to find anything you like. But then that certain item of clothing becomes your favorite find and you wear it almost every day. - Favorite place to shop? My favorite place to shop, that’s I hard one. My favorite thrift store at the moment would have to be Retrospect on South Street in Philly. You can always find something special there that wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. My local ”mainstream” go to store however would have to be Urban Outfitters - What was the last thing you bought? The last thing I bought is actually my favorite thing in my closet right now. It’s called the Tikirani Valencienne Vest; it’s a sheer lace vest, with embroidered flowers. It’s a v-neck cut and has 4-button placket and scalloped along the edges and finished with a pointed hem. I adore it! - Lastly… What is your best kept secret in fashion (that can be revealed)? Don’t be scared to go crazy, just be yourself. If you saw some of the stuff I’ve worn to school people thought I was insane-and what do you know a few months later I see girls wearing pants just as high as mine. Oh, and if you’re bored with a certain top or pair of jeans rip them up or splatter pain all over them. You never know what might come out if it.

{By: Flavia Martina}

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{By: Jimena Perez} Photos: maybelline.com

Makeup for your personality HELLO MY FRIENDS! In this current issue I will discuss different makeups you can do according to your type of personality. EXAMPLE: NATURAL MAKEUP FOR A SHY FASHION MAKEUP FOR THE GIRL THAT DOES NOT WEAR CONQUER DIVA. A LOT OF MAKEUP. DAY: We need a clear basis that DAY: Choose smooth, !luid foun- highlights the eyes and mouth. dations in a very thin layer. This Apply translucent powders for is going to achieve the desired a pale appearance and bright to effect of illuminating the face. the skin. Apply shadows in pasApply loose powder and just a tel colors (green, blue ...) Outlitouch of !lush. Some mascara ne eyes and !inally use lipstick in the eyelashes and lipgloss. with bright colors. You’re done! I assure you that NIGHT: Intense colors to bring will changed a lot your expres- all the lights of the night. Very sions and still get that elegant bright colors in shadows as and fresh look. both on the lips. Mapping to NIGHT: You can keep it natural perfection is the liquid eyeliner, style but with a touch of gla- is quite dif!icult to apply but mour. For this we have to use brings great results. On the lips, soft colors shadows rather than ALL ALLOWED! RED, PURPLE, opaque, the color is free of choi- ORANGES. However, important ce. And !inally a bit of black data: provide contrast to the mascara and a lipgloss or some rest of the makeup. color on the lips. THAT IS ALL GOOD FOR THIS ISSUE. I hope you enjoy and practice! SUCCESS!

By Michelle Winter www.myspace.com/hollywoodrainbow

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining. I felt sick. My head was woozy and I thought I was going to collapse. Why me I wondered. What could I have possibly done to deserve such a punishment? Let’s just say the when I found my irst grey hair I was a little irrational. 11 days before my 20 birthday I was taking my make up off in the mirror and notice something thread-like and silver in my hair. Please not now, I thought, can’t this wait a few more years? The light made it dificult to see what it was but already in the back of my mind I started to panic. I pushed the negative thoughts away and told myself it was a bit of luff or a strand from my scarf. Considering the silver thread was just above my ear and my scarf was blue the odds seemed unlikely. Cue major freak-out: ‘OH MY GOD…NO!’ was my cry that had my parents rushing to see what terrible thing had happened. They seemed to ind the situation hilarious when I told them what was wrong. ‘If you pull them out you get more’ was just what I wanted to hear as I looked at the lifeless silver thread on the table. I really hoped that was an old wives’ tale.

In my defence I couldn’t see whether it was a grey hair or not and had to pull it out for further inspection. Not that the piece came out easily. I had to tug quite hard just to remove it; it was almost as if it was embarrassed to have its existence conirmed. But why was this such a huge deal? I didn’t like the idea of getting older and this grey hair only highlighted that scary fact. I had thought for a while that I was escaping the ‘irst grey hair’ scenario I had so dreadfully heard about. Maybe I thought I had seen one before but wasn’t entirely sure but there was no denying this little monster. I felt crushed. My ageing process had already started. I was slightly annoyed that it couldn’t wait until I was at least 20. Is this how it starts? I have already noticed a few lines around my eyes and on my forehead, as well as laughter lines. Oh what I have to look forward to in the future. And my birthday? As a delightful friend told me that I’m ‘halfway to 40’, you can imagine how excited I must have been.

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